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Name of Student Teacher: Asmaa Almansoori

Date & Duration of lesson: Number of students: Age Range of students:

30 minute (8-3-2018) 23 6 years old

Learning Outcomes: (Link to the Early Learning Goals from the UK EYFS curriculum document.) Resources: (for each activity)

 Identify letter u Activity 1: drawing activity

 Recognize it between other letters
 Being able to write it by the end of the class Activity 2: writing the letter

Activity 3: creating an

Supporting activities differentiated to three ability levels: (where possible)

Description of activity 1: Description of activity 2:
This activity will be the introduction of the lesson In the focus group I will ask the children to write
where I will be drawing some object and children the letter using playdo and also on the sand.
have to say what is it? (The entire objects start Learning Outcome(s):
with the sound of the letter). Identify the new letter
Learning Outcome(s): Promote fine motor skills
Identify the new letter
Differentiation: Low and medium group of student.
High and medium group of student.
Description of activity 3:
In the focus group child will create an umbrella
using any object they like which is all provided for
Learning Outcome(s):
Develop fine motor skill
Identify the new letter.
Low group of student.
The Structure of the Lesson
What the teacher does What the children do Comments:
The lesson started by revising the Children are expected to They have a song that teaches
previous letters that they took. know each sound of the them the sound of the letter in
I wrote the letters on the board and letter that they took. an excellent way.
children are expected to spell the
sound of each letter correctly.

The lesson will start by drawing Children are expected to The drawing should be clear for
some objects on the white board know the object that I will the student to recognize it.
and asking them what it is. draw as it’s very simple. (All the objects that I will be
Then I will focus on saying it loud, drawing start with the sound of
clear and focusing on the first sound the new letter).
of letter.
After recognizing the new letter I Children should say the Children are expected to get
will ask each child individually to sound of the letter correctly confused with the sound of the
say the sound of the letter. and should be able to write letter and expected to give
After that I will ask them for as well. example that start with the letter
examples for the letter. “a” as the new letter is vowel
Then I will show them how write it. letter.
General Comments: (including: documented evidence of learning; comments from MST, MCT
and/or TA as appropriate):
To assess the student I will ask the student in focus group to search for the letter in the books using