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THURSDAY, May 10, 2018  ¥2

China remains committed to

Iran deal despite US pullout
By WANG QINGYUN in Inside out commitments under the
Beijing and ZHAO HUANXIN Joint Comprehensive Plan of
in Washington Comment > p9 Action,” according to AFP.
Iran President Hassan Rou-
China said on Wednesday hani said on Tuesday that the
it “regrets” the decision by US President Donald Islamic Republic will remain
the United States to pull out Trump announced in a in the nuclear deal with other
of the Iran nuclear deal, and speech on Tuesday that his signatories without the US.
Beijing will continue its country will withdraw from “From this time on, the
commitment to safeguard the deal and reinstate its nuclear deal is an accord
and implement the deal, the sanctions on Iran, and that between Iran and five coun-
Foreign Ministry said. Iran is “going to want to make tries,” Rouhani said in live
The agreement, known as a new and lasting deal”. speech broadcast from state TV.
Joint Comprehensive Plan of Trump’s announcement Ruan Zongze, vice-presi-
Action, was reached among has also sparked concerns dent of the China Institute of
multiple parties and approved and opposition from the oth- International Studies, said
by the United Nations Security er parties to the deal. the US is sending the “wrong
Council, Foreign Ministry In a joint statement issued signals” by quitting the Iran
spokesman Geng Shuang said by the British Prime Minister’s nuclear deal, as such moves
in a daily news conference. All office, the leaders of France, will undermine future efforts
parties involved should carry it Germany and Britain said to solve issues in the Middle
out with seriousness and safe- they took note of Trump’s deci- East through talks.
guard its integrity, Geng said. sion “with regret and concern”. Emma Ashford, a research Premier Li Keqiang, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (center) and South Korean President Moon Jae-in take questions from jour-
Doing so will help maintain The deal was struck fellow with the Cato Institute, nalists after the seventh leaders’ meeting in Tokyo on Wednesday. LI TAO / XINHUA
the international nonprolifera- between Iran and the US, Brit- a think tank in Washington,
tion regime, promote peace ain, France, Russia and China, said in an analysis on Tues-

Li: Three nations should

and stability in the Middle East plus Germany and the Euro- day that by leaving the nucle-
and serve as an example of pean Union, in Vienna in 2015. ar deal without offering any
solving hot spot issues through The deal asks Iran to limit clear strategy or plan for an
political means, Geng said. its nuclear program in alternative, “Trump is open-
“China calls on all parties return for the lifting of eco- ing Pandora’s box, increasing
to ... stick to the direction of a
political and diplomatic set-
tlement, handle their differ-
ences properly and come
back to the right track of
nomic sanctions the interna-
tional community imposed
on the country.
In a statement on Tuesday,
the Russian Foreign Ministry
the risks of escalation and
bringing us gradually closer
to conflict with Iran.”

Xinhua contributed
push region’s integration
implementing the deal as said it was “deeply disap- to this story.
soon as possible,” Geng said. pointed by the decision of US Premier says Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul need to stand behind multilateral system
China will maintain talks President Donald Trump to Contact the writers at wang-
with all parties, he said. unilaterally refuse to carry By HU YONGQI in Tokyo of the three countries has bene- Inside should work to explore fited from free trade, and they fourth-party markets using
should firmly stand together to Editorial > p8 the model of “China-Japan-
Commemorating victory in WWII China, Japan and the
Republic of Korea should
safeguard the rule-based mul-
tilateral trading system and
ROK plus X” to quicken
regional development. There
accelerate negotiations to fight against protectionism using their wisdom and achieve are disparities in the develop-
establish a free trade area and and unilateralism. a higher level of cooperation. ment levels of Asian coun-
reach agreements on the The regional partnership is He said the countries should tries, so China, Japan and the
Regional Comprehensive Eco- a proposed free trade agree- strengthen cooperation in six ROK should combine their
nomic Partnership as soon as ment between the 10 members key areas: trade liberalization, advantages in equipment,
possible to achieve regional of the Association of Southeast production capacity and invest- capital and technologies for
integration, Premier Li Ke- Asian Nations and six other ment, infrastructure and con- joint projects in production
qiang said on Wednesday. countries, including China, nectivity, finance, sustainable capacity, poverty alleviation,
At the seventh China-Japan- Japan and the ROK. development and people-to- disaster management and
ROK leaders’ meeting in Tokyo, Li called on these neighbors people exchanges.
the premier said development to manage their differences Li said the three countries See Regional, page 3

Vice-premier will head trade team

By ZHONG NAN “Even though the Trump middle-income earners has
and REN XIAOJIN administration proposed steep become the biggest consump-
tariffs on Chinese imports tion market for the US. Healthy
Russian troops participate in a Victory Day military parade in Moscow’s Red Square on Wednesday. Russia Vice-Premier Liu He will lead worth $50 billion with its first China-US business ties will not
marked the 73rd anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. AFP a Chinese delegation to the list in late March, we have only bring benefits to both
See story, page 11 United States to discuss eco- noticed that the US govern- countries, but also to econo-
nomic and trade issues at an ment endeavored to avoid put- mies in the Asia-Pacific region
appropriate time, following Chi- ting daily necessities and and the world, said Jiang Shan,
na’s receipt of an invitation from household goods on the list to former director-general of the

Planned supercomputer would be US Treasury Secretary Steven

Mnuchin, the Ministry of Com-
merce said on Wednesday.
minimize the impact on its peo-
ple’s daily lives,” said Mei Xinyu,
a senior researcher at the Minis-
Ministry of Commerce’s
Department of American and
Oceanian Affairs.

10 times faster than today’s No 1 A spokesperson from the

ministry confirmed that Chi-
nese officials and officials in
try of Commerce’s Chinese
Academy of International Trade
and Economic Cooperation.
“China’s development will
not challenge the current world
order, and the US shouldn’t see
the administration of US Presi- Mei said the two economies China as a strategic opponent,”
By CHENG YU and opment of the Guangdong- weather forecasting and dis- dent Donald Trump have been are intensely interdependent Jiang said. “Only dialogue can big quake
LU HAOTING in Shenzhen Hong Kong-Macao Greater aster prevention. talking about the visit. and intertwined and it is inevi- resolve the problems.”
Bay Area, especially in cloud The center’s work in This would be the second table that any protective trade Lyu Xiang, a researcher at China, p6-7
The National Supercom- computing, big data and arti- detailed exploration and high-level meeting since a bilat- measures will hurt their econ- the Institute of World Econom-
puting Center in Shenzhen ficial intelligence, he said. large-scale data processing eral trade dispute escalated in omies and global value chain. ics and Politics at the Chinese A member of
plans to build a next-genera- Supercomputers are a new has helped a domestic petro- March. The first talks took Other issues, including Academy of Social Sciences, the Asia News
tion supercomputer that will driving force in China’s com- leum company reduce petro- place in Beijing on May 3 and 4. technology transfers, invest- said as pillar industries of the Network
be 10 times faster than the puter innovation and are leum exploration costs. Experts predicted that offi- ment environment, exchange US and European Union are © 2018 China Daily All Rights
world’s current speed cham- important for the nation’s The growing shortage of cials from both sides would rate, talent flows and intellec- less complementary than those Reserved Vol.38 — No. 11862
pion, a senior executive said. information security. China cloud computing resources discuss how to avoid the pro- tual property protection, may of the US and China, the next 国内统一编号:CN11-0091
“The investment is likely to has established six supercom- led the center to recently pur- posed tariff on $150 billion of also be discussed, said Chen target of the Trump adminis- 国际标准编号:ISSN0253-9543
hit 3 billion yuan ($470.6 mil- puting centers, in Tianjin, chase 420 more rack-mounted China’s exports. China has Wenling, chief economist at tration might be the EU. 邮发代号:1-3
lion), and key technologies Guangzhou, Wuxi, Changsha, servers, 10 graphics process- warned that $50 billion in US the China Center for Interna-
for the supercomputer are Jinan and Shenzhen. ing servers and a group of stor- goods are targeted for tariffs tional Economic Exchanges. Contact the writers at zhong-
expected to be developed China is now at the van- age systems to expand its and vowed to fight to the end. The fast growth of China’s
independently,” Wang Zheng- guard of supercomputer computing resources.
lu, director of the project development, having raced China has an edge in hard-
management department of
the center told China Daily.
The supercomputer will be
ahead of the United States
and Japan. The latest biannu-
al ranking of the world’s 500
ware, but more efforts are
needed to develop tailor-
made software for supercom-
Customs on hunt for imports of illegal exotic pets
“exascale”, meaning that it will fastest supercomputers puters to widen their
be capable of making a quintil- showed China’s Sunway Tai- application, Wang Gang, an By WANG XIAODONG China’s top authority for lators accountable, according products intercepted were
lion (1 followed by 18 zeros) huLight and Tianhe-2 are the associate professor at the Col- wangxiaodong entry-exit inspection and to the General Administration meat, dairy, seeds and sprouts,
calculations per second, much world’s fastest and second- lege of Computer Science and quarantine said. of Customs. illegal mailing of live animals
faster than the current No 1 fastest machines, with Titan Technology at Jilin Universi- Authorities are remaining Banned animals, plants and became more rampant,
supercomputer, Sunway Tai- from the US in fifth place. ty, said in an earlier interview. Entry-exit inspection and alert for illegal entry of such their products were found in spurred by the booming popu-
huLight, Wang said. The new The Shenzhen center, quarantine authorities across animals as spiders, tortoises more than 42,000 mail and larity of exotic pets in China,
supercomputer is expected to founded in 2009, has focused Zhang Zhihao contributed the nation have intercepted an and snakes, which are sent to parcel deliveries at ports last the administration said.
be developed by 2020. on high performance com- to this story. increasing number of alien China mostly through mailed year, and harmful species were The variety of such animals
The exascale supercom- puting and cloud computing. species and exotic pets that parcels. They said they will spotted in 5,147 of them, the intercepted at ports increased
puter will play an important It maintains leading posi- Contact the writers at cheng- can pose serious risks to safety take more measures to tighten administration said.
role in promoting the devel- tions in a variety of areas like and environmental integrity, supervision and hold law vio- Although most banned See Customs, page 3
Thursday, May 10, 2018  CHINA DAILY

Looking ahead
Candid camera: Center of attention
Events and stories coming up in the next few days

Media briefing to highlight development of motor race in China, and

become a major spectacle.
developments in nursing
The National Health Commission will hold
a media briefing in Beijing on Thursday to
Disaster-prevention day to
introduce the latest development in the focus on readiness
country’s nursing sector. Officials of the Saturday
commission, the Shanghai Municipal marks
Health Commission and Peking Union China’s
Medical College Hospital will attend. 10th
Formula 4 gets into top gear Preven-
for latest international event tion and
On Sunday, the first stop of the Internation- Educa-
al Automobile Federation Formula 4 Chi- tion Day,
nese Championship will be held in Ningbo, which is aimed at raising public awareness
Zhejiang province. There will be six stops in of disaster preparedness and prevention.
the tournament in four cities — Ningbo, The day was established in 2009, following
and Zhuhai in Guangdong province, a devastating earthquake that hit Sichuan
Chengdu in Sichuan province and Shang- province on May 12, 2008, and left more
hai. Since 2014, the event has fueled the than 80,000 people dead and missing.

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Lifestyle: Gift ideas for a also host the exhibition. Among the high-
lights are several major programs, such as A boy in traditional monk’s attire attracts the attention of passers-by near a subway station in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on May 1.
Mother’s Day surprise the Exhibition of Creative Products Inherit- ZHU JIANGUO / FOR CHINA DAILY
ed from the Palace Museum.
Day, a day Forum: Survey to help foreign
dedicated to
honor and
celebrate the
students work in China
In order to attract more foreign expertise,
China wants to make it easier for interna-
Fitness is not part of a trendy fashion cycle
heroic tional students to stay, and work after their How often have you made, the first intrepid journey to utterly free of charge, and is very fashionable or cool to
women in study, in the country. Our survey hopes to or heard that one of your the gym, but perhaps the that’s the fitness option, in be seen there.
our lives. If gauge the willingness of international stu- friends has made, a New sight of the many experi- Beijing and most other Well, in my opinion, the
you are out dents to pursue job opportunities in China Year resolution to get fit? It’s enced gym goers will put you urban locations in China, “grannies” and “aunties”
of ideas when it comes to presents, our web- and will give an insight into their hopes and often due to a guilt trip fol- off. that is literally (for most resi- seem to be the only ones
site recommends a wish list that will make ambitions. The survey link is: lowing the gluttonous excess If you feel unable to get to dents) a hop, skip or a jump with any sense, as they know
your mother smile. Whether she is a health of the Christ- grips with life at the gym, or from their home. a good thing when they see
foodie, a busy homemaker, an exercise mas and New feel intimidated by the I am talking about the it. They come from a genera-
enthusiast or a fashionista, there should be Biz: Apple denies claims it is Year festive atmosphere, don’t give up all basic fitness equipment that tion which had little enter-
something here that will fit her tastes.
overcharging for in-app deals season. hope, and please don’t ditch is located in most residential tainment and little money to
Tech giant Now we your noble intention to get areas, much it of financed spend, so they had to make
Rankings: Top 10 countries for Apple has are well into in shape, as an alternative from China’s sports lottery. the best of what they had. I
renewable energy investment denied 2018, how probably lies virtually on Here you may find equip- admire that generation for
Global investment in renewable energy rose that it is Ian many of your doorstep. ment such as a simple cross- their sense of resourceful-
2 percent to $280 billion last year, according taking Morrison these good I am from Scotland, and as trainer, a rudimentary ness. They younger genera-
to a key report. Last year was the eighth in a advantage Second intentions you may know, my country- rowing machine or parallel tion could learn a lot from
row that global investment in renewable of cus- Thoughts have already men have a reputation for bars, to name but a few. them.
energy exceeded $200 billion, according to tomers in melted away being “careful” with money. And speaking of few, what Keeping fit isn’t a question
UN Environment, the Frankfurt School-UN- China and long ago, like the last snows That doesn’t mean that we has often confounded me is of fashion, about going to
EP Collaborating Center and Bloomberg over- of winter, with all that are tightfisted, it simply simply how few people I ever some fancy expensive gym or
New Energy Finance. China became the charging remains of these noble wish- means that we perhaps don’t seem to see using such wearing the latest styles in
leading destination for renewable energy them for in-app purchases. It follows cus- es being perhaps a gym care to waste our hard- equipment. sportswear, it is something
investment in 2017, accounting for $126.6 tomer complaints in China that subscribing membership card lying for- earned cash, and look for Most people I mention much more practical than
billion or 45 percent of global investment. A for services, including online videos, and gotten in a desk drawer, or a things that are value for this to generally say that that.
record 98 gigawatts of solar power capacity calling for a taxi through apps, costs more pair of training shoes gather- money. these facilities are only used
was installed worldwide last year, with Chi- through the iOS platform, unique to Apple, ing dust in your wardrobe? Well, you can’t get much by “grannies” or “aunties”, so Contact the writer at
na contributing 53 gigawatts, or more than than Android. Many enterprises and app Often people may make more “value for money” than they seemingly don’t think it
half. Visit our website to have a look at the developers blame the 30 percent commis-
top 10 countries for renewable energy sion they pay Apple for the price difference.
investment in 2017. Apple has stressed that the pricing rights This Day, That Year
for in-app purchases are controlled com-
Culture: Cultural treasures get pletely by the developers.
an uses her card to enter the Many cit-
to shine in Beijing and overseas subway station (inset). ies, including
Trend: Report reveals younger years Paper monthly passes had Shanghai,
people’s priorities in life on been used for decades. Hangzhou in
The McKinsey 2017 China Consumer Report Within five years, the Zhejiang
studied the behavior of post-90’s consumers Editor’s Note: This year number of smart cards province and
and categorized them into five groups. The marks the 40th anniversary issued reached 60 million. Wuhan in
largest group, at 39 per- of China’s reform and open- With technological devel- Hubei pro-
cent, prioritizes happi- ing-up policy. opment and the popularity of vince, have
ness. The next biggest smartphones, mobile wallets adopted
group puts success at the On May 10, 2006, an inte- are starting to grab the public mobile pay-
top of their ambitions, grated circuit card system transportation market, which ment for the
A major cultural event is set to kick off at accounting for 27 per- went into operation in could become a multibillion public transport sector. UnionPay, or Alipay, and
the Palace Museum in Beijing and overseas. cent. In your eyes, what Beijing, which saves time for dollar business by 2020. In January, passengers in have fees deducted every
China Week: Inheritance and Innovation does China’s young gen- passengers and raises the On April 29, Beijing Shanghai were able to board time they take a ride. Other
will open to the public in the capital on eration value or what Scan it! efficiency of public transpor- Subway announced a trial underground trains by payment providers, such as
Thursday and run until June 30. Focusing does the young genera- Read tation. project allowing smartphone tapping their smartphones WeChat Pay and Apple Pay,
on creative products, various activities, tion value in your coun- more on The item from China Daily users to pay for subway through an app called Metro. will be included later.
including exhibitions and forums, will be try? Share your opinion chinadaily. shows commuters outside journeys by swiping their Passengers can choose to Shanghai has the world’s
held. Overseas China cultural centers will on our website. Xizhimen subway station on gadgets, the latest instance link their accounts to all longest metro network that
the first day of the introduc- of making mobile payment a bank cards issued by China’s has an average weekday rid-
tion of the system as a wom- default way of life. card payment processor ership of 11 million.

THU - FRI MAY 10-11

4/22 Beijing 15/26 C 18/25 C Shanghai 16/24 S 18/26 C
11/24 6/14 Changchun 9/26 C 12/27 C Shenyang 12/28 C 15/22 C
12/26 Changsha 21/25 Sh 21/30 O Shenzhen 23/28 Sh 23/28 Sh
Chongqing 19/22 D 19/22 R Shijiazhuang 17/27 C 17/22 O
15/26 Dalian 13/23 S 13/19 S Suzhou 13/26 C 19/28 C
18/25 Fuzhou 17/24 C 16/28 C Taipei 20/25 C 21/29 C
10/24 Guangzhou 22/27 R 22/28 Sh THURSDAY
Taiyuan 12/24 C 12/21 D
12/22 Guilin 19/24 D 21/27 Sh Tianjin 16/29 C 17/26 C FRIDAY
11/23 Guiyang 16/23 O 18/21 T Urumqi 11/24 S 12/26 S
15/17 Haikou 24/32 T 24/32 C Wuhan 16/26 C 17/25 D
16/25 16/24
18/26 Hangzhou 14/27 S 15/28 S Xi'an 14/21 D 14/22 D
21/38 Harbin 8/22 Sh 7/24 C Xiamen 19/26 C 19/28 C Abu Dhabi 28/38 S 26/35 S BuenosAires 14/16 R 14/20 R
23/41 20/25 Hefei 14/24 C 15/25 C Xining 7/11 D 4/18 D
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25/36 Hongkong 23/26 Sh 24/28 Sh Yinchuan 13/15 D 9/22 O Dubai 28/42 D 28/34 S Houston 21/27 S 21/27 S
23/26 Jinan 18/28 C 18/25 C Zhengzhou 17/25 O 16/21 D
25/36 24/28 Hanoi 24/30 R 24/33 D Las Vegas 26/31 S 24/29 S
Kunming 13/27 S 14/28 S Zhuhai 23/27 O 23/28 Sh Islamabad 21/36 S 23/38 S Los Angeles 17/19 S 16/17 S
Lanzhou 12/16 D 9/24 O Jakarta 25/32 C 25/33 C Mexico city 15/18 D 18/18 D
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Berlin 17/22 D 18/18 C New Delhi 21/38 S 23/41 S Sao Paulo 14/19 S 15/22 S
Nanning 22/28 R 23/30 O Pyongyang 9/24 C 11/22 O Vancouver 14/14 D 13/15 D
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Vienna 16/17 D 15/18 D Yangon 25/36 D 25/36 D Nairobi 16/25 D 17/25 D
CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018


Japan ties to include currency trades Timing of
Premier announces 200b yuan China and Japan signed 10
agreements on a wide range of
ners rather than threats to
each other.
their non-governmental orga-
nizations cooperate in third-
in 2003 after the sole remain-
ing bird died in Sado, Niigata meeting
for foreign exchange investments areas, such as social security, The healthy development of party markets. prefecture. The crested ibises

By CAI HONG Shinzo Abe, Li also said China

culture and agriculture.
Li invited Abe to visit China
at an appropriate time, and
ties between the two coun-
tries, which are neighbors and
important economies, are in
Also, Li announced on
Wednesday that China will give
Japan two crested ibises as a gift
now living in Sado and on the
mainland of Japan are
descendants of five crested

Premier Li Keqiang
supports Japanese financial
institutions investing in the
Chinese capital market and
Abe accepted the invitation.
The premier also said the
two countries should abide by
line with the interests of both,
and with regional and global
peace and stability, the pre-
and symbol of China’s friend-
ship with the Japanese people.
The gift is the first of its kind
ibises presented by China.
The visit to Japan is Li’s first
since he became premier in
announced in Tokyo on has a positive attitude toward the four political documents mier said. in 11 years. China last offered a 2013 and the first for a Chi-
Wednesday that China has setting up a bank in Tokyo for and the consensuses they This year marks the 40th pair of crested ibises, Huayang nese premier in eight years. From page 1
agreed to grant a quota of 200 renminbi clearing. have reached and restore anniversary of the signing of and Yishui, in 2007 when “Through my visit, I want to
billion yuan ($31.4 billion) to At a joint news conference their ties to a normal track. China-Japan Treaty of Peace former premier Wen Jiabao promote a sound and stable environmental protection, he
be used in the renminbi quali- with Abe on Wednesday, Li The two countries should and Friendship, and the bilat- visited Japan and had talks development of our bilateral said.
fied foreign institutional said China and Japan have consolidate the political eral ties are at an important with Abe, who was in his first relationship for the long Japanese Prime Minister
investor mechanism by Japa- reached consensus in princi- foundation and expand coop- stage for further improve- term as Japanese prime minis- term,” he said. Shinzo Abe said the three
nese investors. ple to sign a bilateral currency eration, Li added. They ment, Li said. ter. Crested ibises are native to countries support free trade
During his meeting with swap agreement as soon as should undertake practical Abe said the two countries Japan, where they are called Contact the writers at Hu- and open markets as major
Japanese Prime Minister possible. actions to prove they are part- should join hands to help toki, but were declared extinct traders and should propose
trading rules with high stan-
dards. They should also boost

Customs: Scorpions, personnel exchanges and

enhance cooperation in edu-
cation and tourism for a more
open and inclusive develop-

snakes among exotic ment, he said.

Li also called for continued
dialogue and negotiations to

pets caught at border achieve denuclearization and

peace in the Korean Peninsu-
la, saying China supports all
relevant parties in conduct-
From page 1 fied globalization and more ing dialogues in all forms. Li
frequent international ex- also met separately with
last year compared with 2016. changes, cargo and mailed Republic of Korea President
Most alien species were parcels have increased rapidly, Moon Jae-in on Wednesday
bought by individuals or pet posing great challenges in afternoon.
business owners from sources ensuring biosafety while The three leaders also deliv-
in other countries, or through allowing swift entry of goods. ered speeches at a sideline
exchanges, the administration “With so many goods, it is event, a China-Japan-ROK
said. not possible to inspect every business summit of 200 busi-
Major alien species inter- parcel,” he said. “Advanced ness executives.
cepted by quarantine authori- technologies can play a more “In the past few years, as far
ties last year included important role in improving as trilateral relations and their
tortoises, spiders, scorpions, efficiency in inspection of impact on both overall econom-
snakes, frogs and various harmful species to prevent ic and individual company per-
types of insects, it said. The loss in trade, agriculture, formances are concerned, our
creatures came from almost health and ecology.” mutual feeling is that openness
all of China’s major trading The rapidly developing big and cooperation are conducive
partners, and were found at all data technology can be better to economic development for
major ports on the Chinese applied in this regard, he said. us all,” said the chairman of Chi-
mainland, the administration nese company Sanpower
said. Guests from member states attending the tourism ministers’ conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Wuhan, Group, Yuan Yafei, who spoke at
“In general, alien species Hubei province, visit the dock of Zhiyin, a large-scale thematic performance ship, on Wednesday. ZHOU DI / FOR CHINA DAILY the summit.
have strong reproductive abil- Focusing on retail and
ities, and are strongly adapta- healthcare, the Nanjing-based
More government
ble to different environments,”
it said. “They may have no nat-
ural enemies in China, so they investment is need- SCO members agree to enhance tourism company has 40,000 overseas
employees and seeks new
market opportunities in Japan
are likely to reproduce in great and the ROK.
numbers and pose serious
ed to spur techno- By CHENG SI in Wuhan implementing an outline of to nearly half the world’s pop- Tourism cooperation among “We very much look for-
threats to indigenous species
and will damage China’s ecolo-
logical research and tourism cooperation among
SCO member states.
ulation. The rich tourism
resources in these countries,
member states will bring
more opportunities for Paki-
ward to a more open and
inclusive business environ-
gy, biodiversity and agricultur- utilization in entry- Tourism ministers from The draft will be submitted no matter the natural scenery stan’s economic develop- ment, in which companies
al production if they are not member states of the Shang- to the SCO summit for official or distinctive cultures, will ment. can ‘go global’ ... with reassur-
properly taken care of and are exit inspection and hai Cooperation Organiza- signing, which will be held in unleash the potential of tour- She said sports and medi- ance among the three coun-
set free.” tion will further enhance ties Qingdao, Shandong prov- ism development and high- cal tourism are new areas in tries as a result of improved
Many of these animals are quarantine.” related to travel product ince, in June. light the countries’ which Pakistan will seek exchanges and collaboration
also carriers of diseases that development, tourist security “International cooperation importance in the world tour- cooperation with China and made possible by this sum-
could cause outbreaks among Zhu Shuifang, senior researcher and research on high-tech in the area of tourism is ism landscape,” Li said. other countries. The country mit,” Yuan said.
plants and animals in China, it at the Chinese Academy of tourism management to promising, which has Tourism delegations of also will seek cooperation in The trilateral meeting was
said. Inspection and Quarantine build a “smart tourism” sys- received more agreement SCO member states, includ- travel products related to tra- held at the right time, when
In addition, some species, tem, according to a draft than disagreement from the ing India, Kazakhstan, Kyr- ditional Pakistani festivals the world is confronted with
such as the Brazilian killer “For example, big data anal- action plan issued on member states involved,” Li gyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, and galas to bring prosperity rising anti-globalization senti-
scorpion, poison dart frogs ysis can help single out pas- Wednesday. Jinzao, vice-minister of cul- Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, both to Pakistan and coun- ment and protectionism, said
and other poisonous frogs can sengers, cargo and mailed The tourism ministers’ ture and tourism, said. “Tour- have introduced their coun- tries involved in exchanges. Xu Liping, a researcher at the
be dangerous to the public and items that are more likely to conference of the Shanghai ism exchange thus should be tries’ tourism development Aziz Nosirov, SCO deputy National Institute of Interna-
may even be used by terrorists, bring in or contain banned Cooperation Organization regarded as one of the key and proposed deepening secretary-general, said, tional Strategy at the Chinese
the administration said. items,” Zhu said. “More gov- opened on Wednesday in parts in bilateral or multilat- cooperation on tourism “Developing tourism is an Academy of Social Sciences. It
All live animals except dogs ernment investment is needed Wuhan, Hubei province. eral cooperation.” exchanges with other mem- important way to enhance also will inject new energy
and cats are banned from to spur technological research It was the first meeting of Li said the SCO has become ber states. the friendship among differ- into the global economy and
being carried by passengers or and utilization in entry-exit SCO tourism ministers since a more comprehensive Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, ent countries, which is also a free trade, as well as confi-
sent via mail services to the inspection and quarantine.” the organization was estab- regional organization since deputy chief of mission of the way to help people under- dence into economic develop-
mainland, unless approved by The administration has tak- lished in 2001 in Shanghai. India and Pakistan joined the Pakistan Embassy, said that stand different cultures. ment in East Asia as long as
authorities and accompanied en a series of measures to The delegation leaders organization in 2017. SCO member states are con- Tourism cooperation will pro- the three countries carry out
by official quarantine certifi- improve supervision and law passed the draft of their 2019- “The total population of nected in areas such as of his- mote the cultural exchange of pragmatic cooperation, Xu
cates from their country, enforcement, including install- 20 Joint Action Plan for SCO member states amounts tory, culture and civilization. countries involved.” added.
according to Chinese regula- ing 37 advanced computerized
tions. tomography machines at key
Among pets, only dogs and
cats can be carried to China,
and each passenger can only
inspection sites for mail and
express parcels, it said.
The administration will also
Satellite to monitor air, water Eyes have it
carry one cat or one dog each improve cooperation with oth-
time. The dog or cat must be er government departments By ZHAO LEI Resources and China Meteor- a wide range of environmen-
quarantined after arrival, such as border control, tour- ological Administration. tal efforts, such as water
according to the regulations. ism, agriculture and forestry Tong Xudong, chief design- monitoring, ecological dam-
Keeping track of the flow of to establish a mechanism for China launched the Gaofen 5 er of the Gaofen series at the age assessment, pollutant
exotic pets has been a chal- joint prevention and control of high-resolution Earth obser- science administration, said source inspection and envi-
lenge for authorities as most illegal entry of banned items vation satellite on Wednes- Gaofen 5 is the first China-de- ronmental law enforcement.
are light and are mailed from to ensure biosafety and day to assist in the nation’s veloped satellite that can He said the spacecraft will be
abroad in small amounts, the national security, it said. environmental protection monitor air pollution and able to help in natural resour-
administration said. Individuals who have car- efforts. that it has the highest spectral ces exploration and disaster
“Tricks to evade supervision ried or mailed banned ani- The satellite blasted off resolution among Chinese prevention and mitigation.
are constantly being refined, mals, plants or their products atop a Long March 4C carrier remote-sensing satellites. It China launched the Gaofen
and in most cases the parcels to the mainland and tried to rocket at 2:28 am at Taiyuan can detect the state of air pol- project in May 2010 and list-
containing the pets are dis- evade quarantine two or Satellite Launch Center in lution in China through the ed it as one of the 16 national
guised as other items in vari- more times within a year will Shanxi province. It was the monitoring of air pollutants, important projects in science
ous forms, posing great face criminal investigations 274th flight mission by a greenhouse gases and aero- and technology. The program
difficulties in inspections,” it by police or prosecution Long March rocket, accord- sols, he said. aims at forming a space-
said. authorities in China, accord- ing to the State Administra- The satellite weighs 2.8 based, high-resolution Earth
To make the situation ing to an amended regulation tion of Science, Technology metric tons and carries six observation network by
worse, booming cross-border adopted in April 2017 by the and Industry for National instruments — two for land about 2020.
e-commerce has resulted in a Supreme People’s Procura- Defense, which oversees the observation and four to moni- The first in the system,
rapidly increasing amount of torate and the Ministry of program. tor air. It is expected to oper- Gaofen 1, was sent into space
mail and parcels each year, Public Security in an effort to The satellite was developed ate in a repeating sun- from the Jiuquan Satellite
forcing inspection and quar- check violations. and produced by the Shang- synchronous orbit at an Launch Center in April 2013.
antine authorities in many Violators face penalties of hai Academy of Spaceflight average altitude of 705 kilo- By now, seven Gaofen satel-
places to work 24 hours a day, up to three years in prison and Technology, a subsidiary of meters for at least eight years. lites, including the latest one A Chinese ophthalmologist examines the eye health of a local
the administration said. fines in serious cases, such as China Aerospace Science and Wang Qiao, director of the and Gaofen 8 and 9, have students at the Duon Hoa School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on
Zhu Shuifang, a senior when violations result in Technology Corp, and will be Ministry of Ecology and Envi- been launched. Tuesday. Several Chinese ophthalmologists are taking part in
researcher at the Chinese widespread disease out- used mainly by the Ministry ronment’s satellite applica- China will launch the Gao- the weeklong eye-care event started by the China Public Diplo-
Academy of Inspection and breaks, according to China’s of Ecology and Environment, tions center, said Gaofen 5 fen 6 and 7 in the near future, macy Association, which entered Cambodia on Sunday.
Quarantine, said with intensi- Criminal Law. the Ministry of Natural will provide detailed data for according to Tong. HUANG YAOHUI / XINHUA

