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Name: Elena Nancarrow Class: Career Development Pd.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU : Using Naviance to Navigate your Life

Career Interest Profiler:

A. Type your top three interests below (one in each of the three white boxes).

1. Investigative 2. Artistic 3. Social

Does this interest/definition Does this interest/definition Does this interest/definition

describe you? Why or why not? describe you? Why or why not? describe you? Why or why not?

This describes me in the This describes me This describes me

sense that I like to because I enjoy working because I do like working
think about things in with colors, shapes, with others, to an extent.
order to figure out the patterns and so on. I I love helping others and
tend to be fairly creative have pretty good social
idea. However, I don’t
and independent. skills.
really enjoy researching.

B. Click to view the matching occupation list. Select ten different occupations from
that list and type them below. Next to each occupation, write 1-2 lines to describe
why it is a good fit.

Occupation Good fit because...

1 Child care worker I love working with children.

2 Acute Care Nurse I enjoy being around people and talking with them. I
would get to see new people everyday.
3 Kindergarten Teacher I love working with kids and helping them, in this
case learn
4 Nurse Midwives I enjoy being around people and I love kids, this
brings in both factors.
5 Clinical Psychologist It would allow me to work with others. Also mental
illness is very interesting to me.
6 Genetic Counselor Genetics is an interesting topic.
7 Tutors I am already a bit experienced in tutoring and I enjoy
helping people
8 Advanced Practice Mental illness is interesting to me and I enjoy helping
Psychiatric Nurse others.
9 Exercise Physiologist Would allow me to help others and I enjoy exercising
and find it interesting how different exercises
affect different areas of the body
10 Elementary School I enjoy working with children and helping them learn.