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Sean Casey Tate

Address: 7517 Century Dr. Richmond, Va 23229 Phone: 804-997-9189 Email:
 Able to give and receive constructive  Assisted in creating master schedule “Sean’s strength in leadership
criticism  Organized is his constant willingness to
help in any way needed. He
 Able to motivate and inspire team  Problem Solver
embraces new challenges and
 Believes in doing what is right by students  Punctual can always be counted on to
 Coordinated all bus issues during summer  Quick learner offer his time to any project.”
academy as well as during time at  Recruitment of staff Kim Sigler
Woodlawn High school  Risk Taker Principal
 Collaborates with all stakeholders  Self-starter Pocahontas Middle School
 Consistent  Sets high standards for self and others
 Driven by data-backed results “Sean goes over and above
 Strong oral and written
what has been asked of him to
 Experience with students who have learning communications skills ensure that the task at hand is
and physical disabilities  Takes ownership when things go completed.”
 Experience with teacher observation and wrong and praises others when things Jimmy Newman
reflection process go right Principal
 Flexible  Team Player Woodlawn High School
 Handles complex projects and events  Technology-driven
 Leadership, mentoring and presentation  Time management “Mr. Tate is a thoughtful,
skills energetic, and poised leader
that always sees the job
Summers of 16 - 18 Henrico County Schools Richmond, Va Associate Principal
Summer Academy Coordinator Pocahontas Middle School
 Utilized leadership, organizational and communication skills to work effectively with students,
teachers, and staff. “Sean is a team player! Always
 Communicated division-wide policy, procedures, and guidelines to school staff. volunteering to help out.”
Jackie Hunt
 Recruited and hired teachers and other support staff.
Assistant Principal
 Supervised fifteen teachers and ten support staff, ensured safe transportation, and accurate
Pocahontas Middle School
pay roll accounting.
 Engineered the master schedule of classes according to the enrollment numbers for the “Sean’s diligence and
course commitment to education
 Evaluated the quality of instruction for summer school classes by observing classroom makes him an outstanding
teachers and support personnel by utilizing a walkthrough process. candidate for any position of
 Facilitated a safe educational environment favorable for all learners through visible leadership.”
leadership. Rebecca Dovi
 Served as administrator over technology. Director of Education
 Collaborated with district specialist, resource teacher and exceptional education staff to CodeVA
ensure that all student needs as outlined in their Individual Education Plan and 504 plans
“A forward thinker who is
were being met.
willing to assist peers
Aug. 2013 – Present Pocahontas Middle School Henrico, Va throughout the county in
Administrative Aide better understanding content
 Assisted the principal in the overall administration of the school; learned and enforced and delivery.”
school and school division policies and regulations. Fahryka Elliott
CTE Education Specialist
 Facilitated the schools’ community business partnership program that included 25 active
Henrico County
corporate partners.
 Interpreted school board policy, procedure, and guidelines to parents and public. 1
Sean Casey Tate
Address: 7517 Century Dr. Richmond, Va 23229 Phone: 804-997-9189 Email:
 Investigated actions, and then provided consequences for various discipline issues in accordance with county policy in a fair
and consistent manner.
 Orchestrated the distribution and maintenance of lockers for 1000 students; produced and maintained a database that
streamlines the tracking of student locker assignments and needed repairs.
 Served as principal’s designee for Individual Education Plan and 504 meetings.
 Supervised various extra-curricular activities to ensure an atmosphere of safety.