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It is the first time that we have grown

plants for green space on city streets.
It is a ‘green’ gift for local residents.”
Migmar Tsering, head of the Nagchu Forestry Bureau, the Tibet autonomous region


City in Tibet Honing their skills Briefly

Xi’s speech on
Marx published

was treeless, A booklet of President Xi

Jinping’s speech delivered
at a recent conference
marking the 200th anniver-
sary of the birth of Karl

but no more Marx was published on

Wednesday by People’s Pub-
lishing House. Xi, who is
also general secretary of the
Communist Party of China
Official says 98 percent of new Central Committee and
chairman of the Central
trees survive despite harsh climate Military Commission, spoke
at a gathering held at the
Great Hall of the People in
By DAQIONG in Lhasa ECOLOGY Beijing last week. He elabo-
and ZHANG YI in Beijing ACTION IN A NEW ERA rated on how to learn from
Marx, saying Marx’s theo-
Garma Rinchen didn’t see ries still shine with truth.
trees until he was 15, when his Only by adhering to and
father took him to visit Lhasa, developing socialism with
capital of the Tibet autono- Chinese characteristics can
mous region. the country achieve the
“When my father pointed great rejuvenation of the
out the bus window at the Chinese nation, he said.
green trees and explained Medical workers practice procedures during a mock natural disaster in Wenchuan, Sichuan province, on Wednesday. More than 4,800
what they were, I was amazed Newly planted trees on people and two helicopters participated in the exercise, which focused on mobilization of rescuers, handling of hazardous chemicals
Nagchu’s Zhejiang West Road.
Crackdown on
— as if the air was sweeter and and resettlement of affected people. ZOU HONG / CHINA DAILY
cleaner. I wondered when my PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY solid waste begins
hometown would get trees,” The Ministry of Ecology
said Garma Rinchen, 53. and curious. The green is pleas- and Environment launched

Land mine clearing effort pays off

He comes from Nagchu, ing and enjoyable for us. I also a targeted crackdown on
Tibet, China’s sole treeless city. like to take my two daughters Wednesday on solid waste
At an average altitude of 4,500 there.” pollution in the wake of fre-
meters and with frequent Although the plantings end quent cases in which harm-
extreme cold, the city knows Nagchu’s dubious honor of ful materials were dumped
only blizzards and frozen being the country’s lone tree- By CHINA DAILY Jiang Yunxiu, who lives illegally in several regions.
ground from October to May. less city, residents worry about near the cleared field, suf- The ministry will send 150
Migmar Tsering, head of the the survival of the trees in A brigade that cleared fered shrapnel injuries when teams to regions in the
Nagchu Forestry Bureau, said harsh winters, said Garma unexploded mines from more a grenade exploded when Yangtze River economic
the growing season for plants Rinchen. “Some elders even than 6 hectares of land in she was 7 years old. “I’ve belt to inspect the illegal
is May to August, and the nat- pray for these precious plants Yunnan province handed the been scared ever since,” discharge of solid waste
ural conditions are difficult. to have long lives,” he said. area over to the local govern- Jiang said. “Knowing that through the end of June.
However, Garma Rinchen’s Migmar Tsering said, “To ment on Monday, China the soldiers have cleared the
teenage wish came true: The bring some green to the life of National Radio reported. minefield, I am relieved at NINGXIA
city recently planted some locals involves years of effort The commander of the last.” Snow leopard
alpine trees, which can survive from many scientists and for- Yunnan mine clearance bri- The Malipo government
the extreme weather, along a esters. Since 2008, we have gade’s fourth unit, which was announced at the handover
population thriving
1,200-meter street in down- planted about 300 trial trees, in charge of the mission, said ceremony that the newly The number of snow leop-
town Nagchu. and they have grown from it had found and defused cleared land will be the site of ards in the Sanjiangyuan
Some 600 trees were plant- about 1 meter to 3 meters, with about 8,200 mines and explo- a new hospital. area — headwaters of Chi-
ed — 20 species, including a survival rate of 98 percent. sives, as well as 7 metric tons The successful mission was na’s major rivers — now
spruce and sea buckthorn, “One secret is the soil, which of metal fragments in a five- part of a larger mine-sweep- exceeds 1,000, experts have
Land mines and explosives are displayed at a ceremony marking estimated. According to Lyu
which were selected because is a mixture of several kinds of month operation. ing initiative launched in
the end of a mine-clearing mission in Malipo county, Yunnan province, Zhi, biology conservation
of their resistance to cold, soil in a certain proportion, The edge of the minefield, November 2015 that has
on Monday. YANG MENG / FOR CHINA DAILY professor at Peking Univer-
drought and alkaline soil — including alpine meadow soil, near the port of Tianbao, in cleared a total of 2,300 hec-
according to Migmar Tsering. nutrient soil, sand and fer- Malipo county, which borders tares. Another 1,500 hectares sity, infrared cameras have
“It is the first time that we mented sheep manure.” northern Vietnam, was less conflict between China and the mines to people’s homes are expected to be cleared this produced more than 50,000
have grown plants for green The forestry bureau also than 100 meters from the res- Vietnam in 1979. It was Yun- and the dense vegetation year. pictures of snow leopards
space on city streets,” he said. hired 20 people from poverty- idences. nan’s most complex and dan- that had grown over them, over an area of 5,000 square
“It is a ‘green’ gift for local res- stricken households to take It was the scene of fierce gerous minefield. the unit had to be particular- Wang Xiaoyu contributed to kilometers since 2011, when
idents.” care of the newly planted trees. fighting during the border Because of the proximity of ly careful during removal. this story. the population monitoring
He added that the launch is One of them, Achong, program started. Research-
also a celebration of the historic moved to Nagchu in February ers identified individual
day when Nagchu was officially
upgraded from a prefecture to
a city. That was on Monday.
for a job with the trees.
“When I heard of the project,
I applied for the vacancy. It is a
Beijing targets mosquitoes to cut dengue risk snow leopards to rule out
duplicate pictures, said
Zhao Xiang, director of the
Garma Rinchen described glorious job,” he said. Sanjiangyuan project at the
the scene: “The day they plant- By WANG XIAODONG in areas where removing in Beijing, but the proportion Beijing Shanshui Conserva-
ed trees along the street, people Contact the writers at wangxiaodong@ water is difficult, such as rose to 14 percent last year. tion Center. The count also
gathered, feeling both surprised
14 percent underground sewage systems,
he said.
That means a higher risk of
dengue fever, which can cause
relied on other research and
laboratory analysis.
Beijing’s top health authori- of mosquitoes in Beijing The Beijing Municipal Com- death in serious cases, he said.

Egyptians get glimpse ty will launch a mosquito-

control campaign in mid-May
to guard against the increas-
last year were Aedes
albopictus, a kind of
mosquito that is the major
mission of Health and Family
Planning has trained 16 pro-
fessional mosquito elimina-
Dengue fever outbreaks
have occurred in some areas
of South China, but sporadic
5 killed in mine
gas explosion
of Xinjiang at seminar ing risk of dengue fever, the
Beijing Municipal Commis-
sion of Health and Family
medium for transmission
of dengue fever.
tion teams to help with the
work, he said.
Studies by disease control
imported cases have been
spotted in recent years in
northern areas, including Bei-
Five people were killed ear-
ly on Wednesday when a
Planning said on Wednesday. and prevention experts have jing, due to the spread of the methane gas explosion
CAIRO — A cultural delega- During the campaign, which found that the density of Aedes virus, Zeng said. ripped through a coal mine
tion from the Xinjiang Uygur will run until August, health mobilize the public to remove albopictus, a kind of mosquito Mosquitoes become more in Hunan province, local
autonomous region attended a authorities will focus on clean- pools of water from places that is the major medium for active with rising tempera- authorities said. The blast
seminar at the Chinese embassy ing public places to remove such as public restrooms, res- transmission of dengue fever, tures, and their density peaks occurred at about 3:10 am
in tunnels of the Hunan
in Cairo on Monday to enhance
mutual understanding.
Extremist thoughts excessive water and prevent
mosquitoes from breeding, Liu
idential areas, parks, con-
struction sites and garbage
has been increasing in Beijing
for several years, said Zeng
in July and August in Beijing,
he said. Baodian Qunli Mining Co
in Shaodong county. Offi-
Xu Guixiang, vice-secretary- — the basis of sepa- Zejun, a member of the com- recycling stations, he said. Xiaopeng, deputy director of Health authorities are pre-
cials of the provincial work
general of the Chinese Over- mission in charge of disease Other steps to control mos- the Beijing Center for Disease pared for outbreaks of infec-
seas Friendship Association ratism and terror- control and prevention in the quitoes include releasing mos- Prevention and Control. tious diseases including safety authority and the
county government went to
and head of the delegation, city, said at a news conference. quito-eating fish in lakes and In 2013, they accounted for dengue fever, and emergency
briefed attendees on Xin- ism — have caused Health authorities will ponds and applying pesticides 3.5 percent of all mosquitoes plans are ready, he said. the site to coordinate rescue
jiang’s history and customs efforts.
and on government’s econom- great damage to
ic, social, ethnic and religious
policies for Xinjiang.
Xu said the visit was intend-
Xu Guixiang, vice-secretary-
Former high official admits taking bribes SHAANXI
26 sickened at
funeral banquet
ed to promote understanding
general of the Chinese Overseas Twenty-six people were
of Xinjiang to Egyptians and By XIN WEN Overseas Chinese of the according to the statement, Sun admitted
Friendship Association sent to the hospital on
to enhance cultural and peo- CPPCC National Committee. indictment by guilt and expressed remorse.
ple-to-people exchanges. Sun is accused of taking the Hulun Buir The court said more than Wednesday with suspected
Xinjiang is a multiethnic, Xinjiang. He encouraged peo- Sun Huaishan, a former advantage of his posts to seek people’s procu- 60 people attended the trial, food poisoning, local
multicultural and multireli- ple to better understand Xin- senior political adviser, plead- profits for certain businesses ratorate. including members of the authorities said on
gious region, where different jiang through communication ed guilty to taking bribes of and individuals. He helped Sun accepted National People’s Congress, Wednesday. The outbreak
religious groups live in peace- and visits. 39.75 million yuan ($6.23 mil- secure land-use rights, large amounts CPPCC, media and the pub- occurred after a funeral
Sun banquet on Tuesday after-
ful coexistence with equal sta- Mansour Abo Alazzm, man- lion), the intermediate peo- approvals for business opera- of money and lic.
Huaishan noon in Yulin’s Qingjian
tus, he said. aging editor of the Arabic ple’s court in Hulun Buir, tions, project approvals and property direct- The court said Sun’s sen-
“However, extremist Al-Ahram daily and a member Inner Mongolia autonomous promotions of personnel ly or through tence will be announced at a county. The residents had
thoughts — the basis of separa- of the Egyptian-Chinese Friend- region, announced on while serving as director of the family members between later date. symptoms including nau-
tism and terrorism — have ship Association, shared his Wednesday. General Office of the Central 2000 and 2016. Sun was expelled from the sea and vomiting, accord-
caused great damage to Xin- experiences during a 2015 visit. Sun, 65, was formerly a Committee of the Communist Sun responded to evidence CPC and dismissed from pub- ing to the local publicity
jiang. These thoughts must be In Xinjiang, he said, he saw member of the Standing Youth League, deputy secre- presented by prosecutors, lic office in June for corrup- department. As of Wednes-
uprooted according to rele- for himself the Chinese govern- Committee of the Chinese tary-general and Standing and both he and his attorney tion and violating the Party’s day at noon, two residents
vant laws,” he said. ment’s efforts to protect reli- People’s Political Consultative Committee member of the were cross-examined and code of conduct, according to were in critical condition
Xu dismissed untrue reports gious rights and the region’s Conference National Com- CPPCC National Committee were able to fully express China’s anti-corruption and another 24 were stable
about Xinjiang, saying they development. mittee and head of the Com- and member of Communist their opinions, the court watchdog, the Central Com- but still under observation.
were written and disseminat- mittee for Hong Kong, Macao Party of China Central Com- said. mission for Discipline
ed by people unfamiliar with XINHUA and Taiwan Compatriots and mittee from 1994 to 2016, After delivering a final Inspection. XINHUA—CHINA DAILY
CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA 5

Race to the finish

After-school classes come
under eye of inspectors
By ZOU SHUO ducted secret inspections of 91 tutoring institutions.
Eighty-two institutions were
Seven teams will be sent to found to have engaged in
all of China’s provinces and After-school train- misconduct, including safety
autonomous regions to eval- hazards, exaggerated adver-
uate how well education ing institutions tising and operating without
authorities are regulating aft- proper permits.
er-school training institu- should only play a Fifty-one institutions were
tions for primary and
secondary school students,
supplementary given one month to make cor-
rections, while 31 were closed
the Ministry of Education
said on Wednesday.
role in China’s and fees were refunded to
The inspectors, sent by the education system.” About 160 after-school
Ministry of Education, the training institutions signed
Ministry of Civil Affairs and You Sen, deputy secretary-gen- an agreement at a China
the State Administration for eral of the Chinese Society Association for Non-Govern-
Market Regulation, will also of Education mental Education conference
make random checks on in Zhengzhou, Henan prov-
tutoring institutions as well ince, to avoid teaching
as on primary and middle They are not allowed to beyond the syllabus, exam-
schools, according to a notice organize graded examina- oriented tutoring, mock
on the education ministry’s tions or conduct competi- exams or academic competi-
website. tions for primary and tions.
Parents and students will secondary school students. In They also agreed to avoid
be interviewed, it said. addition, the results of train- connections with teachers in
Many tutoring institutions ing from these institutions public schools or to use exag-
focus on teaching pupils how cannot be used as criteria for gerated advertising to lure
Liu Lei, the only male student in his master’s degree class at Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s School of Education in to perform well in exams, future enrollment in primary students into after-school
Wuhan, Hubei province, leads classmates during a photo shoot on Tuesday. As the graduation season approaches, many students go to rather than aiding the wider or middle school, the state- tutoring programs.
iconic places on campus to take photos commemorating their youth. educational development of ment said. You Sen, deputy secretary-
MIAO JIAN / FOR CHINA DAILY the child, according to a state- Last month, the ministry general of the Chinese Socie-
ment issued by the ministry released a further rule ty of Education, said the
and three other central gov- requiring local education guidelines are intended to
ernment departments at the authorities to release increase the threshold for the

China’s antipollution work

end of February. detailed plans by the middle sector and shut down sub-
“They have given addition- of April that will reduce stu- standard institutions.
al heavy homework to stu- dents’ excessive academic “In the long term, after-
dents and increased the burden. The plans should school training institutions
financial burden on families,” include timetables for specif- should only play a supple-
the statement said. “Teachers ic measures, names of the mentary role in China’s edu-

a useful model, NGO says who lure or pressure students

to attend after-school train-
ing classes will be dealt with
seriously or even stripped of
their teaching credentials.”
people in charge and hotlines
for the public to report mis-
In April, the Guangzhou
Bureau of Education con-
cation system, focusing on
offering individualized edu-
cational services and promot-
ing students’ all-around
development,” You said.

Countries in Belt and Road Initiative regions, including Hebei to help China establish mar-

are ‘a good place to share’ experience

province, have made aggres-
sive moves against pollution
through strict controls — clo-
ket-based incentives for trim-
ming emissions
strengthening the enforce-
and University in Shanghai launches
sures of highly polluting fac-
tories, a shift to clean energy
for winter heating and
ment of environmental laws.
To date, more than 43,000
environmental officers have
driverless bus service on campus
improvements to the indus- received training from its
China’s efforts against air trial structure. programs. By CAO CHEN in Shanghai
pollution have made steady The low- “One of the major break- Daily cumulative fines
progress since 2013, and the throughs — starting from last with no upper limit — a pow-
accumulated experience is hanging year, in particular — was cur- erful tool in deterring and Shanghai Jiao Tong Uni-
valuable around the world, a tailing the use of coal and regulating polluters — were versity has launched a trial
regional head of a New York-
fruit is gone. More controlling small- and medi- adopted in the Environmen- run of a driverless minibus
based NGO said.
“The record of achieve-
challenges are in um-sized emission sources,
which in the past were
tal Protection Law based on
the experience of the United
service on its campus in
Shanghai’s Xuhui district.
ments that have been deliv- front of us, and it’s beyond measurement range,” States, Zhang said. China’s The service, for on-campus
ered in the past five years is he said. law took effect in 2015. He commuting, uses an eight-
amazing. Everybody living in just the beginning.” The Ministry of Ecology added that the permit system seat vehicle developed jointly
Beijing can feel the differ- and Environment has is also a major step in pollu- by the university’s Research
ence in air quality,” said Zhang Jianyu, chief representa- assigned 5,600 inspectors for tion control. Institute of Intelligence Vehi-
Zhang Jianyu, chief repre- tive for the Environmental a year to 28 major cities in It’s time, he said, to “sum- cles and a company specializ-
sentative for the Environ- Defense Fund in China the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei marize and understand what ing in automatic driving
mental Defense Fund in region since March, its larg- China has gone through, and systems research and pro-
China. est campaign to date. More we can help to share that duction. A passenger steps into a driverless minibus at Shanghai Jiao
“China managed to turn five years. The average con- than 62,000 polluting plants experience with other coun- Guided by a map stored in Tong University on Tuesday. The bus is able to pick up passen-
mission impossible into a centration of PM2.5 — haz- have been shut down. tries that are in the middle of the cloud, the bus can pick up gers and take them to a stop they select by scanning a QR code.
systematic success,” Zhang ardous airborne particles — The bluer skies have also this, or that are going to face passengers and take them to WANG GANG / FOR CHINA DAILY
said, adding that progress dropped to a record-low 34 come at a price. The short- it soon”. the stop they select by scan-
has been observed in aspects micrograms per cubic meter, term actions such as shutting For example, India is suf- ning a QR code.
such as mapping the sources according to the municipal down plants and changing fering severe air pollution, There are currently four it intelligently to avoid colli- price of those developed in
and movement of pollutants, environmental protection fuels have significantly and China’s experience in stops on the university’s sions,” Yang said. Europe, which can cost sev-
and adopting technologies to bureau. affected some parts of socie- creating countermeasures Xuhui campus. While on “It’s unlike driverless vehi- eral million yuan.
reduce and monitor emis- The reduction targets set ty. could help. board, passengers can use a cles that rely on a real-time “The bus is commercial
sions. by the central government in But it’s necessary to help “Countries participating in touch screen or speak to an satellite positioning system, and intelligent, but its sys-
From policy design to the national air pollution the governments buy the the Belt and Road Initiative interactive voice system to which can be affected by the tem still needs development
implementation and enforce- campaign were reached on time and space needed to let are a good place to share Chi- change their destination. surrounding environment to operate around cars or
ment, both at the central and schedule in most cities, long-term measures — tech- na’s accumulated experience “It’s really convenient for and severe weather. other traffic,” he said.
local levels, China’s system including Beijing, said Li nologies, policies and laws — — or at least to reference it,” us to commute by bus on this “The bus is also equipped Su Yuezeng, Party secre-
has improved, he said. Ganjie, minister of ecology take hold, Zhang said. Zhang said. expansive campus,” said with a core sensor that allows tary of the university’s elec-
Beijing saw a dramatic and environment. After setting up offices in “The low-hanging fruit is Yuan Wei, a doctoral stu- it to work properly even on tronic information and
decline in air pollution last The bluer skies were not China in 1998, the NGO has gone. More challenges are in dent. rainy and snowy days, when electrical engineering school,
year and in January reported easily won. participated in projects with front of us, and it’s just the The three campus buses people need the vehicle more said the bus represents the
the best air quality in the past Beijing and neighboring governments and institutes beginning.” have carried more than 1,000 than in good weather. A effort the university made to
passengers safely at a maxi- recharge of five to six hours combine talent training, sci-
mum speed of 15 km per hour can ensure a full day of oper- entific research and indus-

Guangzhou aims to raise bar on auto emissions since May 2, according to

Yang Ming, director of the
institute. A monthlong test
To ensure safety during
the trial run, a security offi-
“We will continue with
research and the cultivation
run was carried out earlier cer on the bus can press a of talent in the field of low-
By ZHENG CAIXIONG “Vehicles are being required The draft has little effect on on the school’s Minhang stop button if needed, even speed driverless minibuses
in Guangzhou to reduce their emissions those who purchased a car campus. though he usually doesn’t and logistics systems,” Su
2.8 million around the world,” Peng told
China Daily. The new meas-
before January, he added.
But the regulations may
“We installed sensors on
the bus and used a special
have to do anything. An
emergency button is also

Number of registered vehicles ures will also help spur the also result in higher prices for positioning and navigation available on the exterior of Online
The city government of in Guangzhou, Guangdong development of Guangzhou’s cars in Guangzhou, said Hou system developed by the the bus. Scan it for
Guangzhou, Guangdong prov- province automobile industry, he said. Guobing, a local office worker. institute that can detect Yang said the cost of devel- a video related
ince, is considering a ban on Peng urged government According to data from local everything happening oping the driverless vehicles to the story.
sales of new vehicles that do departments to introduce con- traffic police, Guangzhou has around the bus and manage is one-fifth to one-tenth the
not meet the National VI emis- crete and effective measures more than 15 million people
sion standards. to gradually eliminate vehicles and about 2.8 million regis-
According to a draft plan the strict emission standard, that fail to meet the country’s tered vehicles. It began limit-
published on the Guangzhou
Bureau of Environmental Pro-
which environmental protec-
tion authorities ordered to be
emission standards.
“As the provincial capital,
ing car registrations in 2012
and plans to restrict the grow-
New decor
tection website, the ban would adopted across the country by Guangzhou should take the ing number of vehicles from
start on Jan 1. 2023. lead in introducing even outside the city later this year. A girl plays on Wednesday at
The bureau is soliciting Under the draft, the require- stricter emissions standards,” According to the Rules on Liuliqiao subway station in
public opinion on the draft ments also apply to vehicles he added. the Management of Non- Beijing, which has been
until May 17, aiming to reduce sold outside Guangzhou. Vehi- Cheng Fangming, a Guangzhou Registered Vehi- redecorated with a theme of
vehicle emissions and combat cles registered in the city Guangzhou driver, said he is in cles, vehicles from outside the cleanliness and integrity. The
worsening air pollution in the before the end of year will be favor of the new draft plan city will be banned from oper- decor, which was also adapted
city. exempt. because vehicles are a major ating on the city’s roads for to a subway train, uses lotus
If the draft is adopted, Peng Peng, vice-chairman of culprit in air pollution. four days after being in the city flowers — traditionally
Guangzhou will become the the experts committee of the “The new draft plan will for four days. considered a symbol of
first city in the province, and Guangdong-based South Non- help ensure an even better air The rules are expected to cleanliness and honesty.
likely in the country, to intro- governmental Think-tank, environment and ease traffic take effect before the end of WANG ZHUANGFEI / CHINA DAILY
duce the National VI emission said the draft plan would cer- jams when no new vehicles the year.
standard. tainly help reduce emissions that fail to meet stricter emis-
The city will also be four and ensure better air quality sions are allowed to operate in Luo Yongshi contributed to
years ahead in implementing in Guangzhou. the city,” he told China Daily. this story.



