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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was born in 1942, Hippies
The Hippie Movement was a he grew up in Seattle, Wash-
major part of history today. This ington. He learned how to play
guitar when he was a teenag-
is some of the reason why the
world is the way it is today. The er. He preformed at Wood- By: Beth Martin
world became more excepting stock his rendition of the Star
because of this. Spangled Banner. He unfortu-
nately died from drug related The History
causes at the age of 27.
Hippies were part of the
Counterculture movement. They
Drug Use
were very upset with the way
In the lifestyle of the hippies they
that their life was going. This regularly used drugs mostly Mariju-
caused them to rebel against ana and LSD. They used this to find
their parents, and society. They themselves, it helped them relax
Works Cited and take a “spiritual journey” to
Woodstock were the first people to live in
group communities called find themselves. LSD was not intro-
duced until a professor used the
This was a music fair held in Au- communes. They shared
drug in a controlled area to watch
gust of 1969. The main group of what they had with others, the effect it had on people.
people who attended were the
which was a big deal at the
Hippies. It was held over four days.
time because America was
Half a million people showed up to
the festival. 100,000 people very materialistic. They
bought tickets in advance. wanted to create an
utopia where everyone
could live in peace and
harmony. Where people
could be excepting of
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Your business tag line here. nature.