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Man Machine Steering Dynamic.

Figure1: Schematic diagram of steering system

In man-machine systems, the mechanical response of the control interface to the action of
a human is not typically considered as a feedback signal to the human operator. In many cases,
the response from the control interface does not carry information pertinent to the execution of
manual control.

This system based upon known facts and principles of human performance in a servo loop. It
appears desirable from a human factors standpoint for an operator in a servo loop to maintain a
high, fixed gain and act as a simple amplifier. Experimental evidence indicates that such
operations will result in least variability and greatest accuracy in performance.

Section method.

1. The type of mechanization required for such a steering system is shown schematically in
2. It is seen that the steering signal voltage is directly proportional to the applied steering
wheel torque, vehicle wheelbase and a constant of proportionality, and inversely
proportional to speed.

It would indeed result in high gain at low speed city driving and parking and in low gain at high
speeds where over-control might be critical.

An additional important advantage is that, through proper choice of the gain constant, the lateral
acceleration on the vehicle due to steering can be operationally limited to some nominal amount
to minimize skidding on bad road surfaces, while at the same time allowing the driver to over
ride this limit in certain situations.


This steering concept retains the safety feature of requiring that the driver look ahead a distance
proportional to speed, without imposing on him the additional burden of varying his steering
transfer gain with speed as required by present systems. The results of the foregoing analysis are
specific to the automobile case. However, it should be clear that the method of approach will be
equally applicable to any type of steerable vehicle.

Man machine system

From the journal, we can understand what man machine system all about. For us, it is
relationship between human and machine. Man machine unit consists of an individual operator
working with a single machine. Driving an automobile is a familiar example of a simple man
machine system. In driving, the operator receives inputs from outside such as steering wheel,
brake, and signal. The driver continually evaluates this information, decides on courses of action,
and translates those decisions into actions upon the vehicle controls. Finally, the driver is
influenced by such environmental factors as noise, fumes, and temperature.