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Electric Mining Shovel – DC Drive

Product Overview
P&H 2300XPC Electric Mining Shovel – DC Drive

P&H 2300XPC DC Shovel

building on proven success
Mine operations and maintenance managers demand the
best from their loading tools. For this reason, Komatsu has
been the electric mining shovel market share leader and
preferred equipment supplier to the world’s toughest mining
environments for over 100 years.

Komatsu is proud to offer the P&H 2300XPC DC electric Komatsu is the

mining shovel. The P&H shovel line is combining its
solid reputation of reliability with the proven Centurion
worldwide leader in
electric mining shovels.
electrical control system, time-tested DC systems, rugged
The P&H performance edge
structures and the industry’s only direct field service and
support network to set the industry standard for electric
The P&H 2300XPC DC
mining shovels. Attachment of choice for World-class cab / sets the standard
Increases in availability and productivity ultimately lead to
the world’s toughest applications loading control center
in performance
• Twin-leg dipper handle – Stable Performance and comfort have been
the lowest cost per ton and the most efficient ultra-class
dipper trajectory, faster cycle times, optimized with: and productivity.
loading tool available in the industry today. P&H shovels dig
deeper into the realms of productivity, safety and reliability higher productivity • Smart ergonomics
with greater control, comfort and consistency. • Rack and pinion crowd – Less • Clear sight lines
maintenance, all weather performer • Easy access to command and • Designed for severe-duty
control functions digging and loading
• Optima dippers – Mine-matched
dippers with adjustable pitch braces • Access to key data on machine • Years of experience in building
for precise rake angles health and performance provided by rugged, reliable equipment
Centurion electrical control system
• Extensive collaboration with
Rugged components
Operator cab customers and our partner ABB
• Dual hoist motors – Balanced and during development
Performance and comfort have been
evenly distributed load optimized with:
• Delta drive – Improved shoe-to- We are driven by achieving the
• Smart ergonomics lowest total cost of ownership
tumbler engagement
• Clear sight lines for our customers:
Proven performance • Planetary transmissions – Proven
long life on swing and propel with
• Easy access to command
• Quality components
and control functions
over 20 million hours logged • Focus on machine availability
P&H DC-drive shovels are exceeding A closer look • Access to key data on machine
health and performance provided by and productivity
customer requirements and P&H 2300XPC DC utilizes Technology
expectations since 1920: Centurion electrical control system
proven components. • Centurion electrical control system – • Heavy-duty structures
• Low total cost of ownership Superior performance, monitoring and Smart Solutions • Komatsu Mining field support
• Structures developed with
data integration capabilities
• High productivity advanced design software and Our smart connected products and
field data collection • Universal shovel interface – Send systems, advanced analytics and
• Excellent machine reliability
and receive data with any mine direct services are integrated together
and durability • Motors designed and
management system and customized to solve our customers’
manufactured by Komatsu
toughest challenges:
We set the industry standard specifically for electric • PreVail remote health management –
for electric mining shovels • Service products and consumables
mining shovels Real time machine health and
• Machine assembly and rebuild
performance management
• Component exchange programs
• Life cycle management
• Genuine OEM parts
• Prognostics and remote
health management

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P&H 2300XPC Electric Mining Shovel – DC Drive

P&H 2300XPC Electric Mining Shovel – DC Drive Electrical control Dipper and dipper trip
Centurion supervisory controller provides direct integrated communication Optima dippers combine consistent productivity with high durability and
General Specifications with motor drives giving precise motor control and fast cycle times. Real-
time multi-tasking capability allows for optimal machine logic sequencing,
maintainability. Dippers are configured to mine specific conditions and
capacity requirements from a variety of combinations of body and lip
monitoring and control. designs, as well as other unique Komatsu technologies. Specific wear
packages and GET styles can be cooperatively specified.
Centurion I/O system uses ‘Profibus’ communication protocol for seamless

integration of all shovel subsystems and future expandability. Low-voltage Adjustable-torque electric motor with geared drive unit for reliable

