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Want more information?

Contact your child’s pediatrician

Your child’s pediatrician is the best person to
contact with any concerns surrounding their
asthma and allergy diagnosis.

Websites such as, which is

run by pediatricians, are good resources for
understanding more about pediatric asthma
and how your child can be diagnosed in a way
that accurately.

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By Crystal Parry
More information about atopic
Atopic asthma is a result of gene-environment
interactions that mainly take place in the
prenatal and postnatal development stages
(Holgate, 1999). These interactions produce
hypersensitivity, a phenomenon in which the
cells of the immune system produce an
exaggerated response to invading allergens.
For asthma, this usually means the cells are
inflamed, making it difficult for an individual
to breathe normally. However, since these
interactions are not well understood,
What is asthma anyway? researchers believe that preventing atopic
asthma in its early stages is an elusive goal. On
Within the past decade, the amount of people the other hand, the researchers still do believe
suffering from asthma has risen that identifying children who are at high risk
significantly. In fact, about 1 in 12 people earlier in life using available technology is still So what diagnosis methods are best?
experienced an asthma attack in 2009 compared possible and may even set the basis for
to 1 in 14 in 2001. Of these people, many are preventative measures that can be employed in Studies have shown that a combination of all
children who have to be hospitalized due to the future. three methods -- genetics, IgE blood tests, and
complications during an attack. In infants and allergy testing/medical history-- have been
children, common symptoms of asthma are: effective in diagnosing a child suffering from
wheezing, labored breathing, and reduced atopic asthma. However, using these diagnosis
energy. Methods that have been used to
methods on their own is noted as being less
diagnose atopic asthma: effective because of the outside variables that
● Genetics -- looking at the genes of may impact them. For example, although a
Causes of Asthma… child may be genetically predisposed to asthma
parents and other family members to
There are various causes of asthma, however a see if your child has a predisposition due to genetics, environment is also known to
specific type of asthma called atopic to asthma play a large role in whether or not a child ever
asthma,that is induced by allergy, is one of the ● IgE antibody blood test -- determines exhibits symptoms of atopic asthma.
most common types of asthma among youth the amount of antibodies that exist in
today. the immune system causing
hypersensitivity (is usually elevated in
children with atopic asthma)
● Allergy testing & medical history --
Both allergy testing and examining a
child’s medical history for serious
bacterial infections of the lung are
both options for pinpointing the cause
of a child’s atopic symptoms