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Hieroglyph Gardiner Transliteration Translation Known As

G1 A Glottal stop heard in German words (ah) Aleph
M17 i ey yodh
1 1 or 7 M17-M17 or Z4 y yeh y

\ D36 a ah ayin
G43 w ou waw
D58 b b b
Q3 p p
# p
h I9 f f f
G17 m m
1 m
t N35 n n n

M D21 r r r
O4 h h as in English h
$ V28 H hu, emphatic h dotted h

B Aa1 x ch, like Scotish loch third h

b F32 X ch, like German ich fourth h

e or B S29 or O34 s s s

v N27 S sh shin
N29 que, like q in queen backward k
n q
? V31 k k k

W11 hard g g
U g
! X1 t t t

- V13 T tu, originally tsh second t

f D46 d d d
I10 D je, originally dj second d
Hieroglyph Gardiner Transliteration Translation Other
G1 A enclitic particle
G1 A vulture, bird in general
G1 A vulture, bird in general
G1 A tread
G1 At striking-power
!! V 4 G1-X1-N5-Z1 At striking-power

!! V G1-X1-N5 At moment, instant, time in general

!! 8 V G1-X1-Z5-N5 At moment, instant, time

!! V 4 G1-X1-N5-Z1 At moment, instant, time in general

!! L G1-X1-F9 At moment, instant, time in general

!! L V G1-X1-F9-N5 At moment, instant, time in general

! F3-X1-N5 At moment, instant, time in general
1 !! L V M17-G1-X1-F9-N5 At moment, instant, time in general

!! h 4 G1-G1-N23-Z1 AA mound of ruins

!!! !`. G1-G1-X1-G1-D40-A14 AAtA Nubian chieftain ?

G1-M17-Z7-P5 Aiw windy ?
R# ! 1!1 :` N1-Q3-X1-G17-G1-M17-Z7-P5 pt m Aiw a windy sky ?

!e C G1-S29-Aa2 Ais viscera

1eC M17-S29-Aa2 Ais viscera

!1 1!E G1-M17-M17-X1-G37 Ayt blanch ?

!! 8 G1-X1-A24 Ayt blanch

!\ K & G1-D36-G43-Q6 Aaw container for papyri

!\ K ] G1-D36-G43-F27 Aaw container

!\ q ! E G1-D36-D58-X1-G37 Aabt oppression

!\ q ! T 5
E G1-D36-D58-X1-F17-G37-Z2 Aabt oppression

jK+ F40-G43-Y1 Aw long of space, time adjective

j+ F40-Y1 Aw long of space, time adjective

F40-G43 Aw long, length of space, time
jKa F40-G43-D41 Aw length of space noun

jK+5 F40-G43-Y1-Z2 Aw length of space noun

j!+ F40-X1-Y1 Awt length of time, space

j! K+++ F40-X1-G43-Y1-Y1-Y1 Awt length of time

j! K+5 F40-X1-G43-Y1-Z2 Awt gifts, food

j!Kc F40-X1-G43-N18 Awt gifts

j!" & ` F40-X1-X2-X6-W22 Awt gifts, food

F40-G43-M17-M17-A24 Awy extend, present, announce, arouse
jK1 18
j:` F40-Z7-D40 Awy extend the arm verb

G1-F40-G43 Awy announce someone verb

!j K
j:!\ F40-Z7-X1-D36 Awy extend the arm verb
F40-G43-G43 Awy arouse oneself, masturbate verb
jK 1 18f! 4 F40-G43-M17-M17-A24-D46-X1-Z1 Awy Drt lay hands on

jK! \4+5 F40-G43-X1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 Awt a gifts

j:9 F40-Z7-Z6 Aw death

jK!> F40-G43-X1-T30 Awt long-knife

F40-G43-V28-A24 AwH do violence
U23-D58-D54 tarry, stray verb intransitive
]qn Ab
U23-D58-D54 avoid, cease verb transitive
]qn Ab
U23-D58-G43-D54 cessation
]q Kn Abw
U23-D58-G43-Q7 Abw brand, scorch
U23-D58-G43-T30 brand slaves, cattle
]q K> Abw
]q!W U23-D58-X1-Y4-S15 Abt brand

]q!-> U23-D58-X1-Y3-T30 Abt brand noun

]q!`!p5 U23-D58-X1-S24-A1-B1-Z2 Abt family

]q!` U23-D58-X1-S24 Abt family collective noun

]q !>!p 5 U23-D58-X1-T30-A1-B1-Z2 Abt family collective noun

U23-D58-A2 Abi desire, wish for
R15-D58 Abi desire, wish for verb
U23-D58-U23-D58-A2 AbAb be delighted
8 E24 Aby panther

]q 118 U23-D58-M17-M17-E24 Aby panther

U23-D58-M17-M17-F27 Aby panther
]q 11]
]q8 U23-D58-E24 Aby panther

]K: U23-G43-E26 Abw elephant

]q K: U23-D58-G43-E26 Abw elephant

U23-D58-G43-T19 Abw ivory
:q K} 3 R15-D58-G43-N33A-T19 Abw ivory

U23-D58-T19 Abw ivory

]q 3
]q KU U23-D58-G43-F18 Abw ivory

] q :KP j U23-D58-E26-G43-W6-N25 Abw Elephantine locality

U23-D58-W6-N25 Elephantine locality

]qPj Abw
]q`Q U23-D58-S24-O49 Abw Elephantine locality
U23-G43-O49 Abw Elephantine locality
U23-D58-Z7-Aa2-N25 Elephantine locality
]q :Lj Abw
U23-W6-D58 Elephantine locality
]Pq Abw
`Q S24-O49 Abw Elephantine locality

]qB\ U23-D58-Aa1-D36 Abx unite, mix, link, mingle, be merged, engage

!q B G1-D58-Aa1 Abx link arms verb transitive

]Bq<+ U23-Aa1-D58-Z9-Y1 Abx join a god verb transitive

\ N11 Abd month

\_ fV4 N11-N14-D46-N5-Z1 Abd month

\_ fN N11-N14-D46-W4 Abd monthly festival

\_ f$ N11-N14-D46-X4 Abd monthly festival

U23-D58-N26-O49 Abydos
]q kQ AbDw
N26-U23-O49 Abydos locality
k]Q AbDw
]ki U23-N26-N24 AbDw Abydos locality

:q kKp R15-D58-N26-G43-K1 AbDw a fish

]q kKp4 U23-D58-N26-G43-K1-Z1 AbDw a fish

G1-Q3-V28-Z5 swine, pigs collective noun
!# < 8 ApH
!# fF G1-Q3-D46-G38 Apd duck, bird

G39 duck, bird in general

G Apd
H1 duck, bird in general used in offering
X Apd
!# fn G1-Q3-D46-D54 Apd rush forward

!h\ < G1-I9-D36-E28 Afa gluttony

!h\ < ! G1-I9-D36-E28-A1 Afa glutton

!h M 1 1 ' G1-I9-D21-M17-M17-Q7 Afry boil verb

G1-G17-Q7 burn, burn up

!1 ' Am
!hfo G1-I9-D46-D56 Afd part of animal leg
G1-W19-M17-A24 Ami mix
!1\ F G1-G17-D36-G38 Ama a perching bird

!1\ ! ` G1-G17-D36-X1-D40 Amat ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone

!1\ ! \ G1-G17-D36-X1-D36 Amat ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone

!1\ K ! ` G1-G17-D36-G43-X1-D40 Amat ramus of jaw, fork of bone, hinged bone

!11i G1-G17-G17-D49 Amm seize, grasp, attack

!11! i G1-G17-G17-X1-D49 Ammt grasp, fist

!11K \ 5 G1-G17-G17-G43-D36-Z2 Ammw gripings medical

!aeE5 G1-F31-S29-G37-Z2 Ams falsehood variant of iwms

G1-F31-S29-S44 Ams club, mace, wield the Ams
!M,8 G1-D21-T12-A24 Ar drive away, oppress

1 M,` M17-D21-T12-D40 Ar drive away from

!1 M,8 G1-M17-D21-T12-A24 Ar oppress the poor

!M1 1!s G1-D21-M17-M17-X1-S43 Aryt staff

!M!R G1-D21-X1-N1 Art heaven, sky

!$ 1 1 n G1-O4-M17-M17-D54 Ahy descend

!$ K E G1-O4-G43-G37 Ahw misery, trouble, injury, pain, illness

!$ E G1-O4-G37 Ahw misery, trouble

1$:E5 M17-O4-Z7-G37-Z2 Ahw misery, trouble

1 $ LE M17-O4-Aa2-G37 Ahw pain

!$ LE G1-O4-Aa2-G37 Ahw pain

1$E M17-O4-G37 Ahw misery, trouble

1$'8 M17-O4-C7-Z5 Ahw illness

!$ : E ! G1-O4-Z7-G37-A1 Ahw sufferer

!$ F ! E 5 G1-O4-Aa5-X1-G37-Z2 Ahmt sorrow

!$ fE G1-O4-D46-G37 Ahd quiver, palpitate, be weak

!$ f" G1-O4-D46-A2 Ahd be weak

!<c5 G1-V28-N18-Z2 AH type of bread

< !; V28-G1-Z8 AH type of bread

!<! h G1-V28-X1-N23 AHt field, arable land, earth, mound

< !! f 5 V28-G1-X1-N21-Z2 AHwt fields, arable lands, earth, mould plural

!<L&!! G1-V28-U6-O6-X1-O1 AH Hwt tomb - shaft

G1-V28-M17-M17-N35A AHy wave flood

!< 1 1~
(B ! M8-Aa1-X1 Axt Inundation-season

(! V M8-X1-N5 Axt Inundation season

!(B ! G1-M8-Aa1-X1 Axt Inundation season

!B / G1-Aa1-M15 Ax papyrus thicket

/y!Q M15-L2-X1-O49 Ax bit Chemmis locality

!B / y ! Q G1-Aa1-M15-L2-X1-O49 Ax bit Chemmis locality

y ! !B / Q L2-X1-G1-Aa1-M15-O49 Ax bit Chemmis locality

!B + G1-Aa1-Y1 Ax the spirit - state

94 G25-Z1 Ax the spirit-state

9BS G25-Aa1-A51 Ax spirit

G25 spirit
9 Ax
9B G25-Aa1 Ax spirit

!B G1-Aa1 Ax spirit

94T G25-Z1-A52 Ax spirit

9B+ G25-Aa1-Y1 Ax be a spirit, become a spirit, glorious, splendid,

beneficial, useful, profitable, fame
G25 be, become a spirit, beneficial, useful, verb
9 Ax
9B!+ G25-Aa1-X1-Y1 Axt what is good, profitable, useful

!9B X1-G25-Aa1 Axt what is good, profitable, useful

B9!5 Aa1-G25-X1-Z2 Axt what is good, profitable, useful

9B K+5 G25-Aa1-G43-Y1-Z2 Axw power of god, mastery over work

9+5 G25-Y1-Z2 Axw power of god

9B +5 G25-Aa1-Y1-Z2 Axw power of god

9B+ G25-Aa1-Y1 Axw power of god

9 B 5K G25-Aa1-Z2-G43 Axw power of god

!9B h4 X1-G25-Aa1-N23-Z1 Axt arable land

f94 N21-G25-Z1 Axt arable land

B9!f Aa1-G25-X1-N21 Axt arable land

9B!l G25-Aa1-X1-I13 Axt uraes-serpent

9!l G25-X1-I13 Axt uraeus - serpent

9B!> G25-Aa1-X1-D6 Axt eye of god

9B! ' G25-Aa1-X1-Q7 Axt flame

9B 1 1!! G25-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-O1 Axyt still-room ?

l! ! N27-X1-O1 Axyt still - room

l! ! N27-X1-O1 Axt horizon

9B!; G25-Aa1-X1-Z8 Axt horizon, tomb of king

9 ! l! G25-X1-N27-O1 Axt horizon, tomb of king

N27-N27-A40 Axty horizon-dweller

9B!;g 1 G25-Aa1-X1-Z8-U33-M17 Axty horizon - dweller

! 9B ;;H X1-G25-Aa1-Z8-Z8-A40 Axty horizon - dweller

l! $ N27-X1-G4 Axtyw horizon - dwellers a remote people plural

l! !$H6 N27-X1-O1-G4-A40-Z3 Axtyw horizon - dwellers

!B $} G1-Aa1-G4-N33A Axtyw horizon - dwellers

9 B $} } } G25-Aa1-G4-B53-B53-B53 Axtyw horizon - dwellers a remote people plural

!B K Y G1-Aa1-G43-N8 Axw sunlight, sunshine

N8-G7 sunlight, sunshine
Y' Axw
N8-G43-A40 Axw sunlight, sunshine
9B Y G25-Aa1-N8 Axw sunlight, sunshine

1 !B K Y M17-G1-Aa1-G43-N8 Axw sunlight, sunshine

!B !K" G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-M2 AxAx grow green

!B !B _ _ _ G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-N14-N14-N14 AxAx stars

!B !B #5 G1-Aa1-G1-Aa1-M3-Z2 AxAx spars of ship ?

!B h+ G1-Aa1-I9-Y1 Axf fever of appetite ?

!B hB h ' G1-Aa1-I9-Aa1-I9-Q7 Axfxf be fiery

!b \ k G1-F32-D36-D51 AXa scratch, srape, carve, engrave

!b \ ! k G1-F32-D36-X1-D51 AXat scratch, scar

!b q " G1-F32-D58-A2 AXb swallow verb

! e "n $ 5 G1-S29-V2-D54-X4-Z2 As a type of cake, bread

G1-S29-V2-D54 hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly
! e "n As
! B "n G1-O34-V2-D54 As hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly verb and adverb
G1-S29-G41 bald-headed vulture
!e I As
G1-S29-Aa2 As bald, viscera variant of iAs and
!e L Ais
!!p Q1-X1-B1 Ast Isis

_!p H8-X1-B1 Ast Isis goddess divinity

!!' Q1-X1-G7 Ast Isis goddess divinity

!! ! p G1-Q1-X1-B1 Ast Isis goddess divinity

!Bq F G1-O34-D58-F3 Asb fierce, glowing of radience

G1-S29-D58-Q7 Asb fierce, glowing of radiance
!e q '
G1-S29-D58-M17-M17-G43-Q7-Z3 Asbyw flames
!e q 1 1 K ' 6
!e B H G1-S29-Aa1-U2 Asx sickle

!e ! s G1-S29-X1-F51 As Ast testicles

!BB H ` G1-O34-Aa1-U2-D40 Asx reap

!e B G G1-S29-Aa1-U1 Asx reap

!e B \ G1-S29-Aa1-D36 Asx reap

!v: ` 5 G1-N37-Z7-W22-Z2 AS a type of drink

!v M ' G1-N37-D21-Q7 ASr roast

!v M s G1-N37-D21-F51 ASr roast, roast meat, a roast

!v M ! s G1-N37-D21-X1-F51 ASrt roast joint

!B M ! R G1-O34-D21-X1-N1 Asrt heaven, sky

G1-N29-G37 perish, come to grief
!n E Aq
!n : E 5 G1-N29-Z7-G37-Z2 Aqw ruin, misfortune
G1-N29-G37 misfortune
!n E Aqw
G1-N29-V28-G43-T7A battle-axe
!n < K ~ AqHw
G1-N29-S29-V6 a type of garment
!n e & Aqs
!n f_ H G1-N29-D46-N14-A40 Aqd a star

!?\ G1-V31-D36 Ak be bent of elbow

!? M D G1-V31-D21-E128 Akr Aker, the earth, earth-gods divinity

!? M m5 G1-V31-D21-I14-Z2 Akrw earth - gods

!? M H 6 G1-V31-D21-A40-Z3 Akrw earth - gods

!? M ' } G1-V31-D21-G7-N33A Akrw earth - gods

!! 8 G1-X1-A24 Ayt blanch

!! b G1-X1-I3 Adw aggressor

!! 1 1 ! o p G1-X1-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1 ATyt nurse

!g 1:!# G1-U33-M17-Z7-X1-M3 ATwt bed

!! hJ G1-X1-I9-F7D Atf be crowned

S8 Atfw Atef crown

!! hK P G1-X1-I9-G43-S8 Atfw Atef-crown

!! hP 5 G1-X1-I9-S8-Z2 Atfw Atef crown

!! hK J G1-X1-I9-G43-F7 Atfw Atef crown

!-t G1-V13-B5D AT nurse

!- 1 1 t G1-V13-M17-M17-B5 AT nurse verb

!! 1 1 ! o p G1-X1-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1 AT nurse noun

!- 1 1 ! t G1-V13-M17-M17-X1-B5D ATyt nurse

!-! X G1-V13-X1-Q18 ATwt bed

!-K ! # G1-V13-G43-X1-M3 ATwt bed

!g 1:!# G1-U33-M17-Z7-X1-M3 ATwt bed

!-# ) G1-V13-Q3-A9 ATp load, be laden

!! # ) G1-X1-Q3-A9 ATp load a ship

!! # } ` G1-X1-Q3-A125-D40 ATp load a ship

A9-A24 ATp be heavy laden with trouble
!! # K ) 8 G1-X1-Q3-G43-A9-A24 Atpw load, cargo

):+5 A9-Z7-Y1-Z2 Atpw cargo noun

)#:+5 A9-Q3-Z7-Y1-Z2 Atpw cargo noun

!! # K ! ) `5 G1-X1-Q3-G43-X1-A9-D40-Z2 Atpwt load, cargo

!! # 1 1 ! ) G1-X1-Q3-M17-M17-X1-A9 Atpwt cargo

!! # ) # G1-X1-Q3-A9-M3 Atp coffer

!fn G1-D46-D54 Ad quiver, palpitate

!fb G1-D46-I3 Ad be savage, be aggressive, be angry, attack,

!fK b! G1-D46-G43-I3-A1 Adw aggressor

!fK \ ! G1-D46-G43-D36-A1 Adw aggressor

!! b G1-X1-I3 Adw aggressor

!fL G1-D46-Aa2 Ad decay

!f! +8 G1-D46-X1-Y1-A24 Adt prepare a sleeping place

!f! 8 8 G1-D46-X1-Z5-A24 Adt prepare

1sss M17-F51-F51-F51 i flesh

1"5 M17-M2-Z2 i reeds, leaves

14"5 M17-Z1-M2-Z2 i reeds, leaves of reeds

A1 i I, me, my suffix pronoun
M17 i I,me,my suffix pronoun
A40 i I,me,my suffix pronoun
A50 i I,me,my suffix pronoun
M17-A1 i I,me,my suffix pronoun
M2 i I, me, my sportive writing
M17-A2 i O!, say, utterance
M17-A26 i O! interjection
1 !! g M17-G1-X1-F37 iAt back, spine of man, animal

g!4 F37-X1-Z1 iAt back, spine of man, animal,middle of river,

1 !! g 2 M17-G1-X1-F37-F51B iAt back, spine of man, animal

1 !! g ! 4 M17-G1-X1-F37-X1-Z1 iAt back, spine of man, animal, middle of river,

1 !! 7 M17-G1-X1-R12 iAt standard for cult objects

1 !! o M17-G1-X1-N30 iAt mound, ruin

1!o M17-X1-N30 iAt mound, ruin

o! 4 h N30-X1-Z1-N23 iAt mound, ruin

L!4 O44-X1-Z1 iAt office, function

1 !! 8 5 M17-G1-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 iAt office, function
1 !K! L 5 M17-G1-G43-X1-O44-Y1-Z2 iAwt offices, functions plural

1 !! . M17-G1-X1-G14 iAt a milk - goddess divinity

>!!b R19-X1-X1-W24 iAtt milk, cream

>!!b R19A-X1-X1-W24 iAtt milk, cream

}!!a S152-X1-X1-W23 iAtt milk, cream

M17-G1-A30 iAi adore
1 !>
A30 iAw adoration
M17-G1-G43-A30 iAw adoration
1 !K>
M17-G1-A30 iAw adoration
1 !>
M17-A30-Z3 iAw adoration
M17-G1-A30-Y1V-Z3 iAw adoration
1 ! > }6
1 !K > +5 M17-G1-G43-A30-Y1-Z2 iAw adoration

1 !!f 5 M17-G1-G1-N21-Z2 iAA mounds of rubble

1 !! 1 1 ! " M17-G1-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2 iAAyt rod, reed, rushes

1 !!! B M17-G1-G1-X1-M34 iAAyt rod, reeds, rushes

1 !!! r M17-G1-G1-X1-S42 iAAyt rod, reeds, rushes

1 !!! " M17-G1-G1-X1-M2 iAAyt rod, reeds, rushes

1 !!! # M17-G1-G1-X1-M3 iAAyt rod, reeds, rushes

A19 iAwi be aged, attain old age, old age verb and noun
M17-G1-G43-A19 iAwi be aged, attain old age, old age
1 !K3 1 !K3
1 K !7 3 M17-G43-G1-Z4-A19 iAwi be aged, attain old age, old age verb and noun

1 !K! 3 M17-G1-G43-X1-A19 iAwt old age

3! A19-X1 iAwt old age

M17-G1-G43-A19-A1 iAw old man
1 !K3 !
M17-G1-A19 iAw old man
1 !3
1!1 1!p M17-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 iAyt old woman

1!1 1!3p M17-G1-M17-M17-X1-A19-B1 iAyt old woman

1 !! 3 M17-G1-X1-A19 iAyt old woman

1 !! K L ] 5 M17-G1-X1-G43-O44-F27-Z2 iAwt herds

R15 iAby left hand, east, eastern, the left side of
:q7a R15-D58-Z4-D41 iAby left hand, east, eastern, left-side of
R15-D58-N25 left hand, east, eastern, the left side of
:qj iAby
:qa R15-D58-D41 iAby left hand, east, eastern, the left side of

]q7a U23-D58-Z4-D41 iAby left hand, east, eastern, the left side of
:q!j R15-D58-X1-N25 iAbt the East

:! R15-X1 iAbt the East

R15-X1-D58-O49-X1-Z1 iAbt the East

1 !q ! M17-G1-D58-X1 iAbt the East

:q 3 s5 R15-D58-T19-F51-Z2 iAb finger, toe nail

:q!7 R15-D58-X1-Z4 iAbty east, eastern, left-hand

!:7 X1-R15-Z4 iAbty east, eastern, left - hand, the East

:q!j R15-D58-X1-N25 iAbty east, eastern

M17-G1-D58-U33 iAbty east, eastern
1 !q g
:q!G R15-D58-X1-O39 iAbty east, eastern

:q!7h R15-D58-X1-Z4-N23 iAbty left - hand

: q !! p 5 R15-D58-G1-A1-B1-Z2 iAbtyw Easterners

: $5 R15-G4-Z2 iAbtyw Easterners

:q!$h4 R15-D58-X1-G4-N23-Z1 iAbtyw the east of

R15-D58-G4-N25 the east of
: q $j iAbtyw
: $f 4 R15-G4-N21-Z1 iAbtyw the east of
R15-P5 iAb the east wind
: `! R15-P5-X1 iAbt the east wind

:q!` R15-D58-X1-P5 iAbt the east wind

M17-G1-D58-P5 iAb the east wind
1 !q `
:q!!j R15-D58-X1-X1-N25 iAbtt the East

:!! R15-X1-X1 iAbtt the East

:q! h!4 R15-D58-X1-N23-X1-Z1 iAbtt the East

:q!!# R15-D58-X1-X1-M3 iAbtt snare ?

R15-D58-Z7-F27-Z3 iAbw leopard
:q :]6
M17-G1-G17-V1 bind the sacrifice
1 !1! iAm
M17-G1-G17-T30A bind the sacrifice
1 !1p iAm
G1-G17-T30A bind the sacrifice
!1p iAm
M17-G1-G17-S42 offer to
1 !1 r iAm
1!MK"5 M17-G1-D21-G43-M2-Z2 iArw rushes plants

1!MM? M17-G1-D21-D21-D7 iArr be dim, be weak of heart

1 ! M M <E M17-G1-D21-D21-D4-G37 iArr be dim of eye, be weak of heart

1!MM!K M17-G1-D21-D21-X1-M43 iArrt vine

1<M!K M17-D4-D21-X1-M43 iArrt vine

1!MM!=r5 M17-G1-D21-D21-X1-D5-N33-Z2 iArrt grapes

1!M!; M17-G1-D21-X1-D3 iArt lock of hair

1 !B K Y M17-G1-Aa1-G43-N8 iAxw sunshine, radiance

N8-G43-A40 iAxw radiance as a god
1 !B K H M17-G1-Aa1-G43-A40 iAxw radiance as a god
M17-G1-S29-A28 iAs bald
1 !e <
!BC G1-O34-Aa2 iAs bald

1eC M17-S29-Aa2 iAs bald

M17-S29-A28 iAs bald
1 !v" M17-G1-N37-A2 iAS call, summon

M17-G23-N29-A32B leap
17n @ iAq
1 !n ! "5 M17-G1-N29-X1-M2-Z2 iAqt leeks, vegetables

1 !?K3 6 M17-G1-V31-G43-A19-Z3 iAkw the aged

1 !?: 4 j M17-G1-V31-Z7-A20-N25 ikw stone-quarry

1 !?q ; M17-G1-V31-D58-D3 iAkb mourning, wailings

1"?q ;" M17-A2-V31-D58-D3-A2 iAkb mourning, wailings plural

1 !?q 1 1 , ; 5 M17-G1-V31-D58-M17-M17-B77-D3-
iAkby mourners
1 !-p E M17-G1-V13-D57-G37 iAT be injured, be distorted, be missing, abate

1 !! p M17-G1-X1-D57 iAT be injured, be distorted, be missing from,

abate of fever
1 !-K p ! 5 M17-G1-V13-G43-D57-O1-Z2 iATw shambles

1 !! Kp ! 5 M17-G1-X1-G43-D57-O1-Z2 iATw shambles

1 !! $! 5 M17-G1-X1-G4-O1-Z2 iATw shambles

1 !! $p M17-G1-X1-G4-D57 iAtyw mutilation

1 !f1 ! M17-G1-D46-A17-A1 id boy

1 !fE M17-G1-D46-G37 idw pestilence

1 !f! 8 U M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-N4 iAdt dew, pouring rain, pestilence, affliction,

1f! U M17-D46-X1-N4 iAdt pouring rain

U N4 iAdt dew

1 !f! 8 E 5 M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-G37-Z2 iAdt intruders

1 !f! 8 ~ M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-N35A iAdt influence

1 !f! 8 ! M17-G1-D46-X1-Z5-V1 iAdt net

1 !f! c h 4 M17-G1-D46-X1-N18-N23-Z1 iAdt tract of land

M18-M17-D54 come, return
21n ii
M17-G43 iiw welcome
2 1 nK7 M18-M17-D54-G43-Z4 iiw welcome

217ng 1 M18-M17-Z4-D54-U33-M17 ii welcome

2 1 n1/! # M18-M17-D54-G17-R4-X1-Q3 ii m Htp come in peace, return safely

1 2 1 nt G17-M18-M17-D54-N35 m ii n as the consequence of, as the outcome of

M18 ii come, return
27n M18-Z4-D54 ii come, return

217n M18-M17-Z4-D54 ii come, return

M18-M17-M17-D54 come, return
211n ii
211!E5 M18-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 iyt mishap, trouble, harm, wrong

211!E M18-M17-M17-X1-G37 iyt mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done

211!n M18-M17-M17-X1-D54 iyt mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done

2 1 1 ! nE 5 M18-M17-M17-X1-D54-G37-Z2 iyt mishap, trouble, harm, a wrong which is done

[11 D35-M17-M17 ii old negative particle

1\w M17-D36-O24A ia tomb mastaba

1\w M17-D36-O24A ia ascend, arise

1\~ M17-D36-N35A iai wash

1\~` M17-D36-N35A-D40 iai wash, wash out an inscription etc

1\K~ M17-D36-G43-N35A iaw washing

1\:~V M17-D36-Z7-N35A-N5 iaw breakfast

D154 breakfast
6 iaw r
1\K~ M" 4 `4 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D21-X2-Z1-
iaw r breakfast

1\K~6" 4 `4 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D154-X2-Z1-
iaw r breakfast

1\K~ M4 M17-D36-G43-N35A-D21-Z1 iaw r breakfast

1\\K` M17-D36-D36-G43-D40 iaaw cover up

1\qT M17-D36-D58-W10 iab bowl

\\qT D36-D36-D58-W10 iab bowl

1\qS M17-D36-D58-F16 iab heap up corn with a pitchfork

1\Tq+ M17-D36-W10-D58-Y1 iab be united, assemble, join, unite, present

\Tq D36-W10-D58 iab present to verb transitive

\ q S+s! L D36-D58-F16-Y1-K4-X1-Aa2 iab XAt inter, bury verb transitive

1\qTl M17-D36-D58-W10-S36C iab assemble of persons

1 \ q S+ M17-D36-D58-F16-Y1 iab be united verb intransitive

1\qT M17-D36-D58-W10 iab be united verb intransitive

1\q } M17-D36-D58-O30U iab be united verb intransitive

1\h M17-D36-I9 iaf wring out, squeeze out

\\h` D36-D36-I9-D40 iaf wring out clothes, squeeze out juice

\\h:` D36-D36-I9-Z7-D40 iaf wring out clothes, squeeze out juice

1\tbK" M17-D36-N35-W24-G43-A2 ianw greeting ?, woe to

1\tb 4+ M17-D36-N35-W24-Z1-Y1 ianw greeting

1\ Mp M17-D36-D21-N31 ar mount up

1\ M!k M17-D36-D21-X1-I12 iart uraeus

\ M!k D36-D21-X1-I12 iart uraeus

\\ M!k D36-D36-D21-X1-I12 iart uraeus

1\ M!! M17-D36-D21-X1-O1 iart abode of god

PH N62A-A40 iaH moon god

M17-V28-N62-G7C iaH moon god
1\<} M17-D36-V28-C114A iaH moon

1\<\ M17-D36-V28-N11A iaH moon

1\ <8\ M17-D36-V28-T24-N11A iaH moon

1 \v" M17-D36-N37-A2 aS pilot

M17-G43 iw is, are
M17-G43-A16 iw hump-back ?
G43-D54 come, return
Kn iw
ch4 N18-N23-Z1 iw island
E9-G43-P1 be boatless, strand, leave boatless, helpless,
)K\ iwi
M17-G43-M17-M17-P19 iwi strand, leave boatless verb transitive
E9-G43-A2 lament, cry out
)K" iw
E9-G43-E14 dog
)K. iw
E9-G43-G37 wrongdoing, injustice
)KE iw
E9-G37 wrongdoing
)E iw
M17-V4-G1-E1 ox, long-horned cattle
1 $ !! iwA
1$!s M17-V4-G1-F51 iwA beef

1$!1 1!p M17-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 iwAyt female representative, substitute

)K1 1!E5 E9-G43-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 iwyt wrongdoing

)!E5 E9-X1-G37-Z2 iwyt wrongdoing

1)!K G17-E9-X1-G43 m iwyt wrongfully

)K1 1!! E9-G43-M17-M17-X1-O1 iwyt house, sanctuary, quarter of town, public

E9-G43-E9-G43-E14 dog
)K)K. iwiw
)KlR] E9-G43-Z4A-O50-F27 iwiw dog

)K\Kns E9-G43-D36-G43-F44-F51 iwaw thigh, leg of beef

)\n E9-D36-F44 iwaw leg of beef

)\n E9-D36-F44 iwa inherit, succeed, act as heir

)\Kn E9-D36-G43-F44 iwa inherit from someone

K\n G43-D36-F44 iwa succeed someone

)\Kn! E9-D36-G43-F44-A1 iwaw heir

1\n M17-D36-F44 iwaw heir

)K\n E9-G43-D36-F44 iwaw heir

) K \ K 2p
E9-G43-D36-G43-A1-B1-Z2 iwaw heirs plural

) \ ! n E9-D36-X1-F44 iwat heiress

)\ ! n+ 5
E9-D36-X1-F44-Y1-Z2 iwat inheritance, heritage

) \ ! n E9-D36-X1-F44 iwat inheritance, heritage

n! +5 F44-X1-Y1-Z2 iwat inheritance, heritage

)! n+ E9-X1-F44-Y1 iwat inheritance, heritage

)!Kn E9-X1-G43-F44 iwat inheritance, heritage

)K\ \ ! n+5 E9-G43-D36-D36-X1-F44-Y1-Z2 iwat inheritance, heritage

)\! 8+5 E9-D36-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 iwat inheritance, heritage

)K\` E9-G43-D36-D40 iwa reward

)\ 1 1 ! n! 5 E9-D36-M17-M17-X1-F44-A1-Z2 iwayt troops

)\!!5 E9-D36-X1-A1-Z2 iwayt troops

1\11!!5 M17-D36-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z2 iwayt troops

)K\K] E9-G43-D36-G43-S21 iwaw ring

1Kq !c M17-G43-D58-X1-N18 iwbt crumb of bread

1Khss s M17-G43-I9-F51-F51-F51 iwf flesh, meat

1hs M17-I9-F51 iwf flesh of man

1 :h25 M17-Z7-I9-F51B-Z2 iwf flesh of man

1 h25 M17-I9-F51B-Z2 iwf meat

M17-G43-F31-S29-A2 iwms misstatement
M17-F31-S29-A2 iwms misstatement
1 ae"
!aeE5 G1-F31-S29-G37-Z2 iwms misstatement

1B t; M17-E34-N35-D3 iwn complexion, colour, nature, disposition

1B t] M17-E34-N35-F27 iwn complexion, colour, nature, disposition

1B t;+ M17-E34-N35-D3-Y1 iwn complexion, colour, nature, disposition

<4 O28-Z1 iwn pillar

<<<!! O28-O28-O28-X1-O1 iwnyt pillared hall

<b11!! O28-W24-M17-M17-X1-O1 iwnyt pillared hall

)Kt1 1!! E9-G43-N35-M17-M17-X1-O1 iwnyt pillared hall

<!4 O28-X1-Z1 iwnt bow

<!* O28-X1-T10 iwnt bow noun

< 4 5. -5 O28-Z1-Z2-T14-A13-Z2 iwntyw tribesmen

<!46 O28-X1-Z1-Z3 iwntyw tribesmen

O28-O28-O28 iwntyw tribesmen
O28-A462-O28-A462-O28-A462 iwntyw tribesmen
< t! Q O28-N35-X1-O49 iwnt Denderah locality

<t1Q O28-N35-M17-O49 iwni Hermonthis locality

< t7Q O28-N35-Z4-O49 iwni Hermonthis locality

< 11!Q O28-M17-M17-X1-O49 iwnyt Latopolis, Esna locality

<bQ O28-W24-O49 iwnw Heliopolis locality

)Ktt! E9-G43-N35-N35-O1 iwnn sanctuary

)tt! E9-N35-N35-O1 iwnn sanctuary

)M} E9-D21-B12 iwr conceive a child, become pregnant

)KD Mq E9-G43-G36-D21-B2 iwr conceive, become pregnant

)KD M8 E9-G43-G36-D21-Z5 iwr conceive a child, become pregnant

)M1 1! r5 E9-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 iwryt beans

) : M 1 1 ! ro E9-Z7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-M33A iwryt beans

):$ a` E9-Z7-O4-D41-D40 iwh load

E9-G43-V28-N35A moisten, water field-plots, inject, flood
)K<~ iwH
E9-V28-N35A moisten
)<~ iwH
E9-G43-V28-G43-N35A inundation
)K <K~ iwHw
)K7 K# E9-G43-M23-G43-M3 iwsw balance of scales

)B} E9-O34-U91 iwsw balance

E9-G43-M23-G43-U38A balance
)K7 Kl iwsw
)Kvv r E9-G43-N37-N37-N33 iwSS gruel

1KU M!j M17-G43-W11-D21-X1-N25 iwgrt realm of the dead

[!7E D35-X1-Z4-G37 iwty who.......not, which.......not

[K! D35-G43-X1 iwty who.......not, which.......not

1K[! M17-G43-D35-X1 iwty who.......not, which.......not

1K[ g 1 M17-G43-D35-U33-M17 iwty who.......not, which.......not

[!!E5 D35-X1-X1-G37-Z2 iwtt what is not, does not exist

[K!! D35-G43-X1-X1 iwtt what is not, does not exist

1K[!! M17-G43-D35-X1-X1 iwtt what is not, does not exist

)K! $L5 E9-G43-X1-G4-Aa2-Z2 iwtyw corruption

)! tf4 E9-X1-N35-N21-Z1 iwtn ground, floor, flooring

)Kfn E9-G43-D46-D54 iwd separate x from y

)Kf! n E9-G43-D46-X1-D54 iwdt separation

d4 F34-Z1 ib heart, mind, understanding, intelligence, will,

desire, mood, wish
M17-D58-E8-F27 kid goat
1q(] ib
1qU( M17-D58-N4-E8 ib kid goat
M17-D58-A2 ibi be thirsty, thirst after something
M17-D58-M17-N35A ibi be thirsty, thirst after something
1q 1~
M17-D58-E8-A2 be thirsty, thirst after something
1q(" ibi
M17-D58-E8-N35A-A24 be thirsty, thirst after something
1q(~8 ibi
M17-D58-E8-A2-A1 thirsty man
1q("! ib
M17-D58-E8-N35A-A2-A1 a thirsty man
1q(~"! ib
1q(!~ M17-D58-E8-X1-N35A ibt thirst

1!q~ M17-X1-D58-N35A ibt thirst

1q!#~" M17-D58-X1-E3-N35A-A2 ibt thirst

1q!~" M17-D58-X1-N35A-A2 ibt thirst

1q!( M17-D58-X1-E8 ibt thirst

1q(!" M17-D58-E8-X1-A2 ibt thirst

M17-D58-A2 ib think, suppose

M17-D58-E8-A2 think, suppose
1q(" ib
M17-D58-E3-A2 think, suppose
1q#" ib
1q! M17-D58-O1 ibw refuge
M17-D58-A32 ibA dance
M17-D58-E8-Y6 draughtsman
1q(/ ibA
Y6 ibA draughtsman
M17-D58-Y6-G43-E28 ibAw Barbary sheep
1q /K<
M17-D58-G29-G1-G43-E28 ibAw Barbary sheep
1 q = !K<
1q jK]4 M17-D58-F40-G43-F27-Z1 ibAw Barbary sheep

1q (:! M17-D58-E8-Z7-O1 ibw refuge, shelter

1q K! M17-D58-G43-O1 ibw refuge, shelter

1q! M17-D58-O1 ibw refuge, shelter

M17-D58-G43-O18 ibw tent of purification
1q K2
1q K7! 5 M17-D58-G43-Z4-V1-Z2 ibwy halliard of ship ?
M17-D58-G43-V1 ibwy halliards of ship
1q K!
1q KK! 5 M17-D58-G43-G43-V1-Z2 ibwy halliards of ship

1q KK! 5 M17-D58-G43-G43-V1-Z2 ibwy halliards of ship

1q MKa5 M17-D58-D21-W1-W23-Z2 ibr ladanum

1q#1` M17-D58-E3-M17-W22 ibr ladanum ?

1q M1 r5 M17-D58-D21-M17-N33-Z2 ibr ladanum ?

1q$!j M17-D58-O4-X1-N25 ibht Ibhet locality

1 q $ !! j M17-D58-O4-G1-X1-N25 ibht Ibhet locality

1q$!7G M17-D58-O4-X1-Z4-O39 ibhty Ibhet-stone

1 q # $ !K ! 7 r 5 M17-D58-E3-O4-G1-G43-X1-Z4-
ibhty Ibhet stone

U4 F18-Z1 ibH tooth

1q <U4 M17-D58-V28-F18-Z1 ibH tooth, tusk

M17-D58-E8-V28-N35A-A24 stream with liquid, be suffused with blood
1q( <~8 ibH
1q # <~U5 M17-D58-E3-V28-N35A-F18-Z2 ibH stream with liquid, be suffused with blood

1 q -! o M17-D58-V13-X1-D56 ibTt part of leg

M17-D58-E8-V28-G43-N35A libationer
1q ( <K~ ibHw
M17-D58-V28-N35A ibHw libationer
1q <~
M17-D58-S29-S57 ibs headdress of king
R15-D58-S29-S57 ibs headdress of king
1 q -: M17-D58-V13-T26 ibT bird-trap

1q!: M17-D58-X1-T26 ibT bird - trap

1#+ M17-Q3-Y1 ip count, reckon up, make reckoning, assess,

1#+ M17-Q3-Y1 ip exact, detail, claim, examine, recognize, take
heed of
1#+ M17-Q3-Y1 ip set in order, muster, assemble,

1#+ M17-Q3-Y1 ip accounting, estimation

1# +i! 4 M17-Q3-Y1-I10-X1-Z1 ip Dt collect one's wits, recover one's senses, having

his wits about him
1#!+ M17-Q3-X1-Y1 ipt census

1# K+5 M17-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 ipw payments

1#!O M17-Q3-X1-U9 ipt grain-measure of 4 heqat

1#!!!5 M17-Q3-X1-Q1-X1-Z2 ipt swt Temple of Karnak

1#!]p M17-Q3-X1-F27-B1 ipt Twelfth month name and festival

1 # H !! 4 M17-Q3-G40-G1-O1-Z1 ipA private office

1H!! M17-G40-X1-O1 ipAt private office

M17-Q3-G43-O49 Akhmim locality
1#KQ ipw
uh#:Q N36-N23-Q3-Z7-O49 ipw Akhmim locality
M17-Q3-G43 these demonstrative
1#K ipw
1#h M17-Q3-I9 ipf those demonstrative
1#t M17-Q3-N35 ipn these demonstrative
M17-Q3-V28-E12 swine, pigs collective noun
1#<, ipH
1#!K M17-Q3-X1-G43 iptw these demonstrative
1#!K! M17-Q3-X1-G43-X1 iptwt these demonstrative
1#!h M17-Q3-X1-I9 iptf those demonstrative
1#!t M17-Q3-X1-N35 iptn these demonstrative
1# fK#5 M17-Q3-D46-G43-M3-Z2 ipdw furniture

!# f#5 G1-Q3-D46-M3-Z2 ipdw furniture

1hs M17-I9-F51 if flesh

1 hfa5 M17-I9-D46-D41-Z2 ifd quadruple

1 hf! 5 M17-I9-D46-X1-Z2 ifdt a four, quartette

1 hfG M17-I9-D46-O39 ifd rectangular

1 hfGd M17-I9-D46-O39-S28 ifd cloth

1 hf7 ad M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-S28 ifdy couch, cloth

1 hf7a &#! 4 M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-V6-M3-X1-Z1 ifdy couch

1 hfn M17-I9-D46-D54 ifd flee

1 hf7 ao n M17-I9-D46-Z4-D41-D56-D54 ifd flee

M17-G17 there, therein, therewith, therefrom
11 im
M17-G17-Aa5 form, shape, side
11F im
F4 Aa5-Z1 im form, shape
M17-Aa5-G17-F51B form, shape
1F12 im
M17-Aa5-G17-A2 moan
1F1" im
M17-Aa5-N35A-A2 im moan verb
1F1!" M17-Aa5-G17-X1-A2 imt groaning, grief

1F1"5 M17-Aa5-G17-A2-Z2 imw grief

1F1K+5 M17-Aa5-G17-G43-Y1-Z2 imw grief

1F1!2 7Q M17-Aa5-G17-X1-A18-Z4-O49 imt Tell el-Farun Nebeshah locality

11!T M17-G17-X1-W10 imt wine of Imt

F!T Aa5-X1-W10 imt wine of Imt

1F!2 M17-Aa5-X1-A18 imty foster-child

2! A18-X1 imty foster child of king of Lower Egypt

1 F1 r 54 M17-Aa5-G17-N33-Z2-Z1 im gesso ?

1F1 1 1! +5 M17-Aa5-G17-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 imyt pigment

1 1~uf4 M17-M17-N35A-N36-N21-Z1 ym sea

1 1:1\~u h M17-M17-Z7-G17-D36-N35A-N36-
ym sea

1>17 M17-Z11-G17-Z4 imy who, which is in, in which is

Z11 imy who is in, which is in
Z11-G17 who is in, which is in
>1 imy
H8 in which is
_ imy
H34 imy in which is
1>d4 M17-Z11-F34-Z1 imy ib favourite

_d 4 H8-F34-Z1 imy ib favourite

1 >1 1 H B! M17-Z11-G17-M17-M40-O34-O1 imy is councillor

M40-G17 councillor
H1 imy is
1>17\4 M17-Z11-G17-Z4-D36-Z1 imy a regional officer ?

