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TUESDAY, May 1, 2018


Botanical wonderland
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Online retailers go offline to find success running a family theme park >p9

US envoys
Xi salutes national model workers coming to
Working hard the most ’honorable, are individuals recognized by
the CPC and central govern-
the development of the Party
and the nation.
expressed their determina-
tion to work hard to achieve
also achieved through hard
work,” the president wrote in
noble, great and beautiful virtue’
By AN BAIJIE retary of the Communist Par-
ment from around the coun-
try who exemplify an
outstanding work ethic.
Since 1992, the university
has provided an undergradu-
ate education to national
more going forward.
Providing a university
education for national mod-
his reply, adding that he
hopes the workers will “cher-
ish the honor, study hard and
on trade ty of China Central More than 2,000 national- model workers as a reward el workers is a way of continue your endeavors in By ZHONG NAN
Committee and chairman of level model workers were for their hard work. rewarding them and recog- various positions to make
Working hard is the most the Central Military Commis- named in 2015 from all walks Those currently studying nizing their selfless contri- more progress”.
honorable, noble, great and sion, made the remarks in a of life. at the university wrote a let- butions, Xi said, adding that The model workers are China must prepare more
beautiful virtue, President Xi reply letter to national model In his letter, Xi extended ter to Xi recently to report on it also shows how much the also encouraged to share measures to counter new trade
Jinping said ahead of Inter- workers who are studying at greetings to all workers in the their studies of Xi Jinping Party and country care about their spirit of diligence and moves by the United States if
national Workers’ Day, which the China University of Labor country and spoke highly of Thought on Socialism with them. inspire workers across the the two parties fail to reach an
falls on Tuesday this year. Relations. the contributions that the Chinese Characteristics for a “Socialism is built through country to work hard in the agreement during bilateral
Xi, who is also general sec- National model workers model workers have made to New Era. In the letter, they hard work, and the new era is new era. economic and trade talks in
Beijing later this week, econo-
mists said on Monday.

IT’S GAME ON The trade dispute, which

was initiated by US President

Donald Trump, has already
generated strong domestic
opposition in the US.
AT COLLEGES Trump announced on Thurs-
day that Treasury Secretary
Steven Mnuchin and US Trade
X Representative Robert Light-
hizer would travel to Beijing for
More Chinese universities are talks.
embracing gaming as they see big job The US delegation will also
include Trump’s top economic
opportunities in the development of adviser, Larry Kudlow, and
trade adviser Peter Navarro.
the sector, as Shi Futian reports. The talks are expected to take
place on Thursday and Friday,

E -sports and education

have long been regard-
ed as incompatible in
China, with gaming consid-
sions — 20 teams representing
16 universities around China,
including top ones like Ren-
min University of China and
according to media reports.
“Even though China’s firm
stance has prompted Trump to
send all his top economic offi-
ered the No 1 enemy of aca- Fudan University — will com- cials for trade negotiations to
demic performance. But that pete in five different arenas: avert a trade war, it will be a
is changing as the healthy soccer game FIFA Online, bas- tough talk between the two
development of e-sports gains ketball game Strongest NBA, sides. Otherwise the Trump
more recognition. first-person shooter CrossFire, administration and the presi-
The inaugural 2018 Univer- multiplayer battle game dent himself will appear weak,”
sity Cyber League, co-orga- League of Legends and home- Zhou Li (seventh right), editorial board member of China Daily Group and publisher and editor-in-chief of China Daily Asia Pacific, joins said Tu Xinquan, a professor at
nized by Tencent Sports, is one grown hit King of Glory. the China Daily Hong Kong Edition winners’ line-up at the Hong Kong News Awards 2017 ceremony on Monday. EDMOND TANG / CHINA DAILY the University of International
example. The only e-sports “University plays a vital role Business and Economics.
tournament approved by the
Federation of University Sports
of China, it is one of the biggest
in facilitating the standardiza-
tion and industrialization of a
healthy e-sports industry in
Lam praises impartial media for role in HK In addition to trade, Tu said,
the US wants to limit China’s
ability to attract foreign direct
of its kind in China, boasting China,” said Ewell Zhao, gen- investment. The US is also
the most teams and the eral manager of Tencent By ASKA CHEONG “We need impartial and allowed to attend govern- Edition secured a record 14 deeply concerned about Chi-
nation’s top university players. Sports. in Hong Kong in-depth reporting to better ment press conferences in prizes in 11 categories at last na’s industrial upgrades, tech-
The tournament wrapped “Through tournament oper- develop our economy, her tenure; there is now a year’s news awards competi- nology transfers, talent flows
up its north, south, east and ation and promotion, Tencent improve governance and question and answer time tion — including a first-time and intellectual property pro-
west division competitions in will ensure UCL is a profes- Chief Executive Carrie Lam enhance people’s livelihoods. during the conference. Best Young Reporter win. tection. It also wants to relieve
late April. More than 8,000 sional, university-level Cheng Yuet-ngor on Monday I think the media in Hong Apart from extending con- This is also the second the downward pressure on its
spectators attended the divi- e-sports tournament, which lauded Hong Kong’s media as Kong did a great job in moni- gratulations to awardees, time China Daily Hong Kong stock market, Tu said.
sional competitions, which will help facilitate e-sports’ “the motivation” to her daily toring the government and Lam also called on journal- won four top awards — a “The US used to be an ideal
also attracted over 50 million development in China.” work as it has effectively public sector with their inde- ists to cover topics related to record set last year. destination for investment
online viewers. Although the inaugural monitored the government pendent, impartial and com- major infrastructure pro- This impressive result had because it offered global inves-
The divisional champions UCL is groundbreaking, the through impartial reporting. prehensive reporting,” Lam jects which will come on made China Daily Hong tors stability and asset security.
are now preparing for the development of university-lev- Addressing the Newspaper said. stream within 12 months. Kong the biggest winner in But the unstable leadership of
league’s first national champi- el e-sports remains in its Society of Hong Kong’s annu- She encouraged journal- It is unprecedented for a the overall awards tally Trump has put international
onship, in Suzhou, Jiangsu infancy. “We started the al awards ceremony, Lam ists to keep up the good work small city like Hong Kong to among the 12 newspaper capital in the US at risk and
province, on Sunday. emphasized that freedom of while protecting their health have three large-scale infra- outlets which participated in made investors in the US mar-
The winners of the four divi- See E-sports, page 3 press and speech were and safety. structure projects — the the competition. The awards ket nervous,” he said.
among the city’s core values Describing herself as a Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao were chosen from 594 Mei Xinyu, a senior research
and strengths. loyal fan of print media, Bridge, the Hong Kong sec- entries from most Chinese fellow at the Ministry of Com-
INSIDE The Hong Kong News Lam spends 45 minutes tion of the Guangzhou- and English newspapers in merce’s Chinese Academy of
Awards recognizing achieve- reading nine newspapers Shenzhen-Hong Kong the city. International Trade and Eco-
Beauty of ments for last year drew 594 every day. Express Rail Link and the China Daily has won 72 nomic Cooperation, said the
entries from local Chinese The special administrative Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai prizes in the Hong Kong escalating trade dispute has
sandstone and English newspapers. Chi- region government has also Boundary Control Point — News Awards since 2003, angered US farmers and com-
na Daily Hong Kong Edition been supportive of local all coming into operation in making it a constant winner panies — especially those in the
Travel, p10 led all other print titles with media. Lam said the city’s one year, Lam noted. in the city’s annual prestig- high-tech manufacturing and
14 prizes. internet media has been China Daily Hong Kong ious news awards. service sectors — and has put
Republican political candi-
dates under pressure as the US

Foreign minister to visit DPRK this week Planting time midterm congressional elec-
tions approach in November.
China has become more
sophisticated in handling trade
By ZHANG YUNBI Party of China Central Com- Inside between the two top leaders disputes with timely and effec- mittee, reached a consensus and maintain close strategic tive countermeasures, he said.
with Kim on developing bilat- See more > p4 communication with China. Since March, the ministry has
State Councilor and Foreign eral relations and on promot- Song Tao, head of the Inter- said several times that China will
Minister Wang Yi will pay a ing the peaceful settlement of Peninsula are being eased, national Department of the not abandon its rights and inter-
visit to the Democratic Peo- the nuclear issue on the Kore- and it will be conducive to CPC Central Committee, led a ests, and will take all necessary
ple’s Republic of Korea from an Peninsula. denuclearizing the peninsula, Chinese art troupe to the DPRK measures to firmly defend them.
Wednesday to Thursday at the Zhang Liangui, an expert on Zhang said. in mid-April and met with Kim. Long Guoqiang, vice-presi-
invitation of DPRK Foreign Korean studies at the Party Senior officials of the two Kim told Song that he hoped dent of the State Council’s
Minister Ri Yong-ho. School of the CPC Central sides have also maintained the two countries would rein- Development Research Center,
The upcoming trip, Committee, said Wang’s frequent contacts. force their exchanges and coop- said that because China and
announced by Foreign Minis- upcoming visit will enhance In early April in Beijing, eration in various fields. The the US are both major econo-
try spokesman Lu Kang on efforts at the working level to Wang met and talked with Ri DPRK is ready to learn from mies involved in global value
Monday, is another in a series translate the consensus into when the senior DPRK diplo- China, Kim said. chains, exports from both sides
of recent high-level reality. Zhang said that Pyong- mat had a stopover for a flight Kim visited the Chinese Farmers work in the Longji Terraces, in the Guangxi Zhuang auton- include a large value inflows
exchanges and contacts yang will likely brief Wang on transfer. embassy in Pyongyang and omous region’s Longsheng county, on Monday. It was the start of from other economies.
between Beijing and Pyong- the outcomes of the latest Wang said China hails the also greeted Chinese people the rice seeding season in the area. WANG ZICHUANG/ XINHUA “The upcoming negotiations
yang, including the visit to meeting between Kim and DPRK’s commitment to the who had been injured in a therefore cannot be considered
China in March of top DPRK President Moon Jae-in of the denuclearization of the pen- deadly bus crash in the coun- © 2018 ChinaDaily ,All Rights Reserved as a meeting to resolve bilateral
leader Kim Jong-un. Republic of Korea. insula and the efforts it has try’s North Hwanghae prov- Vol. 22 — No. trade issues,” he said. “It is
During that visit, President The visit will reinforce made for easing tensions. ince. The crash killed 32 A member of the about maintaining the rules-
Xi Jinping, who is also general mutual understanding at a Ri said the DPRK will work Chinese tourists and four Asia News based multilateral trading sys-
secretary of the Communist time tensions on the Korean as guided by the meeting DPRK citizens. Network tem of the world.”