24V DC I/O drop points feature open and short circuit detection for improved trip and slack take-up operation
22 72.2 diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Centurion information system’s enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
features intuitive, icon-based screens to display vital information such Swing
20 65.6
as shovel status, troubleshooting information, and optional production Two modular P&H planetary gear cases of proven design and a single piece
monitoring data and operator feedback forged swing gear transmit torque for fast cycle times.
18 59.1 Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.
P&H digital DC drive provides precise, reliable, solid state power to the main
motion motors.
Splash lube filtration system.
16 52.5
Electrical control systems
14 45.9 Propel
P&H digital DC static DC power conversion and
reactive power compensation Two rugged P&H planetary gear cases of proven design independently
transmit torque to the drive sprockets, producing the tractive effort required
12 39.4 Hoist**/Propel Swing Crowd/Propel for fast, efficient propel and positioning operations.
Continuous armature
P&H drive system with heavy duty cast crawler shoes.
10 32.8 converter KW rating 2x1860 kW 1860 kW 1860 kW
@ 600 VDC* Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.
15 Sec. armature
8 26.2 3700 amp. 3700 amp. 3700 amp.
converter current rating*
Continuous field
6 19.7 150 amp. 150 amp. 150 amp. Powerband V-belt drive between motor and gear case absorbs shock loads.
converter rating*
* Rated at 600 V and based on outside ambient temperature of 50°C or 122°F. First and second reduction gearing in enclosed gear case for reliable splash
4 13.1 ** Cascaded hoist converters. lubrication, ease of maintenance, and extended component life.
P&H digital DC automatic reactive power compensation* Twin-leg dipper handle with torsion box and rack and pinion drive has
inherent stability in the bank for optimal digging.
2 6.6 60 Hz (7 step) 50 Hz (8 step)
Spring-set air release disc brake.
Switched steps +4725 kVAR Total +4500 kVAR Total
0 0 * Nominal rating at rated capacitor voltage (600 VAC)
* Rated at 600 V and based on outside ambient temperature of 50°C or 122°F. Hoist
2 6.6 All gearing housed in single enclosed gear case with filtered and cooled oil
meters 6 4 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 P&H DC fast response main machinery motors fed to all bearings in addition to splash lubrication for reliable operation and
feet 19.7 13.1 6.6 0 6.6 13.1 19.7 26.2 32.8 39.4 45.9 52.5 59.1 65.6 72.2 78.7 ease of maintenance.
Hoist motor Continuous rating @ 600 volts Total 1074kW / 1440hp
L ROTATION (two used) peak developed power 1442kW / 1933hp Large 56" diameter hoist drum for extended rope bending life. Ferrule becket
Swing motor Continuous rating @ 550 volts Total 306kW / 410hp system and dual electric tuggers are standard for efficient rope change.
(two used) peak developed power 748kW / 1002hp Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.
Working Ranges Capacity Crowd motor Continuous rating @ 550 volts Total 395kW / 530hp
(one used) peak developed power 441kW / 591hp
Height of cut 13.5 m 44 ft. 3 in. Nominal payload* 45.4 mt 50 st Cable data
Propel motor Continuous rating @ 550 volts Total 612kW / 820hp
Radius of cut 21.3 m 70 ft. 0 in. Nominal dipper capacity (two used) peak developed power 943kW / 1264hp Hoist (wire rope) 57 mm 2.25 in. dia.
SAE struck 18.3-25.5 m3 24.0-33.0 yd3
Dumping height* Suspension (bridge strand) 83 mm 3.25 in. dia.
8.5 m 28 ft. 0 in. SAE 2:1 20.2-27.8 m3 26.7-36.7 yd3
(door open)
Power requirements Dipper trip (wire rope) 13 mm 0.50 in. dia.
Rated suspended load 90.7 mt 100 st
Floor level radius 14.2 m 46 ft. 7 in.
Optimum truck size Supply voltage* 4160 or 7200V 3300, 5000, 6000 or 6600
Tail swing radius 10.1 m 33 ft. 0 in. 109-218 mt 120-240 st 3 Phase, 60 Hz 3 Phase, 50 Hz
(200 st truck shown)
Operator eye level 7.9 m 26 ft. 0 in. Supply transformer (minimum) 2000 kVA
*Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors.
*Height shown with bail-type dipper. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compact- Contact Komatsu Mining for an analysis of your specific application. Minimum short circuit VA available at shovel 16 MVA
bail dippers. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height.
*Voltage per customer requirements

