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SNUPBIND 3:30 PI TN = SIAN 2s BPD LT TINTS IPP AT ‘Washington Cemetery 53th Si. 21th Ave, peste ‘3 yS3 Pe een prams Sroga || seers ca pe VWNIINI jr = pean | | pt pe yan re ?"n np un ue owt yx Tuy OVO MY ODO EASIEST WAY sa LARGE VARIETY OF: TO RENT, eae MADE SIMPLE. < J Luxury Cars 15 Pas. Vans EZRENTAL Call: 347,704,300 | Reserve oniline:. ( ELEXI.con } Great Prices. Best Service! Location: 547 Park Ave. Walworth /S: SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY, MAY 23 a 917-676-9948 DIDI PINDANOMPD TPT IND DN TIPT+ TPT OID 29>) - BN 929-359-2546 WPINTD VENT, WT INDD + n/t} -o"nM SPEND OOTM/PIND) 1 -p"an Sp - Da Np 99 TTT TDD FAT BMY N PMMTND AY - MM 101 peeAyeOPY ANE wr Fleischmanns for Sale ----- Excellent income opportunity! Summer hom age lt pus rertals ner Satmar Cam, Stub, Mikvah Groceries, Tae Out. Large remodeled 2 Ron Viton House 7g B/R 4 ful baths Lg D/&- UR (Lobby Entrance), Lg Hollywood Kitchen, Lg deck in back, La front porch, Beautful scenic property Trees, Tables, Chairs and swings, Three 2 BIR cottages/screered -in porches for rentals. adkltional cottage for leerring/playing, Income cose to $25,000 per summer, Owner can use house and grounds and stil get rental income case to $15,000, Asking $155,000. Serious tuyess ony! Call 845-352-6287 or 845-596 3329| 3 PNUD - WARE! (DIT ND INDYOP 169, PO"TIND 1 DDN yIMDP YONI - DMT 845-774-1268 DN, WOKYT"DT’ ni 3 ons - wT / "Pp 845-421-1592 927 July 2 3 June 13 pp wwwT PrN S$ pw - wat / Ip $45-641-6331 DIPOOYI PR VNR 2+ TTT OITA 2 9 Row Te ‘ownhouse D'7 245 PBI NND- WTA PRIVEDWY / DINK [DEN WO PRU T AND [ATID Hy, ND IND jaYp THA DTA 4 WORMS - rv na MAM /ANIOIND WIND 947-705-1704 vn central A/C Inground pool yuan / TXYYD VID OVID 3 WHIT *T AXD jx Sp heated 2 A 793.5 P2DYTDPMPIND 1S - "INI oD: sa WIND ox 1} + IROYBNA DVT 2 - TN may 917-620-2103 OD19 WIND YON, JINN 5 PUYPI HT IND PAPTAND A WMTW) Frivate furnished winteried summerhouse, buge grounds, pol rea al ameriis,4 BR, torent for ful/half summer, 845-418-6139 - wr v7uNeN1 718-928-8667 POD YONN Mp TNT AD YAM 1g pp YON eh ots PENNS N/a - Mountains Getaway For Sale / Rent - 4/5 bedroom house across Raleigh hotel, new kitchen, Jacuzzi, fire place - ANAD9ND VINE on [1 acres with stream, 6 new refurbished bungalow units (cannot be split) with buildings for Shul & Mikvah | acre zoned, $1.3M. Taxes below 10K. call 845-548-0211 or 845-425-1718 for bungalow rentals call 718-633-3449 NEW EXTENDED LATE HOURS Pyrat bene Lae PM 9:00 772 =pD7nn= After Store Hours Appointements 347-454-2547 vo yw1 s Neil OeaneGED™ © para ill SF Office Space? 2G) (Ee emake! = = = REGENCY Commercial Space? / 347.403.9594 Office, Warehouse, Retail Retail Space? RageneyBrokerepel tegral.con. IDV AWIN PIN TR VT fii 7 Ve \ V2 pr. EDWARD KLEIMAN, MD MEDICAL All a oats inboth fae maa fi Tee ee er mmunolog ecialist Rehabilitation & Urgent Care oY ww) SUNY Downstate ogy, 2P PCa re ue ‘eaSpecaling in the diagnosis and treatment of environmental allergies eee in) 0 seascnal and chronic nasal congestion, asthma, sinus conditions eS and allergic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. 16 SUMNER PL. 718.336.9500 $139 oywDrypya YIP $99 opUDpayER wiry $99 Bec Wopyr war oy 0 $149 Bre wat var OND ly Sizes 3436-38-40 $10 paso NUI/7D INOW IVINT $139) oypoNnay Serr ry ONT VINO PN Soa ou taal 5 PLE aa aCe 549 Bedford Ave wine SHORTEST WAIT Sere roe FEEL ORE eee Urgent Core at ts Best Tn TID ANAW N 3" 4:00 JINSWINS D YRVANPIS VIVUIN ge K foIyA YIptnx px vr wavy wT FTN Tg in v"2yan KWw172 p°wsla PTaAyNIPp FeiayAIK Sow weoPaTy Zanoe Wey ya Mapn yvrymy — vIrvY IEPs WI xa v"o IX PK [7K nepxa naw? ee -& DMNONTT co~ a eeme ae yeshivascamp/aamailcom 829-376-8548 oopvofosn voa FUMBUD 45 71W2 jx OPIN 490 Om DWH RAND SOUP x - WIT [_ reestar with 34K mi $-404-2610| (Call Pro“ 23 PAD SYDERT TM Ip ND MD PTT RAPT NN oY Y)- IDAFIDIND Best Rate Car Rental 719-270-5156 718-882-4364 18 BOPYD POD, L"YY § 640 2519 YO" JSD PS PAN WB NT IND WITT DNDN oT TDW 347-907-9165 DD, BBN PND DIITD VIN MINN PX DID YO 778-644-9682 Smu0 7 MRO we OND ]URT |NVP-WT VODA PR WHOM PAD SOND PIA WTS AITO R :ATISDYIND .0 718-889-6875 DODD YONI AN’ PMDVDIp IND TY TAD NwoT r | 718-852-4364 13 ODPYD YO'D Y"YWA ANDI INN PPR Accidents, Slip & Fall Injury, Medical Malpractice & More, ‘Howard Kagan, £5Q. 718.258.8080 s7sr-7> 748-569-6925 WON VINNY OD YA WON PH YR MR PR ~ min rental a wock $4 1192 WHO TOMAR - YR [YD PROD FOV X OAPT 917-744-8358 BEN) DIT PAA OT NTN PNA Mop MNT 11 917-445-6220 Ey SPT ANE MPTP MNP: thecallpro. 718-887-26: THAIPD 8 DOI ATDAN MN PNT" won RoI BONN PRA" Real Estate Investments 15% return, HPNTDDIND "7 ND ISH - PADD 85-80 OUND 347-219-4846 AWW 24 PONY pick ups VINDTD DIVVON aNd WTDDUDIN UNI INIA WI"eDVIIND For deals in vintage and antique silver - signup at: yrsrel yi NIDTINGTIV? aNvIN ny: MAW VI" DIN? DVI PN TIN WTI 1S BPAY PID 59-2546 TPINTD 845 TTS WN TINE 1 PND 4094 7 AAAS EN OUND NTT All SD Cards, All Sizes, lowest prices in town! 18-55 Canon IS lens only $69 aat oti 2. Digital camares for only $39 and disposable camares too low to mention. Call for best prices 718-722-7664 718-306-9314 DTN 24 9 12 9 UE Eee ey ha Roe nc boca a ett elem ret cae ba