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GSFC Three Band Hand-Held Radiometer Calibration

Radiometer Calibration Procedure

1. Zero the offset voltage of U1, U2, and U3 in the handheld detector by adjusting
their corresponding potentiometers R3, R6, and R8.
2. For each channel, zero the offset voltage of U2 in the digitizer box. Adjust R10
the “BAL” potentiometer while monitoring the voltage across Test Point (pin E)
and Analog GND (pin 1).
3. For each channel, set the digitizer display output to zero by adjusting R15 the
“Zero” potentiometer.
4. Setup a power supply to input a known voltage (-100mV) into channels one, two,
and three of the digitizer unit. This can be easily achieved by tying the negative
output of the power supply to pins 1, 4, and 5 of the 15-pin D-Sub connector
located on the top of the digitizer box and the positive output to pin 6.
5. For each channel, use R15 the “Gain” potentiometer to match the voltage output
across Analog (pin A) and Analog GND (pin 1) to what is displayed on the
digitizer LCD.
6. Detach the power supply from 15-pin D-Sub connector located on the top of the
digitizer box. Attach the hand-held detector. A light source with known intensity
characteristics should now be used to complete steps seven through nine.
7. Use R7 the “CAL” potentiometer to scale the digitizer display output to a known
theoretical value.
8. When the hand-held detector is receiving zero light. Readjust R10 the “BAL”
potentiometer to set the digitizer display output to zero.
9. Repeat steps seven and eight until the radiometer exhibits the desired behavior.