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Soto 1

Cia Soto
Mrs. Shuttleworth
15 November 2015
Music VS Illustrations

Do you have a favorite song? What about a favorite character from a movie or cartoon?

Music differs greatly from drawings in more ways than just which sense is used to enjoy each.

Each use their own instruments and contrast in their own languages, yet they both reach out to

the public to share stories with the world.

Flick a guitar pick across the strings of a guitar, or flick a pen across its canvas. Both of

these teeming with unseen color, ready to bloom into their own style of release. Music and

drawings obviously differ what is used to produce each piece. Whether it be drums or painting,

the voice or the hand, each communicate pent up emotions detoxed in various ways yet still


Each of these arts are delivered uniquely from each other. Music consists of sounds,

patterns, and harmonies while arts like drawing and painting are illustrated with harmonious

blending of colors and designs. Songs usually include lyrics in which is sung in a verbal

language. This can be tricky to share worldwide with language barriers and such, yet paintings

are written in a visual language. Words or no words, feeling colors or seeing colors, both arts are

interpretable for a meaning lying within each of them.

Despite the instruments in hand and the language used, both, expressed by the same hand,

reach out to the world to express its story. Both music and illustrations are empowering tools one

has to share stories and feelings. Lessons and messages are distributed through stories and

emotions. Each can tell tales where words may fail them, and can reach farther out to others

more personally.
Soto 2

Overall, music and illustrations may vary from each other with their tools and distribution

of communication, but they do extend around the world.