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5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

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Acoustiblok, Inc. N1152

Advanced Drainage Systems / StormTech N1761

Build 360 Labs N1764

City of Moreno Valley N3350Z

City of Santa Fe Springs P3-349

CityScapes International Inc N1740

Element Architects N1026

Envoy Net Lease Partners FP24

GAF - StreetBond® N1850

Nearmap US, Inc. N1032

Newark Community EDC COO11UNI

Picture Keeper 325

Retail Brokers Network C111UNI

REthink CRM N1254

SKYLINE Property Management Technology Solutions N1642

Springboard Inc. N1831

Tommy's Express C2038

Valvoline C2040

WRS Inc. S347S

Xponential Fitness C2253

EXHIBITORS (1108) N1137

2-D As-Built Floor Plans N1122

3DEN IE-10A*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

58 Inc. N2014U

7-Eleven Inc. S481Q

99 Cents Only Stores S3538

A&G Realty Partners, LLC S245S

A.J. Dwoskin & Associates, Inc. N2168U

FP1 ,
A10 Capital, LLC

Abbell Associates, LLC SMR229

Acadia Realty Trust C143J

Accel Robotics IE-6B

Access O'Hare West P3-135

Accruent N1556

Ackerman & Co. C1201

Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group C1045

Acoustiblok, Inc. N1152

Active International S461P

Ad Art Sign Company (Ad Art Inc.) N1767

ADA Compliance Consultants N1466

Advanced Drainage Systems / StormTech N1761

Adventure Golf Services N1470

Advisors Commercial Real Estate C2220

AggData N1630

Agora Realty & Management C1949

Agree Realty Corporation C120L

Ahold Delhaize S3667

Aislelabs N929

AK Express 520 , 635

Albanese Cormier Holdings, LLC C2121

Alberta Development Partners C175K

Alexander & Baldwin MRC205


Alliant Insurance Services N1722

ALM Real Estate Media N1038

ALPOLIC-Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America N1731*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Alrig USA S3636

ALTO Real Estate Funds MRC204

Altus Commercial Real Estate N2868W

Altus Group N1248

AmCap Incorporated SMR229

American Jewel 428

American Wave Machines N1541

American-1 Airtight Security - Galaxy Protection N1570

Americana Costume Collection S298S

AMGRLAND/ Nitro Puff 310

Amsource Development Inc. C1118

Ancillary Retail Magazine/France Media, Inc, 526

APOC N1454

Appear Here IE-1B

Apple Photo Booth, Inc. 525

Arby's Restaurant Group S437Q

ARCORE Real Estate Group C1201


Aries Conlon Capital FP17

Arizona Central Insurance 521

Arizona Partners S285Q

Arizona State University W. P. Carey School of Business TD13

Armstrong Development Properties, Inc. S280R

Aronov Realty Management, Inc. C1029

Arqui300 N1752

Arris Realty Partners, LLC S4039

Arrow Real Estate Services/TCN Worldwide C1652L

Asana Partners N115

ASB Real Estate Investments N3148Y

Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. N2260U

Ashley Company S366S

Asphalt Pavement Alliance N1320

Associated Group Holiday and Seasonal Decor N1770*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Assurant N1469

Aston Properties, Inc. N3060Y

AT&T Mobility S3220

ATAS International, Inc. N1624


Athena Property Management S323S

Atlantic Retail Properties C1201

Auburn University - Masters of Real Estate Development TD15

AUTOParkit / Dasher Lawless N2174U

AutoZone, Inc. S4414

Avametric IE-7B

Avison Young C152G

Axper N1041

Baker Program in Real Estate Cornell University TD1

Barot Capital LLC C2109

Basser Kaufman, Inc C1116

Bayer Properties, LLC N2322V

BC Wood Properties C184L

Bedrock C169L

Beecher Carlson N930

Beef Jerky Outlet S357S

Benderson Development Company S319Q

Bennett Williams Commercial C192G

Berko & Associates N2772W

Berkshire Hathaway Commercial Real Estate N2460V

Best Western Hotels & Resorts S451Q

BH Properties S3525

Bialow Real Estate N1937T

Big 5 Sporting Goods S460P

Birchwood Resultants N3064X

Bissell Commercial/Haaga Sweepers N1372

BKR Lamar Retail Services LLC S295R

Blackwater Resources, LLC C2129*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Block & Company, Inc. C111UNI