Aug. 2008 -May 2013 Woodlawn High School Baton Rouge, La

Administrative Aide
 Assisted the principal in developing and maintaining an effective educational program consistent with state and federal
guidelines and the philosophy, policies, and goals of the school board; meeting and conferring with students, parents, faculty
and staff; maintaining records and riles; preparing reports.
 Worked closely with other administrators to create a budget for the 2012-2013 school year that met all school board and federal
 Monitored and administered discipline through working directly with the entire school community on disciplinary issues in a
consistent manner.
 Served as the liaison between teachers and administration in all student disciplinary matters. This included notifying parents of
decisions as well as updating students’ disciplinary log online.
 Led a group of stakeholders in creating, implementing and revising the School Improvement Plan.
 Led Public Learning Communities.
 Assisted administration in creating the master schedule.
 Observed and evaluated classroom teachers and support personnel by completing walkthroughs and later meeting with
individuals to discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
 Set the example for struggling teachers by modeling best teaching practices.
 Created and carried out a Strategic Action Plan that was utilized in the creation of the Freshman Academy which included the
creation and implementation of a student handbook, the organization and running of an orientation, reaching out to feeder
schools and, working with parents and community partners.
 Administered the athletic budget by prioritizing team needs and balancing the budget.
 Started an after-school tutoring program for all core subject areas; students were offered tutoring based on data collected from
test grades, homework completion and standardized teaching.
 Hired and supervised a variety of tutors with different learning styles to ensure that all students participating in the tutoring
program were having their individual needs met.
 Supervised 20 coaches.
 Wrote school athletic handbook.
 Implemented and served in the position of Academic Advisor to improve the academic performance of student-athletes.
 Ensured all athletes met the requirements for participation as required by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.
 Scheduled all athletic teams including transportation and rainouts
 Managed the Title One and Athletic Funds in accordance with the budget and regulations given by the school district and
federal government.
 Served as part of the school interview panel for open teaching positions.
 Served as the Parent Portal administrator.
 Served as the bus administrator by ensuring that students were released only to the busses present, interviewing and
determining consequences for all bus-related disciplinary issues, and scheduled busses for all away sporting events.

Aug. 2013–Present Henrico County Schools Henrico, Va
Business Educator
 Expanded the Business Department from a part-time to a full-time position through recruitment efforts.
 Increased student involvement by creating a Computer Club.
Sean Casey Tate
Address: 7517 Century Dr. Richmond, Va 23229 Phone: 804-997-9189 Email:
 Orchestrated a weekly school-wide technology lesson, a district-wide initiative.
 Revised sixth and seventh-grade Computer Science curriculum to include more 21st century skills. These included computer
coding and website design.
 Taught students Microsoft Office products as well as various other products, including Dragon Naturally Speaking, IPads and
Live Scribe Pens.

Aug. 2015 – May 2017 CodeVA Richmond, Va

Author of Curriculum
 Created a computer science curriculum for sixth and seventh-grade students.
 Piloted the created program with a class of twenty-five students.
 Modified the course for differentiated learning styles as the course progressed through the pilot year.
 Trained teachers in the new curriculum and provided support to teachers as needed.

Jan 2008 – May 2013 Woodlawn High School Baton Rouge, La

Social Studies Educator
 Created all instructional materials used by students including multimedia, computer-based learning and assessments.
 Created alternative assessment methods for students with low-performance scores on written examinations.
 Conducted remediation of focused core content information and academic skills to improve student performance based on
reviewed assessment data.
 Review and track student performance, development, and individual needs by monitoring all formal and informal assessments.
 Raised class grade average by 80% between the course’s pre and posttest.

 M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision K-12  B.S. in Social Studies Education
Southeastern Louisiana University Brigham Young University- Idaho

 Virginia Post-Graduate Professional License with endorsements in:
 Admin and Supervision Pre-K- 12 - Business and Information Technology - History and Social Sciences

 2015 Christie Aware Nominee for Homebound Education
 Eagle Scout
 Selected Faculty Member of the Month Three Times in Five Years.

Kimberly Sigler Justine Jordan Rebecca Dovi
Principal Extended Learning Specialist Director of Education
Pocahontas Middle School Henrico County Schools CodeVa
Phone: (804) 364-0830 Phone: (804)652-0327 Phone: (804) 727-9817
Email: Email: Email:

Matthew Reinstein John Carrol Fahyrka Elliott

Associate Principal Student Activities Specialist CTE Educational Specialist
Pocahontas Middle School Henrico County Schools Henrico County Schools
Phone: (804)364-0830 Phone: (804) 652-3761 Phone: (804) 781-1812
Email: Email: Email: