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Project Launched in Mozambique to Aid

Children "Instrumentalized" By War
by Nina Berman
reprinted from Action for Children, Vol. III, No.4, 1988.
The forced recruiunent of children for children, but children who have escaped
combat has become so much a part of daily have told their stories to psychologists and
life in Mozambique that there is now a word workers from the Mozambican Ministry of
to describe them: "os instrumentalizados," Health at an orphanage in Maputo, the capi tal.
Portuguese for "the instrumentalized ones". Reports Confirmed
The word has come to describe an For several years, rumors have circulated
estimated 10,000 children ranging in age about the use of children by Renamo in
from 5 to 15 years old. Kidnapped, then armed operations. In 1987, the reports were
forced to witness and imitate barbaric acts of finally confirmed from a variety of
violence, they have become violent independent sources. Mozambican
instruments who serve the cause ofRenamo, authorities captured documents from
the Mozambique National Resistence guerrilla camps that listed children's names
Movement which has been waging a war of and the weapons they had been assigned.
destabilization and terror the last 8 years Hospital patients recovering from war- Gra~a Machel (photo Lisa January)
with South African support. inflicted wounds, testified to seeing 10 and
Renamo has denied instrumentalizing 12 year old children shooting people.
Continued on page 6 Gra~aMachel Tour:
A Commentary
South Africa Interferes by Lisa January

In This Issue with Mail for

Grar,:a Machel, former Minister of
Education, widow of President Samora
Moises Machel, deputy of the People's
Children "Instrumentalized" By reprinted from Mozambiquefile, February Assembly, and avid defender of women's
War 1989. and children's rights toured the United States
Spokesmen for the Mozambican post February 20 through March 7, 1989. She
S. Africa Interferes with Mail office have told AIM they are deeply came to make friends with the American
concerned that letters and packages sent people and to tell the story of the atrocities
Machel Tour from abroad to Mozambique via South Africa being committed by the apartheid-backed
Commentary are systematically opened in that country, Mozambican National Resistance (MNR).
Newsbriefs and their contents frequently stolen. She spent time in Atlanta, Los Angeles,
In 1988 a total of 168 sacks of mail San Francisco, Detroit, East Lansing,
Renamo Update destined for Mozambique, containing Champaign and Chicago. A true educator
possibly thousands of separate items, were and loverofknowledge, Mrs. Machel clearly
Funding Exchange Delegation violated. Twenty-two of these sacks explained the economic, political and social
contained mail originating in South Africa. realities of her country.
International Solidarity The rest contained mail from other parts of Not only did she inform the American
the world that passed through South Africa people about the complex situation in
United Methodist Church on its way to Mozambique. Surface mail was southern Africa, but she also educated her
Resolution principally subject to this interference. audiences on the true meaning of solidarity.
Washington State Resolution In 1988 Mozambique received via South Solidarity is not handouts and pity, but
Africa 97 sacks of surface mail originating "shoulder to shoulder cooperation, country
New Resources in the United States. Every single one of to country .. .individual to indi vidual." Wate h
these sacks was violated. for the special edition newsletter devoted to
Continued on page 5 Gra~a Machel' s tour.