Blue Butterfly, LLC 333


Bobowski Commercial Real Estate SMR229

Bock and Clark N1723

Bodega IE-1A

Bojangles' Restaurants, Inc. S460Q

Boos Development S480N

BP Products North America Inc C2240

Bradley Corporation N1023

Brentwood Developments N1939T

Breslin Realty Development Corp. C182G

Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC S334S

Brightbox, Inc. N1164

Brisky Commercial Real Estate N2012U

Brixmor Property Group C1006

Broad Reach Retail Partners, LLC S318P

Broadstone Real Estate, LLC N2042U

Brokers + Engineers N3069X

Brookfield Properties C1438L

Bucksbaum Retail Properties C008SOU

Buffalo Wings & Rings C2048

Build 360 Labs N1764

Buildout N1230

Burger King Corporation S322Q

Burlington Stores, Inc. S2834

Burroughs & Chapin N3260X

Business Funding Group FP16

Butler Enterprises C2012

Buxton N1546

C.J. Segerstrom & Sons SMR232

Cafaro C069SOU

Cahoots 328*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

CAI Investments, LLC N2474V

Caliber Commercial Brokerage S322S

Calkain Companies S326R

Capital One N2572W

Capital Pacific S465P

Capital Retail Properties N1923T

Capitol Real Estate Advisors, Inc. FP26

CarbonLeo SMR223

CardConnect 632

Carolina ATM Services, LLC 308

Carpionato Group S3323

Caruso C153J

Casandra Properties Inc C167K

Cash Store N2860W

Casto S267R

Catylist Inc. N1141

CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. N2702W

CBRE C1024

CBRE | Capstone FP3

CCIM Institute C2020

Cedar Realty Trust, Inc. S3767

Cedarwood Development, Inc. S273Q

Centennial N2332V

Centennial 608

Centennial American Properties, LLC S230S

CenterCal Properties, LLC N2710W

CenterSoft, Corp. N1835

Centralia Outlets / The PRISM Company, Inc. C2010

Century 21 Real Estate LLC S238S

Chain Store Guide N1025

S266Q ,
ChainLinks Retail Advisors, Inc.

ChainXY N1750

Charles Company N2453V*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Chase Properties Ltd. S465Q

Checkers Drive In Restaurants, Inc. N2760W

Chicken Salad Chick C2366

CHIEF Buildings N1266

Chipotle S4739

Choice Hotels International, Inc. S472P

Christian Brothers Automotive Corp. S3520

CIM Group, Inc. C1956

Circle K Stores Inc. S421N

City Bay Capital LLC N3262Y

City Center Bishop Ranch N2060T

City of Adelanto S494P

City of Albertville N3165Y

City of Auburn P3-326

City of Aurora C2411

City of Balch Springs Economic Development P3-153

City of Baltimore C164F

City of Barstow S494P

City of Bellflower P3-259

City of Bullhead City S3481

City of Casa Grande N2872W

City of Chino P3-124

City of Conroe S390N

City of Costa Mesa P3-122

City of Cottage Grove P3-255

City of Crown Point P3-335

City of Dana Point P3-358

City of Fairview P3-137

City of Fayetteville, AR P3-223

City of Fontana C163M

City of Forney S4741

City of Fountain Valley N3074Y

City of Garden Grove P3-221*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

