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Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 Stimulus 1

Naming and shaming young people involved in the justice system is likely
to undermine their chances of rehabilitation. It ignores fundamental, widely
Three-quarters of juvenile offenders sentenced for accepted principles contained in international law, and the evidence which
assaults and sexual offences in the past three years shows that it can actually lead to increased levels of offending.
did not have convictions recorded.
(The Courier Mail, March 25, 2013)
Youth Justice Conferencing
Boot Camps

“The overarching goal of the juvenile justice
system is to support prosocial development of
youth who become involved in the system
development and thereby ensure the safety of
Statistics released in 2012 revealed that despite comprising only 2.5% of the Australian
population, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders constitute just over a quarter (27% or 7,982) of the total prison population. Furthermore, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
ustice_in_queensland_-_balanced_justice_final_27jan15.pdf youth account for approximately 50% of incarcerated children.


Community based programs

That is not to say that offending children should not be punished but any punishment should UNIVERSITY OF JAIL TEACHES ONLY CRIME
have as one of its features, the rehabilitation of that child. That is only fair when one "Honestly, going to jail was the worst thing they could have done
recognises that a child offender does not have the same moral culpability as an adult. It also
to me and society," Sean said.
recognises that many factors which impact on a child’s offending are beyond that child’s
control e.g. neglect, abuse both physical and sexual, homelessness and estrangement from "I came out more corrupted through association with other crims
the education system. Many of the changes contained in the Youth Justice and Other and more angry."
Legislation Amendment Act 2014 seem to ignore that principle.” (The Courier Mail, March 25, 2013)

President of the Children’s Court of Queensland, His Honour, Judge Michael Shanahan Children’s Court of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Queensland, Annual Report 2013-14