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Cycle Sound Environments, Is a project that aims to expand our sensory field,
connecting with our immediate surroundings, and transform environmental data
into a sound polyphony that surrounds us in an adrift in the city.

This mobile project involves the bicycle as the dynamic subject, it's the main source
of energy that allows us to monitor in real time the behavior and small variations in
the environment.

For its realization, there are two versions:

In the center there is an Arduino board that collects information from different
environmental sensors into numerical data that are processed by the brain of the
RaspberryPi integrated chip. This, together with the PureData software translates
the sensor data in audio frequency signals, returning it to the same environment
through the integrated speaker system on the bike.

Each mobile station is in a bike and connected by sending, receiving and storing
information in real time through a communication protocol M2M to a server on
the network using GSM / GPRS technology.

The second version send data using a Shield Bluetooth to a mobile phone
application (App) designed to receive and send data to the network server, the
same Application transforms sensor data in audio frequency signals.

The live connection to the server is in this case 3G-4G.

Each bike registers a unique route within the mapping an area in which the sounds
are modified dependinent on the surrounding variables. The data on the server
allows us to manage different musical structures through MIDI automation protocol
and format this information in Live-Cinema to be able to create presentations for
socialization and dissemination of the project.

All material recorded by each of the sensors from the different mobile stations at
the server is orchestrated by a computer. This enables us to provide a real-time
audiovisual concert in a particular place from simultaneous stations received from
different points and moving from one city, forming a participatory installation.

Cycle Sound Environments, is a project currently under development, the beta

version is now in use. In December 2013 Laboratorio Un(A)Counting, organized
by Migrating Arts Academies in Lithuania, Vilnius, took part and is now in the
working on the adaptation to the moving structure, which in January 2014 will be
launched during the event Bicicultura "Massa critica "in Barcelona Spain. In February
2014 the first tests of communication will be executed, then it will enter a phase of
analysis, evaluation and development of the first pre-version.

Idea y Conceptualización:
ARTErias Urbanas

Oscar Octavio Soza Figueroa

Kike Medina Galán

Phase one is to connect different

environmental sensors within an Arduino
board and transform the numerical data of
each sensor into soundsThis wll be achieved
through a Pure-Data communication
RaspberryPi-shield Arduino, projecting the
sound within the same environment with a
pair of integrated speakers on a bicycle,
which is the main source of energy supply for
the project. With this process we can extend
our field and listen to perceptible changes
and environmental variables in real time from
different areas of a city or any type of

Phase two will connect the mobile station

(bike with the prototype) to shield GSM /
GPRS to send the number to an Internet
server data from the bicycle. A computer
collects environmental and geolocation data,
allowing us to visualize the path through a
city and at the same time, use the sensor data
to generate sound and image in a fixed
station (computer) from which a concert is
performed in audiovisual real-time.

Phase three involves the ability to connect

various mobile platforms (bicycles with
prototypes) through an open server from
different computers which get the data and
being able to make collaborations with others
to control and manipulate data from different
(.zZ.) Oscar Octavio Soza Figueroa (1985), Agua de Castilla, Bolivia
(0034) 600 81 67 56

(2003-2008) UAGRM, University: “Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno”, Bachelor in Arts
Specialty in Sculpture and Audiovisual
(2003-2005) UTEPSA University, Electronics and Systems Engineering, (Technical Studies)
(2013-2014) UB, University of Barcelona Master in Research and Artistic Production

(2013) Laboratory – Un(a)Counting, Numerical representations of the reality, Migrating Arts
Academies. Vilnius-Lithuania
(2013) Laboratory – MIRA Festival, New Interfaces: Human-Computer, Lab Nou. Barcelona,
(2013) Residence – Voices, Migrating Arts Academies. Villefagnan, France
(2013) Workshop – Playing The Stage, New environments. Hangar. Barcelona, Spain
(2011) Electronic Audiovisual Workshop – INDI Digital Interactive Festival, La Paz, Bolivia
(2011) Sound Art Workshop - Kiosco, Fundación Simón I. Patiño. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Main Exhibitions
SIART Biennial, Quirquincho Tambo Museum,
“0/0 is where everything started and 0/0 is where you are now."
an open curatorial system, of migrant typology with Zwischenfunk Collective from Germany
La Paz - Bolivia.

