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1. Catalogue for Dean: DUE ASAP

- Contact Percy to double check product specs

- Contact Liz for high res images
- Create creative brief for Arlene

2. Invoices: DUE ASAP

- Follow up on Sunday Times Generation Next invoice with jacob (Check if Debbie has sent
new vendor forms to match new company name Tiso Blackstar Group)

- Get Deonne to sign Wobblers quote and send to Sipho for PO, then send PO to Arlene, then
get quote approved and signed, after job, process invoice. After the items have been
delivered, Arlene will send you an Invoice. Then please let Deonne to sign and give it to TT
to process.

- Process Spar Listing invoices

- Process invoice for custard trade presenters by Arlene
- Remember to update budget. NB

3. Request retail strategy and set-up meeting with Annie Malan (retail promoters & activations)
4. Get butterfly tag quotes
5. Get other printing quotes other than Taj

6. Fill in excel project plan checklist for this new Yogueta Custard Launch: DUE DATE 25 MAY

- A POS toolkit (posters, shelf strips, trade presenters, headers, 2nd tier defenders)
- School Activations (Set-up meeting & Set up meeting & Create briefs for Tebogo and Nhlaka)
- Below the Line and Above the line advertising (Traders friend & Supermarket & Retailers) +
(Retail Brief Africa App; banners & editorials)
- Distribution of Samples (discuss with reps)
- Promoters Uniform and Branding for new launch (yellow, long sleeves) (Discuss with Jacob
& reps) get a mock-up
7. Create new Trade Marketing Budget spreadsheet
8. Set Up appointments with all suppliers for meet and greet and to discuss new launch
9. Arrange for Ahmed’s Best Buy Brands signage
10. Arrange for Kuven’s headers
11. Request Jacob to send templates as dicussed
12. Sell out plan for Yogueta milk & cookies
13. Create Aldor Standards guideline for all promoters (control measures)
14. Retail & Wholesale: audit where we can see or view results. How do we measure results and ROI
15. Inquire what’ the status of the Aldor Bonanza; ongoing till June.
16. Study NUMBERS
17. Retention plan: SMS campaign to the network (CMS system)

18. Proposals

- Propose a Durban Activation for the new Custard launch. Kick off the campaign in July- Taxi
rank and instore. Propose this to Deonne, Jacob and Dean reason being that Milkit is strong
in KZN and we need to gain share in the region.
- Signage: brand awareness, punt a particular message (Pin-Pop biggest lollipop in SA)
- Propose actions on how to support marketing teams 2020 strategy
- Proposal to punt that we are biggest lollipop in SA
- Propose Loyalty Programme for June
- Yogueta Ultramel (limited) as a collaboration project strategy that will benefit our entry into
retail by leveraging the ultramel brand.
- Social responsibility: physical exercise and education in line with new Yogueta Custard
defense (vitamin c and zinc)
- In each proposal consider frequency, time, impact and reach.