Ten years ago this week, a small county in Sichuan province was the epicenter of one of the most deadly and devastating earthquaa
the 10th anniversary approaches, China Daily reporters have been talking to some of those affected by the disaster to hear how t

My goal is
Left: Xue Xiao’s request for Coke made him famous.
Right: Xue this year. ZOU HONG / CHINA DAILY
better in my
work for
FORWARD TO A World’ and
LIFE WITH FIZZ live a free
By CAO YIN school building. As he was post rotation, I found I was also helped the company Xue Xiao
and HUANG ZHILING pulled free three days later, more fascinated by the deliver drinking water to
in Chengdu the teenager called out, “I drink and its production,” Jiuzhaigou, a national park
want a Coke, an icy one”. he said. in Sichuan that was severely
In recent weeks, Xue The comment was broad- April and May are the damaged by an earthquake
Xiao, aka “Coke Boy”, has cast nationwide, bringing busiest seasons for the in August.
been busy guiding a grow- relief and amusement amid 27-year-old, who receives “My goal is just to do bet-
ing number of people on the deep sorrow. more than 2,000 visitors a ter in my work for ‘Coke
tours of the World of Coca- Eighty hours after the month. He explains the his- World’ and live a free life,”
Cola in Chengdu, capital of quake, Xue’s right arm was tory of the beverage and he said. “Compared with
Sichuan province. amputated, and a year later, guides the guests on a tour people who didn’t go “Now I am
“I am happy with the he was admitted to Shang- of the production line. through the (Wenchuan) Left: Lang Zheng salutes his rescuers as he is lifted clear of the rubble in 2008. YANGG
work; it suits me and could hai University of Finance “The most important quake, I’m not afraid of diffi- learning to Right: The 13-year-old displays his basketball skills at his home. ZOU HONG / CHINA DAI
help me take part in more and Economics without thing is that the job allows culties and I can overcome
charity activities,” said Xue, having to take the entry me to organize and partici- them better.” simply
a survivor of the 2008 exam. pate in a lot of charitable Soon, he plans to travel
Wenchuan earthquake who
got his nickname after tell-
ing emergency workers he
In April 2013, as a univer-
sity senior, Xue worked as
an intern at Coca-Cola Chi-
activities,” he said. “That’s
what I most wanted to do
after I was saved in the dis-
overseas with friends, and is
looking forward to visiting
France, his dream destina-
wanted a Coke as he was
being pulled from the rub-
na in Shanghai, and after
graduation, he decided to
For example, last year,
“I want to learn about
life gives By CAO YIN saluting the army squad. At school, L
ble. return to the company’s Xue visited Gansu province romance from French peo- me.” in Mianyang, Sichuan In the years that followed, tory and biolo o
When the quake hit the branch in Sichuan to work. to talk to students and ple, because it could play a Lang was besieged by the of working in h
province a decade ago, Xue, “At first, I was in charge of explain survival methods big role in dating girls. After Jiang Min media, but his teachers and logical researcc
then 17, was buried beneath emergency public relations they should adopt in the all, it’s time to find my Miss At the age of 3, Lang Zheng classmates, who are all famil- Picking up t
the ruins of a collapsed for the branch, but after a event of an earthquake. He Right,” he said, with a laugh. became an icon of the earth- iar with his story, have never famous salutee
quake in Beichuan county, treated him as a celebrity. said he and h
Sichuan province, when he He dislikes having his photo been thinking g

PUBLIC DUTY saluted the soldiers who res-

cued him from the rubble.
Now, at 1.73 meters tall,
taken, but he puts up with it
because his parents have
pointed out that it’s a tribute
tographer, Yan

The photo
died of liver ca

TRIUMPHS OVER almost the same height as his

father, Lang is a grade-one
from the public who still
appreciate his gesture.
bond between
Yang often visii


middle school student.
The 13-year-old can’t
remember the moment the
Although he is shy and even
diffident when talking about
the salute, he becomes confi-
in the years a
shot was takeen
Lang Hong g
quake hit and buried him dent and talkative when the Zheng’s fatherr
under the rubble, but he subject turns to basketball, his son to join thee
and CUI JIA in Chengdu
him to be knows he was rescued the fol- favorite sport. brate Spring F

Only two things worry

optimistic lowing day. All his memories
of the disaster come from his
Asked which NBA team and
player he likes most, he imme-
“Last mon
visited Yang
Jiang Min these days; and look parents, along with a press diately replied “Golden State remember h
whether her 7-year-old son photographer’s photos of him Warriors and Klay Thompson”. Sweeping Day ay
will sleep well in his own ahead.”
bedroom, and working out
the best primary school for Wu Xiaohong, FIRST PERSON
him to attend. Left: Jiang Min in 2008. XIAO CHUN / FOR CHINA DAILY Lang Zheng’s mother
Zheng Jing is not Jiang’s
first child, but it is the first
time the 38-year-old has
Right: Jiang plays with her son. JU YANG / FOR CHINA DAILY
dealt with this sort of par- tival, Jiang brings her family selected to oversee a new will tell him everything when
enting problem. She feels as to Beichuan to pay their media platform, “Counterter- he grows up. For now, I have Yang Bo, 28, is the son of the 30-minute trip. We were visit Beichuann
inexperienced as any other respects to their loved ones. rorism in Chengdu”, last year. only taught him how to sur- Yang Weihua, who took the “similar strangers”. again to use hii
greenhorn mother. “As the years pass by, the “Counterterrorism is a vive in an earthquake, which “salute” photo of Lang Zheng I didn’t understand my record the cou u
“I always felt it was too shadow of the earthquake is completely new field for me. I is all he needs,” she said. as he was pulled from the father’s work until he took and the peoplee
early for him (to sleep on his fading. Now I am learning to have had to equip myself with Jiang is not planning any- rubble in wake of the Wen- me to Beichuan county in after the quakk
own) and was worried that simply accept whatever life all kinds of relevant informa- thing special to mark the 10th chuan quake. August 2008, three months In 2015, as p
he would be reluctant. But gives me,” she said. tion from every possible plat- anniversary of the Wenchuan after the massive quake. The celebrating Ch h

on the contrary, I’m unable In 2009, Jiang was trans- form in my spare time, and earthquake, which will fall on y father was a place was full of debris. Year, my fathee
to sleep well without him,” ferred from her home in make sure people can learn Saturday. Instead, she will photographer As we passed one large cancer. He wass
she said. Pengzhou to the Chengdu the basics of how to protect stay at home to conduct with Mianyang pile of rubble, he told me photographic
Jiang, a police officer in police bureau. She works as themselves on our platform,” research about local primary Evening News. that it had been the kinder- Beichuan stop p
Sichuan province, lost 10 an administrator for the anti- she said. schools and cook dinner for The most famous picture he garten where he had heard moment.
relatives, including her terrorism squad, dealing with Relatives from their home- her son and husband. took was that of Lang Zheng Lang call for help and had Earlier this y
2-year-old daughter and her the welfare of grassroots offi- town have told Zheng Jing “For people who did not go saluting the soldiers as he photographed the moment up thousands
mother, in the magnitude 8 cers. that he once had an older sis- through the earthquake, the was rescued in Beichuan the kid saluted the soldiers It was the firstt
earthquake whose epicenter “It’s been my dream to be a ter, and the boy has asked 10th anniversary may be a county. The photo not only during his rescue. looked throug g
was Wenchuan in May 2008. police officer since high school Jiang several times about the special time to hold a memo- changed Lang’s destiny, but He said the photo was just body of work.
Despite knowing about her when I saw a movie about a sibling he never met. In rial ceremony. But for me, also my father’s. an instinctive act — he nev- In one photo o
loss, Jiang insisted on work- brave female who saved a response, she simply every year matters. People My father had been far er thought it would place ered in blood a
ing on the frontline in Bei- whole city. The movie has had explained that his sister died may forget it in 20 years. I from me because my par- him and Lang in the public piled in one pll
chuan county, helping to a huge influence on me ever in an accident. can’t. I will remember it for ents divorced when I was eye. another, the saa
rescue survivors. She worked since,” she said. “He’s just a small kid full of the rest of my life,” she said. very young and I lived with My father told me, “The covered by thee
until she fell to the ground Following the implementa- happiness and brightness. I my mother. When they first photo made me feel guilty yellow flowerss
exhausted. tion of the Counterterrorism don’t want the scars of this Contact the writers at broke up, he drove me to because I won honor them, I sudden n
Every year, during Tomb Law of the People’s Republic catastrophe to affect him too wangkeju@ school every weekend, but through other people’s pain.” why my fatherr
Sweeping Day or Spring Fes- of China in 2015, Jiang was much at such an early age. I we both stayed silent during That feeling forced him to the county so t
Thursday, May 10, 2018  C H I N A DA I LY


akes of modern times. About 80,000 people lost their lives or were reported missing in the magnitude 8 quake. As
they survived and rebuilt their lives.

The photo
made me Left: Tang Xuemei in 2008. WANG SHEN / FOR CHINA DAILY
Right: Tang this year. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY
feel guilty
because I
won honor FROM AMPUTEE
pain.” By ZHANG YI tated below the knee. beginning, but she left the is that I love the sport very Undeterred, she began national squad in 2013, long- much. I realized that it would
Yang Weihua, playing sitting volleyball the ing to try a new venture in a be a pity to stop playing at
who took the photo of Ten years ago, when she following year, when a coach different environment. such a young age. Many
Lang Zheng’s famous was 14, Tang Xuemei lost a for the Shanghai Disabled In 2014, she moved to teammates are still practic-
salute leg in the Wenchuan earth- Persons’ Sports Training Cen- Hainan province because she ing in their 30s,” she said,
quake, but that didn’t stop ter realized that Tang’s height liked the island’s tropical cli- adding that friends gave her
her from following her and long arms suggested mate, and opened a badmin- a lot of encouragement.
dreams. great sporting potential. ton center with a number of Early this year, she left her
“When I look back, I feel Although she had never friends. badminton center in good
“The sport grateful and lucky. The disas- played the game before 2009, “Until I began running the hands in Hainan and trav-
G WEIHUA / FOR CHINA DAILY ter made me stronger in Tang’s tough, undaunted center, I didn’t realize that eled to Wuxi, Jiangsu pro-
LY brings me a adversity and changed my spirit quickly saw her make management was such hard vince, to join the provincial
world totally. Without it, I the national sitting volleyball work. It requires a lot of volleyball squad.
lot of wouldn’t have the life I have squad and represent China knowledge and experience, “At this moment, my goal is
now,” the 24-year-old athlete many times. as well as the ability to deal to get back into the sport as
MADE A BOY A STAR The shadow
Born to a rural family in
Qingchuan county, Sichuan
As the youngest player in
the squad, she played in the
2010 Asian Para Games in
with many things at the same
time,” she said.
“I read a lot in my spare
quickly as possible and make
a breakthrough. I also spend
a lot of time reading and

Lang enjoys his- dong said. a lottery worth 5 million yuan

cast by the province, Tang had never left
her home village until the
Guangzhou, Guangdong
province, and the 2012 Lon-
time to fill the gap in my
knowledge that was left after
studying to improve myself,”
she said.
ogy, and dreams Looking at the photo, the ($788,000),” he said. earthquake magnitude 8 earthquake don Paralympics. The Chinese I failed to study hard during “When I look at the new-
historical or bio- 43-year-old was taken back to Wu Xiaohong, Lang destroyed the remote moun- team won gold at both events. my years as an athlete. I feel I comers in the team, I see
ch later in life. the events of May 12, 2008. Zheng’s mother, was luckier; has almost tain settlement. “The sport brings me a lot have become more inde- myself many years ago, cher-
the photo of his When the quake hit, he was at she was able to hold her son Tang’s school collapsed in of happiness. The shadow pendent and calm in the face ishing the opportunity and
from a table, he a police station in Beichuan, on the evening on May 13, vanished.” the quake, and she was cast by the earthquake has of difficulties.” striving to realize my poten-
his parents have about 50 kilometers from his shortly after he was rescued. trapped under concrete almost vanished,” she said. After learning a life lesson tial.”
g about the pho- son’s kindergarten. “It was like a dream,” the Tang Xuemei slabs. “The hard work and opti- through her new adventure Away from the sporting
ng Weihua, who “I worried about my son 40-year-old said. Although she was res- mism of my teammates, who and experiencing a different arena, she has set herself one
ancer in 2015. and wife, but the damaged To ensure that Lang Zheng cued after 28 hours, her left also lost legs, have deeply world, Tang decided to start more goal — to settle down
has formed a roads and poor mobile signal could live a normal, happy leg was so severely dam- influenced me.” playing volleyball again. and start a family. She will
n the families. meant we had no way to con- life, his parents have rarely aged that it had to be ampu- Volleyball gave Tang a new “The most important thing succeed, no doubt.
ited Lang Zheng nect,” he said. “The buildings spoken about with him the
after the famous in Beichuan were so shabby a quake. “I want him to be opti-
n, and this year
gdong, Lang
r, invited Yang’s
decade ago that I assumed
my son was dead.”
It was seven days before he
mistic and look ahead,” Wu
“After all, time can alleviate “Just being REPAYING A DEBT
e family to cele-
learned that his son had sur-
vived, and that his salute had
and cure everything. We
should cherish what we have
alive is the AT CLINIC THAT
th, our family
g’s grave to
him on Tomb
made him a “superstar”.
“You can’t image how excit-
ed I was at that moment. I
right now.”

Huang Zhiling contributed to

thing for
ay,” Lang Hong- was happier than if I had won this story By TAN YINGZI
me.” in Chongqing
Heng Yonghong
Heng Yonghong, 27, a sur-

ED MY FATHER’S DESTINY vivor of the devastating mag-

nitude 8 earthquake that
struck Wenchuan, Sichuan
Left: Heng Yonghong learns to walk again in 2008.
Above: Heng in Chongqing this year. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY

province, on May 12, 2008,

n again and now works in the accounts “She was so young. We center in Chongqing treated
is camera to department of the medical knew that even if we saved Heng as a family member,
unty’s rebirth center where she was treated one of her legs, her life would especially Shi, who not only
e’s prospects after the disaster. be changed forever,” he sponsored her college tuition
ke. “My job is to organize the recalled. fee but has also encouraged
people were receipts. It may sound boring Fortunately for Heng, the her in the years since the dis-
hinese New to many people, but I really treatment she received and aster.
er died of liver like it,” she said, with a big her will to survive saw the “As a doctor, knowing that
s just 51. His smile. “Just being alive is the 17-year-old return home to I saved Heng’s legs and
recording of happiest thing for me,” she pulled her out of the col- Beichuan just two months helped her to grow up is the
pped at that said, referring to the earth- lapsed classroom, her legs later. Both her legs had been proudest achievement of my
quake that left about 80,000 were so badly injured that saved. life,” he said.
year, I tidied people dead or missing. everyone assumed they This tragedy made Heng He noted that his former
of his photos. Heng, who has a younger would have to be amputated. much stronger. She contin- patient still keeps in touch
t time I had brother, was born into a poor She was quickly trans- ued to study with her class- with the volunteers who
gh his entire farming family in Beichuan, ferred to the nearby Chong- mates at a temporary helped her in Chongqing.
a county in the southwestern qing Emergency Medical campus, and took the nation- In 2014, Heng passed the
Photographer Yang Weihua chats with Lang Zheng in 2013.
o, bodies cov- province. Center to receive advanced al college entrance exam in hospital’s recruitment test.
and dust are When the quake struck, treatment from a team of 12 2010. She and a colleague share a
lace, while in she was a first-grade student experts that had been assem- Because she regarded rented apartment near the
ame location is During Spring Festival this were still alive, he would at Beichuan High School. bled to treat survivors. Chongqing as her second hospital, and she enjoys play-
e blossoms of year, I visited Beichuan and have brought his camera to Only 25 of the 60 children in Shi Ruofei, who was direct- hometown, she applied to ing table tennis and practic-
s. Looking at visited Lang’s family. As I the county without any hesi- her class survived. or of the center and led the study accountancy at Yang- ing yoga.
nly understood watched Lang and his father tation. She spent more than 30 earthquake medical team, tze Normal University in the “I am so glad I was able to
r took photos of play basketball, I became hours trapped under rubble, was determined to save city. return to my second home-
tenaciously. lost in thought. If my father Yang Bo spoke with Cao Yin. and when a rescue team Heng’s legs. The team at the medical town,” she said.
8 Thursday, May 10, 2018

China Daily


Trump again disregards Cai Meng

international consensus

espite the calls of the overwhelming majority of
the international community for the United
States to stay in the Iran nuclear deal, US Presi-
dent Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that
he will withdraw the US from the pact and reim-
pose sanctions against Teheran. His decision is
not only a blow to the agreement itself, it also
renounces the multilateral efforts that secured the compact.
In July 2015, after two years of tough negotiations, Iran and six
world powers — Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the
US, plus the European Union — reached a deal, in which Iran
would freeze its nuclear weapons program in exchange for the US
and the EU lifting sanctions.
Since the deal went into effect on October 18, 2015, the Interna-
tional Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nation’s nuclear watch-
dog, has confirmed ten times that Iran has fully complied with
the obligations set out in the deal.
Trump withdrawing the US from the deal puts the multilateral
deal in jeopardy, which in the worst-case scenario, as some have
already warned, could lead to war with Iran.
However, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have all
staunchly defended the deal, saying they are committed to it.
That they are not willing to follow the US’ lead this time offers
hopes that the deal may survive without the US.
But whatever happens to the deal itself, Trump’s move has
immediately thrown US-Iran relations into confrontation again.
Something that will not help to calm the turmoil in the Middle
East. Especially, as the move seems intended to accelerate the
forced regime change in Teheran that Washington and its Middle
East allies seem to be seeking.
It also sends the wrong message to the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea at a crucial moment.
This is not the first time that Trump has torn up a multilateral
deal. From the Paris climate change pact to the Trans-Pacific Part-
nership trade agreement, Trump’s “America First” doctrine has OPINION LINE
proved to mean the US will not be beholden to its promises.
While it is natural that the US leader should want to put his coun-
try’s interests first, those interests do not exist in a vacuum. In today’s
interconnected world, the butterfly wings of even minor decisions
Universities’ budget rankings not Age rating cartoons
could stop copycat
can result in significant and unforeseen consequences elsewhere.
And those in their turn also have their own butterfly effects.
Trump wants to improve the US’ fortunes, which is all very
well. But he is not a fortuneteller. Nor is anyone else in his admin-
an indicator of how good they are acts by youngsters
istration. Not even whatever algorithms they might be using can
help them predict every eventuality. FOLLOWING THE REQUIREMENT of the Education Ministry, 75 universities directly under its ON APRIL 15, a 6-year-old girl jumped
The deal was working; that much is known. It would have been administration have disclosed their budgets for this year. Beijing-based Tsinghua University tops the list off the sixth floor of a building with an
much better to leave it alone. with an annual budget of 26.95 billion yuan ($4.23 billion), 10 billion yuan more than Zhejiang University umbrella in hand in Wuhu city, East China’s
(15.47 billion yuan), which ranks second on the list. China Education Daily comments: Anhui province. Fortunately, she was only
lightly injured. Procuratorate Daily com-
Three neighbors give added Some media outlets have commented that the
universities’ budgets directly reflect their educa-
earning capacities of universities strong in sci-
ence and technology are markedly higher than

tion quality and research level. In fact, that is not the universities of liberal arts. But that does not Reports suggest the girl might have been
impetus to regional progress necessarily the case. For instance, Peking Universi-
ty’s budget ranks sixth on the list. But it remains
mean that the arts and humanities are less impor-
tant than science and technology, or science uni-
imitating something that she had seen in a
cartoon. If true, that’s not the first case of its
the most difficult university to enter for high versities more important than arts and kind.

lthough ties have been strained in recent times by their school graduates. It makes more sense to judge a humanities universities. In March last year, a 5-year-old girl in
territorial and historical disputes, leaders of Japan, Chi- university by its minimum enrollment marks in the Ranking the educational capabilities of universi- Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous
na and the Republic of Korea struck a more harmoni- national college entrance exam than how much it ties according to the size of their budgets is neither region, jumped off the 11th floor of a build-
ous note in Tokyo on Wednesday. spends each year. fair nor rational. For example, Renmin University ing with an umbrella in hand She was seri-
Which is not surprising as the trilateral summit came hard on It is noteworthy that government funds account of China in Beijing, which is a leading university ously hurt.
the heels of the positive progress that has been made in efforts to for an increasingly smaller share in the universities for studies of philosophy, economics, law, manage- In other cases, in April 2013, an 8-year-
bring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in from the cold. incomes, as an increasingly larger share comes ment and politics, should not be deemed a medio- old boy in Lianyungang city, East China’s
And the efforts Beijing and Tokyo had been making to build on from their earnings for their training and research cre university because its budget is only one-third Jiangsu province, tied two playmates to a
their shared interests to kick-start their stalled relations. activities. that of some science and technology institutes. It tree and set them on fire because he hoped
Indeed, when Premier Li Keqiang, Japanese Prime Minister That the authorities make it a compulsory has proved to be a cradle for many successful law- to imitate a wolf who roasted sheep in a
Shinzo Abe and ROK President Moon Jae-in sat down for talks, practice for the universities to disclose their bud- yers, economists, thinkers and politicians, and cartoon. And in March 2016, a 10-year-old
the portents for joint efforts to promote regional peace and stabil- gets is intended to enhance their transparency of remains one of the most difficult universities to girl scarred her younger sister’s face with
ity and greater economic integration were the most promising how they use public money, not to provide socie- enter nationwide. an electric saw as she had seen a character
they have been for years. ty with an indicator of their educational and Thus, the media should pay more attention to in a cartoon do.
The fact that they reached a consensus on the need for complete research rankings. how the universities spend the money rather than All these call for a classification system
denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the permanent estab- It is understandable that the spending and how big their budgets are. for animations. Of the cartoon movies cur-
lishment of peace shows that there is common ground to be found. rently shown on TV and online, too many
And there is much the three neighboring countries could achieve if contain violence, verbal abuse, and other
they could shelve their differences and work together. Certainly in
trade, where a tripartite free trade agreement is long overdue. Dating sites offer easy pickings for scammers improper scenes. In a popular TV series,
Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, the goat is
For despite the fact that their combined markets account for put into a pot for cooking purposes 839
more than 20 percent of the global gross domestic product, intra- REPORTEDLY, it only costs 30 yuan ($4.71) to buy everything you need to register with someone times and the wolf inflicts an electric shock
regional trade among the three is only 20 percent of their total else’s identity for use on matchmaking websites. People’s Daily commented on Wednesday: on it 1,755 times. If any child tries to imitate
trade. Clearly there is much potential to be tapped. these, that could prove deadly.
And tapping that potential has become even more urgent in the People can purchase all they need to register on has provided the fraudsters with tremendous To prevent this, many scholars and experts
face of the United States’ protectionist stance on trade. matchmaking websites, a new name, ID card num- opportunities to scam people. have long been calling for classification of
Reports that they have agreed to work toward finalizing an FTA ber and home address, which are all real but But the dating websites and even the dealers of cartoons, so that audiences under a certain
and the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partner- belong to someone else. To make the fake identity the identity information wash their hands of any age limit won’t see the ones with improper
ship with Southeast Asian nations hopefully mark progress appear even more realistic for his or her targets, responsibility for the crimes, and only those fraud- content. Actually, that is a common practice
toward realizing what would give significant boosts to the region- one only needs to spend another 108 yuan to pur- sters that are caught are brought to justice for the in developed countries. For example, in
al economy. chase dozens of photos and video clips to perfect wrongdoing. Japan, animated movies are divided into
However, as Premier Li said on Wednesday, China-Japan ties the subterfuge. What enables this illegal practice is The authorities urged the dating websites to those suitable for full ages, 12 and above, 15
are at a crucial stage for improvement, as this year marks the the dating websites ignoring their legal obligation strictly implement the real-name registration sys- and above, 18 and above, and the cartoons
40th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral treaty of peace to verify their users’ identities, as well as the weak tem and strengthen the protecting of their custom- for children are prohibited from containing
and friendship. That opportunity should not be wasted. The two supervision of such websites. ers last September. But that has not yet been sex, violence, and verbal abuse.
countries should uphold the principles of the four basic docu- The websites’ profits mainly come from the translated into concrete actions. The classification will not only regulate
ments that form the foundation for better ties. users’ registration fees, and some of them pass the The dating websites must verify that people are the market, but also help parents. Many
The meeting shows that where there is conviction and certainty buck to the users to double check each other’s iden- who they say they are. It is necessary that the parents think cartoons are good for chil-
in the goals to be achieved, the three countries can find words of tity, shirking their own responsibilities as service authorities take immediate measures to address dren, without realizing which cartoons are
shared resolve. Now the three should ensure their conduct is in platforms and information providers. the issue as the scams have caused increasingly suitable for their child’s age. A classification
accordance with their expressed intentions. Some fraud cases exposed by the public have broader negative social influences, particularly system will help them allow their children
shown the dangers of such “masked” dating, which among young people. to watch cartoons suitable for their age.

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National forest city The administration released a document in be the first district in Bei-
Phone app: August 2016 setting out standards to ensure jing to meet the standards
China Daily USA China Daily UK the long-term sustainability of its forests. The for national forest city.
1500 Broadway, Suite 2800, New 90 Cannon Street London EC4N 6HA standards are realistic criteria for sustainable On Oct 10, 2017, the then
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China Daily Asia Pacific China Daily Africa Beijing announced that all the districts in years in order to make sure they meet the nationwide as a national
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CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018 VIEWS 9
Zhang Yan

Xi’s thought a development of Marxism Zhao Huanxin

t a conference to mark developing open system as well, cially historical materialism, the help the people to achieve com- The author is deputy editor-in-chief
the 200th birth anni- which has always stood at the Party has carried out China’s mon prosperity. In addition, it of China Daily USA.
versary of Karl Marx in forefront of the times. Xi’s thought social development and its own advances to build a community
the Great Hall of the Marx’s profound exploration of socialist construction. of shared future for humankind.
develops the prac-
People in Beijing on May 4, Presi-
dent Xi Jinping said Marx’s theo-
ries shine with the brilliance of
the world may have been based
on the existing systems and con-
ditions during his times, but it
tical aspects of
Xi’s thought develops the prac-
tical aspects of Marxism. It com-
bines Marxism’s fundamental
Xi’s thought also manifests the
openness of Marxism, while
applying Marxist principles to
More women
truth even after the profound
changes in human society. The
most valuable and influential
goes beyond his times in terms of
spirit and philosophy. It is the
essence of the spirit of those
Marxism. It
principles and China’s actual
practice, opening up a series of
plans and paths that are in
contemporary China. Besides,
Xi’s thought keeps pace with the
times during the process of
taking part in
asset that Marx has left us with is
Marxism, which “illuminated the
times as well as all times, includ-
ing the present and the future. Marxism’s funda-
accordance with China’s actual
national conditions. Xi’s thought
deepening reform and opening-
economy means
path of humanity’s exploration of Therefore, Marxism is trans-gen- also shows the way to deepen In contemporary China, guid-
the law of history, and humani-
ty’s search for their own libera-
erational universal truth, but it
has to be developed so that it can
mental principles
and China’s actual
reform in an all-round way,
injects new vitality into the
ed by Xi Jinping Thought on
Socialism with Chinese Charac-
higher returns
tion”. be applied to the reality of mod- development of social productive teristics for a New Era, the scien-
practice ...
In his speech, Xi summarized ern times. forces by adjusting the relations tificity and truthfulness of here is a lucrative charm in advanc-
the characteristics of Marxism The Communist Party of China of production and improving the Marxism has been fully tested, its ing women’s equality: countries in
saying it is a people-centric scien- has followed Marxism since its superstructure to meet the devel- people-oriented approach fully the Asia-Pacific region could add
tific theory, which creatively establishment and has been opment demand of the economic implemented, and its openness $4.5 trillion to their combined annu-
reveals the law of social develop- developing the philosophy in base. and epochal character fully man- al GDP by 2025, a 12 percent increase over the
ment. As such, Marxism is the practice. It has used Marxism as Xi’s thought reflects Marxism’s ifested. Xi’s thought therefore is a business-as-usual trajectory. In particular,
theory of the people, aimed at a spiritual weapon for China’s the form of Marxism practiced by people-centric philosophy. It development of Marxism, which China’s economy could increase by $2.6 tril-
building a system based on ideol- revolution, construction and China in the new era. regards people’s happiness as its is applicable to today’s China. lion — 13 percent above the business-as-usual
ogy to strive for liberation of reform. Xi Jinping Thought on The CPC inherited the scientif- essential mission, sticks to the course — if it pursues gender parity, according
humanity. Marxism is also a Socialism with Chinese Charac- ic essence of Marxism. Based on fundamental purpose of serving The author is a researcher at the to a McKinsey research report issued last
practical theory, which guides teristics for a New Era is the lat- the scientific understanding of the people, establishes deeper Marxism School, Party School of month.
people’s action to change the est development of Marxism with the general rules of human socie- connection with the people and the Communist Party of China The 240-page report that analyzes the high
world. Marxism is a continuously Chinese characteristics, which is ty according to Marxism, espe- continuously strides forward to Central Committee. gender inequality in the Asia-Pacific and
details deliverable ways of change is a lauda-
ble public service by McKinsey, a global man-

Many lessons learnt from Wenchuan quake agement consulting firm.

Asia-Pacific is a global engine of growth.
Women can help, and are helping, to power
this engine, and contribute to the region’s
growth, which in turn will lift more people out
Editor’s note: This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 8.0-mag- of poverty, said Jonathan Woetzel, director of
nitude earthquake that devastated Wenchuan and other areas in Sich- the McKinsey Global Institute and his nine
uan province on May 12, 2008. Among other things, the Wenchuan colleagues who prepared the report. Yet large
earthquake taught China to take more precautionary measures to gaps remain in many countries in the region
deal with natural disasters. In fact, the country has made remarkable in terms of gender equality both in workplace
progress in this regard over the past decade. Three experts share their and in social life, says the report titled “The
views with China Daily’s Yao Yuxin on the earthquake and its after- Power of Parity: Advancing Women’s Equality
math. Excerpts follow: in Asia-Pacific”.

