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Teacher Lyndsey Campana Employee ID 1236

Submitted By James McCusker Date/Time 5/10/2016 8:35:00 AM - 8:55 AM

Feedback Date/Time 5/11/2016 11:15:00 AM

Class Name Academic Support Class Section PARCC Testing (6 Sessions)

Grade Level 8th / PARCC Administration (6 20 Minute Observation Yes


Domain(s) of Focus: , F. Professional Responsibilities

The observed responsibility entailed Ms. Campana’s performance as a PARCC administrator. This is an important role
categorized under the Professional Responsibilities domain. Upon entering the classroom, a quiet, organized and
controlled testing environment was observed. The students were assembled in an arrangement that ensured privacy,
independent performance and compliance with all PARCC guidelines. Students were equipped with all the necessary
materials and Ms. Campana was appropriately responsive to all student inquiries.

Students were aware of the section's end time, as Ms. Campana had clearly printed it on the whiteboard. She was
actively circulating the room to monitor progress and ensure students were interacting with a properly functioning test
application. The classroom climate was unquestionably conducive to concentration and focus. Ms. Campana is
commended for effectively implementing the extensive PARCC training provided in order to secure a compliant and
performance-friendly testing environment. She is also commended for her calm demeanor and proactive approach to
identifying students who had technology needs (i.e. keyboard, chargers, cords, headphones).

Lastly, in her role as Grade Chairperson, it should be noted that Ms. Campana provided consistent, positive and
productive leadership. Overall, the eighth grade team executed PARCC with precision and success. Ms. Campana's
leadership undoubtedly contributed to this success. Excellent job!

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