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Kumaraswamy set to take

oath as Karnataka CM
After BJP’s Yeddyurappa failed to prove majority, JD (U)-Congress get their
chance even as opposition leaders converge in Bengaluru on Wednesday.
Bengaluru: Janata Dal‑Secular
leader H.D. Kumaraswamy is set
to take oath as Karnataka Chief
Minister on May 23 here in the
presence of several national
opposition leaders. He was invit‑ In their meeting Tuesday in the White House, South Koreaʼs Moon
ed by Governor Vajubhai R. Vala Jae‑inʼs optimism was not shared by President Trump. (Photo : AP)
to form the government as the
leader of the JD‑S legislative
party with the support of the
The invitation came a few
hours after BJP legislature party
Trump says
N. Korea summit
leader B.S. Yeddyurappa on
Karnataka CM‑designate H.D. Kumaraswamy called on Congress
Saturday stepped down as the President Rahul Gandhi & UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi in New
Continued on page 4 Delhi on May 21, who will attend his swearing‑in. (Photo IANS)

may be delayed
listed on NYSE
Kanu Bhai Patel, father of US to impose 'strongest sanctions
Chirag & Chintu Patel,
founders and Co‑Chairmen of
Amneal Pharmaceuticals, rang
in history' on Iran
the Opening Bell at the New Washington: President Donald to hold the meeting after abruptly
York Stock Exchange on May Trump said Tuesday that there's a canceling talks with South Korea
18 to celebrate the companyʼs "substantial" chance that his sum‑ amid joint military drills with the
new listing on NYSE as AMRX. mit with North Korean leader Kim U.S. on the Korean Peninsula.
Their market cap was of over Jong‑Un "may not work out" set The communist dictatorship also
$5 Billion at the closing on for June 12 in Singapore. took issue with Trump's national
that Friday. Trump made the remark while security advisor, John Bolton, who
he met with Moon Jae‑in, South suggested using a denuclearization

Eros man in America shares

Korea's president, for pivotal dis‑ model similar to one used with
cussions ahead of the American North African country Libya. The
president's planned meeting with nation's dictator at the time,

his vision ‑ and more the North Korean dictator.

"Whether or not it happens,
Moammar Gadhafi, agreed to give
up nuclear weapons in exchange

rem Parameswaran gives an exclusive interview to The South you'll be knowing pretty soon," for relaxed U.S. sanctions.
Asian Times and gifts its readers 2 months free premium sub‑ Trump told reporters at the White Eventually, however, the U.S. sup‑
scription to Eros Now, which boasts a library of over 10,000 House. ported a violent overthrow of
Bollywood and regional language movies from India. With his office in Trump's remarks Tuesday were Gadhafi. North Korea called any
Secaucus, NJ, the former investment banker is targeting a million sub‑ the strongest indication yet that attempt to impose a Libya‑style
scribers in the next few years for Eros Now & invites Indian Americans to the summit might not happen as arrangement on the country
Prem Parameswaran, Group
invest in Eros International, which was founded in India in 1977 & is CFO & President ‑ North planned. Last week, North Korea "awfully sinister." Trump has said,
now listed on NYSE. (See interview on pages 16‑17.) America, Eros International said it would reconsider whether Continued on page 4

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Trump makes Justice Department 80 Indian Americans running

probe FBI infiltrating campaign for public office this year
Washington: Over 80 Indian Khanna from California, Raja
Washington: T he Just ice colluded in it. Americans are running in the mid‑ Krishnamoorthi from Illinois and
Department agreed to ask its offi‑ The presidentʼs campaign sent term elections in November with a Pramila Jayapal from Washington
cial watchdog to look into “any out a fundraising plea to support‑ majority of them contesting on a state.
irregularities” in its investigation ers shortly before the meeting, Democratic party ticket, according Prominent among Democrats
of Donald Trumpʼs campaign and titled “WORSE than Watergate,” to a former White House official. seeking to enter the Congress for
to allow Congress to see “highly asking them to support his The mid‑term elections will take the first time this year are Aruna
classified informat ion” after demand “that this abuse of power place in the middle of President Miller from Maryland, Saira Rao
Deputy Attorney General Ro d gets investigated.” Donald Trumpʼs term. All 435 seats from Colorado, Aftab Pureval from
Rosenstein and FBI Director “This could be the greatest politi‑ in the US House of Representatives Ohio, Suraj Patel from New York,
Christopher Wray met with the cal scandal in American history,” and 35 of the 100 seats in the US and Preston Kulkarni from Texas.
president at the White House on the solicitation declared, in all‑cap‑ Senate will be contested. About 39 Republican Harry Arora is contest‑
Monday. ital letters. state and territorial governorships ing for a Congressional seat from
Trump had demanded in a tweet Trumpʼs lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and numerous other state and local Pennsylvania.
on Sunday that Justice investigate Cambridge professor Stefan told Politico that Trump would ask elections will also be contested. Reflecting on such a large num‑
whether the FBI had an informant
Halper has been outed as FBIʼs the Justice Department officials to “Over 80 Indian‑Americans are ber of Indian Americans running
Trump campaign informant
in his 2016 presidential campaign. turn over to Congress and his legal on the ballot this year,” Gautam for public of fices, Raghavan said
Rosenstein responded by asking Justiceʼs tactics concerning the team all memos they have about Raghavan, a former White House that the community has come a
the departmentʼs inspector general Trump campaign,” White House the purported informant. official, and now leading the recent‑ long way since six decades ago
to include the issue in an ongoing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Thereʼs no evidence that the FBI ly founded Indian‑American Impact when Dalip Singh became the first
review of the FBIʼs counter‑intelli‑ Sanders said in a statement. installed an informant or spy in Fund said. He was speaking at a Indian American to be elected to
gence investigation of Russian She said the men also agreed Trumpʼs campaign, though the news conference organized by the House of Representatives. He
meddling in the campaign. that White House Chief of Staf f bureau did rely on an informant Congressional Asian Pacific also asserted that it is time for the
“Based on the meeting with the John Kelly would set up a meeting who was in contact with Trump American Caucus (CAPAC) and lead‑ community to get off the sidelines
President, the Department of where congressional leaders can associates, according to two US ers from Asian American and and enter the game. “A time of ris‑
Justice has asked the Inspector review “highly classified and other officials who spoke on condition of Pacific Islander (AAPI) political ing racism, xenophobia and hate
General to expand its current information they have requested” anonymity. organizations. violence. A time in which the first
investigation to include any irregu‑ from the Justice Departmentʼs The use of informants is routine Of the Indian Americans running Indian‑American woman elected to
larities with the FBIʼs investiga‑ probe of Russian meddling and in law enforcement investigations, for Congress, four of them are seek‑ Congress is questioned about her
t ions or the Department of whether anyone close to Trump even in their preliminary stages. ing re‑election: Ami Bera and Ro citizenship on national television.”

India follows independent foreign policy: Chinese expert

Special to The South Asian Times
Pratham held the
New York: Panelists at a discussion, organ‑
ized by the New York chapter of Pratham panel discussion on
USA last week, opined that the relationship
between India and China will improve. ‘Asia’s New Order’
Dingding Chen, a professor of internation‑
al relations at Jinan University in the Anil K. Gupta, who is chairman of the DC‑
Chinese province of Guangzhou, was one of based China India Institute, said, “India is
the five panelists in the discussion “Asiaʼs now the sixth‑ largest economy and by
New Order: Implications for the United 2026, it will be the third largest. There is a
(from left) Dingding Chen, Devesh Kapur, Ankit Panda, Alyssa Ayers
States, India and China” on May 16. reasonable chance that India will catch up
and Anil K. Gupta at the panel discussion.
“The Chinese have always been of the with China in the near future.” But he point‑
opinion that India has an independent for‑ at the top of the Trump administrationʼs for‑ trade in the world is very small. He also ed out that India is growing at 7.5%‑8% and
eign policy despite the fact that New Delhi eign policy. “The US has a shared strategic pointed out that Russian oil company it must grow 10% in order to bring up their
currently enjoys closer relations with interest with India,” she said. “India is now Rosneft has invested $13 billion in India, citizens from out of property. “I donʼt see
Washington,” Chen said. working more closely with the US, and it has Walmart bought Flipkart for $16 billion and any economic risks, but there could be
The professor expressed optimism that made a lot of reforms.” even Chinese investment is coming in. geopolitical ones,” Gupta opined.
Sino‑Indian relations, including economic, “In two weeks Prime Minister Modi will Referring to China, he said Beijing has Gupta pointed out that financial technolo‑
would improve further in the coming years deliver a major policy speech in Singapore,” become “more ideological” in its outlook, the gy firms are showing great promise: PayTM,
despite a few irritants such as the border added Ayers, author of “Our Time Has Come: way it is shaping up here in the US and which is owned 40% by Chinese company
dispute. “India is the fastest‑growing econo‑ How India is Making its Place in the World.” India. Besides, “power is increasingly con‑ Alibaba, is the largest of its kind in India.
my,” Chen noted. “The two have to keep tem‑ The three other panelists were Indian‑ centrated in one person in China.” Ankit Panda, a senior editor at The
perature at a comfortable level.” Americans. Devesh Kapur, a professor at the Answering a question, Kapur said India Diplomat, an online magazine on Asia‑Pacific
Alyssa Ayers, a South Asia expert at the Center for the Advanced Study of India, and China have started sharing data on matters, moderated the discussion.
Council on Foreign Relations in University of Pennsylvania, said that despite river‑water resources, and hoped differences Pratham USA is a nonprofit working for
Washington, said the Indo‑Pacific region is Indiaʼs much stronger economy now, its thereupon would be ironed out. improving education in India.
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Indian civilization NOT built on Trump says N. Korea for the world. Countries have their
summit may be delayed independence."
Continued from page 1

'waves of migration' though, that the "Libyan model isn't a Kumaraswamy set to take
model that we have at all." oath as Karnataka CM
Trump also suggested that Kim Continued from page 1
Rebuttal by Kamlesh Kapur, historian and author, of a news in this paper last week attributed to Tanmaya Lal, deputy PR of India to UN. soured on the idea of a potential sum‑ Chief Minister ahead of his trust vote
mit after he had a second secret meet‑ as his party fell short by 7 seats for a

he Indian civilization has lizat ion spread up to Eastern derers and killers. Their aim was to
been built upon successive Europe in the west and to the rim procure land, resources and power ing with Chinese President Xi Jinping. simple majority in the 224‑member
waves of migration through‑ of Pacific Ocean in the east. People and the name of God was a conven‑ The South Korean president on Assembly.
out history comprising traders, sol‑ migrated from India either as cul‑ ient ploy. The JD‑S (36) and Congress (78)
Tuesday struck a more optimistic note
diers, missionaries, communities tural emissaries or pushed by inter‑ He pointed out that migrations alliance has 117 members in the
escaping persecution, artists and nal skirmishes. One such skirmish were a g lobal phenomenon
about the planned summit between
Trump and Kim. Moon pushed back House. With the support of three oth‑
academics and artisans seeking was actually a major war around throughout history and nations
better opportunities." 3300 BCE. After their defeat in this have emerged through this inter‑ against U.S. skepticism about the ers, Kumaraswamy has 6 more than
Absolutely inaccurate! The build‑ war, Parsa and Bishnois went to mingling. meeting and said he is confident that the required 111 halfway mark,
ing blocks in every single field ‑ sci‑ Iran. Even today, Zoroastrians con‑ Yes, but from India and not into Trump will make the summit a suc‑ excluding the Speaker to prove a
ence, arts, mathematics or lan‑ sider major places of their pilgrim‑ India especially when you refer to majority in the House. He has prom‑
guages were all done by the people ages to their east. Both Persia and eons ago or all through the history. ised a stable government for the state.
of India long before any migrant Iran are Sanskrit words. T he The statement has some truth after Trump also made some promises to
Kim. "He will be safe, he will be happy, This is the second time
arrived. Sanskrit names and words are still 1000 CE.
India has acknowledged here at used in all these areas testifying to "Most nation states and societies his country will be rich," Trump said. Kumaraswamy, the son of JD‑S supre‑
an international forum that its civi‑ this fact. During the five millennia have been built upon waves of "Kim will be extremely happy if it mo and former Prime Minister H.D.
lization was built upon successive while the ice age was retreating in migration over the past several works out." Deve Gowda, will be the Chief Minister
waves of migration like most coun‑ a jerky way in Europe and centuries," of the southern state, 12 years after
The president added the meeting
tries and it was a scientific fact. Americas, in these regions, temples Not in the Indian subcontinent. the JD‑S formed a coalition govern‑
Both the fact and the generaliza‑ were made. Indic traditions spread "Science confirms that all of us won't happen if certain conditions
aren't met. He also said a summit ment with the BJP on February 4,
tion are wrong to create a Pan‑Asian culture. are migrants. The deep and the
I wonder if Mr Lal was speaking Writers of the History of Earth more recent history of our migra‑ could happen further down the road if 2006 and remained in office for 20
on behalf of the Indian govern‑ stress the fact that people from tion and mixed ancestry is, in fact, it doesn't occur next month as months till October 9, 2007.
ment. If so, it is irresponsible to colder climates, deserts facing gen‑ recorded in our genes," planned. Karnataka is also set to get its first
speak on the issue which is erally harsh conditions dispersed in Science confirms to the contrary. Dalit deputy chief minister in G
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State
resolved by the scholars some 15 search of food. Many were beach Here are a few quotes:
Mike Pompeo warned Tehran would Parameshwara, KPCC president. for
years ago and the government has combing communities. Migration "I've read the DNA research and
not yet revised the old (outdated) was from the East to the West. there was no Aryan migration. I be hit with the "strongest sanctions in eight years. K R Ramesh Kumar,
highly speculative historical narra‑ Mr. Lal mentioned, “soldiers" believe the hard evidence of DNA history" and cautioned European another partyman, will be the
tive taught in the schools. If it is his among the wave of migrants. The more than I believe historians." ‑‑ firms against continuing to do busi‑ Speaker. 11 berths ministry will go to
own perspective, it was not his news item says Lal did not get into R.L. Metzenberg Another leading ness with it, toughening up JD(S) and 21 for Congress, excluding
place to assert that India has the debate or into the specific theo‑ researcher and writer in the field of the CM and deputy CM. The full coun‑
Washington's policy line after its with‑
acknowledged any such thing. ries or peoples but made a general genetics is Stephen Oppenheimer.
drawal from the Iran nuclear deal. cil of ministers will be sworn in on
Recently, there was an equally idi‑ statement. History is not based on He says in his book Out of Eden ‑
otic article put out by Reuters theories nor is it a subject of The Peopling of the World, “All In his first major foreign policy May 29.
maintaining the same stance. In debate. Historical narrative is evi‑ Europeans living to day are address at the State Department, the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi and
that article, the people quoted were dence based and now with the help descended from South Asians, pos‑ longtime Iran hawk outlined an Congress president Rahul Gandhi will
not historians but some politically of evidence from multiple sources sibly as recently as 40,000 years aggressive series of moves designed attend Kumaraswamyʼs swearing in
vocal people with vested interest it is easier to connect the missing ago. South Asia, India in particular, along with JD(S) patriarch HD Deve
to counter Tehran, which he called the
and nefarious agenda. Mr. Lal links. Carbon‑dating gives near was the jumping off point for the
seems to think that history is a har‑ accuracy about the antiquity of colonization of East Asia, Southeast world's top sponsor of terror. "This Gowda. The spotlight will also be on
lot of politics. History by definition Ancient Indian Civilization. Asia, Australia & ultimately the sting of sanctions will be painful if the the phalanx of non‑BJP leaders attend‑
is an event that happened, some‑ Satellite imaging of excavated Americas.” regime does not change its course ing the ceremony. They include:
one had either witnessed or used sites leaves no room for politically I strongly recommend to keep in from the unacceptable and unproduc‑ Mayawati (BSP), N Chandrababu
evidence for the event and then correct general remarks. It is high‑ mind that the ancient history of tive path it has chosen to one that Naidu (TDP), Mamata Banerjee (TMC),
after cross‑referencing had written ly inappropriate to make vague India is history of Hindu India and
rejoins the league of nations," Pompeo Sharad Pawar (NCP), Akhilesh Yadav
about it. Let us talk about migra‑ statements in front of the interna‑ minorities of assorted varieties
tions: tional audience. have no say in the narrative. On the said. (SP), Tejashwi Yadav (RJD), Arvind
During the retreating ice age, And yes, about the soldiers; these basis of multidisciplinary research, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Kejriwal (AAP) and Ajit Singh (RLD).
tropical belt witnessed the begin‑ were nomadic hoards from the one can conclude that the propo‑ quickly dismissed the threats. “Who BJP members said they will not attend
ning of civilization and its rapid desert areas (Arabian and Gobi). nents of the Aryan invasion (or are you to decide for Iran and the the ceremony and instead will observe
advance. The Indian subcontinent They did not come for trade negoti‑ migration) have got both the origin world? The world today does not it as “Janmat Virodhi Divas (anti‑man‑
is the largest land mass in this belt. ations or the purchase of Dhara and the direction of movement
accept that the United States decides date day).
Its Faith tradition, culture and civi‑ swords. They were looters, plun‑ wrong.

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NY Mayor appoints
two Indian‑Americans
to advisory board
New York: Two prominent
Indian‑American executives are
among 19 people appointed by
New York City Mayor Bill de
Blasio as members to an organi‑
zation that addresses the city's
most pressing challenges, with a
particular focus on improving the
lives of vulnerable New Yorkers.
Hotel Association of New York
City President and CEO Vijay
Dandapani and Insight Venture
Partners Managing Director Vijay Dandapani and Deven Parekh appointed
Deven Parekh, along with 17 members to the Mayor's Fund to Advance
New York City Board of Advisors.
other individuals have been
appointed members to the Mayor's Fund to organisation that focuses on inner city
Advance New York City Board of Advisors. schools. For over 20 years, the Board of
Dandapani is a hotel industry veteran, recog‑ Advisors has provided expertise and critical
nized in 1998 as one of Crain's New York support for the Fund as it pursues its goal of
Business top 100 minority business leaders creating innovative and evidence‑based
in New York City. approaches to address the City's most press‑
In 2002, the Asian American Business ing challenges, a press statement said.
Development Center, New York selected him "To address the challenges facing our city,
as one of 50 outstanding Asian Americans in we need all New Yorkers pushing for
Business. He is an alumnus of Corne ll progress together including those in our
University's School of Hotel Administration. robust private sector," de Blasio said.
Parekh manages investments in vertical First Lady Chirlane McCray, Chair of the
and horizontal software and consumer inter‑ Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City said
net companies globally. He is also a member the administration depends on New York
of the Council on Foreign Relations, the City's civic leaders to partner with govern‑
Economic Club of NY and the Greater NY ment to make the city more vibrant and equi‑
Partnership.He was nominated by former table. Founded in 1994, the Mayor's Fund is a
president Barack Obama, and confirmed by not‑for‑profit organisation which annually
the US Senate to serve on the Overseas works with an average of over 80 City pro‑
Private Investment Corporation Board. In grams, projects and initiatives; over 300 insti‑
addition, he is chairman emeritus of tutional funders; and more than 100 commu‑
Publicolor, a New York City based non‑profit nity‑based organizations. (PTI)

Srinivas Kuchibhotla's killer

pleads guilty to hate crime
Washington, DC: A US Navy veteran, who is confronted them. He demanded to know
serving life in prison for killing Indian engi‑ where they were from, then poked
neer Srinivas Kuchibhotla and injuring two Kuchibhotla in the chest, and called him a
others at a suburban Kansas City bar last terrorist. "Get out of my country," he yelled.
year, on Monday pleaded guilty to hate That's when bar patrons, including Ian
crime and firearm charges. Grillot, asked Purinton to leave and he was
Adam Purinton admitted that he fatally escorted from the business by employees.
shot Kuchibhotla in February 2017 after Adam Purinton then went home, changed
confronting him and another man Alok clothes and got his 9mm semi‑automatic
Madasani from India at Austins Bar and handgun. He returned to the bar, covered
Grill in Olathe.He faces a maximum sen‑ his face with a scarf to hide his identity and
tence of life imprisonment without the pos‑ went inside. He then fired eight shots at the
sibility of parole, which is the sentence that two Indian men. Kuchibhotla was hit by at
the prosecution and defense are jointly least four bullets. Madasani was shot in the
requesting. Sentencing is scheduled for July leg.
2. As he fled from the shooting, Grillot ran
Several wee ks be fore the shoot ing, after him. Adam Purinton turned and shot
Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Madasani, his him. Later, Adam Purinton called a friend
friend and fellow engineer at Garmin, were and and said he was on the run from police
at Austins when Adam Purinton saw them because he had shot "two Iranians." He was
and made a comment to another patron. charged with murder in Johnson County
"Did you see the terrorists on the patio?" and with the hate crimes in federal court. In
Adam Purinton asked.The patron told him March, he pleaded guilty in Johnson County
they were from India and they were not ter‑ to a charge of first‑degree murder as well as
rorists. two counts of attempted first‑degree mur‑
On February 22, 2017, the two friends der for wounding Madasani and Grillot.
were once again having an after‑work drink Earlier this month, a Johnson County judge
at the bar when Purinton approached and sentenced Adam Purinton to life in prison.
6 May 26-June 1, 2018 TRISTATE COMMUNITY


