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0 /
polygon has general
no. of sides
= diagonal?

An Engine length 1000 m moving at 10

m/s. A bird is flying from engine to end with
2. x kmph and coming back at 2x. Take total general 0 /
time of bird travelling is 187.5 s. Find x and

I have 20 rupees. I bought 1, 2, 5 rupee

stamps. They are different in numbers by
3. the reason of no change, the shopkeeper general 0 /
gives 3 one rupee stamps. So how many
stamp(s) do I have?

If a:b=3:4 and b:c=2:7, then what is the 0

4. general /
value of a:b:c?

A shopkeeper offered a discount of 15% on

the labeled price. By selling an article for
Rs. 340, after giving discount, he earned a 0
5. general /
profit of 13 1/3%. What would have been
the percent profit earned if no discount was

Tom is 25 % taller than Amy. By what 0

6. general /
percent is Amy shorter than Tom?

Find the percentage of prime numbers

7. present between 1 and 100 (including general 0 /

There are 80 balls and one of them is

defective and has a lesser weight. You are
8. given a balance. What is the minimum general 0 /
number of weighing required to identify the
defective ball?

There are 11 lines in plane. How many 0

9. general /
intersections (Maximum) can be made?

There are 5 Subjects with equal highest

marks. Mark scored by a boy is 3:4:5:6:7.
10. If his total aggregate if 3/5 of the total of general 0 /
the highest score, in how many subjects has
he got more than 60%?
There is a point P on the circle. A and B
started running in two constant different
speeds. A in Clockwise and B in Anti-
clockwise. A meet B First time 500 m in 0
11. general /
Clockwise from P then second time 400 m
Anti-clockwise from P. B is yet to complete
one round, What is the circumference of the

A, B, C, D went to a hotel and planned to

share the bill of 480 Rs. equally. But
afterwards they changed their plan and to
pay proportional to consumption. A paid 0
12. general /
240, B & C paid equally, D paid only half the
amount that he should have paid based on
the first plan. What is the amount paid by

One Cigar can be made from 7 bits of burnt

cigar. If each cigar produces 1 bit and if 0
13. general /
there are 16 Cigars then how many bits will
be remaining in the end?

A bus starts running with the initial speed of

40km/hr with its speed increasing every 0
14. general /
hour by 5kmph.How many hours will it take
to cover a distance of 385km?

One pipe can fill a tank three times as fast

as another pipe. If together the two pipes
15. can fill the tank in 36 minutes, then the general 0 /
slower pipe alone will be able to fill the tank

The prices of a refrigerator and a cell phone

are in the ratio 3:2. If the refrigerator costs 0
16. general /
Rs. 6000 more than the cell phone, what is
the price of the cell phone?

Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in

the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years
17. hence, the ratio of their ages will become general 0 /
11 : 9 respectively. What is Anand\'s
present age in years?

18. If ax=by then general 0 /

The interest on a certain deposit at 4.5%

19. p.a. is Rs 405 in one year. How much will general 0 /
the additional interest in one year be on the
same deposit at 5% p.a.

The difference between SI and CI on rs

20. 1200 for one year at 10 % per annum general 0 /
reckoned half yearly is_____

After the typist writes 40 letters and

addresses 40 envelopes, she inserts the
letters randomly into the envelopes (1 letter 0
21. general /
per envelope). What is the probability that
exactly 1 letter is inserted in an improper

A milkman buys some milk. If he sells it at

Rs 5 per litre, he loses Rs 200. But when he 0
22. general /
sells it at Rs 6 per litre, he gains Rs 150.
How much milk did he purchase?

if 5 tomatoes are worth 8 oranges,5

oranges are worth 4 apples, 7 apples are
23. worth 3 pineapples and 7 pineapples cost general 0 /
rs.203,then the approx price of each tomato

Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If

24. total number of fishes caught by X and Y is general 0 /
48, then number of fishes caught by X?

Juice contains water and orange pulp in the

25. ratio of 3:1. For making 12L juice, how general
much orange pulp will be required?

Four of the
following five
are alike in a
certain way and
0 /
so form a general
group. Which is
the one that
does not belong
to that group?

In the word CONTRACTUAL, the

2. positions of the first and the eleventh general 0 /
letters are interchanged. Similarly,
the positions of the second and the
tenth letters are interchanged, and so
on, up to the positions of fifth and
seventh letters are interchanged,
keeping the position of sixth letter
unchanged. Which letter will be the
third to the right of the sixth letter
from the left end?

In a certain code, LATE is written as

3. $%#@ and WIDE is written as *?▲@. general 0 /
How is DIAL written in that code?