City of Grapevine S296R

City of Hesperia S494P

City of Homestead C2403

City of Huntington Park P3-339

City of Jeffersonville P3-343

City of La Vergne, Tennessee P3-157

City of Las Vegas N2004U

City of Los Angeles N2652W

City of McHenry P3-342

City of Menifee P3-132

City of Mentor P3-333

City of Midfield N2773W

City of Minden, Louisiana C2219

City of Montclair P3-116

City of Moreno Valley N3350Z

City of Murrieta S325S

City of Norco P3-360

City of Odessa N3073X

City of Ontario C2228

City of Orange P3-331

City of Orlando S349S

City of Pasco N2041T

City of Rancho Santa Margarita C2217

City of Rialto S380N

City of San Jacinto P3-345

City of San Luis P3-344

City of Santa Ana P3-160

City of Santa Fe Springs P3-349

City of Spring Hill N3340Z

City of Tahlequah, OK P3-133

City of Toledo P3-125

City of Victorville S494P

City of White House P3-334*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

City of Yakima S374N

CityLift Parking N1671

CityScapes International Inc N1740

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. N1826

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. S332R

Claim Adjusters Group N1370

Clarksville Montgomery County Economic Development Council N2167T

Clean Rite Center C2236

Cleverciti Systems Corp N1566

Coast Realty Associates S473Q

Cobblestone Hotels C2262

Cocca Development, Ltd S316P

Codding Enterprises N1942T

Coldwell Banker Commercial S265Q

Collett SMR227

Colliers International S236Q

Colliers Proptech Accelerator powered by Techstars IE-12

Columbia Development C2211

Combined Properties Inc. C150G

Commercial Christmas Decorations 433

Commercial Observer N1044

Compaction Technologies, Inc. N919

Complete Signs N933

CompStak N1217

Computex Information Services N1560

Concept 1900 ENTERTAINMENT N1534

ConnectME solutions N1824

Conservice The Utility Experts N1862

Continental Properties Co., Inc. S339S

Continental Realty Corporation C189G

COR Development Company S297S

Core Properties C1728

Core Property Capital, LLC C2104*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

CORFAC International C2405

Cornerstone Capital Corporation C154M

CoStar Group C011SOU

County of San Bernardino S2919R

Courtelis Company S328S

Covington County Economic Development Commission P3-127

Craig Realty Group C1447

CRE/Companies N2573V


CREW Network C174F

CREXi aka Commercial Real Estate Exchange C2413

Crosland Southeast C144M

Crossman & Company SMR221

Crosspoint Realty Services Inc S295P

Crown Acquisitions C172G

Crunch Fitness (Franchise) C2058

CTL Capital FP21

Cuddle Cart 619

Cullinan Properties LTD S341Q

Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. C1339

CVS/Pharmacy S411Q

Cypress Equities S224Q

Dairy Queen S371Q

Danken N1142

David Cronheim Mortgage Corp. FP22

DAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) N1040

DCA Services Inc. N925


DDR Corp. C1043

De Rito Partners, Inc. S243R

DeBartolo Development C1459

Dee Sign Company N1123

Defease with Ease / Commercial Defeasance, LLC S372S*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Dekra-Lite N1360

