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media experimentation and exploration of materials What was unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful elements
The first step I took in order to create the experimentation pages was to get pieces of There were many negatives to my media testing as well. The first negative is
plain paper (not directly in the sketch book) and create a background on it using any that the media choice was unable to be combined with the ink making it
material of our choice. I primarily used printing paint and acrylic paint. I made two sets difficult to create the artwork without having to eliminate either component
of background. The method I used to create the first background was to roll the paint from the artwork. Also if the paint being used is not powerful (the paint itself
using roller to create a marble effect. The second method I used for the other isn’t thick enough) the color of the back ground shows and mixes with the
background was using my hands to create handprints with minimal paint. This left lines color put on top making it difficult to be used. Also although I have tested all
on the paper creating an interesting texture as well. By using paint and roller I wanted of the media I originally intended to use, I may not be incorporating most of
to create a water like texture. the media being tested on the final piece. Testing ink more using different
Media experimentation methods would help more as it has a higher more flowing texture to it. Lastly
base, acrylic paint starts to crumple, leaving many cracks in between as it
dried up. This left the background looking unfinished and or of lower quality.
Further development of different media such as ink maybe important. Also if
the marbling techniques were to be used, a more colors is necessary to make
it look more diverse in color and have a water like texture. Also after testing
all the media made me reconsider my initial idea and start from the scratch
again. By having prior experimental knowledge on what media is possible to
My own interpretation be used and where, it will help create a more solid idea that is definitely
Interpretation feasible. Also it made sure the idea properly corresponded with the media
These are some of that will be used.
my interpretations
of different styles These are examples of tests that did not work while testing the different
of goldfishes. As materials due to different reasons. This photo shows a gold fish cut out of
paper. This did not work as id did not give the desired effect of the
there are many
goldfish. Also the process of cutting the paper did not work well as a lot of
types of goldfishes
detail had to be take away so that I could cut the outline using scissors.
I wanted to try
Also it often came off due to the glue being weak and not working well
illustrating many with the paint in the background.
different ones to
see which styles I The second test was painting fireworks using acrylic paint. This did not
liked the most. work very well as the color and paint I used to paint the fireworks wasn’t
strong enough in contrast to the paint being used for the background. As a
What was successful? result the firework paint was translucent mixing colors with the
In the previous page of media testing I used acrylic paint, marker, ink, printing
background. The yellow turned out green, the white mixed with the blue
ink and many combinations of different equipment's to create the following.
and the red also turned into a dark shade of purple. I drew black outlines
Through testing different medias I found many positives, negatives and
around the lines as the colors blended with the background making it
techniques I could possibly use when creating my first studio piece. First the
difficult to see. This did not work well as well.
positives, by using the paper printing method with printing paint I was able to a
marble effect on the paper. This would be very helpful when creating the Successful elements
This last test was using a sponge to dab on the paint. By leaving masking
background for my first studio piece. Another positive media or aspect I can use
tape on the paper and then adding paint on top of it, it allowed an area to
for my studio piece is acrylic paint to paint the koi fish/ goldfish as it was able to
not be affected by the paint leaving it completely white. Although this did
create a vibrant effect, making the koi fish stand out in contrast to the blue
not fail I did not utilize it for my final studio piece. I did utilize the method
background. Lastly positive to this media testing is using the palette knife to
of using masking tape in order to keep certain part of the artwork from
create a marble texture for the goldfish. This will help create texture on the
getting paint on certain areas.
goldfish making it more realistic.
Artistic influences Many artists that have inspired me for my pieces use colors in bold
ways and also use mediums that I am very comfortable using as well.
Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama is another artist which inspired
My own interpretation

Artworks created by Sh’ an D’ anthes

me to make this piece. Kusama is known as
the “Polka Dot princess” as many of her
Sha’an D’anthes pieces feature dots. In order to show
The first artist I was influenced by was Sha’an bubbles/water bubbles I decided to use a
D’ahthes. She is an artist that primarily utilizes ink similar technique of placing dots right next to
and water color for her illustrations. Also she each other. This makes the piece look more
often incorporates animals into her ideas. Her art filled and detailed as the bubbles will be
style influenced my ideas early one. I tried to filling all areas of the fish bowl and above it.
incorporate similar color tones and proportions, This also gives it a sense of pop art as the
placing the main focus of the artwork in the bubbles will be outlined with black lines and
center for people to focus on. I was also colored in with colorful colors. Yayoi Kusama’s
influenced by her media choice as it created a dots also inspired me as the dots she uses are
nice, vibrant tone and would have also fit my of all different sizes. This ensures that all
final idea. After testing out the media and areas are filled and no gaps are left in-
changing my design I decided not to use this style between. I believe these dots could be used of painting primarily. I did use ink for my final to attract the attention of the audience. As it
studio piece and it was successful and made the makes the art look detailed and the audience
My own interpretation it look vibrant. to get a closer look at it.
Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein utilizes of thick black lines
to help emphasize the main focus and
background. Utilizing this black lines also
help the artwork standout and have a
greater impact on the person viewing the
artwork. I decided to incorporate this to
make my artwork have a greater impact and
help emphasize the elements that were
My own interpretation