>DM!! Z11-G36-D21-X1-O1 imy wrt designation of priestly phyle

>1D M! Z11-G17-G36-D21-X1 imy wrt starboard of ship

>DM!! Z11-G36-D21-X1-O1 imy wrt the West

>1K!L Z11-G17-G43-X1-Aa2 imy wt name of Anubis-fetish

>1m Z11-G17-D53 imy bAH who is in the presence, who existed aforetime,
1!>!4 M17-X1-Z11-O1-Z1 imy pr will, testament

>1! !+5 Z11-G17-X1-O1-Y1-Z2 imy pr will, testament

> 1! +5! 4 Z11-G17-X1-Y1-Z2-O1-Z1 imt pt will, testament

1 > K5~ M17-Z11-G43-Z2-N35A imyw aquatic animals

>1! tie ! E Z11-G17-X1-N35-I10-S29-X1-G37 imt nDst stern of ship

1M G17-D21 imy r overseer

1M! G17-D21-X1 imyt r forewoman of gang feminine

1M4S[ ]u G17-D21-Z1-F16-F25-H6-K6 imy r ab Overseer of horn, hoof, feather and scale

Swt nSmt
>1 Mth! 5 Z11-G17-D21-N35-I9-A1-Z2 imy rn .f list of names

>17 Mth Z11-G17-Z4-D21-N35-I9 imy rn .f list of names

>17$ M:V4h Z11-G17-Z4-O4-D21-Z7-N5-Z1-I9 imy hrw sentry, who is on duty for the day

>1G!4 Z11-G17-F4-X1-Z1 imy HAt who, which is in front, which was before

>1G!4 Z11-G17-F4-X1-Z1 imy HAt pattern, mould of conduct

>1! G! 4 hl Z11-G17-X1-F4-X1-Z1-I9-I13 imt HAt .f Royal Uraeus she who is on his front
Z11-W17-A1 imy xmt chamberlain
1>1#B ! M17-Z11-G17-M3-Aa1-X1 imy xt following afterof time

1>1#B ! M17-Z11-G17-M3-Aa1-X1 imy xt who are in attendance on, member of the

bodyguard, superintendant,
>K! Z11-D19-X1 imy xnt chamberlain
W17-G17 chamberlain
[1 imy xnt
1#! 4 G17-M3-X1-Z1 imy xt member of the bodyguard

1#B ! , G17-M3-Aa1-X1-A12 imy xt member of the bodyguard

1#! ! ! ! G17-M3-X1-A1-A1-A1 imyw those of later times, posterity

> 5K#B ! n! 6 Z11-Z2-G43-M3-Aa1-X1-D54-A1-Z3 imyw those of later times, posterity

>1b ! s Z11-G17-F32-X1-F51 imy Xt viscera

>1! !!\4! Z11-G17-Q1-X1-O1-D36-Z1-A1 imy st a acolyte, helper

Z11-V17-A1 imy sA attendant
>1 !
1>1K6 a h4 M17-Z11-G17-G43-Z3-N16-N23-Z1 imyw tA snakes

1>1K6 a h4~ M17-Z11-G17-G43-Z3-N16-N23-Z1-

imyw tA of land and water

1F1\ M17-Aa5-G17-D36 imi give !, place !, cause ! imperative

>1[ Z11-G17-D35 imi 'negates the verb'

11[ M17-G17-D35 imi 'negatives the verb'

M17-G17-M17-M17 belongs to me
1111 imy
t! 1 1 N35-A1-M17-G17 n .i imy of mine, belongs to me

1>K! g 1 M17-Z11-G43-X1-U33-M17 imiwti between, among

1>K! M17-Z11-G43-X1 imiwti among

>17!: Z11-G17-Z4-X1-Z7 imytw between, in the midst of

>1! Z11-G17-X1 imytw between, in the midst of

1>!K M17-Z11-X1-G43 imytw between, in the midst of

M>17 D21-Z11-G17-Z4 r imy between, in the midst of

1G! > M17-U1-X1-E30 imAt female ibex, female of any animal

M17-U1-M1 imA a type of tree

M1-G17-M1 a tree
! 1! imA
M17-U1-G1-M1 imA a tree
1 G!!
M17-G1-M1-G17 a tree
1 !! 1 imA
M17-U1-M1 imA kind, gentle, well-disposed, pleasing, be
1G! gracious, be delighted, charmed
! 1+ M1-G17-Y1 imA be gracious

M17-G1-G17-M1 pleasing to
1 !1! imA
M17-G1-U1-M1-G17 pleasing to
1 !G! 1 imA
M17-U1-M1-G17 be delighted with, charmed with
1 G! 1 imA
M17-G1-M1-G17 be delighted with, charmed with
1 !! 1 imA
! +: 4 M1-Y1-D2-Z1 imA Hr gracious of countenance

1G1! ! + M17-U1-G17-X1-M1-Y1 imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness, favour

1 !! 1! M17-G1-M1-G17-X1 imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness

H!} U2-X1-M46B imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness

1 !! 1! M17-G1-M1-G17-X1 imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness

! 1! +5 M1-G17-X1-Y1-Z2 imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness

!!+ M1-X1-Y1 imAt charm, kindliness, graciousness

1 !1! ! + M17-G1-G17-X1-M1-Y1 imAt favour toward someone

! 1K Y5 M1-G17-G43-N8-Z2 imAw brilliance, splendour

M1-G43-N8 imAw brilliance, splendour
! XY5 M1-Aa5-N8-Z2 imAw brilliance, splendour

1 ! 5KV M17-M1-Z2-G43-N5 imAw brilliance, splendour

M1-G17-G43-Aa5-N8 brilliance, splendour
! 1KF Y imAw
! 1K! M1-G17-G43-O1 imAw tent, hut

! 1! M1-G17-O1 imAw tent

! K! M1-G43-O1 imAw tent

1! FK! M17-M1-Aa5-G43-O1 imAw tent

1 G!1! M17-U1-G1-G17-O1 imAw tent

1 GKi 4 M17-U1-Aa1-F39A-Z1 imAx spinal cord

i4 F39A-Z1 imAx spinal cord

1HBi4 M17-U2-Aa1-F39A-Z1 imAx honour, veneration, the blessed state of being

i4 F39A-Z1 imAx honour, veneration

i!4 F39A-X1-Z1 imAxt honour

M17-U1-F39A-Aa1-M17-M17 imAxy be honoured
1GiF 1 1
1iB M17-F39A-Aa1 imAxy be honoured verb

1iB 11 M17-F39A-Aa1-M17-M17 imAxy be honoured verb

1GiB M17-U1-F39A-Aa1 imAxy be honoured verb

1 Gi B K' M17-U1-F39A-Aa1-G43-G7 imAxw revered oneof the blessed dead

1iB M17-F39A-Aa1 imAxw revered one of the blessed dead

iB 11! F39A-Aa1-M17-M17-X1 imAxyt revered one of dead women

F39A-M17-M17-G43-A51A-Z3 imAxyw revered ones of the aged living
i 1 1KS6
1HB 1 1i<+! M17-U2-Aa1-M17-M17-F39A-Z9-Y1-
imAxyw revered one of the aged living plural

1HB i4 1 1:3!5 M17-U2-Aa1-F39A-Z1-M17-M17-Z7-

imAxyw revered one of the aged living plural

1iB! M17-F39A-Aa1-X1 imAxyt revered one of dead woman

M17-Aa5-G17-G43-P1 ship, ship-load
1F1K\ imw
M17-Aa15-G17-P1 ship
1F1\ imw
\ P1 imw ship
M17-M1-G17-Z7-P1 ship
1! 1:\ imw
1 .t M17-Y5-N35 imn create

1 .t' M17-Y5-N35-G7 imn Amun

1 .t! p M17-Y5-N35-X1-B1 imnt Amaunet

1 .t$ M17-Y5-N35-A4C imn secret, hidden, conceal, hide

1 .t[ M17-Y5-N35-D35 imn secret, hidden

1 .t! $ M17-Y5-N35-X1-A4C imnt secret noun

1 .tb :$ M17-Y5-N35-W24-Z7-A4C imnw secret noun

1 .t! ! M17-Y5-N35-X1-O1 imnt secret place

94 R14-Z1 imn right hand, right side, the west

1 .t8 M17-Y5-N35-R13 imn right -hand, right - side, the West

R13 imn right -hand, right - side, the West
9!j R14-X1-N25 imnt the West
R14 imnt the West
W!j G7C-X1-N25 imnt the West

W!Q!4 G7C-X1-O49-X1-Z1 imnt the West

1 .t! j M17-Y5-N35-X1-N25 imnt the West

9!7j R14-X1-Z4-N25 imnty right hand, western, the West

}! G264B-X1 imnty the West

'!7 G7-X1-Z4 imnty right -hand

9!7` R14-X1-Z4-P5 imnty the west wind

R13-P5 imnty the west wind
8!` R13-X1-P5 imnty the west wind

9!!j R14-X1-X1-N25 imntt the West

}!!j G264A-X1-X1-N25 imntt the West

G7-U33-M17 Westerner used about the dead
'g1 imnti
R13-G4 Westerners plural
8$ imntyw
]!$ H6-X1-G4 imntyw Westerners plural

1 .t$ M17-Y5-N35-G4 imntyw Westerners plural

9$5 R14-G4-Z2 imntyw Westerners plural

1 .t 1 1 ! +5 M17-Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 imnyt daily offerings

1 .t! +5 M17-Y5-N35-X1-Y1-Z2 imnyt daily offerings

1M MX M17-U7-D21-F21 imr be deaf

1F<!! M17-Aa5-V28-X1-O1 imHt netherworld

P<!! Aa15-V28-X1-O1 imHt netherworld

1 ae"d 4 M17-F31-S29-A2-F34-Z1 ims ib pleasant, kindly disposed

)d 4 E9-F34-Z1 ims ib kindly disposed, pleasant

M17-G17-Aa5-S29-U33-G7 Imseti a son of Horus
11Fe g ' imsti
M17-G17-S29-U33-G7 Imseti one of the Four
11e g ' imsti
sons of Horus
11e!' M17-G17-S29-X1-G7 imsti Imseti one of the Four
sons of Horus0
FBg 1H Aa5-O34-U33-M17-A40 imsti Imseti one of the Four
sons of Horus

1F1DMD M17-Aa5-G17-M36-D21-O36 imDr rampart

1t M17-N35 in by, so says

M17-S3 in by, so says
ct W25-N35 ini bring, fetch, carry off, remove, overcome,
reach, attain, buy, appoint, use
W25 ini bring, fetch, carry off, bring away, bring
c about, remove something
W25 ini overcome trouble, reach, attain a place, buy,
c appoint, use
c t < : M! p' W25-N35-V28-D2-D21-X1-N31-G7 in Hrt Onuris

c RH W25-N1-A40 in Hrt Onuris divinity

W25-N31-G7 Onuris divinity
c p' in Hrt
cb5 W25-W24-Z2 inw produce of a region, tribute, gifts, quarry

c tbK+5 W25-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 inw tribute of subject lands, gifts from palace,dues

to be paid,
c tbK+5 W25-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 inw produce of region,quarry of hunter

c 11!" W25-M17-M17-X1-A2 inyt refrain of song ?

c tbK36 W25-N35-W24-G43-V19-Z3 inw matting

1c tb K" 6 M17-W25-N35-W24-G43-A2-Z3 inw pattern, model

1pt! p M17-K1-N35-X1-K1 int the bulti-fish

1t! p M17-N35-X1-K1 int the bulti - fish

1ptn M17-K1-N35-D54 ini delay, hold aloof

1ptE7 M17-K1-N35-D13-Z4 in eyebrows

1pt! j M17-K1-N35-X1-N25 int valley

1p!j M17-K1-X1-N25 int valley

1pt! 5 M17-K1-N35-V1-Z2 in cordage of ship

1ptt! 5 M17-K1-N35-N35-V1-Z2 in cordage of ship

1t\} M17-N35-D36-D147 ina chin

1pt\! s M17-K1-N35-D36-X1-F51 inat chin

1ptq D M17-K1-N35-D58-O36 inb wall

D4 O36A-Z1 inb wall

1ptq ! #5 M17-K1-N35-D58-X1-M3-Z2 inbt fence, stackade

O36A-Z3 inbt fence, stockade
1ptq D` M17-K1-N35-D58-O36-D40 inb wall of a place

1 p tq = !" M17-K1-N35-D58-G29-G1-A2 inbA be dumb

1t# L M17-N35-Q3-Aa2 inp decay

1t# KJ M17-N35-Q3-G43-A42 inpw royal child

/ E15 inpw royal child

1t# 2 M17-N35-Q3-A18 inpw royal child

1t# K/ M17-N35-Q3-G43-E15 inpw royal child of princess

1t# K/' M17-N35-Q3-G43-E15-G7 inpw Anubis

1t# ' M17-N35-Q3-C7 inpw Anubis divinity

1ptB1] M17-K1-N35-T34-G17-F27 inm skin of man or animal, hues of sky,

development, complexion
1" tt5 M17-A2-N35-N35-Z2 inn we indepentdent
1b t5 M17-W24-N35-Z2 inn we independent
pronoun - plural
1ptt?"5 M17-K1-N35-N35-V31-M2-Z2 innk thyme ?, water-mint ?

1tMG M17-N35-D21-O39 inr stone, rock, slab, block

1 t M Gt M 4 ~ M17-N35-D21-O39-N35-D21-Z1-
inr n r sea-shell

1"tM1 188 M17-A2-N35-D21-M17-M17-Z5-A24 inry shudder

1"tM. M17-A2-N35-D21-G14 inry shudder

1:tM:8 M17-Z7-N35-D21-Z7-Z5 inry shudder

1 t$ .! M17-N35-O4-Y5-M1 inhmn pomegranate tree and fruit

1pt$ 1\t7! M17-K1-N35-O4-G17-D36-N35-Z4-
inhmn pomegranate tree and fruit

t$ 7 H <!! r 5 N35-O4-Z4-U2-D4-G1-G1-N33-Z2 nhm pomegranate tree and fruit

1pt<EE M17-K1-N35-V28-D13-D13 inH eyebrows

1pt<; M17-K1-N35-V28-D3 inH eyebrows

1pt<! ` M17-K1-N35-V28-V1-D40 inH surround, enclose, embrace

c t0 !e ! r 5 W25-N35-M16-G1-S29-X1-N33-Z2 inHAst lotus-leaves ?

1pte ! o M17-K1-N35-S29-X1-D56 inst calf of leg, shank, thigh, hind-leg

1pte 7d M17-K1-N35-S29-Z4-S28 insy bright-red linen

1pte d M17-K1-N35-S29-S28 insy bright red linen

1ptB7d M17-K1-N35-O34-Z4-S28 insy bright red linen

1te K s s M17-N35-S29-G43-F51-F51 inswy testicles

1ptn X \ M17-K1-N35-N29-D32-D36 inq unite, collect, gather together, embrace,

come together
1tn X M17-N35-N29-D32 inq unite the Two Lands, collect, gather together

1ptn ` M17-K1-N35-N29-D40 inq unite the Two Lands, collect, gather together

1 ptn k` M17-K1-N35-N29-D51-D40 inq unite the Two Lands, collect, gather together

1tn } M17-N35-N29-V110 inq unite the Two Lands, collect, gather together

b? W24-V31 ink I am, belonging to me independent

1pt! 7on M17-K1-N35-X1-Z4-D56-D54 inty hinder, linger

1t! t! î M17-N35-X1-N35-X1-D55 intnt hold back, restrain

1 p t-! M17-K1-N35-V13-V1 inT fetter

1t! ! M17-N35-X1-V1 inT fetter verb

1pt! 8 M17-K1-N35-X1-A24 inT fetter verb

1 t-! ! M17-N35-V13-X1-V1 inTt fetter

1pt! ! ! M17-K1-N35-X1-X1-V1 inTt fetter noun

1ptf:E M17-K1-N35-D46-Z7-G37 indw misery

1ptfEx M17-K1-N35-D46-G37-Z3A indw misery

1ptfE! M17-K1-N35-D46-G37-A1 ind the afflicted man

1 pti' M17-K1-N35-I10-C7 inD be afflicted

1 ci+: 4 M17-Aa27-I10-Y1-D2-Z1 inD Hr hail to...

1M M17-D21 ir as to, if

1 M7 M17-D21-Z4 iry thereof, thereto

1 M5 M17-D21-Z2 iry thereof, thereto

1 M7Q M17-D21-Z4-A49 iry relating to

Q\!! A49-D36-X1-O1 iry at hall-keeper

Q? A49-O31 iry aA door-keeper

1 M=\? M17-D21-O29-D36-O31 iry aA door - keeper

1 M7 O =?! M17-D21-Z4-A47-O29-O31-A1 iry aA door - keeper

Q*!4 A49-T10-X1-Z1 iry pDt bowman

Q eG! A49-F35-F4-X1 iry nfr HAt keeper of the diadem

M eG! D21-F35-F4-X1 iry nfr HAt keeper of the diadem

1 M7Q Mfoo M17-D21-Z4-A49-D21-D46-D56-D56 iry rdwy one in attendence on

Q$#+ A49-O4-Q3-Y1 iry hp custodian of laws

1 M7Q G!4 M17-D21-Z4-A49-F4-X1-Z1 iry HAt pilot

1 M7z1Ke M17-D21-Z4-N41-G17-G43-P10 iry Hmw helmsman

Q B ! +5 A49-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 iry xt overseer, administrator

1 M7 Q I4 ! M17-D21-Z4-A49-Aa8-Z1-O1 iry sA keeper of cattle-pens

1 MQ e @1+! M17-D21-A49-S29-T32-G17-Y1-A1 iry sSm functionary

A47-S29-T32 iry sSm functionary
1Q M! +' tq ! s M17-A49-D21-X1-Y1-V7-N35-D58-
irt Snbt pectoral

1M1 M17-D21-M17 iri companion

1 M!O M17-D21-X1-A47 irit female companion

1 M!Q+ M17-D21-X1-A49-Y1 irt duty, use, purpose

1 M! M17-D21-X1 irt duty of someone

1 <! O M17-D4-X1-A47 irt duty of someone

1 M!+ M17-D21-X1-Y1 irt duty of someone

O!5 A47-X1-Z2 irt duty of someone

O+5 A47-Y1-Z2 irt duty of someone

1 M!Q6 M17-D21-A1-A49-Z3 iryw crew of boat

1 M,` M17-D21-T12-D40 Ar drive away

<! 4 D4-X1-Z1 irt eye

<< D4-D4 irwy eyes

<<K7 D4-D4-G43-Z4 irwy eyes

< D4 iri create, beget, make, construct, do, act, take

action, achieve, prepare, treat
<! D4-A1 ir doer of good

<M! D4-D21-A1 irr evil doer

1 <K U 4 M17-D4-G43-A53-Z1 irw shape, form, nature

1<U M17-D4-A53 irw shape, form

UK+5 A53-G43-Y1-Z2 irw shape, form

1<MK! M17-D4-D21-G43-E1 irw cattle-tax

<1 16 D4-M17-M17-Z3 irw cattle - tax

<MK+5 D4-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 irw cattle - tax

<1<MK! D4-M17-D4-D21-G43-E1 iri irw levy the cattle - tax

1<1 1!w M17-D4-M17-M17-X1-E92 iryt milch-cow

1<1 1!O M17-D4-M17-M17-X1-U9 iryt tax-corn

1<M!K M17-D4-D21-X1-M43A iArrt vine

1 M# `5 M17-D21-Q3-W22-Z2 irp wine

1 M#K M17-D21-Q3-M43 irp wine

1 M#_ M17-D21-Q3-W21 irp wine

1 Mh M17-D21-I9 irf enclitic particle

1 M? M17-D21-V31 irk enclitic particle

1 M! M17-D21-X1 irt enclitic particle

1 M -t M17-D21-V13-N35 irTn enclitic particle

1 <! $ r 5 M17-D4-X1-G4-N33-Z2 irtyw blue, colour, blue mineral ?

1 <$ r 5 M17-D4-G4-N33-Z2 irtyw blue, colour, a blue mineral

1 <$d M17-D4-G4-S28 irtyw blue-dyed linen

1 <$" 6 M17-D4-G4-A2-Z3 irtyw mourning

1 M!!^ M17-D21-X1-X1-W20 irTt milk

1 <! ! ` M17-D4-X1-X1-W22 irTt milk

1"11$ 11" M17-A2-M17-M17-O4-M17-M17-A2 yhy Oho !

1$ 1 M17-O4-M17 yhy Oho !

1$K! M17-O4-G43-O1 ihw camp

1$q@ M17-O4-D58-A32 ihb dancing ritual

1 $ !q @ M17-O4-G1-D58-A32 ihb dancing ritual

1$q K@ 6 M17-O4-D58-G43-A32-Z3 ihbw ritual dancers

1 $ !q K 1 n5 M17-O4-G1-D58-G43-A17-D54-Z2 ihbw ritual dancers

1$ 18 M17-O4-G17-A24 ihm restrain

$ 11\ O4-M17-G17-D36 ihm restrain

1$ .! E M17-O4-G14-X1-G37 ihmt detention

1$1n M17-O4-G17-D54 ihm linger, lag

1$$ 11" M17-O4-O4-M17-M17-A2 ihhy rejoicing

1"$$ 11< M17-A2-O4-O4-M17-M17-A28 ihhy rejoicing

<1$$ 1 1" D4-M17-O4-O4-M17-M17-A2 ir ihhy rejoice

1"$ $ 1 1M5 M17-A2-O4-O4-M17-M17-W3-Z2 ihhy a festival

M17-V28-F1 iH bull
1<!! M17-V28-X1-E1 iHt cow

1 <l{ !! M17-V28-D52-N42-X1-E1A iHt cow

M17-V28-A2 iH Ah !
M17-M17-V28-D54 Hey !
11<n yH
1 < !` M17-V28-G1-D40 aHA fight
M17-V28-M17-M17-A239 iHy sistrum-player
1< 11m
M17-V28 iHy sistrum player title of the
1< priests of Hathor
M17-V28-A239 iHy sistrum player title of the
1<m priests of Hathor
1<7K M17-V28-Z4-G43 iHy sistrum player title of the
priests of Hathor
1 <K! M17-V28-G43-O1 iHw stable for animals
M17-V28-G43 iHw a measure of metal
M17-V28-G43-G37 iHw weakness
1 <KE
1 <K!44! M17-V28-G43-X1-Z1-Z1-A1 aHwty cultivator

1 z B1 M17-N41-O34-A17 iHms attendant

1<!!h M17-V28-X1-X1-N23 iHtt land-tax

1B+ M17-Aa1-Y1 ix then, therefore, what ?

1B 1/`5 M17-Aa1-M17-M15-D40-Z2 ixi make to flourish

1B 1!j M17-Aa1-G17-X1-N25 ixmt bank of river

1B .! h4 M17-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z1 ixmt bank of river

\B .! h5 D36-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z2 ixmt bank of river

\B 1!e D36-Aa1-G17-X1-N20 ixmt bank of fortress

1B 1[ M17-Aa1-G17-D35 ixm extinguish, annul

1B 1E5 M17-Aa1-G17-G37-Z2 ixmw ignorant ones

1 B 15' M17-Aa1-G17-Z2-A7 ixmw unwearying adjective

1 B F[ 5D M f' _ 5 M17-Aa1-Aa5-D35-Z2-G36-D21-
ixmw the unwearying stars

1B 1[e ?_ M17-Aa1-G17-D35-S29-V31-N14 ixm sk the indestructible star the circumpolar star

1B 1e =?_ M17-Aa1-G17-S29-V29-V31-N14 ixm sk indestructible star the circumpolar

1 KB 1[ 5e = ?_ 5 M17-G43-Aa1-G17-D35-Z2-S29-
ixmw indestructible stars plural

\B 1Ke ?_ D36-Aa1-G17-G43-S29-V31-N14 ixm sk indestructible star i.e. circumpolar

1BBKY M17-Aa1-Aa1-G43-N8 ixxw twilight, dusk

1B B KS5 M17-Aa1-Aa1-G43-N2-Z2 ixxw twilight, dusk

1KB B S5 M17-G43-Aa1-Aa1-N2-Z2 ixxw twilight, dusk

\B B:S D36-Aa1-Aa1-Z7-N2 ixxw twilight, dusk

M17-O35-D54 go !
1 Cn is
O35 is go ! imperative
M17-O35 is go ! imperative
< 1 Cn0 !n \ 1 D4-M17-O35-D54-M16-G1-N29-
ir is HAq work devastation among

1 B! C M17-O34-X1-M35 ist boundary-stone, landmark

H!4 M40-X1-Z1 ist boundary stone, landmark

1 H B! M17-M40-O34-O1 is tomb, council-chamber, workshop, archive

1He! M17-M40-S29-O1 is tomb, council chamber, archive, workshop,

1 He7! M17-M40-S29-Z4-O1 isi tomb, council chamber, archive, workshop,

1 H B} !4 M17-M40-O34-O194A-O1-Z1 is tomb, council chamber, archive, workshop,

1 e n:! } 5s M17-S29-F44-Z7-X1-D283-Z2-F51 iswy testicles

H!+ M40-X1-O11 ist palace

H!4!5 M40-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 ist crew of ship, company of soldiers, gang of

H!K!5 M40-X1-G43-A1-Z2 ist crew of ship

H!4. M40-X1-Z1-A14 ist company of rebels

M40 ist gang of workmen
1 H B" M17-M40-O34-M2 is be light of weight, lie light
M17-M40-S29-M2 is lie light on
1 H B"d 4 M17-M40-O34-M2-F34-Z1 is ib light - minded

1H!" M17-M40-X1-M2 ist lightness of tongue

M17-S29 is enclitic particle
M17-S29-A28 iAs bald
1 He "+ M17-M40-S29-M2-Y1 is old, ancient
M17-S29-M22 is old, ancient
M17-S29-G43-Z3 isw ancient ones
1eK!" M17-S29-G43-X1-M2 iswt ancient times

1 H e K! "+5 M17-M40-S29-G43-X1-M2-Y1-Z2 iswt ancient times

1 He 1 1:! "5& M17-M40-S29-M17-M17-Z7-X1-M2-

isywt old clothes, rags

1 He :"5 M17-M40-S29-Z7-M2-Z2 isw reeds

M17-S29-Z7-A2 isw non-enclitic particle
M17-M40-S29-F44-G43 reward
1 H e nK isw
F44-G43 reward noun
nK isw
M17-M40-S29-F147 isw reward noun
1 H e K+5 M17-M40-S29-G43-Y1-Z2 isw reward noun

1 e Kn+5 M17-S29-G43-F44-Y1-Z2 isw reward noun

1 He K"+5 M17-M40-S29-G43-M2-Y1-Z2 isw reward noun

n! F44-X1 iswty representative

1eq!! M17-S29-D58-X1-O1 isbt throne

1eq!} M17-S29-D58-X1-Q12 isbt throne, stool

1eq!# M17-S29-D58-X1-M3 isbt stool

M17-S29-Q3-T30 hew, cut
1e#> isp
1e#!# M17-S29-Q3-X1-M3 ispt quiver for arrows

1e#!] M17-S29-Q3-X1-F27 ispt quiver for arrows

1e#!K} M17-S29-Q3-X1-G43-T65 ispt quiver for arrows

1e# M4 M17-S29-Q3-D21-Z1 ispr whip

1 e h! E M17-S29-I9-X1-G37 isft wrong, wrong-doing, falsehood

1 Bh! ; M17-O34-I9-X1-Z8 isft wrong, wrong doing, falsehood

1 e h! 7E! M17-S29-I9-X1-Z4-G37-A1 isfty evil-doer

1BM} M17-O34-D21-M46 isr tamarisk tree

1e M# M17-S29-D21-M3 isr tamarisk

1e M! # M17-S29-D21-M1-M3 isr tamarisk

1e7KM4 M17-S29-M23-G43-D21-Z1 issr Assyria

M17-S29-N29-D54 hinder, linger, wait for
1enn isq
M17-S29-N29-D56-D54 linger verb intransitive
1enon isq
1e? M17-S29-V31 isk non-eclitic particle

e? S29-V31 isk non - enclitic particle

1e! M17-S29-X1 ist non-eclitic particle

1e ! t:` M17-S29-X1-N35-Z7-D40 istn strap up, bind

1e- M17-S29-V13 isT non-eclitic particle

S29-U33 isT non - enclitic particle
e- S29-V13 isT non - enclitic particle

1e! M17-S29-X1 isT non - enclitic particle

1 v" M17-N37-A2 iS saliva

1 v! <+5 M17-N37-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 iSt possessions, morning meal

1 v! 5 M17-N37-X1-Z2 iSt possessions, morning meal

1 v! r5 M17-N37-X1-N33-Z2 iSt possessions, morning meal

1' tt" M17-V7-N35-N35-A2 iSnn warcry

1 v7Q M17-N37-E23-O49 iSrw the precinct of Mut at Karnak , water meadow

1 &ve ! M17-V6-N37-S29-X1 iSst what ?, wherefore ?

1 &B! " M17-V6-O34-X1-A2 iSst what ? interrogative

1 vf! M17-N37-D46-M1 iSd Balanos, Ished tree, fruit of the ished tree

K r5 M43-N33-Z2 iSd fruit of various trees

1 vfG M17-N37-D46-M39B iSd fruit of the Ished tree

1 `f} M17-F30-D46-M46 iSd Ished tree

1 vf! K M17-N37-D46-X1-M43A iSd Ished tree

1 vff r r r M17-N37-D46-D46-N33-N33-N33 iSdd sweat

M17-N29-D21-Y1 iqr trust, trustworthy, skilful, excellent, pleasing,
well-to-do, superior
1n M+ M17-N29-D21-Y1 iqr wealth, virtue, excellence

1n M+! M17-N29-D21-Y1-A1 iqr a trustworthy man, wiseacre

M17-N29-V28-G43-T7A battle-axe
1n <K~ iqHw
G1-N29-V28-G43-T7A battle - axe
!n < K ~ iqHw
1 dfD KC M17-Aa28-D46-D12-G43-A35 iqdw builder

1"?K5 j M17-A2-V31-G43-A21A-N25 ikw stone-quarry

A21A-M17-M17-A1 iky quarryman

A19 iky quarryman
1?3 M17-V31-A19 iky quarryman

1"?q ;" M17-A2-V31-D58-D3-A2 iAkb mourning

1e1]4 M17-I6-G17-F27-Z1 ikm shield

1?1] M17-V31-G17-F27 ikm shield

1?tT M17-V31-N35-W10 ikn cup, jar

1 T t!} M17-D28-N35-G1-W112A ikn jar

1?t8 M17-V31-N35-A24 ikn draw water from well etc

1" ?tb K# M17-A2-V31-N35-W24-G43-M3 iknw hoe

1??K! M17-V31-V31-G43-A1 ikkw councillors ?

1U#U M17-W11-Q3-N4 igp clouds, be overcast, soar cloudwards

U#U W11-Q3-N4 igp be overcast of sky

1U M M17-W11-D21 igr also, further / anymore after negatives

1U M! M17-W11-D21-X1 igrt moreover, now

1U M!j M17-W11-D21-X1-N25 igrt realm of the dead

1KU M!j M17-G43-W11-D21-X1-N25 igrt realm of the dead

U10 it barley, corn in general
A6 M33-V22 it mHw barley of Lower Egypt
M33A-M26 it Sma barley of Upper Egypt
M33A-M34 it barley, corn
1!A M17-X1-M33 it barley, corn

1 ! h! M17-X1-I9-A1 it father

!h X1-I9 it father

3 1 ! h! R8-M17-X1-I9-A1 it nTr god's father a title

!3 X1-R8 it nTr god's father

3! R8-X1 it nTr god's father

bb' I3-I3-G7 ity sovereign

1! M17-X1 ity sovereign

1!' M17-X1-G7 ity sovereign

U33-M17-M17-A21A ity sovereign
g 115
M17-U33-G43-G7 sovereign
1 gK' ity
M17-U33-M17-M17-A304 ity sovereign
1g 11}
M17-A2-U33-M17-M17-A40 ity sovereign
1"g 11H
1g 11!7 M17-U33-M17-M17-X1-A23 ityt queen-regnant

1 g ! ! , 4 5k M17-U33-X1-X1-M12-Z1-Z2-I12 ityt xAw queen of thousands

U1H U15-G17-A40 itm Atum

1!]H M17-X1-D37-A40 itmw Atum divinity

!UFKH X1-U15-Aa5-G43-A40 itmw Atum divinity

1U1:E5 M17-U15-G17-Z7-G37-Z2 itmw suffocation

1! tV M17-X1-N35-N5 itn sun, disk of the sun

1 -t! V M17-V13-N35-X1-N5 itnt solar goddess

1! tK8 M17-X1-N35-D19-A24 itn be in apposition, oppose

1! t8 M17-X1-N35-A24 itn oppose

1! tb :8 M17-X1-N35-W24-Z7-A24 itnw opponent

1 -tb K`- M17-V13-N35-W24-G43-D40-A13B itnw opponent

1! tbKK+ M17-X1-N35-W24-G43-D19-Y1 itnw secret, mystery

1!bK+ M17-X1-W24-G43-Y1 itnw secret, mystery

1! M!! M17-X1-D21-X1-O1 itrt row of men, of shrubs

1! M!} M17-X1-D21-X1-O157 itrt conclave of Upper Egypt

1! M!4 M17-X1-D21-X1-O20 itrt conclave of Lower Egypt

1! M!@ M17-X1-D21-X1-O32 itrt chapel, niche, box

1! MKu M17-X1-D21-G43-N36 itrw river

1! Mu M17-X1-D21-N36 itrw river

1 ! MKv5 M17-X1-D21-G43-N37-Z2 itrw river

1! M:uh4 M17-X1-D21-Z7-N36-N23-Z1 itrw river

1! M7uf4 M17-X1-D21-E23-N36-N21-Z1 itrw river

1! M1 1~uh M17-X1-D21-M17-M17-N35A-N36-
itrw river

1! Mu~ M17-X1-D21-N36-N35A itrw river

1!:M~uh4 M17-X1-Z7-D21-N35A-N36-N23-Z1 itrw river

1! MK~uf4 M17-X1-D21-G43-N35A-N36-N21-
itrw measure of length,
1! MK$$$VVV M17-X1-D21-G43-M4-M4-M4-N5-
itrw seasons

1! MK& M17-X1-D21-G43-M6 itrw seasons

1-MK% M17-V13-D21-G43-M5B itrw seasons

M 1 ! M & 5V h D21-M17-X1-D21-M6-Z2-N5-I9 r itrw .f at his proper times

1! <8 M17-X1-V28-A24 itH drag, draw, pull off, pull out, draw off, draw
1! <!` M17-X1-V28-V1-D40 itH drag

1! <e M17-X1-V28-U31 itH pull out eye

1 ! < e! M17-X1-V28-U31-O1 itH fortress

1!B M17-X1-Aa1 atx strain

1!!I M17-X1-X1-G41 iTT fly up

V15-A24 iTi take, take possession of,conduct, remove,
/8 arrest, conquer, spend, pass, move, rob
/!` V15-X1-D40 iTi take for use verb

/!:8! V15-X1-Z7-A24-A1 iTw thief

M17-G47-G1-A24 steal
1 O!8 iTA
M17-G47-G1-A24-A1 thief
1 O!8 ! iTA
1 -tb K`- M17-V13-N35-W24-G43-D40-A13 itnw opponent

1 -- H M17-V13-V13-G40 iTT fly up

1!!I M17-X1-X1-G41 iTT fly up

1f1 M17-D46-A17 id boy

1 !f}! M17-G1-D46-A17A-A1 id boy

1f11!1 M17-D46-M17-M17-X1-A17 idyt girl

1 O!1 1 k` M17-G47-G1-M17-M17-D51-D40 iTAy take

1fX M17-D46-F21 idi be deaf

1f! U M17-D46-X1-N4 idt censing, incense-burning, sweet savour,

fragrance, influence
1|! M17-D46A-X1 idt censing, incense - burning
|! D46A-X1 idt sweet savour, fragrance

1f8 M17-D46-A24 id assault

1f! 8 M17-D46-X1-A24 idt wrath ?

1f}D M17-D46-H25-F1 id bull

z!! N41-X1-E1 idt cow

z!o N41-X1-F45 idt cow

z!e N41-X1-U31 idt cow

o!4! F45-X1-Z1-E1 idt cow

z!8 N41-X1-Z5 idt cow

z!o N41-X1-F45 idt womb, vulva, uterus

F45-F51B womb, vulva, uterus
o2 idt
1f! M17-D46-G1 idA smooth

1fKR M17-D46-G43-N1 idw pestilence

1 !fg ` M17-G1-D46-F37Aa-D40 idw pestilence

1f:U M17-D46-Z7-N4 idw pestilence

1 !fE M17-G1-D46-G37 idw pestilence

1fq K M17-D46-D58-N21A idb river-bank, riparian land, shore of flood

ff N21-N21 idbwy the Two Banks Egypt

ffhh N21-N21-N23-N23 idbwy the Two Banks Egypt

%ff G5-N21-N21 Hr idbwy the Banks of Horus Egypt

1f]1d M17-D46-W19-M17-S28 idmi red linen

f1 ]d D46-M17-W19-S28 idmi red linen

1ftX+ M17-D46-N35-F21-Y1 idn serve instead of, replace,

1ft4 M17-D46-N35-V20 idn serve instead of, replace

1ftX` M17-D46-N35-F21-D40 idn govern, serve as lieutenant-commander

1ftX` M17-D46-N35-F21-D40 idn govern

Xb` F21-W24-D40 idn serve as lieutenant - commander

Xt:b F21-N35-Z7-W24 idnw deputy

Xbt F21-W24-N35 idnw deputy

Xb F21-W24 idn deputy

Xt+ F21-N35-Y1 idn proxy

1ft} M17-D46-N35-F143 idn lay out enclosures ?

1fME!5 M17-D46-D21-V37-E1-Z2 idr herd of animals

lE! D52-V37-E1 kA idr bull of the herd Head Bull ?

l!4tE D52-E1-Z1-N35-V37 kA n idr bull of the herd Head Bull ?

M4 1fME+ D21-Z1-M17-D46-D21-V37-Y1 r idr cattle - list

E M!} V37-D21-E1-N33A idr herd

1fMX M17-D46-D21-F21 idr stitch, stitching

1fX M17-D46-F21 idr stitch, stitching verb and noun

1fE M17-D46-V37 idr withhold

1fMKs5 M17-D46-D21-G43-F51-Z2 idrw nerves, tendons

EM11!E V37-D21-M17-M17-X1-G37 idryt punishment

1fM1 1!X,5 M17-D46-D21-M17-M17-X1-F21-Y2-

idryt punishment

1f<Kh M17-D46-V28-G43-N23 idHw the Delta marshes

1f<KQ M17-D46-V28-G43-O49 idHw the Delta marshes

1f < K/"Q M17-D46-V28-G43-M15-M2-O49 idHw the Delta marshes

1f< 1 1/! M17-D46-V28-M17-M17-M15-A1 idHy marsh-man

M15-G43-A1 idHy marsh - man
1f< 1 1/Q! M17-D46-V28-M17-M17-M15-O49-
idHy marsh - man

1f < KQ! M17-D46-V28-G43-G49-O1 idHw marsh - nest

1 DM!! M17-M36-D21-X1-O1 iDrt hall ?

\4 D36-Z1 a arm, hand, forearm

\h D36-I9 af his command

\4 D36-Z1 a region, province

\4 D36-Z1 a condition, state

\4 D36-Z1 a item, piece

\4on D36-Z1-D56-D54 a track, trace

\4 D36-Z1 a track, trace

\4 D36-Z1 a warrant, certificate

\+ D36-Y1 a warrant, certificate, record, register

7 ! t\t-! M23-X1-N35-D36-N35-Y3-A1 sS a n king's record scribe

!!\+ Q1-X1-D36-Y1 st a Place of Records

!!!\, Q1-X1-O1-D36-Y2 st a place of records archive

\4~ D36-Z1-N35A a dyke

\~ D36-N35A a dyke

\# D36-M3 a wooden rod

\T D36-W10 a bowl

\a D36-S25 a dragoman

\! s D36-X1-F51 at limb, member of body

\!7 ss D36-X1-Z4-F51-F51 aty intervertebral joints

\!! D36-X1-O1 at room, chamber, house

\! D36-X1 at house

\! 1hs D36-X1-M17-I9-F51 at iwf slaughter-house

\! <n! D36-X1-V28-N29-X1 at Hnqt brew-house

\! t! #! 4! D36-X1-N35-X1-M3-X1-Z1-O1 at nt xt orchard

\!!eq_ D36-X1-O1-S29-D58-N14 at sbA school, school - house

\!! # D36-X1-X1-X3 at t bake-house

\!!eM!+ D36-X1-O1-D45-D21-X1-Y1 at Dsrt the Holy Chamber the celestial Hall of

=4# O29-Z1-M3 aA column, pillar

=\# O29-D36-M3 aA column, pillar

O29V aA column, pillar as part of ship

=\ !+ O29-D36-G1-Y1 aAi great, plentiful, much, rich, senior

= O29 aAi great of size

=+ O29-Y1 aAi great of size

=\+ O29-D36-Y1 aAi great of size

O29V-G1-Y1V aAi great of quality
O29V-G1-Y1V-A1 aA magnate, elder son
| !}!
=\ !! O29-D36-G1-A1 aA elder son

| !}! t ! 4 O29V-G1-Y1V-A1-N35-O1-Z1 aA n pr majordomo

=\ !+ O29-D36-G1-Y1 aA greatness

1=\ !+ M 4 G17-O29-D36-G1-Y1-D21-Z1 m aA r speak boastfully

=\ !! + O29-D36-G1-X1-Y1 aAt a great thing

=! O29-X1 aAt a great thing

=\! O29-D36-X1 aAt a great thing

=\ !K + O29-D36-G1-G43-Y1 aAw greatly

= O29 aAw greatly

=\ !+ O29-D36-G1-Y1 aAw greatly

=== O29-O29-O29 aAy excess over, difference in mathematical

=\ 1 1+5 O29-D36-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 aAy excess over, difference in mathematical

=\ !p O29-D36-G1-N31 aA here, there, yonder

=\p O29-D36-N31 aA here, there, yonder

=\!1 1p O29-D36-G1-M17-M17-N31 aA here, there, yonder

=\ ?4 # O29-D36-O31-Z1-M3 aA door

? O31 aA door

=? O29-O31 aA door

=\? O29-D36-O31 aA door

=?4 # O29-O31-Z1-M3 aA door

=\K7?? M4 O29-D36-G43-Z4-O31-O31-D21-Z1 aAwy r the two leaves of the door

?? M4 O31-O31-D21-Z1 aAwy r the two leaves of the door

=\K7?? Ml 1 1 # O29-D36-G43-Z4-O31-O31-D21-
aAwy rwy the two leaves of the door

=l' O29-D52-E7 aA ass, donkey

E7 aA ass, donkey
=\l] O29-D36-D52-F27 aA ass, donkey

=lz!' O29-D52-N41-X1-E7 aAt female ass, female donkey

=! r O29-X1-N33 aAt costly stone, metal

=!G O29-X1-O39 aAt metal

=! _ O29-X1-H8 aAt stone vessel

=!T O29-X1-W10 aAt stone vessel

=! rLS Q O29-X1-N33-W2-W9-W7 aAwt stone vessels plural

=!8! O29-X1-Z5-V1 aAt linen cloth

\ !\ ~ D36-G1-D36-N35A aAa valour ?

=\ !\ m O29-D36-G1-D36-D53 aAa evil influence causing disease

=\ !\ m O29-D36-G1-D36-D53 aAa divine seed sperm

=\ !q K + O29-D36-G1-D58-M43-Y1 aAb pleasing, desirable, of things

=\q 3 O29-D36-D58-M19 aAb pleasant of persons

\ !q 3 ! D36-G1-D58-M19-M1 aAb pleasant of persons

=\q 3 O29-D36-D58-M19 aAb selfish

=\ !q ! K +5 O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M43-Y1-Z2 aAbt selfishness

=\ !q ! K $5 O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M43-X4-Z2 aAbt food, provisions, offerings

3! +5 M19-X1-Y1-Z2 aAbt offerings

=\q ! 3+5 O29-D36-D58-X1-M19-Y1-Z2 aAbt offerings

=\ !q ! 3 +} O29-D36-G1-D58-X1-M19-Y1-N33A aAbt food, provisions

=##} O29-Q3-Q3-I103 aApp Apep divinity

T14-G17-N63A throwstick
.1} aAm
T14-G17-A1 Asiatic
.1! aAm
T14-G17-A13 Asiatic
.1- aAm
?1H O31-G17-A40 aAm Asiatic

=\1.- O29-D36-G17-T14-A13 aAm Asiatic

=\ !1. ! O29-D36-G1-G17-T14-A1 aAm Asiatic

=\ !1. ! O29-D36-G1-G17-T14-A1 aAm Asiatic

?1! p O31-G17-X1-B1 aAmt Asiatic woman

=\ !U ! o O29-D36-G1-W11-X1-D56 aAgt hoof, claw, foot

=!U ! } O29-G1-W11-X1-F123 aAgt hoof

=\ !U \ O29-D36-G1-W11-D36 aAg thrash

=\ !U o O29-D36-G1-W11-D56 aAg thrash

=\ !U o \ O29-D36-G1-W11-D56-D36 aAg thrash

=\ !f! " O29-D36-G1-D46-X1-X2 aAdt type of bread ?

\ !f! " D36-G1-D46-X1-X2 aAdt a type of bread

=\ !V i O29-D36-G1-N5-I10 aAd be pale, pallid

=\ !f: +8 O29-D36-G1-D46-Z7-Y1-A24 aAd be pale, pallid

\\\ D36-D36-P1 aa royal barge

\\1" D36-D36-M17-A2 aai jabber

\\ M4! D36-D36-D21-Z1-A1 aai caller

\\:" D36-D36-Z7-A2 aaw flutter of heart

\\K7= D36-D36-G43-Z4-D5 aawy sleep

\\K7? D36-D36-G43-Z4-D7D aawy sleep verb and noun

\\K> D36-D36-G43-D6 aawy sleep verb and noun

\\qT D36-D36-D58-W10 aab bowl

\t< D36-N35-D4 ain eye

\ \ q S` D36-D36-D58-F16-D40 aab comb the hair

\\h` D36-D36-I9-D40 iaf wring out

\\t7! D36-D36-N35-Z4-O1 aany camp

\\t78 D36-D36-N35-Z4-A24 aany coop up, confine ?

\\t\@ D36-D36-N35-D36-E32 ian baboon

\\ M!k D36-D36-D21-X1-I12 iart uraeus

S25-G43-A2 aw dragoman
S25 aw dragoman
\a D36-S25 aw dragoman

1MaK" G17-D21-S25-G43-A2 imy r aw caravan leader

\K! n D36-G43-X1-S38 awt crook, sceptre

nK!( S38-G43-X1-E8 awt small cattle, goats, herds

.:!85 T14-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 awt small cattle

. ! 5! T14-X1-Z2-E1 awt goats

.K! !5 T14-G43-X1-E1-Z2 awt small cattle, sheep, goats

.:!85 T14-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 awt small cattle, sheep, goats

\K!<} D36-G43-X1-E28-N33A awt goats

\!l<5 D36-X1-D52-E28-Z2 awt goats

nK!l5 S38-G43-X1-D52-Z2 awt herds in general

\!K.!!! D36-X1-G43-T14-A1-A1-A1 awt men

\ $ !8 D36-V4-G1-A24 awAi steal, rob, robbery

\$` D36-V4-D40 awAi steal goods, rob someone

M17-V4-G1-A24 awAi steal goods, rob someone
1 $ !8
=\ $ !8 O29-D36-V4-G1-A24 awAi steal goods, rob someone

\ $ !! \ D36-V4-G1-X1-D36 awAt robbery

\$!1 18! D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-A24-A1 awAy robber, he who is robbed

\$1 1 D36-V4-M17-M17 awAy robber, he who is robbed

\ $ !8 D36-V4-G1-A24 awAy robber

\$!1 1E! D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-G37-A1 awAy robber

\$!1 19 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-Z6 awAy robber

\$!1 1!9 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z6 awAyt female robber

\ $ !\ < M h D36-V4-G1-D36-D4-D21-I9 awA irr .f brigand

\$1 1` D36-V4-M17-M17-D40 awAy reap

\$` D36-V4-D40 awA look after, care for ?

\ $ !i ` D36-V4-G1-D49-D40 awA look after, care for

\ $ !C D36-V4-G1-Aa2 awA go bad, rot

\$!1 1!Ca5 D36-V4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-W23-

awAyt a fermented drink ?

\K\K] D36-G43-D36-G43-S21 awaw ring

\\] D36-D36-S21 awaw ring

\B t8 D36-E34-N35-A24 awn be covetous, despoil

\B tb :8 D36-E34-N35-W24-Z7-A24 awnw plunderer

\B:8 D36-E34-Z7-A24 awnw plunderer

\B t8d 4 D36-E34-N35-A24-F34-Z1 awn ib be rapacious, rapacity, avarice

\B t! # D36-E34-N35-X1-M3 awnt stave

\KU ' D36-G43-W11-Q7 awg parch grain

\ q S4 D36-D58-F16-Z1 ab horn
S4 F16-Z1 ab horn

1M4S[ ]u G17-D21-Z1-F16-F25-H6-K6 imy r ab Overseer of horn, hoof, feather and scale

Swt nSmt
\ q S+5 D36-D58-F16-Y1-Z2 ab meal

\qS D36-D58-F16 ab unite

\Tq D36-W10-D58 ab unite, present

\qG D36-D58-O39 abA offering-stone

\ q ! S+ D36-D58-X1-F16-Y1 abt attachment, connections

\!q _ D36-X1-D58-H8 abt a funerary ritual object

\q! } D36-D58-X1-O30U abwt forked staff

\ q S. 5 D36-D58-F16-A14-Z2 abw victims

\q KT D36-D58-G43-F17 abw purification, purity

D59-F17 abw purification
\q K+5 D36-D58-G43-Y1-Z2 abw purity

\sK D36-D60-G43 abw impurity

F17-G43 abw impurity
T +5 s F17-Y1-Z2 abw offerings

T5 F17-Z2 abw offerings

\q KT +5 D36-D58-G43-F17-Y1-Z2 abw offerings

\T q K+5M4 D36-F17-D58-G43-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 abw r breakfast

S+5 M 4 ;5 F16-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1-Z8-Z2 abw r breakfast

T4M F17-Z1-D21 abw r breakfast

\= r D36-G29-S42 abA sceptre

r4 S42-Z1 abA sceptre

\q= r` D36-D58-G29-S42-D40 abA command a ship

\q=!r` D36-D58-G29-G1-S42-D40 abA present to, make presentation, provide

S42-D58-Y1V abA present one's hands in ritual gesture

\q r+ D36-D58-S42-Y1 abA provide with

\q= r D36-D58-G29-S42 abA present to

\q=} D36-D58-G29-Aa81 abA make presentation to

\q!rG D36-D58-G1-S42-O39 abA offering - stone

r4G S42-Z1-O39 abA offering - stone

\qG D36-D58-O39 abA offering - stone

\q rG D36-D58-S42-O39 abA offering - stone

\ q = !} D36-D58-G29A-G1-Q37 abA offering - stone

\=} D36-G29-R30 abA offering - stone

\q rY D36-D58-S42-N8 abA glitter

\q\" D36-D58-D36-A2 aba boast, boasting, exageration

D59-F16 aba boast, boasting, exaggeration

q\\+ D58-D36-D36-Y1 aba boast, boasting, exaggeration

\ q \ S+ D36-D58-D36-F16-Y1 aba boast, boasting, exaggeration

\ q \ S" D36-D58-D36-F16-A2 aba boast, boasting, exaggeration

\q\q D36-D58-D36-D58 abab become excited ?

rrf D59-D59-N21 abab threshold ?

\q\qT+ D36-D58-D36-D58-W10-Y1 abab appear ?, shine ?

\q\q 1 1! D36-D58-D36-D58-M17-M17-X1 ababyt region of collar-bone

\q K8 D36-D58-G43-Z5 abwt lettuce

\q! } D36-D58-X1-O30U abwt staff of office

\q K! } D36-D58-G43-X1-O30U abwt staff of Office

\ q q Sb D36-D58-D58-F16-D42 abb use the pitchfork

\qq` D36-D58-D58-D40 abb knock on door ?

1q <\ M17-D58-V28-D36 abH fill up

\# Mp+ D36-D58-V28-W24a abH fill up

\q B t] D36-D58-Aa1-N35-F27 abxn frog

\q v_ D36-D58-N37-W21 abS wine - jar

\q vg D36-D58-N37-W59 abS wine jar

\#n D36-Q3-D54 api traverse a waterway, pass by

\#? D36-Q3-H5A api fly

\# 1 1 9 D36-Q3-M17-M17-N58 apy the Winged Disk

\# tt! m D36-Q3-N35-N35-X1-I14C apnnt slug ?

# \tt! m Q3-D36-N35-N35-X1-I14 apnnt slug

\# tt] D36-Q3-N35-N35-F27 apnnt slug

UM+ Aa20-D21-Y1 apr provide, equip, acquire, incur, man a vessel

\#+ D36-Q3-Y1 apr provide, equip with, man a vessel, aquire,

incur injury
\# M+ D36-Q3-D21-Y1 apr provide, equip with, man a vessel, aquire,
incur injury
\# MU+ D36-Q3-D21-Aa20-Y1 apr provide, equip with, man a vessel, aquire,
incur injury
U MK+5 Aa20-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 aprw equipment

UK} Aa20-G43-N33A aprw jewellery

UMK Aa20-D21-G43 aprw jewellery

UM} Aa20-D21-N33A aprw jewellery

\# M! U+5 D36-Q3-D21-X1- Aa20-Y1-Z2 aprt equipment of offerings

UM! ` Aa 20-D21-X1-W22 aprt type of jar

\# M! U` D36-Q3-D21-X1- Aa20-W22 aprt a type of jar

]MK!5 Aa20-D21-G43-A1-Z2 aprw sailors, workmen

Aa20- Aa20- Aa20-A1-A1-A1 aprw sailors
\# MKU!5 D36-Q3-D21-G43-Aa20-A1-Z2 aprw sailors, workmen
\#KM4 D36-Q3-G43-D21-Z1 apr an Asiatic people

\# (!1 1 x D36-Q3-M8-G1-M17-M17-L1 apSAy beetle

\ h!` D36-I9-G1-D40 afA devour ?, tear off

\ h!2 D36-I9-G1-F51B afA devour, tear off

\h!1 1 ! D36-I9-G1-M17-M17-O1 afAy encampment

\ h!7 "5 D36-I9-G1-Z4-M2-Z2 afAy sweet clover ?