Cancer drug imports now tariff-free


Seven dead in
factory blaze
Health official says manufacturers on average. Of those, 17 are
cancer drugs.
approval procedures for new
drugs, lower distribution costs
The State Cancer Center
released the country’s latest
the commission said local pro-
ducers were up to the task.
Taiwan is mourning the deaths
of five firefighters and two
in China can manage competition According to the ministry,
the lower prices negotiated for
and improve diagnoses in
order to reduce the overall bur-
cancer data early this year. It
shows that 3.8 million new
China’s medical research
and development have pro-
Thai migrant workers after a
weekend blaze at a computer
the cancer drugs saved den on patients and their fami- cancer cases were diagnosed gressed in recent years, with equipment factory. The fire
By YANG WANLI eign suppliers and domestic patients 6.2 billion yuan ($979 lies, according to Li Jinju, an in 2017. Last year, an average of the talent pool getting strong- broke out on Saturday night in distributors, said Zeng Yixin, million) as of April 18. official with the China Food seven people per minute were er and innovation booming, he a plant belonging to Chin Poon
deputy director of the Nation- Chen Jinfu, head of the med- and Drug Administration. diagnosed with cancer in Chi- said. Industrial Co in Taoyuan, just
Supportive policies have al Health Commission. ical insurance department of In 2014, the administration na. According to Zeng, domes- south of Taipei, the Central
been released by the central For those drugs already the ministry, said the govern- received 155 clinical test appli- The prevention and treat- tic innovation of new cancer News Agency reported. It said
government to reduce the pri- covered by the State medical ment will work to include cations for cancer drugs, and ment of cancer have received drugs will receive strong finan- the firefighters inside the plant
ces of cancer drugs and fur- insurance program, health more anti-neoplastic drugs — 19 were approved. Last year, great attention from health cial support in the future. lost contact with their col-
ther relieve financial stress for departments will organize which help prevent cell divi- applications rose to 279, an authorities. A total of 703 Drugs in urgent demand and leagues outside and became
patients, health officials said pricing bids or negotiations sion — into the country’s medi- increase of 80 percent over research projects have been the production of generic trapped under heavy equip-
on Saturday. with pharmaceutical manu- cal insurance reimbursement 2014, with 29 gaining approv- launched in recent years, with drugs will be top priorities and ment. Another seven firefight-
Beginning on Tuesday, Chi- facturers for lower prices, catalog. al. a total central government will benefit from the new poli- ers were injured in the blaze, it
na will exempt 28 drugs from Zeng said. “Other drugs not covered by The average duration for investment of nearly 2.6 bil- cies, he said. said.
import tariffs — including all Since 2016, the commission the medical insurance pro- cancer drug clinical test lion yuan. “Some new drugs made in
cancer drugs — as part of and the Ministry of Human gram might be included in approvals shrunk from 243 Admitting that the tariff cut China are now undergoing BEIJING
broader market-opening Resources and Social Security State medical insurance if the days in 2014 to 111 days last on imported drugs may chal- clinical testing, and I believe Sector expands
measures. have both conducted drug drugmakers are willing to low- year, Li said. And the time it lenge China’s domestic phar- that patients will soon see
Prices of imported cancer price negotiations. Their joint er prices,” he said. takes for drugs to reach the maceutical industry by benefits from our own inno- at rapid pace
drugs will be reduced via efforts have led to the prices Moreover, efforts have been market was cut from 420 days making foreign drugs more vation over the next two China’s nonmanufacturing
negotiations with both for- for 39 drugs falling 50 percent made to accelerate review and in 2014 to 111 last year. competitive, Liu Dengfeng of years,” Zeng said. sector expanded at a rapid
pace for a second consecutive
month in April, according to

Tencent again denies Cutting things down to size the National Bureau of Sta-
tistics on Monday. The sec-
tor’s purchasing managers’

WeChat snooping index rose from 54.6 in

March to 54.8 last month, the
bureau said. A reading above
50 indicates expansion, while
By ZOU SHUO from the violator, according a reading below reflects con- to the post. traction. The pace of expan-
“Information technology sion was also above 54 for
Tencent denied again on has improved the efficiency April 2017. The subindex for
Sunday that it stores or analy- and quality of investigative new orders rose one point
zes chat histories of users of work,” it said. “From January from the previous month to
WeChat, China’s most popu- to April, the commission pun- 51.1, showing growth in mar-
lar messaging platform. ished 63 cadres.” ket demand.
“WeChat does not store any According to Tencent’s
chat histories. They are stored statement, Chaohu authori- Partnerships
only on users’ phones, com- ties used data recovery soft-
puters or other devices,” Ten- ware to retrieve chat histories to be promoted
cent said in a statement on its from the violator’s phone. China will improve services
own WeChat account. “It is the same technology for tourists through public-
Neither does WeChat use used to recover important private partnerships, accord-
chat histories for big data files on computers,” the state- ing to a guideline released by
analysis, it added. ment said, adding that the the Ministry of Culture and
“Respecting user privacy technology can also be used Tourism and the Ministry of
has always been one of the for useful tasks such as Finance. The partnerships —
most important principles of restoring contacts, short mes- collaborative projects
WeChat,” it said. “We have sages and call records on between government and pri-
neither the authority nor the smartphones. vate entities — will support
motive to look into users’ chat With more than a billion national tourism projects and
histories.” active users worldwide, poverty alleviation through
The company’s statement WeChat has developed into tourism.
came after anti-graft watch- an all-encompassing system Workers dismantle a 180-meter-tall smokestack at a Huaneng electric power plant in Huaian city, Jiangsu province, on Sunday. They will
dog groups in Hefei, Anhui for just about everything in shorten the structure down to 120 meters before demolishing it with explosives. HE JINGHUA/ FOR CHINA DAILY AGENCIES
province, announced in a China. There is growing con-
WeChat post that authorities cern about how Tencent han-
in neighboring Chaohu had dles user information.
obtained deleted WeChat
conversations from a user of
the chat platform.
Early this year, the messag-
ing app came under scrutiny
when Geely Auto Chairman
Precision aircraft parts fitter hopes to keep flying high
“The Chaohu city disci- Li Shufu accused Tencent of
pline inspection and supervi- invading user privacy. By CAO CHEN in Shanghai Shanghai in 1960. Aircraft Manufacturing, the build China’s first domestical-
sion commission retrieved a Tencent Chairman Pony He said he liked to look at only place in China produc- ly developed regional jetliner
series of deleted WeChat chat Ma was “definitely looking at aircraft photos as a youngster ing civil aircraft at that time, — the ARJ21-700 — in 2003,
histories from a suspect in our WeChat messages every For Hu Shuangqian, a and often walked long distan- would never close, and that one year after the project was
March,” the post said. day”, Li said at a business skilled senior aircraft parts fit- ces from home to see planes it had a bright future,” he launched.
The authorities then forum on Jan 1. ter for nearly four decades, a landing and taking off. said. Hu’s craftsmanship also
began investigating the case Tencent issued a state- minor oversight in his work For him, aircraft manufac- His choice to stay, however, contributes to the assembly
based on the chat histories, ment at the time, denying can have drastic consequen- turing is a respectable job as initially brought him and oth- and maintenance of the C919
which helped to extract a the accusations as “pure ces. well as a labor of love. ers like him many hardships, — China’s homegrown nar-
confession of wrongdoing falsehood”. The 58-year-old heads a After graduating from a and they had to make a living row-body jet — a project
team working on computer- Shanghai technical school Hu Shuangqian at work by manufacturing more ordi- launched in 2008.
ized controls at Shanghai Air- with a major in riveting, Hu nary items like vehicles and “Participation in production
Nine dead in Shanxi landslide craft Manufacturing,
subsidiary of Commercial
a was fortunate enough to find
a job as a fitter at Shanghai of Chinese cities to Shang-
electric fans.
Although China and the
made me so proud and emo-
tional, especially when I saw
A landslide in North Chi- ces were also brought in, the Aircraft Corp of China. Hu Aircraft Manufacturing in hai. United States later cooperated the plane’s first successful
na’s Shanxi province killed release said. won the National Labor Med- 1980. “Unfortunately, the project in manufacturing McDonnell flight from Shanghai in 2017,
nine people on early Monday There was no immediate al in 2009 and was named a “I was excited to have an was canceled in 1985 due to Douglas aircraft at the factory, which marked a great
morning, local authorities word on what may have trig- national model worker in opportunity to grow with the viability and budgetary issues, that project was also canceled. improvement in China’s inno-
said. gered the landslide, nor were 2015. country’s civil aviation indus- and business at the factory Then the workers started to vative capability and high
The disaster took place at identities of any of the vic- Although most aeronautical try,” he said. slowed down,” said Hu. Many produce aircraft parts for Boe- technology in aviation,” he
4:57 am in Caijiazhuang vil- tims provided. The local gov- engineering work is now per- Hu then joined the manu- workers accepted job offers ing and Airbus on contract said.
lage, Lishi district, Lyuliang ernment said rescue efforts formed by computer-con- facturing team of the Y-10, a from other booming private beginning in 1996. “In this era of advanced
city, according to a release had been halted and it was trolled machines, some parts four-engine narrow-body jet- industries. “I cherished that period as a technology, I’m sure safer,
from the city government’s now a recovery operation. of Hu’s job still haven’t been liner developed from the early “A boss from a private enter- nice break to polish my basic more comfortable and envi-
information office. The mountainous Lyuli- programmed and rely instead 1970s to the mid-1980s. prise even offered me a skills so that even the simplest ronmentally friendly aircraft
More than 100 firefighters ang city has been hit by a on his delicate touch. The plane, which was monthly salary of 4,000 yuan and smallest product was will be built in China.”
and police officers were dis- number of landslides over “The work is ideal for me, as designed for 149 passengers, ($633), three times higher absolutely guaranteed to be Despite soon reaching Chi-
patched for search and res- the years, including one in I have been interested in made a successful test flight than my income at that time,” top quality,” Hu said. na’s retirement age of 60, Hu
cue operations. Four large 2008 that killed 19 people. planes since my childhood,” in September 1980 and even- Hu said. But he refused. His efforts eventually paid said he still hopes to work for
excavators and five ambulan- CHINA DAILY — AP said Hu, who was born in tually connected a number “I believed that Shanghai off when he joined to team to another 20 years.


-2/5 Beijing 14/24 C 13/25 D Shanghai 21/30 D 20/28 D
12/23 0/13 Changchun 9/20 C 7/20 C Shenyang 12/24 C 10/19 Sh
10/28 Changsha 22/29 Sh 22/27 Sh Shenzhen 24/29 O 23/30 C
Chongqing 20/30 D 21/25 R Shijiazhuang 13/24 O 12/22 T
14/24 Dalian 11/17 T 10/15 T Suzhou 21/29 O 17/32 D
13/25 Fuzhou 22/29 D 23/30 D Taipei 24/30 C 24/30 O
14/24 Guangzhou 23/29 F 24/30 D TUESDAY
Taiyuan 11/27 C 12/26 C
15/25 Guilin 22/28 Sh 21/28 Sh Tianjin 16/21 O 14/26 D WEDNESDAY
16/26 Guiyang 17/23 Sh 18/25 T Urumqi 12/23 S 10/28 S
18/29 Haikou 25/32 T 25/33 T Wuhan 20/30 D 20/27 R
19/28 21/30
20/28 Hangzhou 21/28 Sh 23/28 Sh Xi'an 13/29 O 11/24 C
23/40 Harbin 3/19 C 2/19 C Xiamen 23/31 O 23/32 C Abu Dhabi 23/35 S 24/35 S BuenosAires 18/22 D 16/21 D
24/40 24/30 Hefei 19/30 C 17/30 D Xining 1/18 C 1/17 C
23/29 24/30 Bangkok 26/34 D 27/34 D Caracas 25/27 D 26/27 C
24/30 Hohhot 7/24 O 3/18 C Yantai 14/23 D 13/21 D Colombo 24/32 D 23/32 D Chicago 10/10 C 16/16 S
24/33 Hongkong 24/29 O 24/30 C Yinchuan 9/24 C 5/21 C Dubai 26/35 S 26/35 S Houston 21/22 C 22/25 C
24/29 Jinan 17/30 C 13/26 T Zhengzhou 18/30 C 16/28 D
23/35 24/30 Hanoi 23/27 D 24/30 D Las Vegas 17/21 C 16/22 C
Kunming 14/25 C 13/26 S Zhuhai 24/29 O 24/29 O Islamabad 22/35 S 20/36 S Los Angeles 14/16 C 14/16 D
Lanzhou 10/20 C 8/21 S Jakarta 25/33 D 24/33 D Mexico city 17/17 D 17/17 C
26/34 Lhasa 3/15 Sh 4/15 O
27/34 Karachi 26/36 S 26/35 S New York 6/11 D 7/9 S
Lijiang 12/20 C 11/22 C Kuala Lumpur 26/29 D 26/30 D Ottawa 2/4 D 1/5 C
24/32 Macao 24/29 O 24/29 C Rio De Janeiro 23/24 S 23/24 S
25/30 24/32 26/35 Manila 26/35 D 26/34 D
26/34 Nanchang 21/27 D 21/28 D Mumbai 24/33 D 25/34 S San Francisco 11/14 S 12/15 S
24/33 Nanjing 20/29 O 20/28 T Athens 16/25 C 16/26 D
Berlin 16/17 S 13/16 S New Delhi 23/40 S 24/40 S Sao Paulo 14/21 C 14/23 S
Nanning 23/28 O 23/31 Sh Pyongyang 13/24 O 13/26 D Vancouver 7/9 D 7/10 D
26/29 Qingdao 12/18 C 12/16 Sh Brussels 7/13 D 6/7 D
26/30 Geneva 8/16 D 7/11 D Riyadh 19/31 D 20/32 D Washington 7/12 S 10/17 S
Sanya 25/32 C 26/33 C Seoul 14/24 O 15/25 D
Istanbul 13/22 D 14/21 C
26/28 London 4/7 D 7/10 O Singapore 26/28 D 26/28 D
26/28 Madrid 3/11 D 1/8 R/Sn Sydney 17/20 D 14/21 D Cairo 26/38 S 25/41 S
Moscow 10/21 D 9/22 D Teheran 9/15 D 13/15 D CapeTown 14/21 C 13/22 O
25/33 Paris 7/11 D 5/8 D Tokyo 16/25 S 16/26 C Johannesburg 10/20 D 8/16 D
24/33 Rome 17/18 O 15/18 O Wellington 13/16 D 12/16 C Lagos 26/28 D 26/29 O
Vienna 18/21 C 15/19 C Yangon 24/33 D 23/35 R Nairobi 15/23 D 14/24 D