EEC Aid to Mozambique Education. The Minister of Trade, Aranda Swedish Foreign Aid Up
The European Economic Community has da Silva, has been replaced by his deputy, Swedish economic assistance to
agreed to fmance shipment ofessential goods Daniel Tembe. President Chissano also Mozambique could reach a total of 800
to the provinces of Manica, Sofala,Zambezia, named two Deputy Ministers for Industry million Swedish crowns (about $134 million)
Tete and Nampula. Mozambican Airlines and Energy , Octavio Muthemba and Rosario over the next two years. The assistance
will undertake these shipments, at an Fernandes. covers agriculture, import support, industry,
expected cost of $500,000. Journalist Flees South Africa telecommunications, agricultural marketing
Rehabilitating Health Facilities Cornelius Greyling, 21, a South African and energy. A new aspect of the agreement
The Minister of Health, Dr. Leonardo journalist with the Afrikaner newspaper Die signed between Mozambique and Sweden is
Simao declared his Ministry's priority in the Beeld fled to Maputo last December to that this Nordic country is to make available
new year to be "the rehabilitation of health request Mozambican citizenship. In a press funds to support the poorest strata of the
facilities ... otherwise our commitment to conference, he said that he left South Africa society in order to minimize the impact of
primary health care will just be rhetorical" . because he is opposed to his incorporation the readjustment measures in the current
Renamo terrorists have destroyed 700 health into the army. Greyling was supposed to economic recovery program.
units since 1982. report to the military service last January. Refugee Repatriation
Increased Rainfall American Ambassador Visits Refugees Mozambique, Malawi and the United
Mozambique experienced excellent Melissa Wells, the American Ambassador Nations High Commission for Refugees
rainfall in the month of October. Maputo to Maputo, visited Mozambican refugees in (UNHCR) signed an agreement on December
province rainfall was 150% to 400% of Nankhokwe and Tengani, in the Malawian 21, 1988 in the northwestern town of Tete on
normal, with similar reports from Gaza and district of Nsanji. During this fact-finding the voluntary repatriation of 600,000
Inhambane. The sole exception was Cabo mission, Wells saw the conditions of life of Mozambicans who have fled into Malawi to
Delgado in the north. the 100,000 Mozambicans living there. In escape from the atrocities of the South
New AppOintment Malawi there are more than 600,000 African-backed Renamo terrorists. The
President Joaquim Chissano has Mozambican refugees who fled the agreement established a tripartite repatriation
reappointed a number of ministerial Mozambican provinces of Zambezia and commission that will advise on measures to
positions. Dr. Aniceto Muchangos, former Tete because of terrorism. be taken to promote voluntary repatriation.
head of the High Pedagogic Institute takes
over from Graca Machel at the Ministry of

Renamo Update Funding Exchange International

In the four months following the meeting
between Mozambican President Joaquim
Delegation Tours Solidarity: The Report
Chissanoand PresidentPieter Botha, terrorist Southern African from Bonn
attacks by Renamo increased dramatically. In January 1989 a delegation of influential The European Campaign Against South
Between October 1988 and January 1989 United States citizens, led by Prexy Nesbitt, African Agression on Mozambique and
Renamo terrorists committed a number of consultant to the Mozambique government Angola (ECASAAMA) held a large
massacres in Mozambican villages. Some and Terre Rybovitch, toured five (5) solidarity conference in Bonn, West
Mozambicans have fled across the border countries in Southern Africa with the Funding Germany, December 8th to 10th, 1988.
into South Africa, and have been returned to Exchange. The following is the statement Among the American delegates were
Mozambique, in the hands of Renamo this group drafted concerning the future role MSN member and author Stephanie Urdang,
terrorists. of the United States in this region. MSN intern Tracie Matthews, Head of the
Gustavo Malhope was among those who "We are a group of US citizens who are American Friends Service Committee's
have fled to South Africa. The day after advisors to foundations that are concerned South African Peace Education Program
arriving in South Africa a group from with foreign policy issues. We have just Jerry Herman, and consultant to the
Renamo appeared at the border and returned from a four-week fact-finding tour Mozambique government Prexy Nesbitt.
demanded that they be given control of to the frontline states of Mozambique, Of great interest was Western support to
Malhope and the others. Malhope and the Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. Our Angola's UNITA and to Renamo. Prexy
other Mozambicans were put on trucks and meetings included discussions with senior Nesbitt delivered a detailed report concerning
taken to a prison in Kruger National Park. governmental officials, survivors of South Western support for these destabilizing forces
Malhope was interrogated and beaten and African sponsored terrorism, and US (this paper is available from the Mozambique
was returned to Mozambique six days later. Embassy officials. Support Network National Office). The
Rail lines have also been a favored object It is clear that the fundamental problem following are the ECASAAMA Declaration
of attack, the Maputo-South Africa line affecting the Southern African region is the and Action Programme adopted at this
having been sabotaged four times, the white minority regime in South Africa. The conference.