AWB Food Bank felicitates Manipur Manoj Bajpayee, Kalyanee

Governor Najma Heptulla Mulay bag top honors at NYIFF

On behalf of New York State, Senator Phillips presented Honor Citation Organizers and guests indulge in a groupie photo moment at NYIFF Gala Dinner
to Dr. Heptulla recounting her 40 years of public service. (Image courtesy: IAAC‑‑On Assignment Jay Mandal)

ndiaʼs Consul General in New York, Am‑ livered 12 million meals to the needy chil‑ Special to The South Asian Times Pakistani terrorist in the UK (the title role);
bassador Sandeep Chakravorty, Nassau dren and women in New Delhi since its in‑ both turned out great performances.
County Democratic Party Chairman Jay ception over a quarter of a century ago. New York: Marathi‑language Nude has A short feature movie, Sound Proof, writ‑
Jacobs, New York State Senator Elaine In August 2014, Bhallas read a news been adjudged as the best movie at the ten and directed by Aditya Kelgaokar,
Phillips, judges of New York Supreme story of 125 teenage students in Sajjanpur 18th festival held by the New York Indian starred Soha Ali Khan as a newly divorced
Court, Steven Bucaria, Denise Sher and village of Gujarat, swimming across a tur‑ Film Festival. The festival was the brain‑ woman. The LGBT section had films like
Ruth Balikn, Roger Bogsted, former Nas‑ bulent river with no bridge – risking their child of the Indo‑American Arts Council, Homestay. The movie was about an Indian
sau County Commissioner joined bankers, lives every day – to reach school on the which completed its 20th anniversary of its couple visiting their US‑based son. During
educators, physicians and whoʼs who of other side of the river. formation in the Big Apple. It was co‑found‑ their US stay, the elderly couple learn
the Indian American community at a re‑ The couple traveled to India and donat‑ ed by Aroon Shivdasani, the executive di‑ about lifestyles in their sonʼs adopted land
ception for Manipur Governor Dr. Najma ed a motor boat and life jackets for the rector of IAAC, who retired at the end of and come to terms with it by overcoming
Heptulla, hosted by Ratna & Varinder students. Earlier last month, the Bhallas the weeklong event held this month. their biases. Other important films
Bhalla at their home in Albertson, Long Is‑ reached out to Governor Heptulla offering Veteran actor Manoj Bajpayee bagged screened at the festival included Shake‑
land. aid to the children of a floating school in the Best Actor award for his role in Gali speare Wallah (of Ismail Merchant‑James
Dr. Heptulla has worked over the years Manipur Loktak Lake, who currently trav‑ Guleiyan (In the Shadows). He and Dipesh Ivory) and English Vinglish (a tribute to
for the welfare of the less fortunate in In‑ el each day nearly four hours roundtrip in Jain, the director, praised the entire team Sridevi, who died earlier in the year).
dia, and it is this area of her endeavors, a wooden boat, without life jackets. for the honor. The role was that of an ob‑ The following is the list of winners ‑‑ Best
which brought her in touch with the Bhal‑ Addressing the guests at the reception, sessive and reclusive shopkeeper in Delhi. film: Nude; best director: Nishil Sheth
las, who founded AWB Food Bank, a Governor Heptulla urged the community There were 70 films in all (30 feature (Bhasmasur); best screenplay: Chumbak
hunger relief organization which has de‑ to support the development of Manipur. and 40 short) that participated in the May (writers Sandeep Modi and Saurabh Bhave);
7‑12 festival, which was held at the Village best actor: Manoj Bajpayee (In the Shad‑
East Cinemas in Manhattan. ows); best actress: Kalyanee Mulay (Nude);

Registration for 47th and 48th Nude, based on the models at J.J. School
of Art in Mumbai, won the Best Actress
best child actor: Ali Haji (Noblemen); best
short film: Maacher Jhol (The Fish Curry)
award for Kalyanee Mulay for her portray‑ of director Abhishek Verma; and best docu‑
Know India Program (KIP) al in the title role.
Hansal Mehtaʼs Omerta was premiered in
mentary: Abu directed by Arshad Khan.
The jurors had sent their winning entries

now India Program of the Ministry Application is to be filled online at North America. Actors Timothy Ryan Hick‑ directly to the awards ceremony like the
of External Affairs is a three‑week While filing the ap‑ ernell and Rupinder Nagra joined the direc‑ way they do at the Oscars and Golden
orientation program for diaspora plication form, the applicant should indi‑ tor at the show, which closed the event. Globes. On May 4, a news conference was
youth conducted with a view to promote cate preferences for any of the two KIP i.e. Main actor Rajkummar Rao made a sur‑ held at the Consulate General of India
awareness on different facets of life in In‑ 47th and 48th. prise appearance at the event. Rao and where Shivdasani said that in 1998 Indian
dia and the progress made by the country Printed and signed application along with Mehta (the director) described the life of a artists were hardly visible.
in various fields e.g. economic, industrial, passport size photograph and Declaration
education, science & technology, communi‑ form (in case of not holding PIO/OCI cards)
cation & Information Technology, culture. which may be downloaded from the KIP
Eligibility criteria: Only 3rd and 4th gen‑ portal under 'Download' section, should be
eration Indian origin youth who have never submitted to the below mentioned address,
visited India are eligible to apply under this no later than 15 July, 2018: Attn: Consul
program. (Political, Press, Information & Culture), 3
Registration for 47th & 48th KIPs which East 64 Street, New York, NY 10065
start from September 2018, for Engage‑ KIP No. 47 is from Sep 25 – Oct 19 Tamil
ment with Indian Origin youth (ages 18‑30) Nadu, KIP 48 is from Oct 25 – Nov 18 to
to enhance their awareness about India, its Manipur & Mizoram.
cultural heritage, arts & to familiarize them For additional information visit
with various aspects of contemporary In‑ For any clarification
dia, has started w.e.f. 15th May 2018. send email:

Press notes welcome

Requesting Indian American community organizations and institutions to send us your
press releases with photographs, and information about your events and activities. We
support all good causes taken up by the community and highlight achievements of
individuals and groups from the Indian diaspora here in the USA and worldwide. Brooklynʼs The Chinese Club opened their newest location on Lexington Avenue. The
Email to: editor@; and/or: hiral@thesouthasiantimes. info husband and wife duo Salil and Stacey Mehta have brought flavorful and unique world
that is Indian‑Chinese food to Curry Hill in Manhattan. NATIONAL COMMUNITY May 26-June 1, 2018 7

No decision on H4 visas 130 lawmakers back work

final till rulemaking process
completed, says US
permits for H4 visa holders
Washington, DC: A bipartisan spouses work authorization in non‑immigrant workers," the let‑
Washington, DC: group of 130 US lawmakers led June. "The opportunity for H‑4 ter said.
No decision by influential Indian‑American visa holders to work has made According to a recent
about H‑4 visas Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal our economy stronger, while pro‑ Congressional report, a stagger‑
is final until the has urged the Trump administra‑ viding relief and economic sup‑ ing 93 per cent of the total H‑4
rulemaking tion to continue granting work port to thousands of spouses, visa holders in the US having
process is com‑ authorization to certain depend‑ mostly women, who have resided work authorization are from
pleted, a senior ent spouses of non‑immigrant in the United States for years," India.
US official has workers holding H‑1B visas, the the letter said. "A second income can help pro‑
said, days after most sought‑after among Indian "Many are on the path to per‑ vide for children's basic needs
130 lawmakers IT professionals. manent residency and would and offer such children, many of
urged the Trump The Trump administration is already be permanent residents them American‑born citizens or
administration to continue grams. planning to end the Obama‑era if not for the decades‑long future US citizens, increased
granting work authorization to The USCIS is focused on rule allowing spouses of H1‑B employment backlogs. opportunities for success. This
certain dependent spouses of ensuring the integrity of the visa holders to work legally in Rescinding the rule will hurt the addit ional income also con‑
non‑immigrant workers holding immigration system and pro‑ the US, a move that could have a competitiveness of US employers tributes to our economy by rais‑
H‑1B visas. tecting the interests of the US devastating impact on more than and the US economy, as well as ing the families' disposable and
"No decision about H‑4 visas workers, and is committed to 70,000 H‑4 visa holders, who H‑4 accompanying spouses and taxable income," the lawmakers
is final until the rulemaking reforming employment‑based have work permits. their families. We strongly urge said.
process is completed," Philip immigration programs so they H‑4 visas are issued to the you to reconsider this action," "It is an American value that
Smith, a US Citizenship and benefit the American people to spouses of H‑1B visa holders, a said the lawmakers. everyone, regardless of gender,
Immigration Services (USCIS) the greatest extent possible, he significantly large number of Signed by 130 lawmakers from deserves to be able to use and
spokesperson told PTI. said. whom are high‑skilled profes‑ both the Republican and the enhance their skills, be financial‑
Smith said the agency is con‑ "USCIS continues reviewing sionals from India. Democratic Party, a copy of the ly self‑sufficient, thrive mentally
sidering a number of policy and the employment‑based visa pro‑ The letter by US lawmakers to letter dated May 16 was released and physically, and pursue their
regulatory changes to carry out grams which includes a new the Secretary of Home land to the press. dreams," they said, adding that
the President's Buy American, economic analysis. USCIS antic‑ Security Kirstjen Nielsen comes "We write to urge you to main‑ the majority of H‑4 spouses are
Hire American Executive Order, ipates any proposed rule would wee ks ahead of the Trump tain the current regulation grant‑ women, and their inability to
including a thorough review of be published in June 2018," administration's formal move to ing work authorization to certain work widens an already existing
employment‑based visa pro‑ Smith said. rescind the rule granting these H‑4 dependent spouses of H‑1B gender inequality gap. (PTI)

Please make sure this doesnʼt

happen again: Family of Pakistani
girl killed in Texas shooting
Santa Fe, TX: Sabika Sheikh spoke
to her 9‑year‑old sister on the
phone from suburban Houston on
Friday, counting down the days
before she would complete her
high school exchange program
and return to the family home in
Karachi, Pakistan.
"She told me that in 20 days we
will be together," said Sabika's sis‑
ter, Soha. "She had bought so
many gifts for me."
Hours later, America's unending
cycle of campus gun violence
Sabika Sheikh was an exchange program
reverberated thousands of miles
student at Texas school
away when a gunman identified as
(Image courtesy:
a 17‑year‑old junior opened fire at
Sabika's high school in Santa Fe, Texas, Sheikh said his daughter regularly
killing her and nine others. placed among the top three students in
The 17‑year‑old Pakistani exchange her classes in Pakistan before she began
student was "the lifeline of our family," the exchange program last August.
her father, Aziz Sheikh, told The Los Sabika's uncle, Ansar Sheikh, described
Angeles Times in a phone interview the Texas shooting as an act of terrorism
Saturday. The eldest of three siblings and pleaded with the U.S. government to
from a middle‑class section of Karachi, take action. "I don't blame the murder of
the sprawling port city, Sabika was a my girl on American society but on that
"brilliant student" who had dreams of terrorism mindset that is there in all
joining the Pakistani foreign service, he societies. We need to fight it all over the
said. She was due to return to Karachi on world," he said.
June 9, and the family was planning to "I do ask the American government to
spend the summer vacation traveling make sure weapons will not be easily
across the country visiting relatives. Her available in your country to anybody.
father said Sabika was looking forward Please make sure this doesn't happen
to observing the Muslim holy month of again. It really hurts."
Ramadan. (Source:
8 May 26-June 1, 2018 NATIONAL COMMUNITY

AAHOA launches new human

save lives in the process,” Rogers
“This new training developed
with Polaris will go a long way to

trafficking awareness program

help hoteliers and their employees
identify the signs of sex and labor
traf ficking, assist victims, and
work with law enforcement to
Washington, DC: T he Asian victims,” Patel noted. keep this criminal activity out of
American Hote l Owners “With a membership that owns our communities,” Hitesh Patel
Association (AAHOA) kicked off its about one in every two hotels said speaking at a Houston, Texas
two‑day Spring National Advocacy across the United States, AAHOA is roundtable discussion on the issue,
Conference as over 250 hoteliers capitalizing on that reach to pro‑ hosted by House Home land
from across the country visited mote education and awareness of Security Committee Chairman
Washington, DC on May 8th to human traf ficking,” said AAHOA Michael McCaul, R‑TX. The round‑
meet with their legislators on President and CEO Chip Rogers. table also included representatives
Capitol Hill. They highlighted how “This important training not only from the Department of Homeland
the hospitality industry is a key focuses on sex trafficking, but also Securityʼs Blue Campaign, and
economic driver in the United on labor trafficking, which can be Polaris.
States, a press release said. difficult to spot,” Rogers added. “This training is a vital tool in the
AAHOA, whose members are Being a conscientious employer fight against sex traf ficking and
mostly Indian‑Americans, and means understanding how labor forced labor,” said Joe Racalto,
AAHOA members met legislators on Capitol Hill
which represents an estimated 50 brokers and recruiters exploit director of Government Relations
percent of the U.S. hospitality Indian‑American hote liers tive to prevent human trafficking workers and requesting supply at Polaris said, adding, “Education
industry, also launched a new digi‑ announced that the AAHOA at their properties,” said AAHOA chain transparency to ensure that is one of the keys to ending mod‑
tal training for members and their Human Traf ficking Awareness Chairman Hitesh (HP) Pate l. no one is being forced to work ern slavery and restoring freedom
employees May 2 that focuses on Training (HTAT) is available exclu‑ “Unfortunately, the privacy and against his or her will, Rogers said. and dignity to survivors. By mak‑
raising awareness of human traf‑ sively to AAHOAʼs nearly 18,000 anonymity that are inherent in the “Hoteliers are uniquely positioned ing it freely available to so many
ficking in the hospitality industry. members and the over 600,000 hotel industry, as well as the fre‑ to disrupt the criminal networks hoteliers and hotel workers, we
In a joint partnership w ith employees at member properties quent turnover of clientele, make and individuals that exploit soci‑ can quickly raise awareness of the
Polaris, an organization that fights at no cost, the news release said. hotels an attractive venue for crim‑ etyʼs most vulnerable through issue.”
ag ainst ʻmo dern slaveryʼ the “Hoteliers have a moral impera‑ inals looking to exploit trafficking human traf ficking, and they can (Source:

Smart Villages
Not great to be brown or black in some
event hosted
parts of US: ʻDeadpoolʼ actor Karan Soni
Los Angeles: Dr. Anil New Delhi: Karan Soni finds the Apu blame the makers of the series. role was short, but it didn't go
Shah, founder, The controversy "cool." The "Deadpool" "It has been on for 20‑plus sea‑ unnoticed.
Smart Villages Initiative actor of Indian origin says it is a son. Back then I don't know if they "The makers always wanted the
hosted an inaugural great time for people of color in tried to look for Indian actors for movie to be diverse because
event at CTRL Hollywood but he cannot say the that part or they didn't even try. 'Deadpool' movie takes place in X‑
Collective in downtown same for the entire US, especially "In a weird way, I think it is a posi‑ Men universe. The mutants are kind
Los Angeles on May 16. under Donald Trump's presidency. tive controversy because people of outcast, the minorities as com‑
Smart Villages "I think it is a great time (to be don't want a white actor doing an pared to human race. They recog‑
Initiative aims to bring people of color) in the entertain‑ Indian accent or playing an Indian nised it well that the cast needs to
sustainable develop‑ ment industry. In America in gener‑ character in 2018. People are upset be diverse."
ment to rural Indian vil‑ al because of Trump, I don't know. I because they want to see actors In the second part, Dopinder is
lages with the goal of am very lucky to live in Los from that ethnicity to play that part doing more than just driving
improving the quality Angeles, which is a diverse place instead of giving it to someone who Deadpool around. He has joined his
of life for the villagers. where it is great to be dif ferent," is not." army and is seen doing some action
Karan Soni (Image : youtube)
At this event Dr. Anil Karan told IANS in an interview Karan feels things would have ben too.
Shah hosted 100 pri‑ over phone from Los Angeles. acter from "The Simpsons" ‑‑ will dif ferent if "The Simpsons" was There was a Bollywood twist in
vate guests to partici‑ "In America in general...I know initiate a positive change. Apu had made in recent times. "Deadpool" in 2016 with songs like
pate in the launch and there are a lot of parts where may to g rapple w ith the troubling "If the show was made this year "Mera joota hai Japani" featuring in
seed fundraising for the be it is not that great to be brown stereotype of a convenience store and there was an Indian or Asian the opening credit, and "Tumse
Initiative. Keynote or black. So, it is good specifically in clerk with an exaggerated, fake character, they would not give it to achha kaun hai" also finding a place
speaker, Jagat Shah Hollywoo d and in general it Indian accent since the show's a white actor. It is cool that the con‑ in the narrative. But Karan says
spoke about his Mentor depends where you are in America inception. troversy happened." there are "fewer Indian references"
on the Road Program at and based on who voted for whom," "The controversy over the charac‑ Nevertheless, he is proud that the in the second chapter.
the event and discussed he added. ter is completely justified simply "Deadpool" makers understood the After expressing his view on
the process and steps Karan, who got not iced as because in 2018 it is weird to have importance of having a diverse cast. increasing diversity in the West,
taken towards the Deadpool's Indian cab driver a white actor doing an Indian The film tells the story of an adult Karan, born and brought up in
adoption and support Dopinder in the first part, feels the accent on a TV show. There are so superhero with a twisted sense of Delhi, hopes to see an Indian super‑
of a smart village. Apu controversy ‑‑ which emerged many Indian actors who can do that humor. Karan's Dopinder took rela‑ hero crossing boundaries and
as Hank Azaria voiced Apu, a char‑ part and do it better." He doesn't tionship advice from Deadpool. His entering Hollywood "in his lifetime." NATIONAL COMMUNITY May 26-June 1, 2018 9

Indo‑Tibetan Aftab Pureval

wins Democratic Primary
Washington, DC: Aftab Karma
Singh Pureval, an American of
Indian‑Tibetan descent, has won
the Democratic primary for the
first congressional district of
Ohio, but faces a Himalayan task
of defeating an 11‑time
Republican Congressman. The 35‑
year‑old, who was the first
Democrat to get elected as the
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
in more than 100 years, says
climbing the Himalayas is in his
DNA. Congressman Steve Chabot
Suhani Jalota, founder of Myna Mahila Foundation, Deborah Das, Archana Ambre and has represented the seat since
Imogen Mansfield all dressed up in Raw Mango sarees for the Royal Wedding. 1995 from the Republican bas‑
tion. "I am the first Tibetan‑

When an Indian sari American to run for the

Congress,” Pureval told news
agency PTI in an interview.
Aftab Karma Singh Pureval's mother grew
up as a refugee in India

graced royal wedding "My story is improbably American. I am a son he was told that he is the first Tibetan American
of a refugee. My mother was born in Tibet and to run for the Congress.
New Delhi: Activist Suhani Jalota, who express oneself." she was forced to flee her home country along Because of his parental heritage, he says he is
runs Myna Mahila Foundation, attended Myna Mahila foundation empowers with my grandparents," he said. a proud Tibetan‑American and Indian‑American.
the royal wedding of Prince Harry and women to speak about issues they are He said, his grandparents and his mother "They (Tibetan community) are very excited. I
Meghan Markle on Saturday in an elegant most afraid to discuss aloud ‑ they made their way through the Himalayas to Nepal am connected with a lot of the community in all
sari designed by Indian brand Raw encourage and employ women from and entered India where she grew up as a parts of the country through social media. They
Mango run by designer Sanjay Garg. urban slums in Mumbai to manufacture refugee. His mother studied in a school in are thrilled to see me run for the US Congress. It
Sanjay Garg, Textile Designer and and sell af fordable sanitary pads back Mysore and later went to Delhi for college edu‑ is driving a lot of energy and they have been
Founder, Raw Mango told IANS: "We are into their communities, improving men‑ cation, where she met his Punjabi father. "My incredibly supporting of my ef forts," Pureval
excited that we were able to represent strual hygiene, providing stable employ‑ (paternal) grandfather was in the Indian Army said. Responding to a question about his priori‑
and create something more than what ment, and building a trusted network. (Brig. Ajit Singh)," he said, adding that after mar‑ ties, Pureval, a lawyer by profession, said "first
meets the eyes ‑ the sari is a symbol that Suhani met Meghan in 2016 when the riage, his parents moved to the US and settled in and foremost" is to advance the cause of the
is rooted in culture, heritage and history, former went to give an acceptance speech Ohio, where he was born in 1982. people of Ohio's First Congressional District,
which speaks to one's individuality & at the Glamour College Women of the Pureval said it came as a surprise to him after focusing on healthcare, taxes, creating jobs,
identity, therefore becoming a medium to Year Awards. he won unopposed the primary last week, when making college more affordable.


