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Selfieometry - By: Dryden Hawn Pd.

1 - Pictured here, I am at one of the various rinks I have played at. This picture occurred 2 years ago with my teammates. The
blue line and the boards connector form skew lines.
2 - At PPG Paints Arena, I noticed this mural of a child playing hockey. On the background, the mask he is wearing has many
squares on it.

3 - This is the American Legion award I won in 8th grade. I was selected out of my entire school to receive this award. The
bottom angles of my award form right angles.
4 - I am pictured here at a summer lacrosse tournament last year. The soccer goal stationed in the background forms a rectangle.

5 - Here is me at another summer lacrosse tournament. Here, we went to the championship game. The net, where my goalie
stands, in forms a quadrilateral.

6 - In this picture, I am with my family going on our annual Christmas venture to get our Christmas tree. This event is very
memorable for me because I have a lot of fond memories here. The lines on the background of the wall are parallel lines.
7 - To get some service hours, I decided to work at St. Kilian's. Here, I baked for the homeless. The racks and the stand form
perpendicular lines. They are highlighted in light blue.

8 - This picture is a special because this was when my team made it to the championship game in a hockey tournament. My
teammate and I are entering onto the ice as seen here. We are playing at the home rink of the Carolina Hurricanes, who play in
the NHL. The stick of my teammate and his leg form an obtuse angle.
9 - On hockey trips, I visit many restaurants. This restaurant was an all-organic soup and salad bar. The edge of my booth is
forms a line segment.

10 - Of my many days playing lacrosse, some of my favorite times was playing games. Here, I am pictured with my teammate
waiting for the faceoff to commence. The sticks of my teammate and I form a triangle with his leg.
11 - This picture shows a teammate and I playing a team from Rochester. The unique piece of this picture is the fact that my
teammate's stick is the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by the the ice and his stick.

12 - In this photo, I am with my family at the movies in this picture. The best part of this photo is that the straw in my drink is
equidistant from both sides of the lid.

13 - As the summer air burns my skin and leaves me with a terrible farmer's tan, I stand in middle of a lacrosse field, waiting for
the ball to come back into play after a stoppage. The fence in the background has two congruent segments which are the poles
separating the fence sections.
14 - This is me on my trip to The Naval Academy. I visited the campus on a lacrosse tournament. The holes in the wall are the
focus of this picture because they are circles.

15 - In this picture, I am in another championship game but this time it is in lacrosse. Unfortunately, we lost this one, too. But,
my stick and my leg form an acute angle so it was good enough for my math project!

The End!