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Electrical-Vacuum-Clamping-Systems EVS-G, EVS-A, EVS-S

EVS-S, Set consisting of EVS-G,

EVS-A and a transport box

Multi-purpose vacuum clamping systems for horizontal and

vertical clamping of various materials. Suction plates on both
sides. Practical assistant for all kind of works like trimming, edge
banding, routing, sawing, sanding and painting. You can use it
Suction on both sides also on job-site.

Suction on both sides – Suction plate on the top and at
the bottom. Easy to use without screw clamps. Just put it
on the worktable, switch on and put work piece on the top.
Easy, fast and save.
Horizontal and vertical clamping – various applications.
Gentle to all materials – no damages on the surface of
materials because of rubber lip around the suction plates.
Clamping of small work pieces – with divisible suction plates.
Clamping of large and ultra large work pieces – high
suction power allows clamping of big work pieces up to 2 m²
on only one clamping device (basic module). For ultra large
work pieces you can plug in an additional clamping device
Various clamping possibilities (additional module).
Use of screw clamps possible – for worktables with rough
surfaces and for vertical clamping.
Powerful electric vacuum pump – generated vacuum of
750 mbar, vertical holding force 70 kg, horizontal holding
force 150 kg.
Easy and fast operation – also with practical foot pedal
Upgradeable system –EVS-G basic module can always be
Secure clamping of large work- upgraded with EVS-A additional module. Or you can decide
pieces yourself from beginning for the complete set EVS-S consisting
of a basic module, an additional module and a transport box.

Foot pedal – even more comfortable handling, you always
have to free hands for holding the work piece.
EVS-A – Additional module for upgrading the system.

Divisible suction plates for Even more comfortable working

clamping of small workpieces with foot pedal

Code Article Net Price Technical Data

Voltage 230V, 50/60 Hz
96000500 EVS-G basic module with electronic pump 450,00 € Input power 120 W
Generated vacuum 750 mbar
96000501 EVS-A additional module without pump 195,00 €
Clamping power: workpiece vertical 70 kg
EVS-S set consisting of EVS-G, EVS-A amd trans-
96000502 625,00 € Clamping power: workpiece horizontal 150 kg
port box
Size suction plate 340 x 125 mm
95000250 Foot pedal for EVS-G, EVS-S 139,00 € Dimensions (L x B x H) 390 x 145 x 200 mm
Weight EVS-G/EVS-A 5,8 kg / 4,9 kg