Transmission. World Event Young Artist,
Interactive tactil-sound-visual Sculpture Selected Work with ARTErias Urbanas Collective.
Nottingham-United Kingdom.

BAU: Urban Art Biennale
“Ω + Delirium Urbanical”
Urban Intervention on the street, mARTadero, ARTErias Urbanas and Ciudad Satelite:
Interactive live cinema concert
Kike Medina Galán (1986), Málaga, Spain.
(0034) 679 20 59 41

(2004-2011) Bachelord in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, 2011.

Main Exhibitions
Llucifest, El Masnou, Barcelona.
De La Torre: FAST BOILING, EASY CLEANING, Private flat, Barcelona.
Editing 10a VisualSound Festival Barcelona, videocreation.

Injuve Awards for Young Creation: Displays visual arts (award project) project I'm Fine, traveling
exhibition Spain and Latin America.

Room Art Fair ‘11, Untitled BCN, Madrid.
Festival Jump!, Corretger5, Barcelona.
Artists for Japan, Orizuru gallery, with the colaboration of Diario de Noticias and Red Cross,

Sense Titol’10, 2006-10 promotion, project Visca Barcelobra!, UB, Barcelona.

I'm Fine.

Program Stapler radio, Radio Evolució, with the collaboration of art sonor laboratori UB.,
Collaborations with sonor Paisatge and, with the support of UB and the Landscape
HOTEL, Monegros.

Vica Barcelobra!, Barcelona.

Injuve Awards for Young Creation: Sample Visual Arts Award project.
Selected Works
Kike Medina Galán
(2011-2012) I’m fine,
Through the play of words I'm fine (from the
amiable "I am fine " to the possible "I am a fine"),
the project proposes the reflecting on sanctions
and on being sanctioned, specifically by the traffic
police, through being given a fine.

Issues such as property, the Other and

authorship are approached through the figure of
the speed camera as a device for action. A
performance event developed through stepping
on the accelerator at the precise moment.

The documentary nature of the action (causing a

radar-triggered photographic discharge)
emphasises issues such as depersonalisation in
civic attention, care of the Other or bio-political

Taking as the leitmotif of the photographic series an old red 1987

Ford Escort car (in 2013 it will become a vintage vehicle), we
propose to evoke images (in the form of a "road-picture") of the
1980s and ‘90s,

When narratives of freedom and utopias of debauchery were

presupposed. As in the lack of control over the making of the
photographs (colour, plot, black and white) or as in the performance
event of driving fast in a vehicle that in principle is not allowed to go
through a spot where everyone brakes.

In the I'm fine project, the artist proposes to return the capital to
the State through an infringement and then paying it, setting out the
double moral of the "offender",

Raising doubts about everyday conduct and obedience as well as taking up the issue over the
action’s physicality.

This is a vitalist project in which the body’s importance is superimposed on that of the machine,
or where the machine is humanised, acquiring the importance of an ironic personage. As a
backdrop, the issue of a vintage car’s speed reveals in a nostalgic and ironic way the
competitiveness and desire to succeed in reaching an undetermined destination. Artes Visuales 12.pdf
Selected Works
Oscar Octavio Soza Figueroa
Everything is in motion and involves us in a universe of frequencies that travel through us like
waves of the sea; they spread, expand, merge and create forms in a space imperceptible to our
senses; frequencies constantly in relation, creating an aura, the spirit of all things that vibrate in
mutual consonance.

Currently I work with the matter in a ritual way. I experiment with the energy through new
technologies, to expand the boundaries and create possibilities. I consider important to work
with technologies of free access, open-source and of development in community, which have
also low environmental impact.

"I am interested in the relations, the ability to generate nexus not only between art and society
or object and subject; I am interested in the relations between the forces and wills of the matter
and the being; in the environment. I believe in a Social Sculpture able to transform and produce
consciousness. "

Ω +DELIRIUM URBANICAL, uses the energy of earth to create a relationship between

itself and the art work, through the people, who plays the role of being the means through
which the charge of the earth is carried to the sculpture by touch: the only fact of touching it,
produces a sound that is modified, amplified and modulated through a laptop that sends an
audio signal, which is decoded by another laptop sending a video signal projected onto any
surface in the space.

LLANKHAY means “to touch lightly with the fingertips” in Quechua language. It is an intimate
encounter with nature, the matter and the being merge, everybody has a resonance, It is
susceptible to feel when another surface gets in contact,