inside the artwork. Also this helped create a

gap between white, allowing the viewer to
Title: Drowning Girl
focus to the center of the painting. In
Period: Pop art particular I was influenced by his painting
Dimensions: 1.72 m x ‘Drowning Girl’. The reason is because in this
1.70 m
Created: 1963–1963
painting also incorporates bold colors and
Media: Oil paint thick lines for the background and focal point
Year: 1963 of the artwork.
Further development of initial ideas
Concept planning The second step I took after creating the
thumbnail drawings of my initial ideas we to draw
a full page image for each idea I wanted to
develop further. This was a step I took to test out
certain medias that I wanted to use to create
these artworks. Also I did this to get an
understanding of what colors (cool or warm) and
tones would suite the design. The media types I
tries using was acrylic paint + marker and ink.
The next step that I took was to combine certain
ideas and also try drawing different types of
goldfish's to further broaden my options. I
combined the two ideas together because I was
not able to choose which idea I wanted to further
develop. I believe that it turned out very These are additional experimentation I conducted primarily using different media such as
The main focus of this unit was to convey the idea of
successful as both elements worked well with ink and marker. I conducted these so that I be sure of the media I wanted to use. Often
experience through our art work. The first step we
each other. The color and or tone of the art work after experimenting using other media ideas can change. By testing out all possibilities it
took was to create a visual mind map of what we
was slightly based on the final color choices for led me to change my ideas for the better. It gave me a deeper understanding of the effect
thought of our experiences. I primarily included
this particular idea. the media type can have on the art work and idea, and also the methods necessary to use
experiences that made me happy. For each
important one I drew aa drawing alongside with it so INITIAL IDEAS the media successfully. A negative to this was I in the end changed my idea completely due
to having too much possible outcomes. This is disadvantage of testing out many different
I can further develop those ideas.
medias. I believe this helped me because as I went through the process of testing out
From the visual mind map I developed ideas.
different media I was able to get one step closer to the final studio piece.
These were the first set of initial ideas I had for my
studio piece. I wanted to portray my summer
experiences through my art work. I had two
primary ideas which I wanted to convey through
my ideas. The first was Japanese summer using
fireworks and goldfishes and the second the
ocean. In the end after discussing with other
people my ideas and my plans I decided to focus
and further develop 2 ideas. Idea number 1 and 3.
These were the idea that I felt reflected my ideas
Changes made
At one point I decided to change my entire idea and
start from the beginning. The reason why I started
from the beginning was because due to testing many
different media types and goldfish designs I had lost
track of my idea. I was stuck between many different
styles and ideas that I became unsure of what to do.
That’s when I created a small doodle on the side of my
notebook which I liked a lot. The style still followed a
pop art format as it utilized thick lines and bold solid
colors. This is when I decided to change my idea
completely and start from the beginning. I
incorporated the idea from the doodle and also found
another drawing I did prior to that which also
reflected a similar idea and theme. I believe it was a
good thing that started from the beginning again
because if I had continued one I wouldn’t have
continued designing more that 3 possible final
outcomes, making the process take longer and making
it more difficult to start the final piece. The process
and evolution of the idea can be seen on the next
During the process of making my final studio piece I
made changes to the original plan. I originally
The modifications made the piece stand out more overall and also helped make
indented on keeping the background, fireworks and
the piece aesthetically more pleasing. These are changes I wasn’t planning to
fishbowl white so the only colours on the piece was
for the goldfishes and the black lines outlining all originally make, as I believed the original idea was good enough, but after
elements of the artwork. After discussing with my art making modifications I found this to be a better representation of the message I
teacher and adding colours to the plan I decided to wanted to give. The color gradation made the fireworks stand out more and
incorporate more colours. Later on I also made look more like real fireworks. Also as the color blue allows the viewer to get a
adjustments to the plan on the final piece as well. In sense of summer and water, relating it more to then overall original idea around
the plan the fireworks are coloured in with solid this artwork, showing my experiences during the summer. The many colors also
primary colours but on my final studio piece the give a fantasy like vibrant tone to the overall piece. This relates to the theme of
colours have a gradation. “stepping out of reality” and “surrealist visual narratives”
describing and detailing your studio piece
Completed Studio Piece Analysis
“Japanese summer/boiling fish"
This is an image of how my final studio piece turned out. This piece reflects my experiences of summer in
japan. Fireworks and goldfishes are a big aspect of both Japanese couture and summer. The fish bowl is also in
a shape that is specifically found in japan. As it can be seen the fireworks are flying out of the fish bowl filled
with goldfishes and are surrounded by bubbles. This reflects my memory of seeing fireworks come out of the
water (as usually firework shows occur on top of water) and also catching goldfishes at Yatai’s (Japanese
summer booth) and bringing them home and placing them in a fish bowl. To create this final piece I mixed a
total of 3 different media types. Those are acrylic paint, marker and Ink.
There were many successful elements as well. I believe the most
successful aspect of the art work was the goldfishes and the bubbles
surrounding it. The reason why I believe these are successful aspect
of this artwork is because although they were ideas I changed last
minute they still turned out successful and the colors, lines, tones all
compliment the rest of the art work as well. Another aspect of this
artwork that was successful was my time management. I was able to
finish a week in advance even though I had a lot of detailed lines in
my artwork. During the week I had left I was able to refine small
details which I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have enough time to
look at every aspect of the artwork. I would like to be able to be as
successful with my time management for my next studio piece as I
was with this one. Over all I believe the studio piece was a success
and I was able to convey my idea successfully.
Elements that need Improvements When creating large rings (as pointed out by the arrow) on the plan it looked nice and
I believe there are many things I could do to improve organized but when creating it on the actual canvas board it did not look the same and give
this studio piece. The first aspect I could improve on a similar effect. Next time I would like to test certain elements of the art work in the actual
was the size of the canvas. The canvas board when I size before creating it on the spot. The last element I would like to change for next time is
first started drawing on it seemed like a big canvas. As to not draw out lines for elements that will not be utilized later on. I say this because when
time progressed and I started to see my painting from I was in the early stages of creating the art work I had draw all guidelines, even for the
afar I realized how small the artwork was. In order to bubbles surrounding the fire works (even though I knew I wouldn’t be following them).
have a bigger impact on the audience I would like to This cause my canvas to become messy and also difficult to perfect it later on as I was left
create an artwork on a bigger canvas next time. with a lot of guidelines in between the white bubbles.
Another element I did not take into consideration how
certain ideas when enlarged would not look the same. Later I decided to go back and modify my final studio piece but could not as I had already
drawn it with marker.
digital art – initial planning The Idea for this studio piece came about when I came across this digital
illustration created by Stef Alonzo, a popular artist on social media. I
My own drawings from my sketchbook particularly liked the use of lines and colors. The thick lines reminded me a lot
of Roy Lichtenstein's artwork, which is someone my artworks are heavily
influenced by already. After finding this photo I decided to create my own
interpretations of this art work using ink and black markers. I made both a
female and male version of the illustration. During the process of creating my
own interpretation I had made a mistake by drawing the flowers too high, in
respect of the proportions of the face. In order to fix this I decided to cut the
flower eyes out and lower them. This left a cut out and gap between the
flowers new placing and original placing. I believed this was a very interesting
idea and something I could incorporate in either this artwork or ones to
come. I believe both illustrations were successful tests, but I wanted to try
using a few more media types. Inspiration/Connection to Romeo and Juliet – concept of story telling
Romeo and Juliet is the story of star-crossed, Romeo and Juliet written by William
My own digital illustration
Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet were from two rivaling families, the Montagues and the
I conducted Capulets. They were not permitted to be together as their families hated one another.
additional Ultimately they kill themselves because of their turbulent relationship.
media My piece was heavily inspired by the
testing for story Romeo and Juliet There were many https://englishosaca.wordpre
acrylic things which showed for them being
paint. I tried together wasn’t the best option, but grade/romeo-and-juliet/
making they kept going to make their love work
different and they ultimately died because of it.
types of This relates to the concept of wearing
flowers by the world from “Rose colored glasses”. It
using could be said Romeo and Juliet were
different viewing the world through rose colored
pattern My own drawings from my sketchbook glasses as they ultimately died due to
