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April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

By: Tejus Nandha

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL


Executive summary:……………………………………………………..3
Introduction: …………………………………………………………….6
Project Goals and Objectives:…………………………...........................8
Stakeholders and Community:………………………………………......9
Approach and Methodology:…………………………………………..10
Environmental Scan:…………………………………………………...11
Ethical Concerns:…………………………………………………..…..12
Project Scope:…………………………………………………….…....15

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Executive Summary
Mission Statement:
This project is intended to help individuals who are small business owners have a platform
to advertise their skills or product. This project is intended to make it easier for small
businesses to advertise their business and as well as make it convenient for customers to
access services they need.

Talking Points:
 Online business advertisement
 Project details
 Ethical issues
 Personal goals
 Goals and objectives
 Effects
 Ethical Concerns
 Project Scope

Currently my personal goal is to learn as much as I can about system building, I feel that
by doing this project I will be giving myself a lot of experience on how to deal with
producing software that is intended to be used directly by users, overall this project will
put to test the skills that I learned over the course of my degree program at CSUMB.

To organize the objectives, I will separate them into overall objectives and personal
objectives. The personal objectives are more related to what I want to get out of the

Overall objectives:
 User can create an account.
 User can login and logout of their account.
 User (searcher) can search for the service they want.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

 User (Business owner) can advertise their business successfully on the website.

Personal Objectives:
 Put to test the knowledge I gained over the period of time at CSUMB.
 Gain more experience with databases by working on the project.
 Work towards building a greater understanding of user client relationship by testing
ideas on the platform and building knowledge.

The effects that this project is expected to have depend on the immediate resources that
are allocated towards growing the service, given that resources are allocated to grow the
project further, it is expected that this project can give people a better way to find
necessary services. Within the short term after Workart is completed it will mostly be used
in local communities around the bay area, this is also where the bulk of the project testing
will be performed.

This project will affect mostly small business owners who want to advertise their business.
Given the volume of frequent users it could become a great source of finding work and
services which in turn can greatly impact the income of a business owner, and if the
businesses that offer services are good it can also enhance the experience of the person
receiving the service. People who are not business owners like college students and
freelancers are also potential users of the system.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Ethical Concerns:
When doing a project like this it is important to go over the ethical concerns related to the
project, doing so will ensure that the project doesn’t have any unwanted and unintended
consequences, in this proposal we will go over the possible negative effects that this project
could have and how we can mitigate these negative effects. The topics related to ethical concerns
that will be covered in this document are listed below.

 What are some major ethical problems that can arise?

 Groups that can be affected by these problems?
 What are some short term/long term dangers?
 What are the environmental impacts?
 How ethical concerns will be mitigated.
 Will there be human subject research?

Project Scope:
Project scope is an important aspect of project management. The project scope will give us the
important project details such as the project timeline. It also goes over the risks and
dependencies, the budget/resources, and the milestones that are set for the project. If we have
an in-depth knowledge of the project it will make working on the project much more efficient
and it will lower the development time.

 Project scope
 Timeline/Budget
 Resources
 Milestones
 Risks and Dependencies
 Final deliverable
 Testing

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL


Who is this for?

This project will be called Workart. As I stated before this will be a project that is in the form of
a service. Workart will be based on the nonprofit philosophy and is intended to offer services
without any charge. The group of people this service is targeted towards is anyone who has a
particular skill set or business and would like to advertise their skills or business. In short
Workart is meant to help small businesses, but it is not limited to that particular group and can
incorporate freelancers.

What is it for?

This service is created to give small businesses the opportunity to use a platform that is centered
on their growth and is not centered on making profit, currently there are many big name
companies out there that offer business marketing but most of these companies are for profit
businesses that make money by charging a fee or through advertisements. With my service that
will not be an issue.

Who will this impact?

Depending on its popularity, Workart will impact small businesses that have a hard time getting
noticed. Given the fact that this project will be completed using limited resources its effects will
be substantial to a small group of communities. Over time as resources increase and there is
sufficient funding this project can gain more notoriety and momentum.