E-sports: College courses prove popular

From page 1 Tencent’s King of Glory has
amassed over 200 million
e-sports society at our univer- registered users since its
sity three years ago, and it was launch in 2015, and an
organized by students with no e-sports competition based
help from teachers or the on the game — King Pro
school,” said Li Jiyun, captain League — has taken the coun-
of the Renmin University try by storm since its estab-
team that was crowned north lishment a year later.
division League of Legends The fall season final of the
champion. 2017 KPL attracted over 11,000
Li’s team, with members excited fans at Shenzhen Bay
from various years and back- Sports Center in Shenzhen,
ing from what is now a univer- Guangdong province, in
sity sanctioned e-sports club, December.
is in better shape than the one The KPL’s live broadcast,
at prestigious Peking Universi- video and other media content
ty, whose captain, Ge Jiadi, notched a staggering 10.3 bil-
said it was made up only of lion online views last year.
freshmen and had received no Its 2017 spring season live
help from anyone. No Peking broadcasts were viewed 2.68
University team won through billion times, while the live
to the national championship. broadcasts of the fall season
Despite the fact that many were viewed 3.6 billion times
university e-sports teams and — a 33 percent increase within
clubs in China are managed by six months.
students themselves, gaming The KPL’s 2018 spring sea-
has earned a place in the aca- son kicked off in March, and
demic world, with many uni- with a new competition for-
versities starting e-sports mat and an upgraded version
classes. of King of Glory, organizers
In September 2016, the Min- hope to attract even more
istry of Education listed fans.
“e-sports and management” as “A year before, nobody knew
a major for colleges, paving if the KPL can go this far,” said
the way for higher-education KPL President Zhang Yijia, the
institutes to offer e-sports-re- general manager of Tencent’s
lated courses and official mobile e-sports department.
diplomas. “But a year later, we have wit-
However, creating more nessed the growth of the KPL
world-class e-sports gamers is The 2018 King Pro League spring season kicks off in March. Live online broadcasts of the e-sports competition, which is based on Tencent’s homegrown hit King of Glory, from zero. At the very begin-
not China’s priority, with the have attracted billions of views each year since its launch in 2016, highlighting the dramatic development of China’s e-sports market. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY ning there were no spectators.
courses focusing on the need Then there were 100. Then
to produce more game design- 1,000. Now, we have heard the
ers, tournament managers roar of over 10,000 spectators
and e-sports broadcasters. cheering for their heroes at the
According to an e-sports China's stadium.”
industry survey released by e - s p o r t s China’s professional e-sports
internet giant Tencent’s Pen- teams play at a much higher
guin Intelligence think tank in market level than the university teams.
June, 570,000 positions will QGhappy, the team that
need to be filled in league completed a clean sweep of
management, media produc- 20 220 million KPL titles last year, calls its
tion, data mining, commentat- billion yuan registered online system of cultivating future
ing and training. It also said 85 estimated market gamers, up from champions “The Sickle”, and
percent of positions in the value in 2016 170 million in 2016 it carefully manages its play-
industry were understaffed. ers, even providing them
Fourteen years ago, Com- with physicians and psychol-
munication University of Chi- 570,000 positions to be filled ogists.
na became one of the first in league management, media Apart from clubs them-
colleges in the country to offer production, data mining, selves, the league is also help-
degrees in game design, and it commentating and training. ing out. To ensure its
added an e-sports-dedicated Only 15 percent of positions within the sustainable development, the
subject, digital media art, last industry have sufficient human resources KPL has been working with
year aimed at further develop- the clubs to nurture talent,
ing gaming management and with players assigned profes-
design talent. sional training sessions,
The Shanghai Theater University Cyber League coaches and data analysts.
Academy, meanwhile, is offer- The Renmin University of China team that won the League of Legends championship competes at the “The KPL and the clubs are
Divisional competition: 8,000 spectators on
ing an e-sports commentating University Cyber League’s 2018 north division finals in Beijing in April. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY in a win-win situation,” said
site and over 50 million viewers online
course. Forty students signed Zhu Bo, QGhappy’s founder.
up for its launch in the fall. “The league is becoming a com-
there were about 200 stu- with games and e-sports, National championship: 16 universities
Among all the universities munity of shared interests, and
offering e-sports classes, dents.” including game design. around China, including top ones like Renmin introducing regulations like
Peking University has received Chen said the course was “I was totally shocked when University of China and Fudan University, will the salary cap is beneficial.”
the most attention. not a gaming training camp, I saw how far USC has come. compete against each other in five different Apart from Tencent, Ali-
Chen Jiang, associate pro- We’re trying to cre- but included in-depth study of They were already offering so games at the national championship sports, the sports arm of
fessor at Peking University’s the gaming industry, technical many degrees, and we didn’t e-commerce giant Alibaba,
School of Electronics Engi- ate a model that designs and user experience. even have an e-sports course has also joined the party
neering and Computer Sci- “When I prepared the class in any of our top universities.” Source: 2017 China Game Industry Report released by Penguin Intelligence after launching the Ali-
ence, started an e-sports class combines sports, before the semester, I did a lot CHINA DAILY sports World Electronic
in the spring semester that of research on how foreign Booming market Sports Games in March
proved extremely popular. Chinese culture universities have incorporated Although university-level June, the annual market value from 170 million in 2016. 2016, with 1,200 events
“The class was originally e-sports courses,” Chen said. e-sports development has just of China’s e-sports sector Another report, from market planned across 15 Chinese cit-
designed for 120 students, but
and technology.” “A typical example is the got started in China, the coun- reached 20 billion yuan ($3.19 researcher Niko Partner, ies. Another Chinese tech
about 160 showed up on the University of Southern Cali- try’s e-sports market is now billion) in 2016, generated by showed China’s e-sports mar- giant, NetEase, is also trying to
Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, presi-
first day,” Chen said. “The stu- fornia, one of the best univer- huge and its value has sky- gamers’ spending, copyright ket topped $1.26 billion in 2017, develop an e-sports league
dent of Asian E-sports Federation
dents asked me to bring more sities in the United States. rocketed in recent years. distribution, merchandising while the total prize money at based on its own games.
people into the class and Students there can earn According to Penguin Intel- and e-commerce. The number Chinese tournaments was $64
change to a bigger classroom, around 14 academic degrees at ligence’s 2017 China Game of registered online gamers million — up from $51 million Contact the writer at
which I did. Two weeks later, different levels associated Industry Report, released in jumped to 220 million in 2017 the previous year.

Violence proves a barrier to However, violence remains

the main attraction of gaming,
with the basic aim of the most
popular MOBA and shooting

gamers’ Olympic dreams games being to rack up the

The violence problem could
block e-sports’ road to the
By SHI FUTIAN new technologies,” Fok told new excitement to players and Olympics and harm the the Titan Sports newspaper at fans.” younger generations that
the summit. “E-sports have Amateur gaming competi- make up most of the e-sports
The evolution of e-sports shifted the battleground from tions have existed since the fan base, Fok warned.
has been the subject of much personal computers to mobile 1970s. Arguably the first “We have to make e-sports
debate: Some see a brighter devices, and it is constantly e-sports event took place at embrace the Olympic spirit,”
future, while others warn of changing. New technologies Stanford University in the he said.
looming danger. like AI and VR will become United States in 1972, when “We need to promote the
To address the healthy more mature. Even drones students battled each other in positive values of traditional
development of e-sports, the and robots could evolve into the game Spacewar for the sports and try our best to deal
Asian E-sports Collaboration the e-sports of the future.” grand prize of a year’s sub- with the violence problem of
Summit was held in Shanghai Chen Jiang, an associate scription to Rolling Stone e-sports.
on April 11. professor at Peking Universi- magazine. “We need to regulate it and
Asian E-sports Federation ty’s School of Electronics Engi- The e-sports landscape has have an industry code.”
President Kenneth Fok Kai- neering and Computer changed dramatically since Apart from dealing with the
kong, who attended the sum- Science who started an Spacewar, with the emergence A gamer takes on the opposition in the inaugural 2018 University Cyber League, the latest example of violence problem, Fok has big-
mit, said he believed in the e-sports class in spring, said of different types of games and the development of university-level e-sports in China. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY ger ambitions for e-sports.
positive value of e-sports’ evo- e-sports have advantages that changing platforms. “We want to promote Chi-
lution. traditional sports lack. According to the 2017 China nese culture through e-sports,”
Fok said e-sports will evolve “Some sports can remain Game Industry Report In terms of game types, 63 However, some of the most International Olympic Coun- he said.
beyond people’s imagination unchanged for decades, but released by Tencent’s Penguin percent of Chinese e-sports popular types of games could cil has said e-sports “could be “We’re trying to create a
and he can imagine the combi- e-sports can evolve much Intelligence in June, mobile fans like multiplayer online endanger the healthy develop- considered a sporting activity”. model that combines sports,
nation of e-sports and more quickly,” Chen said. games had a 49.5 percent battle arena, or MOBA, games ment of e-sports. But one of the preconditions Chinese culture and technolo-
advanced technologies such as “There will always be upgrad- share of China’s gaming mar- such as League of Legends, 31 The Olympic Council of Asia for adding e-sports to the gy. We will dig out content
artificial intelligence and vir- ed versions of games and even ket in 2016, while games on percent like shooting games has confirmed that e-sports Olympics is that they should from Chinese history and cul-
tual reality. new types of games coming personal computers had 35.2 and only 7 percent like sports will be part of the 2018 and share Olympic values — in oth- ture and use it to create better
“We must actively embrace out, which will always bring percent. games. 2022 Asian Games, while the er words, no violence. products.”