types. ignoring all the signs from around.
This is the first version of the digital interpretation. I decided to give the individual medium length hair as I did not know if wanted to create a male
figure or a female figure. Also I decided to make the sanding on the face a lot simpler as there were already detailed lines. I decided to make the face
an unnatural color to add a more unrealistic dreamy mood to the illustration its self as it already head flowers for eyes.
After conducting many tests and testing out different media I decided to make the final piece digital. This allowed me to create a clean final piece as
well as being able to create it in a much shorter time frame as it was easier to manipulate certain elements of the drawing.
For this piece I originally intended to only include the blue
Changes made +process haired figure, as it was the first figure I drew in the final piece.
The plan below shows what I originally intended to do. I
*Work in progress* planned to make the face of the figure larger and also have it
be the center piece of the drawing. By only including one I was
going to portray how one persons perspectives could easily be
altered. The piece was going to be centered around how one
person sees the world. I decided to add another figure so that
it portrays the idea of how more than one person can do this
to themselves. Also by making the figures both look of
Another change I decided to make to this piece is the blood dripping
different gender it allows the audience to make that
from the face of the figures. Originally I decided to keep the figures
looking very happy, but then I realized I wanted this piece to have a
more significant meaning. The aim of this piece is to portray the
disfiguration relationships any kind of could cause to reality. By not
having this element the over all piece looked very positive and did
not give an accurate portrayal of the message I was trying to convey
to the audience. In order to show/ give a more negative idea
towards to art work, I decided to include blood dripping from the
face of the figures. I decided to add it to both as it seems as if they
have had their heads cut off showing the hardships any relationship
Throughout the process of making this artwork I made many changes. This (whether it be with friends or a significant other) can cause to a
stage shown above was my original plan as a final piece. I decided to change person. It shows to the audience more how, even though things
my idea and make the over all piece have a much darker tone. In order to may be hurting us, we try to justify them in our minds in order
make this piece become darker I decided to change the colors of the flowers distort reality and make ourselves feel happy.
in the background. I went back and changed the colors to have greyish tones. I believe by adding this element I was able to
By doing this the flowers looked sick and lifeless, creating a contrast portray this idea to the audience more. I also
between the colorful flowers which were full of life. I decided to make this believe by adding this it leaves a bigger impact
My own drawings from my sketchbook
change to a number of flowers. I did not make this change to all flowers on the audience, as seeing blood dripping from
because I wanted to keep a contrast so each flower had a big impact. By someone's face is something we don’t see in
making this change I can portray the message of getting lost in reality and reality (often, if not ever).
how that can have a negative effect on people. I believe by adding another figure I was
able to portray my idea in a more
effective manner. By adding two figures it
allows the audience to think more, as to
the reason why there are two, making it
much easier to make a connection
between the meaning of the artwork and
how it is portrayed through two figures (a
male and a female).
Successful elements Final reflection –
I believe there many successful elements to this studio
piece. I believe the over all color balance was very
successful as there were flowers of all shapes and tones. By
not making all of the flowers the same color, it makes each
flower become a important element as well. If each and
everyone of them were the same color it would’ve had
looked like a very plain and unimpressionable background.
Also the color red would’ve been very over powering.
Through orange, pink and different shades of black and grey
I was able to make a balanced piece.
Another successful element I believe was being able to recreate a similar
figure in two different genders. By keeping the figures similar I was able
to keep a sense of unity. This is similar to the flowers in the background
as well. I believe I was also able to successfully include elements of my
inspired artist. The use of lines in the hair shows where my artistic
influences comes from. Connection to concept
Unsuccessful elements For this studio piece I decided to create a digital illustration. This piece is called “Romeo and Juliet
– Rose Colored Reality”. The reason why this piece is called “Romeo and Juliet – Rose Colored
Although there were many
Reality” is because, it was inspired by the famous play Romeo and Juliet and also is to show how
successful elements to this art
easily reality can get distorted and lose sight of what's right and wrong. There is a famous term
work, there were also unsuccessful
which refers to how we see the world when we are in relationships; “viewing the world through
elements. Even though this figure
rose colored glasses”. This statement states that when we are in love, we only see what we want
was supposed to be male, I left the
to see and avoid facing all negatives. I showed this through my art by using 2 floating heads (one
hair at a long. This may make it
male and one female) which seem to be decapitated, who have roses for eyes and are dripping
difficult for viewers to comprehend
blood. The blood shows that the two figures are in pain but continue to smile regardless while
the artwork and its intentions.
they view the world through there rose eyes. This piece shows how reality can be distorted to
Another unsuccessful element was
match what the lovers want to see. This connects to Romeo and Juliet as the two star-crossed
the unrealistic portrayal in the color
lovers ultimately fall to their doom and deaths due to their love. There were many things which
of blood dripping from under the
showed for them being together wasn’t the best option, but they kept going to make their love
face. I could’ve used a more realistic
work and they ultimately died because of it. This also deals with realistic issues others in this
color and tone. These are elements
world now face as many do avoid seeing the truth to allow something to happen. overall I believe
I could possibly change to improve
this piece was able to successfully both tell the story of Romeo and Juliet, and also show the
the artwork.
quote “viewing the world through rose colored glasses”.
Process Portfolio Studio 3 media experimentation What was successful?
Mixed media I believe there were many successful elements about this artwork, for
Collaging example the continuous line drawing tracing the background was a
very successful element. I believe this was successful as I was able to
create a very visually pleasing effect and the contrast between the
background also made it interesting to look at. This is something I can
consider using for my studio piece.
Another successful element was the use of rhinestones on the face.
This turned out to be successful as it gave a very whimsical effect on
the face and also showed that putting on other 3D materials on
photos also was a good thing to do.
The last successful element of this test is the dotted outline around
the hand and the body. The dots added a minimalistic detail to the
What was successful? photo and also helped enhance the areas which it dotted around
The most successful element of this method was being able to having a positive effect as well.
combine different unrelated photos to create one image.
Another successful element was using the dotted outline. Similar to This is an example of where I tested What was unsuccessful?
the previous slide I used dots to outline the focal point of the many different medias on one There were also many unsuccessful elements to this test
photo. This helped enhance its presence, making it a focal point for as well. The first unsuccessful element of this art work
the audience. photo. In this test I tested the
effects of posca on photo paper, was how the posca pen ink had many cracks on the hair
The last successful element was combining two different photos different drawing methods, ink, and although from a distance it is very difficult to see the
and gluing them in order as it can be seen in the first page. This was effects, when close up it is evident that there are many
especially successful when combining two of the came images the use of rhinestones to test the
combination of photography and cracks in which there was too much ink applied. This
caused some of the posca ink to come off leaving gaps
manipulating the photo after by
between the hair where it is unwanted.
drawing over it. the section on the Another unsuccessful element was the use of ink on the
right shows the method of photo paper. Although it is a method I could utilize, it is
continuous line drawing by tracing not easy to do so on small details. This is because the ink
What was unsuccessful? elements in the background. I also is not absorbed onto the photo paper making it difficult
Combining two images in order also had some unsuccessful colored in the hair to see the to keep certain designs without it going off the photo
elements to it as well. When the pieces were too large it effects posca can have on paper. This method can be utilized on larger photos as it
looked very boxy and made it look unnatural. photography paper, and similar was is good to fill in the background, but for small details it is
Another unsuccessful element was the scratching directly
done for testing ink on photography not favorable.
paper. Lastly the rhinestones were The last unsuccessful element of this test was the
onto the photo. This did not work well because many times
used to test and see how additional overuse of dots. The dots were very successful to outline
the scratching tool would take off more from the photo than the body but when used to fill in a larger area of space it
3D materials can help enhance the
I intended on doing so and it made the photo look very did not look as good and became messy.
messy in the end.
Artistic influences Julie Filipenko
… Yasumasa Morimura
Self-Portrait - After Marilyn
“Chocolate Soul ” - 2016 “Tribal Heart” - 2016 "Dusk In your Eyes” - 2015

