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+ Office of APhO2018

Add: 206-D2A Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Dai Co Viet Road, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone/Fax: (+84) 2432181767
Email: Website:


A- Note for your arrival at Noi Bai airport

0. Make sure you have the following documents with you
- Your passport with its validation remains at least 6 months, and at least one
blank page where the visa sticker can be placed. If you have two passports,
or dual citizenship, please make sure that the passport that you bring with is the
one that is noted in your visa approval letter (in other words, the one that has
the visa stamp from Vietnamese Embassy in your country)
- Valid VISA for Vietnam or the Approval letter issued by the Immigration service,
sent to you by HUST
- The Letter of invitation from APhO2018 Organizing Committee
On your arrival at NoiBai airport
1. Immigration
- If you've already your visa, go to immigration counters

- If you've only the approval letter issued by the immigration department, sent to
you by HUST, go to the counter “VISA upon arrival” which is in front of the
immigration counter to get your VISA.
You must bring with you:
o The printed approval letter
o The completed application form (to be downloaded
o 2 passport-sized photos
o Some money in cash for paying the visa stamping fee : at the moment the
fee is 25 USD for single entry, 50 USD for multiple entry. It is
recommended to prepare the exact amount in USD.
o The Letter of invitation from APhO2018 Organizing Committee
o After getting your VISA go to the Immigration counter
2. Get your baggage
- Check the screens to see which baggage belt is being used for your flight
- It can sometimes take a while before your baggage appears on the baggage belt.
If it doesn’t arrive, please go to “Lost & found counter” to declare

(a) (b)
3. Pass through Customs, they will exit the doors leading into the Arrivals Hall
- Look for the APho2018 Sign, our staffs will be waiting for you in the arrival hall
- In case you can not find APhO 2018 sign, please stay in this arrival hall and wait
Contact for urgency
If you have any problem at your arrival in NoiBai airport, please contact us for
- Ms. Vu Tuyet Trinh. Mobile: (+84) 98 337 1753
- Mrs. Tran Vu Huong Tra. Mobile: (+84) 94 981 3886

Further guideline for your stay during APhO will be prepared for you when you check in
at hotel.

Have a nice trip and looking forward to seeing you in Hanoi !

B- Cultural exchange activities

About 200 students from 26 countries will take part in APhO 2018. In addition to
academic activities, students will have joint programs such as excursion, games and
cultural exchanges. From 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on 9th May, 2018, we will organize musical
activities (songs, musical instruments, dance, …) that will be performed voluntarily by
students. We encourage them to make registration so that we can get everything
already for their performance. In this exchange, Vietnamese volunteers will also guide
them to sing the song "Noi vong tay lon - The Great Circle of Vietnam" for the closing
gala dinner. It would be blissful and unforgettable moments for every student.