Pyongyang to align time with Seoul


Trump floats DMZ
as meeting venue
DPRK takes latest steps toward ing that the north and the
south become one but it is
loudspeakers from the bor-
der with the DPRK this week,
US President Donald Trump is
questioning whether a poten-
reconciliation with the ROK just a process in which the
north and the south turn
officials said on Monday.
Seoul’s Defense Ministry
tial meeting with Democratic
People’s Republic of Korea top
By CHINA DAILY Supreme People’s Assembly of their different and separated said it would pull back doz- leader Kim Jong-un could be
the DPRK adopted a decree things into the same and sin- ens of its front-line loud- held in the Demilitarized Zone
The Democratic People “On Resetting Pyongyang gle ones,” Kim said, accord- speakers on Tuesday before that divides the DPRK and the
Republic of Korea will shift its Time” to “unify the times of ing to KCNA. media cameras. Ministry Republic of Korea. Trump said
clocks 30 minutes earlier to the north and the south,” Xin- At their summit on Friday, spokeswoman Choi Hyun- on Twitter on Monday that
align its time zone with the hua News Agency quoted the Kim and Moon declared they soo said Seoul expects Pyong- Peace House on the DMZ may
Republic of Korea, and Seoul Korean Central News Agency would take steps to formally yang to do the same, “be a more representative,
said it will remove loudspeak- as saying. end the 1950-53 Korean War, Associated Press reported. important and lasting site
ers that blared propaganda KCNA reported on Monday which ended only with a “We see this as the easiest than a third-party country.”
across the border, according that the decree urged the Cab- Clocks showing Seoul time (left) and Pyongyang time. truce, and work towards the first step to build military Trump said over the weekend
to reports on Monday. inet and relevant organs to YONHAP NEWS AGENCY “denuclearization” of the trust,” Choi said that the time and location of
The moves come after Fri- take steps to implement it. Korean peninsula. They also The ROK had already the meeting with Kim are
day’s historic summit at The move, starting from ing the times of the DPRK and the ROK used an identical agreed to end hostile acts turned off its loudspeakers being set. It is tentatively
which DPRK top leader Kim Saturday, is “the first step for the ROK before doing any- standard time. But in August against each other along ahead of Friday’s summit scheduled for May or early
Jong-un and ROK President national reconciliation and thing else, saying: “It was a 2015, when inter-Korean rela- their tense border, establish a talks, and the DPRK June.
Moon Jae-in agreed to end unity”, KCNA quoted Kim as painful wrench to see two tions deteriorated, the DPRK liaison office and resume responded by halting its own
hostilities and work toward saying. clocks indicating Pyongyang pushed back its standard time reunions of separated fami- broadcasts. RWANDA
“complete denuclearization” During his summit meeting and Seoul times hanging on a by 30 minutes, Xinhua report- lies. Heavy downpour
of the Korean peninsula. with Moon at Panmunjom on wall of the summit venue.” ed. The ROK will remove Xinhua, AP and Reuters con-
The Presidium of the Friday, Kim proposed unify- Previously, the DPRK and “It is not an abstract mean- propaganda-broadcasting tributed to this story
kills nine people
Nine people were killed and
two others were missing in

May appoints Javid Border climb western Rwanda on Monday

morning due to a heavy down-
pour as rains continue to
wreak havoc in the east Afri-
as interior minister can country, a local official
said. The victims were killed
when their houses collapsed
LONDON — British Prime and buried them under debris
Minister Theresa May in three different sectors in
appointed a former banker of Ngororero district due to the
South Asian origin as interior rain starting at about 4 pm on
minister on Monday, trying to We are going to Sunday local time until Mon-
draw a line under an immi- day morning, district mayor
gration scandal threatening have a strategy in Godfrey Ndayambaje said.
her authority as she negoti-
ates Brexit. place ... about JAPAN
Sajid Javid, the son of
immigrants from Pakistan,
making sure that Inmate recaptured
after escape
replaces Amber Rudd, who
quit as Home Secretary after
we have an immi- A convicted thief was recap-
acknowledging she had gration policy that tured on Monday three weeks
after a rare escape from a Japa-
“inadvertently misled” parlia-
ment by denying the govern- is fair.” nese prison and a manhunt he
ment had targets for the may have eluded by swimming.
deportation of illegal Sajid Javid, UK interior minister Tatsuma Hirao, 27, escaped
migrants. from a low-security prison in
For two weeks, British min- of the most experienced min- Ehime prefecture on April 8
isters have been struggling to isters around the Cabinet during a work assignment.
explain why some descend- table”.
ants of the so-called “Win- “At housing he has proved ARMENIA
drush generation”, invited to his drive, his ambition and Opposition names
Britain to plug labor short- determination to get to grips
falls between 1948 and 1971, with difficult subjects, and
PM nominee
had been denied basic rights. these are abilities which will The Armenian opposition on
Javid, the first lawmaker all be required at the Home Monday nominated Nikol
from Britain’s Black, Asian Office.” Pashinyan as its candidate for
and Minority Ethnic commu- Javid seemed to set out his prime minister, reported
nity to become interior minis- stall for the job in the Sunday A man climbs the border fence between Mexico and the United States as a part of a demonstration, as members of a caravan of Armenpress. Armenia’s
ter, tried before his Telegraph newspaper when migrants gather prior to preparations for an asylum request in the US, in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday. EDGARD GARRIDO/ REUTERS National Assembly will vote on
appointment to defuse public he described his response to Tuesday for a new prime min-
anger over the scandal by say- the scandal. ister. The ruling Republican
ing his own family could have On learning about the Party of Armenia announced

Leaders pledge to save Iran nuclear deal

been caught up in it. treatment of the post-war on Saturday that it would not
His appointment could migrants, he said: “I thought nominate any candidate for
change the balance of May’s that could be my mum ... my prime minister.
top team in negotiating Brit- dad ... my uncle ... it could be
ain’s departure from the me.” PARIS / LONDON — French hensive Plan of Action, which as ballistic missiles, what hap- ITALY
European Union in March But he also called on voters President Emmanuel Macron the United States has threat- pens when the deal expires, Five-Star leader
2019. gearing up for local elections and his Iranian counterpart ened to leave under President and Iran’s destabilizing calls for snap polls
Rudd was one of the most on Thursday, when the Con- Hassan Rouhani agreed on Donald Trump. regional activity, the state-
outspokenly pro-European servatives could lose councils Sunday to work together in Macron visited Washington They committed to ment said. The leader of Italy’s anti-estab-
members of May’s cabinet. in London, to look at the gov- the coming weeks to preserve last week, hoping to persuade “They committed to contin- lishment Five-Star Movement
Javid was a lukewarm cam- ernment’s attempts to “put the 2015 Iran nuclear agree- Trump not to impose sanction continue working ue working closely together on Monday called for early
paigner to stay in the bloc and things right” and its efforts to ment, according to a state- on Iran before a May 12 dead- and with the US on how to elections in June, saying
has said the referendum “deal with the injustices in ment released by the French line. closely together tackle the range of challenges efforts to form a coalition gov-
result in 2016 meant that “in presidency. Russian President Vladimir that Iran poses — including ernment after last month’s
some ways, we’re all Brexit-
One senior Conservative In an hour-long telephone Putin and Macron agreed in a
and with the US.” those issues that a new deal inconclusive vote had failed.
eers now”. source had a warning for Jav- conversation, Macron hoped phone conversation on the might cover,” the statement “At this point for me there is no
Statement from UK Prime Min- other solution. We have to go
“We are going to have a id: “Careful what you wish that the achievements of the need to preserve and fully ister Theresa May’s office said.
strategy in place ... about for.” negotiations would be pre- implement the Iran nuclear This comes as a deadline back to the polls as soon as pos-
making sure that we have an Britain’s interior ministry, served and discussions deal, the Kremlin said in a looms next month for Trump sible,” Luigi Di Maio said. Ital-
immigration policy that is or Home Office, is known in opened on three additional statement on Monday. ing nuclear weapons, UK to decide on whether to ian politics have been in limbo
fair, it treats people with government as one of the subjects, the Elysee Palace The phone call took place at Prime Minister Theresa May’s restore US economic sanc- since an inconclusive vote on
respect and with decency, and toughest departments to said, citing Iran’s ballistic mis- the initiative of the French office said in a statement on tions on Teheran. March 4, which saw a center-
that will be one of my most lead, charged with immigra- sile program, its nuclear activ- administration, the Kremlin Sunday. Trump has criticized a 2015 right alliance led by the anti-im-
urgent tasks,” Javid told Sky tion, the police and security at ities beyond 2025, and the statement said. May had phone calls with agreement which effectively migrant League win the most
News. a volatile time of public main crises in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the leaders of French President Macron and lifted some Western sanctions seats and the Five-Star emerge
A spokesman for May said spending cuts, Islamist The French president has the United Kingdom, France German Chancellor Angela on Iran in exchange for curbs as the biggest single party.
Javid, who had been minister attacks and Brexit talks. been making efforts to salvage and Germany agreed the Iran Merkel where they agreed the on its nuclear program.
for housing, communities the Iran nuclear deal, formally nuclear deal is the best way of deal may need to be broad- AFP—REUTERS—XINHUA—
and local government, “is one REUTERS known as the Joint Compre- stopping Teheran from gain- ened to cover other areas such XINHUA—REUTERS ASSOCIATED PRESS

Overnight strike on Syria kills 26 fighters Tough race

DAMASCUS — As many as watchdog group, which moni- Homs, killing Syrian soldiers cus as a prelude for the evacu-
26 pro-government fighters, tors the Syrian war, added that and allied Iranian fighters. ation process.
mostly Iranians, were killed missiles also hit positions near Days later, specifically on The deals include the
in the overnight missile the Nayrab air base in Aleppo April 14, the United States, towns of Yalda, Babila and
attack that targeted Syrian province. the UK and France launched Beit Sahem south of Damas-
military sites in northern Meanwhile, the explosions a series of missile strikes on cus, and it will see the evacua-
Syria, a monitor group that followed the attack on the Syrian military positions in tion of rebels and their
reported on Monday. Hama military base was big as retaliation for an alleged toxic families toward rebel-held
Syrian official media outlets the European-Mediterranean gas attack on the former areas in Idlib.
have yet to disclose who was Seismological Centre record- rebel-held area east of The evacuation will be for
behind the missile strike that ed a 2.6-magnitude earth- Damascus. rebels who refuse to reconcile
targeted military bases in the quake in the area following The overnight missile with the government, while
countrysides of Hama and the explosions that resulted strikes come at a time, when the militants who want to
Aleppo provinces on Sunday from the attack, which hit the Syrian government remain in the three towns will
evening. weapons depots. reached deals with an array of have to reconcile with the
The opposition monitor Israel has repeatedly target- rebel groups south of Damas- government and hand over
group, Syrian Observatory for ed Syrian military positions, cus to evacuate to rebel-held their weapons.
Human Rights, held Israel where Iranian fighters or posi- areas in the northwestern The evacuees will only be
responsible for the attack, tions are located, with its offi- province of Idlib. allowed to have light weap-
adding that surface-to-surface cials stressing they will not The first stage of the deals ons, said the report, adding
missiles hit the Regiment 47 tolerate any military presence is being prepared, Syrian that the Syrian government’s
base that houses Syrian gov- of Iran in Syria. state TV said on Monday, air- institutions will return to the
ernment and allied Iranian Earlier in April, Israel car- ing some footages of bulldo- three towns after the process
forces in the countryside of ried out a missile strike on the zers removing rubble from is completed.
Hama province. T-4 air base in the countryside the entrances of Yarmouk A man takes part in a “Bison race” competition with different kind of obstacles in a field near the town
The United Kingdom-based of the central province of Camp area south of Damas- XINHUA of Lahoysk, Belarus, on Sunday. VASILY FEDOSENKO / REUTERS

The art and craft

of paper cutting
The first thing that greets paper-cut
visitors at Gao Fengying’s artist from
home is a stocky, floccose Ansai,
burro foal. “It was born just Shaanxi
last week … ,” says Gao Laili-
ang, Fengying’s father, apol-
ogetically. “Even Fengying hand-to-mouth existence.
has not seen the new mem- Later, she submitted a pro-
ber of our family. She is too posal to the township gov-
busy with her paper-cutting ernment to run a workshop
course in the town,” Gao to train local farmers in the
Senior says. art of paper cutting, so as to
The cave-house of the Gao help them emerge out of
family is no different from poverty. Her proposal was
others on the Loess Plateau endorsed by the govern-
in Ansai, Northwest China’s ment, and the workshop has
Shaanxi province, except for become very popular among
the eye-catching red-col- the local people.
ored paper cuttings on the The dramatic improve-
walls and windows, whose ment in people’s livelihoods,
reflection lits up the dark however, means paper cut-
inside of the cave. tings might no longer adorn
“My daughter was born in the cave-houses. And that
this cave. She dropped out will endanger the survival of
of school because of poverty the folk art form.
and has worked as a farmer So why did Gao Fengying
since childhood. She started set up the company and the
learning paper cutting from workshop.
the age of 8. She is a bright “I want to pass down the
girl … (but) I didn’t think folk art form to future gener-
she can make a living out ations. But I also want to
paper cutting ,” Gao Sr. says. show it can be used to make
The art of paper cutting has money … and change peo-
a history of more than 1,500 ple’s lives. Only when the Yan Zi’s works are about humans and nature, with crested ibis being the true representative of nature. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY
years on the Loess Plateau. business is sustainable can
Paper cuttings are used to the art form live,” she says.