\h7 y D36-I9-Z4-L2 afy bee, honey bee

\hhz D36-I9-I9-L3 aff fly insect noun

G4 G39-Z1 aff fly noun

\hhG D36-I9-I9-G39 aff fly

\hhy D36-I9-I9-L2 aff buzz of insect

\ht8 + D36-I9-N35-A24-Y1 afn cover

\ht+} D36-I9-N35-Y1-T67 afn cover verb

\ht! } D36-I9-N35-X1-S57B afnt royal head-cloth

\ht! d D36-I9-N35-X1-S28 afnt royal head - cloth

\ht! 8 D36-I9-N35-X1-Z5 afnt royal head - cloth

\h! l} D36-I9-X1-Z4A-A417 afty brewer

E!7 A37-X1-Z4 afty brewer

\h! ! D36-I9-X1-X1 aftt female brewer

\h! D D36-I9-X1-A36 afty brewer

D!78 A36-X1-Z4-A24 afty brewer

\hf+ D36-I9-D46-Y1 afd lead to, attractive ? verb and

\h! i& D36-I9-X1-I10-Q6 afDt chest furniture

\hf! & D36-I9-D46-X1-Q6 afDt chest

\1M" D36-G17-F10-A2 am swallow, breathe in, absorb, know

\1" D36-G17-A2 am swallow

F10 am know
\1M"d 4 D36-G17-F10-A2-F34-Z1 am ib become faint, neglect, be discreet, regret,
\1\8 D36-G17-D36-A24 ama smear

\1\! h5 D36-G17-D36-X1-N23-Z2 amat mud, muddy ground, mud-flat

\ 1\ !! / D36-G17-D36-G1-X1-T15 amaAt throw - stick

\ 1!! # D36-G17-G1-X1-M3 amaAt throw-stick

\1\!/ D36-G17-D36-G1-T15 amaA throw the throw - stick

\ 1\ 1k` D36-G17-D36-G17-D51-D40 amam smear

\1\1U D36-G17-D36-G17-Aa20 amam container for bread etc..

\11 _ D36-G17-G17-H8 amm brain

\1\1:]4 D36-G17-D36-G17-Z7-F27-Z1 amamw shrew

\t! k D36-N35-X1-D51 ant finger/toe nail, claw

\t! Y D36-N35-X1-U19A ant nail of finger or toe

<S! 4 } D4-F16-X1-Z1-N33A ir anwt trim the nails

\t! Z D36-N35-X1-U20 ant pick noun

\t! ] D36-N35-X1-S21 ant ring of gold, socket for jar

\ t=+ D36-N35-D5-Y1 an beautiful, bright of face, pleasing, be kind,

\t@+ D36-N35-D8-Y1 an beautiful

\t@ D36-N35-D8 an beautiful noun

\t? D36-N35-D7 an beautiful noun

\ t=+! D36-N35-D5-Y1-A1 an the pleasant man

\t7# D36-N35-Z4-M3 any writing - board

\t\@ D36-N35-D36-E32 ian baboon

\t\ 1 1" D36-N35-D36-M17-M17-A2 anay complain, complaint

\t\t" D36-N35-D36-N35-A2 anan complain, complaint

\t\t s D36-N35-D36-N35-F51 anan chin

\tb K? D36-N35-W24-G43-D7 anw Ainu a source of Limestone locality

\b{ D36-W24-D8A anw Ainu ? source of Limestone locality

b \ @ W24-D36-D8 W24-D36-D8 anw Ainu ? source of Limestone locality

\tq " D36-N35-D58-M2 anb reed - stalk for matting

\tq 1 1! " D36-N35-D58-M17-M17-X1-M2 anbyt measure for reed-stalks

\ttî D36-N35-N35-D55 ann turn back, repeat again, come back, return,
bring back
\ttn D36-N35-N35-D54 ann turn back verb

\tt}}! D36-N35-N35-F114-F114-X1 annt rump

\t5E D36-N35-G21-D13 anH eyebrow

j4 S34-Z1 anx sandal strap

j tB x S34-N35-Aa1-L1 anx beetle

j tB S34-N35-Aa1 anx live, life

X8-S34 di anx given life
F25-S34 wHm anx repeating life living again
>Hj V30-A40-S34 nb anx Lord of life

>j V V30-S34-A54 nb anx sarcophagus

<j tB D4-S34-N35-Aa1 ir anx make provision for someone

j tB ! S34-N35-Aa1-A1 anx person

j tB K7 S34-N35-Aa1-G43-Z4 anxw the living

S34-Z3 anxw the living
S34-S34-S34 anxw the living
j K5 S34-G43-Z2 anxw the living
S34-A223 anx captive
j4 S34-Z1 anx captive
jh` S34-A223-D40 anx captive
j tB a h h S34-N35-Aa1-N16-N16-N23-N23 anx tAwy Memphis

j tB " S34-N35-Aa1-A2 anx swear, oath

S34 anx swear
j4, S34-Z1-V12 anx garland
S34-M2 anx garland
j4" S34-Z1-M2 anx garland

j ,4; S34-V12-Z1-Z8 anx garland

j tB G5 S34-N35-Aa1-O39-Z2 anxw blocks of alabaster

S34-S34-F21-F21 anxwy ears
j4s S34-Z1-N34 anx mirror

j tB ! B S34-N35-Aa1-X1-D10 anxt eye of deity

jB S34-D10 anxt eye of deity

j tB ! O5 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-U9-Z2 anxt corn

j tB ! ;5 S34-N35-Aa1-X1-Z8-Z2 anxt corn

j tB ! ! O S34-N35-Aa1-X1-X1-U9 anxt corn

j tB ! ? S34-N35-Aa1-X1-E31 anxt goat

E31 anxt goat
\ t n !f D36-N35-N29-X1-B7C anqt Anukis

\ t$a 5 D36-N35-G4-W23-Z2 antyw myrrh

\t$} D36-N35-G4-N33A antyw myrrh

\t! $} D36-N35-X1-G4-W40 antyw myrrh

\tfE D36-N35-D46-G37 and few, scarcity, fewness, be diminished

\tf! E D36-N35-D46-X1-G37 andt the few of people

\tia 4 } D36-N35-I10-W23-Z1-N33A and unguent

\tfa r r r D36-N35-D46-W23-N33-N33-N33 and an unguent

\tk:b D36-N35-N26-Z7-W24 anDw jar

\tkK Y D36-N35-N26-G43-N8 anDw dawn

\tiO D36-N35-I10-N49 anDw dawn

\tfKS D36-N35-D46-G43-N2 anDw dawn

\tfKV D36-N35-D46-G43-N5 anDw dawn

\ Mp D36-D21-N31 ar mount up, ascend, extend, penetrate

\ Mpn D36-D21-N31-D54 ar mount up, ascend

1\ Mp M17-D36-D21-N31 ar mount up, ascend

\ M:p5 D36-D21-Z7-N31-Z2 arw proximity

\ Mp D36-D21-N31 arw proximity

\ M$pn D36-D21-G4-N31-D54 artyw they who ascend ?

\ M" D36-D21-M2 ar reed pen

\M7" D36-D21-Z4-M2 ar reed pen

\ M!" D36-D21-X1-M2 art roll of papyrus

\ M!,4 D36-D21-X1-V12-Z1 art roll of papyrus, leather

\ M!k D36-D21-X1-I12 iart uraeus

\M!V D36-D21-X1-F19 art jaw

\ M!2 D36-D21-X1-F51B art jaw, hinder parts of man, anus

\M!Y D36-D21-X1-F22 art hinder part, hindquarter

\M11!# D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 arrwt leaf of double door

\M\ Ms D36-D21-D36-D21-F51 arar chin ?

\ MhA D36-D21-I9-V33 arf bag, combine, enclose, contain

V33 arf bag noun
\ MhA ` D36-D21-I9-V33-D40 arf combine verb

\ MhE ` D36-D21-I9-V37-D40 arf combine verb

\ Mhi D36-D21-I9-D49 arf enclose

\ M MK!F D36-D21-D21-G43-X1-O38 arrwt gate

\ M MK!Z D36-D21-D21-G43-X1-Q38 arrwt gate

\MM11!! D36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 arrwt gate

\M11!# D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 arrwt leaf of double door

\M11!G D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O39 arrwt lintel

\M11!! D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 arrwt lintel

\ M\ 1 1!! D36-D21-D36-M17-M17-X1-O1 arryt hall of judgement

\M11!F# D36-D21-M17-M17-X1-O38-M3 aryt dwelling, home

\ Mn,+ D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 arq bent

\ Mn,+ D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 arq don a garment

V12-N29 don a garment
,n arq
\ Mn 6} D36-D21-N29-O22-Y1V arq don a garment

\ Mn, D36-D21-N29-V12 arq know, perceive, gain full knowledge of, be

wise, skilled
,n +d 4 V12-N29-Y1-F34-Z1 arq ib clever
O22 arq know, perceive, gain full knowledge of, be
6 wise, skilled in
\ Mn,+ D36-D21-N29-V12-Y1 arq know, perceive, gain full knowledge of, be
wise, skilled in
V12-N29-A2 swear
,n" arq
\ Mn ,34 D36-D21-N29-V12-V19-Z1 arq basket ?
V12-N29-M17-M17-N5 last day of the month
,n 1 1V arqy
O180-M17-M17-N5 last day of the month
}11V arqy
V12-M17-M17-N5 last day of the month
,11V arqy
\,1 1V D36-V12-M17-M17-N5 arqy last day of the month

\ Mn 6V D36-D21-N29-O22-N5 arqy last day of the month

\ Mn 1 1,4 D36-D21-N29-M17-M17-V12-Z1 arqy last day of the month

\<! D36-V28-V1 aH rope

M17-V28-V1 aH rope
+\! O11-D36-O1 aH palace, temple

+! O11-O1 aH palace, temple

,! O12-O1 aH palace, temple

M17-V28-T24 aH entrap, snare
\<8` D36-V28-T24E-D40 aH entrap, snare
M17-V28-T24E aH entrap, snare
\<8 D36-V28-T24E aH wipe off, wipe away
M17-V28-T24E aH wipe off, wipe away
8!5 T24-X1-Z2 aHt farm land

8! h! T24-X1-N23-A1 aHwty cultivator

8!! T24-X1-A1 aHwty cultivator

8K$`5 T24-G43-G4-D40-Z2 aHwtyw cultivators plural

"! 7 M2-X1-Z4 aHwty cultivator

1 < K! l! M17-V28-G43-X1-Z4A-A1 aHwty cultivator

D34-A24 fight,
Z8 aHA
D34-A24 weapons of war noun
Z8 aHA
ae e ] tZ8 F31-S29-S29-F27-N35-D34-A24 mss n aHA shirt of mail
D34-G1-A24 fight
Z !8 aHA
\<! D36-V28-G1 aHA fight

1 < !\ M17-V28-G1-D36 aHA fight

Z8M M1# D34-A24-U7-D21-M17-M3 aHA mri ply the sounding pole

Z8\4 D34-A24-D36-Z1 aHA a go to war

Z !8 -K D34-G1-A24-V13-G43 aHA Tw take care

Z !8 -t D34-G1-A24-V13-N35 aHA Tn take care

Z8:4 D34-A24-D2-Z1 aHA Hr be wary of

D34 warrior
Z!!6 D34-X1-A1-Z3 aHAt warriors

ZK+ D34-G43-T11 aHAw arrow, weapons

Z+4 D34-T11B-Z1 aHAw arrows, weapons

Z !K + D34-G1-G43-T11B aHAw arrows, weapons

Z !! ! D34-G1-X1-O1 aHAt battleground

Z! D34-X1 aHAt battleground

Z!\ D34-X1-P1 aHAt warship

Z !p D34-G1-K1 aHA fish lates niloticus

Z8~# D34-A24-N35A-M3 aHA mw sounding pole

Z8~s4 D34-A24-N35A-N34-Z1 aHA mw sounding - pole

Z !: ! 7 8 D34-G1-Z7-X1-Z4-A24 aHAwty warrior

Z!K, D34-X1-G43-A12 aHAwty warrior

Z!7K` D34-X1-Z4-G43-D40 aHAwty warrior

a\n P6-D36-D54 aHa stand, stand by, stand erect, raise oneself ,
stand up, rise up, arise, attend, wait, lifetime
P6 aHa stand
a \ Kn5 P6-D36-G43-D54-Z2 aHaw positions of things, ceremonial stations of
a\: P6-D36-Z7 aHaw ceremonial stations of persons

\ a\K D36-P6-D36-G43 aHaw proper positions of things

a n5 P6-D54-Z2 aHaw proper positions of things

a\K+5 P6-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 aHaw attendance, service

a\ P6-D36 aHa attendant

a11! P6-M17-M17-X1 aHat Female Attendant

\ a5K D36-P6-A21-G43 aHaw attending

P7-G43-A40 aHaw stand - by, helper
a\C P6-D36-M35 aHa heap, portion, allotment, quantity
mathematics, wealth, riches
P6 aHa portion, allotment
b;5 P7-Z8-Z2 aHaw portions, allotments
X7-X7-X7 heaps plural
''' aHaw
a4G P6-Z1-O39 aHa stela

a4 P6-Z1 aHa stela

ab4 P6-W24-Z1 aHa measure for beer

a!4 s P6-X1-Z1-F51 aHat spinal ridge

a\!! P6-D36-X1-O1 maHat tomb

a+5 P6-Y1-Z2 aHaw tombs

a\K\45 P6-D36-G43-P1-Z1-Z2 aHaw ships

bK]5 P7-G43-P2-Z2 aHaw ships

H !b K]5 G40-G1-P7-G43-P2-Z2 pA aHaw the fleet collective noun

a\!5 P6-D36-X1-Z2 aHat ships

a\KV4 P6-D36-G43-N5-Z1 aHaw lifetime, period, space of time

P6-I114 lifetime, period, space of time
ao aHaw
a\V4 P6-D36-N5-Z1 aHaw lifetime, period, space of time

aKVu P6-G43-N5-N36 aHaw lifetime, period, space of time

aKV h4 P6-G43-N5-N23-Z1 aHaw lifetime, period, space of time

a\n P6-D36-D54 aHaw lifetime, period, space of time

I114 lifetime, period, space of time
o aHaw
\B ' D36-Aa1-Q7 ax brazier

\B, D36-Aa1-R1E ax brazier

\BR D36-Aa1-N1 axi raise up, hang men

\B\ D36-Aa1-H5 axi fly verb

\B!? D36-Aa1-X1-H5A axt swoop of falcon

\B1' D36-Aa1-G17-Q7 axm extinguish, destroy

\B 1'~ D36-Aa1-G17-Q7-N35A axm quench thirst

\B 1~ D36-Aa1-G17-N35A axm extinguish, quench thirst

\B 1M D36-Aa1-G17-F10 axm front of neck

\B 1:"5 D36-Aa1-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 axmw twigs

\B P, D36-Aa1-Aa15-G12 axm image

\B .! h5 D36-Aa1-G14-X1-N23-Z2 axmt river - bank

\BB ' D36-Aa1-Aa1-Q7 axx evaporate, consume

\B B:S D36-Aa1-Aa1-Z7-N2 axxw twilight

\bI D36-F32-G41 aXi fly, fly away

\b.I D36-F32-T14-G41 aXi fly, fly away

\b\ D36-F32-H5 aXi fly, fly away

\b 1' D36-F32-G17-G7 aXm image of god

\v1' D36-N37-G17-G7 aSm image of god

\B P, D36-Aa1-Aa15-G12 axm image of god

\b 1b D36-F32-G17-I3 aXm voracious ? spirit

\b 1:"5 D36-F32-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 aXmw twigs

\ b 1:`5 D36-F32-G17-Z7-P5-Z2 aXmw twigs

\B 1:"5 D36-Aa1-G17-Z7-M2-Z2 axmw twigs

\\b:g!7! D36-F26-W24-Z7-U33-X1-Z4-O1 aXnwty audience - chamber

\Bb!7 D36-Aa1-W24-X1-Z4 aXnwty audience chamber

\\b!! D36-F26-W24-X1-O1 aXnwty audience chamber

\\b!7! D36-F26-W24-X1-Z4-O1 aXnwty audience chamber

\\tb: g ! D36-F26-N35-W24-Z7-U33-O1 aXnwty audience chamber

\v" D36-N37-A2 aS summon

\ !\ v" D36-G1-D36-N37-A2 aS summon

\v\ vM s D36-N37-D36-N37-F10-F51 aSaS voicebox, larynx

1 \ v" G! M17-D36-N37-A2-F4-X1 aS HAt act as pilot

1 \v" M17-D36-N37-A2 aS act as pilot

\vC " D36-N37-Aa2-A2 aS groan

\vI D36-N37-M41 aS cedar

C! Aa2-M1 aS cedar

\vC D36-N37-Aa2 aS cedar

\vb b b I D36-N37-W24-W24-W24-M41 aS cedar

\vC K D36-N37-Aa2-W1 aS cedar - oil

\v` D36-N37-I1 aSA lizard

` !5 I1-G1-Z2 aSA many, numerous, much, plentiful, ordinary,

=! 8v5 O29-X1-Z5-N37-Z2 aSAt many, numerous adjective

` !5 I1-G1-Z2 aSA quantity, multitude

I1 many, numerous, much, plentiful, ordinary,

` aSA
quantity, multitude
`5 I1-Z2 aSA many, numerous, much, plentiful, ordinary,
quantity, multitude
\ v!` D36-N37-G1-I1 aSA many, numerous, much, plentiful, ordinary,
quantity, multitude
` !! ! 5 I1-G1-X1-A1-Z2 aSAt multitude of people, company of guests, the
many, the masses
`!!p5 I1-X1-A1-B1-Z2 aSAt multitude of persons

`!5 I1-X1-Z2 aSAt the many, the masses

`5M4" I1-Z2-D21-Z1-A2 aSA r chatter, be loquacious

`!5c :" I1-G1-Z2-P8-Z7-A2 aSA xrw noisy

` !5B M 7 K c " I1-G1-Z2-Aa1-D21-E23-G43-P8-A2 aSA xrw noisy

I1-G229 dove ?
`} aSA
\ v!C D36-N37-G1-Aa2 aSA obnoxious ?

\v! l D36-N37-X1-Z4A aSty abundant

Cn n G35-N29-D54 aq enter, charge, come in, have the entree, set
of sun, run aground, be noticed
C G35 aq enter into

\nn D36-N29-D54 aq enter into

Cn G35-D54 aq enter into

Cn nM!4 G35-N29-D54-D21-O1-Z1 aq r pr wedding

Cn nd 4 G35-N29-D54-F34-Z1 aq ib become intimate

Cn nd 4 ! G35-N29-D54-F34-Z1-A1 aq ib intimate friend

Cn +d 4 G35-N29-Y1-F34-Z1 aq ib intimate friend

Cn nM4! G35-N29-D54-D21-Z1-A1 aq r one over-familiar in speech ?

Cn n! p 5 G35-N29-D54-A1-B1-Z2 aqw friends

C11! G35-M17-M17-X1 aqyt female servant

C! G35-X1 aqyt female servant

Cn $5 G35-N29-X4-Z2 aqw loaves, provisions, food, income, revenue

CK;5 G35-G43-Z8-Z2 aqw provisions, food

Cn :;5 G35-N29-Z7-Z8-Z2 aqw provisions, food

\n!j j+ D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 aqA precise, accurate, go straight forward,

\n!j j+ D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 aqA use aright, correct, straightness, exact sense

\n!j j+ D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1 aqA stright-dealing, straight-forwardness

\n jj} D36-N29-D50-D50-Y1V aqA precise, accurate adjective

\ n ! j j }d 4 D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-Y1V-F34-Z1 aqA ib straightforward

\n! D36-N29-G1 aqA use aright verb transitive

\n!1 1 j j+ D36-N29-G1-M17-M17-D50-D50-Y1 aqAy a straight-dealer

\n!1 1! j j+ D36-N29-G1-M17-M17-X1-D50-D50-
aqAyt true balancing

\ n !! j j D36-N29-G1-X1-D50-D50 aqAyt true balancing

1\ n !! j j G17-D36-N29-G1-X1-D50-D50 m aqAyt exactly

\n!j j! 4 D36-N29-G1-D50-D50-V1-Z1 aqA a type of rope

\ n !! D36-N29-G1-V1 aqA a type of rope

\U!} D36-W11-X1-N33A agt a resinous varnish ?

\UK! r5 D36-W11-G43-X1-N33-Z2 agwt a preparation of grain

\ U !o D36-W11-X1-M33A agwt a preparation of grain

\U t} D36-W11-N35-W78 agn pedestal for vase

\!B8 D36-X1-Aa1-A24 atx strain

1!B M17-X1-Aa1 atx strain mash etc

\!B:`8!5 D36-X1-Aa1-Z7-W22-A24-A1-Z2 atxw brewers

\ fKr4 D36-D46-G43-K3-Z1 adw Buri fish

:4# V26-Z1-M3 aD spool, reel

\i:# D36-I10-V26-M3 aD spool, reel

\:f# D36-V26-D46-M3 aD spool, reel

\i:+ D36-I10-V26-Y1 aD be safe, become whole

:+ V26-Y1 aD be safe

:f+ V26-D46-Y1 aD be safe

\i; D36-I10-V27 aD perceive

:f} V26-D46-Y1V aD perceive

\;i! " D36-V27-I10-X1-A2 aDt offence ?

:fM ` V26-D46-U7-D40 aD hack up, destroy

:fM 8 V26-D46-U7-A24 aD hack up, destroy

\i! >5 D36-I10-X1-T30-Z2 aDt slaughter, massacre

;!g V27-X1-A15A aDt slaughter, massacre

:ih4 V26-I10-N23-Z1 aD edge, margin of cultivation

:h V26-N23 aD edge, margin of cultivation

\i; h D36-I10-V27B-N23 aD edge, margin of cultivation

: iG5 V26-I10-O39-Z2 aD fat, grease

:fG V26-D46-O39 aD fat, grease

:b5 V26-W24-Z2 aD fat, grease

:fb5 V26-D46-W24-Z2 aD fat, grease

:f7 r5 V26-D46-Z4-N33-Z2 aD fat, grease

\i:b 5 D36-I10-V26-W24-Z2 aD fat, grease

:i8 V26-I10-A24 aD fatten ?

:i1 1:8 V26-I10-M17-M17-Z7-A24 aDyw winnowers

\i:k D36-I10-V26-N26 aDw Buri fish

:f:p4 V26-D46-Z7-K1-Z1 aDw Buri fish

\fKp4 D36-D46-G43-K1-Z1 aDw Buri fish

ru K3-N36 aD mr administrator

:fM `u V26-D46-U7-D40-N36 aD mr administrator

\iM `u D36-I10-U7-D40-N36 aD mr administrator

\ b !:8 D36-U28-G1-Z7-A24 aDAw guilty, guilt

\ b !` D36-U28-G1-D40 aDAw guilt noun

\ b !`! D36-U28-G1-D40-A1 aDA guilty man, wrongdoer

\it! T D36-I10-N35-X1-W10 aDnt armband, armlet

\it! I D36-I10-N35-X1-Aa8 aDnt crucible ?

G43 w property
G43 w not enclitic negative
K particle
K[ G43-D35 w not enclitic negative
K5 G43-Z2 w they, them, their 3rd person plural
suffix pronoun
:5 Z7-Z2 w they, them, their suffix pronoun

Kf4 G43-N21-Z1 w district, region

:h Z7-N23 w district, region

1MKh4 G17-D21-G43-N23-Z1 imy r w district - superintendent

1Mh4! G17-D21-N23-Z1-A1 imy r w district - superintendent

$ !! ! V4-G1-X1-V1 wAt cord

V4-G1-A2 wA brood on, conspire against, schemer
$ !"
V4-G1-N31 far from, long ago, for a long time past, go
$ !p wA
N31 far from, long ago, for a long time past, go
p wA
V4-N31 far from, long ago, for a long time past, go
$p wA
V4-G1-A24 wA far from, long ago, for a long time past, go
$ !8
V4-G1-Z7-Z7-N31-D54 far from, long ago, for a long time past, go
$ !:: pn wA
V4-G1-N31 fall into a condition
$ !p wA
V4-N31 fall into a condition
$p wA
N31 fall into a condition
p wA
V4-G1-D54 fall into a condition
$ !n wA
$ !! p V4-G1-X1-N31 wAt road, way

p! 4 N31-X1-Z1 wAt road, way

$!p V4-X1-N31 wAt road, way

<$ !! pt D4-V4-G1-X1-N31-N35 ir wAt n prepare a way for

: 4 $ !! p> D2-Z1-V4-G1-X1-N31-V30 Hr wAt nb on every side

<! $ ! p D4-X1-V4-X1-N31 irt wAt to escort

% pj5 G5-N31-N25-Z2 wAwt Hr Roads of Horus

%p! ! j G5-N31-X1-X1-N25 wAwt Hr Roads - of - Horus a N.E. Fortress

V4-G1-Q7 wAi roast ? grain
V4-G1-M17-Q7 wAi roast ? grain
$!1 '
$ !\ K` V4-G1-D36-G43-D40 wAaw captain ? of ship
V4-G1-G43-N35A wAw wave of the sea
$ !K ~
V4-G1-V4-G1-A2 wAwA take counsel
$ !$ !"
$$!! V4-V4-X1-V1 wAwAt cord

$$! 4 V4-V4-X1-V20 wAwAt cord

$ !$ !! ' V4-G1-V4-G1-X1-Q7 wAwAt fiery one ?

$$!j V4-V4-X1-N25 wAwAt Wawat Northern Nubia

$$ 1 1!j V4-V4-M17-M17-X1-N25 wAwAi Wawat locality

V4-G1-D58-M2 wAb root of plant, socket of eye, leg, tooth
$ !q "
V4-G1-D58-M2 wAb rooted to the spot
$ !q "
V4-G1-D58-V1 wAb cloth ?, swaddling - clothes
$ !q !
$ !q ! h V4-G1-D58-X1-N23 wAbt high-lying agriculural land

$q ! h V4-D58-X1-N23 wAbt high - lying agricultural land

$ !q ! 5 V4-G1-D58-X1-Z2 wAbt body of the Red Crown

V4-G1-G17-Q7 bake ?
$ !1 ' wAm
$!M!! V4-G1-D21-X1-V1 wArt draw - rope of clap-net

=<+ V29-V28-Y1 wAH set down, lay down, apply, stack, stow, store
up, lay aside, discard
=<+ V29-V28-Y1 wAH leave aside, overlook, ignore, institute, enter,
pitch, wait, permit
= <+94 V29-V28-Y1-D1-Z1 wAH tp bow the head

=<+ V29-V28-Y1 wAH live long, endure, be patient

V29 wAH see entries under wAH
=<\ V29-V28-D36 wAH see entries under wAH
V4-G1-V28-V29-A24 wAH see entries under wAH
= < +d 4 V29-V28-Y1-F34-Z1 wAH ib be kindly, patient, clemency, benevolence

$ < = K ! $5 V4-V28-V29-G43-X1-X4-Z2 wAHwt oblations

$<!} V4-V28-X1-R33 wAHwt oblations

V29-V28-Z7-M2 wAHw wreath, garland, necklace
= <:"
V29-M2 wAHw wreath, garland
V4-V28-S11-M2-M2-M2 wAHw wreath, garland
$ < S"""
V29-V28-S11B wAHw necklace
V4-G1-V28-V29-V1 wAHw necklace
G43-V29-S12 fillet of gold
V29-G43-S12 fillet of gold
=!! V29-X1-O1 wAHt processional station

= < 11!5 V29-V28-M17-M17-X1-Z2 wAHyt temenos

= < 11!" V29-V28-M17-M17-X1-M2 wAHyt corn

= < !O5 V29-V28-X1-U9-Z2 wAHyt corn

= 11!O V29-M17-M17-X1-U9 wAHyt corn

$B/ V4-Aa1-M15 wAx flood

$ !B / "5 V4-G1-Aa1-M15-M2-Z2 wAx flood noun

$ !B / V4-G1-Aa1-M15 wAxi be inundated, be content

$B V4-Aa1 wAxi be inundated of land, be content of persons

$ !B 7 / ! V4-G1-Aa1-Z4-M15-O1 wAxy columned forecourt

$ !B / ! V4-G1-Aa1-M15-O1 wAxy columned forecourt

V4-M15-O27 wAxy columned forecourt
p4 S40-Z1 wAs sceptre

V4-S29-S40 wAs sceptre

$e p
p4# S40-Z1-M3 wAs sceptre
S40 wAs dominion, have dominion noun and verb
p!i S40-X1-N24 wAst Thebes

>!Q R19-X1-O49 wAst Thebes locality

p!7Q S40-X1-Z4-O49 wAsty the Theban

p!7e S40-X1-Z4-S29 wAsty the Theban

V4-G1-S29-S40 wAsi be ruined, decayed
$ !e p
S40-G37 wAsi be ruined, decayed verb
S40-G17-G37 ruin noun
p1E wAsi
$ !v< V4-G1-N37-A28 wAS be honoured, be strong, honour

$v> + V4-N37-A30-Y1 wAS honour noun

V4-G1-W11-A2 shouting
$ !U " wAg
$ !U M V4-G1-W11-W3 wAg a religious festival

$UM V4-W11-W3 wAg Wag festival a religious festival

V4-G1-W11-W4 Wag festival a religious festival
$ !U N wAg
$ !U $ V4-G1-W11-X4H wAg Wag festival a religious festival

KU MV G43-W11-W3-N5 wAg Wag festival a religious festival

$ !! K} 5 V4-G1-X1-G43-A482-Z2 wAtw conspirators ?

E4" M13A-Z1-M2 wAD papyrus plant

E4 M13A-Z1 wAD papyrus plant

O206 wAD papyriform column
-4G M13-Z1-O39 wAD wadj amulet

- i+ M13-I10-Y1 wAD green, pale, fresh, raw, hale, sturdy,

fortunate, happy, make green, make to
M14 wAD green adjective
- + M13-Y1 M13-Y1 wAD fresh adjective

V4-I10-M14 wAD fortunate, happy adjective

- i+! M13-I10-Y1-A1 wAD fortunate man

.G M14-O39 wAD a green stone malachite ?

-K} M13-G43-N33A wAD a green stone, malachite

.! d M14-X1-S28 wADt green linen

&.5 V6-M14-Z2 wADt green linen

.:+5 M14-Z7-Y1-Z2 wADw success, happiness

.+ M14-Y1 wADw happiness

M13-D7A wADw green eye - paint
pk: r5 N31-N26-Z7-N33-Z2 wADw green eye - paint

$ik?} V4-I10-N26-D7-N33A wADw green eye - paint

$iE K?} V4-I10-M13A-G43-D7-N33A wADw green eye - paint

M222-X6B wAD pr an offering loaf
wAD ?
M222 wAD pr an offering loaf
wAD ?
-!5 M13-X1-Z2 wADt rawness

$ !i! V4-G1-I10-X1 wADt bow of ship

-11!k M13-M17-M17-X1-I12 wADyt Edjo Cobra goddess

-!l M13-X1-I13 wADyt cobra goddess

-!7kk> M13-X1-Z4-I12-I12-V30 wADyty the two serpent goddesses of Upper and Lower
.11!! M14-M17-M17-X1-O1 wADyt hall of columns

-11!! M13-M17-M17-X1-O1 wADyt hall of columns

.D Mu M14-G36-D21-N36 wAD wr the Great Green Sea

.Du M14-G36-N36 wAD wr the sea

-Du M13-G36-N36 wAD wr the sea

- iD~u M13-I10-G36-N35A-N36 wAD wr the sea

.D M 1~uf4 M14-G36-D21-M17-N35A-N36-N21-
wAD wr the sea

$ii! - V4-I10-I10-X1-M13 wADDt vegetation

.i! "5 M14-I10-X1-M2-Z2 wADDyt vegetation

G43-A1 wi I, me, my 1st singular
K! dependent
G43 wi I, me dependent
K pronoun
G43-M17 wi I, me dependent
K1 pronoun
G43-M17-A53 wi mummy case
K7 G43-Z4 wy how ! admirative
G43 wy how ! admirative
K particle
G43-M17-G1-P4A wiA sacred barque
K 1 !g
P4A wiA sacred barque
K 1 pta` G43-M17-K1-N35-D41-D40 win thrust aside, push away, set aside

K 1pt\ G43-M17-K1-N35-D36 win thrust aside, push away, set aside

K 1 ptan G43-M17-K1-N35-D41-D54 win thrust aside, push away, set aside

5\4 T21-D36-Z1 wa one, unique, one only

T21V wa one
54 T21-Z1 wa unique, one only, sole

K\5 4 G43-D36-T21-Z1 wa unique, one only, sole

5 :\4E T21-Z7-D36-Z1-G37 wai be alone

54 T21-Z1 wai be alone verb

54\ T21-Z1-D36 wai be alone verb

5\E T21-D36-G37 wai be alone verb

5\!7E T21-D36-X1-Z4-G37 waty sole, single

T21V waty sole, single

5\ T21-D36 waty sole, single

5!4 T21-X1-Z1 waty sole, single

5!! T21-X1-X1 waty sole, single

G43-T21-U33-M17 lone star
K5 g 1 sbA waty
5\!- T21-D36-X1-A13 waty captive
5!7? T21-X1-Z4-E31 waty goat

54\? T21-Z1-D36-E31 waty goat

5!!l T21-X1-X1-I13 watt royal uraeus

K =\ !" G43-O29-D36-G1-A2 waA curse

5\\K T21-D36-D36-G43 waaw privacy, private apartments

5 \\K! T21-D36-D36-G43-O1 waaw private apartments

5 4\K5 T21-Z1-D36-G43-Z2 waaw privacy

K\\:!E} G43-D36-D36-Z7-X1-G37-N33A waawt privacy

K\K` G43-D36-G43-D40 waw soldier

D60-N35A wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
s~ purification
A6A wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
& purification, purity
A6 wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
& purification, purity
D60 wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
s purification, purity
K\s G43-D36-D60 wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
purification, purity
G43-F17-D58 wab pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse,
KTq purification, purity
D60-N35A-A1 wab Wab priest
D60-A1 wab wab priest
D384 wabt priestess
D60-N35A wab serve as priest
D60 wab serve as priest
&q K! A6-D58-G43-X1 wabwt priestly service

s!~ D60-X1-N35A wabwt priestly service

s~!! D60-N35A-X1-O1 wabt place of embalment, tomb, kitchen, refectory

s- D60-V13 wabt offering - slab

s!s D60-X1-F51 wabt meat - offering

sK!2 D60-G43-X1-F51B wabt meat offering

s\11! _ D60-D36-M17-M17-X1-H8 wabwt meat offerings plural

sq 1 1! s5 D60-D58-M17-M17-X1-F51-Z2 wabwt meat offerings plural

s ~ K s5! D60-N35A-G43-F51-Z2-X1 wabwt meat offerings plural

D60-G43-S28 wabw sacred robe
D60-S28 wabw sacred robe
D60-N35A-G43-S28 wabw sacred robe
K\h8 G43-D36-I9-A24 waf bend down, subdue, be bent, curled up

K\h:` G43-D36-I9-Z7-D40 waf subdue nations

K\t! G43-D36-N35-M1 wan juniper

:\ MC! Z7-D36-D21-Aa2-M1 wan juniper

K\tC! G43-D36-N35-Aa2-M1 wan juniper

K\tC! G43-D36-N35-Aa2-M1 wan juniper

K\ Mon G43-D36-D21-D56-D54 war flee, rush forth, fly

K\ Mo n! G43-D36-D21-D56-D54-A1 war fugitive

K\ M!o G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 wart flight

o!5 D56-X1-Z2 wart flight

K\ M!o5 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-Z2 wart flight

K\ M ! o n5 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-D54-Z2 wart flight

K\ M:o" G43-D36-D21-Z7-D56-A2 warw hastiness of speech

K \ M ! o G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 G43-D36-D21-X1-D56 wart hip joint, leg, lower leg, foot

o! s D56-X1-F51 wart foot

K\ M!oj G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-N25 wart desert - plateau

K\ M! h G43-D36-D21-X1-N23 wart desert - plateau

K\ M ! Gj G43-D36-D21-X1-O39-N25 wart desert - plateau

o! h D56-X1-N23 wart administrative division, quarter, part

D56 wart quarter of necropolis
D56-G43-A1 wartw administrator, attendant
o! 11! D56-X1-M17-M17-X1 wartyt administratrix

o!! D56-X1-X1 wartyt administratrix

K\ <\ G43-D36-V28-N11A waH earth - almond ?, carob ?

\< N11-V28 waH earth - almond ?, carob ?

\r5 N11-N33-Z2 waH earth - almond ?, carob ?

` q = !+ U26-D58-G29-G1-Y1 wbA drill stone, open, expose, reveal, determined

U26 wbA open
N46-G29 wbA open
`=+ U26-G29-Y1 wbA reveal a matter
U26-D58-Y1V wbA open up, explore a region
U26-D58-G29-G1-D54 open up, explore a region
` q = !n wbA
`R! U26-N1-O1 wbA open court of temple

`q!+ U26-D58-X1-Y1 wbAt opening

`qa` U26-D58-W23-D40 wbA butler

`q=!1 1!p U26-D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-X1-B1 wbAyt maidservant

` q = !! +p U26-D58-G29-G1-X1-Y1-B1 wbAyt maidservant

Kq tV G43-D58-N35-N5 wbn rise, shine, glitter, appear, overflow, be

Kq tY G43-D58-N35-N8 wbn rise, shine, glitter, appear, overflow, be
Kq tn G43-D58-N35-D54 wbn stride briskly

Kq tb KV G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-N5 wbnw eastern, the east

Kq tbKR G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-D26 wbnw wound

N8 wbnw wound
N8-F51B wound
Y2 wbnw
Yb:R N8-W24-Z7-D26 wbnw wound

Kq tbK2 G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-F51B wbnw wound

Kq tbKD G43-D58-N35-W24-G43-Aa3 wbnw wound

Kq B <+ G43-D58-Aa1-Z9-Y1 wbx be bright

Kq B <d G43-D58-Aa1-Z9-S28 wbx be bright

Kq f' G43-D58-D46-Q7 wbd burn, heat, be scalded

Kq f! 8 ' G43-D58-D46-X1-Z5-Q7 wbdt burn, burning

P!4 F13-X1-Z1 wpt horns, top, brow, top-knot, head-dress, zenith

Pa F13-N16 wpt tA farthest South

P#!; F13-Q3-X1-D3A wpt top knot of hair

P#< F13-Q3-Z9 wpi open, open up, inaugurate, part, separate,

divide, judge, discern, distinguish, take
G43-Q3-F13 open verb
K#P wpi
F13-Q3-A2 judge contestants, petitioners verb
P#" wpi
<+e ! Z9-Y1-S29-X1 wp st specify it details of it

P#<+e ! F13-Q3-Z9-Y1-S29-X1 wp st specify it details of it

P#!+ F13-Q3-X1-Y1 wpt judgement

P#<> F13-Q3-Z9-T30 wpi cut off

P# 1 1< F13-Q3-M17-M17-Z9 wpy decision

P#K<:4 F13-Q3-G43-Z9-D2-Z1 wpr Hr except, but

P#K< M F13-Q3-G43-Z9-D21 wpw r except

P#K!!p5 F13-Q3-G43-X1-A1-B1-Z2 wpwt household, crowd

P#!!p5 F13-Q3-X1-A1-B1-Z2 wpwt household, crowd

P#K! +5 F13-Q3-G43-X1-Y1-Z2 wpwt inventory, schedule

P#!< F13-Q3-X1-Z9 wpwt inventory, schedule

P#!<, F13-Q3-X1-Z9-V12 wpwt inventory, schedule

P# 1 1!,4 F13-Q3-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 wpwt inventory, schedule

P! 4 .t! o o F13-X1-Z1-Y5-N35-X1-D56-D56 wpt mnty the space between anus and genitals

P! 4 t! b ! 4 F13-X1-Z1-N35-X1-F32-X1-Z1 wpt nt Xt centre of torso vertical

P#K!" F13-Q3-G43-X1-A2 wpwt message, business, mission, behest, task, news

P#!<" F13-Q3-X1-Z9-A2 wpwt message

P#K!n F13-Q3-G43-X1-D54 wpwt business, mission

P#!n F13-Q3-X1-D54 wpwt business, mission

P#!, F13-Q3-X1-Y2 wpwt business, mission

P#!< F13-Q3-X1-Z9 wpwt business, mission

<P# ! " < t\ D4-F13-Q3-X1-A2-V28-N35-D36 ir wpt punish

P#K!, F13-Q3-G43-X1-V12 wpwt task

P#:!<"6 F13-Q3-Z7-X1-Z9-A2-Z3 wpwt except

P# K! 7 n! F13-Q3-G43-X1-Z4-D54-A1 wpwty messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander

P#!! F13-Q3-X1-A1 wpwty messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander

P#!7< F13-Q3-X1-Z4-Z9 wpwty messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander

P# ! 7 n! F13-Q3-X1-Z4-D54-A1 wpwty messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander

1P#!,' M17-F13-Q3-X1-Y2-G7 wpwty messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander

M17-Q3-F13-G43-U33-G7 messenger, agent, commissioner, bystander
1#PKg' wpwty
F13-N31-N31-N31-A40 Wepwawet divinity
PpppH wp wAwt
Pp! 5H F13-N31-X1-Z2-A40 wp wAwt Wepwawet divinity
F102 wpt ra first day of the month and its Festival
P#! $!4 F13-Q3-X1-M4-X1-Z1 wpt rnpt New Year's day and its Festival

RM F15-W3 wpt rnpt New Year's Day and its Festival

QM F14-W3 wpt rnpt New Year's Day and its Festival

Pv< r r r F13-N37-Z9-N33-N33-N33 wpS strew, scatter

K# v< G43-Q3-N37-Z9 wpS strew, scatter

Kh!s G43-I9-G1-F51 wfA lungs

K h!G " G43-I9-G1-G39-A2 wfA talk about, discuss, support, talk, subject of
K h!" G43-I9-G1-A2 wfA support a plea

Kl!+ G43-D52-X1-Y1 wmt thick

Kl! +d 4 G43-D52-X1-Y1-F34-Z1 wmt ib stout - hearted

Kl!! G43-D52-X1-O1 wmt gateway

Kl!..! G43-D52-X1-T14-T14-O1 wmt gateway

Kl! d5 G43-D52-X1-S28-Z2 wmt thick cloth

Kl!! G43-D52-X1-V1 wmt thick cloth

Kl!D!5 G43-D52-X1-O36-A1-Z2 wmt mass of men

Kl!!D G43-D52-X1-X1-O36 wmtt thick wall, thickness

Kl!!.. G43-D52-X1-X1-T14-T14 wmtt thick wall

Kl!7..! G43-D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-O1 wmtt thick wall

B4 E34-Z1 wn Hare

B t?` E34-N35-O31-D40 wn open, open up, rip open

B? E34-O31 wn open up quarry etc

#B t?\ M3-E34-N35-O31-D36 xt wn free moving pole ?

B t?: 4 E34-N35-O31-D2-Z1 wn Hr open the sight of, be skilled, clear vision,

public appearance
B tn E34-N35-D54 wni hasten, hurry, pass by, pass away

B t7n E34-N35-Z4-D54 wni hasten, hurry, pass by, pass away, neglect verb

B t! n E34-N35-X1-D54 wnt neglect

B tE E34-N35-G37 wn fault, blame

B t;+ E34-N35-D3-Y1 wn be stripped off of branches

B t;# E34-N35-D3-M3 wn be stripped off of branches of trees

Bt11!; E34-N35-M17-M17-X1-D3 wnyt baldness of eyebrows

B t! ! E34-N35-X1-O1 wnt sanctuary in temple

B tb! _ V E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-N5 wnwt hour

_!4 N14-X1-Z1 wnwt hour

_!V N14-X1-N5 wnwt hour

B tb ! _ + E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-Y1 wnwt duty, service

B tb! _ E34-N35-W24-X1-N14 wnwt duty, service

B tbK! _ V4 E34-N35-W24-G43-X1-N14-N5-Z1 wnwt duty, service

_!4!5 N14-X1-Z1-A1-Z2 wnwt priesthood, staff

B!_ E34-X1-N14 wnwt priesthood

_!4 N14-X1-Z1 wnwt priesthood

B t! _ 5 E34-N35-X1-N14-Z2 wnwt priesthood

_V!!6 N14-N5-X1-A1-Z3 wnwt priesthood

B tb! _ ! 5 E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-A1-Z2 wnwt staff of workers

B tb! 7_ E34-N35-W24-X1-Z4-N14 wnwty hour - watcher, astronomer

N14 wnwty hour watcher, astronomer
N14-M17-M17 wnwty hour watcher, astronomer
B tb! < E34-N35-W24-X1-D4 wnwty hour watcher, astronomer

B t! 7_ V E34-N35-X1-Z4-N14-N5 wnwty hour watcher, astronomer

B tb! _ V< E34-N35-W24-X1-N14-N5-D4 wnwty hour watcher, astronomer

B tB t; E34-N35-E34-N35-D3 wnwn sway to and fro, nod, travel about, move

about, traverse
B tB t} E34-N35-E34-N35-A90 wnwn travel about

B tB tn E34-N35-E34-N35-D54 wnwn travel about

B tB t9 E34-N35-E34-N35-D1 wnwn travel about

J tJ t M42-N35-M42-N35 wnwn move about of child in womb

J tq } M42-N35-D58-M96 wnb flower

B tq " E34-N35-D58-M2 wnb flower

B t# K` E34-N35-Q3-G43-D40 wnpw triumph

B th, E34-N35-I9-V12 wnf be joyful

B thd E34-N35-I9-S28 wnf be joyful

B th,d 4 E34-N35-I9-V12-F34-Z1 wnf ib be frivolous

B tb:1 E34-N35-W24-Z7-A17 wnw foetus

Z11-G17-A2 eat, feed on, consume
>1" wnm
M42-A2 wnm eat
Z11-A2 wnm eat
X7-X7-A2 eat
''" wnm
B t1" E34-N35-G17-A2 wnm eat

>+ Z11-Y1 wnm eat of, feed on

J ! " " $5 M42-X1-A2-X2-X4-Z2 wnmt food, fodder

> 1! $5 Z11-G17-X1-X4-Z2 wnmt food, fodder

J "! ;5 M42-A2-X1-Z8-Z2 wnmt food, fodder

J " K $5 M42-A2-G43-X4-Z2 wnmw food, sustenance

>PO5 Z11-Aa15-U9-Z2 wnmw food, sustenance

B t1P r 5! E34-N35-G17-U10-N33-Z2-E1 wnm fattened ox ?

> " O r 5! Z11-A2-U9-N33-Z2-E1 wnm fattened ox

>11 1! ' Z11-G17-M17-M17-X1-Q7 wnmyt devouring flame

''11! ' X7-X7-M17-M17-X1-Q7 wnmyt devouring flame

917a R14-G17-Z4-D41 wnmy right - hand, right side of, right

G264B wnmy right - hand side, right, right side of
9a R14-D41 wnmy right - hand side, right, right side of

91a R14-G17-D41 wnmy right - hand side, right, right side of

B tt E34-N35-N35 wnn be, exist

B t! E34-N35-X1 wnt that non-enclitic

[B t! D35-E34-N35-X1 n wnt there is/are not

B t! E34-N35-X1 wnnt indeed, really enclitic particle

B tt! E34-N35-N35-X1 wnnt indeed, really enclitic particle

B tK\+ E34-N35-U5-D36-Y1 wn mAa true being, reality

B tHL \Y+ E34-N35-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-Y1 wn mAa true being, relality

JHL M42-U2-Aa11 wn mAa true being, relality

B tL + E34-N35-Aa11-Y1 wn mAa true being, relality

J tK\ M42-N35-U5-D36 wn mAa true being, relality

B tt eKH E34-N35-N35-F35-G43-A40 wnn nfrw Onnophris a name of Osiris

B tt eH E34-N35-N35-F35-A40 wnn nfrw Onnophris divinity

J tt eH M42-N35-N35-F35-A40 wnn nfrw Onnophris divinity

B tB d E34-N35-Aa1-S28 wnx be clothed, don clothing, assume ones body,

dress a vase
J tB d M42-N35-Aa1-S28 wnx be clothed in

B tB ,d` E34-N35-Aa1-V12-S28-D40 wnx be clothed in

B tB 8 E34-N35-Aa1-Z5 wnx roll of cloth

B tB d E34-N35-Aa1-S28 wnx roll of cloth

B tB 1 1! ,4 E34-N35-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 wnxyt mummy - cloth ?

