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Equipment used: crane, Gar Bro 440P concrete bucket, compressed air gun,

Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod A and B used to paint the exposed area.


Shaft diameter 6’, hole wide 19.5” (1.625’), depth 29.5” (2.45’)

((3^2 – 1.625^2 )*3.142*2.45 )/27=1.81 cu ya

1.81 * 1/3 = 0.6 cy

Theoretical need about 0.6 cy.

Actual pouring 2 half bucket (1.5cy), waste from bucket was less than 1 cy.

The final concrete volume used is very close enough to the theoretical volume.

Pouring started from 5:21pm and finished at 5:34pm.

Reliable contractor chipped away the concrete between where CSL test failed prior to the concrete
pouring. Pictures above shown what shaft looks like before contractor clean the surface.
The Maximum depth measured from top of casing is 29.5 inch. ( Top of casing elevation is 77.93’)

Maximum wide of chipped area is 19.5 inch.

Contractor used “ Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod A and B” mix, and paint it on the exposed area 5 minutes before
pouring concrete.

Contractor used the compressed air gun to clean the hole, and picture shown what it looks after
cleaning. Picture shown the acceptance cleanness.
Contractor used Gar-Bro Equipment Mod 440P Concrete bucket, (1.5cu yard volume), bring down the
concrete from a high land,

a plywood board used to direct the concrete to the hole.

Final looks, shown in picture. (SGL) Mark Askine request a smooth surface.