Del Taco, LLC S483Q

Denny's Inc. S333N

DePaul University TD3

Design 3 International L3

Design International C162L

Developers Realty S403Q

Dexter Laundry, Inc. S4038

Dickey's Capital Group N2866W

Digital Experiential Media Network / Innovative Foto N921

DiMarco Group C1127

Directory of Major Malls/ N1329

Divaris Real Estate C1201

DJM Capital Partners, Inc. C0901

DLC Management Corp. S2235

Dodge City/Ford County Development P3-341

Dog Parker 419

Dollar General Corporation S321R

Dollar Tree & Family Dollar S420Q

Domino's N2762W

Donahue Schriber C163F

DRA Advisors LLC C1026

Drapr IE-2A

DuMor Inc. N1634

Dunaway Associates N2342V

Dunkin' Brands Inc. S340Q

Duro-Last Roofing, Inc N1048


L2 ,
Earth Fare

Earthvision N1134

East Montgomery County Improvement District N3122Y

Eastern Retail Properties S340R

EB Development, LLC N2653W*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

ECHO Realty C1655L

Economic Development Corporation of Utah S337S


EDGE Realty Partners S348N

Edgewood Properties, Inc. C1044

Elcan and Associates S394N

Electric Time Co., Inc. N1729

ElectriCities of N.C., Inc. N3322Z

Element Architects N1026

Elevation Development, LLC N2171T

Elevation Real Estate Group C190F

ElmTree Funds & L3 Corporation S295Q

Embree Asset Group, Inc. N2350V

Encore Capital Management C2205

Encore Real Estate Investment Services, LLC C188F

Endeavor Real Estate Group N3134Y

Environics Analytics N1218

Envoy Net Lease Partners FP24

Equip Inc N1838

Equity, LLC. S295S

Ershig Properties N2070T

Esprit Digital N1836

Esri N1820

Essential Properties Realty Trust N1446

Ethan Conrad Properties C2224

EuropaProperty N1272

Evergreen Devco, Inc C074UNI

Evolution Ventures, LLC N1070

Excel Engineering N1166

EXP Realty Advisors C035SOU

Expo Enterprises 634

E-Z Riser Roof Raising N1663

Fairmount Properties N3068Y*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Fairway Investments C2312

Falcon Realty Advisors C1201

Fallas Stores/National Stores, Inc. S471Q

Famous Footwear S4812Q

Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation N2660W

Faris Lee Investments C150M

Farmer's Fridge IE-11B

Farmshelf IE-6A

FASTSIGNS of Upper Saddle River 518

Fazolis Restaurant Group C2050

FDS Illumination-Fotodiastasi N1064

Federal Realty Investment Trust C141G

Festival Companies, The C1504

FFO Real Estate Advisors C135J

Fidelis Realty Partners S326Q

Fifth Corner N2968X

Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc. S370Q

First Interstate Properties Ltd N3110Y

First Washington Realty, Inc. C145G

FirstOnSite Restoration N1734

Fitness International, LLC S464P

Flaum Management Company Inc. / LLD Enterprises C2002

Flocke & Avoyer Commercial Real Estate S326N

Florida A&M University TD16

Florida International University TD6

FlowRider, Inc. S487Q


FOCO 618

Forterra N1868

Fortis Net Lease C2000

Forum Analytics, A CBRE Company N1518

Foundry Commercial C144M

Four Springs Capital Trust S294S*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Franklin Street C1633

FRB Realty Capital N2437V

Frogparking Limited N1837

FSU Real Estate Center TD5

Fulcrum Resources, Inc P3-151

Fully Promoted N3170Y

Fuqua Development, LP S2735

G.J. Grewe Brokerage and Development/RSolution C136F

G6 Hospitality S453N

GAF - StreetBond® N1850

GameStop, Inc. S3635

Gart Properties C2110

Gata Tech 327

Gator Investments C1843

GbBIS, an Intelligent Direct, Inc. Company N1330

GBT Realty Corporation N2726W

Geenen DeKock Properties S285S

Gemseal Pavement Products N1132

Generation Next Brands - Reis & Irvy's 319

Genesis Real Estate Advisers, LLC S4039

Gensler N3226Z

Geomni N931

GGP Inc. C1341

Gibraltar Management Co., Inc. S281Q

GK Development Inc. S351Q

Gladstone Development Corp. S246S

Glass-Media IE-9A

Glazer Properties S308Q

Glimcher Group S350Q

GMEP Engineers N1361

GO Topeka C1839

Goldberg Properties, Inc./David, Hicks & Lampert Brokerage C152M

Golden Corral Development C2045*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Gold's Gym C2042