B tB K,d E34-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-S28 wnxw clothing

B tv] E34-N35-N37-F27 wnS jackal

B tvV E34-N35-N37-U16 wnS sledge

B tv:# E34-N35-N37-Z7-M3 wnS sledge

J k!5 M42-N26-E1-Z2 wnDw short - horned cattle

J bk!5 M42-W24-N26-E1-Z2 wnDw short horned cattle

3k:!5 Z11A-N26-Z7-E1-Z2 wnDw short horned cattle

Jkb((( M42-N26-W24-E8-E8-E8 wnDw goats

JkK!!p5 M42-N26-G43-X1-A1-B1-Z2 wnDwt associates

J tb kK! !! } M42-N35-W24-N26-G43-X1-E1-A1-
wnDwt associates

J tiK! i M42-N35-I10-G43-X1-P30 wnDwt ships hold

B ti! Ki E34-N35-I10-X1-G43-P30 wnDwt hold of ship

B tf:! h46 E34-N35-D46-Z7-X1-N23-Z1-Z3 wndwt hollow, depression

Jk7! M42-N26-Z4-E1 wndwt hollow, depression

G36 wr swallow bird
DM G36-D21 wrr great, much, many, eldest, important
G36 wr great
DM G36-D21 wr greatness of size, sufficiency of food, excess of
supplies, much, how much ?
DM! G36-D21-X1 wrt greatness of rank, what is important, very

if! D M! I10-D46-A1-G36-D21-X1 Dd .i wrt I say something important

DM! G36-D21-A1 wr great one, magnate, chief, ruler of foreign

DM G36-D21 wr great one, magnate

A19-A1 wr great one, magnate

DMd 4 G36-D21-F34-Z1 wr ib insolent

D M G5! G36-D21-U1-Z2-A1 wr mAw Greatest of Seers

G36-M28 wr mD Magnate of the 'Ten of Upper Egypt'

D M < T 5H G36-D21-V28-D28-Z2-A40 wr HkAw Great of Magic

D M ! < T 5J G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-S2 wrt HkAw Great of Magic of crowns

D M ! < T 5JL G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-S2-S4 wrt HkAw Great of Magic of crowns

D M ! < T 5l G36-D21-X1-V28-D28-Z2-I13 wrt HkAw Great of Magic of uraeus

D M < T 5Y G36-D21-V28-D28-Z2-U19 wr HkAw instrument for 'Opening of the mouth'

DMr^ G36-D21-S42-U24 wr xrp Greatest of the Master Craftsmen

D M+bK6 ! G36-D21-T11-W24-G43-Z3-A1 wr swnw master physician
DM44444 G36-D21-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 wr diw Greatest of the Five

DM!k G36-D21-X1-I12 wrt Great One of uraeus, of goddess

DM!J G36-D21-X1-S2 wrt Crown of Upper Egypt

DM!L G36-D21-X1-S4 wrt Crown of Lower Egypt

D!} G36-X1-P13 wrt sacred barque

D!} G36-X1-P111 wrt sacred barque

D!! G36-X1-E1 wrt sacred cow

DM1s G36-D21-M17-F51 wri portion of meat

DM G36-D21 wri portion of meat

DM2 G36-D21-F51B wri portion of meat

D M 1 1! #5 G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 wryt door posts

DM11!d G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-S28 wryt cloth for straining liquids

D M1!KD!5 G36-D21-G17-X1-G43-O36-X1-Z2 wrmwt roofing, awnings

D M1!KD!f5 G36-D21-G17-X1-G43-O36-X1-N21-
wrmwt roofing, awnings

D M1![[[ G36-D21-G17-X1-O169-O169-O169 wrmwt roofing, awnings

DMM!J G36-D21-D21-X1-S2 wrrt crown

DMM!N G36-D21-D21-X1-S6 wrrt crown

DMM11!1 G36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-T17 wrryt chariot, wagon

1! T17-X1 wrryt chariot

DM!1 G36-D21-X1-T17 wrryt chariot

DM11!1 G36-D21-M17-M17-X1-T17 wrryt chariot

DMM!1 G36-D21-D21-X1-T17 wrryt chariot

DMM11!# G36-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-M3 wrryt chariot

DM<a8 G36-D21-V28-W23-A24 wrH anoint someone with.... , smear on

DM<K` G36-D21-V28-W1-D40 wrH anoint Someone with...., smear on

DM<K6 G36-D21-V28-W1-Z3 wrH ointment

DM<b5 G36-D21-V28-W24-Z2 wrH ointment

DM<!a5 G36-D21-V28-X1-W23-Z2 wrHt ointment

DM< 11a8 G36-D21-V28-M17-M17-W23-A24 wrHy anointer

DMe# G36-D21-S29-M3 wrs head - rest

D MvV G36-D21-N37-N5 wrS spend the day, spend one's time, spend much
time, wake, be awake
D Mv} G36-D21-N37-Q43 wrS wake, be awake

DMv1 1V! G36-D21-N37-M17-M17-N5-A1 wrSy watcher, sentry

D Mi} G36-D21-I10-D81 wrD be weary, grow weary, tire, die

D Mf' E G36-D21-D46-A7-G37 wrD be weary, grow weary, tire

D Mf:' E5 G36-D21-D46-Z7-A7-G37-Z2 wrdw weariness

K$E G43-O4-G37 whi escape, miss, fail, be undone, be lacking

K$a G43-O4-D41 whi escape verb

K$ !E G43-O4-G1-G37 whi be undone of heart verb

K$!E G43-O4-X1-G37 wht failure

K$ !$ !" G43-O4-G1-O4-G1-A2 whAhA arrogance ?

K$q <` G43-O4-D58-Z9-D40 whb pierce, hole

K$ t} G43-O4-N35-O118 whn throw down fence, fall off of scab

K$ tC G43-O4-N35-A35 whn throw down fence

K$ tE ` G43-O4-N35-O37-D40 whn throw down fence

K$ tt9 G43-O4-N35-N35-D1 whnn crown of head

K<!a G43-V28-X1-W23 wAHt cauldron

K < !! a G43-V28-G1-X1-W23 wHAt cauldron

K<!} G43-V28-X1-W115 wHAt cauldron

K < !! Q G43-V28-G1-X1-W7 wHAt cauldron

C!j Aa2-X1-N25 wHAt oasis, oasis - region

C!.j Aa2-X1-T14-N25 wHAt oasis, oasis region

C ! $. ! p 5j Aa2-X1-G4-T14-A1-B1-Z2-N25 wHAtyw oasis - dwellers

G43-M16-G1-A24 wHA hew stone, pluck flowers, cut crops

K0 !8
K0` G43-M16-D40 wHA hew stone

K < !` G43-V28-G1-D40 wHA hew stone

G43-M16-G1-M2 wHA pluck flowers
K0 !"
K0 !C 8 G43-M16-G1-Aa2-A24 wHA cut crops

K< 11!Q G43-V28-M17-M17-X1-O49 wHyt village

.!Q T14-X1-O49 wHyt village

K<!Q G43-V28-X1-O49 wHyt village

K<!j G43-V28-X1-N25 wHyt village

K< 11!!p5 G43-V28-M17-M17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 wHyt family, kindred, relatives

:<:!.!p5 Z7-V28-Z7-X1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 wHyt family, kindred

K< 1 1.!p5 G43-V28-M17-M17-T14-A1-B1-Z2 wHyt family, kindred

K<:.!p5 G43-V28-Z7-T14-A1-B1-Z2 wHyt family, kindred

_\! \ P4-D36-V1-D36 wHa loose fetters, release, return from, go home

K<7\i G43-V28-Z4-D36-P30 wHa loose fetters

K<\i G43-V28-D36-P30 wHa release someone, something

_\"d 4 P4-D36-A2-F34-Z1 wHa ib capable, skilled

_\n P4-D36-D54 wHa investigate

P4 investigate
_ wHa
_\ P4-D36 wHa investigate

K<\t G43-V28-D36-K5 wHa fish synodontis schall

_\!p P4-D36-X1-K1 wHa fish synodontis schall

_\ p 5! P4-D36-K1-Z2-A1 wHa fisherman, fowler

_5 P4-Z2 wHaw fishermen, fowlers

P4-G43-Z2B fowlers
_Kn wHaw
K<\K! G43-V28-D36-G43-A1 wHaw fishermen, fowlers

_\:KGp`!6 P4-D36-Z7-G43-G39-K1-D40-A1-Z3 wHaw fishermen, fowlers

_\:Kp5 P4-D36-Z7-G43-K1-Z2 wHaw fishermen, fowlers

_ \ $5 P4-D36-X4-Z2 wHa distribute rations ?

K<K<<E5 G43-V28-G43-V28-Z9-G37-Z2 wHwH disappear of inscriptions

[!4 F25-X1-Z1 wHmt hoof

F25-G17-E7 ass
[1' wHm
F25 wHm ass
[1+ F25-G17-Y1 wHm repeat,report of actions
F25 wHm repeat
[1+\4 F25-G17-Y1-D36-Z1 wHm a repeat
F25-G17-A2 repeat,report of speech, bruit abroad
[1" wHm
[111!" F25-G17-M17-M17-X1-A2 wHmyt continued howling

F25-G17-G43-A2-A1 herald, reporter, register

[1K"! wHmw
F25-A1 wHmw herald, reporter, legal register
F25-G43 wHmw herald, reporter, legal register
F25-G17-A1 herald, reporter, legal register
[1! wHmw
[t[K!7h D35-N35-F25-G43-X1-Z4-I9 nn there will never be his like again

[t[1!h D35-N35-F25-G17-X1-I9 nn there will never be his like again

[t[1K!4h D35-N35-F25-G17-G43-X1-Z1-I9 nn there will never be his like again

[11 1 1!"6 F25-G17-G17-M17-M17-X1-A2-Z3 wHmmyt repetitions of something said
K < e >` G43-V28-S29-T30-D40 wHs cut off hair, quell tulmult, kill rebels

KB ; G43-Aa1-R16 wx fetish of Kos

R16 wx fetish of Kos
KB S G43-Aa1-N2 wx night
Z7-G1-M12-N2 wx night
KB !S G43-Aa1-X1-N2 wxt darkness

K , !# G43-M12-G1-M3 wxA column, tent-pole

KB # G43-Aa1-M3 wxA column, tent pole

K,# G43-M12-M3 wxA column, tent pole

KB 1R G43-Aa1-M17-O211 wxA column, tent pole

K B , !! G43-Aa1-M12-G1-O1 wxA hall of columns

Z7-M12-G1-P5 wxA full blast of storm ?
: , !`
K , !` G43-M12-G1-D40 wxA throw off earth, empty out, shake out linen,
beat a mat, purge the body
G43-M12-G1-D54 seek
K , !n wxA
G43-M12-D54 seek
K,n wxA
K , !B n G43-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 wxA seek

KB , !E G43-Aa1-M12-G1-G37 wxA be foolish, act stupidly

Z7-M12-G1-G37 wxA be foolish, act stupidly
: , !E
KB , !E ! G43-Aa1-M12-G1-G37-A1 wxA ignorant, incompetent person, fool

G43-M12-G37-A1 wxA ignorant, incompetent person, fool

G43-M12-G1-G37-A1 wxA ignorant, incompetent person, fool
K , !E !
KB M 1 1! \#5 G43-Aa1-D21-M17-M17-X1-P1-M3-
wxryt dockyard, carpenter's workshop

KB M!" G43-Aa1-D21-X1-Q2C wxryt carpenter's workshop

:B M!! Z7-Aa1-D21-O1-O1 wxr dockyard

KB fC G43-Aa1-D46-Aa2 wxd be painful, suffer, endure, be patient with

KB f} G43-Aa1-D46-Y1V wxd be painful, suffer, endure, be patient with

KB fJ+ G43-Aa1-D46-Aa9-Y1 wxd foebearance

:B f:C5 Z7-Aa1-D46-Z7-Aa2-Z2 wxdw pain

C5 Aa2-Z2 wxdw pain

:B f! C Z7-Aa1-D46-X1-Aa2 wxdt pain

G43-S29-T30 tosaw verb
Ke> wsi
Ke!> G43-S29-X1-T30C wst sawdust
T30C sawdust
> wst
Ke! G43-S29-O1 ws crack, chink, small window

! M n1Ke ! O1-D21-D54-G17-G43-S29-O1 pr n ws height of pyramid

:e!, Z7-S29-X1-V12 wsty letter

!< Q1-D4 wsir Osiris

! <H Q1-D4-A40 wsir Osiris

J MH F51A-D21-A40 wsir Osiris divinity

"<} Q2-D4-C98A wsir Osiris divinity

<" D4-Q2 wsir Osiris divinity

Ke hIn G43-S29-I9-G41-D54 wsf be slack, sluggish, neglect, ignore, sluggishness

Ke hî G43-S29-I9-D55 wsf neglect verb transitive

Ke hI G43-S29-I9-G41 wsf neglect verb transitive

Ke h:In! G43-S29-I9-Z7-G41-D54-A1 wsfw sluggard

KBhKI G43-O34-I9-G43-G41 wsfw sluggard

O!4 F12-X1-Z1 wsrt neck

O!42 F12-X1-Z1-F51B wsrt neck

Oe M` F12-S29-D21-D40 wsr strong, powerful, wealthy, influential, rich in

F12 wsr powerful
F12-S29 wsr strong
F12-A24 wsr powerful
K Oe M G43-F12-S29-D21 wsr powerful

Oe M+ F12-S29-D21-Y1 wsr powerful

Oe M`! F12-S29-D21-D40-A1 wsr wealthy man

OM! F12-D21-A1 wsr wealthy man

Oe M! F12-S29-D21-A1 wsr wealthy man

Oe MK`5 F12-S29-D21-G43-D40-Z2 wsrw strength, power

F12 wsrw strength, power
Oe `5 F12-S29-D40-Z2 wsrw strength, power

Oe M\ F12-S29-D21-D36 wsrw strength, power

OBMKc F12-O34-D21-G43-P8 wsrw oar

F12-S29-G43 wsrw oar
Oe K
Oe M# F12-S29-D21-M3 wsrw oar

KeB T G43-S29-Aa1-W10 wsx cup

KeB T+ G43-S29-Aa1-W10-Y1 wsx broad, wide, extensive of monuments, riches,

T+ W10-Y1 wsx extensive of riches

S11 wsx breadth noun

KeB S G43-S29-Aa1-S11 wsx ornamental collar
S11 wsx ornamental collar
KeB T\ G43-S29-Aa1-W10-P1 wsx barge

KeB \ G43-S29-Aa1-P1 wsx barge

KeB !T\ G43-S29-Aa1-X1-W10-P1 wsxt barge

-! ! O13-X1-O1 wsxt hall, court

O15 wsxt hall, court
O307 wsxt hall, court
T!! W10-X1-O1 wsxt hall, court
KBvm G43-O34-N37-D53 wsS urinate, pass fluid

KvC G43-N37-Aa2 wsS pass fluid, urinate verb transitive

:vvm Z7-N37-N37-D53 wsS urinate verb intransitive

KBv! m G43-O34-N37-X1-D53 wsSt urine

Ke v! D G43-S29-N37-X1-Aa3A wsSt urine

KBv! m~C 5 G43-O34-N37-X1-D53-N35A-Aa2-Z2 wsSt urine

KBvE G43-O34-N37-G37 wsS die out of a race

KB-E G43-O34-V13-G37 wsT be dilapidated, ruin, dilapidation verb and noun

Ke!E G43-S29-X1-G37 wsT be dilapidated, ruin verb

Ke -tn G43-S29-V13-N35-D54 wsTn travel freely, be unhindered, deal arbitrarily

KB! tn G43-O34-X1-N35-D54 wsTn travel freely

1Ke -tn G17-G43-S29-V13-N35-D54 m wsTn unhindered, with free access

Ke -tn\ 4 G43-S29-V13-N35-D54-D36-Z1 wsTn a free of hands

Ke -to n G43-S29-V13-N35-D56-D54 wsTn be unhindered

Kv; G43-N37-D3 wS fall out, be destroyed, desolate a place

D3 wS be destroyed
KvE G43-N37-G37 wS be destroyed

KvEd 4 G43-N37-G37-F34-Z1 wS ib be helpless ?

KvC G43-N37-Aa2 wS urinate

K v!! J G43-N37-G1-X1-G42 wSAt widgeon ?

G42 wSA fatten
:(!k` Z7-M8-G1-D51-D40 wSA fatten

G39 fatten
G43-M8-G1-A2 wSA utter plaudites, recite praises
G43-M8-G1-G43-N2-Z3 wSAw darkness
K(!K S 6
G43-M8-G1-G43-G41-N2 darkness
K(!K I S wSAw
Kv\ U" G43-N37-D36-F18-A2 wSa chew, eat a morsel

Kv\" G43-N37-D36-A2 wSa eat a morsel

Kvq <" G43-N37-D58-Z9-A2 wSb answer, answer for conduct verb and noun

Kvq " G43-N37-D58-A2 wSb answer verb and noun

Kvq ! <" G43-N37-D58-X1-Z9-A2 wSbt response ?

Kvq K< ! G43-N37-D58-G43-Z9-A1 wSbw comforter ?

Kv<q ! G43-N37-Z9-D58-E1 wSb bull

Kvq 1 1 ! < r5 G43-N37-D58-M17-M17-X1-Z9-N33-

wSbyt beads

:v18 Z7-N37-G17-A24 wSm mix

Kv1X G43-N37-G17-H1 wSm prove ?, test

Kv1 3 G43-N37-G17-T19 wSm ear of corn

Kv1Y" G43-N37-G17-H2-M2 wSm ear of corn

Kv1K G43-N37-G17-G43 wSmw jar of metal

Y1Kb H2-G17-G43-W24 wSmw jar of metal as beer measure

KvtX ` G43-N37-N35-H1-D40 wSn wring the neck, make an offering of food and
KvtV G43-N37-N35-G54 wSn wring the neck of poultry

Kvb K G43-N37-W24-G43 wSnw poultry for table

Kvtb KX 6 G43-N37-N35-W24-G43-H1-Z3 wSnw poultry for table

KvMV G43-N37-D21-N5 wSr dry up, be barron, be despoiled

KvME G43-N37-D21-G37 wSr be despoiled

Kv1M G43-N37-G17-F10 wSm throat

K`f" G43-F30-D46-A2 wSd address someone, question someone, assent

to, accused
Kvf" G43-N37-D46-A2 wSd question someone

KUU" G43-W11-F18-A2 wgi chew

G43-W11-M17-D82 chew verb
KU 1} wgi
:U 1 1!V Z7-W11-M17-M17-X1-F19 wgyt jaw

:U!V Z7-W11-X1-F19 wgyt jaw

KU!1 1!U G43-W11-G1-M17-M17-X1-F18 wgyt jaw

KU 1 1!U" G43-W11-M17-M17-X1-F18-A2 wgyt talker

G43-W11-M17-P93-P93-P93 ribs of ship ?
KU 1}}} wgiw
:U !:U # Z7-W11-G1-Z7-F18-M3 wgiw ribs of ship

KU !1 1K#5 G43-W11-G1-M17-M17-G43-M3-Z2 wgiw ribs of ship

G43-W11-D58-N8 rise of sun
KUq Y wgb
KU#\ G43-W11-Q3-D36 wgp triturate grind to powder
G43-W11-G17-U10 crush grain, crushed grain verb and noun
KU1P wgm
KU e >\ G43-W11-S29-T30-D36 wgs cut open, gut fish etc..

:U !e p ` Z7-W11-G1-S29-T30A-D40 wgs cut open, gut fish etc

G43-V33-V33-G37 wgg feebleness, weakness, misery
G43-W11-W11 feebleness, weakness, misery
KUU wgg
KAA!E G43-V33-V33-X1-G37 wggt woe

C\ Aa2-D36 wt bandage, bind

C!8 Aa2-X1-A24 wt bandage, bind

K! F G43-X1-V38 wt bandage, bind

C5 Aa2-Z2 wt wrappings

:!C Z7-X1-Aa2 wt bandage

K!C` G43-X1-Aa2-D40 wt embalm

C!K& Aa2-X1-G43-V6 wt mummy - wrapping

K! d $:d4 5 G43-X1-U30-G4-Z7-S28-Z1-Z2 wtyw bandages, wrappings

K!C G43-X1-Aa2 wt place of embalming

K!C! G43-X1-Aa2-A1 wt embalmer, bandager

C\! Aa2-D36-A1 wt embalmer, bandager

C! `! Aa2-X1-D40-A1 wt embalmer, bandager

/K! C ! E15-G43-X1-Aa2-A1 wt inpw a priest

K!B on G43-X1-Aa1-D56-D54 wtx flee

K!B n G43-X1-Aa1-D54 wtx flee

K!B o G43-X1-Aa1-D56 wtx flee

K! B Ko n! G43-X1-Aa1-G43-D56-D54-A1 wtxw fugitive

K!- G43-X1-V13 wtT beget

K!!m G43-X1-X1-D53 wtt beget

K! -m+ G43-X1-V13-D53-Y1 wtT beget

K!!Kl4 G43-X1-X1-G43-D52-Z1 wttw begetter

K-! Km} G43-V13-X1-G43-D53-N33A wTtw offspring

K-B m G43-V13-O34-U39 wTs raise, lift up, wear, weigh, extol, display,
K-B m` G43-V13-O34-U39-D40 wTs raise, lift up

K-e m" G43-V13-S29-U39A-Q2B wTs raise, lift up of voice / of crowns in coronation

K-B m+ G43-V13-O34-U39-Y1 wTs wear crown

K m` G43-U39-D40 wTs wear crown

U39I wTs wear crown

K-B m" G43-V13-O34-U39-A2 wTs lay an information, delate

K-B m" c K G43-V13-O34-U39-A2-P8-G43 wTs xrw deliver a verdict

K-BK m" ! G43-V13-O34-G43-U39-A2-A1 wTsw accused person

Kf<` G43-D46-Z9-D40 wdi place, put, implant an obstacle, plant trees

Kf<` G43-D46-Z9-D40 wdi lay a fire, appoint as, be bent on a purpose

Kf<` G43-D46-Z9-D40 wdi throw , shoot an arrow, utter a cry, send forth
the voice
Kf<` G43-D46-Z9-D40 wdi give out a noise, commit offence, deal harm,
Kf<` G43-D46-Z9-D40 wdi stir up strife, instil terror, extend protection
Kf<`\4 G43-D46-Z9-D40-D36-Z1 wd a extend the hand to do something, press the
hand against
Kff< G43-D46-D46-Z9 wdi peasant

b#K11} W24-Q3-G43-M17-M17-A415 wdpw butler, cook

bK8!5 W24-G43-A24-A1-Z2 wdpw butler, cook

b#K11} W24-Q3-G43-M17-M17-A415 wdpw butler, cook

b:! W24-Z7-A1 wdpw butler, cook

Kf# Kb G43-D46-Q3-G43-W24 wdpw butler, cook

bK W24-G43 wdpw cupbearer

bK11! W24-G43-M17-M17-X1 wdpwyt serving maid

Kfhpn G43-D46-I9-N31-D54 wdf delay, be sluggish, tardily

Kihn G43-I10-I9-D54 wdf delay

Kfhn G43-D46-I9-D54 wdf delay

KfhGn G43-D46-I9-G39-D54 wdf delay

KihG+5 G43-I10-I9-G39-Y1-Z2 wdf delay

: ih!I n Z7-I10-I9-G1-G41-D54 wdf be sluggish of wound

Kft+ G43-D46-N35-M11 wdn instal, record royal titulary

Kft} G43-D46-N35-D245 wdn record royal titulary

Kft< G43-D46-N35-Z9 wdn record royal titulary

Kftf G G43-D46-N35-U32-O39 wdn be heavy, weigh, become difficult

Kftf + G43-D46-N35-U32-Y1 wdn weigh on someone, of affairs

Kftf r5 G43-D46-N35-U32-N33-Z2 wdn be heavy

Kft! g G G43-D46-N35-X1-U33-O39 wdnt heavy block of stone

Kft+ + G43-D46-N35-M11-Y1 wdn offer to

++ M11-Y1 wdn offer to

pt F46-N35 wdn offer to

Kftf + G43-D46-N35-U32-Y1 wdn offer to

KftbK+ G43-D46-N35-W24-G43-Y1 wdnw offerings
+ M11 wdnw offerings

+t+ M11-N35-Y1 wdnw offerings

Kft+ + G43-D46-N35-M11-Y1 wdnw offerings

:ftb :f +5 Z7-D46-N35-W24-Z7-U32-Y1-Z2 wdnw offerings

Kft! + G43-D46-N35-X1-M11 wdnt offering

:ftf +5 Z7-D46-N35-U32-Y1-Z2 wdnt offering

+ M11 wdn offerer

KfM!j G43-D46-D21-X1-N25 wdrt region

Kf<} G43-D46-V28-U50A wdH pour out, pour off

Kf<Y G43-D46-V28-W15A wdH pour out, pour off

:f<8 Z7-D46-V28-A24 wdH pour out, pour off

9<b\ V25-V28-W24-D36 wdH pour out, pour off

Kf<K, G43-D46-V28-G43-R1 wdHw offering table

V28-V25-G43-R3 wdHw offering table

< 9K.
Kf<K}" `& G43-D46-V28-G43-U50A-X2-W22-X6 wdHw offering

Kf < K $5 G43-D46-V28-G43-X4-Z2 wdHw offering

R3 wdHw offering table

M13A-V28-G43-R3 wdHw offering table
E <K.
V25-V28-G43-W14 wdHw offering table
9<b: V25-V28-W24-Z7 wdHw offering table
V24-V28-G43-R3 wdHw offering table
8 <K.
V24-G43-I10-V28-G43-R3 wdHw offering table
8 Ki<K.
Kff _ G43-D46-D46-H8 wdd gall-bladder, gall

8 K+ V24-G43-Y1 wD command, make a command, enjoin an

instruction, decree someone to

8 K+ V24-G43-Y1 wD allot, decree something to, commit,

commend someone to, entrust a matter
8 K+ V24-G43-Y1 wD command, written decree, despatch,

8 K,4 V24-G43-V12-Z1 wD written decree, despatch

V24-G43-O26 wD written decree, despatch
8 K:
9K+ V25-G43-Y1 wD see other entries under wD command etc

EK+ M13A-G43-Y1 wD see other entries under wD command etc

9 Ki+ V25-G43-I10-Y1 wD see other entries under wD command etc

8 K!+ V24-G43-X1-Y1 wDt command, decree

9!+ V25-X1-Y1 wDt command, decree noun

EK!+ M13A-G43-X1-Y1 wDt command, decree noun

9!,4 V25-X1-V12-Z1 wDt command, decree noun

9!K} V25-X1-G43-Y1V wDt command, decree noun

9 Ki! + V25-G43-I10-X1-Y1 wDt command, decree noun

8 s +5 V24-S43-Y1-Z2 wD mdw command, control, govern

9K+s fK V25-G43-Y1-S43-D46-G43 wD mdw command, control, govern verb

9K+s fK V25-G43-Y1-S43-D46-G43 wD mdw command noun

8!s+ V24-X1-S43-Y1 wDt mdw command

8 ! s f:+ V24-X1-S43-D46-Z7-Y1 wDt mdw command noun

8 K+94 V24-G43-Y1-D1-Z1 wD tp give orders ?

8 Ki` V24-G43-I10-D40 wD act as pilot, pilot,

V25-A200 wD pilot someone verb transitive

V25-G43-D54 depart, stray of cattle
9Kn wDi
911!n V25-M17-M17-X1-D54 wDyt campaign, expedition, journey

9K11!n V25-G43-M17-M17-X1-D54 wDyt campaign, expedition, journey

911!\ V25-M17-M17-X1-P1 wDyt campaign, expedition

8 KK!5 V24-G43-G43-E1-Z2 Hww cattle ancient mis-

V25-G43-O26 wD stela
9KG V25-G43-O39 wD stela

9K+ V25-G43-Y1 wD stela

V25-G43-V12-O26 stela
9K,: wD
9! 4+G V25-X1-Z1-Y1-O39 wD stela
V24-G43-I10-O26 wD stela
8 Ki:
V25-G43-V12 inscription
9K, wD
9K, V25-G43-Y2 wD inscription
V25-G43-W70 wD jug
K b !+ G43-U28-G1-Y1 wDA hale, uninjured, prosperous adjective

K b !+ G43-U28-G1-Y1 wDA remain over of balance in calculations verb

U28-G43 wDA remain over of balance in calculations verb
G43-U28-Y1V wDA remain over of balance in calculations verb
Kb }
K b !}d 4 G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1 wDA ib be glad

K b !}d 4 ? G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1-V31 wDA ib .k may it please you

M ] K b !}d 4 D21-D37-G43-U28-G1-Y1V-F34-Z1 rdi wDA ib inform

S34-U28-S29 anx wDA snb may he live, be prosperous & healthy

\ i: +K b !} D36-I10-V26-Y1-G43-U28-G1-Y1V aD wDA safe & sound of persons

\ i: +K b !} D36-I10-V26-Y1-G43-U28-G1-Y1V aD wDA prosperous & flourishing of affairs

K b !: + G43-U28-G1-Z7-Y1 wDAw well-being, prosperity

U28-G43 wDAw well - being, prosperity
G43-U28-Y1V wDAw well - being, prosperity
Kb }
K b !: ++ \ ! G43-U28-G1-Z7-Y1-O11-D36-O1 wDAw aH well - being of the Palace official's title

Kb ! G43-U28-O1 wDA storehouse

: b !! Z7-U28-G1-O1 wDA storehouse

G43-U28-S95 wDA pectoral
Kb }
S95 wDA pectoral
U28-G43-L3 wDA pectoral
b Kz
K b !! B G43-U28-G1-X1-D10 wDAt the uninjured eye of Horus

B D10 wDAt the uninjured eye of Horus

Kc 1 1!! G43-U29-M17-M17-X1-O1 wDAyt mythical abode of Amen-Re

K b !K +5 G43-U28-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 wDAw amulets, protective spell

Kb 5 G43-U28-Z2 wDAw amulets

Kb K+5 G43-U28-G43-Y1-Z2 wDAw amulets

G43-U28-G1-D54 go, set out, proceed, attain a rank, set of
K b !n wDA
G43-U28-D54 go, set out, proceed, attain a rank, set of
Kb n wDA
Kb !n M l! ! G43-U28-G1-D54-D21-N27-X1-O1 wDA r Axt go to the horizon die
U28-G43-D54 go, set out, proceed, attain a rank, set of
b Kn wDA
Ki\ V+ G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 wDa cut cords, cut off head, be parted of lips of
wound, cut out sandals
Ki\ V8 G43-I10-D36-Aa21-A24 wDa cut off head,

Ki\ V G43-I10-D36-Aa21 wDa cut off head

V\+ Aa21-D36-Y1 wDa be parted of lips of wound

Ki\ V+ G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 wDa judge, have judgement, judge between

Ki\ V+ G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1 wDa open door, discern, assign, devote to,

Ki\.n G43-I10-D36-T14-D54 wDa discern

Aa21-A40 wDa he who is judged epithet of Seth

Ki\! V" G43-I10-D36-X1-Aa21-A2 wDat judgement, divorce by judgement
M3B-A2 wDat judgement, divorce by judgement
Ki\! Vp G43-I10-D36-X1-Aa21-B1 wDat divorced woman

V! +p Aa21-X1-Y1-B1 wDat divorced woman

Vs fK"6 Aa21-S43-D46-G43-A2-Z3 wDa mdw judge, litigate, have judgement against,

Vs\, Aa21-S43-D36-Y2 wDa mdw judge, litigate with verb

Vs, Aa21-S43-Y2 wDa mdw judge, litigate with

Ki\ V+ MK! R G43-I10-D36-Aa21-Y1-D21-G43-X1-N1 wDa rwt judge verb & noun

W M4 1! 1 Aa22-D21-Z1-M17-X1-M17 wDa rwt judge verb & noun

V\+M 1 1!+ Aa21-D36-Y1-D21-M17-M17-X1-Y1 wDa rwt judge verb & noun

V11! _ Aa21-M17-M17-X1-H8 wDayt mussel ?, shell to hold ink?

VK\!8 Aa21-G43-D36-X1-Z5 wDayt shell to hold ink ?

8qpn V24-D58-F46-D54 wDb fold over, turn, turn back, revert, divert,
direct, recur
Kfq p n G43-D46-D58-F46-D54 wDb fold over, turn away from, turn back,
revert to
Kfq p n G43-D46-D58-F46-D54 wDb divert offerings, action, recur illness

eq N20-D58 wDb turn to

8qe V24-D58-N20 wDb turn to

8qKî V24-D58-N21A-D55 wDb turn

Kiq K G43-I10-D58-N21A wDb turn

:fq p n Z7-D46-D58-F46-D54 wDb fold over

V24-G43-I10-D58-Z5-D54 turn back
8 Kiq 8n wDb
8 q p n\ 4 V24-D58-F46-D54-D36-Z1 wDb a turn the hand away, desist, compose
oneself, turn oneself about
Kfq p n\ 4 G43-D46-D58-F46-D54-D36-Z1 wDb a turn the hand away, desist, compose
oneself, turn oneself about
8qKo V24-D58-N21A-D56 wDb rd reversion of offerings from temple to
tomb, a reversion-offering
eo N20-D56 wDb rd reversion of offerings from temple to
tomb, a reversion offering
I10-D58-G43-D56 wDb rd reversion of offerings from temple to
tomb, a reversion offering
iq Ko
8 q K Mfo V24-D58-N21A-D21-D46-D56 wDb rd reversion of offerings from temple to
tomb, a reversion offering
8qfB! V24-D58-N21-Aa1-X1 wDb xt divert offerings, reversion-offering

KB!" `& N21A-Aa1-X1-X2-W22-X6A wDb xt divert offerings, a reversion offering

9q :q B ! +5 V25-D58-Z7-F48-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 wDb xt divert offerings, a reversion offering

:K D2-N21A Hry wDb Master of Largess

9qp V25-D58-F46 wDb folded cloth

8qK4 V24-D58-N21A-Z1 wDb river-bank, riparian-lands, sea-shore

9 q e5 V25-D58-N20-Z2 wDb sea shore

8qeh4 V24-D58-N20-N23-Z1 wDb river bank

9q Kp f5 V25-D58-G43-F46-N21-Z2 wDb riparian lands

KihFn G43-I10-I9-G38-D54 wdf delay

Kitb :~ G43-I10-N35-W24-Z7-N35A wDnw flood, inundation

<9b\ V28-V25-W24-D36 wDH pour out

V25-V28-Q7 wDH cast metal
9<? V25-V28-O31 wDH door of cast metal
V25-V28-A17 wDH wean, weaned child
G43-V24-V28 wDH wean verb
K8 <
G43-I10-V28 wDH wean verb
V24-G43-V28-D82 wDH wean verb
V25-V28-A18 wDH weaned child of royalty noun
M13-V28-A18 wDH weaned child of royalty noun
V25-V28-G43-R3 wdHw offering table
9 <K.
D58 bw place
q4 D58-Z1 bw place

=4 G29-Z1 bA soul, BA

=49 G29-Z1-Z6 bA soul, BA

~=9 W10A-G29-Z6 bA soul, BA

U4 G53-Z1 bA soul, BA

U4H6 G53-Z1-A40-Z3 bAw souls of dead, power, deed of power

G30 bAw souls of dead
>+5 G30-Y1-Z2 bAw power

>K+5 G30-G43-Y1-Z2 bAw power

G29 bA possess a soul, be a soul
U4 G53-Z1 bA be a soul, possess a soul
R7-E10 ram noun
2* bA
E10 bA ram
D58-G29-G1-F27 bA leopard
q = !]
q=}8 D58-G29-X11-E24 bA leopard
D58-G29-F9-F27 bA leopard skin
q = !M ` D58-G29-G1-U7-D40 bA hack up the earth, hoe crops, destroy,
G225 bA hoe crops
= !! } G29-G1-X1-F62 bAt symbol of Hathor

G29-Y8A bAt symbol of Hathor

S38-Y8A HqA bAt guardian of hathor ? a title
}! 1 1 F62-X1-M17-M17 bAtyt devotee of Hathor

q = !! " D58-G29-G1-X1-M2 bAt bush, wisp of corn

q = !!: ! m D58-G29-G1-G1-Z7-X1-D53 bAAwt virility

D58-G29-M17-M17-F36A bAy foot-ewer
D58-G29-G1-M17-Z7-N35A bAiw damp adjective
q =!1:~
D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-N35A bAiw damp adjective
q=!1 1~
D58-G29-G1-Z7-P1 bAw galley
q = !: \
q = !q = !! ~ D58-G29-G1-D58-G29-G1-X1-N35A bAbAt inshore eddy ?

qq!~ D58-D58-X1-N35A bAbAt inshore eddy

qq!h D58-D58-X1-N23 bAbAt inshore eddy

q =q =KD D58-G29-D58-G29-G43-D12 bAbAw hole socket of eye, apertures of head

q =q =K! D58-G29-D58-G29-G43-O1 bAbAw hole socket of eye, apertures of head

q=!<m D58-G29-G1-V28-D53 bAH phallus, glans

1m+\4 G17-D53-Y1-D36-Z1 m bAH a in the presence of

1m+ G17-D53-Y1 m bAH in the presence of, in front of, in front,

1q = < m+ G17-D58-G29-V28-D53-Y1 m bAH in the presence of, in front of, in front,
D Mm+ M36-D21-D53-Y1 Dr bAH before, formerly adverb

l4; D52-Z1-Z8 bAH measure of capacity

q = !b K =j D58-G29-G1-F32-G43-D5-N25 bAXw Bahu: a region originally West of Egypt,

later on, the East

= Gj G29-O39-N25 bAXw Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt,

later on, to the East
= G<j G29-O39-D4-N25 bAXw Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt,
later on, to the East
q b K<j D58-F32-G43-D4-N25 bAXw Bahu: a region originally west of Egypt,
later on, to the East
qeT D58-S29-W10B bAs jar

=eT G29-S29-W10B bAs jar

K!Q W1-X1-O49 bAst Bubastis locality

q=!!Q D58-G29-Q1-X1-O49 bAst Bubastis locality

K!!, W1-X1-X1-C164 bAstt Bastet divinity

K!! W1-X1-X1 bAstt Bastet divinity

K!!p W1-X1-X1-B1 bAstt Bastet divinity

D58-G29-S29-W1 bAs devour
G29-N29-M1 tree moringa arabica
=n! bAq
N29-D58-M1 tree moringa arabica
nq! bAq
q = !n ! b 5 D58-G29-G1-N29-M1-W24-Z2 bAq moringa oil

qnb5 D58-N29-W24-Z2 bAq moringa oil

nq!b5 N29-D58-M1-W24-Z2 bAq moringa oil

=n!b5 G29-N29-M1-W24-Z2 bAq moringa oil

D58-G29-G1-N29-M1 oily, bright, white, be dazzled of sight,
q = !n ! bAq
clear of character, innocent, fortunate
G29-N29-M46B bright
=n} bAq
q = !n + D58-G29-G1-N29-Y1 bAq oily, bright
D58-N29-M1 bright
qn! bAq
q=n+ D58-G29-N29-Y1 bAq fortunate

=?` G29-V31-D40 bAk work, work for someone, pay taxes, work
horses, carry out a task, enslave
=?K`5 G29-V31-G43-D40-Z2 bAkw work, task, workmanship, execution of a
design, revenues, taxes, impost, wages
=?`5 G29-V31-D40-Z2 bAkw work, task

=?K+5 G29-V31-G43-Y1-Z2 bAkw work, task

=?! +5 G29-V31-X1-Y1-Z2 bAkt work, task, works of craftmanship, labour

of captives, revenues, taxes
=?! 5 G29-V31-X1-Z2 bAkt revenues, taxes

=?! G29-V31-A1 bAk servant

=?!p G29-V31-X1-B1 bAkt maidservant

D58-G29-D28-N14 bkA tomorrow

2=T411!! R7-G29-D28-Z1-M17-M17-X1-O1 bkyt precinct

=?=? r5 G29-V31-G29-V31-N33-Z2 bAkbAk a cake

D58-G29-G1-W11-A7 be weary, languid, be slack, remiss verb

q = !U ' bAgi
D58-W11-A7 be slack, remiss verb
qU' bAgi
q = !U 7 ' E D58-G29-G1-W11-Z4-A7-G37 bAgi be weary, languid verb

D58-G29-G1-W11-A7 weariness, languor, slackness, remissness noun

q = !U ' bAgi
A7 bAgi weariness, languor, slackness, remissness noun
qU7E D58-W11-Z4-G37 bAgi slackness, remissness noun

q = !U U m D58-G29-G1-W11-W11-D53 bAgg male genitals

D58-G29-G1-W11-M17-M17-A7-A40-Z3 the languid ones the dead
q = !U 1 1 ' H 6 bAgyw
D58-G29-G1-W11-A7-A40-Z3 the languid ones the dead
q = !U ' H 6 bAgyw
q = !U < D58-G29-G1-W11-D4 bAg sight ?

D58-G29-G1-W11-N35A thick of fluids

q = !U ~ bAg
D58-G29-G1-W11-S29-M2 thorn bush ?
q = !U e " bAgs
q U e :"5 D58-W11-S29-Z7-M2-Z2 bAgs thorn bush
D58-G29-W11-M23-Z7-N34 dagger
q =U7 :s bAgsw
D58-W11-M23-G43-T8A dagger
q U7 K} bAgsw
=4f! 8" G29-Z1-D46-X1-Z5-M2 bdt bed of gourds etc....

q = !f! T D58-G29-G1-D46-X1-W10 bAdt ladle, dipper

q = !c b D58-G29-G1-U29-W24 bDA jar

q 1!c D58-M17-X1-N18 bit a loaf

=1f G29A-M17-N21 bit a loaf

=1!f G29-M17-X1-N21 bit a loaf

q 1!G D58-M17-X1-O39 bit block of stone

q 1!f D58-M17-X1-W88 bit vase in oval form

y!4 L2-X1-Z1 bit bee

y!b5 L2-X1-W24-Z2 bit honey

y!8 L2-X1-Z5 bit Crown of Lower Egypt

y!8k L2-X1-Z5-I12 bit goddess of Lower Egypt

y!7M L2-X1-Z4-A45 bity King of Lower Egypt

L2 bity king of Lower Egypt

S4 bity king of Lower Egypt
q 1!L D58-M17-X1-S4 bity king of Lower Egypt

7 !y! M23-X1-L2-X1 nsw bity king of Upper & Lower Egypt

q 1zU" D58-M17-N41-F18-A2 bi good deed

<q 1 z U+5 D4-D58-M17-N41-F18-Y1-Z2 ir biw set a good example

q 1TU!" D58-M17-W10-F18-X1-A2 bit character, qualities

q 1!" D58-M17-X1-A2 bit character, qualities

q 1!U D58-M17-X1-F18 bit character, qualities

V! +5 U16-X1-Y1-Z2 bit character, qualities

q 1 T ! }6 D58-M17-W10-X1-Y1V-Z3 bit character, qualities

q 1 !! U +5 D58-M17-G1-X1-F18-Y1-Z2 bit character, qualities

q 1 !f z D58-M17-G1-N21-N41 biA metal bronze ?, iron ?

q 1zG D58-M17-N41-O39 biA metal bronze ?, iron ?

q 1 f U G} D58-M17-N21-F18-O39-N33A biA metal bronze ?, iron ?

qzU D58-N41-F18 biAy consisting of bronze ?

