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Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences 104 Winter 2016

Fundamentals of Air and Water Pollution

SYNOPSIS The grades will be based on a percentage scale out of a
total of 1,000 points, and not curved:

An introductory, upper-division course on the chemistry

and physics of air and water pollution. Topics include A: 850–1000, B: 700–849, C: 550–699, D: 400–549

photochemistry, acid rain, air pollution meteorology and (these categories include plus and minus grades) This
dispersion, groundwater and surface water pollution, scale is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

global change. Related topics include human population

dynamics, material balances, and basic environmental EXAMS
models. Prerequisites include the usual chemistry, math,
and physics courses taken before upper division physical Midterm exams are during the regular lecture period.

science courses.
Midterm 1 (150 pts): Tuesday, January 26, 2016

(Week 4)

LECTURES Midterm 2 (150 pts): Thursday, February 18, 2016

TuTh 2:00–3:20 pm in Math Science 5200
(Week 7)

Final Exam (550 pts): Thursday, March 17, 20164,

TEXT 3:00–6:00 pm

Masters, G.M., and W.P. Ela, Introduction to Environ- There will be no makeup and no alternate-scheduled (i.e.,
mental Engineering and Science, 3rd ed. The second “early”) exams, unless otherwise required by OSD and
edition can be used, but will not be referenced in this California Education Code Section 92640(a).

course, as we have standardized on the third edition.

Please bring your photo identification. The exams are

closed-book unless noted beforehand.

This is a Moodle website where homework assignments, Homework assignments are due by 5:00 pm on their due
hints and keys will be posted. Also, lecture notes and dates. Any assignments turned in after that moment are
recordings will be posted here. Audio podcasts of lec- late and subject to the following penalties:

tures will be posted on the Bruincast page

From 5 pm to noon the next day, –25%

From noon to 5:00 pm the day after the due date, –50%

INSTRUCTOR No homework will be accepted after 5:00 pm the day

after it is due.

Dr. Jeffrey Lew Math Science 1961

(310) 825-3023 (office)
 Homeworks are to be submitted to either the instructor
 or the TA in person. Do not leave assignments in mail-
Google Hangouts:
 boxes or under office doors unless you have prior ap-
Zoom meeting ID: 882-261-6568, or from a web browser,
 proval from the instructor. Assignments not submitted in
 person may be counted late, depending on when the
instructional staff takes physical possession of the as-

OFFICE HOURS Students must submit their own work. Students may
TuTh 3:40–4:45 pm, W 1:30–4:00 pm in MS1961, or by confer with each other to discuss approaches and tech-
niques, but they are expected to write up their own solu-
tions. Duplicate or copied solutions (including those that
appear to have been copied from published keys or solu-
tions manuals) may be awarded partial or no credit at the
Mr. David Gonzalez-Martinez Boelter 9277
 discretion of the instructional staff. Assignments that are
determined to not have been written by the student will
Ms. Michelle Kuang Boelter 9277
 be referred to the Dean of Students for prosecution as a
case of academic dishonesty.

The final course grade will be weighted as follows:
Reading assignments from the textbook are listed in the
lecture schedule. It is preferred that you do these read-
6 Homework assignments, 150 total points.
 ings in advance of the actual lecture.

2 Midterm examinations, 300 total points

1 cumulative Final exam, 550 points

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences 104 Winter 2016

Fundamentals of Air and Water Pollution
Lecture Schedule (estimated) and Reading Assignments
Topics Reading Assignment (Masters and Ela)

Week 1: Introduction 1–40

Reservoir Models—Steady and Non-steady

Energy Fundamentals

Week 2: Energy Fundamentals cont. 47–76

Environmental Chemistry

Homework #1 due

Week 3: Mathematics of Growth and Human Populations 87–101, 106–120

Water Pollution Overview

Homework #2 due

Week 4: MIDTERM #1 (January 26, 2016)

Water Pollution Overview cont.

Water Pollution Fundamentals

Week 5: Surface Water Eutrophication and Acidification 367–405

Groundwater and Aquifer Pollution

Stormwater Pollution

Air Pollution Overview

Homework #3 due

Week 6: Air Pollution Photochemistry

Aerosol Particles

Smog in Los Angeles

Homework #4 due

Week 7: Air Pollution Meteorology 438–462

MIDTERM #2 (February 18, 2016)

Week 8: Air Pollution Meteorology cont. 470–486

Indoor Air Pollution

Homework #5 due

Week 9: Global Change Overview 501–574

Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Global Climate Change and the Carbon Cycle

Week 10: Global Climate Change cont. 574–587

Stratospheric Ozone Layer Depletion

Homework #6 due

FINAL EXAM: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 3:00–6:00 pm