Yasumasa Morimura
Yasumasa Morimura
‘Handshaped Earring’ from the series
‘An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo’ 2001

After carrying out a few possible designs I cam across My own drawings from my sketchbook Yasuma Morimura is a Japanese male artist who is known for his self
artworks by an artist I had previously investigated in my portraits where he dresses up as iconic historical individuals and
journal. The artists name is Julie Filipenko and I cam across
her artwork on social media. I was planning to create a studio recreates historical art. The self portrait of him dressing up as
piece that focuses on my personal but also cultural identity. Marylyn Monroe is an example of his style. Although he clearly is a
As I saw Filipenko incorporate many elements into that Japanese man wearing makeup, this does not stop him from creating
background to portray the main idea of the painting. I can art, in japan it is not common, especially during the time in which his
make connections between her artworks and my culture as I artworks were created, for a man to wear feminine clothes and
can make similar styled gothic artworks that portrays many products. Japanese citizens were not open minded with the idea of
elements of my culture. Her primary influence to me for this
studio piece was the use of symbolism and also utilizing the taking feminine photos. The purpose of his artwork is to show
background. Filipenko’s work often incorporates 2 primary conflicts between eastern and western influences. I was inspired by
elements along side the center figure, flowers and animals. his artwork in two different ways. The first was in which I was inspired
Many of her artworks are focused around a certain animal by his artwork was how he placed himself in the center, making him
and a flower which corresponds to it. I utilized this and let it the primary focus of the artwork. This make sure the audience pays
inspire me as I decided to mix my cultural background and attention to him. The second way in which I was inspired was how he
the use flowers and animals. For each of my different
countries I decided to choose flowers and animals that showed a contrast between culture, and as I am creating art showing
represent the country. I also got inspired by her formatting, my personal background this is a very important aspect.
having a center figure and other elements surrounding it.
Cultural Symbolism – flower and animal Cherry Blossom
Examples of headpieces

Italy – Animals Media testing – flower drawing

The legend of Romulus and Remus is a story of how Rome was founded. The story
begins with how two brothers (twins) were abandoned by a ruler. A wolf found them
and took care of them. From this the wolf has become a symbol of Rome as it took care
of the future founders of the city until they were found by other humans. There isn’t
Dry brush method
one primary animal that represents Italy as each town has its own history and its own
animal that represents the town. My home town’s animal is a female Lion. For my
studio I could incorporate either a female lion of a wolf to symbolize Italy.
My own photo
Italy – flower
There aren’t a lot of flowers which originated from Italy , though some of the flowers Bald Eagle
which can be found and be seen as a symbol of Italy is bougainvillea, lavenders and Painting (normal)
lilies. Italy is also known for it herbs such as basil as well. Instead of using one flower, I
could use a combination to represent Italy.

USA – animal

The bald eagle is a bird found in North America and is the national bird of the United y.php?id=205920
Brush dabbing
States. The bald eagle is a sacred bird and are considered to be spiritual messengers
between gods and humans. To represent my American heritage I would use the bald
eagle to represent it.

USA – Flower
In the USA depending on the state the type of flower differs. For this reason the flowers
chosen will connect to states which I have connections to. States I have connections to
is New York (Rose), California (California poppy) and Michigan (apple blossoms).

For Japanese elements I will be incorporating it directly on a person (me in the center).
The reason why is because, Japan is the country I’ve lived the longest in. I identify with
and know Japan to most . For this reason I have made designs of what the figure could
possibly wear also potential head pieces to put on the figure as well.