decorate the windows, beds, Thanks to the support of
rice containers and flour vats, the local government, her
and exhibit the homeowners’ workshop started operation
longing for good luck. on March 5 in Xiasiwan of
In fact, Chinese paper Ganquan. She is happy to see
cutting is on the UNESCO the classroom is full of peo-
Intangible Cultural Heri-
tage List thanks mostly to
ple, mostly unemployed
rural women, with some
Her fascination with the only member of the genus Nipponia capture these beauties
farmers, who in their spare
time used either scissors or
standing and listening to her
on canvas, write Huo Yan and Li Yang

knives to create intricate “I like drawing pictures
designs, patterns and fash- since childhood,” says Liu rtists in Xi’an,
ion fascinating objects. Scis- Dongdong, 29. “I am very Shaanxi prov-
sors are used by most paper- happy to attend the work- ince, who know
cut artists, though. shop. Ms Gao’s teaching Yan Zi usually
The dedication and hard method is lively and informa- introduce her
work of the farmers-cum- tive. It is easy to understand somewhat like this: O, she
artists have transformed … she wants to help us. I belongs to no circle of oil
what originated as a meth- want to acquire the skill and painters in the city … she is
od of cutting patterns on ability to design and operate unique, quiet.
paper for embroideries into independently … so that I can That’s also exactly how Yan
a rich folk art form. increase my income.” describes her favorite model,
“I learned paper cutting And Tuo Zhenqin, a muse, inspiration, call it what
first from my mother when 34-year-old mother of three you will. The crested ibis, an
I was 8,” says Gao Fengying, children who is a reserve endangered “bird of paradise”,
36. “My work was liked by drum performer for tourists, as she calls it, are found in the
the whole family and neigh- says she has always wanted wild only in the southern part
bors. That encouraged me to learn paper cutting, and of Shaanxi today.
… and boosted my confi- the workshop provides her Yan still remembers her first
dence.” with that opportunity. “If I encounter with the bird at the
Gao Fengying fine-tuned master the skill I can sell my foot of Qinling Mountains
her skills under the guidance works to tourists. She (Gao years ago while she was
of Li Xiufang, a 70-year-old Fengying) teaches a skill … engrossed in capturing the
paper-cut artist in 2012, who she also teaches local culture landscape on the canvas: “I
also inspired her rise to to the young people.” saw two unique big white
greater heights. Without her, Gao Fengying is happy to birds flying to and fro. They
she says, she might not have learn that her burro back had long red beaks, and the
been so “innovative, and … home has given birth, tips of their tails and wings
win provincial and national because she has “a new mod- also radiated red luster under
awards.” el in the paper cutting”. the sun.”
After achieving fame as a “I cannot wait to see it” “I had painted peacocks and
“paper-cut master”, she she says about her new cranes before … but not seen Yan Zi narrates a story about her life-changing encounter with crested ibis while displaying one of her paintings at her home in Xi’an. HUO
founded the first paper-cut- “model”. an elegant a bird as the crested YAN / CHINA DAILY
ting company in neighbor- ibis. Love for beauty and pro-
ing Ganquan county, and Contact the writers at fessional impulse have
soon bid farewell to her inspired me to walk into the
world of this special bird”, she
From then on, she has spent
a lot of her spare time in the
mountains painting the birds.
Her love for the bird once led
to a cliff where she slipped and
fell down, breaking one leg
and hurting an eardrum,
which has damaged her hear-
ing permanently. But she says
a quieter world saves her a lot
of time that, otherwise, would
be squandered on social
What makes the crested ibis Yan Zi introduces an oil painting explaining the relationship between
special to Yan is not only its Yan Zi’s birds in full glow on a canvas. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY crested ibis and humans at her home in Xi’an. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY
beauty but also the local peo-
Gao Yingfeng (fourth from left) shows some of her paper cut- ple’s emotional attachment to
tings to students in her workshop. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY it, not to mention their belief the number of crested ibis in call it. The daughter of a Rus- images on canvas influenced nious coexistence of birds and
that it is an “auspicious and the wild has increased from sian father and Chinese moth- her understanding of the art. humans in times gone by. As
psychic” creature. just seven nearly 40 years ago er, Yan learned oil painting “The objects should be ana- an artist, Yan creates a quiet
Almost all residents in to more than 1,500 in Shaanxi, from her father’s uncle, a stu- lyzed and understood by a world that immerses the view-
Huayang, Yangxian county of Henan and Zhejiang provinces dent of socialist realist painter painter, and she or he should ers in the beauty of nature and
Hanzhong city, now the core today — with another 500 in Konstantin Maksimov, in St first draw the objects in her or inspires them to protect
range of the crested ibis, the breeding centers in Petersburg from the age of 5 to his mind, not simply copy nature.”
where Yan often captures Shaanxi. 14. Her Russian name is Nata- them straight from the real And when her relatives and
them on paper or canvas, When Yan paints the birds in sha Seryozha. world,” Yan says. friends in Russia saw her
adore it. Some senior citizens the open where they fly, glide, “When my great-uncle took Her first series of oil paint- paintings, they said Natasha
even call the bird the “infinite- rest and nestle not far from his students to the banks of ings, which focuses on the har- has brought the birds from
ly merciful Bodhisattva”. her, she can feel them commu- the Neva River in St Peters- monious relationship between paradise back to the human
The range of the crested ibis nicating with her on the emo- burg, I followed them. He gave the people and the crested ibis, world.
shrunk from the vast expanse tional and spiritual level. me paint, brush and canvas has been exhibited in many “I use oil painting as a spe-
of East Asia in the late 19th An employee of a State- when I was 5 and encouraged places nationwide, and many cial language to communicate
century to only the mountains owned electricity company, me to draw the things I liked experts say her works can with the world, in the hope
in Yangxian in the late 1970s. Yan spends almost all her in my heart, whatever they awaken people to the need to that the people will join hands
The last wild crested ibis in weekends painting. Her home were. That’s how I fell in love protect flora and fauna, nature to protect not only the birds
Japan died in 2003, and the is like a studio, full of her with oil painting,” Yan recalls. as a whole. but also the whole range of
only bird in the genus Nippo- works, both finished and That her great-uncle Li Ning, an environmental- fauna,” Yan says. “Because
nia was thought to be extinct unfinished. stressed the importance of ist and former Olympic gym- each one counts.”
even in China. However, She calls the crested ibis a using paint lumps and texture, nastics champion, says: “Yan’s
Tuo Zhenqin, a student of Gao in her paper-cutting workshop, thanks to the government’s “bird of paradise” because not lines as many artists in works create a dreamland, Contact the writers at
displays one of her works on April 6. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY support for captive breeding, that’s how people in Russia China do, to reconstruct the where we can see the harmo-

An aerial photograph shows blooming azaleas that have turned a slope in the Shennongjia scenic area in Hubei province into a sea of flowers. JIANG YONG / FOR CHINA DAILY

Azaleas’ allure The botanical wonderland in Shennongjia

is about to explode with blooms
By WANG KEJU in Beijing for such rare animals as Chi-
and LIU KUN in Hubei nese giant salamanders,
golden snub-nosed mon-
Marvelous masses of keys, clouded leopards and
amazing azaleas make Shen- Asian black bears,” he says.
nongjia blossom during the It received over 13 million
ongoing season — in every travelers, generating a reve-
sense. nue of 4.7 billion yuan ($745
The forest in Hubei prov- million) in 2017, a 20 percent
ince hosts over 4,000 species year-on-year increase in
of plants — actually, it takes both visits and revenue.
its name from a quasi-myth- Tourism is expected to
ological botanist who’s said continue to boom during the
to have dwelled in the area May Day holiday, Liu says.
while experimenting with Tourists pose with azaleas in the scenic area. “The UNESCO designa-
pharmacology and eventual- XUE YANG / FOR CHINA DAILY tion makes Shennongjia
ly accidentally poisoned more attractive. But it also
himself during his trials. Oh, means local authorities
and he’s often depicted as a Azaleas are considered a demand this year. The azale- must boost efforts to protect
human with horns. symbol of pure and unre- as do, indeed, bring more the environment,” Liu says.
The only well-preserved quited love in Shennongjia. happiness to our business “We will use a scientific
subtropical forest ecosystem Droves of young couples and lives.” approach to keep visitor
in the world’s middle lati- arrive during the season to Shennongjia has 23 travel numbers at a reasonable lev-
tudes became a UNESCO enjoy the blooms. agencies, and about 1,110 el. We stick to the bottom
World Heritage Site in 2016, The flower variety also hotels and restaurants, that line that economic develop-
making it China’s 50th. represents hospitality and create more than 7,500 jobs ment will never come at the
Over 150 million azaleas happiness, which adds to its for locals. It can receive up to expense of the environment.
cover about a third of the appeal, says Lin Tinghong, a 32,000 visitors at the peak When investment projects
3,250-square-kilometer wil- resident of Qingtianpao vil- time. conflict with ‘green moun-
derness. About 35 varieties lage, which is near Shen- The forestry district’s dep- tains and hills’, we will
of the flower color the land- nongjia. uty Party secretary, Liu always choose the environ-
scape in reds, purples, yel- Lin noticed the influx of Qijun, says plans for a high- ment to sustainably protect
lows and whites. visitors that peaks with the speed railway and highway it for future generations.”
Azaleas bloom for a rela- blooms and consequently system are under considera- The eighth annual Shen-
tively long time because of turned his home into a hotel tion. It may soon take less nongjia Alpine Azalea Festi-
the area’s altitude. where he provides meals, than five hours to reach the val will open in mid-May.
Those in the lower eleva- rooms, local products and destination from Beijing and It seems likely its photo
tions bloom from late March activities. other cities. competition should prove
until early June. “Visitor numbers increase “Shennongjia is consid- visually stunning — as
The blossoms that flower at by around a third around ered a treasure trove of wild- should the actual sights.
over 2,000 meters above sea when the blossoms are at life that’s renowned for its
level are encased in ice and their best,” he says. botanical diversity. In addi- Contact the writers at
snow during the May Day hol- “We had to hire three tion to the beautiful azaleas, wangkeju@
iday, which falls on May 1. more staffers to meet it’s also an important habitat

Top: Blossoming azaleas with dewdrops. Above: Two rhododendron trees in Shennongjia are
A wooden plank road stretches onto a slope dominated by rhododendron trees. JIANG YONG / FOR CHINA DAILY in full bloom. PHOTOS BY JIANG YONG / FOR CHINA DAILY

Mo Ming, a 23-year-old folk artist, has performed Monkey King on livestream for more than six months to promote traditional Chinese culture. PHOTOS BY ZOU HONG / CHINA DAILY

ew internet industries have just for fun, as well as to make money from
emerged in China with the devel- the business.
opment of smartphones. Lives- However, since vulgar and illegal per-
treaming is one such industry that formances have also appeared with the suc-
has sprung up in the world’s largest internet cess of livestreaming, oversight of the
market, creating a sector worth over 10 bil- sector has been strengthened.
lion yuan ($159 million), more than 300 lives- Stricter rules on content supervision and
treaming platforms and over 300 million examination have been introduced to
users. online livestreaming management regula-
Many people use the platforms to demon- tions that were formed in 2016.
strate their musical talent or performance This year, the Cyberspace Administration
skills, while some show off their possessions of China has punished several livestreaming
or pets. platforms and anchors that severely violated
The proportion of users who are middle- regulations.
aged and elderly is growing in the livestream- Supervision is improving to become
ing space, which was previously dominated more effective, so that livestreaming can
by the young, showing it is a platform for all undergo proper and continuous develop- Huang Xiuli, a 32-year-old knife-carving artist taught by the founder of the art form, Zhang
kinds of people to show all kinds of things ment. Xiaoming, says talking with audiences on livestreaming platforms has made her more outgoing.

Li Kewen, a 40-year-old professional clown, spends two and a half hours every day livestreaming, Zhang Ping, a 36-year-old pet lover on the right, has attracted 400,000 followers within three years.
performing vaudeville, magic shows and singing for his fans. She raises more than 100 dogs and shows them via livestreaming platforms.

Li Guangfu, 50 years old, livestreams himself playing guitar to share the joy of his lifelong love. He Vivi, a 28-year-old shop assistant, livestreams for over two hours a day, modeling the clothes sold in
has spent tens of thousands of yuan on equipment to improve his performances. her shop.