Explore British Columbia 30,000 sign petition in support of

first if you're a techie Indian professionals denied UK visas
London: Over 30,000 people have signed a judicial review appeals process and
an online petition calling on the UK gov‑ being looked at by a UK judge, was warned

from India: Minister ernment to stop "abusing" a national secu‑

rity clause to deny hundreds of highly‑
skilled Indian professionals the right to
by cross‑party members of HASC that the
Home Office may be on the path to anoth‑
er Windrush scandal over this issue.
Vancouver: British Columbia, a major global India‑based Zee Studios International have
hub for tech companies, is looking to woo plans to set shop in BC employing about 100 live and work in the country. Britain's The latest crisis involves professionals
more and more global capital and is keen on employees, Ralston informed. newly‑appointed Pakistani‑origin Home from countries like India, Pakistan and
inviting Indian tech giants and talent into the The tech and innovation sector in British Secretary Sajid Javid told a parliamentary Bangladesh entitled to apply for Indefinite
Canadian province, says a senior minister of Columbia has grown rapidly over the past 10 committee this week that he would Leave to Remain (ILR) or permanent resi‑
the province. years, transforming its economy in ways few "urgently" look into some of the cases of dency status after a minimum of five
"We have a really attractive offer for com‑ could have predicted. extreme hardship while an ongoing UK years' lawful residency in the UK.
panies. Please understand that Canada is Ralston said the transformation is evident in Home Office review into the cases is com‑ While the Tier 1 (General) visa they used
more welcoming than our neighbors in North the increase of technology jobs in British pleted. was discontinued in 2011, former appli‑
America. Canada is also a welcoming country Columbia from over 60,000 in 2002 to more The applications involve doctors, cants were eligible to apply for ILR until
for immigrants with skills unlike most of the than 1,10,000 now. lawyers, engineers and entrepreneurs April this year if they made up the
developed countries," says Bruce Ralston, "Today British Columbia is home to global‑ from countries outside the European required number of points on their appli‑
Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology. ly‑recognized talent, trained at international Union (EU) on a Tier 1 (General) visa who cation.
The minister said that the province has a renowned post‑secondary institutions and are being denied residency rights over However, legal experts noted a pattern
unique combination of good business envi‑ some of the most successful and innovative reportedly minor, legally acceptable cor‑ of many such applications being turned
ronment and infrastructure, healthy system companies in the industry. rections in their tax returns. down by Home Office caseworkers citing
and strong educational institutions and, "It's a sector that accounts for 10,200 com‑ "It is an important issue because if peo‑ clause 322(5) of the UK Immigration Act, a
above all, inventiveness that make up for a panies and approximately 28.9 billion dollars ple are being turned down for their Tier 1 discretionary rule aimed at denying con‑
sound base for encouraging talent and indus‑ in revenue. For a province of less than five applications for the wrong reasons or for victed criminals and terrorists the right to
try. million, these are significant numbers," the information not being looked at properly, live in the UK.
He said British Columbia has established a minister informed. it needs to be looked at properly... If it is a The Home Office questioned the "good
100 million Canadian dollar venture capital The government of British Columbia has case of a genuine error, then it should be character" of these professionals over
fund to invest in emerging technology compa‑ recently appointed an Information taken into account," Javid told the House apparent differences in their declared
nies across multiple sectors, including Commissioner ‑‑ a senior public affairs offi‑ of Commons Home Affairs Select earnings to the UK tax department and the
Information and Communications Technology cial to liaise with the federal government and Committee (HASC) . Home Office, resulting in as many as
(ICT), Digital Media, Clean Tech and Life Canadian representatives abroad like in Delhi, The minister, who revealed that at least 1,000 facing potential deportation unless
Science/Healthcare. Mumbai and Chandigarh. (IANS) 300 such cases were currently undergoing their appeals are accepted. (PTI)
10 May 26-June 1, 2018 US AFFAIRS

Gina Haspel confirmed as US births dip to 30‑year low

Washington: In 2017, birth rates

CIA's first female Director

Washington: The US Senate has
fell by 4 percent both for women
from 20‑24 years old and for
women of ages 25‑29, according
approved Gina Haspel as the first to the Centers for Disease
female director of the CIA despite Control and Prevention.
The birth rate fell for nearly Fertility rate sinks further
her role in the spy agency's brutal
every group of women of repro‑
below replacement level.
detention and interrogation pro‑ (Photo : Popular Science)
grams post‑9/11 terror attacks. ductive age in the U.S. in 2017,
Haspe l's confirmat ion last reflecting a sharp drop that saw according to the report from
Thursday in a 54‑45 vote followed the fewest newborns since 1978, CDCʼs National Center for Health
a partisan fight among senators according to a new report by the Statistics.
about Haspel's past ties to the CIA's CDC. “The decline in the rate from
former rendition, detention and There were 3,853,472 births 2016 to 2017 was the largest
interrogation activities, carried out in the U.S. in 2017 – “down 2 single‑year decline since 2010,”
in the years following the 9/11 percent from 2016 and the low‑ the CDC said.
attacks, with the use of so‑called est number in 30 years,” the CDC The CDC also tallied births by
enhanced interrogation techniques said. race and cultural data (but it
like waterboarding, now widely The general fertility rate sank doesnʼt yet have the data to com‑
considered torture. to a record low of 60.2 births per pare those figures to the overall
Six Democrats crossed party lines 1,000 women between the ages populations). Here are some of
to vote in her favor. According to of 15 and 44 – a 3 percent drop the 2017 numbers reported :
the Washington Post, Haspe l from 2016, the CDC said in its
Gina Haspel (left) with some of the US Senators tally of provisional data for the Births‑ All Races &
appeared to have been helped by
who supported her nomination. (Photo courtesy AP)
some last‑minute arm‑twisting by year.
Origins: 3,853,472
former CIA Directors John Brennan resorted to so‑called enhanced confirmation of a woman as CIA The results put the U.S. further
and Leon Panetta, who contacted at interrogation techniques. Warner head would send an important mes‑ away from a viable replacement White: 1,991,348
least five of the six Democrats to said she had pledged never to use sage. A 33‑year veteran of the rate – the standard for a genera‑
tion being able to replicate its
Hispanic: 897,518
endorse her nomination. such metho ds even if Trump agency, 61‑year‑old Haspel spent
One of the six senators, Mark demanded it. Republican chairman most of her career as an undercov‑ numbers. Black: 560,560
Warner, said Haspel had told him of the Senate Inte lligence er operat ive, the US media “The rate has generally been
Committee Richard Burr said the reported. below replacement since 1971,”
Asian: 249,214
the agency should never have

Will America remain a beacon for international students?

status,” which can vary based on studying in the United States for ten years. tional students fell by over 3 per‑
the length of their academic pro‑ (articulated in greater detail by the By the governmentʼs own esti‑ cent in 2016̶the first reduction
gram and other factors. Thatʼs American Immigration Council): mate, this change could affect in at least a decade. And that
why, under longstanding policy, Imagine a student on an F‑1 visa some 1.5 million people each year, downward trend may have more
these students and exchange visi‑ whoʼs authorized to work on cam‑ including nearly 100,000 Indian than doubled last year.
tors donʼt start accruing unlawful pus half‑time. One week during her nationals. I know first‑hand how complicat‑
presence until the government junior year, she inadvertently But thatʼs not the only source of ed and intimidating the U.S. immi‑
officially determines that theyʼre in works three extra hours. A little uncertainty facing international gration system can be. My own
violation of their immigration sta‑ over a year later, she and a U.S. students̶the Trump administra‑ startup helps married couples
tus. employer file the paperwork for an tion has also declared its intention affordably navigate the spousal
Comment by The new policy, however, would H‑1B visa, and USCIS flags this to curtail “Optional Practical green card application process,
Doug Rand start the clock on “unlawful pres‑ technical violation for the first Training” (OPT) ̶ essentially on‑ and many of these couples never
ence” retroactively, based on any time. Under current policy, the the‑job training for foreign gradu‑ would have met without Americaʼs
past violation, such as unautho‑ “unlawful presence” clock would ates of U.S. universities. The embrace of international students.

he Trump administration
just quietly made a sweep‑ rized work. In many cases, the stu‑ start at that moment, giving the George W. Bush administration There are surely better ways for
ing change to the US immi‑ dent or exchange visitor may not student a reasonable amount of created an extra extension of OPT the government to deter the rela‑
gration system, likely making it realize they have triggered a re‑ time to leave the country, get her for graduates with STEM degrees, tively small percentage of students
harder for many foreign students entry bar until long after the fact, H‑1B visa abroad, and return to the and the Obama administration (less than 3%) who deliberately
and exchange visitors to obtain when they attempt to apply for a United States. But under the new made some additional changes, so and unambiguously overstay their
new visas in the future. USCIS pub‑ new visa. policy, her unlawful presence that now STEM majors can qualify visas to remain in the US, without
licly announced the change on For example, hereʼs a scenario would be stretched back to begin for a total of up to three years of creating major uncertainty for the
May 11, 2018, in a memo sched‑ that could easily ensnare one of in her junior year, barring her on‑the‑job training after graduat‑ vast majority who are trying to
uled to take effect on August 9, the many Indian students currently from returning to the United States ing, and more than 33,000 such play by the rules.
2018. First, some background is in graduates participated last year. For generations, America has
order. If someone “overstays” past A new policy change by USCIS could affect some (Full disclosure: I helped to imple‑ been the top destination for stu‑
ment this policy while working in dents from around the world,
the expiration of their visa without 1.5 million students each year, including nearly the Obama White House.) many of whom go on to contribute
obtaining an extension or some
new immigration status, they
100,000 Indian nationals. Throwing up new roadblocks their talents to our economy and
begin to accrue “unlawful pres‑ like these could ultimately unseat become Americans themselves. We
ence” in the United States. More America as the top destination for should be welcoming the best and
than 180 days of unlawful pres‑ higher education. We have less brightest̶to do otherwise is to
ence will bar that individual from than 5 percent of the worldʼs popu‑ risk losing an extraordinary com‑
re‑entering the United States for lation, yet we attract nearly one petitive advantage.
three years; after 365 days, the bar quarter of all students who choose Doug Rand is co‑founder and
rises to 10 years. to study in a foreign country. That President of Boundless, a technolo‑
Unlike H‑1B workers, most stu‑ was well over 1 million interna‑ gy company that helps families
dents (on F and M visas) and tional students last year̶includ‑ affordably navigate the immigra‑
exchange visitors (on J visas) donʼt ing 186,000 from India̶who tion system. He is a former assis‑
have a hard deadline stamped in pumped $39.4 billion into the U.S. tant director for entrepreneurship
their passports̶theyʼre in the economy. at the White House Office of
United States for the “duration of But new enrollment by interna‑ Science and Technology Policy. US AFFAIRS May 26-June 1, 2018 11

Mueller team not to 8 students, 2 teachers killed

indict President: Guiliani in Texas school shooting Houston: A student opened from all over Texas that
Washington: Special counsel Robert Mueller's fire at a high school in Santa assisted in rendering aid
team has informed Presidentʼs Trump's legal Fe, Texas last week, killing and support," according to
team that it will not seek an indictment at least 10 people, mostly the statement. The school
against Donald Trump, according to lawyer students, in the latest such was closed Monday and
Rudy Giuliani. incident in the country. Tuesday, and said a coun‑
"They can't indict. At least they acknowl‑ Suspect Dimitrios seling triage is being set up
edged that to us after some battling. They Pagourtzis, 17, a student of for students as of ficials
acknowledged that to us," Trump's lawyer the same school, said to an work to get them back to
Giuliani told CNN on Wednesday. "All they get investigator he spared peo‑ school as soon as possible.
to do is write a report." ple he liked to tell his story, The Baccalaureate ceremo‑
Giuliani said Mueller's team will be follow‑ and he acted alone, a proba‑ ny for seniors is scheduled
ing Justice Department's the guidance, Xinhua ble cause affidavit says. He for Sunday on the school's
news agency reported. was Pagourtzis was denied calendar. Graduations is
The precedent that federal prosecutors can‑ bail by Galveston County June 1. Invest ig ators
not indict a sitting president is laid out in a Judge. He is being held on believe Pagourtzis acted
Suspect Dimitrios
1999 Justice Department memo, but it has two charges, capital murder alone after interviewing
Pagourtzis has
never been tested in court. and agg ravated assault. confessed to the crime two other suspects. Among
President Trump with his new attorney ‑
An absence of an indictment would not nec‑ Pagourtzis requested a the injured was ret ired
and former NYC Mayor ‑‑ Rudy Guiliani
essarily mean that Trump is in the clear. court‑appointed attorney. The FBI raised Houston police of ficer and School
Mueller could submit a report making refer‑ James Comey. the number of people injured in the Resource Of ficer John Barnes, who was
rals or recommendations to the House of The year‑long investigation is looking into attack to 13 from 10 on Saturday at a shot in the arm and needed surgery.
Representatives, which could decide what to alleged links between the Trump campaign news conference. Eight students and two On Saturday, Barnes was listed in criti‑
do about the report and whether to pursue and Moscow, Russian interference with the teachers were killed and out of the 13 cal condition along with another uniden‑
articles of impeachment. 2016 US presidential election, and whether injured, three were still hospitalized tified patient, according to a Twitter post
During his interview with CNN, Giuliani also Trump asked Comey to end the probe into for‑ Saturday. by the University of Texas Medical
said that he will use the Mueller probe's one‑ mer national security adviser Michael Flynn, Pagourtzis' family on Saturday said in a Bureau in Galveston. One person under
year mark, which is Thursday, to rachet up among other things that would arise from the statement they are saddened and dis‑ 18 was listed in good condition.
pressure on the investigation. investigation. mayed. Barnes was the first person to engage
Mueller was appointed as the special coun‑ Trump has repeatedly denied allegations of "We extend our most heartfelt prayers with Pagourtzis, said David Marshall,
sel to lead the Russia probe on May 17, 2017, collusion, describing the Russia probe as a and condolences to all of the victims. We chief nursing officer at the University of
days after Trump fired then FBI Director "hoax" or a "witch hunt". also wish to thank all the first responders Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

Rising cost of prescription drugs in America: The Trump line

By Shivaji Sengupta These companies have agreed to
sell the same drugs they sell to
American customers at much

hrow physic to the dogs!”
exclaimed Macbeth in his reduced prices.
old age to his do ctors, Since the price of these drugs
tired, cynical and guilty of mur‑ remain the same, Americans are
dering the king, to become the paying a much larger portion of
king himself. That is how thou‑ the prices, since the U.S. govern‑
sands of seniors and people ment have no system to negoti‑
below the poverty level may be ate the prices as Europe and
feeling with the rising cost of Canada do. So Trumpʼs chest‑
prescription medicines in the US thumping to his Trade
although they have committed no Representative wonʼt do an iota
crime! of good unless there is a major
Last week President Trump policy agreement in the White
addressed the prescription medi‑ House and a major change in the
cine issue with its sky‑rocketing law to lower these prices. It is as
prices plaguing American citi‑ ommend another brand‑name this country. According to a news Representative that to bring simple as that. Americaʼs com‑
zens, especially senior citizens medicine but it would be also item printed last week in this down drug prices is his top prior‑ mitment to free‑market enter‑
and those below the poverty line. much more expensive. After three newspaper, in 2015, on an aver‑ ity. With characteristic flair, he prise becomes a gigantic excuse
I am one of the senior citizens, weeks of trying the generic medi‑ age Americans spent $1,165 for talks about “cutting the global for lawmakers and presidents to
fortunately still employed. But I cine, there was absolutely no prescription medicines per year, freeloading [of U.S. medicine] do nothing about this.
worry about my life after retire‑ improvement. So I went to the compared to Canadians spending once and for all.” But will it stop? The major newspapers like The
ment, especially regarding medi‑ pharmacist to inquire about the $736 and a British subject in the No, and Mr. Trump knows it. New York Times and T he
cines. Hospitals and major med‑ brand‑name medicat ion. She U.K. paying $497. An even more One reason why prescription Washington Post, however, have
ical emergencies are thankfully brought it up on the computer, pressing issue is the continuous‑ drugs cost so much in the U.S. is expressed some optimism that
less invasive in our daily lives. grimaced and groaned: $565 for ly rising cost of new drugs rolling because other countries like the drug prices will come down a bit
But prescription medicine, espe‑ 30 pills! I needed the doctorʼs off the assembly line. It is sober‑ U.K. or Germany, or even Canada for seniors. Yet, the president has
cially for the elderly like myself, recommendation to my Health ing to note that of the 12 cancer‑ next door, have made an agree‑ also gone back on his campaign
is a daily routine. Let me give you insurance provider to pay less – a drugs approved by the FDA in ment with their citizens to hold promise that he will get Medicare
a small example from my own little over a $100 for the same 2012, 11 cost more than down medication prices. In these to negotiate drug prices directly.
life. dose. $100,000 a year. The prices for countries this is a major electoral If he could get that done, it would
My primary physician recom‑ The U.S., the wealthiest country oncology agents have nearly dou‑ issue. T hese countries have be somewhat similar to the nego‑
mended a certain medication for in the world, is also the country bled in the past decade, from an major governmental agencies tiations done by Canada and
severe arthritis pain, but also where such medicines are most average of $5,000 per month to that negotiate prescription drug European countries.
warned that because the medi‑ expensive. The above example is more than $10,000 per month. prices with the ten giant interna‑ That didnʼt happen; is not going
cine is generic, it might not work. literary pittance compared to President Trump is satisfied tional pharmaceutical companies to happen; for the reasons men‑
If it didnʼt, he would have to rec‑ what other people are paying in that he has told the U.S. Trade of which five are based in the U.S. tioned above.
12 May 26-June 1, 2018 INDIA

Kumaraswamy to take oath as

Karnataka CM on Wednesday
Bengaluru: Janata Dal‑Secular's (JD‑
S) legislative party leader H.D.
Kumaraswamy on Sunday said he
Congress' Parameshwara to
will take oath as Karnataka Chief
Minister on May 23 here in the be Karnataka Deputy CM
presence of several national lead‑

he Congress' Karnataka
President G. Parameshwara
"On Thursday, the Speaker will be
would be the Deputy Chief
elected and the date of seeking trust
Minister in the Janata Dal‑Secular
vote will be decided after that,"
(JD‑S)‑Congress coalition govern‑
Kumaraswamy told reporters here.
ment, a party leader said on
The JD‑S leader told the media on
Saturday that he has been invited
"Party President Rahul Gandhi
by Governor Vajubhai R. Vala to
has approved the name of
form the government as the leader
Parameshwara for the Deputy
of the JD‑S legislative party with the
Chief Minister post in the coalition
support of the Congress.
government," Congress General
The invitation came a few hours
Secretary K.C. Venugopal told
after BJP legislature party leader JD‑S leader H.D. Kumaraswamy will head the ministry with a Congress' Karnataka President
reporters in Bengaluru. G. Parameshwara
B.S. Yeddyurappa on Saturday substantial number of members from the ally, Congress party.
Parameshwara will take oath
stepped down as the Chief Minister
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. prove a majority in the House. after JD‑S legislative party leader Venugopal. T he Speaker and
ahead of his trust vote as his party
Chandrababu Naidu and West T his is the second time H.D. Kumarswamy is sworn‑in as Deputy Speaker will be named on
with 104 seats fell short of 7 seats
Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Kumaraswamy, the son of JD‑S the Chief Minister on Wednesday Thursday and names of the cabi‑
for a simple majority (111) in the
Banerjee to attend the swearing‑in supremo and former Prime Minister evening in front of the Vidhana net ministers and their portfolios
224‑member Assembly.
ceremony, the JD‑S leader said. H.D. Deve Gowda, will be the Chief Soudha. The 34‑member ministry will be announced after the floor
Kumaraswamy was to fly to Delhi
The JD‑S (36) and Congress (78) Minister of the southern state, 12 will have 22 cabinet ministers test in the hung House.
to meet Congress President Rahul
alliance has 117 members in the years after the JD‑S formed a coali‑ from the Congress and 12 from "A joint coordination committee
Gandhi and UPA Chairperson Sonia
House. With the support of three tion government with the BJP on the JD‑S. "Speaker of the with members from both the par‑
Gandhi on Monday.
others, Kumaraswamy has 6 more February 4, 2006 and remained in Legislative Assembly will be from ties will be set up in the next cou‑
Apart from the Congress leaders,
than the required 111 halfway office for 20 months till October 9, the Congress and Deputy Speaker ple of days," added Venugopal.
he has also invited Telangana Chief
mark, excluding the Speaker to 2007. will be from the JD‑S," said ‑‑IANS
Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao,

