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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques - Volume 3 Issue 3, May- June 2017


A Review of Multiple Layer Security of Cloud Server

Dr. Sandeep Dalal Miss. Neetu Rani

Asst.Professor, DCSA Mtech Student, Reg. No: 1518090112
Maharshi Dayanand University Maharshi Dayanand University

Cloud services are offering the flexible and scalable services. But there is always issue of security. When
data is transferred from centrally located server storage to different cloud the compromise of person and private
data would increase. There is always risk to the confidentiality and availability of data prior to selecting a cloud
vender or choosing own cloud and cloud service migration. Cloud services usually have their security concerns that
must be addressed. In this paper we have discussed the threats to cloud service and data in case of conventional
security system and modern security system and proposed an idea to secure data on cloud using multiple layers of

[1] Cloud Computing 2. User at any time can change and

Cloud may be network or internet and it configure the application online
is something that is available at remote 3. Online development tools are
place. It provides services over network offered by cloud computing.
that are public and private. They are 4. Online deployment tools are
used in wide area network, local area provided by cloud computing.
network or virtual private network. 5. Clients are provided platform
Several application like email and web independent access of cloud
based conferencing executes on cloud. resources that are available on
Platform independency is offered by internet.
cloud computing because there is no 6. On-demand self services are
need to install software on personal offered by cloud computing and
computer. So we can say that our there is no need of interaction
business applications are mobile and with cloud service provider.
collaborative due to cloud computing. 7. Cloud computing operates at
There are several services that are high efficiency and it does
making cloud computing more feasible optimum utilization so it is
and easily accessible to the users. highly cost effective.
Cloud computing is providing number of 8. Load Balancing feature of cloud
advantages but there are several risks computing represent that it is
associated with this technology. more reliable.

[3] Need of Cloud Computing

Advantages 1. Its provides 24x7 Support
Cloud computing provides several 2. Cloud computing pay as we use
benefits and they are listed below 3. It has lower Total Cost of owner
1. User on internet could access ship
remote applications in form of 4. Cloud computing provides
utilities. Reliability, scalability,

ISSN: 2395-1303 Page 96

International Journal of Engineering and Techniques - Volume 3 Issue 3, May- June 2017

5. It provides Secure Storage

Management Expenditure.
6. It is capable to Free up Internal
7. Such systems are Highly
8. These Systems are Utility Based.
9. It allows Easy & Agile
10. Such systems are Device &
Location Independent.

Fig 2 Cloud Server Model

Hybrid Cloud
A Hybrid Cloud could be considered as
combination of public cloud and private
cloud where private cloud does critical
tasks and public cloud does non-critical
Service Models
There are three service models in cloud
computing. First is Infrastructure as a
Service, Second one is Platform as a
Service and last one is Software as a
Fig 1 Cloud Based Delivery [4] Security issues in Cloud computing
[2] Cloud Server model Third party provides data and
Type of access to cloud has been defined infrastructure management in cloud
by Deployment model. There are four computing so the security of cloud is
types of accessibility in cloud that are biggest concern. There is a risk in
public access, private access, Hybrid providing the sensitive data to cloud
access and Community access. service provider. Any security breach
Public Cloud could result in customer or business loss
Access to general public is allowed by so venders provide protection to the
public cloud. Due to openness public accounts.
cloud is less secure Customer cannot switch from one cloud
Private Cloud service provider to another quickly so he
Due to its private nature private cloud is is dependent on cloud service provider
considered more safe and secure. for service. Customer management
Community Cloud interface is usually accessible on
Accessibility to a particular group is network in case of various public cloud
allowed by community cloud. service providers.

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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques - Volume 3 Issue 3, May- June 2017

Data security must be considered in Encryption Decryption

cloud because data is frequently
transferred over Internet. The basic Plain Cipher Plain
mechanisms to protect data over cloud text Text text
are data auditing, data access control,
data authentication and data
authorization. Key Key

Fig 4 Encryption and Decryption


Data Data Data
Access Security Authoriz
Control on cloud ation
The objective of research is to provide
security to cloud environment by
providing additional security layer. In
this research we would
Data 1. Establish cloud based data
Authenti transmission environment.
2. Perform the data transmission in
Fig 3 Data Security on cloud cloud server and clients.
3. Investigate the security loop
[5] Cryptography holes to existing security
Cryptography is the process of hiding mechanisms.
plan data or information in form of 4. Providing better security to cloud
cipher text. It is the process used to keep environment using cryptography
information safe and hidden. Modern to secure data from cryptanalyst.
Cryptography is the combination of 5. Provide data transmission
computer science, mathematics and security using socket and port
electrical engineering. based programming.
It is used in computer passwords and
ATM Cards and e-commerce sites. [7] FUTURE SCOPE AND
During data transmission data is CONCLUSION
encrypted before data is transferred. Cloud has provided flexible and scalable
The encrypted data is known as cipher services. But there would issue of
text. This modification makes the data security due to data transfer from one
non readable. To understand this data cloud server storage to another cloud.
user have to decrypt the data. This research would reduce the risk to
Cryptanalysis is process of studying the confidentiality and availability of
cipher text in order to find hidden data. data prior to selecting a cloud vender or
choosing own cloud. The security
concerns of cloud services have been
addressed in our research. In this
research we would provide modern
security system and proposed an idea to

ISSN: 2395-1303 Page 98

International Journal of Engineering and Techniques - Volume 3 Issue 3, May- June 2017

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