The newly opened China Design Museum in Hangzhou, designed by Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza, is dedicated to modern design. PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY


The new China Design Museum lifts the curtain on a global celebration of influential
German art movement. Wang Kaihao reports in Hangzhou.

he Bauhaus move- to unfinished works today,
ment was short-lived. were displayed.
The iconic German “And, other than the archi-
school of design, craft tecture and the solo exhibition,
and fine arts was founded in you can find Siza’s designs
Weimar in 1919, relocated to everywhere in the museum,”
Dessau in 1925 and closed in Yuan says with a smile. “For
Berlin in 1933. However, its example, the chairs you are sit-
spirit has lived on for genera- ting on (in a conference hall)
tions. are his signature works.”
With the centennial celebra-
tion of the movement A bigger role to play
approaching in 2019, a newly According to CAA deputy
opened exhibition in director Hang, who also is in
Hangzhou, the capital of Zhe- charge of the museums affili-
jiang province, pays homage to ated with the academy, arti-
the rich legacies of the German facts in design museums are
school and has raised the cur- significantly different from
tain for a global celebration. Bauhaus Imaginista: Moving Away, the museum’s major inaugural exhibition, features designs with typi- those in art museums.
The China Design Museum cal Bauhaus characteristics. “They’re neither sublime
in Hangzhou was inaugurated nor high-end,” Hang says.
on the Xiangshan Campus of “They’re close to our daily life.
the China Academy of Art in “Through the exhibitions, we
early April. Bauhaus Imagin- are no more teachers to deliver
ista: Moving Away has the knowledge on design history,”
privilege of being its major he says. “We want to usher peo-
inaugural exhibition. ple to discover why these arti-
The museum is designed by facts were used in the past and
Portuguese architect Alvaro how our life got changed thanks
Siza, a winner of the Pritzker to development of technology.”
Prize, the world’s top architec- Frankfurter Kitchen, designed by the Austrian designer Margarete Hang also expects the new
ture award. Schutte-Lihotzky in 1926, is the prototype of the integrated kitchen museum to benefit the Chi-
It is described by Hang Jian, of modern time. nese design industry and
deputy director of the CAA, as spark new ideas.
“China’s first museum with a Yuan says upcoming exhibi-
systematic collection of origi- Watson says. “The experi- tions will also feature Chinese
nal Western modern design enced weavers, who were modern industry designs,
works” and “a rare example in almost exclusively women, even though the main collec-
the world of a newly built began to write about and theo- tions are from the West.
museum that is specifically rize textiles, which had never They’re neither “We need a global horizon
dedicated to modern design”. happened before.” Left: The design of No 14 Chair, by Austrian cabinetmaker Michael Thonet in 1859, is widely used in because modern design first
The museum’s opening He emphasized the great sublime nor pubs around the world today. Right: Works by designer Massimo Osti display how fashion gets mixed rose in the West,” Yuan says.
marked the climax of a series of contribution of Bauhaus in with innovation and functionality. “However, we also need to fre-
events honoring the 90th birth- forming a systematic theory high-end. They’re quently look back on our own
day of CAA, one of the major and methodology. traditions and value our own
cradles of Chinese artists. Another curator, Marion von close to our million euros ($67 million) to No 14 Chair, also known as consider themselves as artists change from more perspec-
“Imaginista” in the exhibi- Osten, picks some magazines, buy around 7,000 artifacts the bistro chair, was designed and began to get rid of compli- tives.”
tion’s title, a word newly old films and advertisements
daily life.” with modern Western designs, by Austrian cabinetmaker cated plans,” Wang says. In 2015, the CAA’s Folk
coined by curators of the exhi- for the exhibition to show peo- including about 350 original Michael Thonet in 1859 and is “It’s difficult to set a uni- Crafts Museum opened on the
Hang Jian, deputy director of the
bition, mimics the Latin lan- ple how Bauhaus ideas became design works from Bauhaus, his most famous product. The formed criterion judging fine Xiangshan Campus to display
China Academy of Art
guage to describe the recognized worldwide. and temporarily house them design is still widely used in art works, but there is such a traditional Chinese craftsman-
imagination and illumination The publicity worked, even in the CAA. pubs around the world today. yardstick in design — that is, ship.
created by the bold academic after a crackdown on Bauhaus other, especially about rela- Consequently, the museum, By 1930, 50 million such chairs to make life simpler.” Yuan says the two neighbor-
experiments of Bauhaus. by the Nazis, and its interna- tions among the (former) Sovi- covering 16,800 square meters, had been made, and they were In the third section, the jux- ing museums could host joint
Nevertheless, the rare display tional reach is illustrated et Union, China and GDR (the offers a place for permanent introduced into China in the taposed Coke bottles and type- exhibitions, because some of
of original artifacts from not throughout the exhibit, from former East Germany),” Von custody of these collections. late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). writers from different ages the spirit of modern design
only Bauhaus but also the rest of design education in India to Osten says. Nearly 7,000 square meters are An original 1859 work is set in may also echo this principle, can also be found in ancient
the world tells people the exhi- urban design in the former “The modern design of GDR used for exhibitions. the center of one hall of the exhi- revealing the connection people’s wisdom.
bition is not just about playing Soviet Union, and China as well. is often neglected in today’s As a result, Life World: The bition to show its crucial status. between influential brands Shortly after its founding in
with words. Instead, it unrolls a Some lesser-known blue- Germany, and it’s amazing for Collection of Western Modern Another section of the exhibi- and good designs. 1928, the CAA launched its
giant picture of how Bauhaus prints in China with typical us to rediscover the design of Design, which displays 700 tion features the stories of 17 According to Yuan, modern design school, one of the earli-
greatly influenced the world’s Bauhaus characteristics are GDR through China.” artifacts from that collection, influential designers of the 20th Italian menswear design and est among Chinese fine art
education, industry design, also on display, including the Bauhaus Imaginista: Mov- was launched in April as a reg- century to recall their great con- old Hollywood film posters are academies. In 2016, the acade-
social aesthetics and urban 1940s urban design plan of ing Away will be on display in ular exhibition at the museum. tributions to people’s lives today. two other pillar collection cat- my initiated the annual Design
planning in the long term. Shanghai and the Central Rail- the China Design Museum “It’s to nurture the public’s Red Blue Chair, a work from egories in the museum. Intelligence Award to encour-
There are a few exhibits way Station of Nanjing, today’s until July, and three other aesthetics for daily life,” says 1917-18 by Dutch designer Ger- Works by designer Massimo age young talent from home
reflecting such experiments in capital of Jiangsu province chapters of Bauhaus Imaginis- Yuan Youmin, director of the rit Thomas Rietveld, is inspired Osti were first shown to dis- and abroad.
Bauhaus and its development, and once the national capital. ta exhibitions, which were ini- new museum. by his compatriot, the painter play how fashion gets mixed Hang, also head of the CAA-
as recommended by Grant It’s a pity that none of these tiated by the Goethe Institute Yuan says the 7,000 artifacts Piet Mondrian. The chair is with innovation and function- based Bauhaus Institute since
Watson, a curator for the exhi- blueprints were finally real- and several other German bought years ago are unable to considered to be a pioneering ality. Osti is best known as a its inauguration in 2012, expects
bition. For example, the 1920s ized with two exceptions — organizations, will move to fully reflect the change of example of furniture that can pathfinder from the early to establish a research center on
Bauhaus chairs with avant- Beijing’s 798 factory, which Japan, Russia and Brazil before design in the 20th century, so be easily assembled, much like 1970s, when he designed a modern design on the campus.
garde designs were inspired by was designed by architects in the main centennial celebra- the museum bought more than today’s Ikea products. T-shirt collection that used “Design is reinventing itself
folk art in Africa and Asia and the former East Germany and tion exhibition in Germany. 100 key items in the past year Frankfurter Kitchen, screen printing. as well,” Hang says. “It will help
gradually developed into futur- is now a famed art zone, and a when designing the exhibition. designed by the Austrian For the opening of the China people to better understand
istic styles using modern mate- school in Shandong province. ‘Aesthetics for daily life’ Wang Jianjun, curator of the designer Margarete Schutte- Design Museum, 85-year-old today when looking upon what
rials. Maverick woven fabrics Both were built in the 1950s. Bauhaus is the reason the exhibition, describes some of Lihotzky in 1926, is the proto- Siza, who designed its archi- was achieved in 1919.”
combining machine manufac- “This is an outstanding col- China Design Museum was the displayed artifacts as mile- type of the integrated kitchen tecture, also held a solo exhibi-
ture and traditional craftsman- laboration (through working created in the first place. stones in the design industry of modern time. tion in the venue, in which 26 Contact the writer at
ship are another highlight. with Chinese curators) In 2011, the Hangzhou city and “the most highlighted “We can find that designers architecture models, spanning wangkaihao@
“It made history for textiles,” because we learn from each government spent about 55 treasures in the museum”. in the 20th century did not his earliest works in the 1950s