D58-N41-Z24-G1-M17 consisting of bronze
qzg!1 biAy
D58-N41-Z24-G43 consisting of bronze
qzgK biAy
D58-N41-U16A-G1-M17 consisting of bronze
q zV!1 biAy
zqG N41-D58-O39 biA a mineral not metal

N41-D58-N14 a mineral not metal

zq_ biA
qz! D58-N41-X1 biA a mineral not metal

zq U_ N41-D58-F18-N14 biA a mineral not metal

qTUr5 D58-W10-F18-N33-Z2 biA a mineral not metal

V!G U16-X1-O39 biAt gritstone

qz!T D58-N41-X1-W10 biAt beer vessel

q 1!zj D58-M17-X1-N41-N25 biAt quarry noun

q Uz K5j D58-F18-N41-G43-Z2-N25 biAw mining region, a mine

D58-M17-N41-N25 mining region, a mine
q 1zj biAw
q 1zUj D58-M17-N41-F18-N25 biAw mining region, a mine

q 1 !K G5 D58-M17-G1-G43-O39-Z2 biAw mining region, a mine

q UTKn D58-F18-W10-G43-Z2B biAw the produce of a mine

q 1 z G5 D58-M17-N41-O39-Z2 biAw the produce of a mine

q 1zU D58-M17-N41-F18 biA heaven, firmament

qzG D58-N41-O39 biA heaven, firmament

qzG1 D58-N41-O39-M17 biA heaven, firmament

q Uzj D58-F18-N41-N25 biA heaven, firmament

q 1Ke D58-M17-G43-N20 biA heaven, firmament

q 1 !z f r 5 D58-M17-G1-N41-N21-N33-Z2 biA heaven, firmament

q 1Kg D58-M17-G43-N22 biA heaven

q Uz 1 1!j D58-F18-N41-M17-M17-X1-N25 biAyt firmament

q 1 1V+ D58-M17-M17-U16-Y1 biAi wonder, miracle

V!5 U16-X1-Z2 biAi wonder, marvel at verb infinitive

q 11!V D58-M17-M17-X1-U16 biAi wonder, marvel at verb

q 1 1V+ D58-M17-M17-U16-Y1 biAi wonder, marvel at verb

D58-M17-G1-M17-M17 biAi wonder, marvel at verb
q 1!1 1
q 1KTV+5 D58-M17-G43-W10-U16-Y1-Z2 biAw wonders, marvels

V5 U16-Z2 biAw wonders, marvels

D58-M17-G43-Z3 biAw wonders, marvels
q 1K6
q 1TKV5 D58-M17-W10-G43-U16-Z2 biAw wonders, marvels

q 1TU 1 1! 8+5 D58-M17-W10-F18-M17-M17-X1-Z5-Y1-Z2 biAyt miracle, marvels

V+! 5 U16-Y1-X1-Z2 biAyt miracles, marvels

q 1! V+} D58-M17-X1-U16-Y1-N33A biAyt miracles, marvels

q 1 1! V+5 D58-M17-M17-X1-U16-Y1-Z2 biAyt miracles, marvels

q 1T!U+ D58-M17-W10-X1-F18-Y1 biAyt miracle

q 1! 7V+5 D58-M17-X1-Z4-U16B-Y1-Z2 biAty marvellous person of king

1q 1 !T U+5" G17-D58-M17-G1-W10-F18-Y1-Z2-A2 m biA no

G17-D58-M17-A2 no
1q 1" m biA
q 1Kg D58-M17-G43-N22 biA heaven
D58-M17-G43-L2-Z3A biw wasp
q 1Kyx
q =!1 1R7:G D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-O50-Z4-Z7-G39 byby wasp
D58-M17-D58-M17-A2 bibi acclamation
q 1q 1"
D58-M17-D58-M17-A2 bibi symptom of disease
q 1q 1"
D58-M17-D58-M17-T30A bibi symptom of disease
q 1q 1p
q 1tE D58-M17-N35-G37 bin bad, evil adjective

q 1tE D58-M17-N35-G37 bin evil noun

q 1t! E D58-M17-N35-X1-G37 bint evil noun

q 1t! E: 4 d 4 D58-M17-N35-X1-G37-D2-Z1-F34-Z1 bint Hr ib what is displeasing

q 1?& D58-M17-V31-G6 bik falcon

q ?! > D58-V31-X1-G158 bikt female falcon

q 1?\ D58-M17-V31-P1 bik falcon' ship of the king

q 1?&\ D58-M17-V31-G6-P1 bik falcon' ship of the king

q\q\~ D58-D36-D58-D36-N35A baba drink

q\q\> D58-D36-D58-D36-A30 baba drink

q\q\+ D58-D36-D58-D36-Y1 baba drink

q\q\!~ D58-D36-D58-D36-X1-N35A babat stream

q \t! X D58-D36-N35-X1-H1 bant neck

q \t! 2 D58-D36-N35-X1-F51B bant neck

q \ <K~ D58-D36-V28-G43-N35A baHw inundation, flood

q\<+ D58-D36-V28-G11 baHw inundation, flood

q\<@ D58-D36-V28-G32 baHw inundation, flood

D59-V28-G32 baHw inundation, flood
G32 baHw inundation, flood
q \ < @~ D58-D36-V28-G32-N35A baHw inundation, flood
G32 baH inundated land
@~u h G32-N35A-N36-N23 baH basin for irrigation

q\<~@ D58-D36-V28-N35A-G32 baH abundance

G32 baH abundance
G32-Y1V baH abundance
q \ <G; D58-D36-V28-G39-Z8 baH abundance

q\<~H D58-D36-V28-N35A-A40 baH abundance as deity

q \ < @+ D58-D36-V28-G32-Y1 baHi have abundance, be well-supplied, be

inundated, flood, inundate

G32 baHi have abundance, be well - supplied, be verb

@ inundated, flood, inundate
q\ <p" D58-D36-V28-K1-A2 baH be detested
D58-G43 bw place
D58 bw place
q4 D58-Z1 bw place
D58-G43-N25 place in reference to desert
q Kj bw
q K> D58-G43-V30 bw nb everyone

1q K5 4 G17-D58-G43-T21-Z1 m bw wa all together

q Kp5 D58-G43-K1-Z2 bw detest

D58-G43-M70 bw detest
q K}
q K!p D58-G43-X1-K1 bwt detest , abominate, abomination

q K!E D58-G43-X1-G37 bwt detest , abominate verb

q K!q" D58-G43-X1-K2-A2 bwt abomination noun

q K!q5 D58-G43-X1-K2-Z2 bwt abomination noun

q :7q5 D58-Z7-Z4-K2-Z2 bwt abomination noun

q K 1 1 $pE 6 D58-G43-M17-M17-G4-K1-G37-Z3 bwytyw those who are abominated

D58-V4-G1-A1 bwA magnate, notable
q $ !!
q 7 !:7 > D58-Z4-G1-Z7-Z4-A30 bwA magnate, notable
q $ !! h 4 D58-V4-G1-X1-N23-Z1 bwAt hiding-place for wild fowl

q $ !:! > h 4 D58-V4-G1-Z7-X1-A30-N23-Z1 bwAt hiding - place for wildfowl

qq!! D58-D58-X1-O1 bbt hole, cavity

q q !"5 D58-D58-X1-M2-Z2 bbt herb inula gravedens

qq 11! s D58-D58-M17-M17-X1-F51 bbyt region of throat, hollows above collar-bone

qq!s D58-D58-X1-F51 bbt region of collar-bones

q q :7 s s D58-D58-Z7-Z4-F51-F51 bbwy collar-bones

qq :!; D58-D58-Z7-X1-D3 bbwt wig shoulder length ?

qq 11!; D58-D58-M17-M17-X1-D3 bbwt wig shoulder length ?

qqK11!; D58-D58-G43-M17-M17-X1-D3 bbwt wig shoulder length ?

qq M4j D58-D58-D21-Z1-N25 bbr Babel locality

qt D58-N35 bn negative particle

q t! 0 D58-N35-X1-Y7 bnt harp noun

q t! # D58-N35-X1-M3 bnt harp noun

q tb K? D58-N35-W24-G43-G31 bnw heron

q tbKG D58-N35-W24-G43-G39 bnw heron

q tb K G! D58-N35-W24-G43-O39-X1 bnwt hard sandstone, corn-rubber

q tq t8 D58-N35-D58-N35-O24 bnbn Benben stone the sacred stone of ON

q tq t! 8 D58-N35-D58-N35-X1-O24 bnbnt pyramidion

q tq t! # D58-N35-D58-N35-X1-M3 bnbnt stem of ship?

q th} D58-N35-I9-Aa3B bnf gall

q ths D58-N35-I9-F51 bnf gall

q th_ D58-N35-I9-H8 bnf gall

q ttm D58-N35-N35-D53 bnn beget, become erect of male, overflow

q ttn D58-N35-N35-D54 bnn become erect of male, overflow

q tt r5 D58-N35-N35-N33-Z2 bnn bead, pellet

q tt _ D58-N35-N35-H8 bnn bead, pellet

q tt! r5 D58-N35-N35-X1-N33-Z2 bnnt pellet

q :t5M>5 D58-Z7-N35-Z2-D21-D6-Z2 bnr globe of the eye

>A M30-M33 bnr dates noun

>4O5 M30-Z1-U9-Z2 bnr dates noun

qtM1> D58-N35-D21-M17-M30 bnr dates noun

qt1 >r5 D58-N35-M17-M30-N33-Z2 bnr dates noun

qtM1! > D58-N35-D21-M17-X1-M30 bnrt bnit dates noun

>!F M30-X1-M54 bnrt date-palm

q t1: >b5 D58-N35-M17-Z7-M30-W24-Z2 bniw date-wine

q t1:b5 D58-N35-M17-Z7-W24-Z2 bniw date - wine

q tM 1 >+ D58-N35-D21-M17-M30-Y1 bnr sweet, pleasant

>4+ M30-Z1-Y1 bnr sweet, pleasant

qtM D58-N35-D21 bnr sweet, pleasant

q >t D58-M30-N35 bnr sweet, pleasant

#! 4 q t M 1 >} M3-X1-Z1-D58-N35-D21-M17-M30-Y1V xt bnr fruit tree

qtM1! > D58-N35-D21-M17-X1-M30 bnrt sweetness

q >! D58-M30-X1 bnrt sweetness

q t1! >+ D58-N35-M17-X1-M30-Y1 bnrt sweetness

> ! $5 M30-X1-X4-Z2 bnrt date-cakes

\!! >! r} D36-X1-O1-M30-X1-N33-N33A at bnrt cake room

q tM 1 1!7 >8!5 D58-N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-Z4-M30-A24-

bnrytyw confectioners

Mq tMK! D21-D58-N35-D21-G43-O1 r bnrw outside

q tv# D58-N35-N37-M3 bnS doorpost

q t! 7u D58-N35-X1-Z4-E35 bnty two baboons which greet the morning sun

q t! 7} D58-N35-X1-Z4-E51 bnty two baboons which greet the morning sun

q t! 7S S D58-N35-X1-Z4-D27-D27 bnty pair of breasts, nipples

q t! ! S s5 D58-N35-X1-X1-D27-F51-Z2 bntwt deep-bosomed of women

q MDD D58-D21-D12-D12 br eyes

q$!k D58-O4-X1-S35 bht flabellum

q $ !n D58-O4-G1-D54 bhA flee

q$n D58-O4-D54 bHA flee

q $ !:n! D58-O4-G1-Z7-D54-A1 bhAw fugitive

q <8+ D58-V28-A24-Y1 bH forced labour

q <7` D58-V28-Z4-D40 bH forced labour

q < t> D58-V28-N35-T30 bHn cut off limbs, drive off foes

q < tU D58-V28-N35-F18 bHn drive off foes

q < tbK" D58-V28-N35-W24-G43-A2 bHn howl of dog

q < tbKU D58-V28-N35-W24-G43-F18 bHn howl of dog

UB# F18-O34-E3 bHs calf

UB! F18-O34-E1 bHs calf

q <Ue D58-V28-F18-S29 bHs calf

q < BU# D58-V28-O34-F18-E3 bHs calf

Nt# Aa13-N35-E3 gs n bHs side of veal

D58-V28-S29-D54 hunt
q <en bHs
q <e` D58-V28-S29-D40 bHs hunt
D58-V28-S29-D56 bHs hunt
q <eo
Uf! Q F18-D46-X1-O49 bHdt Behdet town in the Delta, Edfu in Upper
Uf! 7 F18-D46-X1-Z4 bHdty He of Behdet the winged Sun Disk

Uf! Q F18-D46-X1-O49 bHdty He of Behdet the wingd sun - disk

q B t! D58-Aa1-N35-O1 bxn country mansion

q B t! H5 D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O21B bxnt pylon

O32 bxnt pylon
q B t! H! D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O1 bxnt pylon

q B t! H X D58-Aa1-N35-X1-F5-O137 bxnty pylons plural

q B tb KG D58-Aa1-N35-W24-G43-O39 bxnw basalt ? greywacke ?

q b tG D58-F32-N35-O39 bxnw basalt ?, greywacke ?

q b t>G D58-F32-N35-D6-O39 bxnw basalt ?, greywacke ?

qBBK' D58-Aa1-Aa1-G43-Q7 bxxw heat ?

qbqb8 D58-F32-D58-F32-A24 bXbX pride ? as a bad quality

q Bp D58-O34-K1 bs introduce someone into, instal, initiate

verb transitive

q Bp D58-O34-K1 bs inter, bring in a state of affairs, reveal a

verb transitive

q Bp D58-O34-K1 bs enter verb intransitive

q epn D58-S29-K1-D54 bs introduce someone into verb transitive

q ep+ D58-S29-K1-Y1 bs instal verb transitive

q ep+ D58-S29-K1-Y1 bs secret noun

qpK D58-K1-G43 bsw secret image of god

qep D58-S29-K1 bsw secret image of god

q e pnH D58-S29-K1-D54-A40 bsw secret image of god

D58-S29-D54 flow forth of water verb
qen bsi
q epn D58-S29-K1-D54 bsi flow forth of water verb
D58-S29-D54 influx of foreign migrants noun
qen bsi
qe:pn D58-S29-Z7-K1-D54 bsw result, consequence

q e :pn5 D58-S29-Z7-K1-D54-Z2 bsw morbid discharges

D58-S29-G43-Q7 bsw flame
D58-S29-Q7 bsw flame
D58-V16-G1 protect
q 0! bsA
q BtT D58-O34-N35-W10 bsn gypsum ?

q e ?> D58-S29-V31-T30 bsk disembowel

q e ?Kd 5 D58-S29-V31-G43-F34-Z2 bskw entrails

Ce ?KL D58-S29-V31-G43-Aa2 bskw entrails

q e ?Kp p p D58-S29-V31-G43-T30A-T30A-T30A bskw entrails

q vR D58-N37-D26 bSi spit, spit out

q vKR5 D58-N37-G43-D26-Z2 bSw vomit, spittle

q (!O5 D58-M8-G1-U9-Z2 bSA malted barley ?

q v-8 D58-N37-V13-A24 bST rebel against verb

q v! K D58-N37-X1-D19 bST rebel against verb

vq ! K ` N37-D58-X1-D19-D40 bST rebel against verb

~ q v-8 N35A-D58-N37-V13-A24 mw bST cataract, rapid

q v! :K D58-N37-X1-Z7-D19 bStw rebellion

q v! K D58-N37-X1-D19 bSTw rebellion

q v! d ` D58-N37-X1-U30-D40 bSTw rebellion

q v! d ! $. 6 D58-N37-X1-U30-X1-G4-A14-Z3 bSttyw rebels

qn+ D58-N29-Y1 bq be hostile to someone ?

D58-N29-D58-N29-Z7-D54 recalcitrance ?
q nq n:n bqbqw
qn7:s D58-N29-M23-Z7-F51 bqsw spine

qn7Ks D58-N29-M23-G43-F51 bqsw spinal column

D58-D28-B2 bkA be pregnant
D58-D28-B2A bkA be pregnant
qTq+ D58-D28-B2-Y1 bkA be pregnant
D58-D28-D3 bkA lock of hair
qT!q D58-D28-X1-B2 bkAt pregnant woman

qTVk D58-D28-N5-Z4B bkA tomorrow, morning

D58-G29-D28-N14 bkA morning
2=4T411!! R7-G29-Z1-D28-Z1-M17-M17-X1-O1 bkyt precinct
D58-W11-A7 be slack, remiss
qU' bAgi
q ??; D58-V31-V31-D3 bkk hair
D58-W11-G1-Z7-N35A-A1 shipwrecked man
q U !:~ ! bgAw
q U7 KE5 D58-W11-M23-G43-G37-Z2 bgsw wrongdoing
D58-W11-S29-G37 wrongdoing
qUeE bgsw
q U B E D58-W11-O34-G37 D58-W11-O34-G37 bgsw wrongdoing

q ! d !E D58-X1-U30-G1-G37 btA wrong, crime

q!d<E D58-X1-U30-Z9-G37 btA wrong, crime

q ! d !< E ! D58-X1-U30-G1-Z9-G37-A1 btA wrongdoer

q ! d !! < +5 D58-X1-U30-G1-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 btAt harm, injury

B ! 7O5 M34-X1-Z4-U9-Z2 bdt emmer

q ! tK8 D58-X1-N35-D19-A24 btn disobey, defy

q -to n D58-V13-N35-D56-D54 btn disobey, defy

q ! tK8d 4 D58-X1-N35-D19-A24-F34-Z1 btn ib insolent man

q ! tbKK. D58-X1-N35-W24-G43-D19-A14 btnw defiant man, rebel

q ! tb ` D58-X1-N35-W24-D40 btnw defiant man, rebel

q -tb K\ ! D58-V13-N35-W24-G43-D36-A1 btnw defiant man, rebel

q -tb KK 4 D58-V13-N35-W24-G43-D19-Z1 btnw defiant man, rebel

q ! ?n D58-X1-V31-D54 btk sink of the heart ?

q ! ?C5 D58-X1-V31-Aa2-Z2 btk squalor ?

q !?!?n D58-X1-V31-X1-V31-D54 btktk escape ?

q !?q !?n D58-X1-V31-D58-X1-V31-D54 btkbtk escape

q -n D58-V13-D54 bT abandon, forsake verb transitive

q/! D58-V15-X1 bT run verb intransitive

q ! d !o n D58-X1-U30-G1-D56-D54 bT run verb intransitive

q ! d !n D58-X1-U30-G1-D54 bT run verb intransitive

q -` D58-V13-D40 bT abandon, forsake verb transitive

q -! : m D58-V13-X1-Z7-I14 bTw incurable disease or person

q f4 r5 D58-D46-R9-N33-Z2 bd natron

B f! O5 M34-D46-X1-U9-Z2 bdt emmer

q f! B D58-D46-X1-M34 bdt emmer

B!7O M34-X1-Z4-U9 bdt emmer

=4f! 8" G29-Z1-D46-X1-Z5-M2 bdt bed of gourds etc..

q fv' D58-D46-N37-A7 bdS become faint, weak, exhausted

q fv} D58-D46-N37-O120 bdS become faint, weak, exhausted

q fv' : 4 D58-D46-N37-A7-D2-Z1 bdS Hr downcast, faint - hearted

q fv! ' D58-D46-N37-X1-A7 bdSt weakness

q ffKT l"5 D58-D46-D46-G43-D28-D52-M2-Z2 bddw kA water melon

q ffKlK"5 D58-D46-D46-G43-D52-G43-M2-Z2 bddw kA water - melon

q b !b D58-U28-G1-W24 bDA jar

D58-U28-X11 bDA jar

q = !b b D58-G29-G1-U28-W24 bDA jar

q b !! 5# D58-U28-G1-V1-Z2-M3 bDA mast-head

q b !G D58-U28-G1-O39 bDA stiff roll of linen

ls D52-F51 bDA penis

#4 Q3-Z1 p mat

#G Q3-O39 p base for statue

Q3-O49 Pe locality
#Q p
Q3-O49 belonging to Pe
#Q py
M#Q> D21-Q3-O49-V30 r py nbw spokesman of every Pe-ite
346 # 1 1KQ R8-Z1-Z3-Q3-M17-M17-G43-O49 py nTrw gods of Pe

#4KQ Q3-Z1-G43-O49 pyw nTrw gods of Pe plural

#!R Q3-X1-N1 pt sky, heaven

R N1 pt sky, heaven

# ! R?! t Q3-X1-N1-V31-X1-N35 pt .k tn your Queen

G40-G1 pA this, the demonstrative &
H! definite particle
G40 pA this, the demonstrative &
H definite article
Q3-G40-G1 this, the demonstrative &
# H! pA
definite article
! O1 pA this, the
G40-G1-M17-M17 pAy he of
H!1 1
H!1 1? G40-G1-M17-M17-V31 pAy .k yours possessive
G40-G1-M17-M17-A1 pAy .i my possessive
H!1 1! adjective
Q3-G40-G1 'past tense' marker auxillary verb
# H! pAw
with past
G40 pAw 'past tense' marker auxillary verb
H with past
G40-G1 pAw 'past tense' marker auxillary verb
H! with past
# H !\ Q3-G40-G1-H5 pA fly, fly up

H !\ G40-G1-H5 pA fly, fly up

# H!& Q3-G40-X1-X6 pAt cake, loaf used in offerings

H !K ! ;5 G40-G1-G43-X1-Z8-Z2 pAwt offerings plural

H !K! & ;6 G40-G1-G43-X1-X6-Z8-Z3 pAwt offerings plural

# H!1 1!# Q3-G40-G1-M17-M17-X1-M3 pAyt lock ? on door

#\! h Q3-D36-X1-N23 pAat irrigable land ?

H\!8 G40-D36-X1-Z5 pAat irrigable land

#I\!G Q3-G41-D36-X1-G39 pAat quail ?

H!& G40-X1-X6 pAwt primaeval time

&! X6-X1 pAwt primaeval time

H!K&b} G40-X1-G43-X6-N17-N33A pAwt primaeval time

# H !! 7 & Q3-G40-G1-X1-Z4-X6 pAwty primaeval god, man of ancient family noun

# H !! 7 & Q3-G40-G1-X1-Z4-X6 pAwty primaeval adjective

G40-G4-X6-Z3 men of ancient families plural
H $& 6 pAwtyw
H!& g 1 G40-X1-X6-U33-M17 pAwty man of ancient family

H ! lD & G40-X1-Z4A-D12-X6 pAwty primaeval god

H!7K&H G40-X1-Z4-G43-X6-A40 pAwty primaeval god

# H !K ! & H 5 Q3-G40-G1-G43-X1-X6-A40-Z2 pAwty primaeval god

H ! K$\5 G40-X1-G43-G4-N11-Z2 pAwtyw primaeval gods plural

Q3-G40-G1-G43-A2 falsehood ?, gossip ?

# H !K" pAw
I!K! ) G41-G1-G43-X1-A9 pAwt burden of illness

# HB Q3-G40-Aa1 pAx scratch verb

# HB!7 Q3-G40-Aa1-X1-E23 pAxt She who scratches a lion goddess

n E241 pAxt Pakhet She who scratches [a lion goddess]

#B!7 Q3-Aa1-X1-E23 pAxt Pakhet She who scratches [a lion goddess]

HB f~ G40-Aa1-D46-P1A pAxd be turned upside down, be turned over of

sole of foot
H !B f= G40-G1-Aa1-D46-A29 pAxd be turned over of sole of foot

# Kf= Q3-Aa1-D46-A29 pAxd be turned over of dislocation of collar-bone

# H !n ! D Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-D12 pAqt thin part of bone in skull

# HBa Q3-G40-O34-W23 pAs water pot

# BT Q3-O34-W10 pAs water pot

H !B} G40-G1-O34-V102 pAs water pot

G40-N29-X6 a flat thin cake or biscuit
Hn& pAq
H3-N29-X6 a flat thin cake or biscuit
Zn& pAq
Q3-N29-X6 a flat thin cake or biscuit
#n& pAq
Yn ! 8d5 H2-N29-X1-Z5-S28-Z2 pAqt fine linen

#n!d Q3-N29-X1-S28 pAqt fine linen

H !n ! d G40-G1-N29-X1-S28 pAqt fine linen

#n!8x Q3-N29-X1-Z5-Z3A pAqt fine linen

# n ! Yd5 Q3-N29-X1-H2-S28-Z2 pAqt fine linen

I!n 1 1 ! G G41-G1-N29-M17-M17-X1-O39 pAqyt shell of turtle, of skull, flake of stone,

#n!D Q3-N29-X1-D12 pAqyt shell of turtle, of skull

# H !n ! D Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-D12 pAqyt shell of turtle, of skull

#n 11!G Q3-N29-M17-M17-X1-O39 pAqyt potsherd

# H !n ! Z D Q3-G40-G1-N29-X1-H3-D12 pAqyt potsherd

Q3-G41-G1-W11-A7 squat ?
# I !U ' pAg
H !fo s G40-G1-D46-D56-F51 pAD knee-cap

H !f@ G40-G1-D46-Y24 pAD ball or cone of incense

G40-G1-I10-Y24 ball or cone of incense

H !i@ pAD
Q3-G40-I10-X2 a loaf
# Hi" pAD
# H !f$ Q3-G40-G1-D46-X4 pAD a loaf

Q3-M17-M17-Z5 a flea
#118 py
Q3-M17-S29 tread in ? seed
#1e pis
#\!!p5 Q3-D36-X1-A1-B1-Z2 pat patricians, mankind

#\! s!5 Q3-D36-X1-F51-A1-Z2 pat patricians, mankind

#\! _!p 5 Q3-D36-X1-H8-A1-B1-Z2 pat patricians, mankind

#\!$ Q3-D36-X1-X4 pat a cake or loaf

#\K'6 Q3-D36-G43-Q7-Z3 paw flames ?

# \tt! m Q3-D36-N35-N35-X1-I14 apnnt slug ?

Q3-G43 this demonstrative

#K pw
Q3-G43 who ?, what ?, whichever interrogative
#K pw
Q3-G43-M17-M17 this, that demonstrative
#K11 pwy
# B t! j Q3-E34-N35-X1-N25 pwnt Punt locality

# B t$. HHH Q3-E34-N35-G4-T14-A40-A40-A40 pwntyw the people of Punt

#h Q3-I9 pf that yonder demonstrative

# h7 Q3-I9-Z4 pf that yonder demonstrative

# h!p Q3-I9-G1-N31 pfA that yonder demonstrative

#t Q3-N35 pn this, he of

# t\\ Q3-N35-D36-P1 pna turn upside down, turn the eyes against
~ P1A pna turn upside down

# t\ 1 1 Q3-N35-D36-M17-M17 pnay reversal ?

# t\ 1 1! u Q3-N35-D36-M17-M17-X1-N36 pnayt cataract

# t\t\~ Q3-N35-D36-N35-D36-P1A pnana turn over & over

# tb K] Q3-N35-W24-G43-F27 pnw mouse

# te <` Q3-N35-S29-Z9-D40 pns cut off a joint, pull out hair

# te h Q3-N35-S29-N23 pns clay

# te ! r5 Q3-N35-S29-X1-N33-Z2 pnst scum ?

# tn \ Q3-N35-N29-D36 pnq bale out a boat, water, swab up blood,

poke at someone, expend provisions
# tn }} Q3-N35-N29-W33-W57 pnq bale out a boat

# tn } Q3-N35-N29-D105 pnq bale out a boat

# tn ~\ Q3-N35-N29-N35A-D36 pnq bale out water

!4 O1-Z1 pr house, household, palace, temple

!4!p5 O1-Z1-A1-B1-Z2 pr household

B ! +5! 4 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-O1-Z1 xt pr property

1M!4 G17-D21-O1-Z1 imy r pr steward

1!! G17-O1-O1 imy prwy member of the administration

!= O1-O29 pr aA Great-House, Palace

=! O29-O1 pr aA Great House, Palace, Pharaoh

!= O1-O29 pr aA Pharaoh

!j! O1-S34-O1 pr anx House of Life Temple Scriptorium, School

O54 pr anx House of Life Temple Scriptorium, School
!j O1-S34 pr anx House of Life Temple Scriptorium, School

!D} O1-G36-O157 pr wr National shrine of Upper Egypt at El-Kab

!4DM!4 O1-Z1-G36-D21-O1-Z1 pr wr National Shrine of Upper Egypt at El-Kab

!4y!} O1-Z1-L2-X1-A301 pr bity Palace of King of Lower Egypt

y!! L2-X1-O1 pr bity Palace of King of Lower Egypt

!4+! 4, O1-Z1-Y1-X1-Z1-V12 pr mDAt library

!b4 O1-W24-O20 pr nw National shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep

!b! O1-W24-O1 pr nw National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep

!4 T} O1-Z1-S12-N33A pr nbw House of Gold Treasury

!4 ehM O1-Z1-F35-I9-D21 pr nfr funerary workshop

O62 pr nfr funerary workshop
7 ! t!4 M23-X1-N35-O1-Z1 pr nsw King's Palace, Court, Temple, Palace of
King of Upper Egypt
O64 pr nsw Temple
7!! M23-X1-O1 pr nsw Temple

!47!t O1-Z1-M23-X1-N35 pr nsw Temple

!4 tB M4 O1-Z1-N35-O34-D21-O20 pr nsr National shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe

!4 tB M '! O1-Z1-N35-O34-D21-Q7-O1 pr nsr National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe

!4: MR O1-Z1-D2-D21-N1 pr Hry upper part of building

!#! O1-T3-O1 pr HD treasury

O2 pr HD treasury
!4 \t! 7K!p 5 O1-Z1-W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1-B1-Z2 pr xnty harem

!K! O1-D19-O1 pr xnty harem

!4 e! 5 O1-Z1-U31-X1-Z2 pr xnty harem

!4 < M7 O1-Z1-T28-D21-Z4 pr Xry ground floor

!S!p O1-U13-A1-B1 pr Sna labour establishment

!4 f$_ ! ! O1-Z1-D46-V4-N14-X1-O1 pr dwAt robing room

O292 pr dwAt robing room
!; O1-G27 pr dSr Red House Treasury of Lower Egypt

!4i! a O1-Z1-I10-X1-N16 pr Dt estate, foundation

!4 ti! a O1-Z1-N35-I10-X1-N16 pr Dt estate, foundation

!4 ti! t O1-Z1-N35-I10-X1-N35 pr Dt estate, foundation

!M1 1!!5 O1-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z2 pryt houses collective noun

!Mn O1-D21-D54 pri go, come out, escape from, be renowned

of name

!Mn O1-D21-D54 pri come out, burst forth of storm, be issued

of supplies

! MnCn n O1-D21-D54-G35-N29-D54 pr aq come in & go out, come & go

Cn n! M n G35-N29-D54-O1-D21-D54 aq pr come in & go out, come & go

(! Mn X8-O1-D21-D54 di pr cut away a joint of meat

!Mn O1-D21-D54 pri go up, ascend to, be subtracted

!MnM O1-D21-D54-D21 pr r advance against a position in war

! M n$ !n O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54 pr hA ascend & descend

D54-D55 come & go

nî pr hA
!n O1-D54 pr go up, ascend, be subtracted
I24B pr go up, ascend to
!M!n O1-D21-X1-D54 prt ritual procession

!M!$ O1-D21-X1-X4 prt ritual procession

! M! n1 M O1-D21-X1-D54-G17-D21 prt m.......r

!M!nL!_ O1-D21-X1-D54-M44-X1-N14 prt spdt heliacal rising of Sothis - Sirius

! M 1 1 n! O1-D21-M17-M17-D54-A1 pry hero, champion

! M 1 1 n" O1-D21-M17-M17-D54-E2 pry ferocious bull

!M11!' O1-D21-M17-M17-X1-C7 pryt crisis ?

! MKn O1-D21-G43-D54 prw motion, procession, outcome, result

!n5 O1-D54-Z2 prw outcome, result

! MKnt M4 O1-D21-G43-D54-N35-D21-Z1 prw n r utterance

!Mn O1-D21-D54 prw motion, procession, outcome, result

!Kn O1-G43-D54 prw motion, procession, outcome, result

! MK"tM4 O1-D21-G43-A2-N35-D21-Z1 prw n r utterance

! MK+5 O1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 prw excess, surplus

! MKn5 O1-D21-G43-D54-Z2 prw excess, surplus

! M K+5: 4 O1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 prw Hr more than

! MKb5 O1-D21-G43-N17-Z2 prw land emerged from inundation

! Mn\ 4 O1-D21-D54-D36-Z1 pr a be active

! Mn\ 4 ? O1-D21-D54-D36-Z1-V31 pr a .k get on with your work !

!M!\` O1-D21-X1-D36-D40 prt a activity

O3 prt xrw invocation offerings
! M! nMc K;5 O1-D21-X1-D54-D21-P8-G43-Z8-Z2 prt r xrw invocation offerings

!M!V O1-D21-X1-N5 prt the month of Peret Winter

! M!S} O1-D21-X1-U13-N33A prt fruit, seed, in sense of offspring, prosperity

SM! y U13-D21-X1-N33AV prt fruit, seed, in sense of offspring, posterity

S! r5 U13-X1-N33-Z2 prt fruit, seed, in sense of offspring, posterity

! M! m} O1-D21-X1-D53-N33A prt fruit, seed, in sense of offspring, posterity

! M! 8P5 O1-D21-X1-Z5-U10-Z2 prt fruit, seed, in sense of offspring, posterity

#M1%` Q3-D21-M17-M5-D40 pri battlefield

# M 1`5 Q3-D21-M17-D40-Z2 pri battlefield

` B# M 1 f4 S24-O34-Q3-D21-M17-N21-Z1 ts pri fighting

#! M 1 % `5 Q3-X1-D21-M17-M5-D40-Z2 pri battlefield

!Bt$ O1-O34-N35-X4 psn loaf

# Mvr5 Q3-D21-N37-N33-Z2 prS minium red oxide of lead

#$ g 1 Q3-O4-U33-M17 phti magic word

F22-D54 reach a person or place, attain wealth,
Yn pH
finish doing something
F22-D54 end by doing something, attack someone,
Yn pH
contest a will, spear fish
F22-D54 hit someone with comment, surround,
Yn pH
F22 pHwy reach, attain, finish, end by, attack,
Y contest, spear, hit, surround, caught
Q3-V28-F22 reach, attain, finish, end by, attack,
#<Y pHwy
contest, spear, hit, surround, caught
Q3-V28-F22-D54 reach, attain, finish, end by, attack,
#<Yn pHwy
contest, spear, hit, surround, caught
Y:7 s F22-Z7-Z4-F51 pHwy hinder-parts, hind-quarters, back of jaw,
house etc
Y:7 s F22-Z7-Z4-F51 pHwy rear, reargaurd of army, stern of ship, end
F22 pHwy hinder parts, hind quarters
YK11s F22-G43-M17-M17-F51 pHwy hinder parts, hind quarters

YK 1 1K+ F22-G43-M17-M17-G43-Y1 pHwy end

Y:11! s F22-Z7-M17-M17-X1-F51 pHwyt rectum

Y11!2 F22-M17-M17-X1-F51B pHwyt rectum

YK7 1 1!! 4 F22-G43-Z4-M17-M17-X1-V1-Z1 pHwyt stern-warp of ship

YK!! F22-G43-X1-V1 pHwyt stern-warp of ship

Y11!! F22-M17-M17-X1-V1 pHwyt stern-warp of ship

Y!M F22-X1-D21 pHt r ending at

YKKf5 F22-G43-G43-N21-Z2 pHww the far north

N41-N41-N41 the far north
zzz pHww
F22-F22-F22-N41-N41-N41 the far north
YYYzzz pHww
Y KKf 51 F22-G43-G43-N21-Z2-G17 pHww m northward to

YYYuuu F22-F22-F22-N36-N36-N36 pHww marshlands

F22-F22-F22 pHww marshlands
Y:~u F22-Z7-N35A-N36 pHww marshlands

zzzu5 N41-N41-N41-N36-Z2 pHww marshlands

# < M!n Q3-V28-D21-X1-D54 pHrt course of runner

# < MMn Q3-V28-D21-D21-D54 pHrr run

Y!7\ F22-X1-Z4-D36 pHty physical strength, power of god, king

F9-F9 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

L!7 F9-X1-Z4 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

#!<L Q3-X1-V28-F9 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

#<!LL Q3-V28-X1-F9-F9 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

# <!7LL Q3-V28-X1-Z4-F9-F9 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

#<Y!78 Q3-V28-F22-X1-Z4-A24 pHty physical strength, power of god,king

# < i< Q3-V28-I10-Z9 pHD cut up, cut open, sever verb transitive

# < i< Q3-V28-I10-Z9 pHD burst open of cist verb intransitive

Q3-T3-I10-G43-Q16 chair
# # iKW pHDw
#B!7 Q3-Aa1-X1-E23 pAxt lion goddess divinity

#B!r r r Q3-Aa1-G1-N33-N33-N33 pxA type of grain

# B !T Q3-Aa1-G1-W10 pxA a type of drink

#BT Q3-Aa1-W10 pxA a type of drink

# B , !+ + Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-V11-Y1 pxA purge, reveal a secret

# B , !+ Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-Y1 pxA purge, reveal a secret

#B+ Q3-Aa1-Y1 pxA purge, reveal a secret

#B ,} Q3-Aa1-M12-Y1V pxA purge, reveal a secret

#B +d 4 Q3-Aa1-Y1-F34-Z1 pxA ib clean of heart

# B , !G Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-O39 pxA pavement

# B , !+ # Q3-Aa1-M12-G1-V11-M3 pxA decking of ship

+# V11-M3 pxA decking of ship

#B f= Q3-Aa1-D46-A29 pAxd be turned upside down

p Mn F46-D21-D54 pXr turn, turn about, revolve of sun, move

about of limbs
p Mn F46-D21-D54 pXr surround, enclose, travel around / traverse
a region
p Mn F46-D21-D54 pXr perambulate a hall, circumambulate walls,
pervade hearts, unroll a papyrus
p Mn F46-D21-D54 pXr twist / distort what is said

p F46 pXr turn, turn about verb

#ð M Q3-F47-D21 pXr turn, turn about verb

# vp Q3-N37-F46 pXr turn, turn about verb

p Mo F46-D21-D56 pXr turn, turn about verb

#b Mp Q3-F32-D21-F46 pXr surround, enclose verb

p M n1 F46-D21-D54-G17 pXr m go about in, pervade

p M nt F46-D21-D54-N35 pXr n serve, pass to, revert to

# b p nt Q3-F32-F46-D54-N35 pXr n serve, pass to, revert to

p0R4444 F46-M16-O50-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 pXr sp 4 go round about four times

p M! r5 F46-D21-X1-N33-Z2 pXrt prescription, remedy

#b M! p +5 Q3-F32-D21-X1-F46-Y1-Z2 pXrt prescription, remedy

#b M!p V Q3-F32-D21-X1-F46-N5 pXrt transitory state description of life

p!48!5 F46-X1-Z1-A24-A1-Z2 pXrt frontier patrol

#bp !,5 Q3-F32-F46-X1-A12-Z2 pXrt frontier patrol

#b M!!5 Q3-F32-D21-X1-A1-Z2 pXrt frontier patrol

q M!7n F48-D21-X1-Z4-D54 pXrty traveller

p MDM~u F46-D21-G36-D21-N35A-N36 pXr wr River Euphrates

p MDu F46-D21-G36-N36 pXr wr River Euphrates

p MnD Mu h 4 F46-D21-D54-G36-D21-N36-N23-Z1 pXr wr River Euphrates

#bb+ Q3-F32-F32-Y1 pXX control ? horses

# BT Q3-O34-W10 pAs water pot

Q3-S29-Q7 cook
#e ' psi
#B' Q3-O34-Q7 psi cook

# he ' Q3-I9-S29-Q7 psi cook

# hB ' Q3-I9-O34-Q7 psi cook

# Bh' Q3-O34-I9-Q7 psi cook

Q7 psi cook
# he ! ' Q3-I9-S29-X1-Q7 pst mode of cooking

# he K ' Q3-I9-S29-G43-Q7 psw preparation of food & drink

# Bt$ Q3-O34-N35-X4 psn a loaf

# Bt& Q3-O34-N35-X6 psn a loaf

!Bt # O1-O34-N35-X3 psn a loaf

#B<U" Q3-O34-V28-F18-A2 psH bite, sting verb & noun

# BB n Q3-O34-Aa1-D54 psx disarray one's hair verb transitive

# BB n Q3-O34-Aa1-D54 psx be distraught, be strewn with verb intransitive

# BB < Q3-O34-Aa1-Z9 psx be distraught verb intransitive

HG4G4<` G40-G39-Z1-G39-Z1-Z9-D40 pss results of labour

# Bv< Q3-O34-N37-Z9 psS divide, share with

#ev Q3-S29-N37 psS divide

# vB<+ Q3-N37-O34-Z9-Y1 psS divide

# Bv<1c K! Q3-O34-N37-Z9-G17-P8-G43-A1 psS m xrw break silence

# Bv<+5 Q3-O34-N37-Z9-Y1-Z2 psS division

# Bv< +5tU M < S Q3-O34-N37-Z9-Y1-Z2-N35-W11-D21-

psS n grH midnight

# Bv! <+5 Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 psSt sharing out, share, portion

# BvK< +5! Q3-O34-N37-G43-Z9-Y1-Z2-A1 psSw arbitrator

# Bv! < 3 Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z9-V19 psSt carpet, matting of reeds

# Bv! 7 <+ Q3-O34-N37-X1-Z4-Z9-Y1 psSty part, division

# e v b ?hb Q3-S29-N37-T106-V31-I9-N17 psS ritual instrument made from kfA - Obsidian

#evb Q3-S29-N37-T106 psS ritual instument for Opening of the mouth

#evb Q3-S29-N37-T106 psS ritual instument for Opening of the Mouth

Q3-S29-W11-D26 spit on, spit at verb
#eUR psg
# BU U" Q3-O34-W11-F18-A2 psg spit on, spit at verb
Q3-S29-W11-D26 spital noun
#eUR psg
# Bfg s Q3-O34-D46-F37-F51 psd upper back

# e i555 Q3-S29-I10-Z2-Z2-Z2 psD nine

# e i r ! 555 Q3-S29-I10-N33-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2 psDt group of nine

555! Z2-Z2-Z2-X1 psDt group of nine

# e i ! xxx Q3-S29-I10-X1-Z3A-Z3A-Z3A psDt group of nine

Z!333H6 N9-X1-R8-R8-R8-A40-Z3 psDt Ennead of gods

Z!H5 N9-X1-A40-Z2 psDt Ennead of gods

Z!36 N9-X1-R8-Z3 psDt Ennead of gods

Z ! 53 N9-X1-Z2-R8 psDt Ennead of gods

g ! 5553 3 3 F37J-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2-R8-R8-R8 psDt Ennead of gods

********* T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10-T10 psDt the Nine Bows traditional enemies of Egypt

* ! 555 T10-X1-Z2-Z2-Z2 psDt pDwt ? the Nine Bows

Q3-S29-I10-N8 shine
#eiY psD
# Bf Y Q3-O34-D46-N8 psD shine

# BfV Q3-O34-D46-N5 psD shine

Q3-S29-I10-F39-F39-F39 back, spine
# e iiii psDw
# Bfh Q3-O34-D46-F38A psDw back, spine

# Bff Q3-O34-D46-F36C psDw back, spine

#fe Ki4 Q3-D46-S29-G43-F39A-Z1 psDw back, spine

# Bf2 Q3-O34-D46-F51B psDw back, spine

# Bfi Q3-O34-D46-F39A psDw back, spine

# Bfg2 Q3-O34-D46-F37J-F51B psDw back, spine

Z t$$ N9-N35-G4-X4 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

Z $M N9-G4-W3 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

ZtM N9-N35-W3 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

Z t$MV N9-N35-G4-W3-N5 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

Zt! $M N9-N35-X1-G4-W3 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

# BftZ Q3-O34-D46-N35-N9 psDntyw the new moon & its festival

: 4 5lt! MV N63-V20-Z2-Z4A-N35-X1-W3-N5 15 nt Hb ??? festival of the 15th of the month

# vt< Q3-N37-N35-Z9 pSn split heads, metal, wood fracture bones,

separate combatants, slice bread
# vt?# Q3-N37-N35-T31-M3 pSn split metal

# vt< ` Q3-N37-N35-Z9-D40 pSn split wood

# vvn Q3-N37-N37-D54 pSS straddle, spread oneself over, spread out

# vv< Q3-N37-N37-Z9 pSS straddle

# vv} Q3-N37-N37-D291 pSS spread oneself over

#n MQ Q3-N29-D21-O49 pqr precinct of Osiris at Abydos

K4 h#n 1Q G43-Z1-N23-Q3-N29-M17-O49 w pqr district of Peker precinct of Osiris at

Abydos ?
Kf# n M 1#! G43-N21-Q3-N29-D21-M17-M3-O1 w pqr district of Peker

# U !X ` Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40 pgA open, reveal, be open of wounds verb

Q3-W11-D32 open verb

#UX pgA
#UZ` Q3-W11-N9-D40 pgA open verb
Q3-W11-M17-M17-D26 be open of wounds
#U 11R pgA
# U !X `d 4 Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40-F34-Z1 pgA ib open hearted

# U !< d 4 Q3-W11-G1-Z9-F34-Z1 pgA ib open hearted

# U !X `: 4 Q3-W11-G1-D32-D40-D2-Z1 pgA Hr honest

# U !X +: 4 Q3-W11-G1-D32-Y1-D2-Z1 pgA Hr honest

# U !< : 4 Q3-W11-G1-Z9-D2-Z1 pgA Hr honest

Q3-W11-G1-D32 entrance of building, of horizon, mouth of
# U !X pgA
valley, arena, battlefield
#U!h4 Q3-W11-G1-N23-Z1 pgA entrance of horizon

#UXf4 Q3-W11-D32-N21-Z1 pgA mouth of valley

# U @ e4 Q3-W11-Y24-N20-Z1 pgA battlefield

#UT Q3-W11-W10 pgA bowl

# U !T Q3-W11-G1-W10 pgA bowl

#UU!] Q3-W11-W11-X1-F27 psst toad or frog

#!#!n Q3-X1-Q3-X1-D54 ptpt tread roads, trample enemies

#!#!8 Q3-X1-Q3-X1-A24 ptpt trample enemies

#!#!<` Q3-X1-Q3-X1-Z9-D40 ptpt trample enemies

#! M> Q3-X1-D21-D6 ptr see, behold

BB D10C-D10 ptr see, behold

#!M$ Q3-X1-D21-M4B ptr see, behold

#! $? Q3-X1-M4B-D7 ptr see, behold

#! M1> Q3-X1-D21-M17-D6 ptr see, behold

#! M1&< Q3-X1-D21-M17-M6-D4 ptr see, behold

#! M&" Q3-X1-D21-M6-A2 ptr who ?, what ? interrogative

!#7&" X1-Q3-Z4-M6-A2 ptr who ?, what ? interrogative

#! M 1&`5 Q3-X1-D21-M17-M6-D40-Z2 pri battlefield

#!<H Q3-X1-V28-A40 ptH Ptah divinity

#!< Q3-X1-V28 ptH create

#!Bn Q3-X1-Aa1-D54 ptx cast to the ground, put down someone

carried, be stretched out in obeisance
#!B} Q3-X1-Aa1-D77 ptx cast to the ground

# fo s Q3-D46-D56-F51 pd knee

oe #4 D56-S29-M3-Z1 pds box, casket

# fB. Q3-D46-O34-R3I pds box, casket

o4#4 D56-Z1-M3-Z1 pds box, casket

#fe o Q3-D46-S29-D56 pds stamp flat, flatten

#fe 8 Q3-D46-S29-A24 pds stamp flat, flatten

# fe ! r Q3-D46-S29-X1-N33 pdst pellet

#fe Ki4 Q3-D46-S29-G43-F39-Z1 psDw back

# fe :! o h5 Q3-D46-S29-Z7-X1-D56-N23-Z2 pdswt sand dunes ?

# i) Q3-I10-T9 pD stretch cord in foundation ceremony,

stretch out arms, stretch out man on
# i) Q3-I10-T9 pD extend oneself in effort, draw bow, diffuse
) T9 pD stretch cord in foundation ceremony

# f) Q3-D46-T9 pD stretch cord in foundation ceremony

Q3-I10-D54 stretch out man on ground
# in pD
# i)d 4 Q3-I10-T9-F34-Z1 pD ib be glad
# i): 4 Q3-I10-T9-D2-Z1 pD Hr unwrinkled, far - sighted, prescient

*!4 T10-X1-Z1 pDt bow

|! T9A-X1 pDt bow

|! 4 T9A-X1-Z1 pDt bow

|! 4 # T9A-X1-Z1-M3 pDt bow

*4!! T10-Z1-X1-A1 pDty bowman

*!7` T10-X1-Z4-D40 pDty bowman

*!4.!5 T10-X1-Z1-T14-A1-Z2 pDt troop of soldiers collective noun

R* N1-T10 Hry pDt troop commander

R* ! 4 N1-T10-X1-Z1 Hry pDt troop commander

` B`* ! 4 S24-O34-D40-T10-X1-Z1 Tsw pDt troop captain

)! 7 . ! T9-X1-Z4-T14-A1 pDty foreigner

)! $. ! 5 T9-X1-G4-T14-A1-Z2 pDtyw foreigners

*!.!p5 T10-X1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 pDt foreigners collective noun

). ! 5 T9-T14-A1-Z2 pDt foreigners collective noun

)! . 95 T9-X1-T14-Z6-Z2 pDt foreigners collective noun

# f! ). ! 5 Q3-D46-X1-T9-T14-A1-Z2 pDt foreigners collective noun

# f)r5 Q3-D46-T9-N33-Z2 pD measure for pigment

|! 4 T9A-X1-Z1 pDt measure for textiles, for incense

) T9 pDi sharpen a knife verb

h I9 f he, him, his, it, its suffix pronoun

h7 I9-Z4 fy his, its suffix pronoun -

h!) ` I9-G1-A9-D40 fAi raise, lift up, carry, support, weigh,
present, deliver taxes, tribute

A9-A24 fAi carry, support verb

h!` I9-G1-D40 fAi weigh verb
h !t I9-G1-A131A fAi weigh verb

h!> I9-G1-O30 fAi present verb

h!) I9-G1-A9 fAi deliver taxes, tribute verb

h!) ``: I9-G1-A9-D40-P5-Z7 fAi TAw 1 sail,verb 2 the wind rose ?

h!! ) I9-G1-X1-A9 fAt financial interest ?

h!1 1 ! ) I9-G1-M17-M17-X1-A9 fAyt weight ?

h!1 1 ! ) +5 I9-G1-M17-M17-X1-A9-Y1-Z2 fAyt reward

h!1 1 )! # I9-G1-M17-M17-A9-X1-M3 fAyt portable shrine

h11!) I9-M17-M17-X1-A9 fAyt portable shrine

hj K $5 I9-F40-G43-X4-Z2 fAw food-supplies ?

hjK+5 I9-F40-G43-Y1-Z2 fAw magnificence, splendour, magnificent

h!?; I9-G1-V31-D3 fAk be shorn

h!? s I9-G1-V31-F51 fAk pubic region

s F51 fAk pubic region

h!?! I9-G1-V31-A1 fAk shorn man

htE I9-N35-G37 fn be weak, faint

hthb K+ I9-N35-I9-W24-G43-Y1 fnfnw recompense ?

htB K $5 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-X4-Z2 fnxw food offerings

htB K,5 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-Z2 fnxw a Syrian people

hB K,5 I9-Aa1-G43-V12-Z2 fnxw a Syrian people

htB K /6 I9-N35-Aa1-G43-T15-Z3 fnxw a Syrian people

htB K,. ! p 5j I9-N35-Aa1-G43-V12-T14-A1-B1-Z2-N25 fnxw a Syrian people

htB Zd 4 I9-N35-Aa1-U20-F34-Z1 fnx ib acute ?

ht-m I9-N35-V13-I14 fnT snake, intestinal worm, become maggoty noun & verb

ht! m I9-N35-X1-I14 fnT snake, become maggoty noun & verb

ht! h I9-N35-X1-I9 fnT intestinal worm, become maggoty noun & verb
K4 D19-Z1 fnD nose

htfK I9-N35-D46-D19 fnD nose noun

hti\ K I9-N35-I10-Aa27-D19 fnD nose noun

K4 1 1# D19-Z1-M17-M17-C3 fnDy long nosed, Beaky

htf 1 1 K I9-N35-D46-M17-M17-D19 fnDy Beaky, long - nosed

hB ,n I9-Aa1-V12-D54 fx loose, release, loosen of speech, cast off,

get rid, destroy
verb transitive

hB ,n I9-Aa1-V12-D54 fx obliterate, leave behind one, fail to do

verb transitive

hB d I9-Aa1-S28 fx loose, release verb transitive

V12-D54 set out, depart to verb intransitive
,n fx
hB ! >; I9-Aa1-X1-O30-D3 fxt wig ?

hB \i I9-Aa1-D36-D49 fxa grasp

he ' I9-S29-Q7 fsi cook

hn !$ I9-N29-G1-X4 fqA a cake

hn !$+ I9-N29-G1-X4-Y1 fqA reward, wealth

hn + I9-N29-Y1 fqA reward, wealth

hn Y ` I9-N29-F22-D40 fqA reward, wealth

hn !+5 I9-N29-G1-Y1-Z2 fqA reward, wealth

hn $ I9-N29-X4 fqA reward, wealth

h?;E I9-V31-D3-G37 fk be empty, be wasted through oppression

h?8 I9-V31-A24 fk be wasted through oppression

h?! 7; I9-V31-X1-Z4-D3 fkty shorn priest

hU t} I9-W11-N35-A81 fgn defecate, shit

hU !} I9-W11-G1-A81 fgn defecate, shit

h! E I9-X1-G37 ft disgust noun

h! E I9-X1-G37 ft show dislike verb

h! h! n I9-X1-I9-X1-D54 ftft leap

h! ! W" I9-X1-X1-F20B-A2 ftt obliterate inscription

h! ! i" I9-X1-X1-I10-A2 ftt obliterate inscription

h! ! i I9-X1-X1-F39 ftt lint

h! ! ! I9-X1-X1-V1 ftt lint

h! ! Kp5 I9-X1-X1-G43-K1-Z2 fttw fish plural

hf<` I9-D46-Z9-D40 fdi pluck flowers, pull up plants, uproot trees,

pull out hair, remove

hf\ I9-D46-D36 fdi remove verb

hfR I9-D46-D26 fd sweat verb

hf! ~ I9-D46-X1-N35A fdt sweat noun

hfK4 4 4 4 I9-D46-G43-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 fdw four

hf4 4 4 4 I9-D46-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 fdw four

hf! 4 4 4 4 I9-D46-X1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1 fdt four feminine, quartette

hf4 4 4 4 b K I9-D46-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-W24-G43 fdnw fourth

hfn < I9-D46-N29-Z9 fdq sever, divide, part, waste seed, wear out
of sandals

hfn < I9-D46-N29-Z9 fdq slice, portion noun

hfn <` I9-D46-N29-Z9-D40 fdq waste seed verb

hfn ! I9-D46-N29-V1 fdq sever, divide, part

G17 with, by means of, from, out of, as,
1 m
namely, when, as, though, together with
M17-G17 in, with, by means of, from, out of, as,
11 im
namely, when, as, though, together with
1\ G17-D36 m not translated enclitic particle

1^ G17-D38 m not translated enclitic particle

1^ G17-D38 m behold non - enclitic

1\? G17-D36-V31 mk behold non - enclitic
1\ G17-D36 m behold non-enclitic
1\ G17-D36 m who ?, what ? interrogative

1t1\ M17-N35-G17-D36 in m who ? interrogative

1^ G17-D38 m who ?, what ? interrogative

t1\ N35-G17-D36 nm who ?, what ? interrogative

] 11\ W19-M17-G17-D36 mi m how ? interrogative

:41\ D2-Z1-G17-D36 Hr m why ? interrogative

M1\ M1\ D21-G17-D36 rm to what purpose ? interrogative

G17 in the position of m of predication
1 m
G17 do not negative
1 m
1[ G17-D35 m do not negative
1< G17-D4 m ir do not negative
1M\ G17-D21-D36 m rdi let not

1\ G17-D36 m take ! imperative

1\t? G17-D36-N35-V31 m n .k take to yourself

G17-D54 come ! imperative
1n mi
H4 U2-Z1 mA stern of boat

H4#e G! U2-Z1-M3-S29-F4-X1 mA .s HAt its bow of ship

H4#e Y K U2-Z1-M3-S29-F22-G43 mA .s pHw ? its stern of ship

H!J U2-X1-M195 mAwt shaft of spear, measuring rod

H!} U2-X1-M46 imAt charm

H <!! U2-D4-G1-G1 mAA see, look upon, regard, see to the

performance of a task, inspect work etc..
verb transitive

U3 mAA see, look upon, regard, see to, inspect,

I look on
HDD U2-D12-D12 mAA see, look upon, regard, see to, inspect,
look on
H <!! U2-D4-G1-G1 mAA look on at event , look at intransitive
G!!< M U1-G1-G1-D4-D21 mAA r look toward, take care of, take heed of verb intransitive

H <!t U2-D4-G1-N35 mAA n look at

H <K5 U2-D4-G43-Z2 mAw aspect, appearance

H <!! U2-D4-G1-G1 mAw aspect, appearance

MI:t D21-U3-Z7-N35 r mAw n in the sight of

MI! D21-U3-G1 r mAw in the sight of

tH <K5h N35-U2-D4-G43-Z2-I9 n mAw .f at the sight of him

M H <K5t D21-U2-D4-G43-Z2-N35 r - mAw - n in the sight of

<H <K51 D4-U2-D4-G43-Z2-G17 ir - mAw - m make inspection of, look into

<H <K<51 D4-U2-D4-G43-D4-Z2-G17 ir - mAw - m make inspection of, look into

H <!K : 4 s U2-D4-G1-G43-D2-Z1-N34 mAw - Hr mirror

H <} 4 U2-D4-F81-Z1 mA oryx

GrrrK U1-N33-N33-N33-G43 mAw oryx plural

U1-T3-E28 mA - HD oryx
G# <
U1-G1-M17-E22 mAi lion
G!1 6
E22 mAi lion
U1-M17-E22 mAi lion
U1-G43-E22 mAiw lions plural
U1-G1-M17-F27 mAi lion
G!1 ]
H <!K] 5 U2-D4-G1-G43-F27-Z2 mAiw lions plural

H <! 6 U2-D4-X1-E22 mAt lioness

H<< BG6 U2-D4-V28-O34-G39-E22 mA - HsA Fierce lion

U1-M17-V28-S29-E22 mA - HsA fierce lion
U1-G1-M17-V28-S29-F27 mA - HsA fierce lion
G!1 < e ]
E238-V28-S29-Aa18-G43 mA - HsA fierce lion
G!1 6 < e [ KU+ U1-G1-M17-E22-V28-S29-Aa18-G43-F18-
mA - HsA fierce lion
# 11m G3-M17-M17-D53 mAy foetus

K\+ U5-D36-Y1 mAa true of speech, real, just, righteous, true

to, loyal to
adjective & verb

K\+ U5-D36-Y1 mAa rightful of property, rightly belong to,

pleasing, be in order of balance
adjective & verb

L Aa11 mAa TRUE

q KHL D58-G43-U2-Aa11 bw mAa truth

q4K\} D58-Z1-U5-D36-Y1V bw mAa truth

GL \! U1-Aa11-D36-G1 mAa real

HL \Y+ U2-Aa11-D36-H2A-Y1 mAa real

L+ Aa11-Y1 mAa true, loyal

K\+ U5-D36-Y1 mAa truly, really, rightly adverb

K\c K" U5-D36-P8-G43-A2 mAa - xrw deceased, be justified, vindicated against

someone, be triumphant, true of voice

K\B Mc U5-D36-Aa1-D21-P8 mAa - xrw deceased, be justified, vindicated, true of

L{ Aa11-P8H mAa - xrw deceased, justified

L\{ Aa11-D36-P8H mAa - xrw deceased, justified

K\c K" U5-D36-P8-G43-A2 mAa - xrw justification, vindication, triumph noun

HLc U2-Aa11-P8 mAa - xrw justification, vindication, triumph noun

K\! ]+5 U5-D36-X1-H6-Y1-Z2 mAat truth, right-doing, righteousness, justice,

rightness, orderly management

]!4 H6-X1-Z1 mAat right - doing, righteousness

L!+ Aa11-X1-Y1 mAat truth

HL\!8+ U2-Aa11-D36-X1-Z5-Y1 mAat truth

1K\! ]+5 G17-U5-D36-X1-H6-Y1-Z2 m mAat truly

H6 mAat right - doing, righteousness
C10 mAat right - doing, righteousness
HL\!* U2-Aa11-D36-X1-C10 mAat rightness, orderly management

K\!7 ] ] U5-D36-X1-Z4-H6-H6 mAaty judgement dual

K\!7 ] ]kk U5-D36-X1-Z4-H6-H6-I12-I12 mAaty judgement dual

R8-U36-H6 Hm - nTr mAat Prophet of Maat

HL\K+ U2-Aa11-D36-G43-Y1 mAaw aright adverb

H L \ ! $+! 5 U2-Aa11-D36-X1-G4-Y1-A1-Z2 mAatyw just men, the righteous the blessed dead

K \ $* 5 U5-D36-G4-C10-Z2 mAatyw just men, the righteous the blessed dead

K\+ U5-D36-Y1 mAa present, offer, make presentation to, verb

K\n U5-D36-D54 mAa present, offer, make presentation to verb

K\+ U5-D36-Y1 mAa fit to be offered adjective

K\n U5-D36-D54 mAa fit to be offered adjective

K\Kr5 U5-D36-G43-N33-Z2 mAaw products, offering, tribute, gifts

K\+5 U5-D36-Y1-Z2 mAaw products

HL\Y U2-Aa11-D36-H2 mAa temple of head

K\82 U5-D36-Z5-F51B mAa temple of head

M\HL\YM D21-D36-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-D21 rdi mAa r a place to eavesdrop put the temple to...