Japan – Flowers
The flower I will be using to represent Japan are cherry blossoms. This would be used
both in the background and on the center figure. Potential clothing design for
Potential head piece idea studio piece
For this piece I wanted to connect it to the concept of identity, and how identities can

Concept planning INITIAL IDEAS shape stories as well. Different kinds of identity such as personal identity, gender,
social, cultural, etc. We made a brain storm of all the different kinds of identity existed
At first, the identity I wanted to focus on was personal identify, but I did not have a
clear view as to what I wanted to express through my artwork. These initial idea
drawings show how a person, or myself, have different moods through the use of the
different elements. The woman wearing a kimono is as example of an idea which
shows cultural identity, this is because in combined all my different cultures and what
they are known for, for example the hair, the makeup and clothes. This showed cultural
identity as is showcased my different cultures and the difference between them by
combining them all on one artwork. After evaluating each idea and talking to others
about what I wanted to portray, I decided to further investigate my cultural identity.
This is the final studio piece plan I have for my second For example cherry blossoms are a clear indication of
Based on the
inspiration from
NEW IDEA studio piece that reflects and portrays identities. For this
piece I had the option to exploring many different types
Japanese cultures and when people look at them they can
Filipenko, I easily make a connection between the flower and Japan.
of identities. Some options I originally wanted to express Some of the animal choice and flower are not as clear to
created a sketch. through my artwork was either personal identities or
In this sketch I those who are unaware, but to those that are, they can
gender identities, and how both women and men are easily identify and connect to the artwork. The color of the
incorporated portrayed in society. In the end I decided to make my
similar background and the difference in color for the background
primary focus on cultural identities. The reason I wanted will also help separate the different culture, indicating the
formatting as to focus on cultural identities is because I have a range of
Filipenko by difference between them. The center figure will also be
cultural backgrounds. I come from 3 very different interacting with its surroundings. This use of animals and
placing the cultural backgrounds, Italian, American and Japanese. I
human figure in flowers interacting with the center figure connects to the
believe each one is reflected in my personality in way in which Filipenkpo creates her pieces. The reason why
the center and different ways. The way I think, act and believe in is
being I believe this is a good representation of my cultural
reflected throughout my different cultures. Through my identities is because the center figure (which is me) will be
surrounded by final idea I wanted portray my different backgrounds and
flowers and surrounded by animals and flowers which are symbolic to
shows how, although they maybe very different they all my culture. The media I plan to use for this piece is acrylic
animals. I also are still connected to one another. The reason why I
tried to use paint. The reason why I wanted to try using acrylic paint
decided to incorporate animals and flowers and utilize was because I had never made a large piece using only
Japanese styles the to show my different backgrounds was because I
for the choice of acrylic paint. Also after doing media testing with
believe (in a culture/country) each country has an animal photography and ink I found they limits. For this reason
clothing to and or flower which represents a region or has
represent me. acrylic would allow me to paint anything making it limitless.
significant meaning.
Changing final studio piece idea Tim Burton – New inspiration
While creating my second studio piece I decided to change my idea and This style was heavily inspired by Tim Burton, a
start from the beginning. As I continued to create my original studio piece I famous director and artist. His style is very iconic.
felt as it something was not right as I continued to lose motivation. After a Many recognize his work based on how it is drawn,
certain amount of time I began to be inspired by other things. I was there is a style of drawing based off of it as well. His
inspired by the music I was listening to and many different art pieces I saw
piece often focus on grim themes and or grim
online. I started to realize the more time I put off creating my studio piece,
the less motivated I felt to continue and the less I liked the concept, making representations of themes. I am very attracted to
me want to change it. My original plan was to create a painting consisting this style of art, so somehow I wanted to
of myself (as a self portrait), flowers and animals to help represent my incorporate it in my own way as well. I believe the
different cultural backgrounds. This was after changed to the idea of contrast between my bright and bold color choices
personal identities. The reason why I believe this is a better choice for a I decided to change the top half of the ide into a far with and dark spooky tones from Burton’s style would
studio is because it is a more accurate personal representation of myself. tears streaming down its face make a very interesting style. The candy cane
Also the style in which it is painted in is more favorable personally. The tentacles were primarily inspired by Burton’s
concept is a more abstract in comparison to my previous more realistic
painting style. A positive aspect of changing the studio piece idea Is that I
will be more motivated to finish the painting. A negative point is the
amount of time lost in between the change in idea. Because I changed the
idea in-between creating my original studio piece, I lost 2 weeks of which I
could have been using to finish it. The media I will be using to create the
new studio piece will stay the same as my original idea (acrylic paint). The
reason I decided to keep it this way was because although the final idea
was different, the media still worked well in helping me create anything on
the canvas. Also this media would make it easy to also cover the original
piece as a layer of paint can fix everything. Also acrylic paint would allow
me to make layers.
Original meaning behind piece + New meaning
For the original meaning behind the piece, I wanted to show the struggles between the self and the outside environment and connect
it to the idea of personal identity. I wanted to represent the self through the figure which is crying. The little girl represents the
ambition of wanting to make a difference the candy like arms represents society. It looks like candy canes to show how society can at
first seem sweet but they could easily trying to hurt you and shit you us as well. The rainbow coming out of the mouth also connects
to a social media feature. The person feels restricted by society, hence why they are crying, but on the inside there is always ambition
of wanting something better. I decided to change this by not attaching a meaning behind the piece. By doing so people could create
their own story. For my pieces I plan to connect it to stepping out of reality and story telling. The audience has a chance to follow a
similar process as me, but in reverse. I create based on experiences and stories, the audience instead can instead create a story based
on my piece. I decided to change this to make my exhibition more interactive with the audience (to connect with the audience).
Process + Difficulties encountered
I decided to start from scratch so I covered the previous painting with black gouache. This made it so I can have
a new clean surface to start from. Also this made it easier to divide areas which I wanted to add lighter tones
too. Throughout my process I had changes as well. I originally planned to have a head facing the audience and
have the neck be tied around with the candy cane tentacles. Whilst creating the painting I ran into the difficulty
of making the proportions of the plan fit. In my original plan the size of each element fit very nicely and I was
able to organize it to look visually appealing. This process was simple as I was able to draw the plan on a smaller
scale and also I was able to use mediums such as pen and pencils to draw. When creating the actual piece I
found that I was unable to replicate similar proportions and some elements had to be eliminated. The size of
the head and neck, also the bottom half were too big and I was unable to make the piece look balanced. For
this reason I tried looking for solutions to this problem by thinking of alternatives. Ways in which I could keep
the bottom half of the piece (which is one of the most important elements of the piece) and change the top
half, and for it to still make sense. Whilst brainstorming I came up with a new idea to make the piece look more
balanced. Instead of making the figure face forward I changed it so it was facing its back. This helped make the
piece look more organized and also still gave the audience a similar message as the tentacles were still going
into a human and a little girl was still peering out from the inside. Another difficulty I faced was creating the
shadows so the tentacles. I found it very difficult to create shadows using wet paint as I found myself making
multiple layers with minimal gradation. In order to solve this problem I tried to use different methods of
painting. the method I used was the dry brush painting method. This was very successful as it allowed me to
create shadow like effects on the tentacles making them look 3D. The reason why the back is not realistic is to
show a gap between the figure and the tentacles. By making one more 3D it draws the audiences eyes more.
Making it the focus.