Children play, moms purchase Babytree, Mattel

expanding early
— and e-commerce prospers learning centers
Online retailers

enjoy success Babytree, China’s largest

online parenting communi-
by operating ty, is leveraging the growing
Until now, early-
offline family demand for early childhood
education by expanding its
stage education
theme parks presence in offline early resources have
learning centers.
The company has been scarce and
By FAN FEIFEI announced an offline expan- sion plan as one of its key unequal in differ-
strategies. It inked a strate-
Wang Xi, 32, a white-collar gic partnership with Mattel ent tiers of cities.”
worker in Xi’an, Shaanxi Inc, the world’s biggest toy-
province, often takes her maker, to co-develop an ear- Wang Huainan, founder and
3-year-old daughter to a rec- ly childhood learning and CEO of Babytree, China’s larg-
reation park in a shopping development online plat- est online parenting community
mall at weekends. While form and launch early-stage
there, her daughter can play education centers for chil-
games, draw pictures and dren last year. ing, creating a need for rapid
attend classes. Fisher-Price, a subsidiary development of the mater-
The indoor amusement of Mattel and also a toymak- nal and infant family service
park named Mialand is oper- er, has carried out coopera- industry in China.
ated by an e-commerce plat- tion with Babytree to design According to a report
form,, which is related curricula, activities from Qianzhan Industry
primarily engaged in selling and classroom materials for Research Institute, China’s
maternity and baby products children. There will be day early-stage education mar-
online. The company plans to care centers featuring edu- ket is in an initial stage of
open more than 30 Mialands cational services and small development, with the sales
— indoor theme parks for retail areas in or near office revenue reaching 489.1 bil-
children aged from 0 to 12 — buildings. lion yuan ($78 billion) last
in major cities across the The early-stage education year, an increase of 17.9 per-
country by the end of this centers aim to become a cent year-on-year.
year. A member of staff organizes imported maternity and baby products at a bonded logistics center last year in Zhengzhou, Henan place for children to play as The development poten-
China’s maternal and province. ZHANG TAO / FOR CHINA DAILY well as a place for moms to tial for early-stage education
infant goods e-commerce exchange ideas and in third and fourth-tier cities
platforms are investing heavi- gies to offer integrated solu- thoughts on child care, thus is huge due to the relaxation
ly and speeding up their steps tions covering intelligent paying more attention to the of China’s family-planning
to expand offline channels, retailing, early education, physical and emotional policy, the report said.
such as opening indoor amusement and prenatal and needs of mothers. Wang said in an earlier
theme parks for children or postnatal guidance for moth- For example, the center interview that 80 to 90 per-
brick-and-mortar stores, to ers. will be equipped with gyms, cent of families would like
seek new business growth Moreover, Redbaby, a libraries and coffee shops for their kids to receive early-
avenues and enhance their maternity and infant goods mothers to relax. The moth- stage education, but only 15
“stickiness” among consum- e-commerce website owned ers can buy toys, children’s percent of moms took their
ers. by Suning Commerce Group products and even furniture, children to the education
Founded in 2011, Co Ltd, is speeding up its as well as seek psychological centers. Among those
offers flash sales of discount- expansion in offline stores. It counseling. moms, only 40 percent of
ed imported diapers and baby is estimated the total number “Until now, early-stage them were satisfied with the
formula on its online plat- of its brick-and-mortar stores education resources have quality of educational cours-
form. It established partner- will reach 503 by 2020. been scarce and unequal in es.
ships with Amcare Corp, a The newly added stores will different tiers of cities,” said With nearly 200 million
leading private women and Audiences listen to the presentations by Yin Gang, operating director of, an e-commerce integrate the sales of infant Wang Huainan, founder and monthly visitors, Babytree is
children’s hospital chain in platform of baby products. It also launches indoor theme park for kids. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY goods with the children’s CEO of Babytree, which China’s largest online par-
China, in 2016, enabling entertainment facilities, and plans to open 3,000 centers enting community and kids to reach more par- expand into the third- and in the next three years across and family platform. Estab-
ents and would-be parents. fourth-tier cities, Suning said. the country. lished 10 years ago, Babytree
The company launched its
first offline children’s park in
Beijing in July, 2016. While
50 percent $430 billion $476 billion “Parents often take their
children out to play at week-
ends, and it is very natural that
“The new strategic part-
nership with Mattel enables
Babytree to engage with par-
now reaches more than 90
percent of Chinese parents
who have access to the inter-
Sales generated by brick-and- The market scale for materni- The expected market scale
children are playing and mak- some maternal and infant ents and families in new net; the company’s goal is to
mortar stores of, ty and infant goods in China for maternity and infant
ing friends, parents can buy goods e-commerce platforms ways, providing parenting provide young mothers with
originally an e-commerce last year goods in China this year
these products directly at the have layouts in children’s coaching and solutions resources that enable them
store or place an order online. amusement facilities consider- across numerous metropoli- to better enjoy their family
The park adopts two models: ing offline consumption tan areas in China.” life after pregnancy.
the direct-sale store and fran- upgrading, especially the There are 20 million chil- The company’s offering
chised outlet. relaxation of China’s family- reference information about er of’s offline busi- strong demands from third- dren born every year in Chi- extends beyond the online
“The market for baby and planning policy. where to set up the parks. ness, said that in the past, and fourth-tier cities,” said Cao na, and mothers and platform with innovative
mom products in China is Liu added there is a lot of For instance, the company indoor theme parks in China Lei, head of China’s E-Com- children are the core of mil- products and services,
breaking boundaries by potential for growth in the can count the number of were homogenized, the cus- merce Research Center. lions of families. The including early-stage educa-
means of ‘New Retail’ busi- market for baby and mom users in a given area tomer experience was insuffi- Cao added this is a trend for demands of those young tion, healthcare, finance,
ness model, which integrates products. and the ages of their children, cient and the industry the maternal and children’s families are rapidly upgrad- tourism and family services.
online with offline shopping, “It is high time we expand and the distance of their resi- threshold was low. supplies industry. As the chil-
and provides a refreshing to offline channels as well, as dence to a particular shop- He added that with the dren’s parks are heavy-assets
shopping experience,” said more than 50 percent of sales ping mall. upgrade of consumption, projects, the franchises should
Liu Nan, founder and chief are generated by brick-and- Moreover, it is noteworthy there’s growing demand for have abundant capital.
executive officer of mortar stores.” that has an eye on high-quality indoor theme “The online retailers should
“On one hand, online retail- The Beijing-based company expanding its offline theme parks or amusement parks in have strict requirements for
ers could open brick-and- is now purchasing 40 theme parks in third- and fourth- line with the international franchise investors, and pay
mortar stores, and on the parks owned by Yuyuto tiers cities, as the competition standard. attention to their brands pro-
other hand, physical stores Shanghai Entertainment in the first-tier cities is China’s second-largest tection.”
could depend on the supply Facilities Co Ltd in Beijing, increasingly fierce. e-commerce platform JD said Zhou Changqing, the gener-
chain advantage of e-com- Shanghai, Guangzhou and According to the Beijing- its offline franchise operating al manager of real estate servi-
merce platforms.” some second-tier cities. based internet consultancy organization JD Baby Bei- ces provider RET’s Shanghai is dedicated to said there is a nat- Analysys, the market for quan aims to open 5,000 company, said e-commerce
helping middle-class families ural advantage for them to maternal and infant goods in stores in the next three years, platforms engaged in selling
access the best mom and baby develop children’s theme park China has witnessed rapid with its sales revenue surpas- maternal and infant goods
products, such as diapers, as the company has accumu- growth, reaching 2.7 trillion sing 100 billion yuan by 2020. own a specific customer base
baby formula, toys and gar- lated abundant big data yuan ($430 billion) in 2017. The brick-and-mortar and unique sales channel, and
ments for babies and toddlers resources from tens of mil- The size is expected to reach 3 stores will utilize JD’s advan- could leverage that to provide
from abroad, in anticipation of lions of users, which can pro- trillion yuan in 2018. tages in big data, supply chain comprehensive services and A kid folds a paper box in a booth at the Shanghai Parent-Child
a baby boom in the wake of the vide a large number of Daniel Wei, general manag- and cutting-edge technolo- products. Expo in March. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY

Maternal, infant goods market expected to see 20 to 30 percent growth

By FAN FEIFEI It is expected that the num- and-mortar stores. the development of cross-bor- end people who pay more ber will reach 3 trillion yuan “The maternal and infant der e-commerce, said Lyu attention to the quality of
by 2018, with greater develop- goods market has extended to Haoze, an analyst at China products than price, accord-
China’s maternal and infant ment potential in the second, the healthcare, education and E-Commerce Research Cen- ing to Analysys.
goods market will maintain third and fourth-tier cities tourism sectors, creating ter. In addition, the consultan-
an annual growth rate of 20 than in the first-tier cities. more consumption scenari- “Currently, large, compre- cy said in the future, the inte-
percent to 30 percent over the The report pointed out that os,” said Chen Yu, an analyst hensive e-commerce plat- gration will not be restricted
next decade, with the integra- the majority of customers in from Analysys. forms still dominate the sales to online and offline prod-
tion of online and offline the maternal and infant mar- With the change of house- and market share of maternal ucts. Offline medical care and
channels becoming an ket now centers on the gener- hold consumption concept, and infant products, so the early childhood education
increasing trend, due to a ris- ations of those born after 1985 the consumption upgrade competition in the vertical will become a new break-
ing demand by young parents and 1990, who value efficien- does not necessarily indicate a e-commerce platforms is through for acquiring user
for a high-quality lifestyle, cy, technology and product rise in prices, but does mean intense,” Lyu said, adding the traffic.
according to a new report. quality far more than prices an overall improvement of integration of online and off- The industry will rely more
The market has already and purchasing channels. product quality and service, line channels will continue to on advanced technologies
witnessed rapid growth, Baby products-focused Chen said. grow. such as big data and artificial
reaching 2.7 trillion yuan online retailers such as With a rising middle class, Among the consumers who intelligence to drive the inte-
($430 billion) in 2017, since, Babytree and bei- more Chinese consumers buy products from cross-bor- gration of online services and
the implementation of the are now seeking new have started to choose the der e-commerce platforms offline experiences.
second-child policy, accord- opportunities to provide maternal and infant products providing maternal and
ing to Beijing-based internet more offline retail experience Children go on a tour with their moms and teachers in Nantong, of international brands, infant products, 77 percent of Fan Hang contributed to the
consultancy Analysys. and service by opening brick- Jiangsu province, in April. XU HUI / FOR CHINA DAILY which has greatly stimulated them are middle and high- story.
10 HOLIDAY | Travel Tuesday, May 1, 2018 CHINA DAILY HONG KONG EDITION

A series of towering ravines are one of the natural wonders of the Loess Plateau. Huo Yan and Li Yang report.

anquan Canyon in Ganquan humans. Walking at the bottom of the canyon
county, Northwest China’s feels like diving deep into the ocean,” said Liu
Shaanxi province, earned over- Hulin, chairman of Ganquan county writers’
night fame as “China’s Antelope association, who often organizes photography
Canyon” after Chang Bo’s photos trips to the canyon.
went viral online last year. “Sunshine casting into the canyon through
The only three lodges in Xiasiwan town, the the fissures turns the rock surface into differ-
nearest major settlement 20 kilometers from ent tones after being refracted between the
the canyon, and 80 km from Yan’an, have been two sides of the canyon wall. And the angle of
full of tourists and photographers ever since. the light rays changes throughout the day,
It was beyond Chang’s wildest expectations making the views of the canyon become more
that his photos made such a difference to the lively,” Liu adds.
people’s lives there. He Zhou Caiye, a 58-year-
first visited the canyon old farmer from Yucha vil-
when he was working as a lage, a small hamlet 3
welder in a local oil extrac- kilometers away from the
tion plant in 2005. Chang
If You Go canyon, where she set up
felt his way through the the area’s first cave-dwell-
eight slot canyons strung Xiasiwan town is 40 kilometers from ing homestay for visitors,
together in the meander- Ganquan, and 80 kilometers from said the villagers have
ing Ganquan Valley on the Yan’an. It is better to stay in Ganquan, lived near the canyon for
Loess Plateau, after a where there are better hotels costing generations, and just took
friend told him about this around 200 yuan a day for a twin room. it for granted.
place of “unknown myste- The temperature in the mountains is Tourists suddenly start-
rious beauty”. markedly lower than elsewhere in the ed to arrive in large num-
Chang uploaded the province. Warm clothes and sturdy shoes bers last April. They said
photos he shot of the can- are necessary. they knew about the can-
yon onto his blog, but few It takes about six to eight hours to see yon from their mobile
people saw them. But all eight canyons in the valley, where no phones, and showed the
when he shared some of mobile phone signal is available. Hiring a photos to the farmers.
the photos on social media villager as a tour guide for a day costs “We carry spring water
last year, the images around 200 yuan. For safety reasons, the from the canyon home
became an instant internet local government closes the mountain almost every day. We call
sensation — and evoked pass to the canyons on rainy days, so the canyon lanshigala
comparisons with Arizo- checking the weather forecast, especially (riprap nook). It is a big
na’s Antelope Canyon. during the rainy season from June to surprise that people like to
“It is not the photos, but August, is essential when planning your visit such a boring place,”
social media that makes trip to Ganquan Canyon. Zhou said.
the canyon something,” “Nine British backpack-
Chang says. ers lived in my home for
It is also called Yucha nine days only to see the
Canyon by locals — yucha canyon last year. Although Ganquan Canyon is popular with photographers. Ganquan Canyon takes a darker hue in the rain.
means “where the rainfall I cannot speak English, I HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY
splits” in Chinese — was could see how much they
formed by the erosion of loved the canyon.”
local Danxia sandstone, Zhou has received about
primarily due to flash Ningxia 6,000 visitors since April,
flooding, over a period of Yan’an whose payment to her for
100 million years. The arid room and board, amount-
Loess Plateau used to be a 200 km Ganquan ed to hundreds of thou-
rainy region covered by sands of yuan, has lifted
thick forests just 500 years the Zhou family — who
ago, and the rainwater previously lived on about
flowed into the basin 400 yuan ($64) a year
above the slot canyon sec- Shaanxi from planting corn — out
tions, picking up speed and of abject poverty. Many
sand as it ran through the farmers now work as tour
narrow passageways creat- guides, or run homestays
ed out of fissures left by CHINA DAILY to meet the increasing
earthquakes, experts say. demands of the deluge of
As time passed by, the sightseers.
passageways eroded, the corridors became The number of tourists’ cars has grown so
deeper and the hard edges smoothened out, fast that the small village witnessed its first ever
leaving layers of stripes on the surface of the traffic jam earlier this year. The county govern-
rocks. This happened in such a way as to form ment built a parking lot at the mountain pass
the visual effect of “flowing” shapes across the and now runs minibuses to carry travelers to
surface of the rocks, which themselves take on a and from the canyon.
distinctly red hue on sunny days. Zhou Caiye introduces her cave-dwelling homestay to tourists. A local farmer looks for spring water at the bottom of the
“The gigantic size of the cliffs dwarfs Contact the writers at HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY canyon. HUO YAN / CHINA DAILY
CHINA DAILY HONG KONG EDITION Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Sports | HOLIDAY 11


After decades in the doldrums, Nigerian pugilism is enjoying a major resurgence as ratings, purses and participation soar

hen Saleh
Fawaz decided
to organize his
first boxing
match in Lagos, he didn’t
expect more than 500 specta-
tors. In the end, over 800 tick-
ets were sold and he had to
turn away dozens of fans at the
The stands were full, music
pounded at full blast and the
green and white Nigerian flag
fluttered during the most
eagerly awaited bouts.
Fawaz, 31, is passionate
about boxing and, in the space
of two months, went from
young oil industry entrepre-
neur to full-time professional
boxing promoter.
“I started meeting with box-
ers and I realized at the same
time that they don’t have
enough money to pay for their
license or even to feed them-
selves, or access to train,” the
young owner of the Saleh Gloves
Promotions company said.
“There are not enough
events. What they really need is
a stage to showcase their talent.”
As a result he decided to Clockwise: Kenya’s Michael Nyawade (left), aka ‘Shaka Michael’, lands a body shot against Nigeria’s Waheed Usman during a GOtv featherweight title fight at the National Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria, on April 15.
help them, buying equipment Nigeria’s Millicent Agboegbulem (far right) poses with the bronze medal she won in the women’s 75 kg division during the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia on April 14. Nigeria’s Rilwan ‘Baby-
and even paying their 10,000- face’ Babatunde (left), shows off his new belt after beating Benin’s Djossou Agoy Basile during a West African Welterweight GOtv title fight at the National Stadium in Lagos, on April 15. AFP
naira ($28) licenses to fight.