Goodale and Barbieri Company N3146Y

Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC N2910X

Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona S451P

Gordon Brothers - Real Estate (Formerly DJM Real Estate) S289R

Graco Real Estate Development, Inc. S245R

Graham Corporation S2436

Granite Telecommunications N1564

Grant & Lewis N1870

Grant County EDC P3-130

Grease Guard, LLC N1732

Great Clips Inc. S341R

Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation N2672W

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce P3-328

Green Street Advisors N1746

Green Team Worldwide Environmental Group 633

Greenberg Gibbons Commercial C1421

GreenEarth Cleaning N1665

Grossman Development Group C185L

Hadler Realty Co. C160M

Halloween Express, LLC S294R

Halpern Enterprises, Inc. S323R

Hamburg Place S291N

Hanley Investment Group Real Estate Advisors S220S

Harbert Lease Solutions N2974X

Harrison Walker and Harper N3338Z

Haseko Development, Inc. N3234Z

Hawkins Companies S3616

Heartland Dental, LLC C2046

Heidenberg Properties C134G

Hekemian & Co., Inc. C122L

Hendon Properties, LLC C163K

HFF, L.P. SMR233*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc. S290S

Hilbers, Inc. N1024

Hilco Real Estate LLC S363S

Hill Partners, Inc. C148J

Hilton S336N

C075UNI ,

Hogan Real Estate N2374U

Hooters of America, Inc. S478N

Horizon Group Properties, Inc. C1302

Horne Properties, Inc. S361P

Horvath & Tremblay S473Q

Howard Group C133M

Howard Hughes Corporation C181K


Huff Construction N1267

Hull Property Group C1055

Hunden Strategic Partners N3150Y

Hurst Euless Bedford (HEB) Economic Development Foundation S379S

Hutensky Capital Partners C100UNI

Hutton N3028X

HVS N1970T

Hyatt Hotels Corporation S332N

ICON International, Inc. S329S

ID Plans N1221

IDS Real Estate Group N2160U

IKEA Centres C2261

iMirror by Nobal Technologies IE-2B

InCloud Counsel N1739

InfniteVR 318

Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc., The C1027

Innoplast Inc. N1127

Innovative FOTO 427

Innovative Vending Solutions 303 , 403*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

InSite Real Estate S327Q

Intalytics N1631

InterContinental Hotels Group S403N

International Parking Design N1659

International TreeScapes, LLC N1017

InvenTrust Properties Corp. N1920T

iplayco N1725

IQ Massager 611

IRC Retail Centers C1026

Irvine Company C1548

Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc. C152J

Jack In The Box S312N

Jacobs Enterprises C134G

James Capital Advisors N2666W

Jamestown C146L

JBG Smith C142F

JCR Capital N2956X

Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc. C1140

S494Q ,
Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems

JH Real Estate Partners, Inc. S323S

Jim Wilson and Associates, LLC. C110UNI

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches S387Q

JLL C1001

JLL 603

JMP Holdings C1044

Joint Economic & Community Development Board of Wilson County, TN P3-332

Jones|Carter N1571

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. C1554

JPMorgan Chase C0012UNI

K.A.I. Total Pavement Management N1049

Kahn Development Company, Katz Properties C035SOU

Katz & Associates S2634

Katz Properties C035SOU*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC S3433

Kennedy Funding Financial FP18


Kentro Group C1726

KeyBank Real Estate Capital C182F

Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc. N1733

KGI Properties, LLC C1244

Kidder Mathews S4400

Kiddie Academy C2364

Kimco Realty Corporation C1739

Kimley-Horn N110

Kin Properties S283Q

King Solarman N1865

Kitchell Development Company C144F

Kite Realty Group C009UNI

Kitson & Partners N2435V

KLNB Retail C1271

Knightscope IE-8A

Konover South S2535

Kornwasser Shopping Center Properties | CCA Acquisition Company C171K

Kossman Development Company C147F

KP Sullivan Builders Inc. N1567

Kung Fu Tea 315

KW Commercial C187H

La Quinta Inns & Suites C2150

Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council P3-134

Lamar Companies S295R

LandQwest Commercial, LLC C2203

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services N1517

Largo Real Estate Advisors, Inc. FP23

Laundrylux C2044

LeasePilot N1055

Lee & Associates C1139*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Legacy Development N2038U

Legend Properties C1201

Lektron LED Technologies N1359

Leon Capital Group C1901

Levcor, Inc. S4067

Levin Management Corp. S243S

Lewis Retail Centers C1250

Libertas Real Estate Group N2967X

Lincoln Property Company C151L

Linear Retail Properties, LLC C138G

Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. S470P

LiveRoof and LiveWall N1766

Living Well Products N1067

Lloyd Companies C111UNI

LocateAI N1841

Logic Commercial Real Estate C1201

Lormax Stern Development Company C181L

LoveHandle 414

Lovepop 418

LRA Real Estate Group N2972X

LRC Realty, Inc. S279Q

LSMx Powered by Buxton IE-8B


M&M Realty Partners C1044

M.I.R. Enterprises N1569

Madison Capital L.L.C. N1143

Madison Commercial Real Estate Services N2734W

Madison International Realty N2553V

Madison Marquette C1522

Madrax / Thomas Steele N1561

Mainsource Roof Management N1472

Malachite Group S465N

Mall UP N915*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Mann Publications N1042

Mapes Canopies N1742


Marco's Franchising, LLC S4710Q

S244Q ,
Marcus & Millichap

Marquette University Center for Real Estate TD4

S470N ,
Marriott International, Inc.

Mason Asset Management N1940T

Matanky Realty Group S249R

Mathias Properties N3330Z

Matthews Real Estate Investment Services SMR231

Mattiace Properties Inc. N3126Y

Mavatar IE-3A

Maverick Commercial Properties FP8

MC Sign Company N1666

McCaffery Interests S235R

McCrea Property Group C2204

McDonald's Corporation S321Q

McDougal Companies S2541

Menin Development Inc. N3112Y

Merrill Companies, LLC C171M

MetroNational C2108

Metropolitan Capital Advisors S281R

Meyer C. Weiner Company S3321

mfi Realty S327R

MGM Resorts - Retail N1928T

Mid Atlantic Clothing Recycling 609

Midland Atlantic Properties C1123

Midway C2409

Midwood Investment & Development N3312Z

Miller Capital Advisory, Inc. C145G

MIMCO, Inc. S302N*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Miromar Development Corp C2466

MK Illumination LLC N1345

Mobile Outfitters 425

Moonbeam Leasing & Management LLC (Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC) N2010U

Morguard C110UNI

Morrow Hill, LLC N1974T

Motionloft N1018

Mountain Mile S3518

MRB Contractors N1139

MRI Software N1224

MSC Retail S330Q

Murphy USA S375P

myCOI N932

Myhiddenjewelry Candles & Bath Bombs 421

N3 Real Estate S3967

NAI Global S255Q

Nana Wall Systems, Inc. N1417

Nanoveu Pte. Ltd. 326

Nassimi Realty, LLC S240R

National Association of REALTORS® S292N

National Coatings Corporation N1260

National Construction Rentals N1225

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association N1545

National Real Estate Investor N1030

National Realty & Development Corp. C117G

National Retail Properties S2843

Natixis FP5

Natures Wonders 629

NaviRetail P3-136

Nearmap US, Inc. N1032

NES Financial FP7

Net Lease Alliance N3308Z

New England Development C1359*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

