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Technical Features

• Standard & Beta (Test) Software Available

• 320 X 240 Dot Matrix LCD Touch Screen
• Connection to Vehicle Via OBD Socket
• 12v /24v Power From Vehicle / Mains U N LOC K IN G TEC H N OLOGY
• Multi Languages Supported
• User ID Password Protection
• Internet Software Updates
• Multi System Protocols
• Future Proof Design
• Adjustable Contrast
• CAN Bus Interface
• USB PC Interface
• Splash Proof
• Backlit LCD

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AD30 Transponder coil AD600 is a powerful software The most advanced key
detector is an essential tool program that provides the transponder cloning tool in
that detects and diagnoses ability to generate immobiliser the marketplace. AD900Pro

Key Programming System

the signal transmitted by the PINCODES, mechanical key reads, writes & copies a
coil or antenna fitted around codes including dealer tool wide range of automotive
the ignition barrel. security codes for various transponders worldwide.
vehicles worldwide.

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Te l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 4 7 6 3 4 7 0 0 0 F a x : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 4 7 6 3 4 7 1 0 0 E m a i l : s a l e s @ a d v a n c e d - d i a g n o s t i c s . c o m
World Leaders In Automotive Key Programming Equipment

Truck Key Programming System Providing a high quality, cost effective, and valuable Functionality Why Advanced Diagnostics?
service for drivers has never been easier - and it’s
The portable AD100Pro clear to see why the AD100Pro Truck is the number • All Makes Coverage • World Leaders For Key Programming
Truck key programming one choice for auto locksmiths and auto technicians, Equipment
enabling them to gain access to leading edge • Provide Roadside Programming For Drivers
tool programs keys and • Easy To Use Products
remotes for truck systems technology at a competitive cost. • Read & Clear Fault Codes
worldwide. The AD100Pro • Worldwide Distributor Network To Support
• Clear Key Memory
Truck is a truly unique Software For Vans & Trucks Locksmiths in Most Countries
product supporting most • Program Keys • Free Technical Support Hotline Provided by
truck manufacturers The AD100Pro Truck comes pre-loaded with • Program Proximity / Smart Keys Your Local Distributor
worldwide. Advanced Diagnostics offers key software for vans and smaller commercial vehicles
programming solutions, that bypass the franchised operating on 12v systems, as part of the standard kit. • Program Remote / Plip Keys • Develop & Design All Hardware &
Software In-House, In The UK
dealer networks, which means an alternative key Additional software modules covering all the major • Program Aftermarket & OEM Keys
programming service can be provided to commercial truck manufacturers is available, and can be • Provides High Quality Products
vehicle operators by professional auto locksmiths and purchased as required and downloaded easily online • Program Aftermarket & OEM Remote Key Fob’s
auto-technicians for drivers on the roadside or direct on to the AD100Pro Truck, 24hrs a day. • Continuous Software Development Program
• Read Immobiliser Pin Codes
whenever required.
The use of transponders in truck keys means that Protecting Your Investment • Read Pre-Code Data
whenever additional / replacement keys or remotes
• Display Live Data
are required, they must be programmed into the truck Copied by many, mastered by one,
using specialist diagnostic equipment. Originally, if a Advanced Diagnostics are pioneers and a • Component Actuation AD Services
customer needed additional or replacement keys / trusted name in the key programming • ECU Identification
remotes, they would have no option but to go to the market. Security for the AD100Pro Truck • Software Updates Online
franchised dealer, which could be expensive and is built-in, ensuring full protection for your • Simple User Interface
inconvenient for commercial drivers. • Access to Info Quest - An Online Portal
investment, Additional security is Some of the functions are manufacturer / model dependent Containing a Wealth of Technical Information
For truck operators, the most important requirement provided by a smart card and calculator
is to get the truck back on the road quickly, as time is which works in a similar way to the security devices • Access To The Website Forum
money, The AD100Pro Truck is the market leading used by the banking industry. AD100Pro Truck is the • Online Pin Code Services
tool designed and manufactured in the UK by popular choice for auto locksmiths and garages
Advanced Diagnostics and offers truck owners an worldwide, enabling access to the most advanced key • Online Training Videos
alternative to the franchised dealer, and can generate programming technology at a competitive cost. Be
an excellent return on investment by providing an part of this exciting & lucrative market too, by offering
additional income stream for your business. commercial drivers a quality mobile key programming
Advanced Technology Integrated AD100Pro Truck Kit Includes

Designed with simplicity in mind and advanced • AD100Pro Truck Programmer

technology integrated, the AD100Pro Truck is easy “We rely on AD Pro Series Programmers • Software - As Purchased
to use and simply guides you through various because AD has continued to lead the industry • Smartcard & Calculator
processes for key and remote programming. Most with new software that allows us to program
truck Immobiliser systems require security access • Protective Carrying Case
more vehicles. The products we have purchased
(Pin Code) to allow keys / remotes to be • Neoprene Tester Case
programmed. The AD100Pro Truck can read many
from Advanced Diagnostics are well made,
• Operating Manual
Pin Codes and where they cannot be read, Advanced reliable, durable and easy to use.”
Diagnostics also offer a service to customers to obtain • Cables & Dongles
Pin Codes online via the website. Tom E Appel - CPL, Keys For Cars, Berkeley, California • Dongle Case

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