Ramzan ceasefire US Supreme Court

improved law and Government not to sell Air India, if to hear fishermen
petition against
order: J&K police bids are below minimum floor price Tata Power project
chief New Delhi: The central govern‑
Washington: The US Supreme Court has
Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir agreed to look into the so‑called immunity
ment might not sell its stake in provided to the International Finance
Police Chief S.P. Vaid on Tuesday
the ongoing divestment process Corporation (IFC) against harm it may cause
said the ceasefire announced during
of the national passenger carri‑ to environment through its financing, in this
the holy month of Ramzan has been
er Air India, if bids do not meet case against the IFC‑funded Tata Power
successful and has helped improve
a minimum threshold value or Plant in Gujaratʼs Kutch district.
the overall law and order situation
floor price estimated for the air‑ The petition has been brought against the
in the state.
line. plant by local fishermen for environmental
Vaid tweeted: "The Ramzan cease‑
Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv violations and destruction of livelihoods. IFC
fire has been successful thus far.
Nayan Choubey said that the is the private lending arm of the World Bank
The initiative of Prime Minister
government had hired asset and Group with over 180 member countries.
(Narendra Modi) has helped in gen‑
enterprise valuers, who have The petition by local fishermen, represent‑
eral improvement in law and order.
est imated a minimum floor ed by Earth Rights International and the
"The situation especially in south
price or net worth of Air India Stanford Law School Supreme Court
Kashmir has eased and is serving as
under the current divestment Litigation Clinic, challenges the long held
confidence building measure for
norms. claim of "absolute immunity" of the IFC and
families who want their boys to
According to Choubey, just 2018. Consequently, the date Memorandum (PIM) inviting other such international organizations from
return back home."
like any bidding process, the for the "int imat ion to the "EoI" for the strategic divest‑ legal scrutiny.
The statement comes at a time
qualified bids have to be above Qualified Interested Bidders" ment of AI, along with the air‑ In 2017, the US Court of Appeals for
when some voices in the state and
the floor price. "The govern‑ (QIB) has also been extended to line's shares in AIXL (Air India District of Columbia Circuit had held that
outside are saying the Ramzan
ment retains the right to sell or June 15 from May 28. Express) and AISATS (Air India IFC was immune from such litigation under
ceasefire would help militants re‑
not to sell Air India, if the bid It is expected that by August‑ SATS Airport Services) from pri‑ the 1945 International Organizations
group and reframe their strategies.
price is found to be inade‑ end, the government will be vate entities including the air‑ Immunity Act. The petitioner fishermen and
Besides, Union Home Minister
quate...," Choubey told reporters able to determine the highest line's employees. farmers, led by Budha Ismail Jam, have
Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said the
here. bidder. The central government owns alleged that the coal‑fired Tata Mundra
security forces have a free hand to
However, Civil Aviat ion The highest bidder also needs 100 per cent equity of Air India. Power Plant had resulted in widespread
respond as they deem fit if the
Secretary said that there has to meet regulatory require‑ In turn, the airline holds full environmental damages and destruction of
neighboring country continued an
been a substantial interest that ments such as security clear‑ stake in Air India Express, while livelihoods. The Supreme Court's decision to
of fensive after the Pakistani
has been generated around the ances and substantial owner‑ it holds 50 per cent stake in the hear their case means it will look at the
Rangers continued shelling on the
process and that the govern‑ ship and e f fect ive control joint venture AISATS. immunity provided to international organi‑
international border (IB) in Jammu
ment expects a robust response. should vest with Indian nation‑ According ly, it has been zations "for their harmful conduct, or
and Kashmir in Jammu and Samba
As per the process timeline, als. planned to divest 76 per cent whether they enjoy the special status above
district targeting 30 BSF outposts
the submission deadline for the On March 28, the central gov‑ government stake in AI, 100 per the law that they claim," an EarthRights
and some two dozen villages in the
'Express of Interest' (EOI) bids ernment had issued a cent in AIXL and 50 per cent in International spokesperson told IANS.
area since Monday.
has been extended to May 31, Pre liminary Informat ion AISATS INDIA May 26-June 1, 2018 13

NASA study shows freshwater decline in India Shun violence, join mainstream
India: Modi to Kashmiris
Washington: India is among trial water storage caused by
the world's major hotspots natural variability ‑ wet periods
which has seen a serious and dry periods associated with
decline in the availability of El Nino and La Nina, for exam‑ Srinagar: On a day‑long Jammu and
freshwater due to overuse of ple ‑ from trends related to cli‑ Kashmir visit to inaugurate develop‑
water resources, reveals a mate change or human impacts, mental projects, two days after the gov‑
new study that combined an like pumping groundwater out ernment announced an unconditional
array of NASA satellite obser‑ of an aquifer faster than it is Ramadan ceasefire in the state, Prime
vations of Earth with data on replenished," Rodell added. Minister Narendra Modi asked "mis‑
human activities. Freshwater is found in lakes, guided" Kashmiri youth to join "main‑
The study, published in the Freshwater is one of the most rivers, soil, snow, groundwater stream" India for a life with dignity.
essential of Earth's resources.
journal Nature, found that and ice. Freshwater loss from Amid a separatist called shutdown and
Earth's wetland areas are getting wetter and dry the ice sheets at the poles ‑ attributed to climate protest march and restrict ions by
areas are getting drier due to a variety of factors, change ‑ has implications for sea level rise. authorities in Srinagar, Modi with a
including human water management, climate On land, freshwater is one of the most essen‑ message of development and peace PM Narendra Modi said development
wrapped up in the evening his whirl‑ was the only solution to J&Kʼs problems.
change and natural cycles. Areas in northern and tial of Earth's resources, for drinking water and
eastern India, the Middle East, Australia and the agriculture. wind trip that took him to all the three pation in the development of the state.
US state of California are among the major areas T he researchers found that while some regions ‑‑ Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Every stone or weapon picked up by
where overuse of water resources has led to a regions' water supplies are relatively stable, oth‑ Jammu. misguided youth injures their own. You
serious decline in the availability of freshwater, ers experienced increases or decreases. He inaugurated 330 meg awatt will have to come out of this atmos‑
the Guardian reported this week citing the study. "What we are witnessing is major hydrologic Kishenganga power house in Kashmir phere. Not only for your future but for
Without corrective actions by the governments change," said co‑author Jay Famiglietti of NASA's and a 41.2‑km long Ring Road project the future of Jammu and Kashmir. You
to preserve water, the situation is likely to wors‑ Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, to decongest Srinagar city, He started w ill have to join the Indian main‑
en in these areas, it added. California. work on the Zojila Tunnel to provide an stream."
The first‑of‑its‑kind study used 14 years of "We see a distinctive pattern of the wet land all‑weather link to Ladakh and reduce Invoking the composite culture of
observations from the US/German‑led Gravity areas of the world getting wetter ‑ those are the the distance to the cold desert region by Kashmir, Mo di said former Prime
Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) high latitudes and the tropics ‑ and the dry areas three hours from Srinagar. Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee always
spacecraft mission to track global trends in in between getting dryer. Embedded within the In partially‑curfewed Srinagar where advocated and supported "Kashmiriyat"
freshwater in 34 regions around the world. dry areas we see multiple hotspots resulting schools and colleges were closed for the and "Modi is also the disciple of the
"This is the first time that we've used observa‑ from groundwater depletion," Famig lietti day, Modi addressed a gathering at same 'Kashmiriyat'".
tions from multiple satellites in a thorough warned. Famiglietti noted that while water loss Sher‑e‑Kashmir Internat ional He said development was the only
assessment of how freshwater availability is in some regions, like the melting ice sheets and Convention Centre (SKICC), advising solution to all problems of the state and
changing everywhere on Earth," said Matt Rodell alpine glaciers, is clearly driven by warming cli‑ those youth who have lost their path to hoped that "time will come soon when
of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in mate, it will require more time and data to deter‑ return to the mainstream. Jammu and Kashmir will re‑emerge as
Greenbelt, Maryland, mine the driving forces behind other patterns of "The mainstream is their family and the crown and coronet of peace and
"A key goal was to distinguish shifts in terres‑ freshwater change. parents. The mainstream is their partici‑ progress for the entire country".
14 May 26-June 1, 2018 OP-ED

Modi's burden has

become heavier after
Karnataka setback
By Amulya Ganguli claim, and allowing him a fort‑ shown that, for once, the extra
night's time to prove his majority. effort put in by Narendra Modi by

he hopes of the Bharatiya It was inevitable that the inordi‑ raising the number of his rallies in
Janata Party (BJP) adding nately long period would be seen the state from 15 to 21 did not pay
Karnataka to the list of 19 as some kind of a helping hand to dividends. It can even be argued
states where it is in power has the Chief Minister by not only the that if the Prime Minister had
been dashed although it came BJP's opponents but also a fair stuck to his orig inal plan to
close to fulfilling it. However, the number of observers. address 15 public meetings, the
eight seats which the BJP needed The belief that 15 days was too BJP might have fared worse.
to cross the finishing line in the long a period was confirmed by Since Modi remains not only the The dejected Karnataka BJP leader BS Yeddiyurappa.
legislature eluded the party. the Supreme Court's drastic reduc‑ party's star campaigner but also
In hindsight, it might have been t ion of the t ime needed by the only one who can make the dif‑ Moreover, its percentage this time to be added to the list, especially
better for the BJP if it had conced‑ Yeddyurappa to two days. At a ference between victory and of 36.2 is well below the 43.4 per when it polled 640,000 more votes
ed defeat when it saw that it had time when the legislators have to defeat, any hint that he can no cent it received in 2014 when than the BJP with a vote share of
fallen short of the target of 112 in be carted around from one town to longer easily enable the party to Modi was at the height of his pop‑ 38 per cent, up from 36.6 in 2013.
the 224‑member House. Instead, another and holed up in luxury cross the winning line cannot but ularity. There is little doubt that Even as the Janata Dal‑Secular‑
by opting for a floor test, it pro‑ resorts to stop any of them from be of concern when the BJP faces the Modi magic is not as effective Congress tie‑up has been hailed by
voked all the avoidable controver‑ being lured away by the powers‑ three more crucial assembly elec‑ as it once was. Mamata Banerjee as being in line
sies about horse‑trading which that‑be, it is necessary to give an tions in a few months' time in Now, as virtually the Janata Dal‑ with her idea of a federal front,
have haunted the Indian political aspiring Chief Minister as little lee‑ Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Secular's "B" team in the govern‑ there will be many a slip between
scene ever since the Aya Ram‑Gaya way as possible. Chhattisgarh. Clearly, the burden ment of H.D. Kumaraswamy, the the cup and the lip before such a
Ram days of defections in the late In the end, the Supreme Court's which he already carries as the Congress will have to shed some of grouping materialises.
1960s. directive apparently proved cru‑ spearhead of the BJP's campaign its pretences as the Grand Old It goes without saying that the
The Governor, too, did his office cial, for the BJP chose not to wait will become heavier after the out‑ Party of Indian politics. Having new ruling group in Karnataka will
no service by swearing‑in B.S. have its legislative strength tested come in Karnataka. already been reduced to such a provide the first test of the possi‑
Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister on the floor of the House. As it is, the BJP's tally of 104 fell secondary position in UP, Bihar, bility of an anti‑BJP glue holding
when the Janata Dal (Secular)‑ What is worrying for the BJP is short of the 110 it won in 2008 West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, the two not‑so‑friendly part ies
Congress combine was pressing its that the setback in Karnataka has with a vote share of 33.8 per cent. Congress would not like Karnataka together.

Ramadan ceasefire in
Kashmir meaningless if
media war is on
The relative Ramadan peace is a on view in Aligarh an occasion to President and India's first
good occasion to take stock. Even engage in a serious debate on Education Minister, Maulana Azad ‑
in days of drift in Kashmir during Jinnah's culpability in partitioning a person, who in his outlook was
the time of P.V. Narasimha Rao, the country. The hoodlums of exactly the opposite of Jinnah. This
Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Aligarh were not busting their guts was in preparation for the
Manmohan Singh, there was a sem‑ to have Jinnah's portrait removed Panchayat elections currently in
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Convocation of the
blance of political control by the from the AMU union office. Quite the news.
Sher‑E‑Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and
National Conference and the PDP. the contrary. Hindu Yuva Vahini Protection to anti‑namaz
Technology in Jammu.
Elements of the Hurriyat had fin‑ would love to provoke Aligarh hot‑ lumpens in Gurugram, or those
By Saeed Naqvi show Thursday evening looked gers on the street pulse. The scene heads to dig their heels in to pre‑ who pasted a Maharana Pratap
angrier than both. This apparently recently has been anarchic: there serve Jinnah in the university Road placard on Akbar Road (the

have never seen the electronic is common fare. was no control. precincts. This will be the ammuni‑ placard was removed the next
media so totally defiant of the The Communist Party of India is Recent increase in violence was tion which can come in handy at all morning), Modi clenching his fist at
BJP government. Home Minister receiving signals from its Kashmir described by reliable sources as times. The campus will be the ord‑ Tipu Sultan during the recent cam‑
Rajnath Singh's avowed intention unit that it may have to rename "indigenous" which is not what offi‑ nance depot for frequent explo‑ paign, are minor episodes in an
to calm Kashmir by announcing a itself. The 'I' in the CPI has been cials say. A narrative which dis‑ sions in the service of the projected epic of hatred being manufactured
Ramadan ceasefire appears to have hurting the state unit for quite counts outside "meddling" is not Hindu Rashtra. for 2019 of course, and beyond if
been dismissed as "appeasement of some time. But after the recent honeyed music to the establish‑ Folks overtly agitated or elated at need be. In this gameplan there is
Pakistan and terrorists". surge in shootings, stone pelting, ment. Nor to that shrill panel ‑ on the turn of events in Aligarh may no real, long‑term respite for
A guest peering out of one of the "encounters", sustained images of Aaj Tak. Ironical, isn't it, that the find it sobering that Pakistan's Kashmiris, Muslims or Indo‑
six windows on the TV screen was wailing women, trailing the spate absence of outside support to the Jinnah is not the only leader Pakistan peaceniks.
frothing in the mouth. "Murderers of funerals, and relentless media insurgency disturbs us? around whom communal polariza‑ Alongside, the rage of the Dalits
of our brave jawans are being jingoism, the "I" now invites physi‑ Just when Kashmir was at fever tion can be contrived. and tribals is spiraling out of con‑
shamelessly appeased." The other cal danger. True, a defunct party by pitch, the mayhem in Aligarh Ram Navami processionists in trol. There is an element of simula‑
went one better: "A brave nation any name will remain defunct, but Muslim University erupted around Kankinara, 24 Parganas in West tion in anti‑Muslimism for political
does what the Sri Lankan army did even so, Communist Party of the photograph of Mohammad Ali Bengal, were so overpowered by reasons but the retribution faced
to the LTTE ‑ just finished them Kashmir (CPK) will at least not Jinnah. Friends are in error if they the spirit of Rama that they pulled by Dalits and tribals in the country‑
off." The anchor on this Aaj Tak incur the wrath of the street. consider the undiluted hooliganism down the statue of Congress side is visceral.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times. DIPLOMACY May 26-June 1, 2018 15

Jaipur Foot walks into United Nations

By Prakash Bhandari ney of the of frugal” or Gandhian engineering. It costs
Jaipur Foot ‑‑ a mere $70, while a similar western pros‑
New York: Hundreds of visitors to United Lesson learnt” thetic costs $15,000.
Nations visited its photo gallery to marvel and an initiative Mehta added that the BMVSS along with
at a unique Indian product, the artificial of Jaipur Foot Indian foreign ministry will hold on‑site fit‑
limb named the Jaipur Foot that has its USA chairman ment camps in Vietnam, Myanmar, Iraq,
presence in 30 countries and has benefited Prem Bhandari. Nepal and Bangladesh in the coming
over 1.7 million persons. Itʼs the first such Commented months. These camps will ensure that
product which the UN has allowed to be Syed 5,000 persons get mobility and dignity.
displayed in its gallery because Jaipur Foot Akbaruddin, Now a Jaipur Hand is being developed in
has brought mobility and dignity to so Indiaʼs envoy to association with a US university.
many. the UN, “While During the UN seminar, a Nigerian named
The credit goes to Jaipur based Bhagwan the technology John Mattes was introduced as walking on
Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) behind Jaipur the Jaipur Foot after receiving it in the Pink
founded by a former public servant Food has contin‑ City.
Jaipur Foot founder and chief patron
Devendra Raj Meht who has made it the ued to improve, Houston‑based jeweler Rajiv Daga and
DR Mehta speaking at the UN. (Inset) A model
largest organization for the rehabilitation the ʻJaipur Footʼ his wife Neeta Daga donated Rs 1.35 crore
of the Jaipur Foot.
of the handicapped. has helped the to the Jaipur Foot.
Said DR Mehta, “We are grateful to the through our 22 centers. These artificial neediest. They truly are working to ensure The vice president of the Jaipur Foot USA,
UN and the initiative of Indiaʼs Permanent limbs and other aids and appliances are no one is left behind,” Jagdish Manish Dhadda hosted a dinner in honor of
Mission to the UN for allowing us to display given free to the amputees.” Dharamchand Koonjul, PR of Mauritius to DR Mehta. There, Narayan Panchariya, an
the low‑cost but high‑tech Jaipur Foot. Over The exhibition with over 100 photos and the UN, said, “In 2014, the Jaipur Foot MP, announced a contribution of Rs 25
25,000 handicapped are benefitted in India the seminar was themed “50 years of jour‑ Project, which represents an excellent tem‑ lakh from the MPsʼ discretionary fund. The
plate for South‑South cooperation, was Rajasthan government will contribute Rs
launched in Mauritius to service the coun‑ 50 lakh and the funds would be used to

In praise of Excellence tries in the region.”.

BJP National Vice President Vinay
provide a motorized vehicle for the handi‑
capped in the state.
Sahasrabuddhe said that in todayʼs chang‑ The Jaipur Foot USA also held an event

and Jaipur Foot ing world, India is playing a crucial and

leading role, including in the rehabilitation
at the Indian consulate where Consul
General Sandeep Chakraborty was the chief
of the different‑abled people. guest. Sahastrabudhe is also the president
Jaipur Foot has become a symbol of of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Indian societyʼs ability to empathize.” and said that the Jaipur Foot is Indiaʼs best
DR Mehta said Jaipur Foot is the “epitome contribution to the medical world.
by Jaipur
Foot USA

By Ashok Vyas who think beyond their selfish orbit and act
‘Excellence’ means being outstanding or When I was recognized by Jaipur Foot
extremely good. USA for ʻExcellence in Digital Mediaʼ, anoth‑

So, excellence is a worthy goal. er honoree in this semi‑formal function in
New Jersey was Vandana Sharma, Regional

f an organization is dedicated to serving
the humanity selflessly, that organiza‑ Manager (Americas), Air India. This award
tion can be called excellent. The ceremony on May 12 was graced by DR
Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti Mehta, ICCR President Vinay
(BMVSS) is certainly an organization for Sahasrabuddhe, Prem Bhandari and Rajya
innovating the Jaipur Foot which has pro‑ Sabha MP from Jodhpur, Narayan Lal
vided artificial limbs to over one and a half Panchariya. It was a moving experience to
million beneficiaries in nearly so many hear Mehta ji talk about his vision of
countries. BMVSS.
The story of Padma Bhushan Devendra
Raj Mehta, founder patron of Jaipur Foot, is
I have felt the need to share positive ideas
and express the richness of Indian culture STARTING SALARY: $42,500
extremely inspiring. He was on the verge of
losing a limb but for his access to wonderful
in creative ways on various digital plat‑
forms and social media. Insight for
medical support at the right time. On his Creativity has made use of Facebook and
hospital bed, he thought about people who Whatsapp to disseminate positive thoughts. Begin your journey by pre-registering for the
Sanatan Insight TV was born with this idea
canʼt afford such treatment and felt com‑ NYPD Police Officer exam at
mitted to do something to help them. of sharing the sense of ʻUniversal Onenessʼ.
Well, the illustrious IAS officer DR Mehta NYPundits has been instrumental in convey‑
The pre-registration period opens on
began serving in 1975 and the journey con‑ ing the essence of scriptures through graph‑
tinues. Jaipur Foot USA, with its chairman ics, interviews, and live chat shows. May 25,2018 and closes on July 28,2018.
Prem Bhandari, has spread awareness about Dialogue Generation Square series address‑
Jaipur Foot and mobilizing people to con‑ es the need of better communication Pre-registration is required before taking the exam.
tribute towards this worthy cause. His between two generations and Online
efforts led to Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin Rajasthani has been a modest attempt to For more information, visit
organizing a discussion about Jaipur Foot at offer digital forum of communication to
the UN and an exhibition to educate the Rajathani speaking people.
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gized to do good in the presence of people source of joy.
16 May 26-June 1, 2018 ENTERTAINMENT