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New Resources
FIVE NEW PUBLICATIONS are now special courses in bases in Mozambique to harmonious global development which
available through the MSN National Office, long -term instruction for selected soldiers in substitutes dependence [i.e., on South Africa]
343 S. Dearborn, Suite 601, Chicago, IL South Africa. with interdependence between the countries
60604, (312) 922-3286. of the world. This is the ultimate objective
Terminators, Crusaders and Gladiators for which we must all work together."
Mozambique: Apartheid's Second Front (Private and Public): Western Support for
by Cooperation Canada Mozambique Renamo and UNITA by Prexy Nesbitt (paper
(COCAMO, c/o CCIC, 1 Nicholas St., prepared for the European Campaign Against
Ottawa,Ontario,KIN7B7,Canada,$12.00). South African Agression on Mozambique
Published by a network of 19 nonprofit and and Angola in Bonn, Germany, December Funding
nongovernmental organizations in Canada, 1988, 45 pp., $1.00). Prexy Nesbitt, Exchange continued from page 2
this resource kit contains a total of eighteen consultant to the Mozambique government South African government oppresses its non-
background papers and brochures which and author ofApartheid I n Our Livingrooms white majority population, sponsors vicious
takes a comprehensive look at the issues (also available from the MSN, $4.00) wars of destabilization in Angola and
affecting post-colonial Mozambique, analyzes the preoccupation of Western Mozambique, and perpetrates terrorist
including health, education, the economy, governments with finding ways to terminate attacks against South African exiles in the
the region, women, culture, Canadian or to manage national liberation movements frontline states and Europe. South Africa,
assistance-and, most importantly, South and the crises they create. He explains how through the destabilization of its neighbors,
Africa's destabilization campaign which has effective pro-UNITA organizing has been in prevents the full development of their
an impact on all of the above. The kit the United States. He concludes that it is economies, and maintains their dependence
includes a map of Mozambique, and a fu11- crucial to expose the Western networks in on South Africa.
color poster of Malangatana Ngwenya's "Le support of Renamo and UNIT A. We observed that US developmental aid
puits sacre" ("Sacred Well"). An essential to the region was minuscule compared to the
companion to any definitive study of The Cinema ofApartheid: Race and Class countries of Scandinavia, Western Europe,
Mozambique, this kit is one which teachers in South African Film by Keyan Tomaselli and the socialist nations. We also saw that
of African (or Third-World) studies may (Smyrna Press/Lake View Press, P.O. Box the US was diplomatically isolated in its
wish to order in mass quantities. Available 578279,Chicago,IL 60657,300pp.,$12.00). refusal to recognize the government of
in the U.S. exclusively through the MSN Keyan Tomaselli is a leading media critic in Angola and in its support of UNIT A.
National Office. South Africa and author of a number of We believe that the US must make major
works including The South African Film changes in its policy toward Southern Africa.
The Mozambican National Resistance Industry and Myth, Race and Power. We should respect the sovereignty and right
(Renamo) as Described by Ex-Participants Tomaselli's latest, The Cinema ofApartheid, to self-determination of the independent
by William Minter (1839 Newton St., N.W., analyzes the development and current state frontline states.
Washington, D.C., 20010, 17 pp., $1.00). of South African cinema, examining various Specifically, we recommend:
The author of King Solomon' s Mines films in the context of current South African 1. Comprehensive economic and
Revisited and Operation Timber:Pagesfrom realities. Nadine Gordimer has called the diplomatic sanctions against South Africa;
the Savimibi Dossier gives this report, based work a "fascinating and invaluable book" 2. Support for the African National
on interviews with thirty-two (32) former which reveals the potential for a film industry Congress and the United Democratic Front
Renamo mercenaries conducted in in the free South Africa to come. and their vision of a non-racial and
November and December 1988. The democratic South Africa;
interviews provide compelling new evidence Mozambique Briefing: Policiesfor Peace 3. Recognition of SW APO as the
for two major conclusions: (1) A high (Information Department, Frelimo Party legitimate representative of the Namibian
proportion of the Renamo rank-and-file Central Committee, Rua Pereira do Lago, people; complete implementation of and
combatants, probably in excess of ninety Maputo, People's Republic of Mozambique, adherence to UN Resolution 435, which
percent, are recruited by force, and kept in 14 pp., $1.00). The latest in the series is a includes a peacekeeping force of 7500;
the Renamo ranks by control mechanisms, collection of interview segments with 4. Establishment of full diplomatic
including threats of execution for attempted President Joaquim Chissano, giving the relations with the government of Angola and
desertion. (2) The professionally competent reader a brief overview of Mozambique's a complete cutoff of aid to UNIT A;
Renamo military operations are sustained economic and foreign policies. As an 5. Expanded economic and humanitarian
by regular supplies from South Africa as organizing tool , the pamphlet gives one the aid directed through established Mozambican
well as by a centralized system of command, understanding of Mozambican socialism as government channels. Also, the US should
control and communication (including a a system based on peasant needs, not give security assistance such as armored
communication link between the Renamo governmental control, and how promotion plating for vehicles in medical and supply
headquarters in central Mozambique and ofthe private sector does not undermine that convoys.
South African special forces) and a ideology. "Our countries are potentially 6. Support for the Southern African
coordinated program of basic and advanced rich," President Chissano explains. "People Development Coordination Conference
military training. The military training they know this and if we succeed in developing (SADCC) in its efforts to create economies
described ranged from basic training and our riches, we will become part of a independent of South Africa."
- 4-

