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Physical Project Self-Evaluation

Name Levi Smith Date 05/03/18

1. Date project started: March 25th

2. Date project ended: May 18

3. Estimated total hours spent on project: 25

4. Look back at your task analysis. Look at your planned steps.

Time Involved in each task:

Step 1 Tear down deck

Step 2 Getting measurements
Step 3 Cut new pieces
Step 4 Replacing pieces
Step 5 staining

5. Materials (if any) used: Wood

6. List the people who helped you. Please put a star ( * ) by all those who could
potentially help future seniors. Richard Haberman

7. Please give a number response of “1” to “10” with 10 meaning “a great deal” and “1” meaning
“not at all” or put NA (not applicable)

A. How much did your mentor help? 3

B. Have others helped you as well? 1
C. Did the task analysis help you plan your project? 8
D. Would you recommend your project area for future seniors? 8
E. Please explain your answer in letter “D.”
I would recommend this to people that to like build and like using their hands.
8. Would you feel threatened to show your project to an expert for evaluation?

If no, why not? No, I think showing an expert would help because they are going to be
honest if it’s good or bad.

9. List three things you now know after completing this project.

1. I know how to read a tape measure.

2. All the hard work put into it.

3. Time management

10. List any personal satisfaction or knowledge you gained from this experience.

1. Building from scratch

2. All the hours put into the project

3. Learning something new that j can use in the future

11. What comments about your project have you heard from students, parents, teachers, or
community members? For example: “I never knew you knew so much about motors.”

1. “I didn't think it would take you this long”

2. “It's not that easy when you're new to it”

3. “It takes time”

12. Describe what risk(s) you took in completing this project. Consider not only a physical
risk, but an emotional or intellectual challenge. I never really had the opportunity to make
anything like this. Building my deck and having someone tell you what to do and trying to figure
it out for yourself was pretty difficult for me because i've had no experience with this type of

13. List or describe any problems you encountered.

I feel like I didn't have much time because of the weather and I felt rushed.

How did you handle these problems?

14. Is your project original or creative in any way? If yes, explain how.
I think my project is original because it's a job for some people.
15. How do you feel about having your paper, project, and evaluation form on file as a model
for next year’s students?
I think it will give them an idea for their senior project

16. If given the opportunity, what would you do differently now that you speak from
Give myself more time.

17. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself?
I'm dedicated.

18. What grade would you give yourself for your project? Justify your grade in about 25 words.

My grade: A

Justification for my grade: I would give myself an A because all the hours and hard work I put
into the project. It's not easy working on something that you don't have much knowledge of.