Advance quake warning country’s territory and half of its

system can save lives population. Indeed, the economic divi-
Early warning of an earth-
quake can save many lives and
Trauma victims in need
of institutional guarantee
dend from advancing gen-
prevent many secondary disas- der equality is attractive
ters. The warning system taken Wang Bin, an
by the Insitute of Care-Life has associate profes- for China and the other
been coworking with other agen- sor at the Law
cies across China, covering 2.2 School of South- Asia-Pacific countries.
million square kilometers, the west University
largest expanse in the world, and of Science and
covers schools, communities, Technology
nuclear power plants and chemi- “From an economic perspective, trying to
cal factories. Residents suffering from post- grow without enabling the full potential of
earthquake trauma receive ther- women is like fighting with one hand tied
Wang Tun, apy under a treatment program behind one’s back,” the report says.
director of the established with policy, financial The report focuses on seven countries —
Institute of and technical support from the Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, the
Care-Life in government, and some nonprofit Philippines and Singapore — which are home
Chengdu, Sich- organizations, local communities to more than 80 percent of the region’s female
uan province and individual psychiatrists. SHI YU / CHINA DAILY population and account for 90 percent of the
Some trauma patients could a much lower level than that in estimated additional $4.5 trillion GDP oppor-
The EEWS has already become need such treatment for up to 20 some developed countries. tunity in the 18 Asia-Pacific economies.
a part of the local residents’ daily years before they can fully reinte- However, there is a need to the first few hours of emergency In addition to examining the status quo of
life for almost 10 years. With the grate into society. expedite the construction of a Deng Guosheng, relief, volunteers high on enthu- gender inequality in these countries, the
help of local broadcasting agen- Mental health problems such stronger system to provide psy- a professor at siasm but low on organizational research is valuable in that it investigated the
cies, it has issued earthquake as post-traumatic stress disorder chotherapy and social support the School of support can disrupt normal res- issue of women in leadership positions in
warnings about 40 times, includ- caused by disasters have got for trauma patients in hard-to- Public Policy cue work. Therefore, it is neces- businesses, and has suggested measures to
ing that for the 7.0-magnitude increasing attention nationwide, reach mountainous areas. Also, and Manage- sary to promote closer help raise the number of women in compa-
Lushan earthquake in Sichuan especially after the Wenchuan adequate funds should be made ment, Tsinghua cooperation and coordination nies.
province in 2013 that helped to earthquake. Immediate interven- available to ensure continuous University among different government The report looks at gender equality in four
significantly reduce the number tion could heal the invisible psy- assistance for such people in the departments and individuals, dimensions: work; healthcare, education, and
of casualties. Local residents can chological injuries of the quake coming decade. and other organizations to financial and digital services; legal protection
use “Internet Plus” to download survivors and eliminate the pos- Therefore, social awareness complement government rescue ensure smooth rescue and relief and political voice; and physical security and
an app for earthquake warning sible social risks associated with about the importance of psycho- and relief agencies, are usually work. autonomy. And the discussions in the report
on their mobile phones to get such trauma. therapy should be raised, so that the first to arrive in earthquake- Although individuals and non- are of particular significance to China, which
firsthand information and early Thanks to the growing num- more post-traumatic stress disor- hit areas in Japan. In China, too, profit organizations in China are it says accounts for 35 percent of the region’s
warning against quakes. ber of professional psychiatrists, der patients seek treatment. In more and more non-governmen- developing fast, the training and female population, and women contribute an
Besides, as the third country — the country can now better deal addition, institutional and finan- tal organizations are providing management of their volunteers above-average 41 percent to its GDP.
after Mexico and Japan — to with the rising demand for psy- cial guarantees are needed to humanitarian relief for the peo- and equipment are still not as In his speech to the 19th National Congress
establish an EEWS, China can chotherapy. In particular, the continue the ongoing assistance ple in disaster-hit areas. In fact, professional as their counter- of the Communist Party of China in October,
use the experience to help the attitude of the people in the program for trauma patients. some Chinese civil groups can parts in developed countries. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “We must
countries along the Belt and earthquake-affected region has now offer more timely, flexible, Therefore, the government needs adhere to the fundamental national policy of
Road to issue early warning for helped the authorities, psychia- Government should support professional and innovative res- to provide such civil rescue for- gender equality and protect the legitimate
quakes. Actually, an EEWS has trists and medical practitioners civil groups in rescue work cue methods than they did in the ces with more policy and finan- rights and interests of women and minors.”
been already installed in Nepal, to keep the ill effects of post-trau- past. cial support to make them truly The McKinsey Global Institute compiles a
which covers one-third of the matic stress disorder in China at Private assistant groups, which But management disorder in professional. “gender parity score” to measure the distance
a country has traveled toward parity, which is
set at 1.0. China scores 0.61, the same as the
Ma Xiaolin global average, but slightly higher than the
Asia-Pacific’s average of 0.56. McKinsey says

US leaving Iran nuclear deal a reckless act China does well on female labor-force partici-
pation, but it should improve its share of
women in leadership, which stands at 0.2,
meaning only one woman for every five men
in leadership roles.

S President Donald would have included Iran’s long- Israel and Saudi Arabia, which objections from the other five deterrence capabilities. Either In the United States, the share of woman
Trump pulled out of range missile program, during his are traditional US allies in the countries that negotiated and way, Iran is staring at disaster. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies topped 5 per-
the Iran nuclear deal last visit to the United States. Middle East, have been voicing inked the Iran nuclear deal in On the other hand, Iran has cent for the first time in the first quarter of
on Tuesday and reim- Apparently, Macron was trying to their worries over Iran’s so-called 2015, Trump had managed to been as uncompromising as 2017, according to a Pew Research Center
posed sanctions on Teheran. appease the Trump administra- westward expansion and rising split the permanent members of Trump. Earlier, Iranian President release. To improve gender parity in the Asia-
Trump’s unilateral action and tion to consolidate its alliance influence in the region. The two the UN Security Council and put Hassan Rouhani said: “If America Pacific, the report asks policymakers, compa-
some other developments sug- with the US while averting the countries have apparently the future of the deal in danger. leaves the nuclear deal, this will nies and NGOs to focus on higher female
gest the Iran deal, formally dismantling of the non-prolifera- aligned to suppress Iran, and From the point of maintaining entail historic regret for it.” Teher- labor-force participation in quality jobs as a
known as the Joint Comprehen- tion regime at the expense of even attempted to sway Trump’s trans-Atlantic relationships on a an has even threatened to prompt- priority to boost economic growth, while
sive Plan of Action and signed by Iran’s interests. Middle East policies by, among larger scale, the Trump adminis- ly restart the uranium enrichment improving women’s representation in busi-
the Barack Obama administra- Trump considered the Iran other things, purchasing US tration moved to kill the Iran program once the US pulls out of ness leadership positions.
tion in 2015, has been all but nuclear deal a bad bargain for the arms and military equipment in nuclear deal regardless of the the multiparty nuclear deal. The report also says the authorities should
scrapped. The deal’s future US when he began campaigning bulk and lobbying the pro-Israel opposition of China, Russia, Brit- Now that the US has with- strive to improve women’s access to digital
became uncertain also because for presidential campaign and politicians in Washington. ain and Germany. Moreover, Chi- drawn from the deal decades of technology. For China, the report suggests the
the seven countries (Iran and the had vowed to pull out from the In addition, Trump also plans na and Russia alone cannot save hard work by the international country build on its emerging strength in
US, Britain, France, Russia, China deal once he was elected US pres- to pull out its “forces” from Syria, the deal if the US, Britain, France community could go to waste, women’s entrepreneurship in the e-commerce
and Germany) that signed it had ident. To be fair, the US Congress which will create more maneu- and Germany reach a consensus and the non-proliferation regime, and technology sectors, in order to encourage
become increasingly divided. had not approved the deal, which vering space for Russia and Iran. to scrap it. along with the Treaty on the Non- more women to enter professional and tech-
Previously, French President meant its legal status was weaker Thus containing Iran’s projection Iran faces a tough choice — Proliferation of Nuclear Weap- nological fields, and rise up to leadership posi-
Emmanuel Macron and German than an agreement or communi- of power and ensuring the securi- either to confront the Trump ons, might be disabled. And a tions.
Chancellor Angela Merkel failed qué in Americans’ eyes. This fact ty of its allies in the Middle East administration and suffer from new round of nuclear and con- Indeed, the economic dividend from
to persuade Trump to not with- was being used as an excuse by by negotiating new terms have economic, trade and financial ventional arms race could follow, advancing gender equality is attractive for
draw from the nuclear agreement conservatives in both the Demo- become a priority for Trump. isolation, or give in to the US and putting the hard-won transient China and the other Asia-Pacific countries.
and to desist from reimposing cratic and Republican parties to Despite the International abandon its massive investment peace in the Middle East at stake. Moreover, the benefits of realizing gender
sanctions on Iran. Macron even censure Iran at regular intervals, Atomic Energy Agency’s reitera- and compromise its geographical equality will not be confined to any one coun-
echoed Trump’s appeal to work and by Trump to threaten to tion that Iran has been abiding advantage, while significantly The author is a professor at Bei- try’s economy. It will help unfold a whole new
out a new nuclear deal, which scrap the deal. by the nuclear deal and strong reducing its strategic combat and jing Foreign Studies University. world.
10 ADVERTIS E M E N T Thursday, May 10, 2018 C HI NA DA I LY
CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018 WORLD 11

Voting ends in Sprinting spouses

Malaysian election open to
By CHINA DAILY la Lumpur, voter Ahmad
Fizal said he hoped the can-
Polling stations closed in
Malaysia on Wednesday at
the end of a cliffhanger elec-
didate who wins could take
the responsibility of the wel-
fare of the area.
for peace
tion that pitted Prime Minis- “I hope the candidate By REN QI in Moscow
ter Najib Razak’s long-ruling could help on the welfare of
coalition against a resurgent the people and the welfare of
opposition led by 92-year- the region, no matter it’s Russia is open to dialogue
old former leader Mahathir financial assistance, eco- with other countries on all
Mohamad. nomic assistance or any oth- issues in order to maintain
The ruling Barisan er assistance,” he said. global peace and stability,
Nasional coalition had met a Another voter, Syed Hasa- Russian President Vladimir
fierce challenge brought by nuddin Bin Syed Abdullah, Putin said on Wednesday.
the opposition alliance — said he hoped the next gov- In a speech at a military
Pakatan Harapan, or the Alli- ernment could do more to parade marking the 73rd
ance of Hope. improve the society. anniversary of the victory
The BN coalition had bet “We do tend to have a lot of over Nazi Germany in
on generous handouts and issues, politically and in our World War II, he said Rus-
the “proven track record” of social imbalance, we have sia is ready for a construct-
the government to seek a ethnic diversity so I hope ive and equal partnership
third term, while Mahathir is with this vote we will not for the sake of global har-
calling for a change. have any differences between mony, peace and progress.
Though most political ana- Malays, Chinese and Indians, “This is a holiday which
lysts had favored the BN to that’s a main thing,” he said, has always been, is now,
win, the opposition seemed referring to the three major and always will be sacred
to have managed to raise con- ethnic groups in the country. for every family,” Putin said,
cerns among voters on cer- The 11-day campaign peri- greeting a watching crowd
tain issues such as increasing od culminated on Tuesday. including veterans decked
living costs, adding uncer- “If BN were given a new out in medals on a bright
tainties to the election. mandate, we will make sunny morning.
The Election Commission Malaysia even greater,” said
said that 69 percent of the Najib, adding: “BN is the
roughly 15 million registered party of the future, BN is the
voters had cast their vote as party for the future.”
of 3 pm, two hours before The BN has won every
polls closed. election since the country’s
Behind new
Around 85 percent voted
at the last election in 2013.
independence in 1957.
The pre-election survey
threats are the
Most results are expected
before midnight but the
published by independent
pollster Merdeka Center on
same ugly traits:
count may spill into the early Tuesday said BN was set to Egotism, intoler-
hours of Thursday. win 100 parliament seats
A simple majority of 112 nationwide and the opposi- ance, aggressive
parliament seats will pro- tion 83. With these num-
duce a winner. bers, neither camp would nationalism
On Wednesday, people have the 112 seats required
swarmed to polling stations to rule and the result would and claims to be
in the capital city of Kuala hinge on 37 seats it said were
Lumpur and around the too close to call.
country, which have been dec- Vladimir Putin,
orated with campaign posters Xinhua and Reuters Brides and grooms-to-be run past Westminster Abbey in London during the Pimm’s Spritz Wedding Dash on Tuesday. The prize for the Russian president
and flags bearing the symbols contributed to this story. winning couple was a wedding directory package worth £8,000 ($10,800). PA WIRE / PA IMAGES
of various political parties.
At a polling station of Titi- Online War is a challenge to life
wangsa constituency in Kua- See more on and Russia remembers the

May suffers defeat on

tragedies of the two world
wars, Putin said, adding
that the current security
threats in the world are
serious and peace is fragile.
Referring to the current

key Brexit legislation

political situation, Putin
said: “Behind new threats
are the same ugly traits:
Egotism, intolerance,
aggressive nationalism and
claims to be unique.”
The annual military
Unelected upper chamber votes who wish to reverse the deci-
sion of the British people”.
The government
already set the clock ticking
has parade on the Red Square
involved more than 13,000
A woman votes during the general election in Alor Setar,
Malaysia, on Wednesday. LAI SENG SIN / REUTERS
to remain in EU’s single market Those proposing the amend-
ment deny the charge.
in a two-year exit process
hampered by her gamble on a
troops, 159 pieces of mili-
tary equipment and 75 air-
This is the 13th time in snap election last June which craft this year.
LONDON — Britain’s upper unelected upper chamber, the recent weeks that the govern- cost her party its majority in Among the more than 70

New evacuations as house of parliament on Tues-

day inflicted another embar-
rassing defeat on Prime
House of Lords, supported an
amendment to her Brexit
blueprint, the EU withdrawal
ment has been defeated in the
House of Lords on the draft
legislation that will formally
parliament. It also remains
unclear what the final divorce
deal will look like.
aircraft was a pair of Sukhoi
Su-57 stealth fighter jets.
Besides, the Kinzhal hyper-

volcano erupts again Minister Theresa May’s gov-

ernment on Tuesday, chal-
lenging her plan to leave the
bill, requiring ministers to
negotiate continued member-
ship of the European Econom-
terminate Britain’s EU mem-
Some lawmakers criticized
the government’s plan to
impose a specific date for Brit-
sonic missile, which was
revealed earlier this year,
carried by the MiG-31 super-
European Union’s single mar- ic Area, meaning that it would No fixed date? ain leaving the EU, saying it sonic interceptor fighter,
PAHOA, Hawaii — The Kil- Earlier in the day, US Army ket after Brexit. remain in the single market. The votes can be over- would create significant diffi- also made its debut this year.
auea volcano erupted again veteran Delance Weigel, 71, May, who has struggled to “The time has come over turned by the more powerful culties if negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister
on Tuesday, spewing toxic collected some of his prized unite the government behind Brexit, really, for economic lower house, the House of Brussels went down to the Benjamin Netanyahu was
gases out of two new vents possessions as steam and sul- her vision of Brexit, has said reality and common sense to Commons, where May’s party wire. among those invited to
and prompting authorities to fur dioxide gas rose out of that Britain will also leave the prevail over political dogma has a slim majority with the The upper house of parlia- watch the military parade.
call for an immediate evacu- cracks in the street. European Union’s single mar- and wishful thinking,” said support of a small Northern ment also voted on Tuesday in In the morning, Netanya-
ation of residents from a sec- “The way it looks now, I ket and customs union after it Peter Mandelson, a member Irish party, but could embold- favor of an amendment hu met Putin over the cur-
ond neighborhood on the Big thought I’d try one more time quits the bloc next March. of the House of Lords from en lawmakers who hope to whereby Britain would con- rent crisis in Syria.
Island. to get my things out,” Weigel That stance has widened the main opposition Labour derail her plans to forge a new tinue to participate in EU It came hours after Syri-
The County of Hawaii Civil said. “Whether we lose our divisions not only within her Party, who backed the relationship with the EU. agencies after leaving the bloc. an media said Israel carried
Defense Agency issued an home or not, we’ll see. But own Conservative Party but amendment. Earlier, opposition parties After the Lords, the bill will out an attack on a military
emergency bulletin ordering we’re definitely going to be also across both houses of His comments drew criti- in the Lords and rebels in return to the House of Com- base south of Damascus.
residents of the Lanipuna Gar- cut off. You move to paradise, parliament, which like Brit- cism from pro-Brexit peers, May’s Conservative Party mons. Both houses have to On Monday, Putin was
dens area on the east side of then this happens.” ons at large, remain deeply including Conservative mem- inflicted another defeat on the agree on the final wording of sworn in for his fourth term
the island to leave their homes. split over the best way to leave ber Michael Forsyth, who government, voting to strip the bill before it can become as Russian president.
“Hawaiian Volcano Fountains of lava the EU after more than four described the amendment as out the fixed timing for Britain law.
Observatory confirms 2 new No deaths or major injuries decades of membership. part of an attempt by “a num- to leave the EU at 11 pm on Xinhua contributed to this
vents. All Lanipuna residents have been reported since Kil- By a vote of 245 to 218, the ber of people in this house March 29 next year. REUTERS—XINHUA story.
must evacuate now,” the auea, which has been in a
agency said in its bulletin, state of nearly constant erup-
adding that the two vents
had opened near two road
intersections and were
tion since 1983, began a series
of major explosions on Thurs-
day, spewing fountains of lava
Masters’ paintings fetch record sums at auction
“actively erupting”. as high as 90 meters into the
Earlier on Tuesday, resi- air and deadly volcanic gas up By ZHANG RUINAN than $10 million above esti- between $500 million and $1
dents of the hardest-hit area, through cracks in the earth. in New York mates and a record price for a billion. It should surpass the
known as Leilani Estates, New areas could be subject piece by the French master. current record set by the Yves
drove through clouds of sul- to evacuation as fingers of the Monet’s Nympheas en fleur Saint Laurent collection, which
fur and over cracked roads to fissure system slowly spread Paintings by Henri Matisse, (Water Lilies in Bloom), which generated $443 million in 2010.
make desperate and possibly eastward, threatening neigh- Claude Monet and Pablo Picas- provisionally priced between The Rockefellers’ vast per-
last visits home before anoth- borhoods that until now had so sold for tens of millions of $50 million and $70 million, sonal art collection was gath-
er eruption by Kilauea, which been considered safe. dollars on Tuesday at an auc- went for $84.69 million and ered during their world travels
has already destroyed 35 On Friday, the southeast- tion at Christie’s in New York. also set a record for the artist. and handed down from previ-
homes and other structures. ern corner of the island was The artworks were part of Picasso’s 1905 Fillette a la ous generations.
David Nail, who recently rocked by a powerful magni- the 2,000 pieces in the sprawl- Corbeille Fleurie, a piece from The auction’s proceeds will
sold his business and moved tude 6.9 earthquake on the ing personal collection of the the artist’s Rose Period that be distributed to more than a
to Lelani Estates from volcano’s south flank, the late billionaire David Rocke- depicts a pale, nude teenage dozen charities, including the
Orange County, California, strongest since 1975, and feller and his wife Peggy. girl holding a basket of red American Farmland Trust,
after his wife was diagnosed more quakes and eruptions The auction was expected to blossoms, fetched $115 million. Harvard University, the Muse-
with Parkinson’s disease, have been forecast, perhaps be the most lucrative for a sin- The sale, conducted by um of Modern Art and the
said a 6-meter wall of lava for months to come. gle-ownership collection. Christie’s online and at auction Stone Barns Restoration Corp,
blocked him from getting Hawaii’s Big Island The opening night featured rooms in Rockefeller Center in which was supported by the
close enough to see if his accounts for nearly a fifth of 19th and 20th century art. Manhattan, totaled 44 items. Rockefeller family.
house had been destroyed. the state’s tourism. A 1923 Matisse canvas, Odal- The auction was scheduled
“All we could do was sit isque couchee aux magnolias, to run through Thursday and Bloomberg contributed to this Claude Monet’s Nympheas en fleur (Water Lilies in Bloom)
there and cry,” Nail said. REUTERS sold for $80.75 million, more was expected to bring in story. PROVIDED BY CHRISTIE’S

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Pompeo in Pyongyang as River ride

diplomatic dance speeds up

Trump says Korea (the DPRK) with the 3
wonderful gentlemen that
clearization should proceed
in stages, with all sides mov-
relationships are building,
hopefully a deal will happen
DPRK has everyone is looking so for-
ward to meeting. They seem
ing in concert.
Pompeo’s trip had not been
and with the help of China,
South Korea (the Republic of
released three to be in good health,” Trump
wrote in a post on Twitter.
publicly disclosed when he
flew out of Washington under
Korea) and Japan, a future of
great prosperity and security
US detainees Trump added that Pompeo
and Kim had a “good meeting”.
cover of darkness on Monday
aboard an Air Force 757.
can be achieved for every-
one,” Trump said as he
A tourist vessel sails past the Rhine Falls, the largest falls in Europe, during sunny spring weather in the
town of Neuhausen, Switzerland, on Tuesday. ARND WIEGMANN / REUTERS
Pompeo was dispatched on Trump announced the mis- announced Pompeo’s visit.
By CHINA DAILY the visit — his second in weeks, sion on Tuesday afternoon. At a historic meeting
but first as US top diplomat — As for the specific date and inside the Demilitarized
US Secretary of State Mike to secure a framework for the location of the Trump-Kim Zone on April 27, Kim and Briefly
Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang leaders’ meeting, the US meeting, Pompeo remained ROK President Moon Jae-in
on Wednesday, landing at the Department of State said in a ambiguous, although Trump reaffirmed their commit-
center of a whirlwind of diplo- news release on Tuesday. said last week that the date ment to a “common goal” of DR CONGO GERMANY AUSTRALIA
macy ahead of a planned sum- “Today we’re hoping to nail and location had been set. “complete denuclearization” New outbreak of Plans approved for Five more MPs
mit between US President some of those down to say — to When the flight arrived on of the peninsula.
Donald Trump and Kim Jong- put in place a framework for a Wednesday in Pyongyang, Trump has said that with-
Ebola kills 17 class action suits leave parliament
un, top leader of the Democrat- successful summit” between DPRK officials were on hand drawing US forces from the Seventeen people in the coun- The government on Wednes- Five more lawmakers were
ic People’s Republic of Korea. Trump and Kim, he was quot- to greet Pompeo. ROK is “not on the table”. try have died from Ebola, the day approved a draft law forced from parliament on
In a sign of further progress ed as saying to the media on a The rapid detente on the There are 28,500 US forces health ministry said on Tues- allowing US-style class action Wednesday in an ongoing
between the sides, Trump said plane flying to the DPRK. Korean Peninsula triggered by based in the nation, a military day, describing the fresh out- lawsuits, opening the door for legal wrangle over a 117-year-
that the DPRK had released Kim was quoted as saying the Winter Olympics is a presence which came as a break as a “public health drivers to seek compensation old constitutional ban on dual
three US detainees, who would on Monday by Xinhua: “I hope marked contrast from last result of the Korean War end- emergency with international over Volkswagen’s diesel citizens standing for election.
be returning with Pompeo. to build mutual trust with the year, when Trump and Kim ing in 1953 with an armistice impact”. The worst Ebola out- emissions cheating scam Dates for the by-elections have
“I am pleased to inform you US through dialogue.” traded insults and threats of rather than a peace treaty. break started in December 2013 before the case expires. The not been set officially but
that Secretary of State Mike He added that a political war over Pyongyang’s nuclear in Guinea before spreading to Justice Ministry said on could be as early as mid-June.
Pompeo is in the air and on resolution of tensions on the and ballistic missile programs. AFP, Xinhua and AP Liberia and Sierra Leone. It Wednesday that the new rules
his way back from North Korean Peninsula and denu- “Plans are being made, contributed to this story. killed more than 11,300 people. will take effect on Nov 1. AFP—AP—REUTERS
REAL DIVIDEND Manufacturers dominate top valuable brands p14 HIGH-TECH

DENTAL CARE Oral health events offer reason to smile p18 SHOPPING
Xiongan to host
next cashierless
fresh food

Go green for to grow
at 6.6%
sustainable in 2018,
says IMF
expansion By EDITH LU
in Hong Kong

Development based on sacrificing

environment is outdated, says Zhou The International Monetary

Fund raised its forecast for eco-
nomic growth on the Chinese
By ZHENG XIN financing, including offer- mainland in 2018 to 6.6 per- ing interest subsidies cent from 6.5 percent, but
through refinancing and warned that the simmering
As China needs to invest 2 professional guarantees, as Sino-US trade dispute would
to 4 trillion yuan ($310 bil- well as setting up a nation- negatively affect global eco-
Chinese passengers pose for photographs at London’s Heathrow Airport, after the direct air route opened on Monday between Xi’an,
lion to $630 billion) annual- al green development fund. nomic growth and investment.
Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, and London. ZHANG PING / CHINA NEWS SERVICE
ly in the next five years in It also announced plans to “The Chinese mainland
order to counter the impact set up pilot zones for green economy is transiting from an
of pollution and climate finance last June to support
change, the nation
needs to come up
with a green financ-
the nation’s indus-
trial upgrading and
antipollution cam-
Opening-up to ‘benefit UK, the world’ export-oriented economy to
domestic consumption.
Growth of the new digital econ-
omy and new service sector are
ing mechanism to paign, according to By LEI XIAOXUN in London GDP has rocketed, ties will further bene- era” relations have entered a quite higher,” said Changyong
facilitate its transi- plans issued by the from $175 billion in fit foreign businesses new stage, Liu said, adding Rhee, director of the IMF’s
tion to sustainable People’s Bank of Chi- 1977 to $12 trillion in enjoying opportuni- that the UK remains China’s Asia-Pacific Department at a
growth, said Zhou na. China’s deepening reform 2017, registering a ties brought by the second-largest trading part- media briefing on Wednesday.
Xiaochuan, former China issued a and ongoing opening-up is 68-fold increase at Chinese market and ner in the European Union. He added the IMF has seen
governor of the total of $37.1 billion set to generate new opportu- an average annual by the China-pro- The fact that China also many new growth engines for
People’s Bank of Zhou Xiaochuan, green bonds in 2017, nities for the shared develop- growth rate of 9.5 posed Belt and Road stands as the UK’s second- the mainland economy.
China. former governor an increase of 4.5 ment of China and the United percent. Initiative. largest trading partner out- In the first quarter of this
China should of the People's percent year-on- Kingdom, and for the wider China’s share of Liu Xiaoming, “We will imple- side the EU has prompted the year, the mainland economy
further encourage Bank of China year, 22 percent of world, China’s ambassador to the world’s GDP has China’s ambassa- ment the opening- ambassador to call for a bet- grew at a faster-than-expected
capital into green the world’s total, the UK said on Tuesday. also increased from dor to the UK up measures in ter dovetailing of both 6.8 percent, well above the
sectors and stem said Zhou, who is Addressing British and 2 percent in 1977 to banking, securities, nations’ development strate- government’s target of 6.5 per-
investment that might pol- also a former vice-chairman Chinese representatives from 15 percent in 2017. insurance and other gies. cent for the full year, the
lute the environment, of China’s top political advi- business and media enter- Meanwhile, a total of 700 parts of the service sector,” he He urged both nations to National Bureau of Statistics
Zhou told the 2018 annual sory body, the National Com- prises at a convention in million Chinese people have said, adding that the Chinese remain committed to inter- announced last month.
conference on sustainabil- mittee of the Chinese Bloomberg’s European head- been lifted out of poverty, government will also raise national trading systems and According to the IMF, it
ity jointly held by the Paul- People’s Political Consulta- quarters, Liu Xiaoming reaf- thanks to the reform policies the limit on foreign owner- to uphold globalization, expects economic growth on
son Institute and the tive Conference. firmed China’s commitment that have now entered what ship of joint-venture compa- while opposing protection- the mainland to moderate to
China Center for Interna- However, despite its solid to further open up its econo- the ambassador called the nies in the automobile, ism. Both Beijing and Lon- 6.4 percent in 2019.
tional Economic development, China’s green my to foreign investors, and “deep water zone”. shipbuilding, and aircraft don need to work together for The Fund is also optimistic
Exchanges in Beijing on financing still faces limita- to ease restrictions on enti- He said China’s economic sectors. steady and sustainable Chi- about the economic outlook
Wednesday. tions in green financial prod- ties doing business with Chi- development has been The Shanghai-London na-UK relations, he said. for Asia-Pacific and anticipates
Demands for green ucts and services, as well as na. achieved in an open market, Stock Connect will be Liu also suggested the UK’s the region will continue to be
financing keep growing as the lack of a sound third par- Underlining the pivotal and its future development launched by the end of the industries better harness the most dynamic of the global
China enters a critical peri- ty assessment system, said role of China’s reform and requires an even greater year, the ambassador said, their expertise and talent in economy — accounting for
od of economic restructur- Zhou. opening-up policy, which was openness of markets, so Chi- reiterating China’s commit- finance, banking, fintech and more than 60 percent of global
ing. Zhou said To further boost the adopted 40 years ago, Liu na will open even wider to the ment to further open its other areas to tap into the growth. But risks such as geo-
development based on sac- development of green said the policy has enabled outside world. financial industry to foreign “huge potential in economy political tensions and a poten-
rificing the environment is financing, China should China to embrace the rest of He said more open-market companies and institutions. and trade between China and tial trade war are still ahead.
outdated and it requires continuously develop the world with open arms. access and more import facili- Robust China-UK “golden the UK”. “The region remains vulnera-
substantial capital to green credit, green bonds ble to a global risk-off event,”
achieve sustainable devel- and green credit asset the report said.
opment. securitization, in addition
Paulson Institute Chair- to consolidating green
man Henry M. Paulson, Jr financial infrastructure
Ministry plans steps to boost bond deals Trade has been the major
engine of global economic
growth, especially in the Asia-
said the development of and institutional improve- Pacific region, said Koshy Mat-
green finance has become a ment, he said. By CHEN JIA the first time, and they could local government bonds, 838.9 billion yuan ($131.66 bil- hai, deputy division chief of the
top priority for China, and Zhou also called for more purchase the instrument while only 1.99 percent were lion) of local government IMF’s Asia-Pacific Department,
the institute is willing to international cooperation in through a trading system held by insurance companies, bonds will expire this year, a fig- and therefore, trade disputes
work to help China achieve green financing. The Ministry of Finance is under the Shanghai Stock and 1.03 percent by securities ure which will increase to 1.32 between the Chinese mainland
low-carbon economic Wang Gang, a senior trying to expand the pool of Exchange. companies. trillion yuan by 2019, and more and the United States is a big
growth, while strengthening financial researcher at the investors in local government This year, all types of finan- “The large amount of than 2 trillion yuan in 2020. concern for the area.
US-China financial and com- Development Research Cen- bonds, as it seeks to tackle cial institutions, including bonds held by commercial In addition, the ministry has The IMF was worried about
mercial ties. ter of the State Council, said potential liquidity stress commercial banks, securities banks compared with the clarified for the first time that the escalation of the Sino-US
The Chicago-based think green finance will boost Chi- amid tightening financial and insurance companies, very small proportion held by bonds newly issued this year trade disputes, Mathai said.
tank and research institute na’s transition toward a sus- regulation. and individual investors, are non-banking financial insti- could be used to pay back the He explained that in the
established a green finance tainable economy while The ministry is planning to being encouraged to invest in tutions has tempered the principle of expired debt, by a Chinese mainland exports to
center on Tuesday to sup- improving the country’s allow commercial banks to bonds issued by local govern- vitality of bond trading in the way of a “rollover”, to reduce the US, there is about 30 per-
port China’s development financial system. sell local government bonds ments, said the ministry. secondary market,” said Qiu. the financing costs of indebted cent added value representing
of a robust green finance He said China has shown over the counter to non-finan- Some “eligible” cities and The ministry’s measures to local governments. influences from other coun-
market. leadership in advancing its cial institutions and retail provinces can issue bonds in enlarge the pool of investors Zhang Ming, a researcher tries. So levying tariffs on
Despite some uncertain- role in creating a green investors, according to a pilot free trade zones, such as could improve the liquidity of with the Chinese Academy of mainland exports will also
ties and trade tension financial system, but there is guideline highlighting the Shanghai, to attract foreign the bond market and prevent Social Sciences, said that affect global supply chains.
between the two countries, room to expand China’s poli- government’s key measures in financial institutions potential default risks when a along with the world’s major “A trade war does not just
Paulson said what’s more cy support system for green 2018 to manage bond issu- involved in the bond under- large amount of local govern- economies’ monetary policy affect the US and the Chinese
important is a more bal- finance. ance, published by the Minis- writing process, according to ment bonds mature over the normalization process, the mainland given the complicat-
anced, secure and produc- While it is clear that there try of Finance late on Tuesday. the guideline. next three years, according to overall level of interest rates is ed trading relationship, global
tive Sino-US relationship. are limitations in the current Less than a year ago, invest- Qiu Zhixin, a researcher at experts. expected to rise, adding to the value chains and global supply
China has come up with development of green ment in local government China Securities, said that by According to Shanghai- pressure of debt repayment chains. There will not be any
supportive policies since finance, the foundations bonds was opened to domes- the end of 2017, commercial based financial information especially for counties with winners coming out of this
2016 to promote green have been laid, he added. tic individual investors for banks held 95.11 percent of service provider Wind Info, higher financial leverage. kind of tension,” Mathai said