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P&H 2300XPC Electric Mining Shovel – DC Drive
Overall dimensions Loading control center
A Width 12.5 m 40 ft. 10 in.
B Length 15.0 m 49 ft. 4 in. Space for mine
C Height over gantry 11.6 m 38 ft. 0 in. Ante room communications equipment
(shown with optional toilet)
1321 mm 52 in.
D Width of crawler shoes
1778 mm 70 in. Touchscreen GUI and
E Width of crawlers (52") 8.7 m 28 ft. 5 in. optional remote
camera system
F Length of crawlers 9.9 m 32 ft. 4 in. Electrical cabinet

G Ground clearance 0.9 m 3 ft. 0 in. Space for appliances Armrest mounted,
H Height — ground to bottom of counterweight slabs 2.6 m 8 ft. 5 in. pistol grip joysticks
Trainer’s station

A B 6-way power adjustable
Storage cabinet air suspension seat with
heat and vibratory massage

Ground pressure and weight Features and customization

Bearing area – ground pressure The P&H 2300XPC is built with several features to enhance safety,
reliability, and productivity over the lifecycle of the operation.
C Crawler bearing area 19.92 m2 30,880 in2 • Automatic lubrication and compressed air systems with advanced
52" shoes / 1321 mm diagnostic and control
Crawler ground pressure 381 kPa 55.3 psi • Temperature monitoring system for all DC motors, drum shaft bearings
52" shoes / 1321 mm and shipper shaft bearings
Optional: • Automatic boom soft setdown system (ABSS) and boom profile
H Crawler bearing area 26.82 m2 41,570 in2
G protection envelope to help prevent excessive loading to the attachment
70" shoes / 1778 mm during operation
F Crawler ground pressure
E 288 kPa 41.8 psi • Anti-Swing-in-Bank system to reduce excessive side loading on handle
70" shoes / 1778 mm and attachment
Weights – approximate* • Remote hoist control pendant and hoist rope winch to assist in safe and
efficient rope changeouts
Machinery deck plan Working weight (with dipper, approx. wt.)
• House pressurization system to provide filtered air for cooling and
52" shoes / 1321 mm 774,800 kg 1,708,000 lbs dust repression
Air compressor Lubrication room 70" shoes / 1778 mm 787,500 kg 1,736,000 lbs The shovel has multiple options for local and minesite specific conditions
Counterweight (punchings)** 136,100 kg 300,000 lbs in the following areas:
Hoist motor Hoist motor
* All weights subject to 5% variation. • Climate control
High voltage cabinet Lube reservoir ** To be furnished by customer.
with isolators (401 liter/106 gal. each)
• Technology and software

Auxiliary transformer • Maintenance systems

Low voltage
suppression cab collector

Swing motor Swing motor

and transmission and transmission

Main transformer
Hoist drum
Dipper trip resistors
Transfer cabinet
Contact a Komatsu Mining
Auxiliary field 120 VAC
service representative
load center
for more information on the
Ground fault Centurion electrical control P&H 2300XPC
suppression cabinet system cabinet
touch screen monitor
electric mining shovel
Field breaker or visit

Auxiliary load center Converter cabinet

Electronics room
Reactive power
compensation cabinet
Auxiliary cabinet

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