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Question Asked 3 years ago

Raman S Chary
Czech Technical University in Prague

Why am I getting temperature divergence in AMG solver?


The case is with regards to a 2-D Axis-symmetric pipe - turbulent flow - water - density varying with
temperature - polynomial ( 6th order )

I have reduced the under relaxation factors for all of them to very low but am still getting the same

Thanks a lot.. !!!

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John Kaiser S. Calautit 3 years ago

University of Nottingham

Try the following:

- Refine your mesh

- Check boundary conditions

- If available, use Hybrid initialisation

Soheil Akbari 3 years ago

Iran University of Science and Technology

choose the variation of water properties according to operating conditions and use multiphase model
(mixture model).

fixed the temperature of vapor phase in cell zone condition.

Raman S Chary 3 years ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

the mesh is already refined... and after using Hybrid Initialization

Divergence in AMG solver : "k"

Ashish Saxena 3 years ago

Nanyang Technological University

Try with using second order solvers. Let us know how you will be able to solve the same, if you will.

Raman S Chary 3 years ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

I used 2nd order solvers as default... even before the error came. !!

I then changed the Dentsity equation to 2nd order... then it solves faultlessly.. !!

But not with the 6th order I first tried... !!

Thanks a lot everyone for your contributions.. !

Mahesh K. Varpe 3 years ago

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Check mesh quality for skewness (0.5 is adequate). Check the model if its is properly scaled or for  units. 

First switch off energy equation and density variation. If simulation runs smooth then enable energy
equation. After this if it is OK, specify density variation ( first try simple relation and then custom desired).
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Rajesh Alayil 3 years ago

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Hi Raman,

along which axis are you applying axis-symmetry. 

usually this error appears when you have any problem with mesh, boundary conditions, models etc. But
for axis symmetry problems, it can be due to the axis also. the axis-symmetry condition should be always
along the x direction. Please check this out and try it.


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Raman S Chary 3 years ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

Yes... I checked with the axis-symmetric conditions and it was along the x-direction.

As Mahesh said I also tried switching off the density variation and energy equation at the beginning. The
simulation was very smooth without them. With energy its okay but the the problem starts with the density
I was forced to use a polynomial of lower order the problem got solved.

Thanks everyone... !!!


Jigar Soni 3 years ago

Gujarat Technological University

sir i am also facing the same problem of divergence but i don't know how to check the axis
symmetry...please guide

Rajesh Alayil 3 years ago

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


check where you have applied axis symmetry condition in the solution domain. Is it along the x or y axis.



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Rajesh Alayil 3 years ago

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

@Raman, how about the quality of your mesh. What initialization scheme are you using ?



Raman S Chary 3 years ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

Im using Standard initialization calculated which has been to all zones. !!

I think the problem is with the 6th order equation of pure water's density dependance on temperature. Its
provided by UNESCO so I thought of going ahead with it. .!!

Its equation number : 8.4 on the second page.. !!!

Is this equation legitimate. ?

ocen689ch8.pdf · 178.69 KB

Steffen Hain-Würtenberger 3 years ago

Magna Powertrain Bad Homburg GmbH

Hello Raman,
Often when I had problems with temperature divergence, it could be managed by setting a lower
temperature limit. Default value in many CFD packages is 6000 K or so. If you allow the solver for such
unreasonable numerical excursions (in common engineering problems), it may happen that you
are already lost right at the beginning and numerical stability is gone and can't by recovered by any mean.
This is not necessarily a question of mesh quality. Just try it.



Ashish Saxena 3 years ago

Nanyang Technological University

Have you tried using second order upwind solver scheme??

Raman S Chary 3 years ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

Yes Im using Second Order Upwind solver... and I changed the limits according to Steffen... The problem
persists because of the 6th order density equation of water.. !!

The problem solves flawlessly when changed to a simple 2nd order equation.
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Leandro Campos 7 months ago


Hey Raman, did you solve your problem? Would you mind to share with us? I'm having the same here...

Raman S Chary 7 months ago

Czech Technical University in Prague

Hey Leandro,

The problem was that I was trying to use the 6th order polynomial for the relation of density of pure water
with respect to change in temperature.

It was way too much for fluent :D

I used a 2nd order polynomial and the simulation worked effortlessly.

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Pei Sun 3 months ago

University of Sussex

Hi Raman,

Thank you so much!

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