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Poetry in Prayer IV

2:12 pm

Featuring GOD, THE CROSS and the FLAG

2nd CHRONICLES 20 Thursday 11-02-2017

4:07 pm
God helped Jehoshaphat
Now help me,
God, where you at?
Set me free.
(A song of victory)
From the evil hands
Of the enemy,
From the evil hands,
Of the enemy.

Come, God set me free!


NOBODY KNOWS, BUT GOD Friday 02-16-2018

10: 32 pm
Nobody knows how many stars are in the sky
Nobody knows how many sands are on the shore,
Nobody knows how many people are on the planet,
Because they are always making more.

Nobody knows how many animals are on the earth

Nobody knows how many fish are in the sea,
Nobody knows how many birds are in the air
Because they just fly so free.

Some things are not to be numbered

And yes, it seems odd,
To keep an account of such
Nobody knows, but God.


WHEN YOU GET MARRIED… Saturday 03-03-2018

12:03 pm
The only other time
You could have another mate,
Is when the one you have
Is an expired date.

Do you think that’s fair?

HEAR YE CHRISTIANS Friday 03-09-2018

10:23 pm
Tell the devil to
Kiss your ass,
And to
Go to hell.

GREATNESS Thursday 03-15-2018

7:40 pm
Does not loose its flavor.

THE POWER OF THE TITHE Thursday 04-26-2018

2:30 pm
Is no lie.

WHEN THE SUN MARRIES THE MOON Wednesday 04-25-2018

10:46 pm
It is called SOON.

A Native American.

GO ON; ASK Tuesday 05-10-2018

11:00 am

Is he married?
Is he for me?
Is he nice?
Is he with?
Is he rich?
Is he healthy?
Is he a Christian?


DON’T BELIEVE IT Thursday 05-03-2018

8:53 am
The greatest lie ever told
From the devil’s mouth
Was bold,

He says he loves you

But it’s not true,
If God doesn’t like him
Why should you.

2:30 pm


“Get ready God, I’m about to bless you. I am telling everyone what you have done for
me, and I’m giving you global glory!” -Kertranka

Chapter 1

It’s July 27th, 2017. We just finished eating dinner and prayed a prayer of blessing upon
the house and family. We do this all the time. Well, I was standing at the window
downstairs looking out at the neighborhood, thanking God for another beautiful day
while enjoying the sunset. Everything seemed normal. Everything was normal. Soon
after, all hell broke loose. I don’t know exactly when it started or why? However I do
know that for this kind of evil to come against me, the devil had to ask God for the
permission. Just like the stories of the bible. You see, if you belong to God, I mean truly
belong to God; you are going to be tested. And you are going to win.
I have heard preachers say many times to Christians that “God takes you from glory to
glory” and “each time there’s a new devil to fight” It simply means that you’re maturing
as a warrior in this army of the Lord. Well, I must have been spiritually promoted because
I have never, ever seen anything to the likes of this. The devil came after me and I ran
towards God…straight into His arms. I NEEDED HELP FAST! Yep, the no good so and
so, sent the spirit of harm and danger to my house. And I called on the grace and mercy
of God Most High to stop him. Suddenly, out of the blue, just like that! Satan had folks
hating me and following me around everywhere I went.
“What do I do Lord, how do I get out of this mess?” is all that I could say for months. I
couldn’t tell anyone what was going on, because they all would’ve thought that I was
loosing mind. And for a while there, I almost did. I frequently questioned my sanity. They
showed up everywhere I went (too many to number), and I never saw the same person
twice. They were extremely skilled and knew my every move, even before I did. It was
the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. “Who are they?” They never spoke a
word to me; they just stared, and always seemed to be texting something on their phones.
It was no secret that I was being followed; they didn’t care who saw them or who knew it.
These characters were bold and had no respect, no limitations. For my family’s safety, I
could only consult with God.
I was overwhelmed with fear to the extent that I immediately stopped looking out of
that window (or any window), and never opened the mini blinds and curtains again after
that particular day. My apartment became a dark place, and my life was changed. My
mind, body and soul were totally out of sync with reality. Nothing made sense to me
anymore. Though I felt all alone I knew that I was not, because my God promised to

never leave me nor forsake me, especially in the time of trouble. So I stood on His word
and gave it back to him constantly. It was a long drawn out process.