New Orleans Business Alliance N1925T

Newark Community EDC COO11UNI

Newcastle Limited C138G

Newmark Knight Frank C155L

NewMark Merrill Companies S3867

NewQuest Properties S222R

Next Realty, LLC C141M

NextLinks 503

NextSite N2433V

Nexus Systems, Inc. N1028

North American Properties C2066

Northeast Ohio Mayors & City Managers Association/Cuyahoga County Department of


NorthMarq Capital FP15

Northwest Atlantic C160F

Northwest Independent Mall Group C1829

Northwood Retail N3328Z

Nova Innovations 528

NTrust Infotech N1130

Nucor Buildings Group N1444


O’Connor Capital Partners C171L

Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce P3-337

OASE North America N1656

Oberfeld Snowcap C121L

Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce S341N

OliverMcMillan C162J

Olshan Properties C1714

On The Border C2457

On-Site Lighting & Survey LLC N937

Open Realty Advisors C1704

Opportunity High Desert S494P

Orangetheory Fitness C2459

Ori N1057*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

ORION Investment Real Estate S4743

Orion Real Estate Group S320P


Oxford Properties Group C180L

Pacific Retail N3226Z

Pacific Surf Designs C2264

Paintzen N1672

Palmer Capital, Inc. C157J

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. S480Q

Papa Murphy's International S464N

Paramount Construction N1860

Paran Management Company N3310Z

Paris Baguette N2766W

Park Assist N920

ParKam (Israel) Ltd. N924


ParkHelp N1369

Party City Retail Group S344S

Passco Companies/G-Smatt/Brower Group C143L

Paster Properties S350Q

Perlmutter Properties, Inc. S246S

Peterson Companies S221Q

Petrie Richardson Ventures N2960X

Pharmabox LLC 203

Philips International S364Q

Phillips Edison & Company S233Q

Picture Keeper 325

Pine Tree Commercial Realty, LLC C159M

Pitney Bowes N1150

Planet Fitness S476N

Planned Grocery N1133

Plaza Associates, Inc. / Crabtree Valley Mall C135F

Plaza Las Americas, Inc. C162H*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Plaza Properties, Inc. S279Q

Poag Shopping Centers C186F

Pohl Partners, Inc. C2114

Ponca City Development Authority P3-159

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen S360Q

Porter Corp N1031

Portland State University Center for Real Estate TD12

Post Guard N1538

Potomac Development Group S301N

Powering America (NECA and IBEW) N1129

Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce P3-149



PREP Property Group C184G

Prestige Development Group N2957X

Prestige Properties & Development Co., Inc. C170G

Prime Finance FP10

Primrose Schools S464Q

Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation P3-129

Progressive Materials, LLC 950

Projectmates by Systemates, Inc. N1627

Property Capsule N1423

Pyramid Management Group C1425

Qdoba Mexican Eats S312N

Quantitative Analysis, Inc. N1737

Quantum Companies C109SOU

Quick Quack Car Wash C2259

QuikTrip Corporation S453Q

Quine and Associates, Incorporated S281R

RAB Lighting N1170

Radisson Hotel Group N2066T

Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust S222Q

Rappaport C013SOU*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

RARE Connection S411N

Ravti N1261

RCG Ventures LLC C2455

RD Management LLC C1750L

RE BackOffice, Inc N934

Read King S232S

Real Capital Analytics N1019

Realm Realty Company C1122

Realogic Analytics, Inc. N1438

RealPage, Inc. N1331

Realty Income Corporation S256R

Realty Resources, Incorporated C1201

RealtyLink, LLC S237R

RED Development C1831

Red Mountain Retail Group, Inc. N2008U

RedMark Realty and The Windsor Companies S370N

REDNews 627

RedSky Capital C2425

Regency Centers C1849

Regency Properties S293N

Regis Corporation S323Q

Related Companies N2941X

Reliable Properties C1662

Response Technologies N1771

Retail Brokers Network C111UNI

Retail Lease Trac, Inc N1537

Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. S490N

Retail Planning Corporation C075SOU

Retail Sites N2373U

Retail Solutions S279Q

Retail Strategies & Retail Specialists C100L

RetailNext IE-9B

REthink CRM N1254*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Rethink Solutions Inc. N1565