The Future is Dark Mozambigue Su~port

The future is the thing Will be more developed
We fear most It will be more sophisticated Network Newsletter
The future is our despair While the science of the third world
Will be the poorest.
The future is dark, pitch dark ...
Lisa January
In the future The future is dark
Because of nuclear weapons, Production Coordinator and
All third world countries
Chemical weapons and missiles.
Assistant Editor
Will be poorer;
They will live in misery The future will be the destruction
Beth Howell
Because of the accumulation Of everything;
Houses and industries will die Design
Of external debts
Hospitals and schools will be gone Benjamin Seaman
At the same time, Western countries
Will get richer. People will die; Cheryl Y. Catlin
Misery everywhere
Caused by the sophisticated weapons. Contributing Editors
In the future
Joshua Lazerson
The science of the developed world
Allan Campbell

Carlos Santana, Age 17 Copy Editors

Reprinted from Breakfast of Sjamboks (Zimbabwe Publishing House 1987) Mary Pennington
Elizabeth Kilpatrick

United Methodist The primary support of those who are

waging this devastating war on the people of
Therefore, the United Methodist Church:
a) Offers a special pledge of support and
Church Resolution Mozambique is South Africa. Not only is concern to churches and people of
The following is a resolution adopted at this an effort to destabilize a front-line state, Mozambique;
the 1988 General Conference of The United it is an immoral and illegal attempt to destroy b) Pledges to make this support tangible
Methodist Church a neighboring country. through its continuing support for the Africa
Mozambique Having suffered perhaps more than any Church Growth and Development Fund and
The burden of the people of Mozambique other African nation under colonial rule, the UMCOR's program in Mozambique, and
weighs heavily upon us. They suffer extreme people of Mozambique yearn for true urges the agencies and congregations of the
hunger and poverty. Hungry and homeless independence, free of exploitation from east United Methodist Church to participate in
people gather in camps for food and shelter. or west. these endeavors, including the Advance
The major reason for the famine is the war The United States has continued to seek Specials for Mozambique;
being waged against the government by ways to increase friendship with c) Opposes any efforts by our government,
RENAMO, the MNR, a guerilla movement. Mozambique, However, there is a movement or by individuals or non-governmental
The MNR bum whole villages, plunder within Congress, led by Jesse Helms, to organizations, to supportRENAMO (MNR);
farms and bum the crops. They steal the abandon Mozambique, recognize the MNR, d) Urges our governments, especially the
clothes from people's backs, leaving families and join South Africa in providing aid and United States of America, to pressure the
walking naked down the road seeking some support to the campaign of destruction and government of South Africa to cease funding
safe haven. Women are raped. Men, women, destabilization. RENAMO and to desist from all other efforts
and children are maliciously crippled, The Christian Council of Mozambique to de-establish the government of
maimed, deformed, or scarred for life. Trucks has called upon the churches of the world to Mozambique; and
and farm vehicles are stopped, food supplies aid Mozambique, help feed the people, re- e) Authorizes the Council of Bishops to
destroyed and drivers kidnapped or killed. develop the nation, and condemn the action select and send a high level international
These killers enter villages, clinics, and of South Africa and the MNR. delegation to Mozambique to meet with
hospitals, indiscriminately shooting In the midst of these most difficult times, church and government officials to determine
everyone in sight. the United Methodist Church of Mozambique ways in which the United Methodist Church
Teachers, health workers, and church is growing, full of faith and hope. Re-opening can most effectively assist the people of
leaders have become primary targets for the Chicuque Hospital, building new Mozambique. This delegation shall include,
terror from the MNR. Whole missions have congregations, demonstrating self- but not be limited to, representatives from
been invaded. The Cambine United sufficiency farming, providing new the Council of Bishops, from the Board of
Methodist mission suffered an attack which opportunities for mission, and bringing new Global Ministries, and from the Board of
caused extraordinary destruction and loss of converts to Christ and His chuch, the church Church and Society.
life. of Mozambique is an inspiration to us all.
-5 -