By Parveen Chopra

ith his two decades of
background in Wall
Street, Prem
Parameswaran got Eros
Turning Eros Now
International listed on New York
Stock Exchange and is now build‑
ing Eros Now, which boasts the
largest library of Bollywood and
other regional language movies, as
the next Netflix. He gave an exclu‑
into a global brand
sive interview to The South Asian Prem Parameswaran,
Times and offered the readers of
the newspaper two months free Group CFO and
subscription to Eros Now. Excerpts
from the interview: President (North
The South Asian Times:
Watching IPL matches here on
America) of Eros
Willow, I noticed Eros Now logo
splashed on the jerseys of Royal
International, is
Challengers Bangalore team.
Prem Parameswaran: Yes, we are
targeting a million
the major sponsor of RCB team,
where they wear our jerseys. Good
subscribers in the
news is, the RCB skipper and most
famous cricketer today, Virat Kohli,
next few years for
is India team captain. So, it is great
to have him wear our jersey.
Eros Now.
our digital arm, which is Eros
So, Eros Now is being pro‑ Now, the largest Indian OTT plat‑
moted all over? form in the world. OTT is ʻover
Prem: Yes, It is a world‑ the topʼ of the setbox. Netflix is
wide campaign. We are an OTT app. With OTT. you are
focusing on India, South bypassing TV or cable or satel‑
Asia, all of North lite. You are using the internet to
America, UK, the Middle get directly the content you
East, certain areas of want.
Eastern Europe as well Indian stars like Priyan
Eros has worked with ead y. No w Prem
Looked at from the evaluation
du ko ne alr
Chopra and Deepika Pa
as Russia, Germany, perspective, we are growing
etc, which have an ramesw aran envisions them making movies much faster compared to even
Pa ation al talen t.
ll as intern
affinity for Bollywood Indian American as we Netflix. The GDP of India is
movies. In fact, growing much faster than that
Russians love Prem Parameswaran, global CFO and President of Eros International ‑ North America of America: 7‑8% over 3%. In the
Bollywood. next 5 years, 25% of the world's
10,000 movies, a large portion is GDP growth is going to come out
You are handling Eros promo‑ Hindi, the next large portion is of India. We think we are well posi‑
tions in North America… Tamil, then Telugu, and then tioned for the future. Our stock is
Prem: I am global CFO as well as Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, undervalued today and we look
President of all of North America Gujarati, Bengali all together. forward to growing it. And we are
for Eros International, Kishore looking forward to a banner year
Lulla is our CEO. Rishika Lulla You boast the largest library for this year in both the box office as
Singh is CEO of Eros Now, which Indian movies… well as Eros Now.
encompasses our digital OTT (over Prem: Yes, 10,601 films to be
the top) platform, the equivalent of exact in the library of Eros Now. Do you plan to have your own
Netflix for Indian content globally. Our nearest competitor is Hotstar, theaters to screen movies?
Rishika is based in Dubai and India. they only have 2,976. Amazon has Prem: No, we don't have plans to
Eros International Plc, which is 1151, and Netflix 283. What a big do that. We have good relation‑
currently listed on the NYSE (ticker difference! All of our competitors ships with all the theater compa‑
EROS), was founded in India in together have 43%. You get access nies. Obviously when we release
1977. to all of our movies as well as our our movies, from international dis‑
world class originals when you tribution perspective, we focus on
As a producer, which have been subscribe to Eros Now. the Indian diaspora all over the
the biggest Eros hits? We are in 135 countries, and world. Here in the US, we know
Prem: ʻBajrangi Bhaijaanʼ with have over 80 million registered where the Indian communities are:
Salman Khan was a huge hit, as users and 8 million paying sub‑ in Hicksville or Jackson Heights in
was Deepika‑Ranveer starrer scribers as of May 12, 2018. Eros Now is being promoted not only in America, but also in India and NY; Edison in NJ, certain areas of
ʻBajirao Mastaniʼ. The 3rd part of other countries. It sponsored Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team, San Francisco and Los Angeles,
ʻTanu Weds Manuʼ is coming out Indian film industry was once whose skipper and cricketʼs biggest star Virat Kohli is seen wearing
Atlanta, Washington D.C., Virginia
within a year. So, over the last 10 tainted with using mafia money Eros Now jersey along with Rishika Singh, Eros Digital CEO.
and Maryland, Dallas and Houston.
years we have had an average mar‑ and so on but now is said to be get‑ comment on other film producers, Prem: We have three businesses: That is how we focus on releasing
ket share of 30% of the Indian box ting corporatized. Your take? but we are a public company, US theatrical, syndication and a digital our movies into the right movie
office. In some years, we have actu‑ Prem: In the old days, maybe it company listed on NYSE. We are arm. When we decide to greenlight theater chains, box office in the
ally had over 40%. was so. But now particularly for us, audited by Grant Thornton, one of a movie, we will also look to pre‑ right areas.
there is a sea change. When we the top 5 accounting firms in the syndicate the TV and satellite
After Hindi, which other lan‑ went public in 2012, we took over world. We feel it is very important rights ahead of filming that movie. You also want to tap Indian
guage films do the best business a year to make sure that the to do reporting and follow the reg‑ That takes care of an average 70‑ American talent when planning to
for you? accounting, and legal structure and ulatory framework right. 75% budget of our movies ‑ which make movies here in America. How
Prem: We focus not only on everything was NYSE ready. is great! So we are very focused on is that panning out?
Hindi but also other regional films. Everything that we do is extremely You also contend your film proj‑ the economic model, making sure Prem: We want to look at global
In our library of Eros Now, of over ethical and above board. I cannot ects are vetted well… we make money. Then we have talent not just Indian talent. We ENTERTAINMENT May 26-June 1, 2018 17

like Indian actors, we like Indian

We know that there Both your parents are very active

American actors, and we want to in the GOP in Westchester county,
expand Eros to become a global
brand. That is very important,
are 4.3 million first how about you?
Prem: I am very active in the
especially now that Reliance is and second generation Republican Party, especially in the
partnering with us. Asian‑American wing. I was even
Indians here. Our goal honored as an Asian‑American
Tell us about your deal with business executive of the year in
Reliance? is to get over 1 million 2011. I also have a close affinity
Prem: Reliance Industries for the Trump Administration. I
Limited made a 5% investment in Indian (people of any was an early supporter of
our company, Eros International, at President Donald Trump and I was
$15 a share. This deal was final‑ background, in fact) invited to the Diwali celebration in
ized a couple of months ago. the Oval Office last year. I will con‑
Reliance is one of the world's
subscribers out of tinue to support both the
largest conglomerates with a $100
billion market cap. So, the 20th
North America over Republican Party as well as the
Trump Administration.
richest person in the world,
Mukesh Ambani, has wanted to
the next 3-5 years. What do you want to tell the
partner with us, to help us increase Indian community?
How serious is piracy for Eros as
our brand and the content, so we Prem: Yes, one last thing I would
you produce so many movies too?
will always have world class, pre‑ like to say is we look at Eros as a
Prem: Piracy is a challenge not
mium content. It may sound like a brand, a proud Indian brand and
just for Indian movies but also for
cliche, but it is true that CONTENT we want to grow this brand and
Hollywood, Chinese movies, etc.
IS KING. If you produce premium our stock. I look at our stock
You need to be vigilant. We will go
content, people will automatically (NYSE: EROS) today, it is under $15
after anyone pirating our films
want your product. And hence you and severely undervalued. I think
with the force of all the US laws
can drive box office as well as Eros our stock should rise over the com‑
against that, as do Disney, Warner
Now subscriptions. ing years to new heights as it will
Brothers and others. But we find
be a byproduct of our operating
fewer and fewer people pirating
What is your vision for Eros success. I believe this is an oppor‑
films because of the digital nature
Now and the number of sub‑ tunity for Indians to invest in a pre‑
of films now. It's becoming harder
scribers you are targeting in mium Indian content company that
to do as the cinema screens are
America? Prem Parameswaran was invited to the White House last year for has been the box office leader in
Diwali celebrations graced by President Trump. such that filming with a phone,
Prem: We are a content creator, a Bollywood. And you now have the
camera, or recording equipment
content aggregator and a content When you think about ability to invest on the New York
has become so much more diffi‑
distributor of the best premium entertainment, about tech‑ Stock Exchange and as India
content. We know that there are nology, that's the future, grows, as we grow, we hope to
4.3 million first and second gener‑ as well as healthcare. I make investors a lot of money
I guess piracy will decline more
ation Indians here. Our goal is to had an illustrious career in along the way.
because with digital libraries, peo‑
get over 1 million Indian sub‑ investment banking, work‑ ple can order a movie for as much
scribers (people of any back‑ ing in some of the top So you are encouraging Indian
or less than the cost of the poor
ground, in fact) out of North firms including Goldman Americans to buy into the Eros
quality/pirated version.
America over the next 3‑5 years. Sachs, Deutsche Bank, stock.
Prem: Eros Now is just $7.99 a
That's very doable because not Salomon Brothers and Prem: Yes, correct, but not just
month (two months free for the
only are we going to focus on the Jefferies, where I learned Indian Americans. I want everyone
South Asian Times readers) and
Indian diaspora, which I think is a lot and executed over to buy our stock, though I think it
you have access to 10,600 films.
important, but more so because 300 transactions for the is a huge opportunity for Indian
India is in vogue, Indians are cool. likes of AT&T, Comcast, Americans.
What about latest movies, how
Look at certain cultural things Level 3, Paetec, The soon they get on the Eros library?
today: i) Indians have the largest Boston Red Sox as well as Prem: It depends on what
per‑capita income of any ethnic with the media, entertain‑ some of our
group; ii) so many of the CEOs of ment and technology sec‑ As producer, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was agreements Prem
tech companies, finance compa‑ the biggest Eros hit. Their library has
over 10600 movies, the biggest
are. We may Parameswaran
nies, investment banks are Indians, But as there has been a put a movie adores his
whether itʼs Google or Microsoft, collection of Indian flicks.
cultural shift, I thought it right on, we three children:
etc; iii) Yoga is in, it is universal, iv) was a good time to make a move believe in Bollywood, I believe in Trinity (13),
may even pre‑
Indian food has become universal when Eros Chairman (Mr Kishore India. After I joined the company in miere a movie Ka yla (10) and
and it is healthy for you and tasty; Lulla) approached me. We helped 2015, our stock price went from on Eros Now. Hudson (8).
and v) you know Bollywood is take Eros public, doing an Initial approximately $18 per share to a Sometimes we
becoming more and more synony‑ Public Offering (IPO) for the com‑ high of $39 per share. will do it in con‑
mous with Hollywood and people pany in November 2012. We fol‑ How has internet changed the junction with
are entertained by Bollywood lowed that up with another equity entertainment and media industry? our theatrical
movies and they are entertained by raise for the company in the fol‑ Prem: It has changed the indus‑ release or our
Indian dance and now you have lowing year. I got it listed on the try immensely. You can see people TV or satellite
kids all over the country wanting New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). now have different viewing habits, release, or we
to learn Bollywood dance. These That is when the Chairman said people are getting their news not will do it after.
developments are creating a nice that he wants to grow Eros into a as much from print media as they We will sell the
catalyst for the Indian community multi‑billion dollar company and used to. TV or satellite
but more importantly for us at he wanted to add some firepower Now there is a second medium: rights and after
Eros. to help on the capital market, digital and social media. Social the agreed on
finance, advisory and M&A media is changing the advertising period, say a cou‑
How come you moved from Wall (Mergers and Acquisitions) side. I model. OTT is changing how peo‑ ple of months,
Street to entertainment? What has thought this was the perfect time ple view things. More and more the movie comes
it been like? both from my Indian heritage per‑ people are now watching the con‑ right back, added
Prem: As you know, I was an spective as well as the opportunity tent over the top, except for sports to our library. So,
investment banker for over 23 to grow the ʻNetflix of Indiaʼ to new which is live, or news. Even news is our model is
years, focusing on media, telecom, heights. This is just an incredible really being looked up on the inter‑ exactly how
and technology as well entertain‑ opportunity that I wanted to help net. So, technology has shifted peo‑ Netflix does it or
ment. So obviously I have an affini‑ drive and that's why I joined Eros ple's viewing habits to their con‑ how Disney will
ty for this sector and this area and because I believe in technology, I sumption of what they want and do it.
I think that this is the forefront. believe in our entertainment, I when they want it.
18 May 26-June 1, 2018 ROYAL WEDDING

Prince Harry, Meghan

marry at Windsor Castle principles. Her mother Doria Ragland
accompanied her to the chapel.
Prince George and Princess Charlotte Priyanka sports
chic dress suit at
joined eight other little bridal party mem‑
bers, including several of Harry and
Markle's godchildren.
Wearing a dress by British designer Clare
Waight Keller, Markle was met by Prince
royal wedding
Charles, the Duke of Cornwall, who walked
her down the aisle. Her father Thomas
Markle was unable to attend due to health
issues. He later said his daughter looked
"beautiful" after watching the ceremony
from his hospital bed .
"I wish I were there and I wish them all
my love and all happiness."
Markle's 16‑foot‑long veil was held in
place by a diamond bandeau tiara lent to
her by the Queen. In her vows, Markle did
not promise to "obey" her husband, while
Prince Harry broke with royal tradition by
choosing to wear a wedding ring.
His ring was a platinum band with a tex‑
tured finish and Markle's was made from a
The newlyweds travelled through Windsor with an estimated piece of Welsh gold.
100,000 people cheering and waiving at them. Prince Harry, flanked by his brother and
best man Prince William, was dressed in the
London: Prince Harry, sixth in line to the Clooney, David and Victoria Beckham, Idris
frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals.
British throne, and US actress Meghan Elba, Elton John, Tom Hardy, James Corden,
Markle's co‑stars from TV series "Suits"
Markle sealed their wedding vows with a James Blunt, Carey Mulligan.
including actors Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel
kiss outside Windsor Castle's St George's Tennis star Serena Williams and rugby
Macht and Sarah Rafferty were among the
Chapel on May 19, cheered on by thou‑ star Jonny Wilkinson were also present.
sands of delighted crowds. In a departure from tradition, Markle, 36,
Guests connected to the royal family
The couple ‑‑ now the Duke and Duchess walked much of the way up the aisle Actress Priyanka Chopra was seen
included Pippa Middleton and her parents
of Sussex ‑‑ exchanged rings in the presence unchaperoned, followed by her 10 brides‑ wearing a Vivienne Westwood suit.
and Tom Parker Bowles, who is the son of
of Queen Elizabeth II and 600 celebrity maids and page boys ‑‑ a move seen as a
Prince Charles' wife Camilla. Earl Charles
guests. The Dean of Windsor, the Right powerful state‑ London: Internationally acclaimed Indian
Spencer ‑‑ brother of Prince Harry's mother,
Reverend David Conner, conducted the wed‑ ment of her actress Priyanka Chopra sported a chic
the late Princess Diana ‑‑ was another of the
ding service while the Archbishop of feminist dress suit at actress Meghan Markle and
guests, as was the prince's aunt Sarah
Canterbury, Justin Welby, officiated it. Prince Harry's wedding at the St. George's
Ferguson, the ex‑wife of Prince Andrew.
Internationally acclaimed Indian actress Chapel. The "Quantico" actress was seen
Politicians, including Prime Minister
Priyanka Chopra, who sported a lilac wearing a Vivienne Westwood suit and fas‑
Theresa May, were not invited, as it was
Vivienne Westwood dress suit and fascina‑ cinator. She was photographed walking
not a state event. But, former Prime
tor, was among the into the ceremony alongside actress Abi‑
Minister Sir John Major was called
high‑profile guests gail Spencer. Her outfit was hand‑crafted in
for the event, as he is a member of
which included a light heather grey summer tweed, with a
the Order of the Garter.
Oprah soft pearlescent sheen, reports
About 1,200 members of the
public ‑‑ many who were recog‑
George Priyanka, who is close friends with
nized for their charity work ‑‑
and Amal Markle, opened up about attending the
were also invited.
Lady Jane Fellowes, Diana's royal ceremony at The Jenny McCarthy
sister, gave a reading at the Show. The couple's wedding comes six
ceremony. Karen Gibson months after they announced their engage‑
and The Kingdom Choir ment to the world. Harry proposed to
performed Ben E. King's Markle after about a year and half of
soul classic "Stand By dating.
Me" during the service.
As the bride and uplifting version of "Amen/This Little Light
groom signed the of Mine" as the newlyweds left the chapel.
register, 19‑year‑old After the service, the newlyweds travelled
cellist Sheku through Windsor along a route lined by an
Kanneh‑Mason ‑‑ estimated 100,000 people, cheering and
who won the waiving at them.
2016 BBC's All 600 guests were invited to a lunchtime
Young reception at St. George's Hall, hosted by the
Musician ‑‑ Queen. A second reception was expected to
performed. be held later attended by the couple's close
The gospel friends and family.
choir also Markle was married once before, from
performed 2011 to 2013, to producer Trevor
Etta James' Engelson. ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD May 26-June 1, 2018 19

I'm done with my quota of Whitney Houston was

small roles: Nawazuddin molested by her cousin
aving risen from an actor

who began his career with hitney" a documen‑
small bits in various films, tary on late singer
Nawazuddin Siddiqui has clearly Whitney Houston
reached a point where he has shown that debuted at the 2018
not only his versatility, but also the Cannes Film Festival, has stat‑
ability to hold films on his own. The ed that the Grammy winner
actor, who will be seen playing writer was allegedly sexually abused
Saadat Hasan Manto and late Shiv as a child by her cousin Dee
Sena supremo Bal Thackeray in sepa‑ Dee Warwick.
rate films, says he's done with cameos. The revelation comes at the
Here for his film "Manto", which fea‑ end of the film when
tures in the Cannes Film Festival's Un Houston's former longtime
Certain Regard section, Nawazuddin assistant, Mary Jones, alleges
was all praise for the film's director that the singer told her that
Nandita Das' "impeccable research". she was molested as a young
He shies away from naming a child by her cousin Dee Dee,
favorite director or even sharing his the niece of Houston's mother
wish list. Cissy Houston, reports
"If I take names, the others will feel
bad about it. As an actor, I only look at Jones noted that Houston's
stories, script and most importantly my alleged molestation had a last‑
character in the film. There is also a ing effect on her life. "It made
selfishness that works and I think it's her question her sexual pref‑
quite normal that I look for characters erence," she said.
that will challenge me and push me to On why Houston never told
the limits," Nawazuddin told this corre‑ diqui says no more her mother, Jones said the late
Actor Nawazuddin Sid him.
spondent. cameo appearances for singer was probably
He is clear that there is no room for "ashamed. If Cissy had known,
any more cameo appearances for him. characters that are pretty challenging and I she would have done some‑
"No, I will not do it anymore (laughs). It's am happy doing those. Just for the sake of a thing about it, because Cissy
as simple as that, why will I do them? I am branding that I am an international star, I loves her children."
done with my quota of small roles," he said. would not do that. How many films in the Houston died at the age of 48
Singer Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 in 2012.
Nawazuddin rules out exploring foreign world are like 'Manto'? Very few. So, I have on February 11, 2012, by acci‑
shores for roles, saying he is content with no such predetermined affiliation for inter‑ dentally drowning in a bathtub following a "Whitney", which was made with the coop‑
India and the diversity of roles he is getting national projects. I am proud of Nandita heart attack brought on after years of sub‑ eration of Houston's estate, provides inti‑
to do. "For the time being, I am satisfied and a film like this is no way less than any stance abuse. Dee Dee Warwick died in mate insight into the late singer's personal
that all my directors in India are giving me international film." 2008 at age of 63. life and struggles.