Final outcome

New Plan Sketch

Reflection for Dorothy Dolores
Successful elements
I believe there were many successful elements to this piece. The first
factor that I believe was very successful was the overall outcome of the
piece. I was very happy with how the final piece turned out as I was
able to balance both realistic and unrealistic elements. Also the final
painting turned out to be very similar to my original plan. Another
successful element was the use of lights and darks. I believe I was able Final outcome
to separate the two to be able to create a slightly realistic artwork. I
believe I was also successful with this while painting the little girls face
as well. Although I wasn’t as familiar with acrylic painting (on a large
scale) I was able to create a balance of light and shadows. I also believe
mixing both realistic and unrealistic elements worked to my advantage
Close up
as well. The ghost like figures behind the little girl creates a nice balance
and also creates a good contrast. This makes it so each element seems
separate and also allows the audience to see what elements are more
“important” than others (what I would like the audience to focus more
Unsuccessful elements
Although there were many successful elements to this piece, there are
also many unsuccessful elements as well. One example of an
unsuccessful element is how I painted the shadows. Although from a
distance it may have a 3D effect, up close there are many areas which
are not blended well and a big contrast can be seen between the
shadows. Also there are some areas in the tentacle which does not look
correct. As the tentacles are tangled together, it was very difficult to
show each one with correct proportions. For example it is evident that
the size of the tentacle is incorrect and it does not show in a different
area of the piece.
How it can be improved
If I were to create a similar piece to this, I would work on practicing my painting skills beforehand in order to be
able to create a nice realistic gradation between colors. I would also practice finding colors necessary to create
gradations for other colors such as red. Another way I would improve this piece next time would be organizing
the piece so that the proportions are correct, so I don’t have to change my piece mid way because of it.
Head piece – the beginning of the process (Greek Mythology)
The reason I wanted to create this studio piece was because I wanted to make a studio piece connecting to Greek Mythology. I have
been interested in Greek Mythology from when I was younger. It always fascinated me how there were many different gods and
goddesses and how each and everyone of them had their own stories. I also found it fascinating how people in ancient Greek looked
up to these figures and relied on them. I also haven’t had a lot of experience making 3D art so I wanted to try making something
fashion related. While researching I came across many headpieces that have already been made by designers. From this I wanted to
see how I myself can innovate the idea of making a traditional Ancient Greek headpiece. I also wanted to make a photo series based
on this studio by making more than one headpiece to represent different Greek gods. I conducted my media testing through spray-
painting leaves and flowers and seeing what media made them more stable and easy to work with. I also attempted to make the
outer ring of the head piece to see different ways of displaying it. I wanted to focus on three different gods. All which were very
different. Aphrodite goddess of love, Poseidon god of the sea and Hades god of the underworld. Potential ideas and angles

Media experimentation

Change in idea (Greek Mythology => Harajuku)

After a while of planning and media testing I decided to change the approach of this studio piece. I noticed
after going through many images of potential inspirations that what I wanted to create was not an original
idea, and had been done before countless of times as I was able to find a lot of google image results with
similar things. In order to make something that meant more to me and had more of a connection to me I
decided to look at my own cultures and see how I could incorporate a similar idea with my own culture. As
I wasn’t from Greece, I had no personal connection to the culture. I came across another one of my studio
piece where I made my own Harajuku god and decided to change up my original idea and add a more
colorful Japanese twist to it. Making gold headpieces are common but I had never seen a head piece which
see-in-tokyo/ My own studio piece
was dedicated to Harajuku and its culture. As I am part Japanese, it connected to my own culture as well,
making this idea more fit for me.
Artistic influences + Influences from another studio piece I was inspired to make this head piece based on my own
previous studio piece. For this studio piece I created a
digital illustration modernized Japanese gods. These gods
Bei Bad Girl “The 7 Gods of Harajuku” were created based on Harajuku elements, specifically
foods which are sold in Harajuku. Each of the gods
represent a different food. The gods are also drawn based
on Japanese drawing styles. Chibi, is a Japanese drawing
style that makes a character’s head larger in proportion to
their body. I made 7 different gods based on Harajuku food
for this studio piece. I thought it would be interesting to
make a studio piece based on another one. The head piece
will be incorporating both elements from Harajuku fashion
and Harajuku food. My goal is to make people
remember/think about Harajuku once they see my studio
piece. The colors used for this studio piece can help guide
potential ideas for my new studio idea as well.