Solidarity Resolution young boys from Mozambican rural BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the
Proposed In communities, often forcing them to murder
relatives or other villagers as an act of
House of Representatives of the state of
Washington, the Senate concurring, oppose
Washington State initiation into itS; mercenary army; and any efforts by governments, or by individuals
The following resolution was researched WHEREAS, Asa result of war-related and nongovernmental organizations, to
and written by MSN member Alice disruptions in food cultivation and support RENAMO; and
Dinerman. The resolution was killed in distribution, Mozambique faces an acute BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That
committee, but it serves as an example for emergency situation affecting the lives of copies of this Memorial be immediately
Mozambique solidarity work around the five million nine hundred thousand of its transmitted to the Honorable George Bush,
United States. fourteen million citizens; and President of the United S tates, the President
WHEREAS, One million one hundred of the United States Senate, the Speaker of
HOUSE JOINT MEMORIAL NO. 4011 thousand people are displaced within the House of Representatives, and each
State ofWashington 51 stLegislature 1989 Mozambique, and an additional seven member of Congress from the State of
Regular Session by Representatives Belcher, hundred thousand are refugees in other Washington.
Nelson, Jacobsen, R. Fisher, Anderson and countries; and
Wineberry. Read first 2/10/89 and referred WHEREAS, Over the past year
to Committee on State Government. RENAMO has destroyed one thousand eight Mail continued/rom page 1
TO THE HONORABLE GEORGE hundred primary schools, seven hundred In the presence of AIM reporters, postal
BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED twenty health clinics, nine hundred privately officials opened 22 sacks that had come
STATES, AND TO THE PRESIDENT OF owned shops, and thirteen hundred trucks, from other countries via South Africa. These
THE SENATE AND THE SPEAKER OF buses and tractors; and sacks contained 38 packages of varying sizes.
THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, WHEREAS, A 1987 UNICEF study All of the sacks had been violated, and 30 of
AND TO THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF estimates that over three hundred twenty- the packages tom open.
REPRESENT ATIVES OF THE UNITED five thousand children have died and two In one parcel, sent from the United States
STATES, IN CONGRESS ASSEMBLED: hundred fifty thousand children have been and addressed to a man in Beira, thieves had
We, your Memorialists, the Senate and physicall y maimed, psychologically scarred, stolen whatever had been inside, and had
House of Representatives of the State of or orphaned as a result of RENAMO's replaced it with South African newspapers.
Washington, in legislative session violence; and In some cases, the interference with the
assembled, respectfully represent and WHEREAS, In violation of the mail is obvious- the seals on the sacks have
petition as follows: nonaggression pact signed between been broken, or arc missing. With other
WHEREAS, The People's Republic of Mozambique and South Africa in March sacks, attempts have been made to conceal
Mozambique's concerted efforts to construct 1984, South Africa has continued to support the tampering. At first sight, these sacks
a society in which people of all races enjoy RENAMO;and appeared intact; but when the Mozambican
equal political and civil rights contrasts WHEREAS, As recently as June 1988, postal officials opened them, the packages
dramatically with South Africa's racialist the honorable Melissa Wells, the United inside had been violated and some of their
system known as apartheid; and States Ambassador to Mozambique, contents removed. This implies that the sacks
WHEREAS, Mozambique's ports and confirmed "a continuing pattern of South had been carefully resealed after the
railways potentially offer the landlocked African contact with and support for robberies.
countries of the subcontinent a means of RENAMO"; and Postal officials believed that the South
bypassing South Africa to access world WHEREAS, The Mozambican African intelligence services might be
commodity markets and, therefore, pose a government has granted amnesty to rebels involved. Those responsible certainly have
distinct threat to South Africa's economic who lay down their arms; and access to specialised postal materials, and
dominance in the region; and WHEREAS, RENAMO could not are thus unlikely to be ordinary thieves.
WHEREAS, Since 1981, South Africa continue to exist were it not for the money, "South Africa is the only country that
has conducted a campaign to destabilize the weapons, training, and other assistance gives us headaches," said a post office
government of Mozambique, to destroy the supplied primarily by South Africa; official. "We have no problem with mail