Chapter 2

My deliverance came early one morning. I was lying in bed looking up at the ceiling
and I could hear the music. It was like the stilled small voice of God. It was coming from
a distance. God was telling me something. He was instructing me on how to get out of
this evil situation, and He was speaking through a song, a series of songs. It’s important
for every born again person to learn the techniques of obedience: for it is better than
sacrifice. Therefore, when God speaks…listen and do.
He conditioned my mind; I began thinking clearly again. He positioned my soul; I
regained the ability to stay focus. He transitioned my spirit; from fear to faith. And He
petitioned my body; I raised the standard. God was preparing me for spiritual warfare. I
didn’t want anything to do with it, but I was thrown into this fight and was in too deep to
turn back now. The only way out was to stay on course and realize that God is going to
get the glory. “After all I am on the winning side” I had to keep telling myself that. I was
an emotional wreck. I wept, I swore and I prayed…daily.
During this time, there were knocks at the door. Yep, strangers started knocking on my
door. The first time it occurred, it was a strong solid loud knock. The kind that sends
chills through your body. There are only two types of people that knock like that, duh! It
was intimidating. It happened regularly mostly on Thursdays around eleven o’clock in the
morning. They didn’t say anything, they just stood there and then they were gone. It
continued on for several months. These sons of mama’s would come to my house, open
the gate, and courageously knock on the door. It scared the crap out of me too.
I needed another word from God. I needed to hear Him minister directly to my spirit.
“Why are these people coming here?” “What do they want?” and “How do I stop this?”
“Speak Lord quickly I need your help”. God said absolutely nothing to me that day, but
the next morning I could feel the Holy Ghost tugging at my heart about the crucifix. Yep,
God was saying to hang the cross on the front door. And it made perfect sense to me,
because I have never seen a devil walk into a Catholic Church and stay there. So I got in
my car and drove down the street to this little catholic store and purchased one and put it
up there. I also felt like God was saying that these demons needed to be reminded of what
the cross really means. It was all finished at Calvary. Every evil work.
“Let them see Jesus” that’s what I said every time there was a knock at the door. “I’m
not answering it, let them see Jesus”. And I called the cops on those jackals. How dare
they come bothering me … interrupt my life. I’m fifty-six years old. “Send fear back on
those goons Lord” I started praying. “Let them see that my God is God”. I was now

breathing a sigh of relief. And guess what? I noticed that they all became extremely
uncomfortable whenever they would come near my apartment. Oh, they knocked, but I
could hear them mutter something about being at the wrong house. “That’s right; you’re
at the wrong house buddy!” God stopped it. All glory belongs to God.

Chapter 3

The prelude to this story is mentioned previously in one of my books titled (When
Heaven Called Back). I talked about my fears and how God saved me and my entire
family from the evil hands of the enemy. Well, that same demon is still after me, and I
don’t even know why? “I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!” it’s either a witch
hunt or someone who does not like me, lied on me. It’s all evil underlined. Down on my
knees I go again once more. This was a giant, too big for me to fight by myself. I needed
God to do a miracle in biblical proportions.
It’s November 22nd, 2017. It’s midnight and I’m in the kitchen heating up the dinner,
and I could hear a noise coming from outside. Since it is also the weekend, I’m thinking
that maybe it’s the young people out there having fun. I heard someone shouting
something, but I didn’t pay attention to it. Just as I was about to bring the food upstairs, I
saw what appeared to be very bright lights shining through the windows of my house.
Someone was making gestures. I knew immediately what was going on.
OH, MY GOD!!! I feel to my knees right there on the kitchen floor and cried out to
God. “Please don’t let these people hurt me” “Holy Spirit I need you to intervene now”
“Stop this attack” I continued. I quoted a scripture from the bible. Psalm 91 the prayer of
protection, and I began to pray the same prayer that Jesus prayed to the Father when He
raised Lazarus from the dead in front of the crowd that watched. I knew that these people
were standing by. Instantly I saw the flashing red lights and help had arrived. We don’t sit
at the dinner table in front of that window anymore. God stopped it. All glory belongs to
It’s December 23rd, 2017. It was cold and raining that day. We were leaving the
supermarket and a foreign couple (the husband) came up to me and asked me about the
coat I was wearing? He said that he wanted to buy one just like it for his wife. As he was
talking, I saw another person suspiciously standing close to the wall by the entrance of
the store. So instead of going to the car, I suggested that we pray and wait inside of the
store until the weather cleared up.
On the drive home it was quiet. I was gazed. My mind was blank. Then I was
hysterical. I burst into tears and screamed “God, don’t let these people kill me in the
street like a common dog!” “I have served you all my life!” “Do something now!” it was

a so real moment. I didn’t care if I looked foolish to the other drivers, I was desperate. We
made it home safe that day. God stopped it. All glory belongs to God.

Chapter 4

It’s January 1st 2018. I didn’t want another year like last year. So I got in God’s face and
said “How are we (meaning He and I) going to get me out of this mess?” I knew that I
had to exercise my faith on a much larger scale. After that last encounter with the enemy,
I had to be brave even though I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. A few days later the
Holy Ghost started speaking to me about a flag. “What flag?” I answered. He reminded
me of the American Flag that I bought years ago. He instructed me to get it and to hang it
in the window. It was way back in the closet on the shelf. I never used it.
It’s January 7th 2018. We took down the Christmas tree and decorations, and put the flag
in the window. It felt weird. I was very afraid. I was making a bold statement. It was in
plain view for the enemy and everyone to see. The more I thought about what I had just
done, the more nervous I became. I began to tremble. I knew once that flag went up; no
one could tell me to take it down. I am a Citizen. “Ok God I did what you asked, now
what?” I got the last word in the conversation, because again God didn’t say anything
else. Also I didn’t get any sleep that night.
A lot of the neighbors didn’t like it. I was now getting unwelcoming stares. I don’t
know them, they don’t know me, and so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. I was just
trying to stay alive. To live a long life like God promised. I repeatedly said “God, use the
cross and the flag, and send help” “Show Help the flag, let help see the flag” and a few
days later when we were bringing the groceries in from the car, I saw a vision. In it the
Lord appeared. He was standing afar and looking at me, and without speaking a word I
knew that he heard my prayer and came to rescue me. Yes, the Lord who is my shepherd
was right here in front of my house. It was beautiful sight.
The spirit world were now manifesting into my realm. It gave me hope. God was
putting his super powers on my natural circumstances and what I prayed for was
becoming tangible. As time went on, I recognized the sound of Heaven. I could hear the
angels flying over my head. I wasn’t alone anymore. Hallelujah! I felt relieved but not
satisfied. I needed to see more. I want to behold the awesome and mighty hand of God
smiting the crap out of those demons. I want to see God crush them under His feet like
the disgusting evil bugs they are. I want to see God wipe them out just like He did with
Pharaoh and Goliath. I want to see God make them flee seven ways.
One of the declarations of the bible says in the book of Galatians 6:7-9
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also
reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that soweth
to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Chapter 5