LACKS BIG SCREEN LUSTRE Bangkok after 10 years
he International Indian International, said: "We're excited

ctor Harsh Chaya's directo‑ Film and Academy (IIFA) to go back to Bangkok. There are
rial debut "Khajoor Pe Atke" Weekend and
is an engrossing tragi‑ Awards will next
dramedy about the month return to
lives of the
Sharmas, who grav‑
Review Bangkok after a
decade for its 19th
itate to their edition, which prom‑
Mumbai home. The film is about ises not just
the interpersonal relationships of Actors Manoj Bollywood's glitz and
this family during a crisis situation. Pahwa and glamour but support
The film opens in Lucknow with Vinay Pathak to environmental
Jeetendra Sharma (Manoj Pahwa) at the filmʼs causes and cinema
receiving a call from his nephew promotion. memorabilia too.
Alok (Vicky Arora) informing him The gala will be
that his dad, Jeetendra's older builds up enough momentum ‑ the comedy prefers to accentuate held June 22‑24 at
will be
brother Devender's condition has emotional or narrative, to get the the characters' peculiarities, defi‑ the Siam Niramit The Bollywood award gala
deteriorated and he is now is in the viewer on its side. At times, the ciencies or eccentricities ‑ than pur‑ Theatre, which is hel d on Jun e 22‑24.
Intensive Care Unit of a hospital, in screenplay feels influenced by TV sue slapstick. adorned by Thailand's
Mumbai. Emotionally rattled, and theatre which is, not an unrea‑ The characters, most of them are heritage, art and culture and hosts a lot of interesting things we are
Jeetendra informs his other siblings sonable association considering presented as selfish and myopic in the country's most‑popular the‑ doing and we hope this edition
‑ Ravinder (Vinay Pathak) who is Director Harsh Chaya's involvement the extreme and are all the more atre production. becomes exciting for people to
based in Indore and Lalita (Dolly with the medium. amusing as a result. They all per‑ Wizcraft International, the pro‑ come and have fun."
Ahluwalia) their sister who is based The strength of the film is its form competently with natural flair ducers and creators of the IIFA, The main awards gala on the
in Bhopal. tongue‑in‑cheek humor. The writers for comedy. The senior actors play‑ are gearing up to put up a last day will be hosted by the
Anticipating a tragedy, the trio take many true, basic real‑life inci‑ ing their generation seem like sea‑ Bollywood entertainment show inimitable Riteish Deshmukh and
reluctantly land up in Mumbai dents and mine them for comedic soned professionals. interspersed with cultural ele‑ Karan Johar, both known for their
along with their families. gold. The dialogues are razor sharp Overall, mounted with moderate ments from Thailand. quick wit. Among the performers
The weakness of this film is its and hit the right notes. production values the film is a Andre Timmins, one of the three will be stars like Ranbir Kapoor
predictable tale. The film never This is one of those films where mediocre fare. forces behind Wizcraft and Shahid Kapoor.
20 May 26-June 1, 2018 SUBCONTINENT

Court dismisses plea for Former Indian diplomat convicted

treason case against Nawaz
Islamabad: The Lahore
of passing information to ISI
High Court (LHC) dis‑ New Delhi: A court here sen‑ Gupta was in a relationship with
missed as "non‑main‑ tenced former Indian diplomat Jamshed, whom she planned to
tainable" a petition Madhuri Gupta to three years in marry.
seeking registration of jail for passing on sensitive infor‑ The chargesheet said she used a
a treason case against mat ion to Pakistan's Inter‑ computer installed at her resi‑
former Pakistan Prime Services Intelligence (ISI) spy dence in Islamabad and a
Minister Nawaz Sharif agency. Blackberry phone to stay in touch
after his recent remarks Addit ional Sessions Judge with the two Pakistani spies.
on the 2008 Mumbai Sidharth Sharma while awarding The former diplomat claims she
terror attack that left sentence observed that she was is innocent. Once a second secre‑
166 people dead. posted in a very sensitive position tary at the Indian Hig h
The court asked the Former diplomat Madhuri Gupta
in Indian High Commission in Commission in Islamabad, Gupta
petitioner, advocate claims she is innocent.
Pakistan. was arrested on April 27, 2010
Aftab Virk, to approach "Undoubtedly, from a person of held guilty under sections of the for spying and on charges of
the relevant forum with her stature, it was expected that Of ficial Secrets Act (OSA) and passing on information.
his complaint, Dawn she would act in more responsible criminal conspiracy under the On January 7, 2012, the trial
Former Pakistan than an ordinary citizen as she Indian Penal Code (IPC). court charged Gupta with spying
Earlier in an inter‑ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. was at high position of trust but However the court acquitted under the Official Secrets Act. She
view, Sharif said: her act ion has tarnished the her of the stringent section 3(1) was granted bail on January 10,
"Militant organizations are Mumbai attack amounted to image of the country and has (Part‑I) of the Official Secrets Act 2012. Police challenged the order
active. Call them non‑state treason as he had maligned caused severe threat to the secu‑ which attracts a maximum pun‑ and sought modification of the
actors, should we allow them to national institutions as well as rity of the country," the court ishment of 14 years. charges.
cross the border and kill 150 the country. said. Gupta revealed certain classi‑ The Delhi High Court allowed
people in Mumbai? Explain it to The court is yet to decide on However, the court granted her fied information to Pakistani offi‑ the plea in February 2016 and
me. Why can't we complete the the admissibility of another sim‑ bail for filing appeal against the cials and was in touch with two directed to frame a charge against
trial?" ilar petition filed by Pakistan judgment. The court asked her to ISI of ficials, Mubshar Raza Rana Gupta under the section having a
Virk, in his petition, alleged Awami Tehreek's Khurram furnish a personal bond and sure‑ and Jamshed. As per the maximum punishment of 14
that Sharif's remarks on the Nawaz Gandapur. ty of Rs 25,000 each. She was chargesheet filed in July 2010, years.

Nepal's two leading Pentagon accused of lying

Communist parties merge on Afghan troop number
Washington: A US government watch‑ The SIGAR requested "the appropri‑
dog has said that the Pentagon has ate congressional committees and the
provided the wrong number of Secretary of Defense to remind all
Afghan government troops earlier Department Of Defense components
this month, exaggerating its decline. of their statutory duty to provide
The Special Inspector General for accurate and timely data concerning
Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) the ANDSF for quarterly reports".
said that the Afghan National Defence The new number would put the
and Security Forces (ANDSF) had year‑on‑year drop of the ANDSF at
313,728 military personnel as of 17,980, instead of 35,999, a number
January 31, instead of the 296,409 SIGAR considered not as grave as pre‑
that the Pentagon reported earlier in viously suggested but also indicated a
May, Xinhua news agency reported. serious trend in the war‑torn country
CPN‑UML senior It said the Pentagon failed to that its government was losing con‑
leader and former include the Afghan Border Force in trol over the country while the
PM Madhav Kumar
the tally. Taliban was extending its influence.
Nepal (R).

Kathmandu: In a major political break‑ After the unification, the central members
through, Nepal's two leading communist par‑ of the NCP jointly took the oath of office and
ties ‑‑ the ruling CPN‑UML and CPN (Maoist secrecy at the Prime Minister's official resi‑
Centre) ‑‑ merged to form the Nepal dence in Baluwatar. This was followed by Oli Pentagon did not
Communist Party (NCP), the country's largest and Prachanda administering the oath of include the Afghan
Left party. office and secrecy to each other. Border Force in the tally.
The of ficial announcement of unification All the properties registered in the name of
was made by CPN‑UML leader Mad hav UML and Maoist Centre will be transferred to
Kumar Nepal at a conference in Kathmandu. the new party. The NCP will have a 441‑mem‑
With this, the NCP will be the single largest ber Central Committee in which UML and
party in both the Federal and Provincial Maoist Centre will have 241 and 200 mem‑
assemblies. bers respectively.
The NCP's Chairmen ‑‑ Prime Minister K.P. In their political document, both parties
Sharma Oli, the head of the UML, and Pushpa agreed to accept the contribution made by
Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', who heads the decade‑long Maoist's People's War and
Maoist Centre ‑‑ announced at the conference peaceful struggle by the UML in the last
that all structures of the old parties were dis‑ decades. Marxism‑Leninism will guide the
solved from Thursday. new party's ideology.
The CPN‑UML and the CPN‑Maoist Centre "Today is one of the very happiest days of
had in December secured 174 seats in the my life... This unification is for the prosperity
275‑member Parliament in the provincial and of the nation and we will follow the all demo‑
parliamentary polls. cratic norms and values," Oli said. INTERNATIONAL May 26-June 1, 2018 21

Trump warns N Korea Cuba plane crash kills

over 100, 3 survive
could be 'decimated'
Washington: US President Donald
Havana: More than 100 people
were killed after a Cubana de
lies. He said the cause of the
crash was under investigation.
Aviacion Boeing 737‑200 The Boeing was owned by the
Trump has reassured Kim Jong‑un crashed soon after takeoff from Mexican airline Damojh and
that he would remain in power if Havana's Jose Marti International leased to Cubana de Aviacion, the
he gives up his nuclear weapons Airport, a media report said. Civil Aviation Authority said in a
program, but warned the North Three female passengers are in statement. The chartered flight
Korean leader with "decimation" if critical condition after surviving "suffered a failure".
he refuses to strike a deal with the crash. The plane appeared to swerve
Washington. Flight DMJ 0972 heading from to one side and revved its engines
Trump's comments came after Cuba to Holguin was carrying before crashing, said an eyewit‑
Kim threatened to pull out of the 111 people, including 105 pas‑ ness. A large fireball followed by
June 12 summit w ith the US sengers and six crew members, a plume of smoke was visible
expected to take place in when it plummeted at 12.08 p.m. near the airport, added witnesses.
Singapore, CNN reported. on May 18 in Santiago de Las Search and rescue personnel
Speaking to reporters at the Vegas, just miles from the run‑ descended on the area‑‑with
White House, Trump said he was way, CCN reported. some residents helping‑‑as fire‑
"willing to do a lot" to offer Kim Cuban President Miguel Diaz‑ fighters tried to extinguish the
"protections" if he agrees to sur‑ Canel, who was at the scene of flames. Cuba announced two days
render his nuclear weapons.
North Koreaʼs Kim Jong‑un threatens to pull the accident, later offered his of mourning, during which flags
"He will get protections that are out of the June 12 summit. condolences to the victims' fami‑ will fly at half‑staff.
very strong... The best thing he
could do is make a deal," the it's not fake news, is true," he said. place if we don't make a deal,
President said, adding that prepa‑ But he also warned him, giving most likely," Trump said.
rations for the meeting were mov‑ two options ‑‑ reach an agreement "But if we make a deal, I think
ing ahead "as if nothing hap‑ to denuclearize and remain in Kim Jong‑un is going to be very,
pened". power or suffer the fate of Libyan very happy."
Trump also said that the US had leader Muammar Gaddafi, who Trump, however, said that the
not heard of ficial word from the was overthrown and murdered by US was not using "the Libyan
North Koreans about any inten‑ rebels who were supported by a model" in its negotiations with The Cubana
tion to pull out. NATO bombing campaign in North Korea, distancing himself airlines flight
"Our people are literally dealing 2011. from National Security Adviser plummeted
with them right now in terms of "If you look at that model with John Bolton, who had explicitly to the ground
making arrangements, so that's a Gaddafi ‑ that was a total decima‑ mentioned "the Libya model of and burst
lot different than what you read, tion. We went in there to beat 2003‑2004" as a basis for talks into flames.
but oftentimes what you read, if him. Now that model would take with Pyongyang.

Iran urges Europe to remain Shia cleric Moqtada

committed to n‑deal after US exit
Tehran: The Head of the Atomic
Sadr's bloc wins
Energy Organization of Iran
(AEOI) urged the European coun‑
tries to remain committed to
Iraq elections
their promises pertaining to the Tehran: An alliance headed by former seats, as the Kurdistan Democratic Party
Iranian 2015 nuclear deal. Shia militia chief Moqtada Sadr who led got 25 while the Patriotic Union of
Ali Akbar Salehi expressed the two uprisings against the US‑led inva‑ Kurdistan obtained 18.
hope that the European Union sion of Iraq has won the parliamentary Sadr, a long‑term adversary of the US,
(EU) will fulfill its pledges to elections by obtaining 54 seats, the cannot become Prime Minister himself
secure Iran's interests, which Electoral Commission said. as he did not stand as a candidate,
were made in the recent meet‑ According to the final results, incum‑ according to the BBC report. However,
ings with the Iranian delegation bent Prime Minister Haider al‑Abadi he was expected to play a major role in
in Brussels, Xinhua news agency was in third place with 42 while the forming the new government.
reported. pro‑Iranian Fatah alliance was second Sadr has reinvented himself as an
Salehi made the remarks in the with 47 seats. anti‑corruption champion after making
joint press conference with the The State of Law coalition led by for‑ his name as a militia chief fighting US
visiting EU's energy chief Miguel mer Prime Minister Nouri al‑Maliki won forces after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Arias Canete. 25 seats, while the National Alliance of He is also a fierce critic of Iran.
The EU's efforts to save the Ayad Allawi got 21, the BBC reported. Turnout at the May 12 election was
nuclear contract show that the In the Iraqi northern provinces, the only 44.5 per cent ‑‑ much lower than in
deal, also known as Joint two main Kurdish parties won the most previous elections.
Comprehensive Plan of Action
(JCPOA), is a very important
agreement for the region and the
world, Salehi said.
However, if the Europeans fail Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
to undertake their obligations, Ali Akbar Salehi. Former Shia
militia chief
Iran has to press ahead with its peaceful menting its international obligations, said
Moqtada Sadr.
nuclear developments with full determina‑ Salehi.
tion, he said. EU has sent a message to the Iranian
The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear friends that as long as they are sticking to
agreement, once more, proved to the world the agreement, the Europeans will remain
that Washington is not reliable in imple‑ committed, Canete said.
22 May 26-June 1, 2018 BUSINESS

US temporarily suspends ED attaches Nirav Modi's

tariffs on Chinese products properties worth Rs 171 crore
New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate sionally attached," an ED official said
Washington: The US has put on
(ED) said that it has attached more prop‑ here. The financial probe agency's action
hold its plan to impose sweep‑
erties of the absconding diamantaire comes after it registered a separate case
ing tariffs on Chinese products
Nirav Modi worth Rs 171 crore as part of against the diamond jeweler and his
as it presses forward with nego‑
its probe in the multi‑crore Punjab uncle Mehul Choksi of the Gitanjali Group
tiations to reduce its trade
National Bank (PNB) fraud. for defrauding the banks to the tune of Rs
deficit with Beijing, a top priori‑
"During further investigation, more 14,500 crore.
ty of President Donald Trump.
properties and bank accounts beneficially The ED has also attached immovable
US Treasury Secretary Steven
owned by Nirav Modi were unearthed. properties belonging to Nirav Modi
Mnuchin said that the two coun‑
"And based on the bank statements, Group and Mehul Choksi group to the
tries had made progress as they
property documents and statements tune of Rs 7,638 crore. The fraud was
concluded three days of trade
recorded of the concerned persons, under committed during 2011‑17 by illegally
negotiations in Washington late
sections of the Prevention of Money issuing Letters of Undertaking (LoUs) and
last week. The planned tariffs
Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002 and the Foreign Letters of Credit (FLCs). Choksi,
on $150 billion worth of
money trail derived during the course of Nirav Modi and his family fled in January
Chinese goods were off the
investigation properties worth Rs 171. around a month before the PNB filed first
table while the talks proceeded,
26 crore in the form of movable and complaint against them about the fraud
he was cited as saying by the
immovable properties has been provi‑ and they are still at large.
New York Times.
"We are putting the trade war
on hold," Mnuchin said in a "Fox
News Sunday" television inter‑
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Kingfisher Airlines among
view. He said they had agreed on a "frame‑ Mnuchin declined to confirm that figure.
work" under which China would increase its
purchases of US goods while putting in
have very specific targets; I'm not going
disclose what they are. "They go industry
18 firms to be delisted
place "structural" changes to protect US by industry." Mumbai: Defunct Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) along with 17 other firms will be delisted
technology and to make it easier for He suggested that under a deal, China from the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) from May 30.
American companies to compete in China. would make big increases in its purchases According to a NSE circular, companies like KFA, Agro Dutch Industries, Broadcast
While Trump administration officials said of US agricultural products and energy over Initiatives and Lumax Automotive Systems among others will be delisted.
last week that China had agreed to increase the next several years. The stock exchange said that firms like Brandhouse Retails, Elder Pharmaceuticals,
its purchases of American products by $200 Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will First Leasing Company India, Glodyne Technoserve, Helios and Matheson Information
billion by 2020, Chinese officials had soon visit Beijing to finalize the agreement Technology, Tulip Telecom and Varun Industries will be delisted "due to liquidation".
pushed back on that claim and the joint whereby China will import more energy Earlier, on May 11, 2018, BSE delisted over 200 companies "that have remained sus‑
statement the two sides released lacked any products and agricultural commodities from pended for more than six months" or were liquidated.
such dollar figure. the US, the Treasury Secretary said.


New Delhi: With transport fuel the fuel rose to near five‑year high being explored. "I hope something
prices in Delhi and Mumbai touch‑ levels, at Rs 79.24 and Rs 79.47 will work out soon," he added.
ing an all‑time high, industry per litre. Diesel in the national cap‑ Even though oil is now consid‑
chambers, FICCI and Assocham ital went to its highest level of Rs ered less of an independent driver
called for the government to 67.57 per litre. of business cycles than before, the
urgently reduce fuel excise duties. "At a time when the Indian econ‑ State Bank of India (SBI) said the
It also urged the government to omy is on a recovery path, rising recent surge in crude oil prices is
bring automobile fuels under the oil prices are again posing a high likely to impact the country's
purview of Goods and Services Tax risk to India's economic growth imports and stretch the ongoing
(GST). trajectory," a FICCI statement said fiscal's current account deficit
The price of petrol per litre in here. (CAD) to 2.5 per cent of GDP.
Delhi on Monday under the "There is also a risk that mone‑ The price of the Indian basket of
dynamic pricing regime touched a tary policy may turn hawkish, crude oils, composed of 70 per
record high of Rs 76.57, already which would, in turn, have a bear‑ cent sour grade Oman and Dubai
having beaten on Sunday the previ‑ ing on the growth of private invest‑ crudes and the rest by sweet grade
ous high of Rs 76.06 in the city on ments," he said. Brent, has gone upwards of $72 a
September 14, 2013. In Mumbai Reacting to the spiraling fuel barrel in May, after rising to an
petrol price was at Rs 84.40 per price Oil Minister Dharmendra average of $69.30 in April 2018.
litre on Monday. Pradhan said the government is It averaged $47.56 and $56.43
In the other major cities like "sensitive towards the rising fuel per barrel respectively during the At a time when the Indian economy is on a recovery path, rising oil
Kolkata and Chennai, the price of prices" and various alternatives are last two financial years. prices are again posing a high risk to India's economic growth trajectory. SPORTS May 26-June 1, 2018 23

IPL play‑offs: Chennai, Hyderabad look to seal final berth

Mumbai: As the 11th season of
the Indian Premier League (IPL) Ranbir Kapoor to host
nears its climax, all eyes will be prelude to IPL finale
on the top two sides ‑‑ Sunrisers
Mumbai: Bollywood star Ranbir
Hyderabad (SRH) and Chennai
Kapoor will host a two‑hour
Super Kings (CSK) ‑‑ lo cking
prelude to the Indian Premier
horns in the first qualifier at the
League (IPL) finale. Others join‑
Wankhede Stadium here for a
ing the celebrations will
place in the May 27 final.
include Salman Khan,
Both Chennai and Hyderabad
Jacqueline Fernandez, Kareena
finished the league stage on 18
Kapoor Khan and Sonam
points, but the Kane Williamson‑
Kapoor Ahuja.
led side got their neck ahead to
"Cricket Finals…Party Toh
the No.1 spot with a superior net
Banti hai" will be telecast on
run‑rate and Tuesday's winner
Star Plus. It will see a melange
will be guaranteed a place in the
of performances and fun‑filled
final at the same venue while the
interactions with celebrities.
loser gets a second chance in the
Additionally, actors Ravi Dubey,
second qualifier in Kolkata on
Gaurav Sareen, Aakriti Sharma
May 25.
and Deshna Dugad will amplify
Going in to the match, the
the entertainment quotient of
Mahendra Singh Dhoni‑led CSK
the finale.
hold a slight edge as they have
It will be followed by the
got the better of their southern Sunrisers Hyderabad players celebrate after the match against
VIVO IPL 2018 grand finale on
rivals twice in the league stage Kolkata Knight Riders in Hyderabad. (Photo: IANS)
Star India Network on May 27,
this season.
a statement issued by the chan‑
The yellow brigade have been
nel said. Star Gold will also join Pos. Team Plyd. Won Lost Tied Net RR Pts.
on a roll since making their come‑
in with the Hindi broadcast for 1 Hyderabad 14 9 5 18
back to the IPL fold after serving
the grand finale. 2 Chennai 14 9 5 18
a two‑year‑ban, and have rarely
lost the momentum this season wickets but also stop Kings XI 3 Kolkata 14 8 6 16
with the old guards and new sen‑ Punjab from entering the play‑ 4 Rajasthan 14 7 7 14
sations firing in unison. offs.
In their final league game at On the other hand, the Daredevils. May 13 in Pune. sits second in the leading run‑get‑
their adopted home ground in Sunrisers have been on a three‑ Interestingly, it was the CSK Much of the credit for the ters' list with 661 runs and the
Pune on Sunday, CSK rode on game losing run, having already who halted Sunrisers' six‑game Orange Army's entry into the bowling unit leg by paceman
Suresh Raina's gutsy half century sealed their play‑of f spot with a winning streak with a compre‑ playof fs goes to the consistency Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Afghan
to not only romp home by five victory on May 10 against Delhi hensive eight‑wicket drubbing on of skipper Kane Williamson, who spinner Rashid Khan.