Mozambican rural economy, and to NOW, THEREFORE, Your Memorialists from any other countries."
dehumanize the Mozambican people; and respectfully pray that the government of the A post office spokesman told AIM that
WHEREAS, The Mozambican National United States of America will pressure the more than 100 "verification bulletins" had
Resistance, hereinafter referred to as government of South Africa to cease funding been sent to South Africa in 1988, but the
RENAMO, is the principal agent by which REN AMO and to desist from all other efforts South African authorities had not bothered
this venal strategy is implemented; and to destabilize the government of to reply to any of them. The verification
WHEREAS, An April 1988 United States Mozambique. bulletin is the document through which the
Department of State report conservatively BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of country of destination gives details of any
estimates that RENAMO has murdered one Representatives of the state of Washington, irregularities in the mail it receives. The
hundred thousand Mozambican civilians in the Senate concurring, offer a special message Mozambican post office also sends copies of
the past two years alone; and of support and concern to the people of this document to the addresses of opened
WHEREAS, One of RENAMO's Mozambique; and letters or packages, explaining where their
principal methods of recruitment is to abduct mail has been tampered with.
Children continuedfrompage 1 emotional and psychological scars
t~e sound of the gunshot. Then they gave
hlffi a gun and taught him how to kill animals."
produced by years of violence will require a
UNICEF's Children on the Frontline Before the boy could "graduate" to
more difficult and long-term effort.
report referred to abductions and forced become a full-fledged soldier, government
Save the Children-USA
recruitment. In April of 1988, a United States forces raided the camp and liberated him and
Launches Project
official who had just completed a report on several other young recruits. They spent
Last year, Save the Children-USA in
Mozambique called the situation there "one several months in a prisoner-of-war camp
conjunction with the Mozambican Ministry
of the worst holocausts since World War II. " before being taken to an orphanage in
of Health began a programme to train teachers
"It's one of the most extreme cases anyone Maputo.
and health workers to identify and treat
knows about," Willet Weeks of Save the Boothby said the children are initially in
traumatized children. They are aiming to
Children-USA said . "There seems to be a a stupo~. They will not talk, are physically
develop a nationwide network of trained
wi~ingness on the part of Renamo to target aggressive and are terrified. Some clutch a
counselors stationed in schools and health
ch~dren. As a result children are being killed, stick in their hand and keep it with them
posts in every community. Part of the
children are being wounded, children are wherever they go because they are afraid to
programme also includes a tracing system to
involved in all kinds of violent conditions be without a weapon. Others just stare into
and in extreme cases, children are bein~
reunite more than 200 ,000 displaced children
space with blank, vacant expressions.
with their families.
forced into slave labor or made to kill Boothby's task is to bring these children
Neil Boothby, a psychologist at Duke
themselves. " back to life by helping them come to terms
U ni versity and an expert on children in armed
Weeks said some of the instrumentalized with what happened to them. The thrust of
conflict situations, is leading the project.
children are as young as five years old. the .treatment programme is group contact,
With ~xtensive experience among
Since Renamo began its terror campaign, soclo-drama and dance. Children are asked
Cambodian refugee children in Thailand
more than one million Mozambicans have to ~aw pictures and re-enact events by
and Mayan Indian children in Guatemala
been displaced and 200,000 civilians have playmg the roles of the victims and the
and Mexico, Boothby is facing his first
been killed, 84,000 of them children. bandits. In the case of the six year old
assignment specifically directed at treating
Hundreds of hospitals, thousands of schools mentioned above, the children built a house
children who have been taught to kill.
and untold acres of productive farmland and recreated the scenario.
On a recent trip back to the United States
Booth~y spoke about a typical case histo~ d~apitated, the actor playing the boy says 'I
have been destroyed. Almost one million "At the point where the parents are
M?zamb~cans are also taking refuge in
of an mstrumentalized child and how his
nelghbonng countries. Wish there was something I can do. I feel
helpless,' and the fear is articulated," Boothby
said. "In the course of three or four months