M\HL\YM D21-D36-U2-Aa11-D36-H2-D21 rdi mAa r pay attention to

HL\n U2-Aa11-D36-D54 mAa lead, guide, direct, send, despatch, throw

out rope from ship
verb transitive

HL\n U2-Aa11-D36-D54 mAa steer ship, extend limbs, paddle water verb transitive

HL\n U2-Aa11-D36-D54 mAa set out on journey verb intransitive

Ln Aa11-D54 mAa lead, guide, direct, send, despatch, throw

out, steer, extend, paddle, set out
J\+ U4-D36-Y1 mAa lead, guide, direct, send, despatch, throw
out, steer, extend, paddle, set out
HL\h U2-Aa11-D36-N23 mAa bank of river or lake

K\Yh U5-D36-H2-N23 mAa bank of river or lake

K\7Yh4 U5-D36-Z4-H2-N23-Z1 mAa bank of river or lake

K \vf 4 U5-D36-N37-N21-Z1 mAa bank of river or lake

HL \KY` U2-Aa11-D36-G43-H2-P5 mAaw breeze

K\` U5-D36-P5 mAaw breeze

K\K` U5-D36-G43-P5 mAaw breeze

K\:#5 U5-D36-Z7-M3-Z2 mAaw type of wood

G!1 1 C ! # U1-G1-M17-M17-Aa2-X1-M3 mAyt sheath of sword

GK! J U1-G43-X1-M195 mAwt shaft of spear, staff, stalk of corn,

H!J U2-X1-M195 mAwt measuring rod

G!j : ! 3 # U1-G1-F40-Z7-X1-T19B-M3 mAwt shaft of spear

G!K ! Y 6 U1-G1-G43-X1-N8-Z3 mAwt rays of light

G!j ! K +5 U1-G1-F40-X1-G43-Y1-Z2 mAwt rays of light

G!K7 + U1-G1-G43-Z4-Y1 mAwy new, be renewed adjective & verb

H+ U2-Y1 mAwy new adjective & verb

U1-G43 mAwy new adjective & verb
G!+ U1-G1-Y1 mAwy new adjective & verb

G!K! + U1-G1-G43-X1-Y1 mAwt a new thing adjective & verb

G! + U1-X1-Y1 mAwt a new thing

1G! K+ G17-U1-X1-G43-Y1 m mAwt newly, anew

tG!K! + N35-U1-G1-G43-X1-Y1 n mAwt new adjective

]t]H! W19-N35-W19-U2-X1 min mi mAwt anew this day

]tGG W19-N35-U1-U1 min mAwt anew this day

G!K! f 5 U1-G1-G43-X1-N21-Z2 mAwt new land

H <hf! U2-D4-I9-D46-X1 mAfdt Mafdet a cat goddess ? divinity

U1-U1-M54 mAmA dom-palm

U1-U1-M54A mAmA dom-palm
H H !K ` 5 U2-U2-G1-G43-U26-Z2 mAmAw dom - palms plural

U1-G1-U1-G1-Z7-M1-Z3A mAmAw dom - palms plural

G!G!:! x
GGt ,t
U1-U1-N35-M12-N35-N35-X1-M54 mAmA - n - dom-palm

Gb b b j U1-W24-W24-W24-N25 mAnw the Western mountain locality

H <! M , 8 U2-D4-G1-D21-T12-A24 mAr dispossess someone of

G!M,E! U1-G1-D21-T12-G37-A1 mAr wretched man, pauper

G!1 M, 1 1 E! U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-M17-M17-G37-A1 mAr wretched man, pauper

G1 M,E U1-M17-D21-T12-G37 mAr wretched man, pauper

H <! M , E ! U2-D4-G1-D21-T12-G37-A1 mAr wretched man, pauper

G!1 M,E! U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-G37-A1 mAr wretched man, pauper

GM, U1A-D21-T12 mAr wretched man, pauper

G!1 M,E5 U1-G1-M17-D21-T12-G37-Z2 mAir misery

I MK>! U3-D21-G43-D6-O1 mArw viewing place in sun cult

U1-G1-V28-V6 mAH wreath
G!< &
U1-G1-V28-M2 mAH wreath
G!< "
G!< h4 U1-G1-V28-N23-Z1 mAH pasture

GB } U1-Aa1-M182 mAx sheaf

B GK Aa1-U1-G43 mAxw sheaf plural

G!b ' U1-G1-F32-Q7 mAx burn

G!B ' U1-G1-Aa1-Q7 mAx burn

G!! ! o U1-G1-Q1-X1-D56 mAst knee of man, hock of animal

Ge ! o U1-S29-X1-D56 mAst knee of man, hock of animal

U1-S29-D159 mAs kneel
Ge }
U1-G1-S29-D56 mAs kneel
G!e o
G!n ! a U1-G1-N29-X1-P6 mAqt ladder

Gn ! a# U1-N29-X1-P6-M3 mAqt ladder

G!n ! # U1-G1-N29-X1-M3 mAqt ladder

1\n ! a# G17-D36-N29-X1-P6-M3 mAqt ladder

H!!" U2-X1-X1-M2 mAtt mandrake ?

G!g M 1 1 ! p 5 U1-G1-U33-D21-M17-M17-X1-B1-Z2 mAtryt female mourners

G!g M 1 1 ! o p n5 U1-G1-U33-D21-M17-M17-X1-D56-B1-
mAtryt female mourners

G-a U1-V13-W23 mAT granite

G! C U1-X1-Aa2 mAT granite

G!! G U1-G1-X1-O39 mAT granite

G! R U1-X1-W8 mAT granite

G!Q -" U1-G1-W7-V13-A2 mAT proclaim

U120-W7 mAT proclaim
G-Q U1-V13-W7 mAT proclaim

G-> U1-V13-A30 mAT acclaim

G17-M17-D54 come ! imperative
11n mi
1\ 1n G17-D36-M17-D54 mi come ! imperative

1_ ~ G17-D39-N35A miw waters

N35A-M17-M17-N35A mw water
G20-M17-M17-G43-N35A semen, seed of man
4 1 1K~ myw
W19-M17 mi like, according as preposition
W19 mi like, according as preposition
G17-W19-M17 as if
1]1 m mi
] 1B ! +5 W19-M17-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 mi xt the like
W19-M17-M17 my likewise, accordingly adverb
]1+ W19-M17-Y1 my likewise, accordingly adverb
W19-M17-A1 mi the equal of someone adverb
]! W19-X1 mit copy of document

]!7+ W19-X1-Z4-Y1 mity equal to, similar to

]1! W19-M17-X1 mity equal to, similar to

]! 1 1 W19-X1-M17-M17 mity equal to, similar to

]! :+! W19-X1-Z7-Y1-A1 mitw equal noun

]!7S W19-X1-Z4-A51 mity likeness

]!!+ W19-X1-X1-Y1 mitt the like

]!!+1 M7 W19-X1-X1-Y1-M17-D21-Z4 mitt iry the like thereof

1]!!+ G17-W19-X1-X1-Y1 m mitt likewise

M ]!!+ D21-W19-X1-X1-Y1 r mitt likewise

]11!b5 W19-M17-M17-X1-W24-Z2 myt a drink

]!B8 8 8 W19-G1-O34-Z5-Z5-Z5 miAsw spines

G!Bp p p U1-G1-O34-T30A-T30A-T30A miAsw spines

1 1 !BK p 5 G17-M17-G1-O34-G43-T30A-Z2 miAsw spines

]1\!! W19-M17-D36-X1-O1 miat loom ?

W19-M17-G43-E13 miw cat

]11!] W19-M17-M17-X1-F27 miw cat
W19-M17-G43-F27 miw cat
u4 hK <c N36-Z1-N23-G43-V28-P8 mawH oar

]q !' W19-D58-X1-T7 mibt axe

]d !' W19-F34-X1-T7 mibt axe

1717 r5 G17-Z4-G17-Z4-N33-Z2 mymy seed corn of emmer ?

11r r r G17-G17-N33-N33-N33 mymy seed corn of emmer ?

11 1 r5 G17-G17-M17-N33-Z2 mymy seed corn of emmer ?

]tV W19-N35-N5 min today

] 1 t!" W19-M17-N35-G1-A2 minA here, hither, like this, accordingly

] 1t! h4 W19-M17-N35-X1-N23-Z1 mint type of land

] 1t! b 5 W19-M17-N35-X1-W24-Z2 mint daily fare

utq s N36-N35-D58-N34 minb axe

utd q N36-N35-F34-D58 minb axe

u htq s N36-N23-N35-D58-N34 minb axe

]a!! W19-P6-X1-O1 maHat tomb

]1<!! W19-M17-V28-X1-O1 miHat chapel

u4 a\!! N36-Z1-P6-D36-X1-O1 maHat tomb

]1e! s4 W19-M17-S29-X1-F51-Z1 mist liver

1B! s} G17-O34-X1-F51-N33A mist liver noun

uhe! s N36-N23-S29-X1-F51 mist liver

]BK! J W19-O34-G43-X1-S2 miswt crown of Upper Egypt

] 1B! 8k W19-M17-O34-X1-Z5-I12 miswt crown of Upper Egypt

1\ G17-D36 ma in the hand, possession, charge of,

together with, from

1\t! ! G17-D36-N35-X1-X1 m a ntt seeing that

1\!\ G17-D36-X1-P1 mat type of boat

1\K <c G17-D36-G43-V28-P8 mawH oar

1\ <c G17-D36-V28-P8A mawH oar

u4 hK <c N36-Z1-N23-G43-V28-P8 mawH oar

4445!5 V20-V20-V20-A21-A1-Z2 mabAyw the Thirty a judicial body

4 4 4q 1 1!!6 V20-V20-V20-D58-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z3 mabAyt House of the Thirty

444!! V20-V20-V20-X1-O1 mabAyt House of the Thirty

4 4 4 1 1!!5 V20-V20-V20-M17-M17-X1-O1-Z2 mabAyt House of the Thirty

1\= 4 4 45 G17-D36-G29-V20-V20-V20-T21 mabA harpoon

444s V20-V20-V20-N34 mabA harpoon

444 V20-V20-V20 mabA harpoon

1\h3 G17-D36-I9-V19 maf headsman's block

1j tK! U G17-S34-N35-Aa1-X1-Aa20 manxt pendant

1:!^ G17-V26A-X1-P3 manDt day barque of sun god

1:\tiK! ^ G17-V26A-D36-N35-I10-G43-X1-P3 manDt day barque of sun god

:!^ V26-X1-P3 manDt day barque of sun god

1;!^ G17-V27-X1-P3 manDt day barque of sun god

1;f! } G17-V27-D46-X1-P121 manDt day barque of sun god

1\ M @+ G17-D36-D21-M32-Y1 mar fortunate, successful, flourishing

1\ M+ G17-D36-D21-Y1 mar fortunate, successful

1\ M @ } G17-D36-D21-M32-Y1V mar success noun

P\ Mf= } Aa15-D36-D21-D46-V29-Y1V mar fortunate, successful

1a!! G17-P6-X1-O1 maHat tomb, cenotaph above ground level

]a!! W19-P6-X1-O1 maHat tomb, cenotaph above ground level

a\!! P6-D36-X1-O1 maHat tomb, cenotaph above ground level

1a\!! G17-P6-D36-X1-O1 maHat tomb, cenotaph above ground level

u4 a\!! N36-Z1-P6-D36-X1-O1 maHat tomb, cenotaph above ground level

1\ ?!8 G17-D36-V31-G1-A24 makA brave

N35A mw water, rain, semen

:4~h D2-Z1-N35A-I9 Hr mw .f loyal to him

if! t~ I10-D46-A1-N35-N35A Dd .i n mw I speak in exactness

~11!m N35A-M17-M17-X1-D53 mwyt urine

~11!~ N35A-M17-M17-X1-N35A mwyt urine

~1 1!mM4 N35A-M17-M17-X1-D53-D21-Z1 mwyt r spittle

N35A-Z7-M17-M17 mwy be watery
~:1 1
N35A-M17-M17-N35A mwy be watery
.! p M -! p 5 G14-X1-B1-D21-V13-A1-B1-Z2 mwt rmT placenta
N35A-G43-G43 mww Muu - class of Ritual dancers
1KK!5 G17-G43-G43-A1-Z2 mww Muu - class of Ritual dancers

.! p G14-X1-B1 mwt mother

G14 mwt mother
l!p D52-X1-B1 mwt mother

_!p D39-X1-B1 mwt mother

1_ !p G17-D39-X1-B1 mwt mother

!0 X1-G16B mwt Mut goddess divinity

.! G G14-X1-O39 mwt weight

1_ Kth! 5 G17-D39-G43-N35-I9-A1-Z2 mwnf garrison, palace guard, protector of poor

1\th8 ! 5 G17-D36-N35-I9-A24-A1-Z2 mwnf palace guard

1hT ! } G17-I9-D28-X1-N33A mfkAt turquoise

1h?! } G17-I9-V31-X1-N33A mfkAt turquoise

_ h?! } D39-I9-V31-X1-N33A mfkAt turquoise

1_ h?! } G17-D39-I9-V31-X1-N33A mfkAt turquoise

1\ h!?! } G17-D36-I9-G1-V31-X1-N33A mfkAt turquoise

G17-G17 among, therein preposition
11 mm
2_ G18-D39 mm among, therein preposition

1\1\ G17-D36-G17-D36 mm among, therein preposition

G17-G17 therein adverb
11 mm
G17-G17 transport cattle
11 mm
11r r r G17-G17-N33-N33-N33 mymy seed - corn

11 1 r r r G17-G17-M17-N33-N33-N33 mymy seed - corn

1\1\] G17-D36-G17-D36-F27 mmy giraffe

27] G18-Z4-F27 mmy giraffe

!t? T1-N35-V31 mn n .k take to yourself

.t+ Y5-N35-Y1 mn be firm, established, enduring of king verb

.t+ Y5-N35-Y1 mn be fixed, stick fast in, be attached to,
remain in, dwell in, be vested in
.t+ Y5-N35-Y1 mn establish, press with fingers verb transitive

M.t+1 D21-Y5-N35-Y1-G17 r mn m as far as

M.t+ D21-Y5-N35-Y1 r mn as well as, including

1.t+ G17-Y5-N35-Y1 m mn at the fixed rate of

.t+! Y5-N35-Y1-A1 mn so - & - so, someone

.t! p Y5-N35-X1-B1 mnt so-and-so, someone feminine

.t+! 1 M7 Y5-N35-Y1-A1-M17-D21-Z4 mn iry a sample thereof

.t! + Y5-N35-X1-Y1 mnt the like

B ! .t! + Aa1-X1-Y5-N35-X1-Y1 xt mnt something

<t! .t! + 1 1! D4-N35-A1-Y5-N35-X1-Y1-M17-G17-A1 ir .n .i mnt I have proved it myself

im .i
.t! + Y5-N35-X1-Y1 mnt content of receptacle

1.t! V G17-Y5-N35-X1-N5 m mnt daily

.tE Y5-N35-G37 mn be ill, suffer, be ill of, suffer from, suffer

in part of the body, be troubled about
.tE ! Y5-N35-G37-A1 mn sick man

.t! E 5 Y5-N35-X1-G37-Z2 mnt malady, what is harmful, suffering

.t! < 5 Y5-N35-X1-Z9-Z2 mnt malady

Bt7 % n.t! E 6 O34-N35-Z4-X5-D54-Y5-N35-X1-G37-Z3 sny mnt distress, calamity

.tb :E 5 Y5-N35-W24-Z7-G37-Z2 mnw pain

.tE 5 Y5-N35-G37-Z2 mnw pain

.t! E Y5-N35-X1-G37 mnt swallow bird noun

.t! o Y5-N35-X1-D56 mnt thigh of man, haunch of ox

.t! } Y5-N35-X1-F114 mnt haunch of ox

.t 1 a Y5-N35-M17-W23 mni jar, measure of capacity

.t} Y5-N35-W27B mni jar

.t< b Y5-N35-Z9-W24 mni jar, measure of capacity

.t 1 < b Y5-N35-M17-Z9-W24 mni jar, measure of capacity

.t 1 ] \ Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 mni moor ship, marry to, attach to, endow

verb transitive

.t 1 ] \ Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 mni save the drowning, revive the dead verb transitive

.t 1 ] , Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-Y2 mni moor ship verb transitive

.t 1 ` Y5-N35-M17-D40 mni endow with verb transitive

.t 1 9 Y5-N35-M17-Z6 mni die verb

.t 1 ] \ Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-P1 mni die verb
.t 1 ! ] # Y5-N35-M17-X1-Aa28-M3 mnit mooring post, whipping post

.4 T14-Z1 mnit mooring - post

.! ] Y5-X1-Aa28 mnit mooring post, whipping post

.t 1 ! ] Y5-N35-M17-X1-Aa28 mnit mooring post, whipping post

.t 1 !a Y5-N35-M17-G1-D41 mniA a part of the arm

.t 1 ] W Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-A55 mni death

.t 1 ] V Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-A54 mni death

.t 1 ] 9 Y5-N35-M17-Aa28-Z6 mni death

.t 1 K! dQ Y5-N35-M17-G43-X1-Aa28-O49 mniwt harbour

.t 1 ! Z Y5-N35-M17-X1-S18 mnit necklace sacred to Hathor

S18 mnit necklace sacred to Hathor
.t! Z Y5-N35-X1-S18 mnit necklace sacred to Hathor

.t 1 1 o o Y5-N35-M17-M17-D56-D56 mny thighs dual

.t 1 1 ) ! 5 Y5-N35-M17-M17-A9-A1-Z2 mny corvee

.t 1 1 ! # Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-M3 mnyt root, root of disease

A42-G43-A1 mniw herdsman
OK` A47-G43-D40 mniw herdsman
8K` A24-G43-D40 mniw herdsman

A47 mniw herdsman

.t 1 } K Y5-N35-M17-U58-G43 mniw herdsman

.t U 1 Y5-N35-Aa20-M17 mni act as herdsman

.t\ t Y5-N35-D36-B5 mni nurse verb

.t\ ~ Y5-N35-D36-D27A mnat nurse verb

.t\ ! S Y5-N35-D36-X1-D27 mnat nurse noun

~! D27A-X1 mnat nurse noun

.t\ ! p Y5-N35-D36-X1-B1 mnat nurse noun

.t\ ! } Y5-N35-D36-X1-A352 mnat male nurse noun

.t\ 7 S Y5-N35-D36-Z4-D27 mnay male nurse noun

.tS \ Y5-N35-D27-D36 mnay male nurse noun

.t\ ! ! Y5-N35-D36-X1-E1 mnat milch cow

.t\ ! S ! Y5-N35-D36-X1-D27-E1 mnat milch cow

A7H R22-R12-A40 mnw Min god divinity

A R22 mnw Min god divinity

.tK' Y5-N35-G43-G7 mnw Min god divinity

.tb G Y5-N35-W24-O39 mnw type of stone, quartz ?

.b Y5-W24 mnw type of stone, quartz ?

.tb ! Y5-N35-W24-V1 mnw thread

.tb ! G Y5-N35-W24-X1-G39 mnwt pigeon

.t! I Y5-N35-X1-G41 mnwt pigeon

.t 1 1 ! G Y5-N35-M17-M17-X1-G39 mnwt pigeon

. t b K Go Y5-N35-W24-G43-G39-M33A mnw pigeons

.b b b Y5-W24-W24-W24 mnw monument

.tb K+5 Y5-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 mnw monuments

.b b b 1 1 + Y5-W24-W24-W24-M17-M17-Y1 mnwy abundant of monuments epitaph of King

.b b b ! ! ! Y5-W24-W24-W24-M1-M1-M1 mnw trees, plantation

.! ! ! Y5-M1-M1-M1 mnw trees, plantation

.b b b f Y5-W24-W24-W24-M1A mnw trees, plantation

.tb K! Y5-N35-W24-G43-M1 mnw trees, plantation

.tb K! Y5-N35-W24-G43-O1 mnnw fortress

.th!! , 6 Y5-N35-I9-G1-X1-A12-Z3 mnfAt trained soldiers, assult troops, infantry,

.th!! ! 5 Y5-N35-I9-G1-X1-A1-Z2 mnfAt trained soldiers, assult troops, infantry,
.th 1 ! 1 ,6 Y5-N35-I9-M17-X1-M17-A12-Z3 mnfAt trained soldiers, assult troops, infantry,
.th 1 1 ! 4 6 Y5-N35-I9-M17-M17-X1-A20-Z3 mnfAt trained soldiers, assult troops, infantry,
.th! ! 6 Y5-N35-I9-X1-A1-Z3 mnfAt trained soldiers, assault troops, infantry,
.th! 5 6 Y5-N35-I9-X1-A21-Z3 mnfAt trained soldiers, assault troops, infantry,
.th M! = Y5-N35-I9-D21-X1-M29 mnfrt band for arm or ankle

.th M! [ Y5-N35-I9-D21-X1-S107 mnfrt band for arm or ankle Y5-N35-Y5-N35-D54 mnmn move quickly of person, move about of

army, earthquake, be shifted of boundary
.t.t! !6 Y5-N35-Y5-N35-X1-E1-Z3 mnmnt cattle

.ttb 5 Y5-N35-N35-W24-Z2 mnn Wood pitch

.ttb K! Y5-N35-N35-W24-G43-O1 mnnw fortress

.ttb ! Y5-N35-N35-W24-O1 mnnw fortress

.tb K! Y5-N35-W24-G43-O1 mnnw fortress

.t e h M8 Q Y5-N35-F35-I9-D21-O24-O49 mn nfr Memphis locality

.t$ i- Y5-N35-O4-I10-Y3 mnhD scribe's palette

.t$ f- Y5-N35-O4-D46-Y3 mnhD scribe's palette

.t < r 5 Y5-N35-V28-N33-Z2 mnH wax

^t5 < r5 D38-N35-G21-V28-N33-Z2 mnH wax

.t < " Y5-N35-V28-M2 mnH papyrus plant

.t < 7 /" Y5-N35-V28-Z4-M15-M2 mnH papyrus plant

.t < K6 Y5-N35-V28-G43-Z3 mnHw froth ? on lips

.tB ! ` Y5-N35-Aa1-V1-D40 mnx string beads

.tB \ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22 mnx chisel noun & verb

.tB \+ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 mnx potent of king, trusty of officials,

efficacious of commands
.tB \+ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 mnx well disposed, devoted, splendid of
buildings, costly of material
.tB \+ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 mnx lavish of worship, excellent of occasions,
well famed, well established,
.tB + Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1 mnx potent of king etc..

.tK \` Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-D40 mnx potent of king etc..

\ U22 mnx potent of king etc...

.t B \ }t Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1V-N35 mnx n go well with affairs

.tB \+ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 mnx thoroughly adverb

.tB +d 4 Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1-F34-Z1 mnx ib pleasing to the heart

.tB K \+5 Y5-N35-Aa1-G43-U22-Y1-Z2 mnxw excellence, virtues of someone

.tB \+ Y5-N35-Aa1-U22-Y1 mnxw excellence, virtues of someone

\5 U22-Z2 mnxw excellence, virtues of someone

.tB + Y5-N35-Aa1-Y1 mnxw excellence, virtues of someone

.tB ! \ Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-U22 mnxt willingness of heart

<.tB ! \+5 D4-Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-U22-Y1-Z2 ir mnxt do good

.tB Y5-N35-Aa1 mnx be joyful ?

.tB 1 Y5-N35-Aa1-G17 mnx m be joyful over ?

.tB ! Y5-N35-Aa1-X1 mnxt the third month

.tB ! d Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-S28 mnxt type of fabric, clothing

.tB ! c Y5-N35-Aa1-X1-S27 mnxt type of fabric, clothing

S27 mnxt clothing, type of fabric

.te ! E Y5-N35-S29-X1-G37 mnst lack ?

.t0 X Y5-N35-V16-W14 mnsA jar for liquids

.tv* Y5-N35-N37-V10 mnS cartouche

.tv! r 5 Y5-N35-N37-X1-N33-Z2 mnSt ochre red or yellow ?

.tn , Y5-N35-N29-V12 mnq come to an end

.tn ! a Y5-N35-N29-X1-W23 mnqt jar ?

.tn q l Y5-N35-N29-D58-S36 mnqb fan

.tn q Y ! Y5-N35-N29-D58-W15-O1 mnqb cool place,

.tn q ! Y5-N35-N29-D58-O1 mnqb chapel

.t? M ! ] 4 Y5-N35-V31-D21-X1-F27-Z1 mnkrt bull's tail worn by king

.t! ! G Y5-N35-X1-X1-O39 mntt diorite

.tO!! ` Y5-N35-G47-G1-X1-W22 mnTAt pottery vessel

.t-K' Y5-N35-V13-G43-C7 mnTw Montu god divinity

.t! :' Y5-N35-X1-Z7-G7 mnTw Montu god divinity

.t-KH Y5-N35-V13-G43-A40 mnTw Montu god divinity

.t-K. ! 5 Y5-N35-V13-G43-T14-A1-Z2 mnTw Bedouin

.$Q 6 Y5-G4-A49-Z3 mnTw Bedouin

.t$. . 5 Y5-N35-G4-T14-A14-Z2 mnTw Bedouin

.! K} 6 Y5-X1-G43-C248-Z3 mnTw Bedouin

.tiS Y5-N35-I10-D27 mnD breast

.tfS Y5-N35-D46-D27 mnD breast

S D27 mnD breast

Ds D12-F51 mnDt eyeball ?

.ti! K Y5-N35-I10-X1-D19 mnDt cheek noun

.tf! s Y5-N35-D46-X1-F51 mnDt cheek noun

.tf! S s Y5-N35-D46-X1-D27-F51 mnDt cheek noun

.t =i13 Y5-N35-M29-I10-G17-V19 mnDm basket

.t = 3 Y5-N35-M29-V19 mnDm basket

.t D M s Y5-N35-M36-D21-F51 mnDr stomach

]1ME U23-G17-D21-G37 mr sick, ill, diseased, painful adjective

]1ME M U23-G17-D21-G37-D21 mr r painful to

]1MEt U23-G17-D21-G37-N35 mr n painful to

]1MEd 4t U23-G17-D21-G37-F34-Z1-N35 mr ib n have compassion on, be sorry for

]1ME:4d 4t U23-G17-D21-G37-D2-Z1-F34-Z1-N35 mr Hr ib n be displeasing to

]1ME U23-G17-D21-G37 mr pain, ailment noun

]1M' U23-G17-D21-C7 mr sorely adverb

]1ME! U23-G17-D21-G37-A1 mr sick man

]1M!E5 U23-G17-D21-X1-G37-Z2 mrt pains

]1M8 U23-G17-D21-O24 mr pyramid

O24 mr pyramid
U23-G17-O24 pyramid
]18 mr
u4 N36-Z1 mr canal, artificial lake

uf4 N36-N21-Z1 mr canal, artificial lake

M M:~ U7-D21-Z7-N35A mrw canals, artificial lakes plural

u4f} N36-Z1-N21-R103 mr libation trough

u4fs N36-Z1-N21-N34 mr libation trough

uh!p5 N36-N23-A1-B1-Z2 mrw weavers

Wu4 F20-N36-Z1 imy r mrw Overseer of weavers

Wu h4 F20-N36-N23-Z1 imy r mrw Overseer of weavers

Ru! p 5 N1-N36-A1-B1-Z2 Hry mrw foreman of weavers

uh!p5 N36-N23-A1-B1-Z2 mrw servants, underlings, partisans,
uf!p6 N36-N21-A1-B1-Z3 mrw servants, underlings, partisans,
uh:!p5 N36-N23-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 mrw servants, underlings, partisans,
u N36 mr partisan, supporter

M M!!p5 U7-D21-X1-A1-B1-Z2 mrt weavers, servants, underlings

M M11!!p5 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 mrt weavers, servants, underlings

u!5 N36-X1-Z2 mrt weavers, servants, underlings

u h!5 N36-N23-E1-Z2 mrw bulls

M M" U7-D21-A2 mri love, want, wish, desire verb

L Mu U6-D21-N36 mri love, want, wish, desire verb

L M! U6-D21-X1 mryt wife

M MK!" U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 mrwt love, will, desire noun

M M!5 U7-D21-X1-Z2 mrwt love, will, desire noun

L M!" U6-D21-X1-A2 mrwt love, will, desire noun

tM MK! " N35-U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 n mrwt in order that

1M MK!" G17-U7-D21-G43-X1-A2 m mrwt in order that

M MK!7"! U7-D21-G43-X1-Z4-A2-A1 mrwty the well-beloved

LK!7 U6-G43-X1-Z4 mrwty the well-beloved

M MKg 1 U7-D21-G43-U33-M17 mrwty the well-beloved

M Mu!! U7-D21-N36-X1-X1 mrwty the well-beloved

M MK1 1!7 U7-D21-G43-M17-M17-X1-Z4 mrwty the well-beloved

M Ma U7-D21-W23 mr milk jar

M M! ` U7-D21-V1-D40 mr bind

M M! d U7-D21-V1-S28 mr bind

M MK! U7-D21-G43-V1 mrw strip of cloth

M MKd U7-D21-G43-S28 mrw strip of cloth

M M!a U7-D21-X1-D41 mrt Meret Musician goddess divinity

M M! >' U7-D21-X1-D6-G7 mrt Meret Musician goddess divinity

M M!_ U7-D21-X1-P4 mrt a type of boat

M M!! U7-D21-X1-O1 mrt street

M MM! s U7-D21-F10-X1-F51 mrt throat, larynx

M M1# U7-D21-M17-M3 mri sounding - pole

M M1~` U7-D21-M17-N35A-D40 mri run aground of ship

M M 1 1l" U7-D21-M17-M17-D52-E2 mry fighting bull

M Mm" U7-D21-D53-E2 mry fighting bull

M M11} U7-D21-M17-M17-E101 mry fighting bull

L MD% U6-D21-G36-O5 mr wr Mnevis Bull

O5-G36-A40 Mnevis Bull
%DH mr wr
%DM! O5-G36-D21-E1 mr wr Mnevis Bull

M M1 1! h4 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 mryt bank, shore, sandbank ?, quay,

M M1 1!f4 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N21-Z1 mryt bank, shore

M M1 1! h4 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 mryt height of triangle

e t q }M M 1 1 ! h 4 S29-N35-D58-Y1V-U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-
snb mryt the coast is clear

M M 1 1 ! b5 U7-D21-M17-M17-X1-I3-Z2 mryt crocodiles collective

L M M 1 1 ! b5 U6-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-I3-Z2 mryt crocodiles collective
1 M 4 1 1 t!- G17-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-A13 mryn Syrian warrior

^ M 4 1 1 t!4 D38-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-A20 mryn Syrian warrior

1\ M 4 1 1 t!. ! G17-D36-D21-Z1-M17-M17-N35-G1-T14-
mryn Syrian warrior

M M! 16 1t U7-D21-V1-M17-Z3-M17-N35 mryn Syrian warrior

M MK# U7-D21-G43-M3 mrw a type of wood

L 11# U6-M17-M17-M3 mrw a type of wood

L MI U6-D21-M41 mrw a type of wood

M MKj U7-D21-G43-N25 mrw desert

M M K je tq + U7-D21-G43-N25-S29-N35-D58-Y1 mrw snb the coast is clear

M MKh45 U7-D21-G43-N23-Z1-Z2 mrw harbours ?

M MKM1 1!; U7-D21-G43-D21-M17-M17-X1-G27 mrwryt black stork

M MM!F U7-D21-D21-X1-O38 mrrt street, avenue of statues

M MM!%! U7-D21-D21-X1-O5-O1 mrrt street, avenue of statues

M M M 1 1! ;5 U7-D21-D21-M17-M17-X1-Z8-Z2 mrryt lumps ? of incense

M M<!b5 U7-D21-V28-X1-W24-Z2 mrHt oil, grease

W1-Z3 mrHt oil, grease
S! W9-X1 mrHt unguent

M M<E U7-D21-V28-G37 mrH decay of buildings noun

1\ 7 4 ?!q : g 1 # G17-D36-E23-Z1-V31-G1-D58-Z7-U33-
mrkbt chariot

_ M4?q ! K D39-D21-Z1-V31-D58-X1-G43 mrkbt chariot

1$7E G17-O4-Z4-G37 mhy be forgetful, neglectful of verb

1^$ G17-D38-O4 mhy be forgetful, neglectful

1$E G17-O4-G37 mhy be forgetful, neglectful

^$ 7E D38-O4-Z4-G37 mhy be forgetful, neglectful

1\$ 7E G17-D36-O4-Z4-G37 mhy be forgetful, neglectful

1$7Ed 4 G17-O4-Z4-G37-F34-Z1 mh ib the heart is forgetful has defective action

1$!E} G17-O4-X1-G37-N33A mht forgetfulness, negligence

1\$ ! Ed 4 G17-D36-O4-X1-G37-F34-Z1 mht ib negligence of poor heart action

M M ! 7 << U7-D21-X1-Z4-D4-D4 mrty eyes

1$ 1!! G17-O4-M17-X1-E1 mhit milch cow

^$ ! K! p 5 D38-O4-X1-G43-A1-B1-Z2 mhwt family

fte f G1$ K ! +5 D46-N35-S29-U32-O39-G17-O4-G43-X1-
dns mhwt guarded of speech

1\ $ !t# G17-D36-O4-G1-N35-M3 mhn coffer

1$ M ` G17-O4-D21-W22 mhr milk jar

1\$ M ] G17-D36-O4-D21-W19 mhr milk jar

^$ 1b4 D38-O4-M17-W24-Z1 mhr milk jar

b4 D42-Z1 mH forearm

\4 D36-Z1 mH forearm

1 5tb A17-Z2-N35-D42 Xrdw n mH small children ?

6b V22-D42 mH cubit

\ D36 mH cubit

b D42 mH cubit

6\ V22-D36 mH cubit

6a V22-N16 mH tA land cubit one hundredth of one aroura

a D41 mH tA land cubit one hundredth of one auoura

6+ V22-Y1 mH fill, be full of, pay in full, make whole,

complete, finish
verb transitive

6+ V22-Y1 mH be full, be complete, verb

6+ Mfoo V22-Y1-D21-D46-D56-D56 mH rdwy hurry !

6+ e h M V22-Y1-F35-I9-D21 mH nfr render good account

6+1 V22-Y1-G17 mH m full measure

6+B h! V22-Y1-Aa1-I9-X1 mH xft act according to

6! , D V22-X1-Y2-D12 mHt the complete eye of Horus

6+d 4 V22-Y1-F34-Z1 mH ib one who is trusted, confidant

6+d 4 1 V22-Y1-F34-Z1-G17 mH ib m trust in

6` V22-D40 mH seize, lay hold of, grasp instructions,

c t16` W25-N35-G17-V22-D40 in m mH carry off captive
6+ V22-Y1 mH inlay verb

6\" V22-D36-A2 mHi be concerned for, take thought for,

ponder on

6\" V22-D36-A2 mHi care noun

6\ < 7 H" 6 V22-D36-V28-Z4-F37B-A2-Z3 mHi take thought for, ponder on

G17-V22-M17-M17-A40 guardian
161 1H mHy
V22-M17-M17-A40 mHy guardian
6\ < H V22-D36-V28-A40 mHy guardian

6\ 1 1 H V22-D36-M17-M17-A40 mHy guardian

6\ < 1 1 H V22-D36-V28-M17-M17-A40 mHy guardian

6! T V22-X1-W10 mHt bowl

6! l V22-X1-S36 mHt fan ?

V22-V28-N35A mHi drown, bedrowned, overflow of Nile, verb
6<~ inundate land, swim
V28-G17-V22 inundate land
<16 mHi
6<}v V22-V28-D117-N37 mHi inundate land
V22-V28-N35A mHi launch a vessel verb transitive
G17-V22-V28 drown, bedrowned verb
16< mHi
d 4 h6 < ~ F34-Z1-I9-V22-V28-N35A ib .f mH weak in action
G17-V22-V28-N35A overflow of Nile verb
16<~ mHi
G17-V22-V28-A96-N35A swim, launch a vessel
16<}~ mHi
6! ~ V22-X1-N35A mHt flood waters

6! / V22-X1-M15 mHt the Delta marshes locality

6! 7 h V22-X1-Z4-N23 mHty northern adjective

6! 7 h V22-X1-Z4-N23 mHty North noun

6! V22-X1 mHty North noun

6! 7 h1 V22-X1-Z4-N23-G17 mHt m northward to

6! 7 h M V22-X1-Z4-N23-D21 mHt r northward to

6! ! V22-X1-X1 mHtt north

6$5 V22-G4-Z2 mHtyw northerners

6! $ h. ! 5 V22-X1-G4-N23-T14-A1-Z2 mHtyw northerners

6< 11!` V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-P5 mHyt north wind, storm from the north,
6! ` V22-X1-P5 mHyt north wind

6 < 1 1 ! `~ V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-P5-N35A mHyt storm from the north

/11!" M15-M17-M17-X1-M2 mHyt papyrus plant, clump of papyrus

/!" M15-X1-M2 mHyt papyrus plant, clump of papyrus

6< ! /"6 V22-V28-X1-M15-M2-Z3 mHyt papyrus plant, clump of papyrus

V22-V28-G43-M15 mHw Lower Egypt, Lower Egyptian noun &
6<K/ adjective
M16 mHw Lower Egypt noun
M15 mHw Lower Egypt noun
V22-V28-M15 mHw Lower Egypt noun
a6<K/ N16-V22-V28-G43-M15 tA mHw Lower Egypt noun
M16-S29-S3 mHw .s Crown of Lower Egypt
S4-S29 mHw .s Crown of Lower Egypt
/KB M15-S3-O34 mHw .s Crown of Lower Egypt
V22-V28-N35A-S29-A40 mHw .s Crown of Lower Egypt
6\ < 7 H"5 V22-D36-V28-Z4-F37B-M2-Z2 mHy flax

6\ < 8 V22-D36-V28-Z5 mHaw flax

V22-V28-G43-M2 mHw linen thread
6< 1 1!p5 V22-V28-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 mHyt fish collective
6! p5 V22-X1-K1-Z2 mHyt fish collective
61 1!p5 V22-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 mHyt fish collective
6 < :]p! V22-V28-Z7-P2-K1-A1 mHw hunter

G17-M16-G1-D1 back of the head

10 !9 mHA
1\ 0 !9 G17-D36-M16-G1-D1 mHA back of the head

6B tb > V22-E34-N35-W24-T30 mHwnw slaughter

6tk V22-N35-I12 mHn coil of serpents noun & verb

6tb V22-N35-W24 mHn coil of serpents noun & verb

1 < t8 G17-V28-N35-Z5 mHn coil of serpents noun & verb

6tk V22-N35-I12 mHn the coiled one a serpent spirit

6tk V22-N35-I12 mHn a board - game

6t 1 1 ! k V22-N35-M17-M17-X1-I12 mHnyt the Coiled one feminine

1\ < "t?! G17-D36-V28-M2-N35-V31-A1 mHnk partner ? feminine

1B + G17-Aa1-Y1 mx respect someone

1^B G17-D38-Aa1 mx respect someone

1\ , !: < 8 G17-D36-M12-G1-Z7-Z9-A24 mxA make fast, bind

1 , !! l G17-M12-G1-X1-U38 mxAt balance

1K!! l G17-Aa1-G1-X1-U38 mxAt balance

1\ , !! m# G17-D36-M12-G1-X1-U39-M3 mxAt balance

1\ , !! . . l G17-D36-M12-G1-X1-T14-T14-U38 mxAt balance

c! U92-X1 mxAt balance

PB ! c Aa15-Aa1-X1-U92 mxAt balance

1\B !l G17-D36-Aa1-X1-U38B mxAt balance

1\ , !. . + G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1 mxA match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make

verb transitive

1\ !. . l G17-D36-G1-T14-T14-U38B mxA match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make

verb transitive

1\ !. . " G17-D36-G1-T14-T14-A2 mxA match, equal, adjust, counterpoise, make

verb transitive

1\ , !. . + G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1 mxA be like verb

1\ , !. . +d 4 t G17-D36-M12-G1-T14-T14-Y1-F34-Z1-
mxA ib n like in disposition to

1\ , !: ! G17-D36-M12-G1-Z7-O1 mxAw shed noun

1\B t1! r5 G17-D36-Aa1-N35-G17-X1-N33-Z2 mxnmt carnelian ?, jasper ?

O! r5 O47-X1-N33-Z2 mxnmt carnelian ?, jasper ?

Pt ! r 5 O48-N35-X1-N33-Z2 mxnmt carnelian ?, jasper ?

O t.! } O47-N35-G14-X1-N33A mxnmt carnelian ?, jasper ?

1[t! K G17-W17-N35-X1-D19 mxnt face, upper part of face

1B Mu G17-Aa1-D21-N36 mxr low - lying land

1B MK+5 G17-Aa1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 mxrw business

1B e i# G17-Aa1-S29-U35-M3 mxsf peg to secure net

1B !q ! G G17-Aa1-X1-D58-X1-O39 mxtbt an ornament of gold

1B !1!\ } G17-Aa1-X1-G17-X1-S20-V97 mxtmt a closed or sealed receptacle

1s! G17-K4-G1 mXA incline one's heart to

1s!\ G17-K4-G1-P1 mXA a boat

1\\t! \ G17-D36-F26-N35-X1-P1 mXnt ferry boat

1b t! _ G17-F32-N35-X1-P4 mXnt ferry boat

1Yt! _ G17-D33-N35-X1-P4 mXnt ferry boat

1\\t! 7\! G17-D36-F26-N35-X1-Z4-P1-A1 mXnty ferryman

1\t! \ g H G17-F26-N35-X1-P1-U33-A40 mXnty ferryman

1b tg 1\ G17-F32-N35-U33-M17-P1 mXnty ferryman

1\tK! \H G17-F26-N35-G43-X1-P1-A40 mXnty ferryman

1Yt! \ g 1' G17-D33-N35-X1-P1-U33-M17-G7 mXnty ferryman

1\ < M h4 G17-D36-T28-D21-N23-Z1 mXr low lying land

1B Mu G17-Aa1-D21-N36 mXr low - lying land

1\ < M! G17-D36-T28-D21-O1 mXr storehouse, barn

}bn 11s D350-F32-N29-M17-M17-F51 mXqy shoulder blade

1\ < M: h G17-D36-T28-D21-Z7-N23 mXrw a low place

1 < M+5 G17-T28-D21-Y1-Z2 mXrw dealings, business, ordinance,

arrangement of building
1B MK+5 G17-Aa1-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 mxrw dealings, business, ordinance,
arrangement of building
1 < MK+5 G17-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 mXrw dealings, business, ordinance,
arrangement of building
1\ < MK+5 G17-D36-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 mXrw dealings, business, ordinance,
arrangement of building
<1 < M K+5 D4-G17-T28-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 m mXrw govern a land, do one's business, provide
for someone
1b !K s5 G17-F32-X1-G43-F51-Z2 mXtw intestines, colon

1b !:} G17-F32-X1-Z7-N33A mXtw intestines, colon

G17-O35-D54 bring, present to, bring away booty,
1 Cn ms
extend hand, take aim
1 C` G17-O35-D40 ms bring, present to, bring away booty,
extend hand, take aim
^ Cn D38-O35-D54 ms bring, present, bring away booty, extend
hand, take aim
1 \ C7 n G17-D36-O35-Z4-D54 ms bring, present, bring away booty, extend
hand, take aim
P ^ Cq n Aa15-D38-O35-D58-D54 ms bring, present, bring away booty, extend
hand, take aim
G17-G39 bring, present to, bring away booty,
1G msA
extend hand,, take aim
1BG G17-O34-G39 msA bring, present to, bring away booty,
extend hand, take aim
G17-O35-D54 betake oneself
1 Cn ms
1 \ C: n6 G17-D36-O35-Z7-D54-Z3 msw carriers, bearers

^ Cn7 K D38-O35-D54-M23-G43 msw carriers, bearers

1B! } G17-O34-X1-O30U mst a staff

a! F31-X1 mst apron of fox-skins

F31-S29-B3 msi bear, give birth, calve of gazelle, lay of verb
aer bird, be born
F31-S29-B3 msi create of god, bring forth of field, make, verb
aer fashion
B3 msi calve of gazelle verb
F31-B3 msi be born verb
F31-S29-Z5 bear, give birth verb
ae8 msi
F31-A17 ms child
F31-S29-Z5 child
ae8 ms
ae!r F31-S29-X1-B3 mst mother

aK! F31-G43-X1 mswt children, offspring, young of animals collective

a!G!p F31-X1-G39-A1-B1 mswt children, offspring

ae 1 1! F31-S29-M17-M17-X1 mswt children, offspring, young of animals collective

ae 1t! s F31-S29-M17-N35-X1-F51 msint spermatic cord

aeK!r F31-S29-G43-X1-B3 mswt birth

ae:!85 F31-S29-Z7-X1-Z5-Z2 mswt birth

[1+aeK!r F25-G17-Y1-F31-S29-G43-X1-B3 wHm mswt be born again, repeating of birth

a e K! ! <M F31-S29-G43-X1-Q1-D4-W3 mswt wsir birthday of Osiris

a!! !M F31-X1-Q1-X1-W3 mswt Ast Hb birthday of Isis

V 4 t a e K! 5)p N5-Z1-N35-F31-S29-G43-X1-Z2-O9-B1 sw n mswt birthday of Nephthys

nbt Hwt
aK!!1 F31-G43-X1-X1-A17 mswtt girl child

F31-E3 calf
a# ms
F31-S29-M2 ms bouquet
F31-S29-A2 ms surely, indeed enclitic
ae" particle
a !i! K F31-G1-I10-X1-D19 msADt nostril

ae f! K F31-S29-D46-X1-D19 msADt nostril

a e f!! r L F31-S29-D46-G1-X1-N33-D20 msADt nostril

1e Ri! K G17-S29-Aa17-I10-X1-D19 msADt nostril

ae 1 1!I5 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-G41-Z2 msyt waterfowl

ae!G5 F31-S29-X1-G39-Z2 msyt waterfowl

ae 1 1! ;5 F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-Z8-Z2 msyt supper

aK!" `& F31-G43-X1-X2-W22-X6 msyt supper

ae 1 1!M F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-W3 msyt a festival

aK1 1!M F31-G43-M17-M17-X1-W3 msyt a festival

ae 1 19!M F31-S29-M17-M17-D1-X1-W3 msyt tpt the First Mesyt a Festival

a!9#!M F31-X1-D1-Q3-X1-W3 msyt tpt the First Mesyt a Festival

a e 1 1 ! S ;59 ! MV F31-S29-M17-M17-X1-N2-Z8-Z2-D1-X1-
msyt tpt the First Mesyt a Festival

ae=!! F31-S29-O29-X1-A1 ms aAt prospector ?