Due to this project being a service it is important that tests are done to ensure that there are no
bugs or problems that may impact the user. After Workart is completed user tests will be done by
the individuals that are best suited for this service.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Why is it needed?

This project is needed because maintaining and running a small business is very difficult
according to Business Insider 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first 5 years they are open
and 82 percent of the time these businesses fail because they experience cash flow problems
where they either run out of money because of slow sales or are losing profit, I feel that by
connecting the service providers to the customers this problem can be averted. When completed,
this project will make it a enriching experience to search and post job listings.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Project Goals and Objectives

To reiterate what was stated in the executive summary, the objectives for the project are
sectioned off into overall objectives and personal objectives. To go into further detail, overall
objectives are project based objectives that cover what I am looking for in the project
implementation phase. Personal objectives mostly reflect what I want to get out of the project
this can be anything that helps me gain experience and knowledge about building software
systems. I would also like to add another section which details the project formation objectives
which are essentially the objectives I expect to complete during the time I work on the project.
Project formation objectives are in chronological order.

Formation Objectives:
 Do research on the project related technologies, and use existing resources available
from previous courses taken at CSUMB.
 Form a system outline that gives an idea on what to develop and how features can be
 Begin work on building the various software components that are needed to make the
service work.
 Begin search for likely candidates that will be able to test the system.
 Once system is created perform system testing to see if service is effective.
 Take data collected during testing phase and implement changes to the system
according to the response.
 After completion of testing release the final product ensuring that the system is
working properly.

Overall objectives:
 User can create an account.
 User can login and logout of their account.
 User (searcher) can search for the service they want.
 User (Business owner) can advertise their business successfully on the website.

Personal Objectives:
 Put to test the knowledge I gained over the period of time at CSUMB.
 Gain more experience with databases by implementing MySQL into the project.
 Work towards building a greater understanding of user client relationship by testing
ideas on the platform and building knowledge.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Stakeholders and Community

The stakeholders of the project is anyone who has the need to advertise their business or service,
because there is no client for this project the people who use this system and the creators are the
ones who benefit most from it. The communities that this project will effect most are those
where the primary income for residents comes from small individual business owners. During
the testing of Workart the communities that will be targeted will mostly be those where the
service is developed, these communities will be from the Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and
San Francisco counties.

Notice how the demographic that is chosen is categorized by county. The reasoning behind this
is that in the beginning phase it is important to be aware of the importance of testing and in order
to have a good pool of testers it is important to include a wide area. Once the project is
completed it is important to scale up and this can only be done with the proper resources and
funding, if in the future the project sees wide ranging success in the communities where it was
tested it is important to scale the scope of the project and include areas outside of the original test
zone. Given that the project attracts users and continues to gain momentum it is possible to see
small businesses see an increase in the amount if profit the make.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Approach and Methodology

For any individual, company, or organization that looks to the future and tries to develop a
product or service it is important to do proper research and build the product around the data they
gathered in the initial data gathering process. In order for Workart to be successful it is important
that it is implemented in a way that is based on the needs of those potential users. It is also very
important to have a greater grasp of the technologies that will go into building this service;
therefore, it is important for me to learn more about Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL.

Once the project is started and is being built it is important to follow practices that ensure that the
code that I build is free of errors, this can be achieved by doing extensive testing for bugs, and I
feel that continuous testing will ensure that the final product is not prone to having any issues.
Once the project is completed it is essential that user testing is done by individuals that this
service is going to benefit the most, doing so will provide data which can be used to make
changes to the system so that it is user friendly and is functioning properly.

The overall design methodology for this project is minimalism with categorical data allocation.
With minimalism I ensure that the service is easily usable by those who don’t have much
experience using technology. Categorical data allocation makes it easy for users to find items;
both minimalism and categorical data allocation work together to ensure that the user is satisfied,
when a user uses Workart performing a task such as finding a service or adding business
information should come naturally.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Environmental Scan

Like mentioned earlier there are multiple companies (like Yelp and Angie’s List) that offer
similar services. These companies either offer that service for a fee or they bombard the user
with advertisements, given the nature of cookies and information gathering these companies
could also be taking personal information in the process. Workart will be a service that offers the
full features for free and without advertisements.