the children become soft and very capable of
love and affection. Most of them still suffer
recurrent nightmares but that is an enormous
improvement over their previous state."
. Boothby's efforts have also already
Improved the lives of250 children who were
successfull y reunited wi th their families after
diligent tracking work. Following an initial
interview, children were photographed and
their pictures were blown up into posters.
~ccom~anied by basic biographical
mformatIon, the posters were distributed in
each village district.
Because the extended family is an
institution still intact in Mozambique, it did
" '. not take long for an uncle or an aunt or a
A(pmhertiC~n Ccoht:~
dol look at child victimofMNR-bandits' '~ trocities in the Massinga district cousin to recognize the images on the posters.
o 0 Joe mane/AIM) . Once a relative came forward, identities
were confirmed through tape-recordings and
The war, combined with drought, food project is trying to heal the trauma.
"A six year old boy was in his village. reunification completed.
shortages and a lack of medical supplies has
Renamo came and told him to light his house "There is real hope for a nationwide
led to widespread malnutrition and one of
on fire. His parents ran outside and Renamo tracing and reunification project," Willett
the highest infant mortality rates in the world.
Weeks said, and within the next few months
In the most dangerous rural zones of decapitated them. They put the heads on
stakes .and cut out the body parts. The boy Save the Children-USA expects several
Mozambique, a child has but a 50% chance
was witness to the events. hundred, if not thousands, of newly trained
ofliving to the age of five.
"They took this boy and held him for six mental health workers involved. Boothby is
Millions of dollars in private, bilateral
months. They started a training process which ~lso considering launching a similar project
and multi-lateral aid has been sent to
consisted of firing a gun next to his head m Angola.
Mo~mbique to provide for the physical
survival of the population. Healing the several times a day so he would get used to
- 7-
ECASAAMA cont./rompage 2 M~ambique to defend their independence presence of, and support for, UNITA and
and develop their countries: RENAMO elements within their countries;
ECASAAMA Declaration
-to encourage the current peace to be sent to ECASAAMA in a form and at
The European Conference on South
initiatives of the Front Line States and to a date to be indicated, with a view to early
African Aggression on M~ambique and
impose effective pressures upon the South publication and wide dissemination for
Angola was called by 18 European groups
African government to force it to abide by campaigning activities.
against the background of complex and
international agreements and decisions to 2. A call to all national groups to identify,
historic developments in Southern Africa.
put an end to its aggression and destabilisation inform and mobilise targetted individuals
This includes a many-sided offensive by the
and to secure the rapid independence of within specific interest groups, to be defined
South African regime to counter recent
Namibia on the basis of United Nations by ECASAAMA, which will then form them
setbacks and in particular the military defeat
Security Council Resolution 435/78, and into European fact-finding missions to
it has suffered in Angola. Pretoria is
under the leadership of SWAPO. Angola and M~mbique during the coming
attempting, as always, to obscure to the
The participants stress that the necessary year, with a view to using them on their
international community the realities on the
condition for freedom and development and return for wider information and
ground in the region.
the fundamental guarantee for genuine and campaigning work.
In this context, the 400 participants from
lasting peace and well-being for all the 3. A call to all national groups to campaign
Europe and other countries -including
peoples of Southern Africa will be the end of to raise material aid through all means,
members of solidarity organisations, church
the apartheid system in South Africa. In this, nationally and locally, for support to self
and community groups, trade unionists,
they join their voices to the demand supported defence for the peoples of and local
representatives from non-government aid
by the Front Line States- the immediate communities in Mo<;ambique and Angola.
agencies, parliamentarians and politicians
targets of South Africa' sexternal aggressions 4. A call to all national groups to identify
from a wide spectrum of opinion, academics,
- for international comprehensive the most effective ways of raising material
writers, journalists and others-gathered in
mandatory sanctions to be imposed upon the aid for women and children on the frontline
Bonn 8-10 December 1988:
apartheid regime. And they call for strong in Mo<;ambique and Angola, implementing
-are moved by what they have learned
