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9/17/2017 Airbnb Travel Receipt, Confirmation Code HM9FEDCEHR

Airbnb Ireland UC
The Watermarque Building
South Lotts Road
Ringsend, Dublin 4
VAT Number: IE 9827384L

Con rmed: 4 nights in Bacolod, Philippines

Booked by Christian Noel Abiño Accepted
Monday, Aug 14, 2017 HM9FEDCEHR

Check In Check Out Charges

Sep 19, 2017  Sep 23, 2017
₱5573.25 × 4 nights  ₱22293.00

Cleaning fees  ₱1500.00

Entire home/apt
Service Fee  ₱2844.56
MyPlace in Bacolod City
L N Agustin Drive
Coupon discount  (₱2397.14)
Bacolod, Western Visayas
Total ₱24240.42
Hosted by Mary Judith Mahinay
Phone: +63 917 7166855

15 Travelers on this trip Paid with MASTERCARD •••• 6861 ₱24240.42
Christian Noel Abiño Mon, August 14, 2017 @ 11:50 PM HKT

Mary Antonette Malagueno Total Paid ₱24240.42

Mhariel Bernal
Alison Ruelo
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Karen Joy Olario
Darl Christine Dagpin
Jamila Patricia Leonor
Donna Gay Bao Average nightly charges
Reynier C. Tasico
Average nightly price ₱5573.25
George C. Bernardo
Mao Joseph Licudine Average cleaning fee ₱375.00
Christian Ranche Average guest fee ₱711.14
Mary Christine Odtojan
Jud Dah
Total per night ₱6060.11
Mikee Mapalo

Business trip notes

Psychological Association of the Philippines 54th Annual
Convention @ SMX Bacolod Convention Center and Post
Convention Workshop @ University of St. La Salle

Cost per traveler

This trip was ₱404.01 per person, per night, including taxes and
other fees.

Security Deposit
9/17/2017 Airbnb Travel Receipt, Confirmation Code HM9FEDCEHR
A Host requires a Security Deposit of ₱5508 to book this listing.
The Guest is responsible for the amount of the Security Deposit,
but it will not be charged unless the host makes a claim.

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Booked by Christian Noel Abiño
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Monday, Aug 14, 2017

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