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Jennifer Laubscher 
5617 Division St, Lowville, NY 13367 315.529.2017 ◆ ​​ ◆ ​   
Professional Profile  
Over 15 years of experience in Education and Training. Outstanding presentation, training, social media 
management and leadership qualifications. Proven accomplishments in instructional design, blended and online 
learning, program planning, project management, training, customer service and creative problem resolution. Ready 
for the next adventure. 
Professional Strengths 
● Instructional design principles  ● Team collaboration 
● Presentation skills and group facilitation  ● Motivational, customer responsive, coaching 
● Training and support relationship building  ● Blended and online content delivery 
Organizational Leadership 
New York State Association for Computers & Technology in Education (NYSCATE) 
● Elected Director, representing the Central New York Region; former Co-Secretary on Executive Board 
● Collaborate with the CEO/Executive Director to advance the mission of our NYS ISTE Affiliate and 
maintain the fiscal health and public perception of the organization 
● Outreach Committee chairperson 
● Coordinated social media strategy for the organization and managed social media platforms  
Employment Background 
Instructional Technology Integration Specialist at Mohawk Regional Information Center at Madison-Oneida 
BOCES ◆ ​ ​ 2017-Current 
● Provide leadership, guidance and instructional technology support to school district administrators 
and teachers 
● Collaborate with instructional and technical staff to support, manage and optimize the use of instructional 
software and network resources to support quality teaching and learning through 
Learning Management Systems 
● Coordinate training opportunities, design training materials and deliver high-quality learning 
Technology Coordinator at Hamilton Central School District ​◆​ 2016-2017 
● Supervised functioning of the technology operations of the district for the purpose of ensuring an effective, 
efficient and safe environment to support administrative and educational functions of the district 
● Supported the implementation of operational and educational technology initiatives 
● Coordinated and provided technology-related professional development opportunities to school district staff 

Training Specialist: Integration of Technology, Northeastern Regional Information Center at Capital Region 
BOCES ◆ ​ ​ 2015-2016 
● Provided leadership, guidance and technical assistance to school districts regarding instructional technology 
integration planning and utilizing virtual learning spaces 
● Service Lead on Learning Management Systems and Cloud-Based Computing services 
● Trained school district administrators, teachers and support staff on using classroom software and web 
Computer Education Specialist, Center for Instruction, Technology, and Innovation ​◆​ 2011-2015 
● Provided embedded instructional technology training, consultation and support 
● Facilitated district level committees 
● Counseled, guided and motivated resistant and fearful teachers through a process of shifting instructional 
pedagogy and integrating more technology 
● Coordinated individual and group training opportunities, workshops and training materials 
● Collaborated with districts regarding schedules, budgets, policies, and district goals 
Elementary Teacher, Mexico Academy and Central School District ​◆​ 2001-2011 
● Provided students guidance, coaching and opportunities to create and share digital media and to collaborate, 
globally using blogs and web communities 
● Participated in district level curriculum mapping of math, social studies and science utilizing the 
Professional Learning Communities model 
● Collaborated locally and globally with educators to plan collaborative student projects 
Professional Engagement 
New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education (NYSCATE) ​◆​ 2004-current 
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)​◆​ 2011-current 
● 21st Century Learning Inquiry Team, Phoenix  ● 2011 NYSCATE Annual Conference- “Making 
Central Schools  Global Connections Using Digital Tools” 
● Blended Learning Academy & Mobile Device  ● 2013 NYSCATE Annual- “Blended Learning: 
Pilot Program, Mexico Academy & Central  One District’s Journey to Transformation” 
Schools  ● 2015 NYSCATE Annual Conference- Coaches 
● Phoenix Central School District Technology  Corner: Lighting the Fire & Encouraging Risk 
Summit, Phoenix Central Schools 
State University of New York: College at Oswego 
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 1-6 ~ 1998  
Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction ~ 2006  
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling ~ 2008  
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