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T2015 - kvlcc2


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KVLCC2 is the second variant of the KRISO tanker with more U-shaped stern frame-lines (Van et al,
1998a, b, Kim et al 2001). It differs from the KVLCC2M, used in the CFD Workshop Tokyo in 2005 (Hino,
2005), mainly at the stern contour near the propeller shaft. The difference is explained in Hino (2005).
Since turbulence data are required the original hull (KVLCC2) is used in the present Workshop.
Turbulence data were obtained at Postech, see Lee et al (2003).

The hull geometry and relevant loading conditions and speeds are described under Geometry and
Conditions, from where the hull description can be downloaded in the form of an IGES-file. Please use
this file. There are several slightly different files available.

Guidelines for the output from the CFD predictions are given under Instructions to participants. Note that
there are specific instructions as well as a questionnaire to be filled out for each method.


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