1BD M} >4 G17-O34-G36-D21-D118-V30-Z1 mswr drinking bowl

G17-A115 drinking bowl
1} mswr
aKn ; F31-G43-N29-Z8 mswq type of bread
F31-S29-D58-D58-E28 msbb turn to, serve someone, deal with
F31-S29-D58-D58-A2 msbb turn to
F31-S29-D58-D58-E92A-D54 serve someone
aeqq}n msbb
ae t\ F31-S29-N35-D36 msn spin ?, plait ?

ae t8 F31-S29-N35-A24 msn spin ?, plait ?

aBt` F31-O34-N35-D40 msn spin ?, plait ?

ae tb: 3 8! F31-S29-N35-W24-Z7-T19-A24-A1 msnw harpooner

atb :@! F31-N35-W24-Z7-V32-A1 msnw harpooner

aet<î F31-S29-N35-V28-D55 msnH rotate, turn backwards, turn away

1B<b G17-O34-V28-I3 msH crocodile

1e <b G17-S29-V28-I3 msH crocodile

G17-S29-V28-F27 crocodile
1e <] msH
ae B t! F31-S29-Aa1-N35-O1 msxn abode of gods

ae B tI F31-S29-Aa1-N35-G41 msxn abode of gods

ae B tZ F31-S29-Aa1-N35-Q38 msxn abode of gods

ae B t! G F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39 msxnt bearing-stool ?, birth-place ?

ae B t! G F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39 msxnt breeding place of cattle ?, abode of gods,

ae B t} F31-S29-Aa1-N35-D68 msxnt birth - place

ae B t! 8k F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-Z5-I12 msxnt abode of gods

ae B t} F31-S29-Aa1-N35-G119 msxnt birth - place

aB t! F31-Aa1-N35-X1 msxnt necropolis

a e B t! Gk F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-O39-I12 msxnt Meskhenet goddess of birth divinity

ae B t! ' F31-S29-Aa1-N35-X1-G7 msxnt Meskhenet goddess of birth divinity

aeKM! F31-S29-Aa1-D21-O1 ms xr young boys of the tomb

aB $[ F31-Aa1-G4-U21 msxtyw adze used in Opening-of-the-mouth

aB $[_ F31-Aa1-G4-U21-N14 msxtyw constellation of the Plough

aeB!Z F31-S29-Aa1-X1-F23 msxtyw constellation of the Plough

F31-S29-S29-A330 mss totter

F31-S29-S29-V6 mss tunic
aee &
F31-S29-S29-S28 mss tunic
ae e ] tZ8 F31-S29-S29-F27-N35-D34-A24 mss n aHA mail - shirt

ae e stZ8 F31-S29-S29-N34-N35-D34-A24 mss n aHA mail - shirt

1Bv! d + G17-O34-N37-X1-U30-Y1 msStA framework ? of chariot

aenG F31-S29-N29-O39 msq leather

an!j F31-N29-X1-N25 msqt the Milky-Way ?

an!G F31-N29-X1-O39 msqt the Milky Way

an!Q!4 F31-N29-X1-O49-X1-Z1 msqt the Milky Way

an!! F31-N29-X1-O1 msqt the Milky Way

F31-S29-D28-F27 mskA skin, leather, animal hide
ae ? 1" ts f! F31-S29-V31-M17-A2-N35-S43-D46-X1 mski n mdt slander ?
1e = ?!! } G17-S29-V29-V31-X1-X1-P46 msktt night-barque of sun god

1e ?!! ^ G17-S29-V31-X1-X1-P3 msktt night-barque of sun god

B?! ! \ O34-V31-X1-X1-P1 msktt night-barque of sun god

ae ?!K [ F31-S29-V31-X1-G43-S107 msktw armlet

ae ?!K 1 [ F31-S29-V31-X1-G43-M17-S107 msktw armlet

a -K F31-V13-G43 msTw offspring

ae $! 7 H F31-S29-G4-X1-Z4-A40 msTw offspring

a$! 7 UH F31-G4-X1-Z4-A53-A40 msTyw offspring

a -# ! 2 F31-V13-Q3-X1-O18 msTpt portable shrine

1e -# ! G17-S29-V13-Q3-X1 msTpt portable shrine

ae!#!# F31-S29-X1-Q3-X1-M3 msTpt portable shrine

ae f! o s F31-S29-D46-X1-D56-F51 msdt haunch, thigh

1e f1! r5 G17-S29-D46-G17-X1-N33-Z2 msdmt black eye paint

ai.! r5 F31-I10-G14-X1-N33-Z2 msdmt black eye paint

1 k.! r5 A17-N26-G14-X1-N33-Z2 msdmt black eye paint

? D7 msdmt black eye paint

ae f.! } F31-S29-D46-G14-X1-N33A msdmt black eye - paint

F31-S29-I10-A2 msDi dislike, hate verb
ae i"
ae f" F31-S29-D46-A2 msDi dislike, hate

F31-S29-I10-G37 msDi dislike, hate verb

ae iE
1 ae f" G17-F31-S29-D46-A2 m msDd unwillingly

ae ii! " F31-S29-I10-I10-X1-A2 msDDt what is hateful of conduct

aef1 1!E F31-S29-D46-M17-M17-X1-G37 msDDt what is hateful of conduct

ae fK" F31-S29-D46-G43-A2 msdw rival

ae ff! Ep F31-S29-D46-D46-X1-G37-B1 msddt rival feminine

ae DMX F31-S29-M36-D21-F21 msDr ear

X4 F21-Z1 msDr ear

,!5 A12-A1-Z2 mSa soldiers, army, infantry, gang of workmen

1v\,5 G17-N37-D36-A12-Z2 mSa soldiers, army, infantry, gang of workmen

j tB t,! 5 S34-N35-Aa1-N35-A12-A1-Z2 anx n mSa private soldier

A12-P1 mSa make an expedition, expedition verb & noun
,n5 A12-D54-Z2 mSa expedition noun
A12 mSa expedition noun
4 v\n G20-N37-D36-D54 mSa march, travels

1v\n ! k G17-N37-D36-N29-X1-U37 mSaqt shoulder blade

1v\Ks4 G17-N37-D36-G43-N34-Z1 mSw sword

1\vM7K Y G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-N8 mSrw evening

_ v7S D39-N37-E23-N2 mSrw evening

PvM7KS Aa15-N37-D21-E23-G43-N2 mSrw evening

1\vMKS G17-D36-N37-D21-G43-N2 mSrw evening

1\vM7KS G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-N2 mSrw evening

1\vM7K!V5 G17-D36-N37-D21-E23-G43-X1-N5-Z2 mSrwt evening meal

1v7! Y G17-N37-E23-X1-N8 mSrwt evening meal

_ `f! D39-F30-D46-X1 mSdt ford

P\`f! f 4 Aa15-D36-F30-D46-X1-N21-Z1 mSdt ford

P\?\ Aa15-D36-V31-P1 mk boat

1\?8 G17-D36-V31-A24 mki guard, protect, look after horse

1\?+ G17-D36-V31-Y1 mki guard, protect

1\?8B Kc+ G17-D36-V31-A24-Aa1-G43-D43-Y1 mk xw guarded & protected

1\?` G17-D36-V31-D40 mk protector

1?! G17-V31-X1 mkt thoracic spine

1\?!+ G17-D36-V31-X1-Y1 mkt protection, correct position of limbs,

proper station for standing
1\?+2 G17-D36-V31-Y1-F51B mkt correct position of limbs

1\?! G17-D36-V31-O1 mkt proper station for standing

1\?! 78 G17-D36-V31-X1-Z4-A24 mkty protector, guardian

1\?!7`! G17-D36-V31-X1-Z4-D40-A1 mkty protector, guardian

1T S! G17-D28-O230-X1 mkAt support, pedestal

1T !! ! G17-D28-G1-X1-O1 mkAt support, pedastal

1\?!# G17-D36-V31-X1-Q3 mkAt support, pedastal

1\?!# G17-D36-V31-X1-Q3 mkt thoracic spine

1\ ?0 !9 G17-D36-V31-M16-G1-D1 mkHA back of the head

1^?0 9 G17-D38-V31-M16-D1 mkHA turn the back to, ignore, eschew evil, be
neglectful of
1?e } G17-V31-S29-R88A mks sceptre

1\?e } G17-D36-V31-S29-W78A mks container for documents

P_ U !. . Aa15-D39-W11-G1-T14-A14 mgA skirmisher ?

P\ U !_ Aa15-D36-W11-G1-F29 mgA skirmisher ?

P_ U 11 Aa15-D39-W11-M17-A17 mgA skirmisher ?

PU U Aa15-W11-W11 mgg cluck of bird

1!. G17-X1-A14 mt die, perish, death

A14 mt die, perish, death
.! A14-X1 mt die, perish, death

1!D G17-X1-D12 mt die, perish, death

1!W G17-X1-A55 mt die, perish, death

19! G17-Z6-X1 mt die, perish of ship, death

1!. G17-X1-A14 mt dead man, mortal man

1! 9 G17-X1-Z6 mt dead man

1!!. G17-X1-X1-A14 mtt dead woman

1! ! 9{ ! p G17-X1-X1-Z6-N42-X1-B1 mtt Hmt dead woman

l!8 D52-X1-Z5 mt vessel, duct, muscle anatomical

l!p D52-X1-B1 mwt mother

l_ D52-H8 mt bolus, lump, pill

l!8 D52-X1-Z5 mt strip ? of cloth

l! D52-X1 mt strip ? of cloth

l!7 D52-X1-Z4 mty strips ? of cloth

l! 7..+ D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-Y1 mty straightforward, precise,exact, regular of

seasons, customary of diet, usual of form
l! M..+ D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-Y1 mty straightforward, precise

l!..+ D52-X1-T14-T14-Y1 mty straightforward, precise

l!7+ D52-X1-Z4-Y1 mty regular of seasons

l! 7..+ D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-Y1 mty exactitude, exacxtness noun

l! 1 1!.. D52-X1-M17-M17-X1-T14-T14 mtyt rectitude

l!!V4 D52-X1-X1-N5-Z1 mtt exact moment

l! ! ..+t! d 4 D52-X1-X1-T14-T14-Y1-N35-X1-F34-Z1 mtt nt ib affection ?

l!7! D52-X1-Z4-A1 mty controller

l! t0 D52-X1-N35-V16 mty n sA controller of a priestly phyle

l! 7! t1 ! 5 D52-X1-Z4-A1-N35-V17-A1-Z2 mty n sA controller of priestly phyle

1\O4m G17-D36-G47-Z1-D53 mTA penis

l! :! m5 D52-X1-Z7-X1-D53-Z2 mtwt semen, seed, progeny, poison, ill-will

l!K!5 D52-X1-G43-X1-Z2 mtwt semen

1! mK! G17-X1-D53-G43-X1 mtwt seed, progeny

l! B t!4 D52-X1-E34-N35-E1-Z1 mTwn arena

l!l!X" D52-X1-D52-X1-F21-A2 mtmt discuss, discussion

l! t..+ D52-X1-N35-T14-T14-Y1 mtn reward verb

l!b!+ D52-X1-W24-X1-Y1 mtnwt reward noun

lb! D52-W24-X1 mtnwt reward noun

1-t. b ! , G17-V13-N35-T14-W24-X1-Y2 mtnwt reward noun

l! t1 1! +5 D52-X1-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 mtnwt reward noun

l! M.." D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2 mtr testify concerning, exhibit virtues, charge

tasks, instruct
verb transitive

l! M7 D52-X1-D21-Z4 mtr testify concerning verb transitive

l!..+ D52-X1-T14-T14-Y1 mtr testify concerning verb transitive

9 K Gl! . . V25-G43-O39-D52-X1-T14-T14 mtr instruct verb transitive

l! M.." D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2 mtr be famous, renowned verb

l! M..+5 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-Y1-Z2 mtr fame, renown

l! 1 1! D52-X1-M17-M17-X1 mtr fame, renown

l! M.."5 D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A2-Z2 mtr fame, renown

l! 1 1.. D52-X1-M17-M17-T14-T14 mtr fame, renown

l!! D52-X1-X1 mtrt testimony

l! MK.."! D52-X1-D21-G43-T14-T14-A2-A1 mtrw witness

l! M..! D52-X1-D21-T14-T14-A1 mtrw witness

l! M K. . " ! 1<< D52-X1-D21-G43-T14-T14-A2-A1-G17-

mtrw m irty visible testimony

l! M:..~u h D52-X1-D21-Z7-T14-T14-N35A-N36-N23 mtrw flood

l!7..~ D52-X1-Z4-T14-T14-N35A mtrw flood

l! M!V D52-X1-D21-X1-N5 mtrt midday

l! < t! p D52-X1-V28-N35-X1-B1 mt Hnt concubine

l! < "t! p D52-X1-V28-M2-N35-X1-B1 mt Hnt concubine

G17-G47-G1-A2 flout, vex
1O!" mTA
1O!" d 4 M G17-G47-G1-A2-F34-Z1-D21 mTA ib r disagree with someone

1\O! ` G17-D36-G47-X1-D40 mTAt land - heritage ?

G17-G47-G1-G17-S28 a woman's garment
1O!1d mTAm
1-J t! G17-V13-M42-N35-E1 mTwn arena
l! B t!4 D52-X1-E34-N35-E1-Z1 mTwn arena

1-tIp G17-V13-N35-G41-N31 mTn road, way, course

1\ -tp G17-D36-V13-N35-N31 mTn road, way

l! tp h D52-X1-N35-N31-N23 mTn road, way

P\! Aa15-D36-X1-N35-T14-N31-D54 mTn road, way

1\! t.Ip5 G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-N31-Z2 mTn course

<1-tIp D4-G17-V13-N35-G41-N31 ir mTn obey

<.! tp D4-G14-X1-N35-N31 ir mTn obey

1\! t.I! G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-A1 mtn sheikh

1\! t.I+! G17-D36-X1-N35-T14-G41-Y1-A1 mtn sheikh

1_ -tj G17-D39-V13-N35-N25 mTn Mitanni locality

1\! tj G17-D36-X1-N35-N25 mTn Mitanni locality

s4# S43-Z1-M3 mdw staff, rod

S43-A20-A1 mdw iAw staff of old age supporter of an aged

s4! parent
S43-G43-Z3-S12-G43 goldsmiths
s K6 TK mDw nbw
s fK" S43-D46-G43-A2 mdw speak, address someone verb

S43-G43 mdw speak, address someone, speech, word,

sK plea
s f7" S43-D46-Z4-A2 mdw speak, address someone, speech, word,
s f! " S43-D46-X1-A2 mdw speak, address someone, speech, word,
s f! 5 S43-D46-X1-Z2 mdw speak, address someone, speech, word,
s 1fK S43-G17-D46-G43 mdw speech, word, plea

s fK" S43-D46-G43-A2 mdw speech, word, plea noun

s fK"1 S43-D46-G43-A2-G17 mdw m speak against verb

s fK" < t\ S43-D46-G43-A2-V28-N35-D36 mdw Hna dispute with verb

ifs 4 5 I10-D46-S43-Z1-Z2 Dd mdw recitation

S43-I10 Dd mdw recitation
si1t S43-I10-M17-N35 Dd mdw in recitation by

3 s fK" R8-S43-D46-G43-A2 mdw nTr word of God, divine decree, sacred

writings, written characters, script
3s, R8-S43-Y2 mdw nTr word of God, divine decree, sacred
writings, written characters, script
s fK+53 S43-D46-G43-Y1-Z2-R8 mdw nTr word of God, divine decree, sacred
writings, written characters, script
R8-S43 mdw nTr sacred writings
3s,4 R8-S43-V12-Z1 mdw nTr written characters, script

3 s f+5 R8-S43-D46-Y1-Z2 mdw nTr written characters, script

s f! " S43-D46-X1-A2 mdt speech, words, legal plea, talk, written

word, content of letter, matter, affair
s f! } S43-D46-X1-N33A mdt speech, words

s f! + S43-D46-X1-Y1 mdt matter, affair

B tI" ts f! " Aa1-N35-G41-A2-N35-S43-D46-X1-A2 xn n mdt proverb

s f:! 7" ! S43-D46-Z7-X1-Z4-A2-A1 mdwty talker, speaker

s!7` S43-X1-Z4-D40 mdwty taker, speaker

1fe > G17-D46-S29-T30 mds sharp of knife, acute of vision, forceful of

1fe > G17-D46-S29-T30 mds firm-planted of foot, cut down quarry

1_ fB+ G17-D39-D46-O34-Y1 mds sharp of knife, acute of vision, forceful of

1fe >` G17-D46-S29-T30-D40 mds firm - planted of foot

1fe > G17-D46-S29-T30 mds cut down quarry verb transitive

1fe >d 4 G17-D46-S29-T30-F34-Z1 mds ib spiteful

4 V20 mD the number ten

D: 4 G36-M26-V20 wr mdw magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt

V21-N35A mD deep
V21 mD deep
5+ V21-Y1 mD deep

1i! 3 h4 G17-I10-X1-V19-N23-Z1 mDt depth

!}~ X1-O289-N35A mDt depth

1i! 333 G17-I10-X1-V19-V19-V19 mDwt bonds

5! ! V21-X1-O1 mDt byre

1i! 3 G17-I10-X1-V19 mDt byre

V19 mDt byre
}! !!5 O289-X1-O1-E1-Z2 mDt stalled cattle

1i! K G17-I10-X1-W1B mDt oil

i! 4 K I10-X1-Z1-W1B mDt oil

+! 4 Y1-X1-Z1 mDAt papyrus roll, book, letter, dispatch

+! 4, Y1-X1-Z1-V12 mDAt papyrus - roll

1b !, G17-U28-X1-Y2 mDAt letter, dispatch

,4 Y2-Z1 mDAt letter, dispatch

M,! D21-Y2-A1 iry mDAt letter carrier

1 M4+4 M17-D21-Z1-Y1-Z1 iry mDAt letter carrier

<+! 4 D4-Y1-X1-Z1 ir mDAt read a book aloud

3+ R8-Y1 mDAt nTr god's book

+! 4s Y1-X1-Z1-N34 mDAt chisel

+! 4 Y1-X1-Z1 mDAt chisel

1b ! a G17-U28-X1-U27 mDAt chisel

G17-U28-G1-G43-N25 Medja locality
1b !K j mDAw
1\ b K . j5 G17-D36-U28-G43-T14-N25-Z2 mDAw Medja locality

1b !K . ! 5 G17-U28-G1-G43-T14-A1-Z2 mDAw Medjay, Police noun

1\b !1 1:.!5 G17-D36-U28-G1-M17-M17-Z7-T14-A1-

mDAw Medjay, Police noun

_b K6 D39-U28-G43-Z3 mDAw Medjay, Police noun

1b :q ` G17-U28-Z7-D58-D40 mDAb expel foes

1b !q ! > G17-U28-G1-D58-X1-V30 mDAbt bailer of boat

1b q !;# G17-U28-D58-X1-D3-M3 mDAbt drainer for bilge ?

1DMD G17-M36-D21-O36 mDr shut out storms, wall in treasure

1DM1D G17-M36-D21-M17-O36 mDr shut out storms, wall in treasure

G17-I10-V28-V12 fillet
1i< , mDH
1f<, G17-D46-V28-V12 mDH fillet
G17-I10-V28-S10 fillet
1i<R mDH
R! S10-X1 mDHt fillet ?
S10-V28 mDH invest with insignia
'<` T7-V28-D40 mDH hew timber, build ships

R <?` S10-V28-T31-D40 mDH hew timber, build ships

1_ f < '` G17-D39-D46-V28-T7-D40 mDH hew timber, build ships

' T7 mDH hew timber, build ships

R` S10A-D40 mDH hew timber, build ships

'! T7-A1 mDH hewer of stone, carpenter

1i! h! \ G17-I10-X1-I9-X1-U22 mDtft chisel used in Opening-of-the-mouth

1\ifY` G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40 mDd press hard on, hit, strike the mouth in
funerary ritual
1\ifY` G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40 mDd practice a virtue, press on with

Xf8 Aa23-D46-A24 mDd press on with orders

1\ ifY``$ !! p G17-D36-I10-D46-Aa24-D40-V4-G1-X1-
mDd wAt be loyal, obedient to

X+ Aa23-Y1 mDd press on

MXfKtd 4 t D21-Aa23-D46-G43-N35-F34-Z1-N35 r mDdw n ib according to the will of

t N35 n to, for, to persons, in sun, dew, time, preposition
because, belongs to
tt! ! N35-N35-X1-X1 n ntt because

t! 11 1 1 N35-A1-M17-G17-M17-M17 n .i imy belongs to me

t N35 ny of, belonging to genitival

t! N35-X1 nt of, belonging to genitival
b4 W24-Z1 nw of, belonging to genitival
t7 N35-Z4 ny therefore, for it, because of it adverb used
after an
t11 N35-M17-M17 ny therefore, for it, because of it adverb used
after an
t5 N35-Z2 n we, us, our plural pronoun

t N35 n we, us, our plural pronoun

t7 N35-Z4 ny we two, us two, our, they, them suffix pronoun

t5 N35-Z2 ny we two, us two, our, they ,them suffix pronoun
t!q ! ; N35-G1-D58-X1-D3 nAbt tress of hair

[ D35 n not negative

[B t! D35-E34-N35-X1 n wnt there is not

[1e D35-M17-S29 n is indeed not, if not, unless

t! L N35-X1-S4 nt Crown of Lower Egypt

t! 8' N35-X1-Z5-G7 nt Crown of Lower Egypt

t! Ck N35-X1-R24-I12 nt Neith goddess divinity

C!p R24-X1-B1 nt Neith goddess divinity

t! 8k N35-X1-Z5-I12 nt Neith goddess divinity

t! 8~ N35-X1-Z5-N35A nt water
t! N35-G1 nA this, these, the, here, hither demonstrative,
neuter &
t!1 1! N35-G1-M17-M17-A1 nAy .i my possessive
t!! ! N35-G1-X1-O1 nAt weaving room

tj> N35-F40-E30 niAw ibex

tjK` N35-F40-G43-P5 nAw breeze

t1a N35-M17-D41 ni drive away, rebuff, avoid, throw down an verb transitive
enemy, turn back evil
t1a N35-M17-D41 ni get rid of wrong, parry missile, darken ? verb transitive
t11} N35-M17-M17-D120 ni throw down an enemy

[t1!a D35-N35-M17-X1-D41 ni parry missile verb transitive

[1 D35-M17 ni drive away, rebuff verb transitive

[t1 1 D35-N35-M17-M17 ni darken sun verb transitive

t1a N35-M17-D41 ni shrink from verb

t 1 1 :a` N35-M17-M17-Z7-D41-D40 ni shrink from verb
at 1 s D41-N35-M17-F51 niA underside of arm

t1!E6 N35-M17-X1-G37-Z3 nit wrong doing

t1jK> N35-M17-F40-G43-E30A niAw ibex

tj> N35-F40-E30 niAw ibex

tMj:]4 N35-D21-F40-Z7-F27-Z1 niAw ibex

F88 niAw ibex
t1KB N35-M17-G43-G34 niw ostrich

atKB D41-N35-G43-G34 niw ostrich

a:G D41-Z7-G39 niw ostrich

t 1 :aG N35-M17-Z7-D41-G39 niw ostrich

t 1 :ab N35-M17-Z7-D41-W24 niw bowl

a4 T D41-Z1-W10 niw bowl

t1K N35-M17-G43 niw primaeval waters

tKK N35-G43-G43 niw primaeval waters

t! Q Q N35-X1-O49-N50 niwt lower heaven

Q ! 4Qk O49-X1-Z1-N50-I12 niwt lower heaven

Q!4 O49-X1-Z1 niwt city, town

O49 niwt city, town
O49-O49 niwty local of gods
O49-G4 local of gods
Q$ niwty
Q ! $6 O49-X1-G4-Z3 niwty local of gods

Q ! $! 5 O49-X1-G4-A1-Z2 niwtyw citizens, townsmen

Q ! 5! p 5 O49-X1-Z2-A1-B1-Z2 niwtyw citizens, townsmen

Q!4!o O49-X1-Z1-A1-Z2A niwtyw citizens, townsmen

t)) N35-E9-E9 niwiw be glad ?

t7t7} N35-Z4-N35-Z4-A85 nyny Greeting !

tt} N35-N35-A85 nyny Greeting !

t1t1 N35-M17-N35-M17 nyny Greeting !

t1e" N35-M17-S29-A2 nis make summons, make invocation verb

t1e"t N35-M17-S29-A2-N35 nis n call to, summon verb
N35-M17-S29-A2 nis summon, invoke, recite, evoke, dub verb transitive

te : N35-S29-A26 nis summons noun

t 1 e " ! Kh1 N35-M17-S29-A2-X1-G43-I9-G17 nis tw .f m he will be dubbed as a

t1eK" N35-M17-S29-G43-A2 nisw he who is summoned, reckoner

t 1 ?a! N35-M17-V31-D41-A1 nik evil doer

1t?E! M17-N35-V31-G37-A1 nik evil doer

t1?m N35-M17-V31-I14 nik a serpent demon

t? 1m N35-V31-M17-I14 nik a serpent demon

t1! 1!n N35-M17-X1-M17-X1-D54 nitit impede

t! 1 ! 1 n N35-X1-M17-X1-M17-D54 nitit impede

t1! 1!" N35-M17-X1-M17-X1-A2 nitit stammer

t\\ N35-D36-P1 nai travel, traverse waterway, convey

t\! \ N35-D36-X1-P1 nat expedition

t\E N35-D36-G37 nai be lenient

t\ 1 1! # N35-D36-M17-M17-X1-M3 nayt mooring post

t\\-+ N35-D36-D36-Y3-Y1 naa smooth, undecorated, smoothness of

complextion, mix smoothly
-+ Y3-Y1 naa undecorated

t\Km N35-D36-G43-I14 naw serpent

t\ Mp N35-D36-D21-K1 nar cat - fish

b4 W24-Z1 nw of, belonging to masculine

b ! Rp W24-X1-N1-B1 nwt Nut sky - goddess, the sky divinity

b b b ! Rp W24-W24-W24-X1-N1-B1 nwt Nut sky - goddess, the sky

b ! RH W24-X1-N1-A40 nwt Nut goddess divinity

b~ W24-N35A m Xnw within

b b b R~ W24-W24-W24-N1-N35A nnw primaeval waters

Y4 U19-Z1 nwt adze

Zb ! Y U20-W24-X1-U19 nwt adze

tYb K N35-U19-W24-G43 nw this, these demonstrative

tYb KV N35-U19-W24-G43-N5 nw time, for a while

Yb K_ Vk U19-W24-G43-N14-N5-Z4B nw time

MtYb KV D21-N35-U19-W24-G43-N5 r nw at the proper time

tYb :1 N35-U19-W24-Z7-A17 nw be weak

tYb KE5 N35-U19-W24-G43-G37-Z2 nw weakness

tYb K< N35-U19-W24-G43-D4 nw see, look

t$ != N35-V4-G1-D5 nw see, look

tYb < N35-U19-W24-D4 nw see, look

tYb K<! N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-A1 nw hunter

tYb K<. N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-E14C nw hunter

tYb K<o N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-D56 nw hunter

tYb K<n! N35-U19-W24-G43-D4-D54-A1 nw hunter

Zb ! ! r r r U20-W24-X1-V1-N33-N33-N33 nwt yarn for weaving, cord

b!!5 W24-X1-V1-Z2 nwt cord

tYb :! ! 5 N35-U19-W24-Z7-X1-V1-Z2 nwt yarn for weaving

tYb K! ` N35-U19-W24-G43-V1-D40 nwi care for, take care of, collect, assemble verb

t$3 N35-V4-E19 nwA wpwt adze of Wepwawet used in Opening of

the mouth
t[/ N35-U21-E15 nwA wpwt adze of Wepwawet used in Opening of
the mouth
tYb K 1 1 ~ N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-N35A nwy water, flood, pool

tYb :~ N35-U19-W24-Z7-N35A nwy water, flood, pool

tYb ~u N35-U19-W24-N35A-N36 nwy water, flood, pool

Yb 1 1 u U19-W24-M17-M17-N36 nwy water, flood, pool

tYb K 1 1 ! ~ N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-X1-N35A nwyt waters of canal, pool, wave

Yb ! v U19-W24-X1-N37 nwyt pool

tYb :! ~ N35-U19-W24-Z7-X1-N35A nwyt wave

tYb K 1 1 n N35-U19-W24-G43-M17-M17-D54 nwy return to a place, come to someone,

bring back someone
tYb Kn N35-U19-W24-G43-D54 nwy bring back someone verb transitive

tB t} N35-E34-N35-A90C nwn dishevel, be dishevelled, pull at hair

tJ t N35-M42-N35 nwn dishevel, be dishevelled, pull at hair

tYb K < ! N35-U19-W24-G43-V28-V1 nwH rope, band of metal

#! 4 ttYb K < ! M3-X1-Z1-N35-N35-U19-W24-G43-V28-

xt n nwH 100 cubits a rod of cord

b<! W24-V28-V1 nwH band of metal

tYb K < ! ` N35-U19-W24-G43-V28-V1-D40 nwH bind enemies

tYb :B ' N35-U19-W24-Z7-Aa1-Q7 nwx heat verb transitive

tYb :B ' N35-U19-W24-Z7-Aa1-Q7 nwx be scorched verb

tYb B; N35-U19-W24-O34-Z8 nws sheet ? of metal

tYb :fn N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-D54 nwd turn aside, vacillate

tYb :f<E N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z9-G37 nwd vacillate

<tYb Kf D4-N35-U19-W24-G43-D46 ir nwdw swing awry, act perversely, make a

travesty of
<tYb :f:n5 D4-N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z7-D54-Z2 ir nwdw swing awry, act perversely, make a
travesty of
1tYb Kf G17-N35-U19-W24-G43-D46 m nwdw awry

1tYb :f:n5 G17-N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-Z7-D54-Z2 m nwdw awry

tYb :f! d N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-S28 nwdt swaddling clothes of child

tYb f} N35-U19-W24-D46-Aa23T nwdw squeeze out oil verb

tYb :f! C 5 N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-Aa2-Z2 nwdt ointment

tYb :i! r N35-U19-W24-Z7-I10-X1-N33 nwdt ointment

Yb KiK} r5 U19-W24-G43-I10-G43-M171-N33-Z2 nwdw unguents

tYfa 5 N35-U19-D46-W23-Z2 nwdw unguents

tYb Kf6 N35-U19-W24-G43-D46-Z3 nwdw unguents

YK =iC 5 U19-G43-M29-I10-Aa2-Z2 nwdw unguents

tYb KfK 6 N35-U19-W24-G43-D46-W1B-Z3 nwdw unguents

Yb =1 U19-W24-M29-G17 nwdw unguents

tYb :f! 7 ` 8 ' N35-U19-W24-Z7-D46-X1-Z4-W22-A24- nwdty ointment maker

tq ! \ N35-D58-V1-D36 nb tie

t>q ! >4 N35-V30-D58-X1-V30-Z1 nbt basket

>>> V30-V30-V30 nbwt the isles of the Aegean

>! 5 V30-X1-Z2 nbwt the isles of the Aegean

0 K>>> M16-G43-V30-V30-V30 HAw nbwt the Aegean Islanders

0 !K5>! } M16-G1-G43-Z2-V30-X1-N33A HAw nbwt the Aegean Islanders

> V30 nb lord, master, owner

>H V30-A40 nb Lord, Master, Owner

>' V30-G7 nb Lord, Master, Owner

>! V30-A1 nb Lord, Master, Owner

>! V30-A1 nb husband

>j tB & V30-S34-N35-Aa1-Q6 nb anx sarcophagus Lord-of-Life

>j tB V V30-S34-N35-Aa1-A54 nb anx sarcophagus Lord-of-Life

>MDMH V30-D21-M36-D21-A40 nb r Dr Lord-of-All

>MDM' V30-D21-M36-D21-G7 nb r Dr Lord - of - All

>W W V30-G7C-G7C nbwy The Two Lords Horus & Seth

G139-E21E nbwy The Two Lords Horus & Seth

>! V30-X1 nbt lady, mistress

>! p V30-X1-B1 nbt lady, mistress

>! !4 V30-X1-O1-Z1 nbt pr wife

>! p a h 4 V30-X1-B1-N16-N23-Z1 nbt tA queen Lady of the Land

>! k # ! R V30-X1-I12-Q3-X1-N1 nbt pt Lady of Heaven

>! M D Mk V30-X1-D21-M36-D21-I12 nbt r Dr Mistress-of-All

>! & ! !' V30-X1-O6-X1-O1-G7 nbt Hwt Nephthys goddess divinity

O9 nbt Hwt Nephthys goddess divinity
G16 The Two Ladies Nekhbet & Edjoyet divinity
0 nbty
>! 4 V30-X1-Z1 nbt lordship, authority of king

> V30 nb any, every, all

5\4> T21-D36-Z1-V30 wa nb everyone, each one, each

5 \4 11> T21-D36-Z1-M17-G17-V30 wa im nb every one of them

B! 4 > O34-A1-Z1-V30 s nb everyone, everybody

q K>! p 5 D58-G43-V30-A1-B1-Z2 bw nbw everyone, everybody

: 4 >! p 5 D2-Z1-V30-A1-B1-Z2 Hr nbw everyone, everybody

B ! +5>! Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-V30-X1 xt nbt everything, anything

t>q ~ N35-V30-D58-N35A nbi swim

tq /~ N35-D58-A15-N35A nbi swim verb

tTq ~ N35-S12-D58-N35A nbi swim

Tr5 S12-N33-Z2 nbw gold

Tq K5 S12-D58-G43-Z2 nbw gold

O6E Hwt nbw Mansion of Gold, Goldsmith's workshop

G8 Horus of Gold
( Hr nbw
Tq ` S12-D58-D40 nbi gild

S12-D58-A10A melt metal, cast objects in metal, gild, verb

Tq * nbi
model, fashion
t>q / v N35-V30-D58-A15-N37 nbi melt metal
S12-D58-M17-M17-A141 cast objects in metal verb
Tq 1 1 } nbi
T r 5k S12-N33-Z2-I12 nbw the Golden One epithet of Hathor

T1 1! S12-M17-M17-X1 nbyt gold collar

tq 1 1! N35-D58-M17-M17-X1 nbyt gold collar

Tr51 16 S12-N33-Z2-M17-M17-Z3 nby goldsmiths

T! Q S12-X1-O49 nbt Ombos locality

Tq 1 1 ! Q S12-D58-M17-M17-X1-O49 nbyt Ombi Kom Ombo locality

tq 1 1 k` N35-D58-M17-M17-D51-D40 nby protector

tq = !# N35-D58-G29-G1-M3 nbA carrying pole

tq 1 # N35-D58-M17-M3 nbA carrying pole

1K1K2=4# M17-S3-M17-G43-R7-G29-Z1-M3 nbA carrying pole

tq = !; N35-D58-G29-G1-D3 nbA wig ?

tq 1 # N35-D58-M17-M3 nbi reed, measure of 2 cubits

tq 1 ' N35-D58-M17-Q7 nbi flame, burn

tq 1 ! ' N35-D58-M17-X1-Q7 nbit flaming one of Uraeus

tq 1! 3 " N35-D58-M17-X1-T19-M2 nbit reed

tq 1q 1 ' N35-D58-M17-D58-M17-Q7 nbibi be hot

tq tq ` N35-D58-N35-D58-D40 nbnb guard

Tq Tq ` S12-D58-S12-D58-D40 nbnb guard

tq e ! N35-D58-S29-M1 nbs zizyphus

tq e # N35-D58-S29-M3 nbs zizyphus

tq fk` N35-D58-D46-D51-D40 nbd band doors with metal

tq f! ` N35-D58-D46-V1-D40 nbd band doors with metal

tq f; N35-D58-D46-D3 nbd band doors with metal

tq f; N35-D58-D46-D3 nbd plait, wrap up

tq f! ; N35-D58-D46-X1-D3 nbdt tress of hair

tq i8 N35-D58-I10-A24 nbD destructive

tq f;H N35-D58-D46-D3-A40 nbd the Evil One

t q f K ; } ] f D }. ! 5 N35-D58-D46-G43-D3-N33A-Aa28-D46- nbdw qd those of bad character

t# I~ N35-Q3-G41-N35A npA be wet

t# H !K:5 N35-Q3-G40-G1-G43-Z7-Z2 npAw umbilical cord

tH!T N35-G40-X1-W10 npAt a cake or a loaf

t# I !# I ! N35-Q3-G41-G1-Q3-G41-G1 npApA flutter

t# t# ! d N35-Q3-N35-Q3-X1-S28 npnpt hem

t # Mo N35-Q3-D21-M33A npr grain

t # 1o N35-Q3-M17-M33A npr grain

t # M 1o N35-Q3-D21-M17-M33A npr grain

t # MoH N35-Q3-D21-M33A-A40 npr grain

t# M 1H N35-Q3-D21-M17-A40 npr grain as god

t# M! h5 N35-Q3-D21-X1-N23-Z2 nprt brim of well, flat slab, basis

t# M! c5 N35-Q3-D21-X1-N18-Z2 nprt brim of well, flat slab, basis

t# < : s5 N35-Q3-V28-Z7-F51-Z2 npHw iliac region, groin, lymph nodes

t# i)> N35-Q3-I10-T9-T30 npD slaughter verb

t# f)> N35-Q3-D46-T9-T30 npD slaughter verb

t# i! > N35-Q3-I10-X1-T30 npDt sharp knife verb

th N35-I9 nf that, those demonstrative

th! N35-I9-G1 nfA that, those demonstrative

th!p N35-I9-G1-N31 nfA that, those demonstrative

th!# K N35-I9-G1-Q3-G43 nfA pw thus it was

th!h!n N35-I9-G1-I9-G1-D54 nfAfA creep

thE N35-I9-G37 nf wrong, wrong - doing

th 1 1 ! N35-I9-M17-M17-E1 nf wrong, wrong - doing

1thE G17-N35-I9-G37 m nf wrongfully

th 1 1 ! N35-I9-M17-M17-E1 nfy wrongfully

th1 1" N35-I9-M17-M17-A2 nfy wrongfully

th" N35-I9-A2 nfy wrongfully

th! `: N35-I9-X1-P5-Z7 nft breath, wind

th:! `6 N35-I9-Z7-X1-P5-Z3 nft breath, wind

th 1 1 ! 3 N35-I9-M17-M17-X1-V19 nfyt fan

th! ] N35-I9-X1-F27 nfyt fan

`th 1 1 ! P5-N35-I9-M17-M17-X1 nfyt fan

P5-G43-A24-A1 nfw skipper of boat, sailor

`K8 !
th!K N35-I9-G1-D19 nfA blow out of nose

th\n N35-I9-D36-D54 nfa remove

ththt! N35-I9-N35-I9-N35-V1 nfnfn unroll ?

ehM F35-I9-D21 nfr beautiful, fair, kindly of face, good / fine

/ goodly quality
ehM F35-I9-D21 nfr necessary, good / fair character, happy /
well / good condition, well - supplied,
ehM F35-I9-D21 nfr happily, well adverb
F35 nfr good, beautiful etc......
qKehM D58-G43-F35-I9-D21 bw nfr good, goodness
D58-F35 bw nfr good
B t+ e Aa1-N35-Y1-F35 xn nfr good

ehM:4d 4 F35-I9-D21-D2-Z1-F34-Z1 nfr Hr ib pleasing

$ MKV4 ehM O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1-F35-I9-D21 hrw nfr holiday, happy day

ehMt F35-I9-D21-N35 nfr n it is well with

B# R e h M O34-Q3-O50-F35-I9-D21 sp nfr a happy event

94e D1-Z1-F35 tp nfr a good beginning

M94 e D21-D1-Z1-F35 r tp nfr successfully

ehM#K F35-I9-D21-Q3-G43 nfr pw not

eh M! +5 F35-I9-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 nfrt good things, good, what is good, kindness

e M! F35-D21-X1 nfrt good things

el F35-D52 nfr penis

e4 F35-Z1 nfr beauty, good, kindness, goodness,

happiness, good fortune
ehM F35-I9-D21 nfr good

F35 nfr beauty

e4} F35-Z1-Y1V nfr goodness

e4 F35-Z1 nfr heart & wind-pipe

F35-F35-F35 nfrw beauty, goodness, young people Book
eee ofthe Dead
e45 F35-Z1-Z2 nfrw goodness

F35-Z3 nfrw goodness

ehMK15 F35-I9-D21-G43-A17-Z2 nfrw young men of army, recruits

e!5 F35-A1-Z2 nfrw young men of army, recruits

eK+5 F35-G43-Y1-Z2 nfrw young men of army, recruits

eK15 F35-G43-A17-Z2 nfrw young men of army, recruits

ehM!p6 F35-I9-D21-X1-B1-Z3 nfrwt fair women

e M!p6 F35-D21-X1-B1-Z3 nfrwt fair women

eh M! !5 F35-I9-D21-X1-E1-Z2 nfrt cattle

e!5 F35-X1-Z2 nfrt cattle

e! !5 F35-X1-E1-Z2 nfrt cattle

e M! !5 F35-D21-X1-E1-Z2 nfrt cattle

F35-S1 nfr crown of Upper Egypt
eG! 4 F35-F4-X1-Z1 nfr HAt diadem

e#!J F35-T3-X1-S2 nfr HDt crown of Upper Egypt

F35-T3 nfr HDt crown of Upper Egypt
ehM!UH F35-I9-D21-X1-U15-A40 nfr tm Nefertum the lotus god divinity

eUH F35-U15-A40 nfr tm Nefertum the lotus god divinity

F35 nfr zero
et F35-N35 nfr n not
F35-Q3-G43 not, there is not
e#K nfr pw
ehM11! F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1 nfryt end, bottom

e11! F35-M17-M17-X1 nfryt end, bottom, low

MehM11! D21-F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1 r nfryt to its end

ehM11! M F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1-D21 nfryt r down to

ehM11!!4 F35-I9-D21-M17-M17-X1-V1-Z1 nfryt tiller - rope

e MK F35-D21-G43 nfrw ground level, base

F35-F35-F35 nfrw end period of time
eee4! F35-F35-F35-Z1-O1 nfrw end, back part of building

eKE5 F35-G43-G37-Z2 nfrw deficiency

th! 8 N35-I9-X1-A24 nft slacken bow, detach, loosen

th! ! ` N35-I9-X1-V1-D40 nft detach, loosen

th! h! n N35-I9-X1-I9-X1-D54 nftft leap verb

t1\ N35-G17-D36 nm who ?

tB1^ N35-T34-G17-D38 nm who ?

tB1!= N35-T34-G17-X1-T29 nmt slaughter house

tB1K!!6 N35-T34-G17-G43-X1-O1-Z3 nmt slaughter house

=! T29C-O1 nmt slaughter house

tB1c N35-T34-G17-A282 nmw dwarf

A282 nmw dwarf

t~ N35-N35A nmw dwarf

tB1E N35-T34-G17-G37 nm go wrong of plans, rob with, steal with

tB1p N35-T34-G17-K1 nm go wrong of plans, rob with, steal with

tB1Kuf5 N35-T34-G17-G43-N36-N21-Z2 nmw vats

tB11n N35-T34-G17-M17-D54 nmi travel, traverse

t%1\ N35-O5-G17-P1 nmi travel, traverse

tB1n N35-T34-G17-D54 nmi travel, traverse

tB11a N35-T34-G17-M17-D41 nmi travel, traverse

tB11%\ N35-T34-G17-M17-O5-D36 nmi travel, traverse

t B 1% \ ! 6 v\ r 5! p 5 N35-T34-G17-O5-D36-A1-Z3-N37-D36- nmiw Sa Bedouin, Sandfarers
t B 1 1 : a5v\ r 5. ! 5 N35-T34-G17-M17-Z7-D41-Z2-N37-D36- nmiw Sa Bedouin, Sandfarers
t B 1 1 : a. ! 5v\ r 5 N35-T34-G17-M17-Z7-D41-T14-A1-Z2- nmiw Sa Bedouin, Sandfarers
tB11" N35-T34-G17-M17-A2 nmi shout of people, low of cattle

tB11%" N35-T34-G17-M17-O5-A2 nmi shout of people, low of cattle

tB1\" N35-T34-G17-D36-A2 nma be one-sided, partial, question

=1\ M29-G17-D36 nma question verb

tB1\F N35-T34-G17-D36-O38 nma be one-sided, partial, question

t B 1\58 N35-T34-G17-D36-E21-A24 nma be one-sided, partial, question

tB1\W N35-T34-G17-D36-A55 nma go to sleep

t! .a N35-X1-G14-T90 nmwt net

tB1tB1n N35-T34-G17-N35-T34-G17-D54 nmnm quake, quiver, go to & fro

tB1<1E N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 nmH be poor verb

tB1<1E N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 nmH deprive of, deduct from verb transitive

tB1<1E N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37 nmH poverty, humility noun

tB1<1E! N35-T34-G17-V28-A17-G37-A1 nmHy orphan, private person, freeman of low

T34-V28-A17 nmHy orphan, private person, freeman
tB1< 111 N35-T34-G17-V28-M17-M17-A17 nmHy orphan, private person, freeman

t} 1 < KE 5! N35-M170-G17-V28-G43-G37-Z2-A1 nmHy orphan, private person, freeman

B1< 11!E T34-G17-V28-M17-M17-X1-G37 nmHyt free woman ?

T34-G17-S29-S57C the royal Nemes head cloth
B1e} nms
S57C nms the royal Nemes head cloth
T34-S29-S28 nms clothe with the head cloth
B!!` T34-Q1-X1-W22 nmst type of jar

B1! ! ` T34-G17-Q1-X1-W22 nmst type of jar

tB1!n N35-T34-G17-X1-D54 nmt stride over, traverse

tB!n N35-T34-X1-D54 nmt stride over, traverse

tB18!n N35-T34-G17-Z5-X1-D54 nmt stride over, traverse,

n! 4 D54-X1-Z1 nmtt stride, journeys, movements, actions,

legal procedure
D54-D54-D54 stride, journeys, movements, actions,
nnn nmtt
legal procedure
t B 1! ! n5 N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-D54-Z2 nmtt stride, journeys, movements, actions,
legal procedure
n5 D54-Z2 nmtt stride, journeys, movements, actions,
legal procedure
} ! ! n5 V84-X1-X1-D54-Z2 nmtt stride, journeys, movements, actions,
legal procedure
t B 1! $pn N35-T34-G17-X1-G4-K1-D54 nmytw intruding ?

tB1!!p N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-K1 nmytw intruding ?