What will come in place of the

question mark (?) in the following 0
4. general /
series based on their positions in the
English alphabet? DGH JMN ? VYZ

If in the following set of numbers, the

first and the third digits are
interchanged in each number, which 0
5. general /
number will be second if arranged in
ascending order after interchanging
the digits? 583 645 396 287 469

A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a

bench. A is sitting next to B, C is
sitting next to D, D is not sitting with
E who is on the left end of the bench. 0
6. general /
C is on the second position from the
right. A is to the right of B and E. A
and C are sitting together. In which
position A is sitting ?

Introducing Reena, Monika said, “She

is the only daughter of my father’s 0
7. general /
only daughter”. How is Monika related
to Reena?

96 16 81 = x 11 15 18 = y What is 0
8. paragraph /
the value of y-2x?

28 49 13 = x 37 12 22 = y What will
9. be the sum of the resultant of the two paragraph 0 /

18 5 17 = x 64 8 11 = y What will be 0
10. paragraph /
the value of x + y?

9 15 50 = x 12 25 24 = y What will 0
11. paragraph /
be the value of x/y?
56 14 9=x 36 12 7=y What will be
12. the difference between the resultants paragraph 0 /
of the two rows?

Manish Punjabi is M.Sc. in Computer

science with 65% marks. Her date of
13. birth is 31st July, 1965. She has been paragraph 0 /
working in an institution as a
programmer for the last 4 years.

Kishore Garg is MCA with 61% marks.

His date of birth is 14 August, 1970.
14. He has worked as a computer as a paragraph 0 /
computer teacher for 3 years. He has
obtained 60% marks in the interview.

If the yellow tile is to the north of the

white tile, and the black tile is 0
15. paragraph /
between the red and the orange tiles,
where is the violet tile?

If the blue tile is present between the

16. green and the violet tiles, the black paragraph 0 /
tile will be to the north of:

If the pink tile is between the yellow

17. and the white tiles, which of the paragraph 0 /
following is/are TRUE?

If the orange tile is between the black

and the red tiles, and the orange tile 0
18. paragraph /
is to the north of the red tile which of
the following is definitely FALSE?

What is the value of 2x+y? Data 1) 0

19. paragraph /
x+y = 2 Data 2) 4x+2y = 6

If x6 - y6 = 0, what is the value of x3

20. – y3? Data 1) x is positive Data 2) y paragraph 0 /
is greater than 1

Who is good in Physics, History and 0

21. paragraph /

Who is good in Physics, History and

22. Mathematics but not in Computer paragraph 0 /

Who is good in Computer Science, 0

23. paragraph /
History and Dramatics?

Who is good in History, Physics,

24. paragraph
Computer Science and Mathematics?
Each of the
following sentences
has been divided
into four parts. 0 /
1. general
There is an error in
one of the parts.
Point out the part
which has an error.

Each of the following sentences

has been divided into four parts.
2. There is an error in one of the general 0 /
parts. Point out the part which
has an error.

Each of the following sentences

has been divided into four parts.
3. There is an error in one of the general 0 /
parts. Point out the part which
has an error.

Each of the following sentences

has been divided into four parts.
4. There is an error in one of the general 0 /
parts. Point out the part which
has an error.

I don’t think these flowers are 0

5. general /
_______ to New England.

The coach tried to ________ his

6. team to taste the odds of general 0 /

Their bantering talk seemed

7. _______ but in fact it masked general 0 /
an underlying _______.

Though the auditors _______

the accountant, his reputation 0
8. general /
was ______ by the allegations
of fraud.

Find the Antonym of the word 0

9. general /
Find the Antonyms of the word 0
10. general /

Find the Antonyms of the word 0

11. general /

Find the Antonyms of the word 0

12. general /

CGI revolutionized the Internet

because: i) Static HTML pages
automatically became dynamic.
ii) It provided a two-way
13. interaction between the client paragraph 0 /
and the server. iii) One could
think beyond static HTML pages.
iv) Web-servers were no longer

14. Before the advent of CGI: paragraph 0 /

All CGI applications run as 0

15. paragraph /
independent processes causing:

According to the author of

16. \'Mentality\' of a nation is mainly paragraph 0 /
product of its_________

The need for a greater 0

17. paragraph /
understanding between nations

The character of a nation is the 0

18. paragraph /
result of its

According to the author his 0

19. paragraph /
countrymen should

Englishmen like others to react 0

20. paragraph /
to political situations like

My life so far has been turbulent 0

21. paragraph /
with varied experiences.

Family gatherings often become 0

22. paragraph /
occasions to reminisce.

Flowers have conspicuous petals

23. so that they can attract birds for paragraph 0 /

Where would the below sentence

best fit in the paragraph? In 0
24. paragraph /
both cases, the writer tries to
touch the reader\'s five senses
and create word pictures.

What is the best way to rewrite 0

25. paragraph /
Sentence 3.

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