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Africa Americas Asia Australasia Europe

Botswana Argentina China Australia Austria

Cameroon Brazil Hong Kong Fiji Belgium
Egypt Canada India New Zealand Cyprus
Ghana Honduras Israel Samoa Denmark
Kenya Mexico Japan England
South Africa USA South Korea France
Tanzania Pakistan Germany
Qatar Ireland
Thailand Italy
Northern Ireland
Country Population (in millions) Life Expectancy Currency
Botswana 2.039 47 Pula
Cameroon 22.8 55 Central African CFA franc
Egypt 83.4 71 Egyptian pound
Ghana 26.4 61 Cedi
Kenya 45.5 61 Shilling
South Africa 52.5 56 Rand
Tanzania 50.7 61 Shilling
Argentina 41.8 76 Argentine Peso
Brazil 202 74 Brazilian real
Canada 35.3 81 Canadian dollar
Honduras 8.2 73 Honduran lempira
Mexico 123.8 77 Mexican peso
USA 319 79 US Dollor
China 1,370 75 Renminbi
Hong Kong 7.2 83 Hong Kong dollar
India 1,267 66 Indian Rupee
Israel 8 82 Israeli Sheqel
Japan 126 83 Yen
South Korea 51 81 SK won
Pakistan 185 66 Pakistani rupee
Qatar 2.7 78 Qatari riyal
Thailand 67 74 Thai baht
Australia 23.2 82 Australian dollar
Fiji 0.9 70 Fijian dollar
New Zealand 4.5 81 New Zealand dollar
Samoa 0.2 73 Tala
Austria 8.5 81 Euro
Belgium 11 80 Euro
Cyprus 1.26 80 Euro
Denmark 5.6 80 Euro
England 53 82 Pound
France 66 83 Euro
Germany 81 81 Euro
Ireland 4.7 81 Euro
Italy 60 83 Euro
Northern Ireland 1.8 81 Pound
Scotland 5.3 77 Pound
Wales 3 80 Pound
None - It's complicated!
Buenos Aires
Mexico City
Washington DC
Victoria (disputed)
New Delhi
Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (hot topic!)
Fun facts
Tsodilo Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage site with over 4500 rock art paintings dating back to over 100, 000 years.
Bring your umbrella: Cameroon is one of the wettest countries on Earth with over 1028 cm of rainfall per year
Don't bring your umbrella: Egypt gets only an inch of rain per year
Ghana boasts the largest artifical lake in the world - Lake Volta. It can hold 153,000,000,000 cubic meters of water.
Kenya has at least one thing in common with the UK: we both drive on the left.
The very first heart transplant was done in South Africa (by Doctor Christiaan Barnard).
Tanzania's first president, Julius Nyerere, translated two of shakespeare's plays in Swahili, Julius Ceasar and The Merchant o
Plastic surgery seems to be a disease in Argentina. About 1 in 30 people go under the knife each year!
Brazil's coastline, at over 4,500 miles, is the longest continuous coastline in the world.
Ogopogi is Canada's equivalent of the Loch Ness monster, and lives in Lake Okanagan.
The school year in Honduras runs from February to November.
You can thank Native Mexicans for Chocolate, Corn, and Chillies. There is even a Mayan goddess of chocolate called Lxcacao
There are more cows in Montana than people, by a factor of about 3 to 1
Traditionally, Chinese women wear red on their wedding dead, as white is regarded as the colour of death.
Hong Kong is the skyscrapper capital of the world. It has more than 8,000 tall buildings (14 floors and higher).
India's inventions included chess, Algebra, Trigonometry , and snakes and ladders!
Israeli tech companies have give us the cell phone, the first anti-virus, voice mail, and brail bank notes.
85% of Jamaica's coffee production ends up being drunk by the Japanese.
Don't use red ink to write someone's name - in South Korea it means you think that person is going to die (or is already dea
More than half the world's soccer balls are made in Pakistan, in Siakolt city.
Qatar will be the smallest country to ever host a soccer World Cup.
If you want to see the Bridge Over the River Kwai, you need to go to Thailand, and the town of Kanchanburi.
About 25% of Aussies were born in another country.
Fiji consists of 332 islands, only 110 of which are inhabited
One of New Zealand's official languages is Sign Language
There's only one city in Samoa, so it wasn't difficult to pick a capital!
Bring your climbing boots - 65% of Austria is Alpine.
You have to stay in school in Belgium until you're 18!
Cyprus has only four golf courses
Another country where you need to bring your umbrella - it rains every second day.
Champagne is actually an English invention, not a French one.
France is the number one tourist destination in the world.
The world's largest zoo is in Germany, the Zoologischer Garten in Berlin.
Not many aliens are making a beeline for Ireland - it has the lowest number of UFO sightings in Europe. Either that or the Ir
About 20% of Italians are over 65.
The ejector seat was invented by a Northern Irish man
Scotland has just under 800 islands, but only 110 of them are poulated
The equal sign ( = ) was invented by a Welshman - Robert Recorde
e Merchant of Venice.

alled Lxcacao.

s already dead)!

that or the Irish are not looking up!