Another person who influenced my idea for this piece was

My own studio piece My own studio piece Kyary Pamuyu Pamyu. Kyary is a famous J-Pop singer who is
well known for her eccentric style of fashion and also for
“Bei Bad Girl is an artist, designer and body advocate (body being a representative for the Kawaii Harajuku culture in
positive)... An expert in cute (kawaii), she draws inspiration kyary pamyu pamyu Japan. She is not only known in japan, but has many fans
from the super flat movement, pop culture, and her own life outside as well. Her music videos are well known to
experiences and obsessions. Her work reflects her playful incorporate many Kawaii elements and also KimoKawaii
attitude through 2.5D drawings paintings of cute, sexy (gross + cute elements) elements such as floating heads,
women, their pets, makeup, junk food and everything else eyeballs and other strange/grotesque elements. She also
they thrive on. She has previously collaborated with Clinique, incorporates this into her fashion as well. Both Kawaii and
DC comics, Hello Kitty, Mambo, My Little Pony, Red bull and KimoKawaii elements are used. I was inspired by this as she is
sugar pill, and has exhibited her art all over the world” (Bei, a symbol/icon of Harajuku fashion and a lot of her fashion
2016). This artist has influenced my color use the most for include these elements. Her use of color is very inspirational
this piece. She uses pastel colors as her main color scheme as well. She is known for wearing bright colored clothing.
choice. Another aspect of this artist which I incorporated Often more than three colors are used in her clothing, making
into my final piece is the aspect of making a bold statement it more attention grabbing. I would like to make my piece
by enlarging certain elements. For example for Bei Bad Girl’s colorful as her to have a similar effect on the audience. By
pieces, she exaggerate the hair length and the size of hair. By using bright colors it also portrays the idea of Harajuku more
doing so it gives a larger impact and also a lasting impression as well. Kyary’s use of over the top props on her clothing
of the original style Bei has. I incorporated this idea for my inspired me as well. It is very Harajuku to add more than
final piece by making the hat look over top and disorganized. what seems can fit on clothing. As the second photo shows,
I also would like to incorporate the kawaii element of her different objects are big and coming out of her clothing. I
pieces as well. edunn/kyary-pamyu-pamyu/ 02041500950458/ would like to incorporate this idea into my headpiece as well.
Kawaii Culture (Japanese Cute Culture)
“The word “kawaii” is usually translated as ‘cute’ but is usually used to mean ‘cool’ or ‘beautiful.’ The
word became widespread in the 1970s, and was preceded by the word “kawayuski,” meaning shy,
embarrassed, pathetic, vulnerable, lovable, and small. All these characteristics carry on into the word
“kawaii” and thus the people, behaviours, and objects that are described as “kawaii.”
The obsession with all things “kawaii” has come to dominate Japanese culture since the end of the last
century. It's so deeply entrenched in Japanese culture that it's nearly impossible to separate the two.
The phenomenon’s roots are credited to the 1970s trend of teenaged girls writing in child-like rounded
characters, as well as the shorter fad of using ‘baby talk.’
As these trends began to take-off, the consumer boom was just beginning in Japan. Companies quickly
realized they could capitalize on the cute trend that was so popular with young consumers. Sanrio, the
Japanese company responsible for Hello Kitty, began producing stationary and journals decorated with
“kawaii” slogans and designs – known as fancy goods. These early products were successful and Sanrio
has had an unquestionable monopoly of the fancy goods market since the1990s.”
Information taken from “These products were, and continue to be, formulaic. They must be small, pastel-coloured, rounded, soft
– much like the toys you would purchase for an infant. This is why you'll see rounded apartments in
Roppongi; Tokyo's entertainment district and the wealthiest part of the city. The message behind these
objects is that they were the opposite of traditional Japanese cultural aesthetics. If figures such as the
emperor or samurai represented the past, then Hello Kitty represented modernity, the future,
and opportunities.
Another feature of kawaii products was, and is, the mascot; Hello Kitty being the most obvious and
successful example. The kawaii mascots are cartoon characters who appeal to customers because they ils?id=com.platonicgames.hop
appear loveably helpless. As Sharon Kinsella describes, their bodies are soft, round, and infantile,
they usually lack arms, legs, and mouths, and thus they are non-sexual, mute, insecure, and helpless.”
Information taken from
There are some times things where the word kawaii is not used in its traditional way. This goes into
another category of Kawaii, which is Kimokawaii. Kimokawaii is a combination of two Japanese words
‘Kimoi’ which means gross and ‘kawaii’ which is cute. Japanese people describe gross/odd things to be
cute as well such as old men. There are many different categories for kawaii. Most of these categories are
made combining kawaii with another adjective. Kowakawaii is another. It is a combination of ‘Kowai’
which is scary in Japanese and kawaii. This I will be incorporating in my studio as it relates to Harajuku.
Harajuku head piece inspiration (Harajuku Fashion) Harajuku fashion has been a large inspiration for this studio piece and many
elements of Harajuku fashion has been incorporated in my studio piece.
“Harajuku culture got its start during the post-war Allied occupation of
Japan, when American soldiers and civilians lived in the area. Curious
Japanese youths came to experience a different culture and browse the
Western goods in local stores catering to the Americans. Eventually, fashion
designers and their entourages settled in the area, calling themselves “the
Harajuku tribe.” The movement got a boost when the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
brought in waves of tourists and shops that catered to them.
Today, the Harajuku area is not just the centre for fashion-forward Japanese
youth. It’s also one of the world’s fashion centres.”
The different classification/types of Harajuku Fashion girls-fashion-super-lovers-wego/ “Cosplay
harajuku-crepes-cafe “Ganguro Cosplay, or “costume play,” involves assuming the persona of
a well-known character from a movie, game, band or manga
Ganguro style (roughly translated as “black face”) takes the girly-glam gyaru style to a
(comic book). This means not just dressing up in a costume to
whole new level. You can tell a ganguro girl by her deep artificial tan, hair dyed orange, look the part, but also acting the part.
blonde or silver and black-lined eyes surrounded by white eye shadow. This look is often
accessorized by facial gems and stickers, false eyelashes, platform shoes and brightly Lolita
colored clothing. This style carries none of the Western sexual connotations
that the term “Lolita” evokes, instead embodying a modest
Yamanba/Manba look based on Victorian-era fashion. The typical Lolita wears a
As if ganguro wasn’t unconventional enough, yamanba and manba styles carry ganguro to cupcake-shaped knee-length skirt with petticoats and knee-
even greater extreme. The tan is much darker, often brown; the makeup is even more high stockings, though the style often includes full-length
skirts, corsets and headdresses.
radical, almost clown-like; hair colors are usually neon, often in dreadlocks. This style’s
name, unsurprisingly, originates from “Yama-uba,” a mountain hag from Japanese folklore. Punk
Inspired by the punk-rock era, the punk style features all the
Visual Kei hallmarks of rebelliousness: leather, piercings, chains, zippers
Visual kei (“visual style”) is characterized by the use of garish costumes, flamboyant hair and boots, with clothing generally in dark colors or plaid. and makeup and an androgynous look. Originally a movement within Japan’s music scene,
m/angels-heart- the style was adopted by fans emulating their idols, making it in some ways a form of Gyaru
harajuku-crepes- cosplay. A term transliterated from the English word “gal,” gyaru style
cafe/reviews is typified by an overtly childish, girly look, often seen as a
caricature of the typical American teenager. Bleached or
The popularity of Harajuku fashion and culture has gone international, with regular
dyed hair, and garishly decorated makeup and nails are de
Harajuku is also known for it sweet foods as well. Harajuku-style meetings in many countries -- including a “Muslim Lolita” gathering in rigueur. Clothing styles vary, based on which gyaru sub-style
Crepes are one of the most well known foods of Malaysia and even a new “Harajuku Mini” children’s clothing line in Target stores launched is chosen.”
japan. They are seen as the fast food/staple food of by Gwen Stefani. “
Harajuku. juku-culture-and-trends
Food sample culture(食品サンプル)
Throughout Japan, restaurants have hyper-realistic
food displays displayed outside the establishment
within a glass case. The samples allow customers to
see what the order will look like to know in advance
what the meal would look like. This is especially useful
for foreigners who do not know how to read Japanese
to be able to get an understand of what they want.
Food sampling has not become more than just for
viewing in show windows now. It is now also used as
accessories. People also now use fake food to make
phone cases, head pieces and jewelry. Now kits to
make your own food samples are sold as well. These
often make good gifts for foreigners as well. I wanted Silicone in a tube
to incorporate fake food onto my headpiece studio
because it is a important element of Japanese culture I incorporated fake food in many different ways for
and also, I can show other elements of Harajuku my studio piece such as using sushi replicas, whip
culture, not only the fashion. Food is also very cream and fake fruits. I also used cotton to replicate
important in Harajuku culture as it can be seen in my cotton candy. Silicone is often used to replicate whip
previous slide. By incorporating fake food onto the cream. It was very challenging but I believe by using
A famous Japanese Fake food/food sample company
headpiece people can find it more visually pleasing and it I was able to make it look more realistic,
also, it'll get the idea and message of Harajuku culture incorporating a more realistic element as well .
out more.