Retransform N1640

REZA Investment Group, Inc. S218S

Rhino Realty Group, Inc N3240Y

Ripco Real Estate Corp. C1728

Rita’s Franchise Company S3536

Rite Aid Corporation S450N

Rivercrest Realty Investors C2301

Riverside County EDA N3212Z

Riverside Plastics N1572

RJ Brunelli & Co C1201

RJL Real Estate Consultants C143M

RK Centers S317Q

C152F ,

Robert B. Aikens and Associates, LLC C163J

RockStep Capital C147M

Rockwood Group N2043U

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. S436Q

Rohde Ottmers Siegel Realty S281R

Roofing Projects N1669

Roofing Southwest N1270

Ropes Courses, Inc. N1462

Rosenshein Associates S317Q

Rosenthal Properties, LLC C189G

Roux Associates, Inc. N1318

Royal Seal Development, Inc. S301R

Royalty Roofing N1741

RPAI (Retail Properties of America, Inc.) N2634W

RRC Consulting Group, Inc. N1440

Rushwood Group N1442

Rutgers Center for Real Estate TD10

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce P3-128

S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. C1141*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Sabre Real Estate C1201

Salsbury Industries - Mailboxes N1827

Salzer Products LLC N1846

Samuels & Associates C1621

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership P3-222

Sands Investment Group C162M

Sansome Pacific Properties, Inc. S295P

Saul Centers, Inc. C153L

Save-A-Lot Food Stores S351N

Savills Studley C183H

Schlosser Development C147M

Schostak Brothers and Co., Inc. C1041

Schuckman Realty Inc./TCN Worldwide C1652L

SDI Realty S293R

Seguin Economic Development Corporation P3-118

Select Chicago Southland S381S

Select Strategies Realty MRC203

Selig Enterprises, Inc. S247S

Sepai Laboratories 324

Seritage Growth Properties N3202Y

ServiceMaster Restore N1371

ShareRails IE-11A

Shea Properties C149M

Shoe MGK, LLC 509

SHOP Companies S294N

Shopcore C166L

ShopOne Centers REIT C158G

ShopperTrak N1228

Shopping Center Business Magazine N1840

Silver Arch Capital Partners, LLC FP4

Simon C1434J

Simon 409

SimonCRE S306N*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Site Source Retail Broker Network S3933

Sites USA N1618

SITESEER Technologies N1124

SiteZeus N1450

Size Stream IE-7A

SkilkenGold C1437

Skyfii N1562

SKYLINE Property Management Technology Solutions N1642

Skyline Seven Real Estate N2472V

Slate Retail REIT N3325Z N1471

Smoothie King Franchises S459P

SMS Valet by TEZ N1145

Sodexo | Roth N1664

Soft Play N1661

Sonic Drive-In S490P

Speed Queen S355R

Speedway C2238

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates C2300

Spinoso Real Estate Group SMR220

SPINOSO Real Estate Group 309

Spirit Halloween Superstores S378P

Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. N3056X

Sport Clips, Inc. S4610

Springboard Inc. N1831

Springfield Builders Inc. N2006U

Springstead and Associates S374R

Sprint C2442

SRS Real Estate Partners S224Q

St. Nick's Commercial Design & Décor N1160

S241S ,
Stan Johnson Company

Stanbery Development, LLC S330Q*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5
5/16/2018 RECon 2018 Exhibitor Directory | RECon 2018

Starbucks Coffee Company S460N

Stark Enterprises N2746W

Starwood Retail Partners C160J

Starwood Retail Partners 515

State Permits, Inc. N1366

Steiner + Associates C1124

Stellar Development N2038U

Stirling Properties C31SOU*&CFID=27307301&CFTOKEN=c192fad05bf9bda2-23E0554B-AB68-E9B4-A9F90C6FA5