One major feature that makes Workart different is the presence of an admin; the admin can
basically play as an intermediary and delete service listings and users from the platform. Having
a feature like an admin gives the platform a greater deal of security and makes sure that the
service is not plagued by any false listings that can defraud the user. Many of the other
companies are based on reviewing different businesses which can range from small to large
companies but Workart is specifically built for small business owners.

Workart will allow users to access categories of services; these categories are designed in a
manner in which they are easily accessible. The categories are scalable which means that they
can be added on latter if it is required. Users who want to access a service can decide to book
that service and select available time slots, and depending on the service providers’ schedule
they can either accept the service call or deny it.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Ethical Concerns
With every project that is intended to be used as a product or service after being finished, it is
important to consider ethical implications of the project. With my project being a project that is
going to be in the form of a free service there are not many negative ethical impacts that it will
have on people. With that said it is not necessary that such a project is free of any adverse ethical
consequences. The possible negative effects that could result from my project will be detailed in
the next talking points.

 What are the major ethical concerns during and after your capstone?

During the capstone, the biggest ethical concern is if my project violates any trademarks or
copyrights, a trademark violation could occur if the name or logo of my project “Workart” is
taken and trademarked. The biggest ethical concern that I have with my project after it is
completed is that it will be used in a discriminating manner, if let’s say a person with a different
racial background were to post a service on my account I would not want that person to be
treated unfairly by those who are seeking a service, but given the nature of my service it would
be difficult to determine discriminatory actions by the users.

 Who, especially underprivileged groups, might be negatively impacted

by your capstone?

I think that the fear that my service would be disadvantageous to underprivileged groups is
unnecessary, I feel this way because my service is intended to help those who have a hard time
finding customers for their businesses, and most of the businesses on my platform will be small.
I am keeping my service free of any charges with the anticipation that it will help those who
can’t afford to pay the fees associated with such services. In the long run, this will help small
business owners immensely.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

 What are the potential short term and long term dangers, social
injustice, environmental impact of your project?

In the future, the most concerning short-term danger is if there is a development hurdle in the
implementation phase of the project if such a problem occurs it threatens the timely delivery of
the project. The most concerning long-term danger is if the project has little or no growth in the
number of users that use the service.

The social injustice problem has been discussed above, but to reiterate the problem, it would be
concerning if the users of the service were to engage in discriminatory practices. I feel that
discrimination could possibly exist in the future, but it would not be a huge issue given the
diversity in the area where the service will be tested. The same however cannot be said about
other locations where racial profiling is more common; thus it is important to have measures in
place to block offensive users from using the platform.

Because my project has a minimal impact regarding its connection to the physical environment,
it is not going to have any harmful environmental effects. This project will, however, begin to
have adverse effects on the environment if it grows to the point where multiple servers are
needed to fulfill the needs of the users; in this case, it is essential to consider eco-friendly
technologies like solar panels, efficient hardware, and efficient facilities. But given the current
scope of this project, such an event can only happen in the distant future, provided that there are
no hurdles.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

 How do you plan to eliminate or mitigate these ethical concerns?

Careful planning can only mitigate the issues described above. I feel that if I plan for the future
and consider the possible problems that can come up I will be in a better position to come up
with a contingency plan. One issue that I feel I cannot fix easily is the problem that involves
discrimination; I think that it is a lot harder to catch discrimination because of the nature of my
service if bias is found and can be proved then the person who is at fault will be blocked from
using the service.

 Human Subject Research: Will there be human subject research? -

Must be approved by Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects
(CPHS) See Policy on Human Subjects Research.

