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FROM: ​Sergeant First Class Dasilva, Keith 11 May 2018

​ hom It May Concern
SUBJECT: ​Private Avalos, Jesse

I am a United States Army career counselor for the Fresno area. My military occupation
specialty is Fire Support Specialist, basically I conduct operations with front line troops like the
Infantry on a daily basis while deployed to combat zones. I have been in the United States Army
for 11 years now and have had the distinct pleasure to have served with some of America’s best.
Private Jesse Avalos is one of America’s best and I would like to write this recommendation on
his behalf.
I have had the pleasure of working with Private Avalos since May 2017, when I first met
Private Avalos he told me that he wanted to make his family Proud first and foremost, and he
wanted to serve his country. Private Avalos is a young man from Merced California, he is about
to graduate from El Capitan High School in June. During his time at El Capitan High Private
Avalos participated on the Track and Field team he competes and multiple events to include the
high jump, and hurdles, he has turned down multiple scholarship offers at various colleges to
pursue his United States Army Career which is a testament to the character of Private Avalos.
Private Avalos committed to the United States Army in May of 2017, Private Avalos
studied extremely hard to score in the top percentile of ASVAB scores. Private Avalos follows
his Father and Sister Bianca into the United States Army, he has 1 brother and 5 sisters who
absolutely idolize and look up to him, he is setting an excellent example for them to follow, he is
graduating from High School and attending College as well as serving his country.
I would like to say that Private Avalos is by far my most trusted Future Soldier, he
currently serves as Platoon Guide for our Future Soldier Platoon of 53 Future Soldiers, and some
of his responsibilities include maintaining accountability and leading the platoon in physical
fitness training. I have been recruiting for about a year and a half now and have had the pleasure
to work with almost 120 Future Soldiers and there is not one of them who I would more
willingly trust my life to. Private Avalos chose to become an Combat Engineer and I have no
doubt that he will be successful at whatever he puts his mind to and I know that I will have the
pleasure to one day work side by side with him on the front lines.
Based on my experience Private Jesse Avalos would be an outstanding candidate for any
position, job, task or any challenge. His willingness to put others before himself and his undying
determination to accomplish any task will make him successful not just in the Army but in life.
Any questions can be addressed to the undersigned at (559) 213-3172.


Sergeant First Class Dasilva, Keith

Fresno Recruiting Center
United States Army Recruiter