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Quilmes High School Junior IV

October 2017

Composition Final Exam

Dear student,

Before you begin this test, remember that you have worked hard throughout the year
writing and rewriting your compositions. You are now fully prepared to write well organized,
clear texts, so take advantage of this opportunity and shine!

Please, remember to read the entire exam through before you start working on it. I
would finally like to ask you to keep calm and believe in yourself.

With love,

Miss Lucre


What three changes can you make to a fairy tale in order to fracture it? Remember to provide
one example for each change.



Write an informational text about “Energy”. Here is my friend Mrs. Frizzle to remind you of
some important tips.
Hello children! Remember:

- Make a flowchart to organize your ideas.

- Write an introduction and a conclusion for

your text.

- Include topic sentences to guide your

reader into your text.

- Write one idea per paragraph.

- Use discourse markers when necessary.

Good luck!

Write your text on a separate sheet of paper.

Write your text in 120-150 words. You will find the brainstorm below.

Do you think keeping animals in zoos is a good idea? Some people think it is, while others believe it is
unfair for the animals. However, many others are neither for nor against this, but sitting on the fence
and they argue that it has advantages and disadvantages. What is your stand?

Here are eight topic sentences. Classify them into for or against and match them with the
supporting ideas in the chart.

1 - Zoos are a good source of entertainment. FOR AGAINST

2 - Zoos have an important educational role. FOR AGAINST

3 -Some species can´t adapt to certain weather conditions. FOR AGAINST

4- Zoos teach children and adults to protect animals. FOR AGAINST

5- It is not true that animals kept in captivity live longer than they would in the wild. FOR

6- It is not fair to keep animals in zoos. Human beings have no right to use animals for their
own entertainment. FOR AGAINST

7- Many zoos have conservationist programmes. FOR AGAINST

8- Some zoos don’t take good care of their animals. FOR AGAINST


- ________Seeing an animal in person is a - _________If people want to see animals

much more personal and more memorable they can watch a documentary or use virtual
experience than seeing that animal in a reality get a more realistic experience.
nature documentary.
- _________By being kept in cages, animals
- ________Zoos save endangered species by suffer from stress, boredom and
bringing them into a safe environment, confinement. Animals should be free in their
where they are protected from hunters, natural habitats, not in cages at zoos.
habitat loss, and predators.

- ________Zoos are a tradition, and a visit to - _________This is the case of polar bears
a zoo is an interesting, family activity. kept in zoos in countries where the
temperatures are not adequate for them.
- ________By bringing people and animals
together, zoos educate the public and foster - _________At least one study has shown
an appreciation of the animals. This exposure that elephants kept in zoos do not live as long
and education motivate people to protect the as elephants in their natural habitats.
Now write an opinion passage about this controversial topic. The arguments above are
to be used as a guide. You can use them and include more
examples, arguments and explanations of your own. Remember Mrs. Frizzle´s tips!

Write your text on a separate sheet of paper. You should

include three arguments for and/or against the idea of keeping animals in zoos in your

What is Miss Lucre testing here?

Your use of discourse markers, your ability to organize a text in a clear, coherent way, your
comprehension of topic sentences and supporting ideas and your ability to write an
introduction and conclusion that will help your reader understand your point of view.