This project will involve trials where volunteers are given access to the service, and their goal is
to conduct tests of how well the service performs and based on the results the service will be
improved. The roles of these individuals will be more like quality assurance testers; their goal is
to find flaws and give feedback on how well the service works; the goal of the tests is to make
the service better.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Project Scope
Whenever undertaking a project it is always important to take into account the project scope. The
project scope is the understanding of the limits to which your project must be built under, this
can include the time frame like completion date and set of features a project must incorporate
within that timeframe. In the following sections I will give details on the timeline/budget,
resources, milestones, and risks associated with this project.

The timeline for this project will be in the range from April 20, 2018 to June 16, 2018. Testing
for the project will be done as soon as the project is finished. The project will officially begin on
April 21 and end on June 16. The first six weeks of the project are going to be allocated towards
development of the system and finishing the development. The rest of the two weeks will be
allocated towards testing of the project and finding/ addressing bugs.

The budget for the project is not something that is going to be a major factor in the development
of the project. This is largely because of the fact that the development and deployment is going
to be done on systems that I own. The only time that budget is going to play a major role is if the
project grows to a level where additional resources are required to have a consistent user
experience. For the short term of the project which is from development to deployment, budget is
not going to be a problem.

The resources needed to complete the project will be development systems and software, all of
which I currently have. If the project was to grow in the future resources could become a
problem, let’s say the number of users using the platform increases to the point where the current
resources that are being used are not enough to keep up with the demand, if computing power is
not increased this could lead to problems such as service outages, this will negatively effects the
outlook of the service which is why it is important to have power flexibility. The problem
mentioned above will not be a major issue during the development and deployment phases, if in
the future this issue does arise a good solution would be funding.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

In order to successfully complete the project in the eight week time frame it is important to have
milestones. Milestones are objectives that an individual or company wants to reach when
working on a project, because a project cannot be completed in one go it is important to divide
the project into segments so that there is a visible metric of progress. For this project the
milestones are divided into two phases that are listed below.

Phase 1:
This phase will have a length of six weeks. The primary goal during this phase will be to develop
the project; during the first week of this phase I will do research into the potential technologies
that will be used for the development of the project, the first week is going to be important for
building a strategy for starting the project. The rest of the five weeks of phase 1 will be allocated
towards building the software components for the project.

Phase 2:
This phase will have a length of two weeks; most of the testing will be done in this phase. This
phase is important because it will determine the major flaws in the system and also help with
finding bugs. During the testing phase it will be a priority to make changes to the system based
on the feedback; this will help in building a system that is user friendly and bug free.

Risks and Dependencies:

There are two major risks that can affect the timely completion of this project. One of the major
risks are if the project was too ambitious this could lead to more time being needed to complete
the project another risk is if there is a feature that is hard to implement. During the initial
proposal I tried to think of a project that could be doable in the eight week time frame and also
be something that I genuinely wanted to do. Currently I don’t see the issue of needing more time
being something that will impact the project during the development phase; it can however arise
if a feature that is to be implemented stalls in the implementation phase. The development of the
project is heavily depended on the time frame because there are only six weeks to complete the
project before testing begins and after that there are only two weeks to test the project and make

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL

Final Deliverable:
The final deliverable for this project will be a website; this project will be in the form of a web
service so the initial process by which individuals can use it is through the browser. Overall the
actual software that will be used in the development of the system is not going to be directly
visible to users. Since this project has no client there is no client approval that is needed, but for
testing purpose it can be said that the users are the clients who determine if the product is viable.

Like stated before in the second part of the project proposal, the initial testing for the project will
be done in the local areas of where the project is developed. The project will be tested in the San
Francisco bay area. The testers who will test the project will be individuals who have an interest
in the project; for instance people who are small business owners are a prime candidate because
their input is valuable due to their relevant interest in using such a service. The input gathered
from testing is important because it can be used to improve the system, system improvement is
necessary because it can help increase user numbers. Methods such as surveys can be used to
gather relevant information about the system.

April 8, 2018 FINAL PROPOSAL


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