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Answer key Ex 6

Ex 1
b Diving in the Maldives
Not everyone wants to spend their holidays
Ex 2
1c 2a 3g 4d 5f 6h 7b 8e lazing in the sun. These days tourists
holidaymakers are more active. They want to
Ex 3
 water skiing use their time weeks away from home to learn
surfing a skill, discover more about the world and
 sailing
make the most of the outdoors. And one of the
 scuba diving fastest-growing holiday activities is sailing
jet skiing
 banana boat riding
windsurfing The warm, tropical Maldive islands in the
Pacific Indian Ocean are one of the best
Ex 4
1 active places to learn. In less than a week, you can
2 the world learn train to be a scuba diver.
3 diving
4 less The reefs surrounding these islands are full of
5 see marine life. In a single dive you might see

Ex 5 animals fish in every colour of the rainbow.

1 rainbow
2 lazing
3 single Ex 7
4 outdoors 3 traditional Egyptian boats
5 fastest-growing 2 a cruise ship on the River Nile
6 make the most of 4 an Egyptian market
7 reefs 1 pyramids
8 skill 5 temples
6 a boy leading a camel

Ex 8/Ex 9
1b 2e 3h 4a 5c 6d 7f 8g

1 Egyptian capital
2 mighty pyramids
3 river bank
4 small boats
5 ancient temples
6 sense of adventure
7 desert transport
8 camel trek

Ex 10
1 ‘feluccas’ are small sailing boats; ‘souks’ are
Egyptian markets
2 temples and camel treks
3 in the late afternoon or early evening; so you
can watch the sun go down across the Sahara

Ex 11
1a 2b 3a 4b 5a 6b

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