Nomura seeks nod for securities joint venture

By LI XIANG Nomura sent out a press ing its stockholding in its Chi- ket for Nomura, and Lu Ting’s statement confirming the nese JV. appointment is further evi-
application. “We have applied Nomura has appointed Lu dence of our commitment to
Nomura Holdings Inc, to set up a securities joint ven- Ting as its new chief China building up our China expert-
Japan’s biggest brokerage and
investment bank, has applied
ture in China. We are currently
discussing the details with the
China is an economist to lead its research
team in China that forecasts
ise,” said Toshiyasu Iiyama,
Nomura’s executive chairman,
to set up a securities joint ven- relevant parties and are una- important market the country’s economic trajec- Asia ex-Japan, and head of
ture with a majority stake in ble to comment further at this tory and drives thought lead- China Committee in a state-
China, becoming the latest for- stage,” it said. for Nomura ...” ership on macroeconomic ment.
eign firm to take advantage of The move by the Japanese themes shaping the country. On April 28, China’s securi-
China’s pledge to further open firm underscored the rising Toshiyasu Iiyama, Nomura’s Prior to joining Nomura, Lu ties regulator issued detailed
its financial sector. interest of global financial executive chairman was the global head of guidelines on the qualifica- A pedestrian walks past the headquarters of Nomura Securities
The China Securities Regu- institutions of expanding their research and chief economist tions for foreign shareholders Co, a unit of Nomura Holdings Inc in Tokyo, Japan. BLOOMBERG
latory Commission said on presence in China. at Chinese brokerage Huatai to set up securities joint ven-
Tuesday night that it has Swiss bank UBS Group AG Inc and Morgan Stanley have Securities Co Ltd for two years. tures and conduct securities business scope in China. and it will bring healthy com-
received the application from became the first global bank to also expressed interest in hav- Before that, Lu worked at business in China. Liu Li, an analyst at Shanxi petition and help introduce
Nomura and it will start the submit an application for ing majority stakes in their Bank of America Merrill The new rules allow for- Securities Co Ltd, said the mature experiences and
approval process in accord- acquiring a majority stake in local incorporations. Credit Lynch as head of China eco- eign firms to have a majority move is an important step of expertise from overseas insti-
ance with the laws and regula- its Chinese JV. Other banks Suisse Group AG is also nomics. stake in their Chinese JVs further opening China’s secu- tutions to the domestic indus-
tions. such as Goldman Sachs Group reportedly interested in boost- “China is an important mar- and it also expands their rities sector to foreign players try.
14 BUSINESS Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA DAILY

What’s news

continued to fall in April, news release. Construction of quarter, up 56 percent year-

industrial data showed on the project will take 16 months on-year and the best first Towering above the rest
Wednesday. Shipments of and the project will create quarter results for the com-
smartphones totaled 32.667 about 400 temporary jobs at its pany in five years. Announc-
million in April, down 15.3 per- peak during its construction ing the results on Tuesday,
cent year-on-year. Total ship- and around 40 jobs after its Petrobras CEO Pedro Parente
ments of mobile phones completion, said the news said: “With this result, we are
GOVT AND POLICIES reached 34.251 million in April, release. consolidating Petrobras’ path
down by 16.7 percent year-on- to recovery.” This result is the
year. The drop narrowed by BP signs Alaska best since Petrobras’ reputa-
Bulk commodity 11.2 percentage points com- tion was tarnished in 2014
market grows pared with March. Fewer new gas sale deal when Operation Lava Jato
China’s bulk commodity mar- mobile phone models were British multinational oil and (Car Wash) discovered a mas-
ket grew steadily in April with rolled out last month. Only 55 gas giant BP plc has signed a sive corruption ring within
stable expansion in supply and new mobile phones entered binding agreement with its ranks, with executives,
sales, industrial data showed. the market in April, down by Alaska’s pipeline develop- politicians and contractors
The China Bulk Merchandise 53.8 percent year-on-year. ment agency, the Alaska Gas embezzling billions of dol-
Index, a gauge of domestic Mobile phone shipments Development Corp, to sell lars.
dropped 23.7 percent year-on- gas to Alaska’s gasoline
bulk commodity market
year in the first four months of project, a media report said
growth, stood at 104.8 percent
2018. on Tuesday. BP is the first
in April, up 1.7 percentage international oil and gas pro-
points compared with March, ducer to sign such a deal,
according to the China Federa- inked last Friday, with AGDC
tion of Logistics & Purchasing. on gas sales in what is called
This marked the second con- “a historic milestone” in the
secutive month of CBMI decades-long effort to con-
growth, pointing to an improv- struct a natural gas pipeline AROUND THE WORLD
ing business environment in in Alaska, said the Anchor-
the bulk commodity sector. COMPANIES AND MARKETS age Daily News.
Both the sub-indices for bulk
EBRD says B&R to
commodity supply and sales boost global trade
Yuan weakens Walmart set to The European Bank for Recon-
expanded compared with the
previous month. against US dollar acquire Flipkart struction and Development
The central parity rate of the Global retailer Walmart is said on Tuesday that China’s
renminbi, or the yuan, weak- likely to announce its much- Belt and Road Initiative is a
Central bank ened 59 basis points to anticipated deal to buy a 70 to great move to boost global
injects liquidity 6.3733 against the US dollar 75 percent controlling stake in trade. “This is a very important
China’s central bank on on Wednesday, according to Indian e-commerce player initiative to enhance global
Wednesday injected funds into the China Foreign Exchange Flipkart on Wednesday. The trade, drive growth and
the banking system via open Trade System. In China’s deal, valued at $15 billion, is enhance financial connectivi-
market operations to maintain spot foreign exchange mar- likely to be Walmart’s biggest ty,” said Jurgen Rigterink, first
liquidity. The People’s Bank of ket, the yuan is allowed to acquisition of a business. vice-president of the EBRD. He
China conducted 60 billion rise or fall by 2 percent from Alphabet, Google’s parent added that China is one of the
yuan ($9.4 billion) of seven-day the central parity rate each company, will get a 15 percent top providers of investment in
reverse repos and 40 billion trading day. stake. Sachin and Binny Ban- regions where the EBRD
yuan of 14-day reverse repos. sal, both former Amazon invests.
employees, founded Flipkart
The interest rates for the sev- Google invests in in 2007, and like their US
en-day and 14-day operations Ireland data center rival, began by selling books.
Lithuania expects
were 2.55 percent and 2.70 per-
A groundbreaking ceremony The Flipkart Group now new opportunities
cent, respectively. A reverse for the expansion of Google’s includes fashion portals Myn- Lithuania expects new
repo is a process by which the data center in Ireland was held tra-Jabong, payments unit export opportunities and A view of the Changsha International Finance Square, which opens on Monday in Changsha,
central bank purchases securi- in Dublin on Tuesday, accord- PhonePe and logistics firm bilateral business contacts Hunan province. The main tower, with a height of 452 meters, is the highest building in Hunan
ties from commercial banks ing to the Irish Department of Ekart. with China following the and the 10th highest in China. XU XING / FOR CHINA DAILY
through bidding, with an Business, Enterprise and Inno- 16+1 Agriculture Ministerial
agreement to sell them back in vation. The 150-million-euro and Economic & Trade
the future. ($178 million) expansion
Petrobras sees Forum to be held on May 25
project will bring to 1 billion good first quarter in Vilnius, Bronius Markaus- ing to Lithuania which country’s biggest source of Spain plans $5.3b
April smartphone euros the total investment of Brazilian national oil compa- kas, Lithuania’s outgoing includes importers, traders, imports with 15.3 percent
Google in Ireland since it first ny Petrobras registered net minister of agriculture, said as well as representatives of share in March 2018. Import
treasury bill sale
shipments fall opened an office in Dublin in profits of 6.961 billion reals on Tuesday. “A big Chinese the food industry. It is not payments to China stood at The Spanish treasury on
China’s smartphone shipments 2003, said the department in a ($1.96 billion) in the first business delegation is com- the first Chinese delegation $1.24 billion, posting a Tuesday placed treasury bills
to visit Lithuania, however, decrease of 12.0 percent worth 4.5 billion euros ($5.3
new contacts and opportuni- from $1.41 billion in March billion) on the market. A
ties are being launched dur- 2017,” the PSA said. total of 4.075 billion euros
ing each of these visits,” worth of 12-month treasury
Markauskas was quoted as bills carried an average
saying by local media.
API reports drop in interest rate of -0.414 per-
US oil inventories cent, the treasury said. The
The American Petroleum remaining 425 million euros
China stays major Institute reported on Tuesday worth of six-month treasury
import source a draw of 1.85 million barrels bills fetched an average
China remains the Philippi- to US crude oil inventories interest rate of -0.49 percent.
nes, biggest source of for the week ending May 4. The auction took place in a
imports with a 15.3 percent Last week, the API reported a context when Spain’s risk
share in March, the Philip- large build of 3.427 million premium stood at around 70
pine Statistics Authority said barrels of crude oil. The insti- points while rating agencies,
on Wednesday. Import bills tute also reported a draw in such as S&P, Moody’s and
from the top 10 countries for gasoline inventories for week Fitch, have recently upgrad-
imports in March amounted ending May 4, to 2.055 mil- ed Spain’s sovereign debt
to $6.14 billion or 75.6 per- lion barrels, a much larger rating.
cent share of the total, the draw than the analysts had
PSA said. “China was the expected. CHINA DAILY — AGENCIES

Manufacturers dominate
top 100 valuable brands
By HE WEI in Shanghai The results reflect that the
Companies involved in government’s efforts to uphold
manufacturing claimed more
than half of China’s top 100
the development of the real economy are
valuable brands, according to
a survey released on Wednes-
starting to pay off.”
day, indicating the strong Jiang Qingyun, a marketing professor at the School of
momentum fueled by a slew of Management at Fudan University
policies to bolster and upgrade
the sector.
Eight out of the top 20 Chi- to pay off,” said Jiang Qingyun, top 10 players. Alibaba was
nese brands fall into the cate- a marketing professor at the rated second on the chart,
gory of manufacturing, School of Management at thanks to its dynamic business
according to the Bund Rank- Fudan University. portfolio that ranges from
ing-Top 100 Most Valuable The calculation of brand e-commerce and financial ser-
Chinese Brands, a local list value factors in a company’s vices to logistics and cloud
compiled by Fudan Universi- profitability and spending on computing.
ty’s School of Management research and development, as Enterprises dealing with
and the Shanghai Institute of well as the synergies between commodities are largely
Corporate Culture and Brand, R&D and marketing, Jiang dragged down by fluctuating
a nonprofit organization. noted. raw material prices. Real
SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, Hua- The ranking utilizes public estate is also losing luster, with
wei Technologies Co Ltd and disclosures from more than top-performing property
household appliance maker 16,000 enterprises listed on developer China Vanke Co Ltd
Midea Group Co Ltd are bourses across the Chinese taking only the 15th spot.
among awardees in the manu- mainland, Hong Kong and The city of Shanghai has
facturing sector, according to New York. It excludes compa- implemented a three-year
the ranking that entered its nies in the financial sector as action plan to become a world
second year, with 13 manufac- they require different arith- leading manufacturing hub by
turers becoming new entrants metic models incurred by the 2020. The metropolis aims to
to the list. varying nature of the business. establish two world-class indus-
“The results reflect that the Technology, media and tele- trial clusters and have added
government’s efforts to communications is still the value of strategic emerging
uphold the development of most eye-catching sector, industry to account for more
the real economy are starting securing six spots among the than 20 percent of its GDP.
C H I N A DA I LY Thursday, May 10, 2018 Advertorial 15

Favorable policies lure

Tourism booms as visitors flock firms to settle down
in well-connected city
to historic Yongzhou BY LI YOU

Investment in Yongzhou
is expected to make great
strides in the years to come, We must work in
thanks to a rollout of poli-
cies aimed at making it much an interactive way,
easier for businesses to settle
in the Hunan province city,
sticking to the
according to local officials.
One such enterprise that
current situation
has sought to take advantage in the economy. ”
of the favorable policies and
investment environment is Li Hui, Party secretary of
Guangzhou Jiuheng Group, Yongzhou
which established a manu-
facturing base in Yongzhou’s
economic development zone guides investors to finish
in 2013. the procedures in time, Yu
The group, which special- added.
Local service industry flourishes as visitors pour in to explore izes in producing customized
barcodes, printing and pack-
Party Secretary of Yong-
zhou Li Hui said that Yong-
great wealth of Hunan heritage and culture aging materials, was able to zhou is the only prefecture-
get itself up and running in level city in Hunan that has
just four months. the strategic advantage of
Clear sky reflects on the surface of river in Xiangling Mountain, a scenic spot in Yongzhou. “The factory in Yongzhou connecting Guangdong and
started operation in April Guangxi.
2014, taking just 120 days “We should not just con-
BY YUAN SHENGGAO before our first batch of struct good traffic facilities,
products were ready,” said but more importantly, we
Booming tourism centered Yin Jianping, vice-president must work in an interactive
on traditional Hunan prov- of Jiuheng Group. way, sticking to the current
ince’s heritage and culture Jiuheng’s speedy estab- situation in the economy.
has breathed new life into lishment came about due “We should carry out the
the historical city of Yong- to the local government’s opening policy in ever y
zhou and helped it to foster a focus on streamlining appli- aspect of our work, using an
vibrant local tourism indus- cations and procedures for open mind to treat all busi-
try. business establishment and nesspeople who invest in
Yongzhou, located in the registration. However, the Yongzhou well,” Li said.
south of Hunan province, group’s initial interest in Besides streamlining the
has an enviable history that Yongzhou stemmed from administrative procedure,
stretches back more than its location. the city has also focused on
2,100 years, and is reputed as Situated in the south of international trade.
one of the most famous and Hunan bordering the south- Relying on major projects
influential counties of the ern bank of the Xiangjiang initiated by the local govern-
Han (206 BC-AD 220) and River, Yongzhou is nestled ment and companies, some
Tang (618-907) dynasties. strategically between Guang- of the economic develop-
Because of its historical dong province and Guangxi ment zones in Qiyang, Jiang-
importance, Yongzhou is Zhuang autonomous region, hua, Lengshuitan, Dong’an,
home to many important providing it with excellent Ningyuan, Daoxian, Lanshan
relics from ancient times, transport links. and Lingling have generated
including the village of The location and favorable 10-billion-yuan industrial
Shanggantang, the Lingling policies for new businesses clusters.
Zhou family courtyard and encouraged Jiuheng Group In the past two years, a
the Xintian Long family to increase its investment in large number of industrial
courtyard. Yongzhou, Yin said. giants have established oper-
Popular historic sites in Jiuheng Group is just one ations in Yongzhou, includ-
and around the city have led example of how the current ing telecommunications
to a large increase in visitors economic climate in Yongzhou group Huawei and China
in recent times. In 2017, more is focused on opening-up. State Construction Engineer-
than 49 million people vis- In recent years, the city has ing Corp, both of which are
ited Yongzhou, generating sought to expand its coastal listed as Fortune 500 com-
tourism revenue of 40.67 bil- industry as well as its trans- panies.
lion yuan ($6.38 billion), an portation network domesti- S u c h b i g n a m e s h av e
increase of 17.67 percent and cally and overseas, but most brought with them greater
78.24 percent respectively on important of all it has target- global trade. As of the end
the previous year. ed fostering a good environ- of 2017, there were 171 enter-
ment for starting businesses prises that operate import
Ancient towns flourish and attracting investment. and e xpor t business in
Attracting large numbers One of the most significant Yongzhou, an increase of 46
of visitors from both home factors that drive people to fromthe previous year.
and abroad is the village invest in Yongzhou is that In 2018, Yongzhou will
of Goulanyao in Jiangyong there is no need to run all the continue to improve its
town, which is home to a vast administrative examinations investment environment
number of ancient dwellings. and approval procedures in through a series of promo-
The biggest draw in Gou- person, said Yu Gui, chair- tion conferences such as
lanyao is the Shuilong ances- man of the Guide Group, a the promotion week with
tral shrine, which is decorated company that has invested in Shanghai, the north Hunan
with delicate and colorful fres- Yongzhou’s optoelectronics promotion conference, grow-
cos that are among the largest industry. ing a larger-scale industrial
and oldest in southern China, The administrative depart- cluster and more incentive
according to Hu Binbin, a ment simply releases a list policies, according to the city
Chinese specialist in ancient of required documents and government.
towns from Central South Uni-
The village is popular with
tourists because it takes them
on a journey back in time to
a period when pastoral living Clockwise from top: Party Secretary of Yongzhou Li Hui(center) visits Tongzi’ao scenic spot in the city. The Yao ethnic group in
was the only way of life in a Jianghua county celebrate at a bonfire party. Liuzi Temple in Lingling ancient town has become more and more popular among visitors.
land surrounded by moun- Li Hui visits an optoelectronics industrial park in Guide in the city. The former home of Zhou Dunyi,a philosopher in the Northern Song
tains and clear water, said Dynasty (960-1127) . PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY
Ouyang Mingjun, chief of
He added that the stone slab 10,000 yuan last year by sell- 2015, and the “lotus town” is scapes as well as its heri- industrial transformation
road that passes through the ing our local snack Suozi- beginning to take shape. tage and culture, which is and upgrade in its tourism
village is the remains of the baba cake, and we hope this “This year we introduced another factor in why so industry, Yongzhou recently
Xiaohe ancient road, one of year the business will be more than 300 lotus variet- many people are choosing released a guideline for “all-
the main travel routes that even better,” said Tian Duo- ies to the town. The lotus- to visit Yongzhou. for-one” tourism.
connected the central areas hua, a Goulanyao local. es will bloom from May to The city’s eight nation- The core value of all-for-
of China, such as Guangdong December. In half a month’s al-level forest parks, four one tourism is a partial shift
province and Guangxi Zhuang Creative projects time, the town’s ponds will national nature reserves and from scenic spots tourism to
autonomous region, in ancient Zhou Dunyi, a famous phi- be filled with lotus flowers,” eight national-level wetland cater to the region’s grow-
times. losopher during the Northern Peng said. parks make it one of the ing demand for tourism Workers at Andengli Electronics Group in Jiangyong county.
The rise in tourism has Song Dynasty (960-1127), was “More than 27 hectares most ecologically diverse products and services, said
brought with it more oppor- born in Daoxian county in of lotus have been planted cities in southern China. a local official.
tunities for local people to Yongzhou. His masterpiece, throughout the land rented T here are more than To carry out the develop-
prosper in the service indus- Ode to the Lotus Flower, is from local villagers, and I 3,000 species of wild ani- ment plan, Yongzhou has
try with many establishing still well known today. will continue to expand the mals and plants recorded in created a route to better
homestays, restaurants and Taking advantage of Daox- planting scale in the follow- Yongzhou, which has a for- utilize tourism resources
local specialty shops. ian county’s strong asso- ing years. This place will est coverage of 64.7 percent around its central town
“A large number of tourists ciation with lotus flowers, gather the most complete — which is around 40 per- area, Lingling ancient town,
want to stay overnight in the Lianxi Jinfeng Agriculture lotus varieties around the centage points higher than Jiuyi Mountain, Xiaoshui
village,” Ouyang said. “We are Group is building what it world,” he added. the national average. River and its north, central
going to build 17 wooden hous- calls its “lotus town” project. It’s not just locals that are To exploit this natural and south regions.
es near the valley. So far, we General manager of the benefitting from Yongzhou’s advantage, city officials have Officials from the Yong-
have finished the construction company, Peng Weicheng, a tourism boom, more and said they are expanding the z h o u To u r i s m Fo r e i g n
of their foundations.” Daoxian county local, said he more investors from across tourism industry across the Affairs Bureau said that by
Investment in the local ser- looks forward to turning the the country are taking an board to include forest, cul- 2020, the number of tour-
vices industry has also led to iconic lotus into a cultural interest, according to city ture, leisure, healthcare and ists arriving from home
the improvement in the liveli- heritage asset of the county. officials. even science tourism. and abroad will exceed 50
hoods of many of the people Lianxi Jinfeng Agriculture The investors are being million, and will generate
living in these areas. Group has cooperated with attracted by the city’s wealth “All-for-one” tourism more than 50 billion yuan Guangzhou Jiuheng Group established a manufacturing base in
“We earned more than the local government since in unspoiled natural land- Aiming to speed up the in revenue. Yongzhou’s economic development zone in 2013.
16 BUSINESS | Markets Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA DAILY

Alibaba acquiring
JD to focus on logistics, R&D big online retailer
As growth slows the company’s history, accord- drones and unmanned sorting clients, but its logistics infra-
in southern Asia
amid competition,
ing to its quarterly earnings
released on Tuesday night.
Its net profit was 1.5 billion
$16 billion centers to increase efficiency.
Apart from its investment in
logistics, Liu said the company
structure in rural areas is
“The spending on establish-
By HE WEI in Shanghai

company seeks yuan, compared with 298.8 mil- JD’s net income in the first will open 20 to 25 7Fresh — ing intelligent delivery net-

quarter of 2018, up 33.1

new investment lion yuan for the same period
last year. Though it has percent year-on-year
JD’s fresh food stores — in Bei-
jing this year, with an aim to
work and developing
advanced automation tech-
Alibaba Group Holding
Ltd is spreading its wings The Belt and
achieved profit for eight consec- open more than 500 stores nologies is very high.” further into South Asia by
By FAN FEIFEI utive quarters, it was still lower within five year, eyeing the JD and Alibaba are compet- acquiring the region’s largest Road Initiative than analysts’ expectations. of the company in a confer- opportunities emerging from ing aggressively on offline e-commerce platform.
Moreover, the investment in ence call. the fresh food retail sector. retail, unmanned stores, luxu- The buyout of Daraz impacts almost all
The country’s second-larg- R&D continued to increase to Liu added for JD Logistics, “JD has to seek new busi- ry services and retail in South- Group, for an undisclosed
est e-commerce player JD will 2.4 billion yuan, a rise of 87.2 the logistics arm of JD, the ness growth points as it is east Asia. amount, will make the com- crucial markets
continue to increase its invest- percent from a year earlier. orders from third-party seller approaching a bottleneck. JD’s annual active customer pany a wholly owned unit of
ment in logistics, offline retail The company’s shares were platforms will surpass JD’s Although the company is accounts increased by 27.6 Alibaba, following in its
where Alibaba is
and research and develop-
ment, amid stiff competition
down 4.6 percent to close at
$36.94 on the Nasdaq stock
self-owned orders in the next
five years.
exerting more effort in the
clothing, luxury goods and
percent to 301.8 million in the
12 months ended March 31.
footsteps of recent purchas-
es in shopping portals and
making strides
with its archrival Alibaba market on Wednesday. As of March 31, JD operated fashion industry, the result is It expects net revenues for digital wallets across the into ... ”
Group Holding Ltd. The e-commerce giant 515 warehouses covering an not satisfactory,” said Lu Zhen- the second quarter to be region.
JD’s net income reached plans to establish a logistics aggregate gross floor area of wang, CEO of Wanqing Con- between 120 billion yuan and “We are excited for Daraz Li Chao, iResearch analyst
100.1 billion yuan ($16 billion) real estate fund this year to 10.9 million square meters in sultancy in Shanghai. 124 billion yuan, representing to become a part of the Ali-
in the first quarter of 2018, an boost more logistics and ware- China. It has invested heavily Lu added JD hopes to make a growth rate of 29 percent to baba ecosystem,” said Ali-
increase of 33.1 percent year- house construction, said Liu in advanced automation tech- money by offering delivery 33 percent compared with the baba Chief Executive youth has presented a great
on-year, the slowest growth in Qiangdong, founder and CEO nologies, including robotics, services to more third-party second quarter of 2017. Officer Daniel Zhang. opportunity for Daraz, with
“Together with Daraz, we the market projected to
can now empower entre- grow 8.2 percent a year

Xiongan to host preneurs to better serve

consumers in the region
through our technology
and expertise.”
through 2021 amid rising
disposable incomes, accord-
ing to data from Euromoni-
tor International.

next cashierless Zhang said the Daraz

team is a natural fit, sharing
Alibaba’s values and beliefs
that long-term economic
Alibaba is also penetrating
into Southeast Asia, after
topping up investment in
Lazada that gives it control

fresh food market development in the region

will depend on a technology-
enabled commerce ecosys-
of the well-known Southeast
Asian online shopping plat-
tem. Ant Financial Services
By FAN FEIFEI in Beijing and In October, the e-commerce Founded in 2012, Paki- Group, Alibaba’s financial
ZHANG YU in Shijiazhuang behemoth began testing its stan-based Daraz sells an arm, also struck deals earli-
unmanned convenience store array of products from con- er this year to back Paki-
China’s second-largest solution at its headquarters in sumer goods to electronics stan’s fintech firm Telenor
e-commerce site JD plans to Beijing. It also linked up with online. The retailer offers Microfinance Bank, as well
open its second unmanned leading real estate developer multiple payment options as team up with Bangla-
supermarket in Xiongan New China Overseas Land & Invest- including cash-on-delivery, desh’s payment platform
Area, after it opened a 246 ment Ltd in December, with a and is active in Bangladesh, bKash.
square-meter cashierless goal of opening hundreds of Myanmar, Sri Lanka and “Alibaba’s strings of
store, the firm’s first project in unmanned convenience Nepal. acquisitions are a vote of
the area, during the past Labor stores. “Together with Alibaba, confidence in the region,”
Day holiday. Chen Kai, manager of the Customers wait in line to scan a QR code for payment at a cashierless supermarket in the Xiongan we are ready to empower said iResearch analyst Li
The store updates the retail supermarket, said the store is New Area in Hebei province on May 4. HAN BING / CHINA NEWS SERVICE entrepreneurs in the region Chao.
experience by adding digital still in trial operation, and “it and to fulfill our promise to “The Belt and Road Initia-
price tags that can provide will take only 20 seconds for offer our customers the best tive impacts almost all cru-
updated price discounts in customers to check out, no hen, Guangdong province, Tech heavyweights such as with local authorities to set up selection of products with a cial markets where Alibaba
real time, and allowing cus- matter how many products adding that it is very high- Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, a financial technology lab and high level of convenience,” is making strides into, and
tomers to check out without they buy” when the store offi- tech. Tencent Holdings Ltd and Bai- to digitize public medical ser- said Daraz Co-CEO Jonat- it’s likely that businesses will
the need to reach for their wal- cially starts operating. Based on the latest plan for du Inc have established a pres- vices, while Baidu aims to han Doerr. benefit from the invest-
lets by adopting facial recogni- “The shopping process is Xiongan New Area, Xiongan ence in Xiongan. Alibaba will build the area featuring smart Daraz said its acquisition ments now,” he noted.
tion technologies, JD said. very simple as you can pick up will develop into a modern city cooperate with the govern- transportation in line with its by Alibaba would help drive Alibaba’s revenue from
So far, JD has opened more items and head for the exit that is green, intelligent and ment of Xiongan in artificial ambition to develop self-driv- further growth in its key international business,
than 10 such supermarkets in directly; the payment will be livable, with relatively strong intelligence, fintech and intel- ing vehicles. markets, home to 460 mil- which includes Lazada and
cities including Beijing, Tian- automatically deducted from competitiveness and harmo- ligent logistics. lion people, 60 percent of AliExpress, grew 94 percent
jin, Yantai, Dalian, Suqian, your account,” said Yu Chang- nious human-environment Tencent also signed strate- Contact the writers at fanfei- them younger than 35. year-on-year in the fiscal
Xi’an and Changchun. jiang, a customer from Shenz- interaction by 2035. gic cooperation agreement Pakistan’s burgeoning year ended March 2018.

