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Emily Poole

4 Glevum Close
Home: 01452 549436 Mobile: 07511550145

Gloucestershire College – HNC Theatrical Production (September 2017 - June 2018)
Units Studied Include: Production Skills, Small Scale Touring (TBC), Creative Arts Research Skills (TBC)

Gloucestershire College – Level 3 Performing Arts (September 2015 – June 2017)

Units Studied Include: Theatre Production, Audio and Film/Television Production

Churchdown Academy Sixth Form (September 2013 – December 2014)

AS in Fine Art / AS in Media

Credits: Theatre
DSM – Cinderella (2017) Skills – helped program the lights ready for the
Gloucestershire College Pantomime show and operated them during each
Skills – created “The Book”, painted scenery, performance.
made horse props for the carriage and was in
charge of backstage Lighting Designer – Nigel’s Party (2016)
Gloucestershire College Physical Theatre
ASM – Sweet Charity (2017) performance
Gloucestershire College Musical Theatre Skills - created a lighting plan, designed lighting to
Performance fit specific themes
Skills – Designed and built the Dressing Room
set, sourced all props, created a props table, Prop Maker – Wizard of Oz (2015)
designed digital signs for locations and helped Gloucestershire College Musical Theatre
with set changes between scenes Performance
Skills - created props, including painting scenery
ASM – Vinegar Tom (2017) and designing elements of the set
Gloucester College Performing Arts Theatre
Performance Prop Maker/ Costume – I’mperfect (2014)
Skills – performed prop and set checks before the Churchdown School A Level Devised Drama
show and during the interval, followed the Performance
breakdown ensuring everything was in the right Skills – designed and made elements of the set
place at the right time as well as helping with and created doll masks
scene changes
Costume Design – Little Shop of Horrors (2014)
Lighting Technician – Best of Broadway Show Churchdown School Performance
(2016) Skills – designed and created the print on the shirt
Gloucestershire College Musical Theatre of ‘The Voice of Audrey 2

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Costume Writer, Director, Editor, Producer and Costume
and Make Up Artist – Conspiracy (2016) Student – Dragon’s Den Parody (2016) Student Film
Film Skills - In charge of props and costume, as well as
Skills - created an idea and turned it in to a short camera angles to bring my vision from the paper
student film. Also in charge of props, costume and into a real context
camera angles, as well as doing all special effects
makeup Make Up Artist – Terminal Psychosis (2014)
Student Film
Skills – created prosthetic cuts, made fake blood

I have excellent organisation and good drawing skills. I can make sketches of stage layouts and costume
designs. I am also skilled at stage makeup, mainly prosthetics for horror.

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