It’s January 29th 2018. There’s a shift in the atmosphere. It’s about 9:30 in the morning,
and I’m on my way out. The very moment I opened the door, God gave me another
vision. In it I was in another dimension. The day was very bright and there were Angels
everywhere. They were riding in chariots, and on the side of each one was written the
word of God. They were big and strong in might. I don’t know if they could see me, but
as I walked by them I could hear them talking. I also saw Michael the Archangel
marching back and forth giving the orders. There were many ranks.
Then I saw the two huge beasts. They were standing on opposite sides facing each
other. On them were written the name of God. And out their mouth came forth more
angels. These angels were dressed for battle. They were wearing the helmet of salvation,
the breastplate of righteousness, with sword in hand. Their eyes were like glass; their ears
were covered with shining shields. They were very silent, stood firmly in position, and
the earth began to quake. Also out of the belly of these two gigantic beasts’ came flowing
rivers of living water.
I saw Horses of distinctive colors standing at the post of every gate. They were
beautiful, and the angels that rode upon them appeared in spirit. Time was frozen.
Nothing moved. The anointing filled the air. The prophecy was now coming to pass. As I
drove off, I began to give God crazy praise. “LOOK AT GOD!” “LOOK AT GOD!”
“LOOK AT GOD!” is what I shouted with joy. It’s a good thing that I drive with the
windows up, otherwise everyone who would have heard the sound of my voice, would
have thought that I was out of my mind. And I was!!!!! I got a glimpse of Heaven. God
did it. All glory belongs to God.
“After all I am on the winning side.

I dedicate this little book to my heavenly father God Most High, who loves me, blesses
me, and protects me and my family.

To all my readers
God bless and prosper,

A Bonus Story

My Cousin, Madison
Saturday 4:01 pm


Chapter 1

After recently talking with Romell over the phone, and heard that your mother has
passed. I come to give my most sincerest deepest, condolences. My uncle James Madison
has chosen wisely. What a treasure he found when he met your mother. My auntie Fuki
Madison was the love of his life and the perfect wife. “It was obvious”. She was the most
stunning woman I have ever seen, with her beautiful white skin and her long gorgeous
thick black hair, pretty face and friendly smile.
She was kind, gentle hearted, giving, and loving, and embodied all the attributes of a
good human being. “Your mom was something special” and everyone knew it. I’d like to
say that my aunt Fuki was a great mother. Her (7) seven children were (are) her pride and
joy, whom she loved and cherished, and wanted the best of everything for them. You
could feel the love generating from her spirit.

Chapter 2

In addition, I would like to say that your mother, my auntie Fuki was always very nice
to me. She made me feel very welcomed whenever I came to visit your home on Lafon
Drive. The moment I would walk through the door, she hugged me and said “Kertranka,
where you boy? where you girl?”. And I replied “They’re at school auntie”. Then she
would say something like “You bring them here, my house”. I always said “Yes auntie
Fuki, I am”.
Then we would sit down at the kitchen table and talk. She showed me some pictures of
herself (my favorite one was the photo of her wearing a beautiful blue dress (gown) with
her hair adorned with blue flowers in the upsweep towering style the she wore all of the
time. It’s her signature look. Should’ve been trademarked.

Chapter 3

She also showed me in the living room area of the house the beautiful, elegant
handcrafted porcelain items (gifts) that you all bought for her from Japan and other
countries. She shared the stories with me, and I appreciated it. Didn’t understand most of
what she was saying, because of her authentic Japanese accent, but it sounded interesting.
Each visit with her was a pleasure and a privilege.
Well my cousin Madison, I want you to know that I loved your mother, and was ecstatic
that she was (is) my auntie. I enjoyed the expressions on the people faces when I told
them that she was my aunt. And it was the same all of the time “SURPRISED” because
no one has ever seen this kind of an angel before. “Always beautiful and always humble.
I love you all and am blessed to be in your family’s tree.

Your cousin,

I dedicate this little book to my relatives, my cousins, The Madisons.

To all my readers
God bless and prosper,