Daily Stock Market Performance Gainers

and and
Losers International Stock Markets
Daily YTD Daily Daily Daily YTD % Chg
Index Close % Chg % Chg GAINERS Close % Chg LOSERS Close % Chg Close % Chg –8% 0% +8%
Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index 3159.15 –0.1 –4.5 Hang Seng Index 30,536.14 0.4
Shanghai Stock Exchange
3600 Hang Seng China Ent Index 12,185.44 0.3
ZhejiangSunriverCultre 6.88 10.08 Aurora Optoelectronics 11.41 –10.02
3490 Jiangsu Jiangnan Water 5.25 10.06 Shanghai Laimu Electr 19.49 –5.98 TAIEX Taiwan Stock Index 10,703.35 0.1
3380 SuzhouXingyeMatrl Tech 19.45 10.01 Zhejiang Chimin Pharma 10.46 –5.77 Nikkei 225 22,408.88 –0.4
QingdTnhInstttChmstryE 11.10 10.01 HunanCopote Sci & Tech 19.21 –5.56 Sensex 35,319.35 0.3
XinjngWnkTmsDprtmntStr 13.96 10.01 GuizhouChangzhngTnchng 4.81 –5.13 KOSPI 2,443.98 –0.2
3160 S&P/ASX 200 6,108.02 0.3
Qingdao Copton Tech 17.26 10.01 ShanghaiFukngIntrctEnt 5.82 –5.06
3050 ShanghaiPutailaNwEnTch 43.65 10.01 Lawton Development Co 5.26 –5.05 New Zealand 50 Gross Index 8,619.83 0.3
JiangsuSeagullColngTwr 26.32 9.99 YinduKitchen Equipment 15.38 –4.29 Straits Times Index STI 3,548.54 0.2
Zhejiang Dibay Electr 24.57 9.98 NanjingCentralEmporium 8.97 –4.27 Bangkok SET Index 1,756.90 –0.2
ShanghaiWondertek Sftw 18.74 9.98 FujianKuncaiMaterilTch 12.69 –4.23 Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index 1,846.51 1.0
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Component Index 10,689.07 –0.2 –3.2
VN-Index 1,056.97 –0.3
11,700 Shenzhen Stock Exchange Dow Jones 24,360.21 0.0
11,200 LandOcean Energy Svcs 7.22 10.06 CEFC Anhui Intl 3.20 –5.04
Shenzhen Sunway Comm 35.38 6.28 ShijzhngChngshnBMngTch 8.10 –4.26
10,700 CangzhouMingzhuPlastic 8.16 6.25 ShenzhenHuaqingIndstry 21.47 –4.15 Commodities
10,200 Tibet Mineral Dev 13.44 5.00 Shaanxi J&R Optimum En 3.65 –3.95 Daily YTD % Chg
ZhejiangWanfengAutoWhl 9.85 4.01 Henan Senyuan Electric 17.96 –3.44 Close % Chg –25% 0% +25%
9700 Oriental Energy Co Ltd 11.92 3.56 Nanjing Hanrui Cobalt 145.14 –3.37 Brent Crude Oil (USD/bbl.) 76.73 2.5
BeijingE-HualuInfoTech 35.75 3.53 Ciwen Media Co Ltd 33.70 –3.27 Gold (USD/t oz.) 1313.70 0.0
HebSlhrEnvrPrtctnHghte 19.85 3.39 Tahoe Group Co Ltd 26.28 –3.06 Silver (USD/t oz.) 16.47 –0.1
InnerMnglMGrssEclgy&En 9.63 3.33 Digital China Info Svc 15.08 –2.96 Copper (USD/lb.) 3.06 –0.6
Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 Index 3871.62 –0.2 –4.0
Zhejiang Runtu Co Ltd 22.00 3.24 China Greatwall Tech 8.87 –2.95 Aluminum (USD/MT) 2384.75 0.5
4400 Corn (USD/bu.) 4.03 0.6
Hang Seng Wheat (USD/bu.) 5.15 0.6
4000 PetroChina Co Ltd 5.95 4.39 China Resources Power 14.94 –2.23 Soybeans (USD/bu.) 10.20 0.9
Wharf RealEstate Invst 59.70 3.29 WH Group Ltd 7.93 –1.00 Coffee (USD/lb.) 1.19 –0.3
3600 CNOOC Ltd 13.52 2.27 Sino Land Co Ltd 13.20 –0.90 Sugar #11 (USD/lb.) 0.12 –0.4
China Petroleum & Chem 7.88 2.20 Sands China Ltd 45.90 –0.86 Palm Oil (MYR/MT) 2381.00 –0.1
3200 Want Want China 7.08 2.16 Galaxy Entertainment 67.90 –0.80

Cross Currency Rates ETFS

Shanghai B-Share Stock Price Index 320.91 –0.1 –6.1 Daily %
USD 1.186 0.157 0.127 1.354 0.001 0.280 0.016 0.009 0.015 0.773 China 50 510050 2.71 –0.11
355 China AMC CSI 300 Index 510330 4.18 –0.24
EUR 0.843 0.132 0.107 1.142 0.001 0.237 0.013 0.008 0.013 0.652
345 China CSI 500 510500 6.34 –0.39
335 CNY 6.373 7.558 0.812 8.630 0.006 1.788 0.101 0.058 0.095 4.926 China SME 159902 3.51 –0.06
HKD 7.850 9.311 1.232 10.630 0.007 2.202 0.124 0.072 0.117 6.068 China Universal CSI Consumer Staples Index 159928 2.29 –0.39
GBP 0.738 0.876 0.116 0.094 0.001 0.207 0.012 0.007 0.011 0.571 E Fund ChiNext Price Index 159915 1.75 –0.23
315 E Fund CSI 300 510310 1.64 –0.18
KRW 1080.900 1280.210 169.610 137.696 1461.220 302.689 17.056 9.851 16.053 834.020
E Fund CSI 300 Financials ex Banks Index 512070 1.87 –0.43
BRL 3.563 4.228 0.559 0.454 4.826 0.003 0.056 0.033 0.053 2.757 E Fund Hang Seng China Enterprises Index 510900 1.25 0.24
Shenzhen B-Share Stock Price Index 1095.11 –0.3 –5.9
RUB 63.259 75.037 9.925 8.059 85.672 0.059 17.743 0.577 0.940 48.903 E FUND SZSE100 INDEX FUND 159901 4.76 –0.13
1260 Fortune SGAM Xianjin Tianyi Money Market 511990 100.01 0.00
JPY 109.660 130.070 17.207 13.970 148.501 0.102 30.774 1.734 1.629 84.767
Guangfa CSI 500 510510 1.68 –0.24
1210 INR 67.333 79.874 10.566 8.577 91.182 0.062 18.888 1.064 0.614 52.047 Guotai Shanghai Stock Exchange 180 Financial Index 510230 5.99 –0.33
1160 CAD 1.294 1.534 0.203 0.165 1.752 0.001 0.363 0.020 0.012 0.019 Harvest CSI 300 Index 159919 4.21 –0.21
Huatai-Pinebridge CSI 300 510300 3.87 –0.28
1110 Shanghai SSE180 510180 3.30 –0.12
Data provided by
1060 SSE Pledge Urban Investment Bond 511220 93.93 –0.05
M J J A S O N D J F M A Yinhua Traded Money Market Fund 511880 101.57 0.00
C H I N A DA I LY Thursday, May 10, 2018 IP special 17

Chinese courts get

tough on copycats
A brand can take years to set to match the market value
build, but just days to be cop- of the IP, sometimes breaking
ied. Chateau Lafite found itself the statutory upper limit pro-
in such a situation in 2015. vided in related laws, accord-
The French winemaker dis- ing to Yang.
covered that a Shanghai-based “Violators should pay the
firm had been importing and price they deserve,” he said.
selling wine labeled Chateau In a series of typical IPR cas-
Moron Lafitte, similar to its es the Beijing court announced
own registered trademark in late April, two tech compa-
Lafite. nies violating a software patent
In order to remedy what it were required to pay compen-
saw as a blatant trademark sation of 3 million yuan, higher
infringement, Chateau Lafite than the 1 million statutory
turned to the Shanghai Intel- compensation cap stipulated
lectual Property Court. by China’s patent law.
In February this year, the The court passed its judg-
court ordered the Shanghai- ment based on the fact that
based company to stop its the profit the two companies
trademark infringement and made from illegally using the
compensate Chateau Lafite software had far exceeded 1
to the tune of 2 million yuan million yuan.
($317,000). In another case involving
“We are glad to see China German software corporation
is working to set up a great IP SAP SE, handled by the Shang-
system and to equally protect hai IP court, the judge decided
rights of brands from China that a Chinese training agency
A tech company showcases its solutions for digital copyright protection at the China Content Broadcasting Network exhibition in Beijing last year. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY and abroad,” said Jean-Guillau- had used SAP SE software and
me Prats, CEO of Les Domaines textbooks for commercial pur-
Barons de Rothschild (Chateau poses without authorization.

Copyright issues addressed in light

Lafite), at a recent meeting. The compensation was set at
From 2014 to 2017, Shanghai 1.55 million yuan, higher than
courts received 1,244 and con- 500,000 yuan, the statutory
cluded 1,219 civil first instance upper limit for compensation
IP cases involving foreign par- provided in copyright law.

of emerging tech, business models ties, accounting for 3.3 percent

of total civil IP cases handled.
Yang Jing, deputy director
of the administration office of
the Beijing IP Court, said, “IPR
“We are very impressed with
the Shanghai IP Court’s unbi-
ased respect for a multination-
al company’s IPR, as well as
the determination to protect
trials create fair market com- IPR in China,” said Karen Wil-
Experts attend recent forum, call for greater protection across industry sectors petition for both Chinese and liams, vice-president of SAP’s
foreign companies.” anti-piracy department, in a
In 2017, Chinese courts con- letter of gratitude to the court.
By YUAN SHENGGAO billion yuan ($769.6 million) research institute at Chong- market was worth 5.73 billion cluded more than 200,000 IPR Lawmakers in China are
in revenue in the first quarter qing University, said block- yuan last year, with the fig- cases, increasing 40 percent modifying IPR protection laws
Amid new emerging busi-
ness models and the rise in
of this year. “Without copy-
right protection, we cannot
5.73 chain has the advantages of
low costs and high data secu-
ure projected to top 30 billion
yuan in 2020.
year-on-year, according to the
Supreme People’s Court.
to raise the compensation cap.
“The State Intellectual Prop-
the application of new tech- reach where we have gone so billion yuan rity so it helps traders lacking As more and more short “China is increasingly using erty Office will actively push
nologies, experts called for far,” Gong said. mutual trust to sign deals. video content is being pro- legal tools to help stimulate to raise the compensation
the short video content
increased copyright protec- Xiong Xiaoge, board chair- “The technology can duced, it is creating a grow- innovation,” said Yang Boyong, limit, and introduce penalties
market scale in China last
tion at a recent forum in Bei- man of IDG Capital, said ensure the control and safety ing number of challenges chief judge of a tribunal in the to significantly raise the viola-
jing. like other sectors, the music of products’ distribution pro- for copyright protection, Beijing High People’s Court. tion costs,” said Shen Changyu,
Technologies such as arti- industry cannot become cess, and thus guarantee the particularly with short vid- In recent years, compensa- commissioner of SIPO.
ficial intelligence, cloud com- stronger if piracy issues are interests of copyright own- eos which may contain some tion for IPR violation has been XINHUA
puting and big data pose not resolved. technology helps to increase ers,” Qi said. copyrighted content, experts
challenges to copyright pro- “The best weapon to fight data credibility and facilitate At the forum, the National at the forum said.
tection, said Yu Cike, director- piracy is blockchain technol- transactions in the movie Copyright Administration’s Whether a short video with
general of the copyright man- ogy,” Xiong said. His opinion market, he added. copyright management copyrighted content con-
agement department at the was echoed by other experts After AI-based research department, the Copyright stitutes piracy needs to be
National Copyright Admin- participating in the event. technology is employed, it Society of China’s copyright judged from the perspectives
istration. Yu Jianing, head of an will be easier to distinguish monitoring center and Chi- of its creation and distribu-
To deal with the chal- industrial and economic pirated products and authen- na Mobile Communications tion, said Pan Wei, assistant
lenges, the authorities need research institute at the Min- tic ones whose key data have Corp’s subsidiary Migu signed presiding judge of the intel-
to employ various means istry of Industry and Infor- been stored in the block- an agreement on cooperation lectual property division of the
to increase efficiency in mation Technology, said chain, said Yu, adding that in online protection. Beijing High People’s Court.
enforcement, improve ser- blockchain technology, which the use of the technology will Ergeng, a company found- Wang Yong, senior partner
vices to encourage creativity features decentralization and advance copyright business ed three years ago special- of JT&N law firm in Beijing,
and enhance international greater credibility, can be to reach a highly automated izing in the creation of video said that as an emerging
exchanges to benefit innova- used widely in the creation and intelligent level. content, rolls out an average business, the short video sec-
tion, he said. and management of content To date, blockchain tech- 5,000 original short videos tor needs to make full use of
Gong Yu, founder and chief such as movies. nology has been applied to annually. Li Ming, its director new internet technologies,
executive of video streaming The first step to affirm the some domestic markets of and president of its internet including remote notaries, to
company iQiyi, said copyright ownership of a movie is to copyrighted content, and business, said he has a head- resolve piracy issues. Classic cartoon images on display attract visitors at a Doraemon-
protection has enabled inter- prove its copyright, Yu said. telecommunications giant ache dealing with unauthor- He suggested punitive themed exhibition in Shanghai in 2016. SU YANG / FOR CHINA DAILY
net video streaming and digi- A key feature of blockchain Huawei and retail portal JD ized use of the company’s damages for repeated or
tal publication businesses in
China to boom.
His company issued its
is that the information in the
chain cannot be falsified and
thus it can provide convinc-
have begun to expand their
intellectual property portfolio
in the sector, China Intellec-
products for adaptation, cita-
tion and compilation.
Data from iResearch, an
malicious infringements. “At
the same time, the public’s IP
awareness needs to be further
Rights to Doraemon
initial public offering on the
Nasdaq stock exchange in
late March. It generated 4.9
ing evidence using electrical
information, he noted.
Furthermore, blockchain
tual Property News reported.
Qi Aimin, head of an inter-
net and big data strategy
online data analysis and con-
sulting company, show that
China’s short video content
increased,” Wang said. “That
is a fundamental solution and
we still have a long way to go.”
image ruled in Beijing
By YUAN SHENGGAO The court found that the
graphic part of the trademark
IP scene The Beijing Intellectual owned by Jiqimao constitut-
Property Court upheld the ed “substantial similarity” to
Trademark Review and Adju- Doraemon, which is a copy-
BEIJING forms’ techniques. “Intangible intangible cultural heritage items recently founded in Lanzhou dication Board’s decision over righted image.
cultural heritage is a vague concept — Daoming bamboo weaving Vocational Technical College. the rights to popular Japanese Evidence presented in court
Report tracks capital’s cartoon image Doraemon at a showed that the Doraemon
for the kids and so the on-site and Huaiyuan rattan weaving. Major studies can be undertaken
trademark applications display and interactions made It will also aim to improve other in thangka, traditional Tibetan recent trademark hearing. copyright was created before
A total of 264,853 trademarks them realize the heritage can be traditional handicrafts in Chengdu, Buddhist painting, cultural relic Doraemon is a popular the disputed trademark was
were registered in the capital seen and touched,” said Cui Mei, such as Sichuan embroidery and repair and paper cutting among character in the Japanese granted.
in 2017, together with 320,933 head of the kindergarten, adding lacquer art, in the hope that they others. The institute will act as manga and animation series Thus the Shanghai com-
trademark applications, according that the event helped the children can provide a greater impetus for an important training center of the same name, which pany, as the authorized party,
to a report released by the Beijing learn about heritage protection. economic development. for related inheritors in Gansu, became a hit in China after it had the rights prior to Jiqi-
Administration for Industry and HENAN BUSINESS DAILY SICHUAN ECONOMICS DAILY representatives from the college was introduced in the 1990s. mao. Without its permission,
Commerce on Tuesday. The top said. The institute will also offer Jiqimao, a children’s shoe- Jiqimao’s trademark registra-
five sectors among the registered FUJIAN XINJIANG modern apprenticeships and maker in Jinjiang, Fujian tion infringed the prior copy-
trademarks were advertisement lectures as well as establishing province, filed an application right, according to the court.
sales, electronic apparatus, Just-launched customs Geographical indication an intangible cultural heritage with the then State Adminis- Meanwhile, the court found
education and entertainment, app 1st of kind in China event held in Urumqi database group. tration for Industry and Com- that Animation International
skill services, and communication Xiamen recently released an The region’s industrial and GSEDU.GOV.CN merce in 2012, attempting to had also been granted the
services, contributing 39.74 percent intellectual property customs commercial authorities hosted a use an image similar to Dorae- Doraemon image trademark
of the city’s new trademarks in protection mobile app, the first trademark law publicity event in YUNNAN mon for its trademark. for use on swimsuits, waist-
2017. The administration set up of its kind nationwide. Foreign Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang The trademark was grant- bands, raincoats, costumes
service windows in five districts in trade companies can now carry Uygur autonomous region on April Regulations to support ed at the end of 2015 for use and shower caps.
the city for companies to register out consultations, searches and 26 — World Intellectual Property local ethnic groups on baby outfits, shoes, hats, Animation International’s
and collateralize trademarks as infringement reports via the app. Day. The event focused on how The provincial capital Kunming gloves and scarves. trademark and the one in
well as to take part in related It will allow cargo to be cleared geographical indication trademarks will implement a new regulation Animation International question are in the same cat-
consultations. by customs faster while avoiding can help in poverty alleviation. The for intangible cultural heritage (Shanghai) Ltd, which has egory yet different segments.
BEIJING EVENING NEWS infringement risks, related authorities provided consultation protection on July 1 to give been authorized as the holder The disputed trademark
authorities said. desks, gave out publicity materials priority and support in areas of the Doraemon copyright, infringed the Doraemon
HENAN PEOPLE’S DAILY and visited companies to publicize mainly inhabited by ethnic groups. disputed the trademark and copyright and as a result, the
Children learn shadow trademark-related laws and More than 1.27 million people filed an invalidation request plaintiff ’s claim was rejected,
SICHUAN policies and to discuss developing in the city are of an ethnicity with the Trademark Review according to the court.
puppetry art form trademark brands. other than Han. The regulation and Adjudication Board in
The province’s cultural department Office opened for XINJIANG DAILY says cultural and educational December 2016.
hosted an event at a local handicraft protection administrations should support The board ruled in favor of
kindergarten recently where A traditional handicraft office of GANSU higher learning institutions and the Shanghai company about To comment or
intangible cultural heritage the Central Academy of Fine Arts vocational schools to offer related a year later. In response, Jiqi- contribute, please e-mail
inheritors demonstrated a number was recently established in the Cultural heritage majors or classes for the training mao filed a complaint against
of items, including Chinese shadow county-level city of Chongzhou — institute founded of intangible cultural heritage the board with the Beijing or contact editors at
puppetry, to the children, as well the first of its kind in the province. The province’s first intangible professionals. court in January, seeking to +86-10-6499-5774.
as teaching them some of the art The office will specialize in two cultural heritage institute was CCDY.CN revoke the decision.

The page is sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office.

18 BUSINESS | CSR Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA DAILY

Dental events offer reason to smile


Remote areas enjoy

digital education
Global oral health Suning Mobile Classroom
Public Welfare Activity, a van
program plans transformed into a multime-
dia classroom, arrived last
to involve 3,000 week in Harbin, Heilongjiang
province, and brought digital
children in China media education to local
classrooms. The activity cov-
By LIU YUKUN in Beijing and ers six areas including virtual
LI YINGQING in Kunming reality and artificial intelli- gence. Initiated by nonprofit
organization Adream Founda-
A series of educational oral tion and electric appliance
health events will be provider, the
launched in China as a part of activity will travel across the
the global dental care pro- nation from this month
gram Smile Around the through November , bringing
World, and more than 3,000 digital media education to
children will be involved, said remote places. Ma Kang, vice
the organizers at the opening president at Suning, said the
ceremony in Kunming, Yun- activity has been ongoing for
nan province. four years and has been focus-
The project was initiated by ing on balancing educational
the FDI World Dental Federa- resources among different
tion, organized by the China regions.
Stomatological Association
and supported by global man- Study: Rural China
ufacturing and production short of kids’ books
company 3M.
Speaking on Mar 20 — the A reading report that targets
World Oral Health Day— children from rural areas in
Gerhard Seeberger, head of Central and East China,
the FDI World Dental Federa- where many poverty-stricken
tion, explained that the aim is areas are located, was
to increase awareness among released on May 2 by Amazon
children around the world to China, The China Foundation
prevent dental caries, and for Poverty Alleviation and
Gerhard Seeberger, head of the FDI World Dental Federation, interacts with students at the Primary School Affiliated with Yunnan Normal University on March 20. The China Philanthropy
also help parents to better PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY
guide their children. Research Institute under Bei-
“The risk of dental caries jing Normal University. The
can be largely reduced with practiced brushing their teeth A series of similar events and helping children have na were found to have dental care in China.” report says that nearly 74 per-
proper prevention and treat- under the guidance of teach- will be held in Shaanxi prov- good hygiene from an early caries, a 5.8 percentage points 3M announced at the open- cent of the children surveyed
ment, and that is our pur- ers and volunteer dentists. ince and the Ningxia Hui age is imperative.” increase than that of ten years ing ceremony that it will read fewer than 10 books per
pose,” said Seeberger. “We are working on the autonomous region from According to a report from ago. For 12-year-old children, donate preventive medical year, and more than 36 per-
The same day as the pro- design of educational events March to June. the World Health Organiza- the number was 34.5, a 7.8 products for caries and other cent of children read fewer
gram’s opening ceremony, an that are interesting and Yu Guangyan, president of tion, dental decay is the most percentage points increase. oral diseases to the program. than three. Moreover, more
oral health lecture was held at engaging to students, so we the Chinese Somatological common issue affecting chil- “The number is still rising,” Shen Ning, general manag- than 71 percent of families
the Primary School Affiliated can empower children to pri- Association, said: “Tooth dren’s health. About 60 to 90 Yu said. “We look forward to er of 3M Healthcare Business surveyed have fewer than 10
with Yunnan Normal Univer- oritize their oral health and decay in Chinese children is percent of school pupils in more cooperation from com- Group in China, said the com- books in their homes, and
sity. offer parents guidance to sup- becoming more common, and industrialized countries have panies and organizations in pany is making efforts to offer nearly 20 percent of children
During the lecture, chil- port them on this journey, it is getting worse in rural are- caries. different fields.” Yu added. better dental products and it have no books to read outside
dren read pamphlets pro- thus preventing oral diseases as compared with cities. Yu added that by last Sep- “In that way, we can fully is hoping to see more active of their textbooks.
duced by the FDI World from an early age,” Seeberger “Therefore, strengthening tember, about 70.9 percent of utilize each other’s strengths awareness of oral disease pre-
Dental Federation. They also added. oral health education efforts five-year-old children in Chi- and better promote dental vention among the public. Volunteers plant
trees in Beijing
A planting event that pro-

Wind project moted environmental pro-

tection was held on April 28
in Miyun, Beijing, by local
governments and The AEON

set to energize Group Environmental Foun-

dation. The event attracted
more than 800 volunteers
from China and Japan, and

rural Guizhou participants planted about

8,000 trees. Takuya Okada,
honorary chairman and
adviser at AEON Co Ltd, said
he looks forward to more
By ZHENG YIRAN in Beijing
cooperation between Chi-
and YANG JUN in Guiyang
nese and Japanese volun-
teers to better protect the
Beijing Tianrun New Ener-
environment. Since 1991, the
gy Investment Co Ltd has
foundation has been focus-
invested 1.35 billion yuan Yanhe county is ing on environmental pro-
($212 million) in a wind pow-
tection and planting events,
er project in Guizhou prov- an impoverish- and has cooperated with
ince, in a bid to promote local
economic transformation. ed area, but it neighboring countries to
promote its events to a wider
The whole project involves
three phases. Construction of is rich in wind audience.
the first phase, with a maxi-
mum capacity of 50 mega-
power.” Dream Classroom
watts, began recently in Wu Peng, program director
offers insight
Qiaojia town of Yanhe county The first second-generation Valemax,Yuan He Hai , docks at the Tubarao port in Brazil for the first time on Feb 25. Nissan Group of China and
at Beijing Tianrun
in Tongren city, with an PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY China Council for the Promo-
investment of 450 million tion of International Trade
yuan from Beijing Tianrun.
The project began wind
tests in 2016 and was official-
ly launched two years later.
1.35b yuan Vale Sustainability Report: New ore announced recently that they
will cooperate to further pro-
mote Nissan’s “The Dream
amount invested by Bei- Classroom” program to more
When the whole project is
completed, it will become a
supplemental source for the
jing Tianrun in a wind
power project in Guizhou
carrier world’s most efficient vessel car exhibitions. During Chi-
na’s three-day May Day holi-
days, the program recruited
local electricity network and 40 elementary school stu-
even be able to supply power By ZHENG XIN on socio-environmental which provides information dents to Nissan’s car exhibi-
to the grid in Tongren.
“Our company has long
been devoted to the nation’s
Han Fei, deputy chief of
Yanhe county, said “the local

Brazilian mining conglom-

issues,” said Alberto Ninio,
director of the company’s
new, 11th edition of its sus-
41 percent about the company’s per-
formance in 2017 in econom-
ic, social, and environmental
tion at the China
International Exhibition Cen-
ter for a theoretical and prac-
poverty alleviation undertak- area mainly relies on agricul- erate Vale SA says its second- tainability report. less carbon dioxide was areas, follows the guidelines tical learning experience in
ing. Yanhe county is an ture and industrial develop- generation Valemaxes, used “This year, we have further emitted by Vale SA’s new of the Global Reporting Initi- the automotive field. From
impoverished area, but it is ment is relatively weak. The to transport iron ore from advanced by aligning our vessel compared with its ative, an institution that 2013 to 2017, the program has
rich in wind power. That is wind farm, which is environ- Brazil to China, are the most actions to the structure of the first-generation vessels established the international benefited more than 75,000
why we chose to invest here,” mentally friendly, will pro- efficient vessels ever built in 2030 Agenda and the Sus- launched in 2011 standard of corporate socio- students across China.
said Wu Peng, program mote the economic terms of greenhouse gas tainable Development environmental reports, it
director at Beijing Tianrun. development of the county”. emission reductions. Goals.” said.
According to Wu, Yanhe “The establishment of the The company’s new sus- Though it has some of the The document is divided
Weibo to support
county has extensive mead- wind farm will contribute to tainability report says the highest quality reserves in partners; 30 of them will be into five main themes: Peo- panda habitat
ows and the wind speed government revenue. More- new vessels, also known as the world, Vale has a geo- delivered by Chinese ship- ple, Planet, Prosperity, Peace Panda Guardians, a Weibo
there reaches 5 meters per over, there is a chance to VLOCs, have a capacity of up graphic disadvantage com- yards from the beginning of and Partnerships. account that aims at gaining
second. develop some tourism pro- to 400,000 metric tons dead pared with its competitors, 2018 through the last quarter In 2017, the company also more support for the giant
“Usually a wind speed of 6 grams. We may take the weight and emit 41 percent including Rio Tinto Group of 2019 and two will be deliv- invested $487.3 million in panda’s habitat protection,
m/s is required to build a opportunity to combine local less carbon dioxide than the and BHP Billiton Ltd; it must ered by Japanese shipyards environmental protection announced on April 17 that it
wind farm, but the low-wind- agriculture with tourism, lift- Capesizes used in 2011, which travel some 14,247 kilometers from the end of 2019 through and conservation, with its will launch a bamboo plant-
speed generating units we ing local people out of pover- had a capacity of 180,000 tons more than the other two. the first quarter of 2020. percentage of reuse of water ing project in Shaanxi prov-
developed can make full use ty,” he said. and served as the basis for the The new vessels are part of Four Chinese companies for industrial processes ince. The project was a
of the wind power resource In recent years, the county first generation of Valemaxes the miner’s efforts to mini- — China Ore Shipping Pte reaching 82 percent and iron follow-up to a game on Wei-
here. After the wind farm is has optimized the industrial launched that year. mize the geographical advan- Ltd, a subsidiary of China ore tailings dams audited bo, one of China’s most popu-
built, the estimated return structure to increase resi- Because of the close coop- tage of its Australian peers in COSCO Shipping Corp Ltd, with confirmed stability con- lar platforms for social
rate of investment is 8 to 10 dents’ incomes through the eration with Chinese part- shipping ore to China. China Merchants Energy dition reaching 100 percent, media. In the game, users
percent a year,” he said. construction of agricultural ners in various areas, The Rio de Janeiro-based Shipping Co, Ltd, ICBC it said. can feed their virtual pandas
In addition, Beijing Tian- parks. The wind power Valemax vessels are designed company’s cost-reduction Financial Leasing Co Ltd and It has also invested $14 by growing virtual bamboo
run has established an project will be a push for in China, with most of them strategy partly depends on Bank of Communications million through its Vale through points they get from
800,000-yuan poverty-allevi- future development. constructed and financed in the use of newer ships, Fabio Finance Leasing Co, Ltd — Foundation in 52 projects in such actions as posting on
ation fund, aiming to pro- China, as well. Schvartsman, CEO of Vale SA purchased 19 VLOCs from 65 cities in Brazil, related to Weibo and inviting friends to
mote infrastructure Zhao Yandi contributed to “Vale uses natural resour- previously said. Vale since 2015, with the total the themes of work and the game. Game users’ efforts
construction in Yanhe and the story. Contact the writer ces in its operations. There- Shipbuilders are con- value of these ships reaching income generation, health, will be calculated by Weibo.
assist the local agriculture at zhengyiran@ fore, we must account to structing a total of 32 such $1.94 billion. education, culture and
industry. society with a specific report vessels for Vale’s shipping Vale’s sustainability report, sports. CHINA DAILY

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Friend works
toward Cameron’s
manga dream
By FRANKIE TAGGART ing some additional photog-
in Los Angeles raphy and dialogue, and
Agence France-Presse moving the action to South
Before James Cameron “If I wrote (Cameron) a
turned Avatar into the high- question he’d send back a
est-grossing movie in history, whole very long, broken
he was working on a new kind down, analyzed, easy-to-di-
of cinematic heroine with the gest-and-learn-from
film adaptation of manga answer,” Rodriguez says.
series Battle Angel Alita. “And he’s very generous,
The director behind The very much a mentor and, at
Terminator, Aliens and the same time, ‘Make this
Titanic, the second-biggest your own, you know, Robert
hit of all time, had a franchise — you make this your own.
planned for Yukito Kishiro’s Here’s what I think but make

graphic novels about a cyborg your own decision’.”
discovered on a garbage heap. Cameron and longtime
The runaway success of coproducer Jon Landau
Avatar — $2.8 billion in (Titanic, Avatar) haven’t
worldwide ticket receipts — ruled out a franchise, but first
has led to four sequels being the movie, due on Dec 21, will
green-lit, so Cameron decid- need to overcome misgivings
A string of Academy Awards is helping to put an Irish animation studio on the map. ed to give his 600-page Alita
script to friend Robert Rod-
about the look of Alita.