Rise and fall however brought an abrupt She now trains under the ago for the city’s monied upper
Boxing used to be the most end to boxing’s popularity as a Pacquiao primed to roll back the years trees of a state-run school at classes, has also opened it up
popular sport in Nigeria until succession of leaders saw no weekends with the help of her to professionals who don’t
the 1950s and 1960s but com- international prestige in it. coach, Always Kazee, a former have equipment to train.
pletely disappeared from view Tiger brought politics into Philippine boxing legend Man- about his ability to box at the top in his homeland. barber-turned-professional “There is talent in this coun-
until the beginning of the the sport by preferring to rep- ny Pacquiao insisted on Friday of his game due to his age. “Definitely this is not my last trainer. try and we are kind of working
2000s. resent secessionist Biafra, that his advancing years are no But at a joint press confer- fight,” he said. “I think I still have “I want to become a champi- our way back (to where boxing
Michael Gennaro, a boxing whose unilateral declaration barrier to success as he gears up ence with Matthysse in Kuala got a couple of more fights until I on. I want to become rich and, was) but it’s very tough to
historian at Bossier Parish of independence in 1969 for a showdown against world Lumpur, he dismissed such con- retire.” by God’s grace, I know I will make a living from it,” he said.
Community College in the sparked a 30-month civil war. champion Lucas Matthysse. cerns. Pacquiao is currently a sena- make it,” said Cynthia, with a “At the moment, the main
southern US state of Louisi- “At the same time that Pacquiao, 39, will fight the “It’s not about a number, it’s tor in the Philippine parliament look as determined as her people who are being success-
ana, said he was “shocked” Muhammad Ali refused to Argentine — four years his junior not about age, that doesn’t mat- and many in the country believe right hook. ful are actually the ones who
when he flicked through local enrol in the US Army to go to — for the World Boxing Associa- ter,” he said. he will one day run for president, “Boxing already changed a leave the country.”
newspaper archives. Vietnam, Dick Tiger became tion welterweight belt on July 15 “It depends how you disci- although the boxer has insisted lot of things in my life. I went Top British boxer Anthony
“Boxing was in the newspa- public enemy number one,” in Malaysia’s capital Kuala pline yourself in training, how he is happier in the ring than to places where I thought I Joshua is said to have wanted
pers almost every day, kids said Gennaro. Lumpur. you prepare.” politics. would never go, like Elite Box to represent Nigeria — where
had scrapbooks of their favor- “Boxing had the image of a The Filipino has won an Pacquiao said that the fight He conceded that it was “not in Victoria Island for exam- his parents are from — at the
ite boxers, and Nigeria had revolutionary sport.” unprecedented eight world titles against Matthysse would not be easy” to juggle being a top-level ple.” 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
two world champions already Within a few years, Nigerian in different weight classes but his last, as he wants the final boxer and politician. But the Nigerian federation
in 1957 and 1962,” he added. boxing had collapsed due to some have raised questions bout of his career to take place AFP Wealth of talent turned him down because he
Hogan Bassey was feather- lack of sponsorship. The wealthy Lagos suburb was late for qualification.
weight champion of the world “If there is no money, there of Victoria Island is only a doz- At the London Games in
in 1957 while Dick Tiger was is no reason for boxing,” said Night” since 2004, which is no promotions. of Nigeria’s next world cham- en or so kilometers from the 2012, he became super-heavy-
the middleweight title holder Gennaro. watched by millions across But he added: “I hope to be a pion. teeming crowds on the mean weight champion wearing
in 1962 and also held the light- Africa. billionaire boxer, win the Currently, there are some streets of Bariga. British colors.
heavyweight belt in 1966. TV boost The 2016 winner, Olaide world title and be talked about 300 professional boxers in But in a country of more In March in Welsh capital
Boxing was popular across Everything changed “Fijaborn” Fijabi, took home a the way great boxers are talk- Nigeria, added the former than 180 million, where the Cardiff, Joshua — who in
many former British colonies because of Adewunmi Ogun- cheque for one million naira. ed about. That is my aspira- sports journalist. gap between rich and poor is recent fights has arrived in the
but Nigeria differed in its sanya, the head of the satellite The super-lightweight told tion.” Cynthia, a 17-year-old from among the widest in the ring flying the Union Jack and
wealth of generous local spon- television platform Multi- media that before his victory Jenkins Alumona, boxing the poor Lagos suburb of Bari- world, it might as well be light the Nigerian flag — beat New
sors. choice Nigeria. he never wanted to turn pro- promoter for Flykite Produc- ga, decided to give the sport a years. Zealand’s Joseph Parker to
The arrival of military gov- His GOtv channel broad- fessional because there were tion, said popularizing boxing go after watching the televised Rehia Osagie, who founded unify the WBA, IBF, WBO and
ernments from the late 1960s casts an annual “Boxing few opportunities to fight and again will lead to the discovery bouts. the Elite Box club two years IBO heavyweight titles.
12 Tuesday, May 1, 2018



LeBron leaves
it all on court
as Cavs prevail
CLEVELAND — LeBron confident after a 34-point
James wasn’t ready to go win in Game 6.
home or to Philadelphia or But James, who at times
Los Angeles. seemed to be playing the Pac-
He’s heading to Toronto, ers by himself in the series,
bringing a Cavaliers team pulled the Cavs back from the
that isn’t done yet. brink of elimination and at
Unwilling to sit despite least delayed any more talk
battling leg cramps in the about impending free agency.
second half, James scored 45 “Amazing,” Indiana’s Vic-
points and got some much- tor Oladipo said of James.
needed help from his team- “He did what he always does.
mates in Game 7 to stay It’s not really shocking. He’s
unbeaten in the opening the best in the world, and
round of the NBA playoffs, that’s what the best does and
leading the Cavaliers to a now I gotta work to get on
105-101 win on Sunday over that level.” The Cavs will
the Indiana Pacers, who open the conference semifi-
pushed the game’s best play- nals on Tuesday at top-seed-
er to breaking point. ed Toronto.
Following the game, an Early in the game, James
Lionel Messi celebrates scoring Barcelona’s third goal during Sunday’s 4-2 league title-clinching victory at Deportivo La Coruna. REUTERS exhausted James said the looked at agent Rich Paul sit-
series took a physical toll. ting courtside and told him
“I’m burnt right now,” he he wasn’t coming out. James

Little wizard Messi revels in

said. “I’m not thinking about then played the first 35 min-
Toronto right now until utes before heading to the
tomorrow. I’m ready to go locker room with one minute
home. Can we? I’m tired. I left in the third to be treated
want to go home.” for what he said was “a little
James added nine minor injury”. James said he

yet another magical moment

rebounds, seven assists and was urged to get IV fluids but
played over 43 minutes turned them down.
while improving to 13-0 in Nothing was going to keep
the first round. He kept James off the floor in what
Cleveland’s strange season some Cleveland fans feared
alive for the time being but it could have been his last
took everything the 33-year- game with the franchise.
Argentine superstar says Barcelona ‘far superior’ after hat-trick helps seal La Liga title old and the Cavs had to hold
off the Pacers, who came in ASSOCIATED PRESS

MADRID — Lionel Messi

revelled in Barcelona’s sev-
enth La Liga title in 10 sea- Do the math
sons on Sunday, saying his
team was “far superior” to its We’ve had some
domestic rivals during their Barcelona won La Liga for
double-winning campaign.
The Argentine star scored
tough times and the third time in four years on
Sunday after winning 4-2 at
a brilliant 30th La Liga hat- we’ve overcome Deportivo La Coruna.
trick as Barca survived a Here, AFP Sport looks at
scare to beat Deportivo La everything without the numbers behind the Cat-
Coruna 4-2, wrapping up the alans’ season so far:
club’s 25th league title with losing, which is Played: 34
four matches to spare and Wins: 26
keeping its hopes of an unbelievable.” Draws: 8
unbeaten season alive. Losses: 0
“We have been far superior Lionel Messi, after winning Goals scored: 87
to our rivals, we haven’t lost a Barcelona’s 25th league title Goals conceded: 21
match during the whole sea- Yellow cards: 54
son,” Messi told Barcelona’s Red cards: 1
in-house television channel. But we take a lot of merit to Biggest wins: 6-1 v Eibar,
“It’s a very special Liga in win a title as difficult as this Sept 19, 2017; 6-1 v Girona,
that sense, because we haven’t without losing a game.” Feb 24, 2018
lost a single match. We’ve had The five-time Ballon d’Or Most goals: Lionel Messi
some tough times and we’ve winner also paid tribute to (32), Luis Suarez (23),
overcome everything without captain Andres Iniesta. Paulinho (8)
losing, which is unbelievable.” The 33-year-old midfielder Most assists: Lionel Messi
Regaining the top-flight came off the bench in the (12), Luis Suarez (9)
crown from Real Madrid also 87th minute at Deportivo to Most minutes played:
secured Barcelona its third make his 670th Barcelona (Goal-keeper) Marc-Andre ter
double in four years after appearance just two days aft- Stegen (3,060), Lionel Messi
thrashing Sevilla 5-0 in the er announcing that he will (2,793), Luis Suarez (2,603)
recent Copa del Rey final. leave the club at the end of
The only blemish on its the season having been heav-
season was a stunning ily linked with Chinese Super he has given to this club. I am
Champions League quarter- League side Chongqing very happy for him and wish
final loss to Roma when it Dangdai Lifan. him all the best.”
blew a 4-1 first-leg lead to be “It’s a shame for us and the Midfielder Sergio Bus-
dumped out at Stadio Olim- club, but he deserved to go quets also rued the missed
pico in the Italian capital. like that,” said Messi. treble opportunity.
“We lost just one in the cup “We deplore what hap- “This season was very
and disappointingly another pened in the Champions good, almost excellent. The
in the Champions League,” League, it prevented him Champions League is a
added Messi, who leads the from going out with a treble, regret but we managed a
Liga scoring charts with 32 but he’s leaving in an double, it’s fantastic,” he told
goals this term. impressive fashion. Movistar.
“That was an unexpected “This double is more than
result in view of our shape. deserved for Andres, for all AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

Iniesta overcome by Depor reception

Departing Barcelona icon ca defeated Deportivo La Coru- home side was relegated as a
Andres Iniesta admitted he was na 4-2 at Riazor Stadium, where result of the defeat.
overcome with emotion after the crowd stood to honor him. “These are indescribable
receiving a standing ovation as “This feels good. The champi- emotions. On a personal level, as
Barcelona won the La Liga title onship is a competition that a sportsman, there are no words
at Deportivo La Coruna on Sun- lasts all year, it is about consist- when you receive such affection
day. ency and the team deserved this in such a difficult situation for
The 33-year-old confirmed on title,” said Iniesta. the fans,” the Spain international
Friday that he will leave Barcelo- “It has been a great season said.
na at the end of the season, with the Copa del Rey and now “I am eternally grateful for all
bringing the curtain down on a La Liga.” the messages received from the
phenomenally successful career Iniesta said he was over- heart. In all my career, I tried to
at the club he has served since whelmed by the ovation he be a good sportsman, a good
he was 12. received from Deportivo fans person, being respectful.”
On Sunday, he came off the when he made his 87th-minute
bench for a brief cameo as Bar- entry, especially considering the AFP