http://ii- 71428403
Process + Difficulties I was very glad I was able to use old items
that found in my house instead of buying
1. I faced many challenges whilst creating this studio
For this studio piece there were many them. I found it very successful how I was piece. The first difficulty I found was balancing all
handmade elements and bought objects able to combine items together to give off the components I gathered to place on the head in
combined. The objects I used such as a different effect. For example, by using a orderly fashion. For this piece I had many
tiny bears and ribbons with eyes were cotton and combining it with glitter and difficulties planning and organizing how the piece
purchased at Harajuku too be able to beads I was able to make it seem as if it could potentially look like.
stay on theme with my studio piece. I were candy (cotton candy). To stick all the 2. Another difficulty I faced while making this piece
believed it was the right place to get the elements together I used a hot glue gun. was working with silicone. Although the end result
proper elements to remind people of The reason why I used a hot glue gun was was very nice, I had to do many trials to get the
Harajuku. Majority of the objects used because the glue dried the quickest and hang of it. Also it took along time to dry, and as it
to create this studio were old toys and also was able to support the most weight. was my first time using this I did not know how long
small trinkets which had kawaii The elements and pieces I was gluing onto it needed to be kept out before using, which cause
elements to them. Toys are also the hat were heavy, making them need a me to ruin a few of the designs.
considered to be Harajuku objects and strong glue to attach each element to the 3. Another issue I had with the whip cream was, it
people often use them as accessories or head. This was a successful choice as the worked better on some materials more than others.
incorporate them as a part of their glue was able to support and keep the After doing a few trials I realized the silicone did not
fashion in forms such as key chains, on heavy material on the hat, and as it dried stay on the wool hate directly. In order to fix this I For this I combined silicone whip cream with fake
clothing and even as bags. I also found quickly, I was able to finish making the placed a piece of paper on the hat in advance so fruits, beads and a plush like accessory to create a
myself recycling many old things such as piece quickly as well. This was one of the the silicone had something the stick onto. Without Harajuku styled character.
pompom's and bead art. pieces I finished the quickest. knowing this advance I struggled to use it at first.

Here I added beads to pompoms made

out of yarn to make it look more over
the top (Harajuku style).

In order to make the silicone whip cream

on the hat I glue paper down in advance.
The piece was made using a balance of
I used a hot glue gun to glue all the This was to make it easier for the
different colorful colors. I was
Using a combination of cotton, beads elements together. I also made a thing silicone to stay. Without it, it would’ve
particularly careful about adding too
and glitter I was able to make a cotton wire base at the bottom of the hat in become very difficult for the silicone to
much of the same color in one area. To
like base for the headpiece which order to keep the piece stable while maintain its shape without it sticking all
avoid that I made sure to add one
looked like candy. making it. over.
element of all color to balance the piece.
Headpiece reflection Unsuccessful elements Successful elements
Overall I believe I was able to portray 1. Although the overall studio was a success, I believe there were elements 1. I believe there were many successful elements to this studio
Harajuku culture successful though this which were unsuccessful as well. I believe the studio was a bit too over piece. The first successful elements was being able to balance al
studio piece as all the different crowded with objects on the top. For example I believe placed the silicone of the different colors and objects onto the hat in order to create
elements (including the blue Styrofoam whip cream in too many different areas making it look very disorganized. It a Harajuku look to it. when asking people, they were able to
which is used to display the piece) was also very difficult for me to determine what the front and the back of the recognize where and what inspired me to create the headpiece.
represents Harajuku fashion and also studio is, making it difficult when setting it up as well. The colors are a combination of pastel and bold colors, giving it a
its kawaii + KimoKawaii culture. I was 2. The hot glue gun did not work for some of the pieces I tried to glue on, pop and fun feeling to the piece.
able to make a fun, eye-catching piece leaving behind a hard layer of glue which made the piece look unappealing. 2. Another successful factor of this piece was how I was able to use
which people were able to easily The hot glue also made the piece stick directly onto the Styrofoam head, old recycled items as well. Objects/items which were left around
recognize as a part of Harajuku culture. making it very difficult and in a fragile position when moving it. This the house and forgotten were able to be used again to create
If I were to make this piece again and especially became difficult when I was trying to spin the head piece around this piece, and I found that to be a very successful factor of this
improve it, I would make it more to try different angles to see what can be considered to be the front of the studio piece.
organized and be more aware and piece. 3. The last successful element to this studio was how I was able to
familiar with the materials I am going 3. The last difficulty involved the blue head Styrofoam which I used to display use the place on the hat efficiently. Majority of the areas on the
to be using on the headpiece. Other the piece on. It was very difficult to paint over it as the colors kept coming off. headpiece is covered with different items to represent Harajuku
than that I believe this piece was very This left patches. Also the Styrofoam had a lot of scratches which couldn’t be and the foods of Harajuku.
successful. covered with paint leaving it looking slightly messy.

This is the front of the studio piece. I decided to

color the Styrofoam head in a blue color to
create a contrast between the head piece and
the head. The pink neck accessory helped
balance the piece as well.