Xu Fan looks at how its films may be received by Chinese audiences. riguez.
“I totally bought into his
version of it and I wanted to

rish director Nora that I identify with. The more help him get it to the screen. I
Twomey believes her you identify with the charac- wanted, as a fan, to see that
new animated movie ters that you are portraying, movie,” Rodriguez, 49, said at
may resonate with Chi- the deeper the characters will the recent CinemaCon indus-
nese because of its similarities become,” says Twomey. try convention in Las Vegas. Director Robert Rodriguez
with the story of Hua Mulan, A coproduction of Ireland, “So that was my approach doesn’t so much rewrite
the brave daughter who dis- Luxembourg and Canada, the to it, not to go and take it and James Cameron’s Alita script
guises herself as a young man movie gathered together turn it into something else, as edit it down to a managea-
to take her father’s place in the around 300 people from all but help Jim finish what he ble length. AFP
emperor’s army. over the world to work on set had started out to make.”
Indeed, her new film, The painting and voice casting. Alita: Battle Angel — the
Breadwinner, which is set in Hollywood giant Angelina title was flipped, in keeping When an early trailer land-
Afghanistan, resembles the Jolie, who has traveled to with all of Cameron’s films ed, some critics complained
Chinese ballad first tran- around 50 countries to sup- since the early 1980s begin- that the preternaturally
scribed 1,500 years ago, she port refugee families, also ning with a T or an A — is set large-eyed heroine, an
explains during the 14th Chi- came on board as the movie’s hundreds of years in the entirely computer-animated
na International Cartoon & The new animated film, The Breadwinner, is set in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in 2001, and centers executive producer. future. character superimposed on
Animation Festival in Zheji- on Parvana, an 11-year-old girl who cuts off her hair to disguise herself as a boy to help support her “I didn’t believe she would The unconscious Alita is Salazar’s motion-capture
ang’s provincial capital, family and seek a way to rescue her father. PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY be involved in the film, until I found in a scrapyard by Ido, performance, looked kind of
Hangzhou. got a call to meet her in Los a doctor who realizes that creepy. It is a reaction encap-
The animator-director Angeles,” recalls Twomey, who somewhere in her aban- sulated by the “uncanny val-
shared some of the film’s the 2000 children’s novel of impression left by the conflict was so nervous she got lost in doned cyborg shell is the ley”, a hypothesis that human
behind-the-scenes stories at the same name, and was origi- in the Northern Ireland as she the building as soon as she heart and soul of an extraor- replicas that appear almost,
the event. nally penned by Canadian was growing up in the 1970s arrived. dinary young woman. but not quite, like real people
When it comes to animated author Deborah Ellis. and 1980s is indelibly etched Jolie, who has funded girls’ He tries to shield Alita elicit feelings of revulsion.
movies, most Chinese people “Ellis is an incredible wom- on her mind. education programs in from her mysterious past as “Not being funny: I just
would expect their favorite an. She’s interested in the “We know how vulnerable Afghanistan, offered a great the corrupt forces that run don’t like looking at Alita. For-
flicks to hail from Hollywood rights of children around the peace is and how difficult it is deal of guidance and encour- things come after her and get the uncanny valley, this is
or Japan. world. When I read her book, I to maintain peace. That gives agement to the cast and crew, she discovers she has unique uncanny Marianas Trench,”
But thanks to glowing word- was very inspired,” recalls me a special interest in the adds Twomey. fighting abilities. tweets Scott Wampler of the
of-mouth reviews from a Twomey, during an interview subject,” she explains. Speaking about the key to Rosa Salazar, known for pop-culture website
growing group of Chinese on the sidelines of the event “It’s also the fact that we are making a successful film, the Divergent and Maze Run- Birth.Movies.Death.
moviegoers, Irish animated with China Daily. independent filmmakers. We Twomey says: “If animators ner teen franchises, leads an The precedents for big-
films have steadily been gain- Set in Taliban-controlled have the opportunity to tell a focus too much on the box all-star cast featuring Jenni- budget, effects-saturated,
ing recognition for their cul- Afghanistan in 2001, the story which might not other- office, they may lose heart. fer Connelly, Mahershala Ali manga-based blockbusters
turally distinctive features in 94-minute film centers on wise be told … And as a moth- Audiences always respond to and Christoph Waltz, all with female leads aren’t par-
movies such as The Secret of Parvana, an 11-year-old girl er, I believe Afghan children the truth and the heart of films Oscar winners. ticularly encouraging either.
Kells, Song of the Sea and The whose father is arrested by the deserve the peace that my chil- and TV shows.” Rodriguez, who befriended Ghost in the Shell opened
Breadwinner. Taliban. Since women are not dren have,” adds Twomey, who The Breadwinner garnered Cameron a quarter century poorly in the United States
While it might seem like a permitted to leave their has two boys. screenings at both the recent ago, rose to fame with the and sank without a trace
coincidence that all three of homes without a male escort She also reveals that her 8th Beijing International release of his widely amid scathing reviews and a
these films received a nomi- or even earn a living under youngest son, who is now Film Festival and the 14th acclaimed 1992 low-budget backlash against the white
nation for best animated fea- Taliban’s rule, Parvana cuts off If animators focus almost 8 years old, per- China International Cartoon El Mariachi, about a Mexican Scarlett Johannson being
ture at the Academy Awards her hair to disguise herself as a formed the voice-over for one & Animation Festival in musician who takes up arms handed the starring role.
in 2009, 2015 and 2018, boy to help support her family too much on the of the young characters in the Hangzhou. against a gang of outlaws. But Rodriguez has always
respectively, it may come as and seek a way to rescue her movie. Beijing-based China Nebu- This led to a diverse career believed in Cameron’s vision of
no surprise that these mov- father. box office, they When asked if the political la Picture Film & Television’s that has included the seminal a CGI cyborg that appears
ies were all produced by Car-
toon Saloon, an animation
“Parvana is just a normal lit-
tle girl who goes through nor-
may lose heart.” background might appear too
complicated for young view-
Tianjin subsidiary has pur-
chased the rights to distrib-
vampire thriller From Dusk
Till Dawn, the dark action
every bit as real in soul, if not in
appearance, as the young
studio based in Kilkenny, a mal little girl stuff, but she’s Nora Twomey, Irish director ers, Twomey says she hopes ute The Breadwinner on the film Sin City and the child- women who will see the movie.
town in southeastern Ire- also incredibly brave while liv- children will discuss the mov- Chinese mainland, and friendly Spy Kids franchise, “A lot of the time, manga-
land. ing through an extraordinary ie with their parents and have hopes to have the movie on as well as Mexican-set action- type material is unrelatable
Twomey, who co-founded time,” says Twomey. their questions answered in general release over the sum- ers Machete and Desperado. to an audience because it’s
Cartoon Saloon with two Memories formed at a the future. mer. Rodriguez didn’t so much just so far out. It’s all specta-
friends in 1999, recalls the young age can often fuel a cre- “I look at Parvana the way a rewrite Cameron’s Alita cle and not enough emo-
inspiration for The Breadwin- ative passion, and for the mother does. There are also Contact the writer at script as edit it down to a tion,” he says. “And that’s the
ner, which was adapted from 46-year-old director, the other characters in the film manageable length, suggest- opposite of what Jim does.”

New Detective Dee film set to thrill mystery fans

By XU FAN big screen in the upcoming Dragon (2013). “The movie features a very
period-action film Detective The latest film sees the complex case which involves a
In the real world, Di Renjie Dee The Four Heavenly Kings. return of Feng Shaofeng, Lin lot of people. Dee will face his
was a seventh-century politi- Taiwan actor Mark Chao is Gengxin and Carina Lau as a most powerful enemies,” says
cian in the court of Chinese again playing Detective Dee general, a genius doctor and Chao, 33.
empress Wu Zetian of the Tang in the third installment of empress Wu, respectively, as The upcoming film, based
Dynasty (618-907). Hong Kong director Tsui well as newcomer Ma Sichun. on one of the unsolved puzzles
But he has evolved into a Hark’s Detective Dee fran- “When I finished filming for from the previous two films,
Chinese version of Sherlock chise. the (second) Young Detective will continue the timeline of
Holmes in the 18th-century The new movie will hit Chi- Dee movie, I was asked if I the second film.
novel Di Gong An by an anony- nese theaters on July 27, seek- would like to act in the third Hark says that the new film
mous writer. ing to tap into the lucrative but sequel,” Chao says. “I said ‘yes’. will have more twists, and that
Dutch writer Robert van fiercely contested summer But I had to wait a very long he frequently had to ask play-
Gulik translated the ancient nov- box-office season. time and was once worried I wright Chang Chia-lu to
el in the 1940s as the Celebrated The first film, Detective Dee might be replaced by someone rewrite the script.
Cases of Judge Dee, making Di and the Mystery of the Phan- else.” In the film, Ma, who shared
known in the West as Dee. tom Flame (2010), featured Speaking about the fran- the Taipei Golden Horse’s best
Now, the famous character Andy Lau as Dee, while Mark chise, which weaves together actress award with Zhou Hong Kong director Tsui
— who has inspired a series Chao appeared in the second Taiwan actor Mark Chao plays Detective Dee in the upcoming history and mystery, Chao says Dongyu for Soul Mate in 2016, Hark’s new Detective Dee movie
of screen productions in installment, or prequel, Young Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings. the new story is about the will play a character who will hit Chinese theaters on July
recent years — will return to Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY darkness of humanity. wears a mask. 27.
20 LIFE | Film & TV Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA DAILY

The slow pace
and soft focus of
a CCTV literary The Readers connects
show seem to be with many ordinary
people’s aspirations
appealing to through the power of
viewers. Wang reading.”
Kaihao reports. Li Jingze, deputy head of China Writ-
ers’ Association

ormer NBA superstar Yao
Ming is taking to a new
kind of stage. may not come naturally to many
Unconventionally, the Chinese people, but she hopes the
man, who is probably one of the show will help to change all that.
best recognized Chinese athletes on So-called “reading kiosks” were
the international arena, is showing installed in 12 cities around China
people another side to his personal- for ordinary people to record them-
ity with The Readers, a TV program selves reading aloud. The minia-
produced by China Central Televi- ture studios have also enabled
sion. readers to upload their clips to the
He is reading a Chinese transla- internet through a phone app
tion of True Nobility, a work of called The Readers.
prose written by American novelist “The show introduces literature
Ernest Hemingway. in a unique form, but it still retains
“To regret one’s errors to the many Chinese characteristics,” says
point of not repeating them is true Li Jingze, deputy head of the China
repentance,” he reads. “There is Writers’ Association.
nothing noble in being superior to “The Readers connects with many
your fellow men. True nobility lies Dong Qing (left) interviews author Jia Pingwa in season two of China Central Television’s literary talk show The Readers. PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY ordinary people’s aspirations
in being superior to your former through the power of reading, and
self.” helps to comfort and enlighten peo-
He explains the chapter is devot- spective eye over their developing through his rendition of a passage ple emotionally,” he explains.
ed to people who love sports. attitudes toward life. from Hamlet. And a Chinese animal “That’s why it’s popular.”
The new show revolves around And the subtle touch that The conservationist working in Africa, Solid cultural elements have add-
words, but it goes far beyond what Readers has brought to the chat who earned a bachelor’s degree ed into the formats of many Chi-
is read. show format seems to have worked from Columbia University and gave nese variety shows since 2017, says
Last year, the first series of The wonders. On Douban, a popular up an enticing offer from a Wall Lang Kun, chief adviser on variety
Readers broke the mold and taught Chinese film and TV rating plat- Street firm, will join British zoolo- shows with CCTV. He cites National
Chinese TV audiences that a talk form, the first season of the show gist Jane Goodall to read a piece Treasure, a CCTV show that fea-
show does not have to simply be scored 8.6 points out of 10. Accord- together. tures cultural relics that recently
about amusement. Now, with its ing to Dong, clips from last season Dong, who hosted the first series sparked a fad for museums, as one
second series, the show returns were heard some 580 million times but did not take up the position of such example.
with its trademark slow pace, warm on, a major online director until season two, confesses “When season one of The Readers
touch and mesmerizing vocal radio station. the role has brought many new was aired, we didn’t expect it to lead
rhythms set in an intimate atmos- Despite the success last year, pressures — but has also given her to a trend toward culturally rich
phere. The first episode of season Dong wanted to add something new added impetus. variety shows nationwide,” Lang
two aired on Saturday and is set to into the mix for this new season. “One guest told me he had visited says. “More shows should be look-
run weekly. “Topics for this season will be many European countries and ing to strike a better balance
In each episode, several guests — more wide-ranging and varied,” she found that many people there had a between the wider market, main-
celebrities, famous scholars or ordi- says at a recent premiere for the habit of reading in public but it stream values and youth appeal.”
nary people with touching personal second series in Beijing. seems to be rarer in China,” Dong And The Readers has also expand-
stories — are invited to read aloud “The warm key words like ‘love’ recalls. ed its horizons.
passages from their favorite literary and ‘family’ will continue, but we Former NBA superstar Yao Ming (left) and entrepreneur Zong Qinghou are “He told me it was never too late At the MIPTV Media Market in
works, which usually selected from will expand this to other social among guests to be invited to read passages on the talk show. to make up for it. His words really April, a major global expo for TV
classic poems or novels. This fol- issues with a global interest like cheered me up one of the weariest content held in Cannes, The Read-
lows a short interview where the environmental protection and days of production.” ers was one of the highlights of orig-
guests share meaningful moments organ donation,” she explains. And for Dong, when her produc- inal Chinese TV programs on offer.
from their lives. She says more serious works oth- he arrived at his laboratory at 7 am tions toward the precious bird spe- tion team nearly broke down under And negotiations between the Chi-
For Yao, who is now head of the er than best-sellers will be read and left at 11 pm. He read a chapter cies that occupy the local wetlands. the punishing work schedule, read- nese production team and a French
Chinese Basketball Association, his onstage during season two. Many of from Great Learning, a Confucian Zong Qinghou, an entrepreneur ing also provided a way to calm TV station about adapting it into a
experience in conquering continu- the guests, including Yao, had never classic dating back more than 2,000 and founder of Wahaha Group, who down a heated atmosphere and fig- French TV show are underway.
ous injuries seems to echo with the appeared in a literature-themed years, to honor his Chinese prede- only began his business at the age ure out new solutions. “We’re not aiming to sell formats,”
concept of “true nobility” advocat- show before. cessors in the field of physics. of 42, chose a work of prose written “When we need to relax, each of Dong says. “But what matters is that
ed by Hemingway. In the first episode, Xue Qikun, a Xu Zhuo, a third-generation con- by late linguist and historian Ji us will just pick up our favorite we stick to our original style while
Dong Qing, producer, director physicist and an academic at the servationist for the red-crowned Xianlin to express his expectations book to read,” she says. “It’s a good creating a resonance with audien-
and anchor of the show explains Chinese Academy of Sciences, cranes of Heilongjiang province, for the younger Chinese genera- way for all of us to forget our troub- ces.”
that the aim of the program is to recalls his days of painstaking read a passage from writer Zhang tions. les for a while.”
arouse people’s memories of litera- study in Japan, when he joked Kangkang’s work Hometown of the In the upcoming episodes, actor According to Dong, reading aloud Contact the writer at
ture and allow them to cast a retro- about his “7-11” schedule — where Big White Birds to reveal her emo- Hu Ge will prove his acting skills and expressing emotions in public

Cannes festival sees growing interest in Chinese cinema


The 71st Cannes Film Festival has

a strong Chinese presence this year
with many Chinese stars seen on
opening night and director Jia
Zhangke’s latest movie Ash is Pur-
est White shortlisted for the Palme
D’Or .
Meanwhile, Taiwan actor Chang
Chen — who has had nine films
nominated or screened in Cannes
over the past two decades, is on
the nine-member juror panel pre-
sided by Cate Blanchett.
Speaking about the things he
plans to do at Cannes, Chang says
he will help the other jurors under-
stand Asian cinema better, and Clockwise from left: Actor Chang Chen (second right ) is on the jury panel at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival; Chinese stars Zhao Tao (left) and Liao Fan headline Jia Zhangke’s latest directorial film Ash
that he will not treat the four nomi- is Purest White; an image from director Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey into Night; and Ash is Pure White recounts a romance spanning 17 years. PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY
nated Asian films differently.
Besides Jia’s Ash is Purest
White, the other Asian films select- Ash’s cast also includes actor-di- joining them were singer-actress Tang, the Chinese star who shot Beijing-based film company Hish- the cover of Variety magazine.
ed for the official competition are rector Xu Zheng, known for the Li Yuchun, actresses Ma Sichun to prominence for Ang Lee’s Lust, ow Entertainment, says the com- Speaking about the mood at the
South Korea director Lee Chang- blockbuster Lost franchise; and and Fan Bingbing, also a juror at Caution, says she is privileged to pany decided to finance the film as Cannes festival — which began on
dong’s Burning; Iranian director Feng Xiaogang, a pioneer who has last year’s 70th Cannes festival. be part of Bi’s work. they’ve always admired the Irani- Tuesday and ends on May 19 — he
Jafar Panahi’s Three Face and Japa- reinvented Chinese commercial Separately, Chinese director Bi Bi shot to fame with his directo- an director Asghar Farhadi, a two- says: “The interest in Chinese cin-
nese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s films. Gan has Long Day’s Journey into rial debut Kaili Blues (2016), an time Oscar winner for best ema is growing. There is definitely
Shoplifters. The film, which was shot in four Night selected for the Un Certain arthouse feature set in the young picture. a strong Chinese presence here. I
Ash is Purest White is defined by months in Datong, Shanxi prov- Regard competition of the festival. director’s hometown in Guizhou The movie is planned to be hear Chinese everywhere I go.”
its director as a romance which ince, and the Three Gorges Dam The film, starring Tang Wei, Syl- province. imported into China. Knowles’ film, made for 750 mil-
spans 17 years from 2000. area and the Xinjiang Uygur via Chang, Huang Jue, Lee Hong- As for the other Chinese links in The increasing Chinese influ- lion yuan ($118 million), is about a
The film, starring Zhao Tao, Jia’s autonomous region, has some ele- chi and Chen Yongzhong, is about Cannes, the Spanish psychological ence in Cannes, the world’s top mythical realm.
wife and Liao Fan, a Berlin Interna- ments from Hong Kong gangster a man who returns to his home- thriller Everybody Knows featuring movie event, is being sensed by Knowles, who is in Cannes to
tional Film Festival’s best actor movies and martial arts films. town to seek a mysterious woman Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem — visitors there. strike deals for future projects, says
winner for Black Coal, Thin Ice, will Jia was not on Cannes’ red car- whom he spent an unforgettable which is the festival’s opening title, Among them is actor Matthew it’s interesting to see ordinary peo-
have its world debut in Cannes on pet, but his film’s stars Zhao and summer with more than a decade has a Chinese investor backing it. Knowles, who has starred in Chi- ple on the French Riviera getting
Friday. Liao appeared in the spotlight. And earlier. Xu Bin, the co-founder of the nese film Asura, which made it to interested in seeing Chinese films.
CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018 Fun | LIFE 21
Language tips
Crossword Capricorn (DEC. 22-JAN. 19)
Apply your skills to accommodate new trends or look for diverse
ways to use your services and attributes. Offering something
unique will drum up interest and opportunity.
Aquarius (JAN. 20-FEB. 19)
Today we must buy a television set.
Don’t let anyone talk you into taking on too much or coax you
into doing something that is not good for you. Bad habits will be
difficult to break.
Pisces (FEB. 20-MARCH 20)

Use your imagination when it comes to money matters. An
opportunity to invest in something unique will result in personal
gains and growth. Someone close to you will be evasive or disap- Yes. It is the weekend. Perhaps there are some sales pro-
point you. motions.

Aries (MARCH 21-APRIL 19)

Don’t get angry when you should get moving. It’s up to you to 我还是喜欢长虹的,毕竟是专门生产电视的厂家,质
take care of your responsibilities and to protect your position and 量信得过。
reputation. Finish what you start. $ !% # 
Taurus (APRIL 20-MAY 20)
Gather as much information as possible. Knowledge is power, I still prefer Changhong TV. It is quite a specialized pro-
and being able to use what you learn to your advantage will bring ducer. Its quality can be trusted.
you closer to the success and respect you deserve.
Gemini (MAY 21-JUNE 20) ()(
"*  +
Get your facts straight before you voice your opinion. An emo-
tional situation will escalate if you let someone from your past How much is one DVD?
interfere in your personal life. Truth matters.

Cancer (JUNE 21-JULY 22) 新片儿16元,老片儿10元。

Share your insight and offer suggestions. Getting involved in !,-  ",- 
activities or events that will expand your association with people Sixteen yuan for new movies and 10 for old ones.
sharing your beliefs or heading down a similar path will be
Leo (JULY 23-AUG. 22)
$!  &-
  * *. 