international support for the struggles of the such support within the existing programmes
about the struggles of the peoples of Angola
people of South Africa under the leadership of the governments of Mo<;ambique and
and Mo«ambique to defend their
oftheANC. Angola and of mass organisations such as
independence and territorial integrity against
The Conference participants send warm OMMandOMA.
external aggression and destabilisation;
greetings to the Frelimo Party and MPLA- The core groups that make up the
-are convinced, by the testimony of
PT and to the M~ambican and Angolan ECASAAMA initiative will investigate
women and men from the Southern African
peoples, applauding the recent historic defeat appropriate structures required to support
region, that the fundamental source of
inflicted on the South African aggressors in and link national groups campaigning on the
violence, instability and destruction in the
Angola; and assure the peoples of Southern proposals in the workshops reports and in
region, and of the incalculable suffering of
Africa of increased solidarity and support this action programme.
the civilian populations, is the apartheid
until lasting peace is established by the ending
regime in South Africa;
-are conscious that South Africa's
of apartheid. RENAMO continued from page 2
ECASAAMA-Actlon Programme Maputo-Swaziland line three times.
capacity for aggression is perpetuated by the
The European Conference on South Jan Els, Strategic Planning director for
continued political, economic and military
African Aggression Against Mo<;ambique the South African Electricity Supply
backing it receives-direct and indirect,
and Angola agree that all groups should Commission was quoted in the Lisbon
covert and overt- from certain Western and
support the proposals that have been weekly Europeu as acknowledging that
other governments, and organisations.
presented from the conference workshops, Renamo had destroyed 900 power lines in
The participants in this ECASAAMA
and which will be published by ECASAAMA the Cabora Bassa complex in the past six
Conference therefore call upon all such
as soon as possible; the national groups months. The article also quoted a
governments, international and national
prioritising those proposals that they feel to Zim babwean Defense Force source as stating
financial institutions and economic and
be most appropriate to their own that 16 former mem bers of the South African
political organisations:
organisational resources and national Special Forces had deserted and were now
- to stop their diplomatic, political,
conditions. working for Renamo.
military, financial, commercial and other
In forming a programme of European
support for and cooperation with the South
action in support ofMo<;ambique and Angola,
African regime; Our people are portrayed as victims,
we must ensure that those proposals relating
-to stop all links with and assistance to but often the fact and identity of the
to Namibia and South Africa are included in
South Africa's terrorist forces, RENAMO agg ressor is left out of the pictu re, as is
our information work; and we will cooperate the courage and determination with
and UNIT A, and prohibit representatives of
with Namibia support campaigns and the which our people fight back against t~e
these groups from entering or operating in
anti-apartheid movement in their work which South African onslaught, and rebUild
their countries; their shattered homes and
is complementary to ours.
-to use all possible means of support- communities.
The priorities for the ECASAAMA
including increases in emergency aid for -Jorge Rebelo, Mozambique
campaign in 1989 will be:
development, and security assistance for Briefing: A Future For Our Children
1. A call to all national groups to
national and local self defense to Angola and
investigate and collate information on the
What is the Mozambique Support Network?
The Mozambique Support Network is a Nations Children's Emergency Fund
not-for-profit organization that promotes estimates that over 325,000 children have
and conducts educational campaigns, fund- died as a result of the apartheid terrorists.
raisers, emergency aid drives, and other
humanitarian efforts in the name of the The MSN Newsletter is a publication of
People's Republic of Mozambique. Today the National Office of the Mozambique
Mozambique is under seige- South Support Network, published 6-8 times a
African-backed groups dubbed MN R or year. Opinions expressed in this newsletter
Renamo, called "bandidos armados" by the are the authors' and not necessarily
people in the country, have destroyed more representative of the editorial staff. Please
than 1800 schools, hundreds of health-care address all inquiries and/or submissions for
centers and villages, and left 5.9 million publication to the attention of Editor,
people homeless and destitute. The United MSN Newsletter.

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