South Korea beat India in Need to strengthen

Women's Asian Champions final middle order: Kohli
Jaipur: A dejected
Donghae City (South Korea): Virat Kohli vowed
South Korea pipped India 1‑0 to to come back
lift the 5th Women's Asian with a stronger
Champions Trophy at the Sunrise middle order in
Stadium here. the next Indian
T he match saw South Korea Premier League
keep a resolute defence and score (IPL) season after
the only goal of the match in the his Royal
24th minute when Youngsil Lee Challengers
found the back of the net. Bangalore (RCB)
India's defence was tested in the was shown the
early stages of the match as South door from the
Korea started the game well, win‑ ongoing edition Virat Kohli.
ning possession in the midfield with a 30‑run
Indian and South Korean players in action during the loss to Rajasthan Royals here. tion, Kohli emphasized on the
and putting pressure on India.
Women's Asian Champions Trophy match in Donghae City, Bangalore's 12 points from 14 need to strengthen the middle
However, India defended their South Korea. (Photo: Twitter/@TheHockeyIndia)
lines well as they tried to attack games wasn't enough to propel order that failed to contribute
the hosts on the counter in what Korea dominated. They succeeded T he onus was on the Indian them to the next stage of the on most of the occasions this
was a well‑matched first quarter in the 24th minute when they team to find the equalizer as they league as the Kohli‑led side fell season. "We wanted to strength‑
for both the teams. South Korea tripped India's defence on the looked to defend their crown like a pack of cards while chas‑ en the middle‑order which has‑
had the better chances in the first counter‑attack. against the hosts. However, South ing a modest 165‑run target n't happened, it hasn't been our
period but the teams ended the Mi Hyun Park made a darting Korea did not let the Indian handed by Rajasthan. strength and we need to do that
first quarter goal‑less. run towards the baseline on the attackers find space inside their At one stage, Bangalore were going into the next few seasons,"
T he second quarter saw the right flank and passed the ball striking circle. looking comfortable at 74/1 but Kohli said. "We need to be
hosts put constant pressure on across the Indian goal, which was The win for South Korea saw later went on to lose their smarter with composing our
the Indians as they won three deflected into the back of the net them lift the title for the third remaining nine wickets for just team. The responsibility cannot
penalty corners in a span of two by Youngsil Lee. time after having won it in 2010 59 runs, thanks to Shreyas be taken up only by AB all the
minutes, but Indian goalkeeper India struggled to build momen‑ and 2011. India finished runners‑ Gopal, who shattered the visi‑ time. He certainly scored runs,
Savita made some reflex saves to tum after going behind as the up for the second time after hav‑ tor's top and middle order with but others need to contribute
deny the hosts an important lead. hosts took their one‑goal lead into ing lost in the final of the 2013 impressive figures of 4/16. around him," the 29‑year‑old
This was the phase where South the half‑time break. edition to Japan. In the post‑match presenta‑ added.
24 May 26-June 1, 2018 INDIA FEATURES

'Concept of equality' pervades world's

biggest community kitchen at Golden Temple
By Jaideep Sarin

Amritsar (Punjab): If there is one

big leveller for people, irrespec‑
tive of their religion, caste, gen‑
der, social status or riches, it is
the "langar" or community
kitchen at the Golden Temple
complex where the holiest of Sikh
shrines, the Harmandir Sahib is
located, in this city considered
holy by Sikhs.
Referred to as the world's
largest community kitchen, the
Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Langar Hall
of the Golden Temple complex is
unique in several aspects. On an
It is a 24x7 operation that carries on day and night all 365
average, it feeds over 100,000 Hundreds of volunteers are part of cooking and serving process
days of the year. This has been going on for centuries.
people daily ‑‑ from children to (Image courtesy:
(Image courtesy:
old people ‑‑ from all religions,
castes, regions, countries; and so‑ready to be part of the volun‑ local residents, including women, lessly. The daily expense is depending on the needs of the
people from varied social, eco‑ tary cooking and serving process. have been coming here for years. around Rs 15 lakh. We use 100 devotees," Roop Singh, Chief
nomic and political backgrounds. The langar food is even sent People take time out of their gov‑ quintals (100 kg) rice and up to Secretary of the SGPC, told IANS.
"It is a 24x7 operation that car‑ thrice daily to the two Shiromani ernment and private jobs to serve 30 kg (each) of dal and vegetables The SGPC, known as the mini‑
ries on day and night all 365 days Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee here, irrespective of their religion daily. Over 100 LPG cylinders parliament of Sikh religion, man‑
of the year. This has been going (SGPC)‑run hospitals in Amritsar, or caste. We welcome everyone (domestic size) are used daily for ages the Golden Temple complex
on for centuries, since the con‑ especially to a ward where treat‑ with love," Wazir Singh, speaking the cooking along with hundreds and gurdwaras across Punjab,
cept of langar was introduced by ment of mentally‑ill patients and in Punjabi, pointed out, even as of kilograms of firewood for the Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. It
Guru Nanak Dev (the first Guru of drug‑addicts is being carried out. he continued to issue instructions traditional cooking. Nearly 250 has an annual budget of over Rs
the Sikh religion and its founder; The SGPC is tasked with the man‑ to staffers involved in cooking the kg of 'desi ghee' (clarified butter) 1,100 crore, mostly from dona‑
born 1469) and propagated by agement of all Sikh shrines. langar. is used in the cooking. We have tions at the gurdwaras.
other Gurus," Wazir Singh, senior "We have over 500 volunteer The langar is all vegetarian ‑‑ over three lakh steel plates. We The Golden Temple complex
in‑charge of the langar prepara‑ employees. The sangat (communi‑ comprising mainly of dal (maa‑ can serve 10 lakh (one million) itself gets millions of visitors from
tion, told IANS here. ty) also pitches in with great chole ki dal), rice (slightly salted people in a day," Gurpreet Singh, across the country and other
At any given point of the day or enthusiasm daily. People come for taste), chapattis, achar (pickle) in‑charge of the kitchen, told parts of the world annually. The
night, the place is not only from across Punjab on trucks and and a vegetable, along with some‑ IANS. strong Sikh diaspora in other
swarmed by devotees wanting to tractor‑trolleys ‑‑ even other thing sweet (kheer or prasad). "The whole exercise is carried countries like United States,
partake what is considered as states, different countries ‑‑ to "The whole exercise is quite out selflessly. It is a big task but Britain and Canada actively con‑
blessed by service but by hun‑ help in this massive exercise of enormous but it goes on, with the everything is carried out smooth‑ tributes to the shrine and visits it
dreds of volunteers who are ever‑ making and serving food. Several blessings of the almighty, seam‑ ly. We keep introducing changes whenever they can.

Cabbie who could not save sister builds hospital to treat the poor
By Milinda Ghosh Roy majority refused to lend him a helping hand. Saidul's courage to dream big indeed
However, some did oblige, particularly a impressed lots of people, including Prime
Kolkata: With no cutting‑edge medical young girl, Srishti Ghosh from south Minister Narendra Modi, who praised his
equipment, air‑conditioning or critical care Kolkata, who was so moved by his story that efforts in his radio address to the nation,
unit in place, the under‑construction build‑ she decided to donate her entire first "Mann ki Baat."
ing in West Bengal's South 24 Parganas dis‑ month's salary to the hospital fund. Modi talking about the hospital project,
trict hardly matches the popular notion of a As strangers came in ones and twos, help‑ the 40‑something taxi driver said, has cer‑
modern medical care facility. Yet, the hospi‑ ing him gradually raise the funds for the tainly given him more courage and assured
tal has become a national landmark as it hospital, back home, Saidul's wife Shamima him that he is headed in the right direction.
tells the story of a grieving brother turning stood by her husband like a rock. "Since his speech, a lot of people got in touch
his droplets of tears into an ocean of deter‑ "None of this would have been possible with me. Many have offered help. Some
mination that helped establish it. without my wife. When I started, a lot of local contractors have helped me out by
Taxi driver Saidul Lashkar set out on what Work is now on to make it a full‑fledged people in my close circle distanced them‑ supplying sand, bricks and cement needed
then seemed a near impossible journey in 50‑bed hospital with necessary facilities selves from me thinking I am crazy, but my for the construction work, while a doctor
2004 after his sister Marufa died of chest
like X‑Ray and ECG. wife was there all along. She even gave me from Chennai has expressed his wish to join
infection as he did not have the means to get Welfare Foundation in Punri village near all her ornaments to collect the funds for the my hospital and treat patients."
her treated in a hospital. Marufa was only Baruipur, about 55 km from Kolkata. land," he said. Finally, Saidul's dream came Eight doctors are at present associated
17. Twelve years were spent chasing the true on February 17 as the hospital started with the hospital where they would be pro‑
Though shattered and inconsolable, Saidul dream, as the cabbie crisscrossed the streets functioning, albeit partially, by opening its viding free service for now. However, Saidul
took a pledge not to let anyone else in his of Kolkata, never veering for a moment from outdoor unit to patients. said, they have plans to provide healthcare
neighborhood die without treatment. his single‑minded pursuit to make the proj‑ The response from the locals has been in exchange of a bare minimum fee, neces‑
"I felt I needed to do something so that no ect happen. It was not at all a walk in the overwhelming, as the nearest hospital in the sary for the hospital's maintenance.
impoverished person dies like she did, with‑ park, he recalled. area is almost 11 km away. "Now that I have so many people with me,
out getting treatment. I wish no brother Saidul would talk at length about his mis‑ Work is now on to make it a full‑fledged I feel I can go even further to fulfill my
loses his sister like I did," Saidul said, lean‑ sion to the passengers while driving and 50‑bed hospital with other necessary facili‑ dream. Maybe I won't limit myself only to
ing quietly on a wall of the newly construct‑ show them the documents and receipts of ties like X‑Ray and Electrocardiography constructing one hospital. Maybe I'll go fur‑
ed patients' waiting hall of Marufa Smriti the donations he had received so far. But a (ECG). ther in search of new dreams." (IANS) SELF HELP May 26-June 1, 2018 25

Glam up your outfit with right footwear

ive your wardrobe an your of fice, and also while you of fabrics like nylon which protect
instant refresh with the party. A pair of loafers is a must the shoes from moisture and also
help of the some of the have for everyone's wardrobe and provide enough ventilation.
coolest shoe trends that are sure the best part is that they come in 4Avoid keeping socks in shoes:
to take over this summer varied range and colors which When the socks are kept inside
Anupam Bansal, MD Retail and can be worn throughout the year the shoes, they leave a pungent
creative face of the brand Liberty 4Go in for wedges, since they smell which leads to bad odor and
Shoes in Delhi, lists some trends: are comfortable in providing sup‑ degrades the shoe quality.
4In case you are a fan of open‑ port. Go in for floral or bright col‑ 4Rotate your shoes: Leather
toed footwear, flip flops are the ored wedges to rock your sum‑ shoes have a tendency to soak
best option. Opt for the leather mer look water from your feet, so that they
one since they are more comfort‑ 4 Get breathable and light‑ need time to dry up naturally.
able and breathable, it will keep weig ht sneakers to g ive that Wearing the same will not allow
your feet comfy sporty look. Pair them with your the shoes to dry up naturally.
4 If you want to wear flat denims and flaunt your best sum‑ 4You should clean, polish and
footwear but do not want open‑ mer look condition your shoes regularly
toed ones, then you should try 4Wear comfortable footwear with high quality cleansers and
espadrilles. They are not only to avoid excessive sweating that 4Keep your shoes away from friend: Water ruins footwear, sprays to increase its lifespan.
comfortable but they also go well can cause infections direct sunlight: Material like especially leather footwear. 4Adding a rubber sole protec‑
with sundress, shorts, trousers leather fades faster when kept in 4It is advised against keeping tor adds life to your shoes.
and all other outfits. Go for the Protecting your direct sunlight which can lead to shoes (particularly leather) in Rubber top soles protect the
candy colors since itʼs still a hit
shoes drying and cracking of the shoes. plastic bags as it restricts the ven‑ outer soul from tearing. It could
this summer as well You should store your leather tilation of the material. Exposure be water resistant as well.
4If you are bored of wearing Carl Virk, director of the brand footwear in darker places with a to air for your shoes is important, 4To protect your heel collar,
the same shoes again and again, Carlton London, shares some moderate temperature. for them to breathe. It is suggest‑ always use a shoe horn when put‑
go in for loafers which are apt for shoe care trends: 4 Water is not your shoes' ed to keep in bags that are made ting on your shoes.

Habits to control to Signs that it's time to replace your mattress

prevent breast cancer F
rom its immune system to cially true in the case of spring mat‑ tress.
proper hormonal balance, tresses. 4Because your body's telling you
memory or emotional health, Since they are metal structures, so: A sound sleeper generally, have
the body requires an abundant they have their limitations and they you in the recent past been tossing
amount of comfortable sleep to will not regain their full shape after and turning in bed more often? Are
function well. However, most peo‑ a few years. A rubbing sound might you waking up sore and tired? Do
ple pay little attention to the you have muscle pain and
elements that make for a feel weak in certain
great sleeping environ‑ parts of your body,
ment, most important of frequently in the
which is their mattress. lower back
Although there's a region? It's time to
rule of thumb that mat‑ give your mattress
tresses should be a thorough check,

hanging lifestyle habits, 4Long night‑shifts at work: After replaced every eight as a loss of sup‑
increasing work pressure conducting a survey with 300 years, it can widely vary port due to a worn
and stress levels have left women, found that those who had depending on the condition. Ankit mean that your mattress is settling out mattress is often the prime sus‑
modern‑day individuals with no worked nights for 30 or more Garg, Co‑founder and CEO, too much when you first lie on it. pect for such ailments.
time to pay heed to their health years were twice as likely to have and Devrath Vijay, Visible worn‑out spots or sagging 4It's been 7 years or more: Lastly,
and one disease that seems to be developed the disease. founder of the functional training and bunched‑up areas are also visu‑ even if you have been one of the
emerging because of irregular Renuka Prasad, at Indian Cancer studio, The Outfit, in Delhi, provide al reminders that it's time to part most careful mattress users who
lifestyle is breast cancer. So make Society, says these factors can lead significant pointers to help you ways with your mattress. has taken good care of the mattress
sure you are keeping a check on to this disease. identify a mattress nearing the end 4 Feel the fall: The gradual depre‑ hygiene and have not yet had a
habits that can lead to this disease. 4Hormone replacement therapy of its lifespan: ciation of a mattress' quality is most problem with your sleep, it's defi‑
Meher Patel, Director at DIVA, (HRT) and contraceptive pills: 4Pay attention to the distress calls: evident in the way its surface feels. nitely advisable to inspect your
Centre for Breast Care (partner Medical improvisations you don't A sudden squeak, an unfamiliar Just run your hand slowly over your mattress for any damages. Experts
with cosmetic brand AVON's need! Avoid using the viral popu‑ groan or a sustained creak as you mattress and if you are able to feel suggest that mattresses should ide‑
#PayAttention campaign that rais‑ lar HRT or contraception tablets to heave yourself up from your bed lumps, sagged edges or sudden ally be replaced every 7‑10 years,
es awareness on breast cancer), abnormally treat menopausal are nothing but the notes of your hard areas, then you should defi‑ before the faults start robbing you
says: symptoms and unwanted pregnan‑ mattress's swansong. This is espe‑ nitely consider replacing your mat‑ off your hard‑earned sleep.
4Lack of physical activity: Don't cy.
be proud of being laid back. One of 4Overweight: Start eating healthy
the main reasons is that excess and avoid eating out. Putting on
weight causes the body to produce weight in adulthood (after the age
and circulate more estrogen and of 18) with those extra munchies
insulin, hormones that can stimu‑ and burgers, or being overweight
late cancer growth. It is crucial to after menopause can also lead to
keep your body fit at every stage breast cancer.
of life continuously using all body 4Other causes: A few other caus‑
parts to sweat out intoxicants that es that women tend to overlook is
one consumes in this polluted, the excess use of deodorants and
fast‑paced world. perfumes, underwired bras, bump‑
4Alcohol and smoking: The more ing or bruising of breasts, breast
glasses of drinks you down on the implants and abortions that can
weekend, or packets of cigarettes also be potential threats to breast
you puff up, the more you are at cancer.
risk of breast cancer. ‑IANS
26 May 26-June 1, 2018 HERITAGE

The Magic of Vedic Mathematics Part 15

Rediscovered half a century ago by the Puri Shankaracharya Bharati Krishna Tirtha, Vedic Mathematics is a lightning fast mental math
system. We continue to serialize from ‘The Curious Hats of Magical Maths’ book that makes learning the system easy.

Extracted from ʻThe Curious Hats of Magical Maths ‑ Vedic Mathematics for Schools Book
1ʼ by James Glover, with permission from Motilal Banarsidass (MLBD). Founded in 1903,
they specialize in Indology books. For more information, Mr R.P. Jain, email: US distributor:

To be continued in the following issues of The South Asian Times. IMMIGRATION May 26-June 1, 2018 27

When Green Card holders

By Michael Phulwani, Esq.
face deportation proceedings
& Dev B. Viswanath, Esq. Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents

lawful permanent resident removal because they are not con‑ 4 Employment history and/or 4 Criminal record;
(LPR) who is in removal sidered to have been lawfully business ties; 4 Evidence of bad character; or
proceedings may be eligi‑ admitted for permanent residen‑ 4 Property ownership; 4 Evidence suggesting the LPR
ble for cancellation of removal, cy, however, there may be other 4 Health Issues of the qualify‑ applicant will continue to
meaning the termination of the clock of continuous presence waivers available for the fraud, ing relative(s); commit “bad or violative acts”
removal process and freedom to stops when either the government which is for another article discus‑ 4 Community service; and Cancellation of removal can be
continue living in America as a serves the LPR a Notice to Appear sion. LPR Cancellation is a discre‑ 4 Service in the U.S. military. granted only once so it is a valu‑
green card holder. Cancellation of or the they commit certain crimi‑ tionary form of relief, which Examples of Negative able form of protection that
removal can be sought when an nal offenses. A Notice to Appear means ultimately the judge will Equalities should not be taken lightly, the
LPR is in removal or deportation (NTA) is a document given to a decide if a person is deserving of 4 Reason for removal; LPR needs to present a strong
proceedings before an LPR to put them on notice of the relief, and itʼs at their discre‑ 4 Additional violations of immi‑ convincing case in order to avoid
Immigration Judge and the indi‑ deportation or removal proceed‑ tion to grant the same. gration or other laws; an Order of Removal.
vidual is eligible. To apply for can‑ ings. The five‑year period of per‑ Success in cancellation of
cellation of removal the LPR must manent residency does not removal for LPRs requires that Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal
submit Form EOIR‑42A with sup‑ include the time after a the Immigration Judge finds that Attorney of The Banad Law Offices PC in the
porting documents showing that deportable criminal offense the positive equities outweigh any United States, and Banad Immigration in
they meet all of the eligibility occurred, after the government adverse factors. Below is a list of India for which Attorney Michael Phulwani is
requirements to the Immigration had produced a Notice to Appear, some positive and negative equi‑ also affiliated as Of Counsel. With Offices in
Judge. or while the LPR is waiting on the ties considered by an Immigration Manhattan, Queens, Bangalore, and Mumbai,
Am I eligible for cancelation of decision of the Immigration Judge. the firm is able to assist clients with all facets
removal? In order to be eligible Judge. The LPR must also not of the immigration process, including
Examples of Positive Equities:
for cancellation of removal the have any criminal convictions Employment Visas, Consular Visa Assistance,
4 Family ties in the U.S.;
LPR must have had their green which can be classified as aggra‑ Student Visas, Removal & Deportation, US
4 Evidence of hardship to the
Citizenship and Green Card Applications
card for a least five years and vated felonies. If a LPR obtained LPR and family if the LPR is
based on Family or Employment. Dev B.
must have lived in the U.S. for their green card through fraud or deported; Viswanath can be reached at
seven years continuously after misrepresentation they will not be 4 Evidence of good moral char‑ and 718‑361‑5999.
being admitted in any status. The eligible for cancellation of acter;

28 May 26-June 1, 2018 HUMOR

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi

The ultimate Dad jokes (Image :

list ‑ and the reason

why fathers tell them
athers, please note: Whenever your sandwich!"
child says "I'm ready" it is a legal Guys who are not yet fathers can rest
requirement that you say: "Hello, assured that your family members will find
Ready, I'm Dad!" this totally endearing ("infuriating"), and will
The telling of extremely lame "jokes" has show their delighted appreciation by rolling
been a duty for adult males since the first their eyes and palming their faces.
people evolved. ("Got any fruit? I'm hungry." The nature of fatherhood was on this
"Hi, Hungry, I'm Adam.") columnist's mind after a reader sent in a
You can even see this in small boys. If you recent news story from the Al‑Massae news‑ "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" jokes. Mothers have deep verbal relation‑
laugh at your son's joke, he will repeat it paper of Morocco. Wife: "I'm sorry." SidiI: "Hello, Sorry, I'm ships with their children, but fathers are
multiple times, eventually taxing your ability A professor went to his doctor in the small Professor Sidi!" unable to do this, so connect on a silly level
to simulate laughter. city of Sidi Slimane for a routine check‑up. This columnist consulted a lawyer who instead. Daughter‑on‑the phone: "Dad, I'm
But it is when a male achieves fatherhood The doctor did some tests and told the said that paternity fraud is illegal in most busy, can you call me later?" Dad‑on‑the‑
that a massive biochemical change takes unnamed man (let's call him Professor Sidi) countries, including Morocco, but not in phone: "Okay, Later! Speak to you later,
place, causing him to pretty much limit his that he was completely sterile, and had been England. There, women can legally deceive Later."
utterances to Dad Jokes. all his life. their husbands about their children unless On the downside, many fathers have poor
Other members of the family have to play This came as a surprise, as Professor Sidi's the man is a member of the royal family, in self‑awareness and will launch a Dad Joke
their parts, providing set up lines. Wife: "Can wife had apparently borne him nine chil‑ which case it is a crime under the Treason when people are not in the mood. Such as
you call me a taxi?" Husband: "Sure! You're a dren. A somewhat awkward conversation Act of 1351. There are a lot of laws which this conversation that took place in this
taxi!" later took place which must have gone only apply to women who marry British roy‑ writer's house the night before writing this
And that includes children. Child: "Daddy, something like this. Sidi: "The doctor says als, and I hope someone has told Meghan column. Daughter: "Can you call Mom's
can you make me a jam sandwich?" Daddy: I've been sterile all my life. So our children Markle. phone? Mom can't find it." Dad: "Sure!
"Abracadabra! Bing! You are now a jam aren't mine." Wife: "Ah. Right. Oops." Sidi: There is a scientific reason dads tell bad Mom's phone! Mom's phone!"