Across 29 1987-94 Star 56 Many an eligi- 13 Tiny bit
Trek series, ble receiver 14 Log craft
Observation will help you get to know and understand your peers  $&

 ,- %

1 Rod at a pig better. Discovering what others have to offer will put you in a
 , & 
roast briefly 57 Drink made 19 “Crypto City” good position. An unexpected change is heading your way.
31 Eyes, to bards from frozen at Ft. Meade I think I’ll buy some piano music and some English-version
5 Vehicles with cartoons for our son. Then we can buy some feature films
medallions 32 Pothook shape grapes 22 “___ luck!” Virgo (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)
9 Partner of cir- 33 Count in music 59 ___ the finish 25 Log construc- for us.
Travel, conferences, trade shows and communications are all
cumstance 35 Lowest-voiced (having poten- tion favored. Let your intuition guide you when dealing with peers or
13 Result of a sock choir members tial to win) 27 Parks of the people you can learn something from. Someone you least expect
in the eye 37 Drink often 60 Peppers milder civil rights will disappoint you. 今天我的几个年轻的同事约我去跳舞,我就不回家吃
15 Colorful, warm- served with a than habaneros movement 饭了。
blooded fish miniature 62 Warm Pacific 30 Rock scientists Libra (SEPT. 23-OCT. 23) $
% /* 
#  '$* "$.
16 Cowboy boot umbrella current 34 Year, in Domestic problems will surface. Added responsibilities will get to $   0
accessory 39 Vehement 64 Is in the hole 43-Down you, and criticism and demands will lead to a dispute. Take a
17 Tomorrow, in rejection 65 Ill-gotten goods 35 Cheers break, relax and focus on personal growth. Today several young colleagues of mine asked me to go
43-Down 42 Prefix with vio- 66 Attaches, as a setting dancing with them, so I won’t come home for dinner.
18 Mexican presi- let or violent carnation 36 Change with Scorpio (OCT. 24-NOV. 22)
dent Enrique 43 Mo. when the 67 Soak up the the times
Sign up for something artistic, unusual or entertaining. The
20 Pavlov with a N.F.L. season sun 37 Okra units diversion will do you good and give you plenty to think about. Be 好吧。你很久没跳舞了,当心,别累着。
starts 68 Theater, dance, 38 Forrest Gump’s
46 Gave the open to trying something new. "1% .&"$.
21 Biceps and etc. C.O.
go-ahead 69 Roald who 39 Profile-altering
hamstrings Sagittarius (NOV. 23-DEC. 21) All right. You haven’t gone dancing for a long time. Be
47 Outfield-patch- wrote Fantastic plastic surgery
23 “Buy It ___” careful, don’t make yourself too tired.
ing need Mr. Fox A change will do you good. Make plans with a good friend or get
(eBay option) 40 Pacific battle
48 Cola wars com- together with colleagues to talk shop. Networking and focusing
24 Word after site of 1945 on getting ahead is encouraged.
petitor Down 其实,我不太会跳舞。可是,今天正好是一个同事的
motion or lie 50 Naps south of 41 Parts of hypo-
1 Bic or Gillette dermics 生日,本来我说不去了,可他们非拉我去凑热闹。那
26 “Puh-lease!” the border 些年轻人,体力好着呢。
28 Persona ___ 54 Devices that
offerings 43 Language that Bridge *  $  "$.2  / "
(welcome 2 They’re broken utilizes the let-
prevent fumes at parties ter “ñ”   /#  
' -  $* 
guest) from escaping It does not matter how 2 0'$* -/"!'* -&% 
3 How butterflies 44 43-Down, in good your bidding was if you
might be 43-Down "
caught do not make your contract.
Yesterday’s solution 45 One of eight in
4 Highest point a V-8 This was an excellently bid Actually, I’m not good at dancing but today is my col-
value for a 49 Greek poet who slam during the World league’s birthday. I said I wouldn’t go but they insisted
Scrabble tile wrote The Youngster (under 20) Pairs that I join in. Those young guys are very energetic.
5 He placed the Distaff in Lyon, France, last August.
sun at the cen- 51 Message left on It was also nicely played by From Shopping Talk, by Sinolingua.
ter of the uni- a hotline, per- Jean-Baptiste Laine from
verse haps France (South). How did he
6 Tiptop 52 Northeast Cor- handle six clubs after West BETTER ENGLISH
7 Bathrooms, in ridor express led the diamond three?
43-Down train The bidding had a modern 北大报告:33城臭氧浓度大幅上升
8 Tuned too high 53 Mister, in slant. The two-diamond reb-
9 Air pump fig. 43-Down 4月10日,北京大学统计科学中心和北京大学光华管理
10 Beer drinkers’ id by Martin Nataf (North)
55 Ooze 学院环境统计课题组发布了《 “2+31”城市2013-
utensils 58 “Wow!,” was an artificial game-force, slam, led his singleton.
11 Basketball Hall- in internet- the XYZ convention. North’s Laine won with dummy’s 2017年区域污染状况评估》,报告分析了京津冀及周
of-Famer Dik- speak four-club continuation ace and drew two rounds of 边地区33个城市六种常规污染物浓度变化趋势。
embe ___ 61 Set, as a price promised excellent club sup- trumps, believing that East’s The concentration of hazardous ozone in the Beijing-Tian-
12 Exceptional 63 Tupperware port and slam interest; four jack indicated an initial dou- jin-Hebei region and surrounding areas has been increas-
ability topper hearts was a control-bid; four bleton. (In contrast, see ing, even though other major air pollutants have been
no-trump was Roman Key tomorrow’s column.) Declar- declining, according to a report published on April 10.
Card Blackwood; five hearts er correctly left the last
Comics showed two key cards (as trump outstanding and 4月10日发布的报告称,京津冀及周边地区的有害臭氧
North knew, two aces) and played a diamond. East took 浓度持续上升, 其他主要污染物浓度有所下降。
DILBERT 这里提到的六种常规污染物包括, PM2.5、PM10、二氧
denied the club queen. North that trick and shifted to a
settled for six clubs, having heart. South won with his 化硫(sulfur dioxide)、二氧化氮(nitrogen dioxide)、
no way to find out if his part- ace, played a club to dum-
一氧化碳(carbon monoxide)和臭氧(ozone)。报告中绝
大部分城市年均臭氧浓度(average ozone concentra-
ner had king-doubleton of my’s queen, ruffed a dia-
diamonds without going mond in his hand and 8小时臭氧浓度整个夏季的平均值基本都超过了中国
above six clubs. (Several pairs claimed, stating that he 和世界卫生组织100微克/立方米的标准。报告指出,
played in six diamonds, would cash the spade ace, 除张家口、晋城外,其余城市PM2.5浓度从2014年至201
many doubled by East.) ruff something on the board 7年总体下降趋势明显(the density of PM2.5 has seen a
West, hoping his partner and run the diamonds. noticeable decline from 2014 to 2017),北京、天津、廊坊
had an ace because North Plus 1,370 was worth 60 的改善幅度最大。
had not investigated a grand matchpoints out of 64.
F-MINUS 臭氧浓度过量会引发呼吸道刺激(respiratory tract irri-
tation)、破坏身体免疫系统(damage the body’s immune
Kakuro system)并影响肺功能(affect lung function)。报告认
为,夏季臭氧污染(ozone pollution)已经成为京津冀大
气污染的一个突出问题。报告建议, 对京津冀地区乃
(set a target for ozone concentration),以便采取有力措
施及时遏制其增长的趋势、 有效降低臭氧浓度,避免面
临颗粒物和臭氧污染双重污染的局面(avoid the simul-
taneous occurrence of particulate matter pollution and
ozone pollution)。
可吸入颗粒物 inhalable particulates
工业粉尘 industrial dust
建筑扬尘污染 dust pollution
户外土石方作业 outdoor earthworks
挥发性有机物 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
机动车污染物排放 pollutant emissions from motor vehi-

To learn more hot words,

please log on to
A Kakuro consists of a playing area Follow us on weibo at
of filled and empty cells similar to a
crossword puzzle. Some black cells
DRABBLE contain a diagonal slash from top
left to bottom right with numbers in
them, called “clues”. A number in
the top right corner relates to an
“across” clue and one in the bottom
left a “down” clue. The object of a
Kakuro is to insert digits from one
to nine into the white cells to total ChinaDaily 中国日报
the clue associated with it. However Yesterday’s solution 手机报免费体验 双语新闻微信
no digit can be duplicated in an entry.
22 SPORTS Thursday, May 10, 2018 CHINA DAILY


NASCAR needs
new owner to
get back in gear
A potential sale of NASCAR ing high ticket prices, a steady
could be just the ticket the stream of top drivers retiring,
American auto racing circuit and rule changes that alienat-
needs to return to its former ed the older fanbase and failed
glory after struggling for years to capture the interest of new
with declining ratings and rev- fans, saw the once growing
enues, according to sports sport hit a roadblock.
industry analysts.
NASCAR’s jaw-dropping Empty seats
speed and collisions once Attendance declined so
attracted fans in droves, but much that grandstands built
they have been racing away to accommodate the gathering
from the sport even faster over masses were razed to avoid
the past decade for a variety of depressing images of swaths
reasons, including the failure of deserted stands.
to appeal to millennial “We’ve seen the price for US
viewers. pro sports franchises skyrock-
The France family, which et, but NASCAR’s fortunes
owns NASCAR, is now explor- have not been as good as the
ing options that include a sale other sports leagues,” said Vic-
of a majority stake of the sanc- tor Matheson, a specialist in
tioning body. sports economics at the Col-
A sale could prove to be a lege of the Holy Cross in Mas-
much-needed positive step sachusetts.
Chris Paul (left) and James Harden of the Houston Rockets celebrate after Tuesday’s 112-102 series-clinching victory over the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of their Western Con- forward for stock car racing’s “As recently as 10 years ago,
ference semifinal at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. ANDREW D. BERNSTEIN / GETTY IMAGES / AFP premier circuit. we were starting to talk about
“The current ownership is maybe NASCAR as the fifth

Paul stands tall for Rockets

maybe not the most forward major league in the United
thinking, maybe not the quick- States, but nowadays no one is
est to respond,” Bob Dorfman, talking like that anymore.”
a sports marketing expert at Despite the struggles, ana-
Baker Street Advertising in lysts say NASCAR remains a
San Francisco, said in a tele- strong brand that could enjoy
Career night for starry point guard seven points, highlighted by a
3-pointer from Royce O’Nea-
with a dunk after stealing the
ball from Mitchell, who was
phone interview.
“Maybe it would be a good
better days if a suitable buyer
with a vision surfaces.
drives stake through Utah’s heart le, before Paul made eight
quick points to push Hous-
injured on the play and grab-
bed his left leg. He had to be
time for somebody new to be
in there and try some new
And they say the France
family should not shoulder all
ton’s lead to 105-96 with helped to the bench and was ideas and be a little edgier and the blame, suggesting part of
HOUSTON — Chris Paul Chris put out there — if he
He went out there about three minutes left. quickly taken to the locker see if there are ways to capture NASCAR’s struggles are sim-
didn’t want to talk about his
postseason failures, not after
didn’t make it out this time,
something’s wrong,” coach
and took over the Joe Ingles made a basket
for Utah before Paul made it
room. a younger market and try to
make up for all the older folks
ply due to the younger genera-
tion having many more
Houston’s win over Utah on Mike D’Antoni said. game, to have an 107-98. The crowd began Tip-ins that are going away.” entertainment options.
Tuesday finally got him into It will be Houston’s second chanting “CP3” repeatedly as Jazz: Alec Burks scored 22 A little over 10 years ago “Part of it is the times,” said
the Western Conference final. trip to the Western Confer- opportunity that Paul dribbled down the court points off the bench ... Rudy NASCAR was dubbed “Ameri- Dorfman. “And part of it is
“For us it was ... they were ence finals in four years and on the next possession. Gobert finished with 12 ca’s Fastest Growing Sport” by maybe a little cooler, hipper
in the way,” Paul said. “So we the first ever for Paul. The he’s never had Utah was without Ricky points, nine rebounds and Fortune given the mix of soar- ownership could make a dif-
were just trying to get anoth- point guard, who is in his 13th Rubio and Dante Exum five blocks ... Mitchell finished ing TV ratings, packed stadi- ference.”
er win.” NBA season, has been panned before.” because of hamstring inju- 9 of 17 on field goals ... O’Neale ums and sponsors who flocked NASCAR declined to com-
Paul’s Rockets teammates for failing to get past the sec- ries. Rubio missed the entire had 17 points. to make their brands visible ment for this story.
saw it a little differently. They ond round in his nine previ- James Harden, on teammate series with his injury, and Rockets: Houston made 18 on race cars.
were eager to talk about his ous trips to the playoffs. Chris Paul’s performance Exum was injured in the third 3-pointers to give the team 10 But a slew of factors, includ- REUTERS
dominant performance, While he wouldn’t talk quarter of Game 5. or more 3-pointers in an NBA
including a playoff career- about finally getting over the points for Utah in the third PJ Tucker scored a playoff playoff-record 16 straight
high 41 points, in a 112-102 second-round hump, Paul quarter before leaving with career-best 19 points, and games ... Clint Capela finished
victory in Game 5 that elimi- had no problem discussing about seven minutes left with Harden added 18 points on a with five blocks ... The Rock-
nated the Jazz. how much he’s enjoying this an apparent left leg injury. night he was “under the ets had 10 steals on Tuesday
“He went out there and season. The Jazz didn’t provide an weather”, according to for their fourth game in the
took over the game, to have an “It’s just fun,” he said. “It’s update on his condition after D’Antoni. series with 10 or more.
opportunity that he’s never not about the points or any- the game, but he was wearing Mitchell’s huge third quar-
had before,” said Houston thing like that. It’s about the a walking boot on his left ter left the Jazz up by 3 to They said it
captain James Harden. process.” foot. begin the fourth. Derrick Mitchell on what coach
“He put us all on his back Houston will meet Golden “Unhappy with the results, Favors made a layup for Utah Quin Snyder’s message was to
and said ‘I got us.’” State in the conference final, but happy with everybody as to start the final quarter the team after the loss: “I was
Paul drained eight 3-point- beginning on Monday night a whole,” Mitchell said. before Paul and Tucker hit so upset I wasn’t listening. I’m
ers and had 10 assists and sev- at home. Houston returns to the con- consecutive 3-pointers to put not going to lie to you.”
en rebounds without a Paul is a nine-time All-Star ference final for the first time Houston back on top 81-80 Empty seats are now commonplace at NASCAR races, which is
turnover. in his first season with Hous- since 2015. It’s the second with about 10 minutes left. Great present proving a major disappointment for sponsors. AFP
He’s the first player in play- ton after an offseason trade straight season the Jazz lost in Utah regained the lead on a D’Antoni turned 67 on
off history to have at least 40 from the Los Angeles Clip- this round after being swept basket by O’Neale before Tuesday and said this game
points and 10 assists without pers. His previous career-best by Golden State last season. Houston used an 11-5 spurt, was the best present he’s ever SOCCER
a turnover since turnovers in the playoffs was 35 points, The top-seeded Rockets led with the first five points from received.
became an official statistic in
1977-78, according to the Elias
Sports Bureau.
which he accomplished three
Star rookie Donovan
by eight points after a 3-point-
er by Paul with about six min-
utes left.
Gerald Green, to take a 92-87
lead with about seven min-
utes left.
“Without a doubt,” he said.
“Especially at this age.” Hands off Griezmann,
“The performance that Mitchell had 22 of his 24 The Jazz scored the next Harden capped the run ASSOCIATED PRESS
Atletico warns Barca
‘Unleashed’ Curry sends Pelicans packing MADRID — Atletico Madrid
chief Miguel Angel Gil Marin
on Tuesday blasted Barcelona
over its pursuit of highly
few days before contesting a
European final, is an absolute
lack of respect towards Atleti-
OAKLAND, California — all-around night at both ends prized striker Antoine Griez- He said Atletico would be
Stephen Curry is back doing of the court with 19 points, 14 mann, saying he was “fed up” demanding compensation
everything with fire and flair rebounds, nine assists, three with the Catalan club’s atti- from Barca should “the player
— and without fear after steals and two blocked shots. tude. exercise his right to nullify his
impatiently spending six The Warriors came out of Marin issued the rebuke contract due to their pressure
weeks on the sidelines. halftime with a 10-0 run over hours after a Spanish radio throughout the season”.
Curry played his most min- the opening 1:54, forcing two station reported that Barcelo- Marin finished off by declar-
utes since being sidelined New Orleans timeouts and na was poised to pay the ing “enough is enough”.
with a knee injury, finishing taking control for the rest of French international’s $119 “I hope this statement
with 28 points and helping the game. million release clause. serves its purpose and that us
the Golden State Warriors Thompson hit back-to- The Atletico CEO said the Atletico fans can enjoy this
advance to the Western Con- back 3-pointers midway club’s stance was very clear. moment and prepare our-
ference final for a fourth through the first to put Gold- “Not once have we negotiat- selves for a final like we
straight year by dismantling en State up 17-10, the second ed for Griezmann nor do we should,” he said.
Anthony Davis and the New right in front of his own have any intention to do so,” he Marin’s plea followed a
Orleans Pelicans 113-104 in bench as teammates erupted said in a statement issued on report by Cadena Cope radio
Game 5 on Tuesday night. in celebration. the team’s official website. station that “Barcelona has
“I think coach did a great He began 6 for 9 and had 14 “A few months ago, I person- told Atletico Madrid it is going
job of just giving him a little Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors reacts to eliminating the New Orleans Pelicans in Game points by the 4:10 mark of the ally expressed to Barcelona’s to pay Griezmann’s get-out
bit here and there and tonight 5 of their Western Conference semifinal on Tuesday in Oakland. EZRA SHAW / GETTY IMAGES / AFP first. Thompson was also a president that our player isn’t clause, and Atletico knows the
really just letting him go,” tower of power defensively, for sale nor are we going to sell player will be leaving at the
Kevin Durant said. “You see minutes left on a basket by Game 2, knocked down an Orleans couldn’t stay with with a steal and six rebounds. him,” he continued. end of the season”.
when you let the dog off the Davis before Draymond open 3-pointer midway deep, score-at-will Golden Durant became irate when “At the same time, I let him That came after Atletico
leash what happens.” Green’s turnaround fadeaway through the third and raised State. Nikola Mirotic made a late, know that his inappropriate president Enrique Cerezo
Durant scored 24 points moments later. his hands to get the crowd “No matter what the score hard bump on a 3-point try conduct was against the integ- refused to clarify Griezmann’s
and Klay Thompson added 23 The Warriors advance to going, then made another less is, no matter the time, what- with 5:23 left in the first — a rity of the competition.” future after domestic media
for the Warriors, who with a play the top-seeded Houston than two minutes later. ever it is, we play desperate,” play that was reviewed and The uncertainty over Griez- suggested he had met the
15th straight home playoff Rockets in what has long He converted three free Holiday said. Mirotic received just a com- mann’s future could not have player for dinner in a bid to
win tied Chicago for the NBA been an anticipated Western throws at the 6:25 mark fol- The defending champions mon foul. come at a worse time for Atlet- persuade him to stay with the
record. The Bulls did so from Conference final matchup. lowing a hard foul by Jrue are serious about a repeat title As Durant took free throws, ico as it prepares for next promise of a more lucrative
April 27, 1990 to May 21, 1991. The series starts on Mon- Holiday. and took one step closer to Green tried to listen in on the week’s Europa League final new contract.
Davis had 34 points and 19 day night in Houston. The In the second quarter, Holi- that goal. Pelicans’ huddle before offi- against Marseille in Lyon, Cerezo has denied meeting
rebounds for a Pelicans team teams didn’t meet during the day shoved Curry into the So far this postseason, with cial Josh Tiven pulled him France. Griezmann for talks but the
that overcame the loss of 2017 postseason, but the War- basket, enraging the two-time Durant and Green leading the away. “We’re fed up with Barcelo- Atletico president was not
DeMarcus Cousins to a sea- riors won a five-game series MVP, who let the officials way, the Warriors have admi- “I don’t have a reaction, that’s na’s attitude,” Marin added. definitive on the future of the
son-ending torn Achilles ten- in the first round of the 2016 know how upset he was by no rably defeated the slower San Draymond,” New Orleans “That a president, player 27-year-old, who has also been
don three months ago to playoffs. Houston eliminated call on the play. Antonio Spurs and now the coach Alvin Gentry said. and a board member speak strongly linked with Manches-
make this strong run. Utah in its Game 5 earlier on Holiday contributed 27 imposing, push-the-pace Peli- “Should that surprise me?” the way they’ve done about ter United in recent seasons.
The Pelicans shaved the Tuesday. points and 11 assists, but even cans. the future of a player with an
lead to seven points with two Curry, who returned for with better shooting, New Green had another superb ASSOCIATED PRESS existing contract and just a AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
CHINA DAILY Thursday, May 10, 2018 SPORTS 23

Chinese kids feel Wembley roar BASEBALL

No-no Canada!
Paxton slays Jays
James Paxton of the Seattle
Mariners became the first
Nine lucky youngsters savor mascot experience with Kane and crew at recent Tottenham match Canadian to pitch a no-hitter
in his home country, shutting
down the Toronto Blue Jays
By CHINA DAILY 5-0 on Tuesday night.
Paxton joins Dick Fowler of
Walking out on the Wem- the 1945 Philadelphia Athletics
bley turf on a match day is a as the only Canadians to throw
thrill reserved mostly for FA Spurs have locat- a no-hitter in MLB.
Cup finalists and internation- Paxton, who is from subur-
al players. ed two of their ban Vancouver, pointed to a
However, nine lucky Chi- giant tattoo on his right fore-
nese youngsters will forever elite coaching staff arm of a maple leaf — a
national symbol of Canada —
remember the famous Wem-
bley roar after being led, hand
permanently in as he celebrated to a standing
in hand, by Tottenham Hot- Asia. The coaches ovation at Rogers Centre.
spur players onto the pitch as “Of all places, to do it in
mascots for the Premier have enabled AIA Toronto, it’s pretty amazing,”
he said. “The fans were great.
League match against Wat-
ford on April 30. to expand its com- They were giving me some
The iconic London venue trouble in the seventh inning,
has been Spurs’ home during munity coaching but once I got past that, they
the rebuilding of their White started kind of cheering me
Hart Lane stadium. program.” on. It was cool.”
The kids were selected by Coming off a career-high 16
Spurs sponsors AIA and the Stuart Spencer, AIA CMO strikeouts in his last start, Pax-
China Youth Development ton (2-1) was electric once
Foundation, from five provin- especially to bring the joy of again, hitting 100 mph on his
ces and cities. sports to children from final pitch.
The group started prepar- remote areas.”
ing for their dream trip two AIA CMO Stuart Spencer
months ago, drawing and also attended the ceremony. Red Sox, Yankees
writing messages on plain “AIA began to sponsor to play in London
white shirts that were later Spurs in 2013, and following The Boston Red Sox and the
presented as gifts to Spurs the expansion of the partner- New York Yankees, two of base-
players, including Harry ship, we have reached global ball’s iconic franchises, will
Kane, Hugo Lloris and cooperation, especially with bring one of sport’s greatest
Heung-min Son. the China Youth Football rivalries to Europe with two
One of those shirts was Development Program,” said regular-season games at Lon-
autographed by the Spurs Spencer. Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris (front) and striker Harry Kane lead a group of young Chinese mascots onto the Wembley don Stadium next summer,
players and will be auctioned “At present, Spurs have pitch before the London club’s Premier League match against Watford on April 30. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY Major League Baseball
in China, with proceeds going located two of their elite announced on Tuesday.
to the China Youth Football coaching staff permanently Boston will play as the home
Development Program. in Asia. The coaches have Q&A team in the first MLB games to
The mascots and their par- enabled AIA to expand its be staged in Europe, on June
ents also met Spurs players community coaching pro- 29-30, 2019.
and officials at the club’s gram. We have seen more Stuart Spencer, AIA CMO want to provide opportuni- London Stadium, situated in
training center two days than 250 separate football-re- ties for children to be active the east of the English capital,
before the match. lated activations across 15 of What is the significance of through our partnership with was the main venue for the
“As the global principal AIA’s markets. the company’s involvement Spurs and instill healthy hab- 2012 Olympic Games but is
partner of Spurs, we have “Our partnerships enable us with Tottenham Hotspur? its at an early age. now the home of Premier
been able to create more to bring to life AIA’s brand Playing sport helps people League soccer club West Ham
unparalleled opportunities promise, helping people to live lead a healthy and active life. Donna-Maria Cullen, United. MLB also said it is com-
for our customers, agents and healthier, longer, better lives.” We believe that soccer can Spurs executive director mitted to playing in London in
employees’ children,” said Meanwhile, the linkup is bring the positive values of 2020 as it tries to “establish a
Celia Ling, AIA China CCO. helping Spurs gain a foot- teamwork, discipline and What are your plans for the long-term footprint in the city.”
“The idea is to let them hoold in the Chinese market. sportsmanship to the com- Chinese soccer market?
know more about AIA and “We are working with AIA munities in which we oper- We will spend more time in SOCCER
our ‘Healthy Living’ program on the global coaching, aim- ate. According to our AIA China on all kinds of activi-
during the activities. It’s also ing to deliver more programs Healthy Living Index, 56 per- ties. Youth soccer develop- Guardiola in no
about encouraging them to to get kids doing more sports,” cent of people understand ment is a priority for us, and hurry to negotiate
participate in sports actively, said Spurs executive director that taking regular exercise is it’s wonderful that AIA has Pep Guardiola has yet to
helping them feel the charm Donna-Maria Cullen. one of the important drivers facilitated it. Now it’s a part of conclude contract negotiations
of sports, developing a “We also had our players of healthy living. Despite this, the partnership. Next season over a new deal with Premier
healthy lifestyle. cooking with Asian chefs, only 26 percent of people will be very exciting for us League champion Manchester
“AIA has been committed using really healthy ingredi- exercise regularly. We know because we will go to the new City, but said on Tuesday there
to helping people lead a ents from Asian markets, and that parents are concerned stadium. It’s going to have an is no urgency to do so.
healthy and active life, and to then producing broadcasts on about how active children are From left: Six-year-old mascot Shi Shang from Beijing poses with amazing atmosphere for The Catalan has led City to
spread the soccer spirit by social media around the – 51 percent of parents believe AIA China CCO Celia Ling, AIA CMO Stuart Spencer and Tottenham players and spectators, and the title in his second season
developing our Youth Foot- world to tell people to pick up that their children are not legend Gary Mabbutt before Spurs’ Premier League match against we look forward to welcom- in charge and is now two-
ball Development Program — the healthy habits.” getting enough exercise. We Watford at Wembley Stadium on April 30. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY ing fans from China. thirds of the way through the
initial three-year contact.
It means Guardiola, 47, has
E-SPORTS GOLF now won the league title in all
three of the major European

Allen gets Cao following the Li-der countries in which he has

managed, following success in
Spain with Barcelona and in
Germany with Bayern Munich.


with South Korea’s Todd
Baek and 2015 No 1 Bryden
MacPherson of Australia,
Brind’Amour takes
gaming’s Cao Yi admitted to being
inspired by China’s No 1 Li
who both qualified for the Tour in previous
Hurricanes reins
The Carolina Hurricanes

intensity Haotong as the Beijing-

based 27-year-old continues
his bid to qualify for the
After securing his first pro
title in Chongqing, Cao is
excited about his chances in
hired former captain Rod
Brind’Amour as their head
coach on Tuesday, hoping the Tour at this week’s Hainan and hopes to put “greatest leader” in franchise
By SHI FUTIAN Former NBA star Ray Allen acknowledges the crowd at the Univer- Haikou Championship, the himself in a position to win history can end a nine-year sity Cyber League national finals in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on fourth event of this year’s once again after missing the playoff drought.
Sunday. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY PGA Tour Series-China. cut at last week’s Changsha One of the team’s most deco-
Ray Allen showed he’s still The top five on the money Championship. rated players, Brind’Amour
got game at the University University Sports of China bigger ambitions. list at the conclusion of the “I really like the course captained the Hurricanes’ only
Cyber League finals in Suzhou, (FUSC), the 2018 University “For Tencent Sports, the 14-event Tour will punch even though a lot of players Stanley Cup championship
Jiangsu province, last Sunday. Cyber League featured cham- inaugural UCL is still at the tri- tickets to next year’s say it’s kind of tough and team in 2006.
The two-time NBA champi- pions of the north, south, east al stage,” said Tim Shi, director Tour. kind of narrow, but I think “Rod is the greatest leader in
on and 10-time All Star shot and west divisions, competing of Tencent Sports Event Li won the inaugural PGA it’s pretty straightforward,” the history of this franchise,
on-screen hoops against the in five game categories: Super DevOps. Tour Series-China order of said Cao, who’s just 43,200 and has earned the opportunity
winner of the Super NBA cate- NBA, FIFA Online 3, Cross- “This year, the scale of the merit in 2014 to become the Cao Yi yuan behind money leader to take charge of our locker
gory at the inaugural e-sports Fire, League of Legends and UCL, meaning the cities and first Chinese member of the Jeffrey Kang of the US. room,” said team president Don
tournament, where students King of Glory (won by Central universities that were Tour, a route fol- “The course is pretty short Waddell.
from 16 universities battled for South, Tongji, Beihang, Zheji- involved, was still at a primary lowed two years later by myself. Li has given me a lot and there are not many Brind’Amour has been a Car-
supremacy. ang and Wuhan universities stage. We want to expand to Dou Zecheng and Zhang of advice over the years and holes where you have to hit a olina assistant since 2011.
“I enjoyed it and it’s really respectively). more cities and universities in Xinjun. I think that gives me a little driver off the tee.
easy to play,” said Allen, whose As the only e-sports tourna- the future.” Li later earned his status bit of an advantage,” said “It’s basically like a wedge BASKETBALL
opponent also won a ticket to ment approved by the FUSC, Whether or not the UCL will on the international stage Cao, who has played in all competition or a putting
the NBA Finals. the UCL attracted teams from become a pathway to profes- with a win at the 2016 Volvo four seasons of the PGA competition this week, New Knicks coach
Allen compared the intensi- 32 colleges battling for their sional gaming careers for China Open and a third Tour Series-China and also which suits me.” stresses flexibility
ty of e-sports to that of MMA, share of a total prize fund of some students remains to be place in last year’s British competed on the Mackenzie Haikou-based Jin Daxing, David Fizdale is taking a
with the former Milwaukee 1.35 million yuan ($212,100). seen. However, King of Glory Open, which made him the Tour — PGA Tour Canada in 16th on the order of merit, flexible approach to his new
Bucks and Boston Celtics star, “The UCL has provided star Xiao Minhui warned the first Chinese male golfer to 2016-17. said he has also been job as the New York Knicks’
42, just the latest high-profile e-sports-loving students with wannabes that the pro scene is break into the world’s top “The level in China has inspired by Li’s remarkable head coach.
athlete to endorse gaming. a platform to display their tal- not for the faint-hearted. 50. definitely improved a lot. achievements. The former Memphis Griz-
Many prominent Chinese ent and creativity,” said Wang “With the development of Cao is currently fourth in You can see that a lot of Chi- “Li has inspired my will to zlies head coach was intro-
athletes are avid gamers, with Gang, FUSC vice-president. e-sports in our country, being the order of merit, having nese players have a chance fight; he is the benchmark duced to the New York media
Olympic speed-skating gold “We also hope that the posi- a professional e-sports athlete won the Chongqing Cham- and are playing in the last for Chinese golf and we are on Tuesday. He emphasized he
medalist Wang Meng a big tive attributes needed to suc- is also a life choice,” said Xiao, pionship in March. The top- group in the final rounds, all working towards him,” will have an open mind
League of Legends aficionado ceed at e-sports, such as aka Meng Lei. ranked Chinese on the which you normally said Jin, who trained and regarding the role of the team’s
and sprinter Su Bingtian a teamwork, can have a good “But, no matter what you money list said he has bene- wouldn’t see that often. It played with Li on China’s franchise player, Kristaps Por-
King of Glory devotee. influence on students’ daily choose, it is very important fited from friendly advice proves that Chinese players national team from 2011-15. zingis.
The crossover is gaining study and lives.” that you have to work hard from the high-flying Li, can play.” “I am full of hope for the Asked where Porzingis
e-sports more mainstream This year’s UCL boasted an and fight hard. There’s no who is competing in The Cao is among the top local Haikou Championship this would play, Fizdale said: “Why
acceptance, as Sunday’s event online viewership of over 60 turning back. If you merely Players Championship this hopes at the Haikou Cham- week. I have adjusted my limit it? Why put a ceiling on
illustrated. million, with 10 million watch- want to have fun, I think you week. pionship at Sunac Haikou mental state and my physi- it? I just see so many different
Organized by Tencent ing the national finals alone. should not choose to be a pro “A lot of Chinese players 3KM Golf, where he will cal fitness, and I am going to ways to use him.”
Sports and the Federation of But the league has much gamer.” look up to him, including play the first two rounds try my best to do well.” AGENCIES
24 ADVERTIS EM EN T Thursday, May 10, 2018 C HI NA DA I LY