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May 11, 2018 Dear Mr. Tyson, We are writing to you as labor leaders representing tens of thousands of workers who have Kaiser as an option in their health plans through healthcare trusts or collective bargaining agreements. We share Kaiser's commitment to affordability, quality, and, ‘we hope, Kaiser's continued commitment to partnership with organized labor. We are aware that Kaiser is experiencing unprecedented financial success and we believe that frontline Kaiser employees have played a major role in achieving that, ‘Our members have had positive experiences with their care at Kaiser, but they have also experienced challenges. We have always tried to work through those challenges because we know how important Kaiser’s success is to your labor partners and because of our shared values, which include strong partnerships with unions, This something that has made Kaiser stand out from other health insurers and we want ‘our members to know that when choosing their plan, wwe have heard reports recently that have caused us to question our previous understanding of Kaiser’s relationship to its unions — and particularly those unions in the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions (SEIU, OPEIU, UNITEHERE! and IFPTE) who continue to represent the majority of Kaiser's unionized workforce. With open windows for our members to make health plan choices rapidly approaching, we thought it would be a good time to reach out to you for clarification on some key questo We are reaching out to you becaus 1. Is Kaiser still committed to the Labor-Management Partner term as a core strategy to achieving succes ship over the long. 2, Is Kaiser committed to negotiating a successor National Agreement with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions to the Agreement that will expire on September 30, 2018 — one that will continue to embody the groundbreaking innovations that have made Kaiser stand out from the rest: industry leading wages and benefits, Unit-Based Teams, Kaiser and union growth, education and training, and interest-based problem solving? 3. Is Kaiser still committed to a “presumption against outsourcing” as embodied in the National Agreement or has your philosophy changed? We understand that Kaiser and its unions are going through a time of change and that includes some internal conflict. That happens in many organizations from time o time, Your answers to these questions will hopefully help reassure us that despite those challenges, Kaiser is still committed to the values that have made it the health plan of choice for so many in the labor movement. We look forward to your prompt res Sincerely, 4 AL Nl Hilary Glasgow, Exocutio Doctor, Colrado WINS oprosening 3100 stato workers in Gotorado Midas Aden Michael Aidan, Assistant Exact Decor Erghoers and Soon of Clfoma Local 20, PTE Rogrosenting 600 enginoars,scintts, Noone haath professionals, and atlomeys in Nort Calfomia like. ge Lent re eet Fogroveriing 11000 isehnical,supenisry, an management govarmeniargioyeos nthe Bay A ont Ely D Linda aldge, Saray Tes, OPEL Local 2 Reposenting 7/000 oles and potesonal werkers InD.C., Mayland, and vega’ Aapacthehe Suzaniié Mode, Busines Manager, OPEIU Local 8 Reprosenitng 660 offs and octricalproeesoal werkar In Washington 7 7 he ‘Tamara R. 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