Laughter is the Best Medicine


Mahendra Shah
is an architect
by education,
entrepreneur by
BEST profession,
artist and
RATE humorist, car-
toonist and
FOR writer by hobby.
He has been
INDIA recording the
plight of the

AND immigrant
Indians for the
past many years
Hailing from
Gujarat, he
New York Head Quarter lives in
422‑S Broadway Pennsylvania.
NY 11801

516‑827‑1010 ASTROLOGY May 26-June 1, 2018 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

MAY 26‑JUNE 1, 2018

ARIES: You will do well to toe the line of CANCER: Someone may insist on trav‑ LIBRA: You may be looking forward CAPRICORN: Not taking the initiative
those who are genuinely concerned elling with you, so take your call. Your to a life changing experience at this may cost you dear, so be preemptive.
about you. Something or the other will desire to do well on the professional time with a bit of apprehension. Businesspersons can expect their busi‑
prevent you from achieving your aim this or academic front will help keep your nose to Consider your line of action well, if you want a ness to look up. Excellent returns from invest‑
week. Work may pile up and compel you to the grindstone. Campus recruitment will calculated risk to work for you at work. Not ments may motivate you to think big. Changes
devote extra time to it. You can waste money enable some to bag a lucrat ive job. the best time to start anything new, so wait for implemented in lifestyle are certain to contribute
in shopping for inessential things. A game of Homemakers are likely to be at their creative some more time. You will need to do better positively towards good health. Those out of
one‑upmanship may commence on the profes‑ best this week. You will get a chance to meet than your current performance on the aca‑ shape will be able to muster enough willpower to
sional front. You will the company of lover and someone you had not met in years on the demic front to achieve your goal. Exercise judi‑ achieve fitness. You may have to adjust to a new
make the most of togetherness. Health social front. Those in love are likely to spend ciousness in playing the stocks, as you may situation at work. Problems in a joint family set‑
remains satisfactory. time together. lose money. up may be too pressing to ignore.
TAURUS: You may have to level with LEO: You may fail to convince superi‑ SCORPIO: It may become difficult for AQUARIUS: Someone is likely to recip‑
someone you basically dislike about a ors about something not going right at you to pull a bluff in front of those who rocate in a befitting manner for the
contentious matter. Moodiness can work. It will be difficult to bear the crit‑ know your game. You are likely to get good turn done to him or her by you.
make you irritable, so detach yourself from icism of a senior on the professional front. financial help to get your dream project on the An initiative to organise an event or function
your present surroundings. You may get has‑ Despite your expectations, your performance road. Joining a gym to achieved perfect figure will be highly appreciated. Peace and serenity
sled by someoneʼs constant interruptions in may leave much to be desired on the academic cannot be ruled out for some. Professional prevailing on the home front this week will help
whatever you are doing on the professional front. Someone in your extended family har‑ problems are likely to be resolved efficiently. you unwind. An intellectually rewarding time is
front. Support of family will be most readily bours ill will against you, so remain careful. Someone may become rude and arrogant with foreseen in a gathering of like‑minded people.
forthcoming in turning your dreams into reali‑ Dark secrets may be revealed and can shake you on the social front, but it is best not to You are likely to better your current financial
ty. Some good opportunities are likely to come the foundation of love for some. You may feel make a scene. situation. Encouragement at every step will get
your way. ignored on the social front. SAGITTARIUS: You will find this week you nearer to your personal objective.
GEMINI: Expect things to move as VIRGO: Finding better avenues for most rewarding in both personal and PISCES: This is the best time to express
planned on the professional or academ‑ earning may take much of your time professional matters. the feelings for someone you love! You
ic front. You may be catapulted into a this week. A friend or relation is likely Property owners may think on the lines of may find yourself at your innovative
position of prominence on the social front. to help you out financially. Businesspersons construction. An official trip is likely to turn best, but your creativity may not receive the
Maintaining stability on the financial front will are likely to get good opportunities. Self‑disci‑ into a leisure trip, as you manage to take your appreciation you expect. A rise in earning is
not prove too difficult as money comes from pline will be important to remain healthy. You family along. Someone from the opposite indicated, as you build up your finances.
some unexpected sources. Attention from the will be able to find someone on the family camp may express his or her feelings for you Chances of joining a gym or starting an exercise
members of the opposite camp is likely to front unburden your woes. You will have to and make you happy. Peaceful domestic regimen look bright and will help you achieve
keep you aglow. A fun trip with friends is on follow a workplace procedure meticulously to atmosphere will enable you to let your hair total fitness. A trip may prove enjoyable. You
the cards. People are likely to seek your help get the result right the first time. You may get down. Those feeling under the weather will will be able to find a romantic outing most ful‑
on the social front. romantically linked to someone you like. bounce back. filling.

26th May, 2018 ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK self and your family. You may put your
Traits in you: Your ruling planet money in real estate for better returns.
Saturn makes you humble, honest, Finance this year: As far as your finan‑ Career this year: You may have to take believe anything without proper proof. Career this year: Your efforts will bear
focused, practical, realistic and enthusi‑ cial condition is considered, you will few major decisions in your profession. People respect in many ways as you are results and you will be appreciated with
astic. You are blessed with enormous enjoy a better status as compared to the You can succeed if you put some extra very so cial and friendly to them. awards and rewards towards the end of
talent and imagination. Along with the last year. You will get enough benefits effort in your work and deliver quality. However, your arrogance blocks the the year. You may get a promotion for
positive characters in you, there are from your previous investments. You You have to drive the team to put quali‑ way to become a complete person. your smart work and efficiency.
some negative aspects in your nature. may plan for new investments. You may tative effort. Health this year: You may enjoy a Romance this year: Your plans to go
You need to work on your nature of go for partnerships to start new ven‑ Romance this year: If you are yet to be great health this year. However, that for holidays with your partner may not
being envious, unreliable, and indisci‑ tures. Domestic as well as overseas ven‑ in a committed relationship, you may does not mean you will start neglecting work because of huge work pressure
pline. tures will be successful this year. You get into one this year. If you are already your health. You need to take care of and this may create disturbance in your
Health this year: Though you would need to create new contacts for the committed, then you may plan for mar‑ your diet and nutrition to maintain a marital life. You need to take care of the
not face any major health related issues, growth in your business as it will earn riage towards the end of the year. good health. You may practice some emotional requirements of your partner
you should take extra care of your you more projects and money. exercises to remain fit. to lead a peaceful life this year.
health. Do not take unwanted risk of Career this year: You will be establish‑ 29th May, 2018 Finance this year: Monetary benefits
putting your health in stake. Go for reg‑ ing yourself as a very ef ficient and Traits in you: Your ruler, the Moon will be tough to achieve this year. You 1st June, 2018
ular medical checkups. important resource in your organization makes you a very friendly individual. may not get expected financial support Traits in you: As you are governed by
Finance this year: As far as your finan‑ this year. Your performance will influ‑ You are simple, confident, realistic, sin‑ from your family. Your past investments the Sun, you epitomize uniqueness and
cial condition is considered, you will ence your peers, seniors and higher cere, and optimistic. You are very inno‑ will not work this year as expected. philosophy. You are courageous, daring,
enjoy a better status as compared to the management. It is the best time to look vative and try to perform your work in a However, you may go for new short courteous, af fectionate, decisive, and
last year. You will get enough benefits out for a new job as it will help you different and efficient way. You need to term investments, which will gain you very determined by nature. However,
from your previous investments. You grow both professionally and financially. work hard on your characteristics of enough money. If you are planning to you need to work on your impatience
may plan for new investments. You may Romance this year: Your plans to go being jealous and insensitive at times. set up a business, it is advisable not to and short tempered nature to become a
go for partnerships to start new ven‑ for holidays with your partner may not Health this year: You will enjoy a nor‑ go for any partnerships. better individual.
tures. Domestic as well as overseas ven‑ work because of huge work pressure mal health this year. However, you need Career this year: Your confidence will Health this year: You need to take
tures will be successful this year. You and this may create disturbance in your to be in regular contact with your doctor convert you into a winner. You will be appropriate care of your health. You
need to create new contacts for the marital life. You need to take care of the to remain healthy. If you face some capable enough to overcome any chal‑ may fall sick in the middle months of the
growth in your business as it will earn emotional requirements of your partner minor health issues, you should take pre‑ lenge you need to face. The chances of year though those will not be serious. If
you more projects and money. to lead a peaceful life this year. scribed medication without neglecting. your promotion and transfer are high you are a sportsperson, you need to be
Career this year: Professionally you Finance this year: You will be able to due to the organizational change. very careful for your diet and nutrition
will enjoy a smooth life. You may get 28th May, 2018 stabilize your financial condition by Romance this year: Your romantic life to perform better in your sporting
recognition in your professional circuit Traits in you: Due to the positive reaping profits from your past invest‑ will become stagnant this year as you events.
as a result of your hard work and dedica‑ ef fects of your ruling planet Sun, you ments. You may also plan for new may not give enough time to your Finance this year: You may prosper
tion. Your promotion is on cards. You will have the characteristics of a good investments this year. You will find beloved. If you are unmarried and plan‑ financially with the opportunity to earn
should take help of your seniors to learn human being. By nature, you are enough new opportunities to start up a ning to marry this year, it may not hap‑ as much as possible with new sources of
quickly and perform exceptionally well accountable, unique, courageous, com‑ new business that would yield money pen because of the negative movements income. You may go for long distance
as it would help you grow professionally. mitted, competitive, coordinated and for you. You should invest in real estate of your stars and planets. business trips if you want success in
Romance this year: Your relationship intelligent. You should work on your or stock market for better returns. your business. Be aware of fraud invest‑
with your spouse or partner will blos‑ negative personality traits such as self‑ Career this year: You will be success‑ 31st May, 2018 ment agencies as you may end up losing
som this year. If you are not married, ishness, dependency and pessimism. ful professionally this year. You will be Traits in you: Uranus, being your dom‑ a huge amount of money. You are
you may have to wait for few more years Health this year: You need to take an additional responsibility and you will inating planet helps you become dynam‑ advised not to lend money this year.
though you are eligible for marriage. appropriate care of your health. You well execute them to perfection. Your ic and creative. You are positive, realis‑ Career this year: You will be very
may fall sick in the middle months of the success may get you various awards and tic, responsive, and sincere. You need to impressive in your professional circuit
27th May, 2018 year though those will not be serious. If rewards as well. You may share your work and overcome the weaknesses in this year. However, you need to work
Traits in you: Being ruled by Mars, you are a sportsperson, you need to be ideas with the higher management as it your personality to attract more people smart and perform well to grow as a
you are aggressive, courageous, aspir‑ very careful for your diet and nutrition would help you grow quickly. towards you. perfectionist. You should take quick
ing, focused, friendly, generous, and to perform better in your sporting Romance this year: You will spend a Health this year: Your health would decisions to excel in your field. You may
honest. You lag behind others because events. peaceful life with your love interest this remain very good this year. However, have to help your ordinates to drive pro‑
you lose many opportunities. You need Finance this year: You may get bene‑ year. You will lead a blissful life with you need to go for regular yoga exercis‑ ductivity.
to work on your frequent mood swings fits from your investments later this your beloved with lots of love, care, con‑ es. You should not ignore your healthy Romance this year: You will enjoy an
and temperament. year. This year seems to be an ideal one cern, and support. diet plan to remain in shape. Go for reg‑ improved life with your partner with lot
Health this year: Health wise you will to start investing in business, land or ular medical checkups to avoid any hic‑ of love, care, and concern. You should
enjoy a great time throughout the year. gold. Your ef forts to earn money may 30th May, 2018 cups further. give time to your spouse or partner. If
You may suffer few minor health issues pay off this time. You may go for new Traits in you: As you are ruled by Finance this year: Though you will be you are not married, you might have to
such as cold, headache or body aches. partnerships. However, you should veri‑ Jupiter, you are ambitious, dignified, able to improve your financial status, wait as the movement of your planets
You need to take proper medications to fy the financial background of your part‑ friendly, cheerful and highly optimistic. you may end up spending a lot of money does not suggest a marital alliance this
remain physically and mentally fit. ner for your financial security. You are a be liever but you do not in buying luxury and comfort for your‑ year.
30 May 26-June 1, 2018 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

Downloading God Connectedness

of souls
from the body and senses. What makes us at what lies in front of us. The sooner we
different is the kind of input that is down‑ sit in that state, the sooner we will have
loading into our self over the course of our inner progress. In meditation, we shouldn't
lives. We all download different types of be disturbed by thoughts generated from
input from the world. Most people only our mind.
download information into themselves To download God, we need to keep our
that comes from their body, their senses, mind still. When we are not thinking, but
and the outer world. keeping our mind still, we are able to
Unfortunately instead of downloading download God. When we meditate and are
God, we are downloading the world into distracted by thoughts, we can stop our
ourselves. If we identify our true self, the thoughts in their tracks and ask, “Do I
soul we will find that downloading this want to download worldly thoughts, or do
world doesn't fulfill us. The soul is not I want to meditate?” This simple reminder
interested in downloading the world with can get us back on track to focusing our By Sant Rajinder Singh JI
its enjoyments and entertainments. It attention within. If we can train ourselves

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

wants to download the Divine and its bliss,
love, and ecstasy. The soul is only nour‑
ished by the love and light of the Divine.
to do this, we will form a habit. That habit
will be that the mind remains stilled dur‑
ing meditation time. Then, we will see
S aints and mystics tell us that we are
all connected. We may have outer
appearances that differ, but within us is
To be truly fulfilled, we need to down‑ rapid results in our meditation and will the soul, and all souls are part of God.

hink about how a computer works. load God. How can we do that? swim in the ocean of love and bliss. Let us think of connectedness as water
A computer starts out as a basic Meditation is the process of download‑ When we download God into our system, droplets. When all the droplets enter the
hardware. On its own it can do ing God. However, what do most of us do we are actually merging our real nature ocean, they are connected as part of a
nothing. To operate, software programs in meditation? After stilling our body, back into our Source. We then tap into large body of water. We can remove
have to be downloaded to it. These soft‑ instead of also stilling the mind, we contin‑ eternal wisdom, immortality, bliss, happi‑ droplets from the ocean and put them in
ware programs carry out dif ferent tasks ue downloading the world. This is where ness, peace and divine love. We experience different jars of various shapes and sizes.
and functions. Although all computers are the problem begins. We are downloading the ecstasy and love unknown to us in this No matter what the color or shape of the
basically the same, they operate different‑ our past. We are downloading our wishes physical world. Our soul is only fulfilled by vessel, the basic structure of the water
ly based on the software downloaded into for the future. We are downloading our union with God. It is not satisfied by any‑ does not change. Each water droplet is the
it. Human beings are like basic computer thoughts of anger, lust, greed, attachment, thing of this world. same as when it was part of the ocean. We
hardware. We are born with the same and ego. We are downloading the desires Being like a computer that downloads can then take each droplet out of its con‑
basic operating equipment. We have a of our senses. God‑ opens us up to receive the eternal tainer and put it back into the ocean; the
physical body, bodily systems, and the Meditation should be an ef fortless treasures of God, and helps us swim in the drop merges back because its properties
brain with its system of taking information effort. We close our eyes and simply gaze ocean of love, peace, joy, and bliss. have not changed. This is an analogy to
show how our souls were, at one time, part
of God.

Ecology of the planet and soul

We all are drops of consciousness, radi‑
ating Light and Sound. When these drops
of consciousness are encased in a physical
body, they remain the same drops of soul.
By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji appetite for gratifying our senses has also
The difference is that when we look for
polluted the natural purity of the soul.
Maharaj the drops of soul with our outer eyes, we
The soul has been lead by the mind and

cannot see them, for the soul is not visible
he perfect balance of nature which has been caught in the sensory impres‑
to our physical eyes.
has maintained life on our planet sions of the world. Worldly desires and
Meditation is the process of realizing our
for millions of years is being sensuous pleasures settle like dust on the
inner connectedness. It allows us to turn
threatened by the technology that has pure soul.
our gaze from the mirror in which we see
transformed the modern world. Every day The third aspect of inner and outer ecol‑
our face of flesh and blood to invert to see
the media reports new threats to the envi‑ ogy is restoring the beauty of the soul.
our spiritual essence made of Light and
ronment. The air we breathe, the water Ecologists who clean our polluted air and
Music. Meditation is the process of self‑
we drink and the land from which we water and free animals trapped are the
(Image : knowledge where we realize our self as
derive our food are all progressively pol‑ environmental heroes of our times. There
luted. Concern for ecology has become of universe, and it has been in motion are also ecologists of the soul. These
Think of the power of that realization.
one of the main preoccupations of the ever since. The soul is a spark of Divine, beings have realized the pristine beauty
All those people against whom we may
world. the enlivening soul within us. Like a dia‑ of the spirit and are aware of the pollu‑
have bigotry and prejudice no longer look
We may divide this study into four mond buried deep within the earth, or the tants that cover it with layers of dirt and
different from us. We see that their outer
areas: understanding the cycles of the layers of rich oil lying far below the filth. These divine ecologists are better
shapes, sizes, faces and colors are just an
nature, becoming aware of the effects of earthʼs surface, our most precious riches, known as saints, mystics, and spiritual
outer coat covering the same essence as
pollution, learning how to restore nature the soul, lies buried beneath layers of masters who have become pure and free
our own. Likewise, just as we put on
to its pristine beauty, and putting into mind, matter, and illusion. of all that pollutes the soul.
clothes of different colors, designs and
practice methods to preserve the purity of As long as the soul inhabits the body, A spiritual master shows us our true
textures, these garments do not change
nature. the body is alive. When the soul departs a nature. He teaches us how to analyze our‑
who we are beneath the clothes. Similarly,
I would like to examine the ʻecology of body, the body dies. When God created selves so that we can separate our souls
when the soul puts on an outer form of a
the soul.ʼ There are fundamental laws and the universes, He separated souls from from the layers of the mind, matter, and
human body, or even an animal, it is still a
cycles that apply to the spirit just as to Himself to inhabit the worlds. Thus began illusion.
soul within and this soul is the same
nature. We can gain awareness of how the cycle of the soul. God, while separat‑ The fourth aspect of inner and outer
essence as our self.
pollution affects us within as well as how ing the souls from Himself, has also pro‑ ecology is preserving the natural beauty
When we begin to rise into the spiritual
it affects the world around us. The same vided a way for the souls to return to Him. of the soul. Dedicated ecologists feel the
realms, we see that the other souls inhabit‑
four areas of study apply to inner and This way back is through the Naam or sense of duty to preserve the purity of the
ing bodies have the same essence as we
outer ecology. There is a perfect design in Word. environment. Ecologists are sensitive and
do̶all Light, all Sound, and all conscious‑
nature. The ecological system which got The next aspect of inner and outer ecol‑ avoid altering anything that would upset
ness. At the level of the soul, we all look
created on our Earth is so unique that ogy is Pollution. Like air and water, the the balance of nature. Similarly, when we
the same. When we realize we are all the
ours is the only habitable planet. soul has an innate beauty of its own. For advance spiritually, we move through life
same, we treat others differently. We rec‑
Like natural cycles such as the water millions of years, our Earth has had clean with sensitivity, imperfections and pollu‑
ognize the soul as a part of God. Then, we
cycle, the plant cycle, and the fossil fuel air and fresh flowing water. Exploitation tants covering us fall away and we are
come to see that we are all children of the
cycle‑ there is also a cycle of the soul. The of the planet has sullied these natural restored to our original purity.
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soulʼs journey began within the creation resources. Similarly, our insat iable May 26-June 1, 2018

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