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CLIENT: Ervin Daryl M. Pundavela
Address: 244 C. Cordero St., 61 Caloocan
Downpayment Period: April 2023
PROJECT: Prisma Residences Dowmpayment No. of Months: 64
UNIT No.: 2916
UNIT TYPE: 3-Bedroom
AREA: 83.50 sqm

TERMS: 20% DP payable in 64 months @ 0% interest; 80% balance thru bank financing
Unit Closing fees Total
LIST PRICE 7,138,000.00
Special Promo Discount 3.00% 214,140.00
Net 6,923,860.00
Regular Discount 2.00% 138,477.20
Contract Price 4.00% 6,785,382.80 10.5% 712,465.19 7,497,847.99

Downpayment 20% 1,357,076.56

Less: Spot Cash Discount 0.00% -
Net Downpayment 1 1,357,076.56
Less: Reservation Fee 20,000.00
Net Downpayment 1 1,337,076.56
Payable in 64 month/s 20,891.82 - 20,891.82 /mo
(January 15, 2018 - April 15, 2023)

10.50% 712,465.19
(April 15, 2023)

Balance 80% 5,428,306.24

Total Contract price 6,785,382.80 712,465.19

Downpayment discount - -
Net Contract Price 6,785,382.80 712,465.19

a. Reservation is subject to approval. If approved, Reservation fee is NON REFUNDABLE and valid for Thirty Days (30) days only.
Failure to submit required documents will cause AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION of reservation. (Please refer to Reservation Agreement for list of documents)

b. Payment due dates after reservation fee:

Reservation date: Due date of DP / MA
1st-7th every 7th of the month
8th-15th every 15th of the month
16th-22nd every 22nd of the month
23rd-30th/31st every 30th of the month (or 28th if February)

c. Donwpayment/Monthly Amortization should be fully covered by POST DATED CHECKS OR AUTO DEBIT ACCOUNT (PESO SAVINGS ACCOUNT ONLY)

d. The 2% additional discount can be availed provided complete documents are submitted within THIRTY(30) days from reservation date

e. CLOSING FEES : this covers Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Fees, Registration Fees, notarial and documentation fees
and other administrative and handling fees in order to transfer title to buyer's name

f. Condo dues / TURNOVER FEES: Upon unit turnover, buyer will be assesed of Joining fees, Meralco deposit, water meter deposit
association dues and other charges.
Actual computation will be presented prior to turn over of unit by the Turnover Team

g. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Unit areas may change based on the final construction drawings

Requirements are as follows: Client: Ervin Daryl M. Pundavela

- 2 valid ID's Signature over printed name/ date signed
- Proof of Billing
- Proof of TIN
- Marriage Contract (if any) PC/SM/PSM Daniel Lim Centeno | Mary Grace P. Larano | Walter V. Balderas
- Post-dated Checks Signature over printed name / date signed
- or Peso Savings Account
Sales Channel OJ Division