M22-M22 nn this, these, here, hither

66t M22-M22-N35 nn this, these, here, hither

[t D35-N35 nn not negative

66t11' M22-M22-N35-M17-M17-A7 nny be weary, inert, drag of foot, dribble of
fluid, settle of flood-waters
66tt' M22-M22-N35-N35-A7 nny be weary, inert, drag of foot, dribble of
fluid, settle of flood-waters
66t M22-M22-N35 nny be weary, inert

66ttb:' M22-M22-N35-N35-W24-Z7-A7 nnw weariness, inertness of the dead

66bK' 5 M22-M22-W24-G43-A7-Z2 nnw weariness, inertness of the dead

6 6 tt 1 1 :' 95 M22-M22-N35-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A7-Z6-
nnyw inert ones the Dead

tt 1 1:' ! 5 N35-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A7-A1-Z2 nnyw inert ones the Dead

66tb:' ! 5 M22-M22-N35-W24-Z7-A7-A1-Z2 nnyw inert ones the Dead

b b b R~ W24-W24-W24-N1-N35A nnw primaeval waters

b b b RH W24-W24-W24-N1-A40 nnw primaeval waters, Nun god

ttb b b K N35-N35-W24-W24-W24-G43 nnw primaeval waters

b b b KR~ W24-W24-W24-G43-N1-N35A nnw primaeval waters

66t! VQ M22-M22-N35-X1-N5-N50 nnt lower heaven

66QQ M22-M22-O49-N50 nnt lower heaven

t66! Q N35-M22-M22-X1-N50 nnt lower heaven

tt B 1E N35-N35-T34-G17-G37 nnm err, go wrong of plans, error

66tt B 1E M22-M22-N35-N35-T34-G17-G37 nnm err, go wrong of plans, error

[ ty1 s D35-N35-N40-G17-F51 nnSm spleen

ttv1 s4 N35-N35-N37-G17-F51-Z1 nnSm spleen

66ys M22-M22-N40-F51 nnSm spleen

tt? N35-N35-V31 nnk belongs to me, on my part

tM!. N35-D21-X1-G14 nrt vulture

tM!G N35-D21-X1-G39 nrt vulture

t! M8G N35-X1-D21-Z5-G39 nrt vulture

tM` N35-D21-D40 nri fear someone, overawe

tM 1 1 [` N35-D21-M17-M17-H4-D40 nri fear someone, overawe

tM [` N35-D21-H4-D40 nri fear someone verb

tMK.86 N35-D21-G43-G14-A24-Z3 nrw fear, dread, disturbance

[5 H4-Z2 nrw fear, dread, disturbance ?

tMK [`5 N35-D21-G43-H4-D40-Z2 nrw fear, dread, disturbance ?

tM [` N35-D21-H4-D40 nrw fear, dread, disturbance

tM.\ N35-D21-G14-D36 nrw fear, dread, disturbance

tMK.6 N35-D21-G43-G14-Z3 nrw fear, dread, disturbance

tMK.8 N35-D21-G43-G14-A24 nrw terrible one

tMn N35-D21-D54 nr charge after enemy

tM` N35-D21-D40 nr charge after enemy

tM [` N35-D21-H4-D40 nri protect verb

tM 1 1! [` N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-H4-D40 nrit protect verb

t M.!6 N35-D21-G14-E1-Z3 nr iHw ox herd

tM! N35-D21-A1 nr iHw ox - herd

tM1&V N35-D21-M17-M6-N5 nr time, return of the year

tM1&VM1&V N35-D21-M17-M6-N5-D21-M17-M6-N5 nr rr periodically

t$ E N35-O4-G37 nh escape death

t$ ! ! N35-O4-X1-O1 nht shelter, refuge

t$ ! +5 N35-O4-X1-Y1-Z2 nht magical protection

t$ K N35-O4-G43 nhw the protection of king's arm

t$ ! ! N35-O4-X1-M1 nht sycamore tree, tree in general

t$ 7E r5 N35-O4-Z4-G37-N33-Z2 nhy some, a little, a few

t$ E r5 N35-O4-G37-N33-Z2 nhy some, a little, a few

t$ K7! 5 N35-O4-G43-Z4-A1-Z2 nhy some, a little, a few

t$ KE N35-O4-G43-G37 nhw loss

t$ K5 N35-O4-G43-Z2 nhw loss

t$ 1 1 E r5 N35-O4-M17-M17-G37-N33-Z2 nhw loss

<t$ KE D4-N35-O4-G43-G37 ir nhw show less of a bad quality

t$ # n N35-O4-Q3-D54 nhp pulsate

t$ # m N35-O4-Q3-D53 nhp copulate

t$ # V N35-O4-Q3-N5 nhp rise early in the morning, early morning

t$ # KV N35-O4-Q3-G43-N5 nhpw early morning

t$ # V N35-O4-Q3-N5 nhpw early morning

t$ # + N35-O4-Q3-Y1 nhp mourn

t$ # " N35-O4-Q3-A2 nhp care for

t$ # n N35-O4-Q3-D54 nhp care for

t$ 1" N35-O4-G17-A2 nhm shout, thunder of sky verb

t$ 1; N35-O4-G17-A27 nhm shout verb

t$ 18n N35-O4-G17-A24-D54 nhm dance for joy ?

t$ 7 H <!! r 5 N35-O4-Z4-U2-D4-G1-G1-N33-Z2 inhmn pomegranate

t$ 1$ 1 N35-O4-G17-O4-G17 nhmhm roar, thunder

t$ 1$ 1` N35-O4-G17-O4-G17-D40 nhmhm thunder

t$ t$ ! N35-O4-N35-O4-G1 nhnhA quake

t$ M74 N35-O4-D21-Z4-A20 nhry noble of Nahrin

t$ Mtj N35-O4-D21-N35-N25 nhrn Naharin

t$ M t!uj N35-O4-D21-N35-G1-N36-N25 nhrn Naharin

t$ M7.j N35-O4-D21-Z4-T14-N25 nhrn Naharin locality

t$ ! M 7 t!. j N35-O4-G1-D21-Z4-N35-G1-T14-N25 nhrn Naharin locality

t$ B} N35-O4-O34-A103 nhsi wake

t$ B` N35-O4-O34-D40 nhsi wake

t$ e m> N35-O4-S29-U39-D6 nhsi wake

t$ B 1 } N35-O4-O34-M17-D77 nhsi wake verb

t$ e 9 N35-O4-S29-E25 nhs hippopotamus

t$ f$ f" N35-O4-D46-O4-D46-A2 nhdhd throb

G21-V28-A2 nHi pray for, prayer
t<" N35-V28-A2 nHi pray for, prayer

5<!" G21-V28-X1-A2 nHt prayer

t0 !" N35-M16-G1-A2 nHA shake ?

t0 !! " N35-M16-G1-X1-A2 nHAt palpitations ? of heart

t0 !C N35-M16-G1-Aa2 nHA contrary, perverse, alarming, terrible,

t < 0 !C N35-V28-M16-G1-Aa2 nHA alarming

t < !C N35-V28-G1-Aa2 nHA abnormal ?

t0 !C t 1 t M G N35-M16-G1-Aa2-N35-M17-N35-D21- nHA n inr dry rock ?

t0 !C d 4 ! N35-M16-G1-Aa2-F34-Z1-A1 nHA ib sad man

t0 !! C d 4 E 5 N35-M16-G1-X1-Aa2-F34-Z1-G37-Z2 nHAt ib sadness, a sad matter

t0 C ! d 4 N35-M16-Aa2-X1-F34-Z1 nHAt ib sadness

t0 !C ~ u h N35-M16-G1-Aa2-N35A-N36-N23 nHA dangerous waters

t5 < q ! s N35-G21-V28-D58-X1-F51 nHbt neck

5<q<` G21-V28-D58-Z9-D40 nHb harness, yoke, appoint, combine

attributes, provide, requisition
tK < q K! N35-G43-V28-D58-G43-E1 nHbw yoke - oxen

t5 < q KT T T V N35-G21-V28-D58-G43-D28-D28-D28- nHbw kAw the god Nehebkau & his Festival divinity
5<q!" G21-V28-D58-X1-M2 nHbt bud of lotus plant

5<q!* G21-V28-D58-X1-M10 nHbt bud of lotus plant

5<q!) G21-V28-D58-X1-M9 nHbt bud of lotus

t5q ! l N35-G21-D58-X1-Aa51 nHbt lotus - bud sceptre

t<q!l N35-V28-D58-X1-Aa51 nHbt lotus - bud sceptre

5<#G G21-V28-Q3-O39 nHp potter's wheel

t{ 18 N35-N42-G17-A24 nHm take away, carry off, assume an office,

save, rescue, withdraw oneself
t{ 1\t N35-N42-G17-D36-N35 nHmn surely, assuredly non enclitic
t5 < t" N35-G21-V28-N35-A2 nHn rejoice

t: M N35-D2-D21 nHr resemble

t<: M N35-V28-D2-D21 nHr resemble

t: M} N35-D2-D21-A478A nHr a loaf, a cake

5<V< `5 G21-V28-N5-V28-W22-Z2 nHH sesame oil

G21-V28-V28-N5 eternity, for ever
5<<V nHH
t<V< N35-V28-N5-V28 nHH eternity, for ever
V28-N5-V28 eternity, for ever
<V< nHH
t5 < N35-G21-V28 nHH eternity, for ever

t5 < V < N35-G21-V28-N5-V28 nHH eternity, for ever

tU < < V h N35-G43A-V28-V28-N5-N23 nHH eternity, for ever

t5 < e 7.! N35-G21-V28-S29-Z4-T14-A1 nHsy Nubian

.e79 T14-S29-Z4-Z6 nHsy Nubian

t5 < e - N35-G21-V28-S29-A13 nHsy Nubian

t<e7.! N35-V28-S29-Z4-T14-A1 nHsy Nubian

t5 < i! U N35-G21-V28-I10-X1-F18 nHDt tooth, tusk

ti < ! U N35-I10-V28-X1-F18 nHDt tusk

t5 < f! U N35-G21-V28-D46-X1-F18 nHDt tooth

ti < 1 1! U5 N35-I10-V28-M17-M17-X1-F18-Z2 nHDwt teeth, tusks

tB ` N35-Aa1-D40 nx succour, protect, protection

tB j h" N35-Aa1-A97-N23-A2 nx succour, protect, protection

tB " N35-Aa1-A2 nx miserable

tB K! " N35-Aa1-G43-X1-A2 nxwt complaint, lamentation

tB E N35-Aa1-G37 nx youthful, small ?, brief ? of sufferings

tB ! E N35-Aa1-X1-G37 nxt youth abstract

tB , N35-Aa1-M12 nxA pendulous

tB , !:p N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Z7-K1 nxAw fish - shaped pendant

tB , !?4 N35-Aa1-M12-G1-T31-Z1 nxA knife

tB , !B , !u N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-S45 nxAxA flail, noun

tB B & N35-Aa1-Aa1-G6 nxAxA flail, noun

S45 nxnxA flail noun
tB , !B , !u N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-S45 nxAxA pendulous adjective

tB , !B , !B n N35-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 nxAxA ruffle hair

tB q < N35-Aa1-D58-Z9 nxb open a mine, assign property to

tB q <f4 N35-Aa1-D58-Z9-N21-Z1 nxb fresh land

tB q <+ N35-Aa1-D58-Z9-Y1 nxb stipulation

tB q ! <+5 N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-Y1-Z2 nxbt titulary, to cover, overlaid

tB q ! + N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Y1 nxbt titulary,

tB q ! <, N35-Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-V12 nxbt titulary,

6qbQ M22-D58-W24-O49 nxb El Kab locality

M22-O49-D58 nxb El Kab locality
6qb!0 M22-D58-W24-X1-G16A nxbt Nekhbet goddess

6!q M22-X1-D58 nxbt Nekhbet goddess

tB q B q < N35-Aa1-D58-Aa1-D58-Z9 nxbxb draw back door bolt, throw open doors,
crepitate of broken bones
tB q tB q < N35-Aa1-D58-N35-Aa1-D58-Z9 nxbxb draw back door bolt, throw open doors,
crepitate of broken bones
OQ O47-O49 nxn Nekhen Hieraconpolis locality

O4 O47-Z1 nxn Nekhen Hieraconpolis locality

O48-O49 Nekhen Hieraconpolis locality
PQ nxn
Pt! O48-N35-O1 nxn Nekhen Hieraconpolis locality
O48 Nekhen locality
P nxn
O tQ ! 4 O47-N35-O49-X1-Z1 nxn Nekhen locality
O48-O49-M17-M17 someone from Nekhen, a Nekhenite
PQ 1 1 nxny
O48-O49-G43 someone from Nekhen, a Nekhenite
PQ K nxny
O4K O47-Z1-G43 nxny someone from Nekhen, a Nekhenite

P+ O48-G11 nxny someone from Nekhen, Nekhenite

P! O48-O1 nxn shrine

Pt ! r 5 O48-N35-X1-N33-Z2 mxnmt carnelian

O t.! } O47-N35-G14-X1-N33A mxnmt carnelian

tB t1 N35-Aa1-N35-A17 nxn young, youthful, ...the younger

tB tE N35-Aa1-N35-G37 nxn young, youthful, ....the younger

tB tK1 N35-Aa1-N35-G43-A17 nxnw child

tB t1 N35-Aa1-N35-A17D nxnw child

tB t1 ! N35-Aa1-N35-A17-A1 nxnw child

tB tb K1 6 N35-Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A17-Z3 nxnw youth abstract

tB t1 N35-Aa1-N35-A17 nxnw youth abstract

tB B & N35-Aa1-Aa1-G6 nxx flail

tB B 5 N35-Aa1-Aa1-A21A nxx be old, old age verb & noun

t#K! 8 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24 nxt strong, victorious, stiff, hard

A24 nxt strong, victorious, stiff, hard
` D40 nxt strong, victorious, stiff, hard

t#B ! 8 d 4 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-F34-Z1 nxt ib confident

t#B ! 8 \4 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-D36-Z1 nxt a strong of arm, adult, champion

t#B ! 8: 4 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-D2-Z1 nxt Hr violent

t#B ! 8c K" N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-P8-G43-A2 nxt xrw reis ?

t#B ! 8 ! N35-M3-Aa1-X1-A24-A1 nxt strong man, champion

t#B ! ! ` N35-M3-Aa1-X1-X1-D40 nxtt victory, stiffness

t#B ! K`5 N35-M3-Aa1-X1-G43-D40-Z2 nxtw strength, victory, hostages

t#B ! ` N35-M3-Aa1-X1-D40 nxtw strength, victory, hostages

`5 D40-Z2 nxtw victory

tb R\ N35-F32-D26-D36 nX bodily fluid

tS 1 N35-W9-G17 nXnm one of the seven sacred oils

W24 F20-F51B-Z1 ns tongue

W F20 ns tongue

tWe 2 N35-F20-S29-F51B ns tongue

! ! ! W24 Q1-X1-O1-F20-F51B-Z1 st ns speech

tW! U N35-F20-X1-W11 nst seat, throne

U!4 W11-X1-Z1 nst seat, throne

U!! W11-X1-O1 nst seat, throne

U!" W11-X1-Q2 nst seat, throne

tWe ' N35-F20-S29-Q7 ns flame

te R !p N35-S29-Aa17-G1-T30A nsA type of knife

tWe 7K! #4 N35-F20-S29-Z4-G43-X1-M3-Z1 nsywt javelin

tWBK! s N35-F20-O34-G43-X1-N34 nsywt javelin

tWBK! # N35-F20-O34-G43-X1-M3 nsywt javelin

tWe 7K! s4 N35-F20-S29-Z4-G43-X1-N34-Z1 nsywt javelin

tWe K! ' N35-F20-S29-G43-X1-Q7 nswt flame

7!t M23-X1-N35 nsw King of Upper Egypt, king

A41 nsw king of Upper Egypt, king
7 ! tH M23-X1-N35-A40 nsw King

7 !y! M23-X1-L2-X1 nsw bit King of Upper & Lower Egypt

tBK' N35-O34-G43-G7 nsw King

A299B nsw king

7 !t1 1:'6 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Z7-G7-Z3 nsyw Kings
M23-M17-M17-G43-Z3 nsyw Kings
7 1 1K6
7 ! 1 1KK6 M23-X1-M17-M17-G43-A43B-Z3 nsyw Kings

7!t1 1H6 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-A40B-Z3 nsyw kings

7!t11+ M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Y1 nsy be king

7! 11+ M23-X1-M17-M17-Y1 nsy be king

7 ! t1 1! +5 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 nsyt kingship

7!5 M23-X1-Z2 nsyt kingship

7!11 M23-X1-M17-M17 nsyt kingship

7 11!+ M23-M17-M17-X1-Y1 nsyt kingship

7! 11!+ M23-X1-M17-M17-X1-Y1 nsyt kingship

7 !t1 1:8!5 M23-X1-N35-M17-M17-Z7-A24-A1-Z2 nsyw priests of Arsaphes ?

tWe q " N35-F20-S29-D58-A2 nsb lap up, lick

Wq F20-D58 nsb lap up, lick

tWq N35-F20-D58 nsb lap up, lick

tWB# Kp 5 N35-F20-O34-Q3-G43-T30A-Z2 nspw wounds

tB# Kp 5 N35-O34-Q3-G43-T30A-Z2 nspw wounds

tB M! l N35-O34-D21-X1-I13 nsrt royal serpent

te M! l N35-S29-D21-X1-I13 nsrt royal serpent

tWB M! k N35-F20-O34-D21-X1-I12 nsrt royal serpent

tWe M ' N35-F20-S29-D21-Q7 nsr flame noun

te M ' N35-S29-D21-Q7 nsr flame

tWe ' N35-F20-S29-Q7 nsr flame noun

tWB M! ' N35-F20-O34-D21-X1-Q7 nsrt flame noun

tWB M7 ' N35-F20-O34-D21-Z4-Q7 nsry flame of Uraeus againt enemies, be verb

inflamed of wounds
tWe M" N35-F20-S29-D21-A2 nsr anger ?

tWB M\ N35-F20-O34-D21-D36 nsr anoint injury

te e N35-S29-S29 nss do damage to

W!7" F20-X1-Z4-X2 nsty type of bread

tWB$"5 N35-F20-O34-G4-M2-Z2 nstyw shrub Alkanna Tinctoria

tvn N35-N37-D54 nS expel from, divorce, drive apart husband

& wife, put away a woman,
tvpn N35-N37-K1-D54 nS expel from

tv:R N35-N37-Z7-D26 nSw issue from wound, pemphigus

tv:! R N35-N37-Z7-X1-D26 nSwt mucus

tv! ; N35-N37-X1-D3 nSt hairdresser

tv1 1;` N35-N37-M17-M17-D3-D40 nSy dress hair

t(!r5 N35-M8-G1-N33-Z2 nSA grains of sand

tvKb 4 N35-N37-G43-W24-Z1 nSw a vessel

tv# K " N35-N37-Q3-D19-A2 nSp pant

tv1! } N35-N37-G17-X1-P36B nSmt sacred barque of Osiris

P36 nSmt sacred barque of Osiris
tv1! G N35-N37-G17-X1-O39 nSmt green felspar

tv1! r5 N35-N37-G17-X1-N33-Z2 nSmt green felspar

tv1K! r5 N35-N37-G17-G43-X1-N33-Z2 nSmwt scales of fish

tv1 1 1 ! p5 N35-N37-G17-M17-M17-X1-K1-Z2 nSmwt scales of fish

u5 K6-Z2 nSmwt scales of fish

K6 nSmwt scales of fish
tvt5 N35-N37-N35-E21 nSni rage, storm, foul weather, disaster

tvt8 N35-N37-N35-A24 nSni rage, storm, foul weather, disaster

tvtU N35-N37-N35-N4G nSni rage, storm, foul weather, disaster

tvt7 5 N35-N37-N35-Z4-E21 nSni rage, storm, foul weather, disaster

tvt} N35-N37-N35-E244 nSni rage, storm, foul weather, disaster

tvt! 5U N35-N37-N35-X1-E21-N4E nSnt the doomed ?

tvtv` N35-N37-N35-N37-D40 nSnS tear up documents

tn \:! kr5 N35-N29-D36-Z7-X1-D51-N33-Z2 nqawt notched sycamore figs

tn K! r5 N35-N29-G43-X1-N33-Z2 nqawt notched sycamore figs

tn K! ~ N35-N29-G43-X1-N35A nqwt moisture

tn 1; N35-N29-G17-D3 nqm be bald

tn 1' N35-N29-G17-C7 nqm suffer, be afflicted

tn 1! ' N35-N29-G17-X1-C7 nqmt affliction

tn M\ N35-N29-D21-D36 nqr sift

tn M:34 N35-N29-D21-Z7-V19-Z1 nqrw sieve

t?m N35-V31-D53 nk copulate

t?!" N35-V31-G1-A2 nkA meditate on, think about, take counsel

t?7" N35-V31-Z4-A2 nkA meditate on, think about

t?!7 " N35-V31-G1-Z4-A2 nkA meditate on, think about

t?!! " N35-V31-G1-X1-A2 nkAt plot

t?t?4 N35-V31-N35-T31-Z1 nkn sword

t?tp N35-V31-N35-D57 nkn harm, injury, be injured

t?tp E N35-V31-N35-D57-G37 nkn harm, injury noun

8 }t ? t p V24-Y1V-N35-V31-N35-D57 wD nkn do harm, execute sentence

t?! <+ N35-V31-X1-Z9-Y1 nkt some, a little, something, piece of wood,

profit, advantage
t?! :E5 N35-V31-X1-Z7-G37-Z2 nktw some, a little plural

tU < N35-W11-Z9 ngi break open, break up

tU !< 8 N35-W11-G1-Z9-A24 ngi break open, break up

tA A < N35-V33-V33-Z9 ngi break open, break up

tU ! <8 N35-W11-X1-Z9-A24 ngt breach in dam

tU 1 1! C N35-W11-M17-M17-X1-Aa2 ngyt breach of law, crime

tU KC E N35-W11-G43-Aa2-G37 ngw loss

tU !:! N35-W11-G1-Z7-E1 ngAw long horn bull

tU K! N35-W11-G43-E1 ngAw long horn bull

tU q < N35-W11-D58-Z9 ngb turn aside, divert

t! t! s N35-X1-N35-X1-F51 ntnt diaphragm

t! t! ] N35-X1-N35-X1-F27 ntnt intracranial diaphragm

t< 1R7 N35-G28-G17-O50-Z4 ngmgm conspire

tPBPB+ N35-Aa15-O34-Aa15-O34-Y1 ngsgs overflow

tPBP5 N35-Aa15-O34-Aa15-Z2 ngsgs overflow

tU U " N35-W11-W11-A2 ngg cackle of goose, screech of falcon

t! 7 N35-X1-Z4 nty who, which

t! ! N35-X1-X1 ntt that

t! 1 ! 1 n N35-X1-M17-X1-M17-D54 nitit impede

t! \4+5 N35-X1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 nt a custom, habit, rite, ritual, routine, duty,

execution of task, organize
t! \+5 N35-X1-D36-Y1-Z2 nt a rite, ritual

t! # : N35-X1-Q3-Z7 nt pw it is the fact that.......

t! q W N35-X1-D58-F20 ntb scorch, parch

t! h N35-X1-I9 ntf he, belongs to him independent

t! h N35-X1-I9 nty .f which he.......

t! ? N35-X1-V31 nty .k which you.......

t! h N35-X1-I9 n it .f to his father

t! h~8 N35-X1-I9-N35A-A24 ntf besprinkle

t! e N35-X1-S29 nts she independent

t! B N35-X1-O34 nts she independent
t! e t5 N35-X1-S29-N35-Z2 ntsn they independent
pronoun -
t! Bt N35-X1-O34-N35 ntsn they independent
pronoun -
t! v~8 N35-X1-N37-N35A-A24 ntS besprinkle

t! ? N35-X1-V31 ntk you, belongs to you independent

t! - N35-X1-V13 ntT you independent
pronoun -
t! ! N35-X1-X1 ntT you independent
pronoun -
t! -t5 N35-X1-V13-N35-Z2 ntTn you independent
pronoun -
t! ! t5 N35-X1-X1-N35-Z2 ntTn you independent
pronoun -
t-t-! , N35-V13-N35-V13-X1-T12 nTnT bladder

34 R8-Z1 nTr god

R8-A40 nTr god
R8-F35 nfr nTr the good god
R8-O29V aA nTr the great god
R8-G7 god
3' nTr
R8-R8-R8 nTrw gods
t&&& N35-M6-M6-M6 nTrw gods plural

3! M!k R8-X1-D21-X1-I12 nTrt goddess

3 M!8k R8-D21-X1-Z5-I12 nTrt goddess

3!M R8-X1-D21 nTr godhood, divinity

3! M!B R8-X1-D21-X1-D10 nTrt divine eye

3! M7+ R8-X1-D21-Z4-Y1 nTry divine, sacred

3M R8-D21 nTry divine, sacred

3! M+ R8-X1-D21-Y1 nTry divine, sacred

R8 nTry divine, sacred
3! M:# R8-X1-D21-Z7-M3 nTrw sacred pole

3! M78! R8-X1-D21-Z4-Z5-V1 nTry magic cord

33! M!7Y R8-R8-X1-D21-X1-Z4-U19 nTrty adze used in Opening of the mouth

3! M1 1! r5 R8-X1-D21-M17-M17-X1-N33-Z2 nTryt natron ?

3 M! r5 R8-D21-X1-N33-Z2 ntryt natron ?

t--K! 5 N35-V13-V13-G43-V1-Z2 nTTw bonds

t! ! K! N35-X1-X1-G43-V1 nTTw bonds

tfq } N35-D46-D58-D118 ndb sip

tiq " N35-I10-D58-A2 ndb sip

tfq :` N35-D46-D58-Z7-D40 ndb band door with metal

tfq 1 1 ! d N35-D46-D58-M17-M17-X1-S28 ndbyt bunt ? of sail

tfq K! h4 5 N35-D46-D58-G43-X1-N23-Z1-Z2 ndbwt area, extent

tfq ! h} N35-D46-D58-X1-N23-N33A ndbwt area, extent

tfq fq n n } N35-D46-D58-D46-D58-N29-N29-D82 ndbdb sip

ti! 4 N35-I10-X1-Z1 nDt serf, serfs

ti! ! p 5 N35-I10-X1-A1-B1-Z2 nDt serf, serfs

cb \ Aa27-W24-D36 nD grind

tic N35-I10-Aa27 nD grind

cb :O5 Aa27-W24-Aa7-U9-Z2 nD flour

cb 5 Aa27-W24-Z2 nD flour

cb K} Aa27-W24-G43-A143A nDw miller

cb ! lp 6 Aa27-W24-X1-Z4A-B1-Z3 nDtyw maidservants ?

ti\ b " N35-I10-Aa27-W24-A2 nD take counsel, ask advice, consult, enquire

about, call upon, utter
\b" Aa27-W24-A2 nD enquire about something verb transitive

\b Aa27-W24 nD take counsel, ask advice verb

\b\ Aa27-W24-D36 nD save, protect, guard against magic, make
good harm, protection, protector
Aa27 nD save, protect verb
t\ N35-Aa27 nD save, protect verb

ti\ b + N35-I10-Aa27-W24-Y1 nD save, protect verb

\b+ Aa27-W24-Y1 nD protection noun

ti\ b + N35-I10-Aa27-W24-Y1 nD confer office, appoint someone

ti\ N35-I10-Aa27 nD confer office on

\b" M4 Aa27-W24-A2-D21-Z1 nD r take counsel, consult, question, greet

ti\ , M4 N35-I10-Aa27-Y2-D21-Z1 nD r greet

ti\ b K! +5M4 N35-I10-Aa27-W24-G43-X1-Y1-Z2-D21- nDwt r counsel, consultation, oracle, greeting

\!KM4 Aa27-X1-G43-D21-Z1 nDwt r counsel

\ i! M4 Aa27-I10-X1-D21-Z1 nDwt r counsel

ti\ " : 4 N35-I10-Aa27-A2-D2-Z1 nD Hr greet, protect, protection

Aa27-D2 greet
\: nD Hr
\ b+: 4 Aa27-W24-Y1-D2-Z1 nD Hr protect

\b":4 Aa27-W24-A2-D2-Z1 nD Hr greet

\b!:4 Aa27-W24-X1-D2-Z1 nDt Hr gifts

Aa27-I10-D2 gifts
\ i: nDt Hr
ti\ b " B M! + N35-I10-Aa27-W24-A2-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1 nD xrt greet, pay one's respects, greeting !

\ b"B M! +5 Aa27-W24-A2-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 nD xrt greeting !

\ ibB M! Aa27-I10-W24-Aa1-D21-X1 nD xrt greet

\b!7` Aa27-W24-X1-Z4-D40 nDty protector

ti\ g N35-I10-Aa27-U33 nDty protector

\b!! Aa27-W24-X1-X1 nDtt protectress

\bd Aa27-W24-S28 nD thread

ti\ N35-I10-A27 nD thread

tb !M " N35-U28-G1-F10-A2 nDA parch with thirst

tb !< 5 N35-U28-G1-Z9-Z2 nDAw chips of stone

tb !G N35-U28-G1-O39 nDA measure for loaves & dates

tb G N35-U28-O39 nDA measure for loaves & dates

tb " N35-U28-M2 nDA measure for loaves & dates

ti 1 1! E N35-I10-M17-M17-X1-G37 nDyt baseness

tk 1 1! H N35-N26-M17-M17-X1-F5 nDyt baseness

M29-G17-M1 carob tree ?

=1! nDm
M29-M1A nDm carob tree ?
M29-G17-Y1V sweet of flavour, odour, pleasant,
=1} nDm
pleasing, well, hale, comfortable of
M29 nDm sweet of flavour, odour
ti1+ N35-I10-G17-Y1 nDm pleasant, pleasing

ti =1 N35-I10-M29-G17 nDm well, hale, comfortable, joy

= 1 }d 4 M29-G17-Y1V-F34-Z1 nDm ib joyful

=11 1 1! m5 M29-G17-G17-M17-M17-X1-D53-Z2 nDmmyt passion

ti =11! m N35-I10-M29-G17-G17-X1-D53 nDmmyt passion

titi\ b " N35-I10-N35-I10-aA27-W24-A2 nDnD confer, take advice, consult, advice,

t\ b +t\ b+ N35-Aa27-W24-Y1-N35-Aa27-W24-Y1 nDnD consult someone verb transitive

\b\b" Aa27-W24-Aa27-W24-A2 nDnD advice, counsel noun

tDM8 N35-M36-D21-A24 nDrw grasp, hold fast, catch, arrest, take

possession, observe regulations
tDM8 N35-M36-D21-A24 nDrw grasp, hold to orders, follow journeys,
draw tight lips of wound
tD` N35-M36-D40 nDrw grasp, hold fast verb

tDM!8 N35-M36-D21-X1-A24 nDrt imprisonment, suppression of wrong

tD! N35-M36-X1 nDrt imprisonment

ti < ! U N35-I10-V28-X1-F18 nHDt tooth

tie E N35-I10-S29-G37 nDs little / small of size, dim of eyes, dull of

ears, poor of appetite,
G37 nDs little / small of size, dim of eyes, dull of
E ears, poor of appetite
tie E! N35-I10-S29-G37-A1 nDs commoner, citizen, good fellow in half
contemptuous address
ti\ e E! N35-I10-Aa27-S29-G37-A1 nDs commoner, citizen

tie KE5 N35-I10-S29-G43-G37-Z2 nDsw low estate

tiBiB ' N35-I10-O34-I10-O34-Q7 nDsDs burn verb transitive

M D21 r to, at, concerning, more than, from preposition

M D21 r so that, until, according as conjunctive

M D21 r indicates futurity

1M M17-D21 r to, at, concerning, more than, so that, until,

according as
M D21 r a part in fractions 1/320th HqAt

M4} D21-Z1-N33A r fractions

M4 D21-Z1 r mouth, opening, utterance, speech, language,

` !5 M 4 I1-G1-Z2-D21-Z1 aSA r chatter

M4~ D21-Z1-N35A r water's edge

M4 D21-Z1 r water's edge

M4F D21-Z1-G38 r goose, goose shaped cake, goose shaped

M4d 4 D21-Z1-F34-Z1 r ib chest

M4\!7 ss D21-Z1-D36-X1-Z4-F51-F51 r aty joints arm and leg

M4\4 D21-Z1-D36-Z1 r awy end, limit, beside, near

M4\\ D21-Z1-D36-D36 r awy hands, actions

M4\\:7 D21-Z1-D36-D36-Z7-Z4 r awy hands, actions

M4\\! D21-Z1-D36-D36-O1 r awy gate

M4\4! D21-Z1-D36-Z1-O1 r awy gate

M4\7K D21-Z1-D36-Z4-G43 r awy gate

M4\4#! 48 D21-Z1-D36-Z1-M3-X1-Z1-A24 r a xt combat

M4? D21-Z1-O31 r aA entry into land

M 4 $ !! p D21-Z1-V4-G1-X1-N31 r wAt path, way

M4#K D21-Z1-Q3-G43 r pw or conjunctive

M#K D21-Q3-G43 r pw or conjunctive

M4!4 D21-Z1-O1-Z1 r pr temple, chapel

M! D21-O1 r pr temple, chapel

M4!Q D21-Z1-O1-O49 r pr temple, chapel

M4*!4.!5 D21-Z1-T10-X1-Z1-T14-A1-Z2 r pDtyw foreigners

M 4 ). ! 5 D21-Z1-T9-T14-A1-Z2 pDtyw foreigners

M 4 )! . 95 D21-Z1-T9-X1-T14-Z6-Z2 pDtyw foreigners

M4G! 4~ D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z1-N35A r HAt river mouth

MG!4u D21-F4-X1-Z1-N36 r HAt river mouth

M 4 G! 5~ u D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z2-N35A-N36 r HAt river mouth plural

M4: M7R D21-Z1-D2-D21-Z4-N1 r Hry master, chief

M4R D21-Z1-N1 r Hry master, chief

M4:R D21-Z1-D2-N1 r Hry master, chief

M4#! 4 D21-Z1-M3-X1-Z1 r xt weapons

M4e7p D21-Z1-S29-Z4-N31 rssy quite, entirely, at all

M4 Bv7 nh4 D21-Z1-O34-N37-Z4-D54-N23-Z1 r sSy ford ?

M 4 e ! d ! "n D21-Z1-S29-X1-U30-G1-V2-D54 r stA ramp

M 4 """ j D21-Z1-V2-V2-V2-N25 r stAw necropolis

M4tz ! 4 D21-Z1-N35-N41-X1-Z1 r n idt uterus

M 4 b !K8 5 D21-Z1-U28-G1-G43-A24-Z2 r DAw mellay

M4b K8 D21-Z1-U28-G43-A24 r DAw mellay

Mb K`5 D21-U28-G43-D40-Z2 r DAw mellay

M4b 1 1K`5 D21-Z1-U28-M17-M17-G43-D40-Z2 r DAw mellay

M11! D21-M17-M17-X1 rwt see under wDa-rwt

74 1!a E23-Z1-M17-X1-D41 rit side

M\V4 D21-D36-N5-Z1 ra sun

V4> N5-Z1-V30 ra nb everyday

M\W D21-D36-G7C ra Re divinity

M\VH D21-D36-N5-A40 ra Re divinity

V4H N5-Z1-A40 ra Re divinity

C2 ra Re divinity
W4 N6-Z1 ra Re divinity

M\VH D21-D36-N5-A40 ra Re Sun god divinity

M\!Vp D21-D36-X1-N5-B1 rat sun goddess of queen

74 E23-Z1 rw lion

7474 g 1 E23-Z1-E23-Z1-U33-M17 rwty double-lion god

747!7! E23-Z1-E23-X1-Z4-O1 rwty lion's den

MK!@ D21-G43-X1-O32 rwt gate

M! l! D21-X1-Z4A-O1 rwty two gates dual

M:!7R D21-Z7-X1-Z4-N1 rwty two gates dual

MK!7@@ D21-G43-X1-Z4-O32D-O32D rwty two gates dual

MK!7R D21-G43-X1-Z4-N1 rwty outside noun

MK!@ D21-G43-X1-O32D rwty outside noun

MK!7! D21-G43-X1-Z4-O1 rwty outside noun

1MK!7RM G17-D21-G43-X1-Z4-N1-D21 m rwty r absent from

MK! R! D21-G43-X1-N1-A1 rwty outsider, stranger

M:!7R D21-Z7-X1-Z4-N1 rwty outsider, stranger

MK!R D21-G43-X1-N1 rwt see under wDa-rwt

M $ !p D21-V4-G1-N31 rwA consider doing something

M$ D21-V4 rwA consider doing something

MK@ D21-G43-A32 rwi dance, palpitate of heart, clap hands

M::n D21-Z7-Z7-D54 rwi palpitate of heart verb intransitive

M 1K} D21-M17-G43-D92 rwi clap hands verb transitive

MK!\ D21-G43-X1-D36 rwt dance noun

MK!< D21-G43-X1-A28 rwt dance, palpitate

M!K} D21-X1-G43-D92 rwt dance noun

MK1n D21-G43-M17-D54 rwi go away, depart, pass away, advance against,

serve someone
MK1n D21-G43-M17-D54 rwi expel / drive off / remove someone,
something, leave a place, escape harm
MKn D21-G43-D54 rwi advance against verb

MK1on D21-G43-M17-D56-D54 rwi serve someone verb

MKKn D21-G43-G43-D54 rwi leave a place verb

MK1!n D21-G43-M17-X1-D54 rwit interruption

MKK! n5 D21-G43-G43-X1-D54-Z2 rwwt departure

MK1K D21-G43-M17-M43 rwi vineyard ?

7M11!! E23-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 rwyt court of law, hall

7!! E23-X1-O1 rwyt court of law, hall

711!! E23-M17-M17-X1-O1 rwyt court of law, hall

SM11!! U13-D21-M17-M17-X1-O1 rwyt court of law, hall

M KfKH} D21-G43-D46-G43-O40-N33A rwdw stairway, tomb - shaft

MKfH D21-G43-D46-O40 rwdw stairway

MKffff D21-G43-D46-N21-N21-N21 rwdw stairway

MKf,! D21-G43-D46-T12-O1 rwdw tomb - shaft

M8 K, D21-V24-G43-T12 rwD cord, bow-string

T12 rwD cord
MKf, D21-G43-D46-T12 rwD bow - string

MKf,! 5 D21-G43-D46-T12-V1-Z2 rwDw sinews

M8 i, D21-V24-I10-T12 rwD hard, firm, strong, enduring, permanent,

effective, persistent
M8 i, D21-V24-I10-T12 rwD prosperous, prosper, successful, succeed,
prevail over
,+ T12-Y1 rwD hard

MKf, D21-G43-D46-T12 rwD hard

Mf,+ D21-D46-T12-Y1 rwD enduring, permanent

T12 rwD enduring, permanent

T12-A24 rwD prosperous, prosper
Mf, @ + D21-D46-T12-M32-Y1 rwD prosperous, prosper

MKf+ D21-G43-D46-Y1 rwD prosperous, prosper

T12-A24 rwD prosperous, prosper
MKff+ D21-G43-D46-I7-Y1 rwD successful, succeed

M8, D21-V24-T12 rwD prevail over

MKf,` D21-G43-D46-T12-D40 rwd strength, firmness

Mf,+5 D21-D46-T12-Y1-Z2 rwd strength, firmness

MKf! ,+ D21-G43-D46-X1-T12-Y1 rwdt success

Mf! ,+5 D21-D46-X1-T12-Y1-Z2 rwdt success

T12 rwdt success
,!G T12-X1-O39 rwDt hard stone, sandstone

MKf! G D21-G43-D46-X1-O39 rwdt hard stone, sandstone

,K` T12-G43-D40 rwD control, administer

,K` T12-G43-D40 rwDw agent

?K` M31-G43-D40 rwDw agent

MfK, D21-D46-G43-T12 rwDw agent

M#KC D21-Q3-G43-Aa2 rpw rot

M#] D21-Q3-F27 rpw rot

M# 1 1!p D21-Q3-M17-M17-X1-B1 rpyt female statue

M# 1 1!p D21-Q3-M17-M17-X1-B1 rpyt female counterpart of diety, presiding goddess

of city
M#K! D21-Q3-G43-X1 rpyt presiding goddess of city

M#!/ D21-Q3-X1-B73 rpyt presiding goddess of city

M#K!} D21-Q3-G43-X1-O286 rpyt presiding goddess of city

M#\ D21-Q3-D36 rpat noble, heir

M#\! _ D21-Q3-D36-X1-H8 rpat noble, heir feminine

M#\!! D21-Q3-D36-X1-X1 rpat noble, heir feminine

M!#!\ D21-X1-Q3-X1-D36 rpat noble, heir feminine

M!!#\! D21-X1-X1-Q3-D36-X1 rpat noble, heir feminine

Mh D21-I9 rf not to be translated enclitic particle

M? D21-V31 rk not translated enclitic particle

M! D21-A1 ri not translated enclitic particle

1 Mh M17-D21-I9 irf not translated enclitic particle

M1p D21-G17-K1 rm fish

M M1p4 D21-D21-G17-K1-Z1 rm fish

M1< D21-G17-D4 rmi weep, beweep verb

M1A D21-G17-D9 rmw weep verb

D9 rmw weep verb

M1KA D21-G17-G43-D9 rmw weeping

M 1K! <5 D21-G17-G43-X1-D4-Z2 rmwt tears

M11 1!A D21-G17-M17-M17-X1-D9A rmwt tears

M1KA D21-G17-G43-D9 rmw weeper

D143B-G43 rmw weeper
M.ta D21-Y5-N35-D41 rmn shoulder, arm, uprights of ladder, side

a D41 rmn shoulder, arm, uprights of ladder, side

Mta D21-N35-D41 rmn shoulder, arm, uprights of ladder, side

a24 D41-F51B-Z1 rmn shoulder, arm, uprights of ladder, side

M}t D21-D210-N35 rmn shoulder, arm, uprights of ladder, side

M.ta h D21-Y5-N35-D41-N23 rmn side, half of sheet of water

M.tap 5 D21-Y5-N35-D41-B1-Z2 rmn side, gang of rowers

M.b D21-Y5-D42 iry rmn total of each

a D41 rmn half of rod, aroura

M.ta D21-Y5-N35-D41 rmni shoulder, carry, support, match, equal,

bearer, supporter
}t D210-N35 rmni shoulder, carry, support, match, equal verb

}t D210-N35 rmni bearer, supporter noun

Mta D21-N35-D41 rmni shoulder, carry, support, match, equal verb

Mta D21-N35-D41 rmni bearer, supporter noun

at0 D41-N35-O16 rmn processional shrine

bb K g 1 D42-W24-G43-U33-M17 rmnwty companion

M.tb K! a5 D21-Y5-N35-W24-G43-X1-D41-Z2 rmnwtyw companions plural

at 1 1 ! h4 D41-N35-M17-M17-X1-N23-Z1 rmnyt department, domain

M4 .ttj D21-Z1-Y5-N35-N35-N25 rmnn Lebanon

M1 M1<` D21-G17-D21-G17-Z9-D40 rmrm chastise

M -! D21-V13-A1 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians

M 1-} D21-G17-V13-N33A rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

M P-! p D21-Aa15-V13-A1-B1 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

M!!p5 D21-X1-A1-B1-Z2 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

-M!p5 V13-D21-A1-B1-Z2 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

A1-A1-A1 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

[!5 H4-X1-Z2 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

MU!5 D21-U15-A1-Z2 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

M -! ! 5 D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2 rmT man, men, mankind, Egyptians collective noun

M -! ! 5 D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2 rmTt men, mankind collective noun

[!p 5 H4-A1-B1-Z2 rmTt men, mankind collective noun

MU!!5 D21-U15-X1-A1-Z2 rmTt men, mankind collective noun

M -! ! p 5 D21-V13-X1-A1-B1-Z2 rmTt men, mankind collective noun

M -! ! o D21-V13-X1-A1-Z2A rmTt men, mankind collective noun

M -! p 5 D21-V13-A1-B1-Z2 rmTt men, mankind collective noun

Mt D21-N35 rn name

Mt" D21-N35-A2 rn name

Mt* D21-N35-V10 rn name of king

Mt D21-N35 rn young one of animals

Mt1 1# D21-N35-M17-M17-E3 rny calf

Mt1 1! D21-N35-M17-M17-E1 rn calf

$!4 M4-X1-Z1 rnpt year

$! 5l: K M4-X1-Z2-Z4A-D2-G43 5 Hryw the five epagomenal days

P!4 $!4 F13-X1-Z1-M4-X1-Z1 wpt rnpt New Year's Day

Mt# 1 1 $1 D21-N35-Q3-M17-M17-M4-A17 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and

M7A rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
D verb
D11+ M7A-M17-M17-Y1 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
Mt# D" D21-N35-Q3-M7A-M2 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
Mt# % 1 D21-N35-Q3-M5B-A17 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
Mt# 7&1 D21-N35-Q3-Z4-M6-A17 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
Mt# KD, D21-N35-Q3-G43-M7A-Y2 rnpy young, fresh of water adjective and
Mt# K % 1 D21-N35-Q3-G43-M5-A17 rnpw youthful vigour

Mt# $1 ! D21-N35-Q3-M4-A17-A1 rnp young man

Mt# $& D21-N35-Q3-M4B-E6A rnp colt

D! T"5 M7A-X1-W10-M2-Z2 rnpwt herbs, vegetables

M#!D D21-Q3-X1-M7A rnpwt herbs, vegetables

D!G5 M7A-X1-M39-Z2 rnpwt herbs, vegetables

Mt# 1 1! D21-N35-Q3-M17-M17-X1 rnpwt herbs, vegetables

M t# ! "5D D21-N35-Q3-X1-M2-Z2-M7A rnpwt herbs, vegetables

Mtt" D21-N35-N35-A2 rnn rejoice over, extol

MttK! " 6 D21-N35-N35-G43-X1-A2-Z3 rnnwt joy, exultation

Mt66 D21-N35-M22-M22 rnn caress

Mttu D21-N35-N35-B6 rnn bring up, nurse

Mtt" D21-N35-N35-A2 rnn bring up, nurse

Mtt2 D21-N35-N35-A18 rnn bring up, nurse

Mtt! t D21-N35-N35-X1-B5D rnnt wet-nurse

Mtt! k D21-N35-N35-X1-I12 rnnt the nurse-goddess

Mtb! ! l D21-N35-W24-X1-X1-I13 rnnwtt Renenutet the Harvest-goddess divinity

MbK!! D21-W24-G43-X1-X1 rnn Renenutet the Harvest-goddess divinity

Mt:! ! k D21-N35-Z7-X1-X1-I12 rnn Renenutet the Harvest-goddess divinity

Mt:! ! k D21-N35-Z7-X1-X1-I12 rnnwtt name of the ninth month

MM& D21-D21-M6 rr time

&M M6-D21 rr time

M1&V D21-M17-M6-N5 rr time

MM1, D21-D21-M17-E12 rri boar

M MK!, D21-D21-G43-X1-E12 rrwt sow

MM!^ 6 D21-D21-X1-F28-Z3 rrt swine animal collective noun

MM1! D21-D21-M17-X1 rrit piggishness ?

M M1! r5 D21-D21-G17-X1-N33-Z2 rrmt mandrake ?

M$ t5 D21-O4-N35-A21 rhn lean on, rely on, trust in

M$ ta D21-O4-N35-D41 rhn rely on, trust in

M$ ta` D21-O4-N35-D41-D40 rhn lean on, rely on, trust in

M$ tn D21-O4-N35-D54A rhn wade

M$ tan D21-O4-N35-D41-D54 rhn wade

M$ ta` D21-O4-N35-D41-D40 rhn wade

M <K!5 D21-V28-G43-A1-Z2 rHw comrades, mates

M <KHH D21-V28-G43-A40-A40 rHwy the Two Companions, the Two Combatants

Horus and Seth
A59B-A59 rHwy the Two Combatants of human contestants
M<!7pp D21-V28-X1-Z4-B1-B1 rHty the Two Female Companions Isis and Nephthys

MB+ D21-Aa1-Y1 rx know, be aware of, Inquire !, learn

M B }1 D21-Aa1-Y1V-G17 rx m know of

M\ MB} D21-D36-D21-Aa1-Y1V rdi rx inform

MBB!+ D21-Aa1-Aa1-X1-Y1 rx xt wisdom

M B +B ! +5! D21-Aa1-Y1-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-A1 rx xt wise, learned man

MB+ D21-Aa1-Y1 rx knowledge, opinion

MB +! D21-Aa1-Y1-A1 rx wise man

MB!+ D21-Aa1-X1-Y1 rxt knowledge, amount, number

MB g D21-Aa1-U33 rxt knowledge

MBm D21-Aa1-D53 rx copulate, to 'know' a woman

MB m+ D21-Aa1-D53-Y1 rxt 'know' a woman verb transitive

7!tMB+ M23-X1-N35-D21-Aa1-Y1 rx nsw king's acquaintance

M163 rx nsw king's aquaintance

7! MB M23-X1-D21-Aa1 rx nsw king's aquaintance

MB 7 ! tH D21-Aa1-M23-X1-N35-A40 rx nsw king's aquaintance

MB 1 1 ! 8! p 5 D21-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-G24-A1-B1-
rxyt subjects, commonfolk, mankind

711! G23-M17-M17-X1 rxyt subjects, common folk, mankind

MB 1 1!5 D21-Aa1-M17-M17-X1-Z2 rxyt subjects, common folk, mankind

7! ! p 5 G23-X1-A1-B1-Z2 rxyt subjects, common folk, mankind

MB ! 7! p 5 D21-Aa1-X1-G23-A1-B1-Z2 rxyt subjects, common folk, mankind

MB K! 7! 6 D21-Aa1-G43-X1-G23-A1-Z3 rxyt subjects, common folk, mankind

MBB7+ D21-Aa1-Aa1-Z4-Y1 rxxy celebrated

MBep\ D21-Aa1-S29-T30A-D36 rxs slaughter

MB Bp D21-Aa1-O34-T30A rxs slaughter

MB!\ D21-Aa1-X1-D36 rxt wash clothes

}!78! G167-X1-Z4-A24-A1 rxty washerman

aa MB !!Q N16-N16-D21-Aa1-X1-X1-O49 tAwy rxtt ends of the earth

Me D21-S29 rs not translated enclitic particle

Me -< D21-S29-T13-D4 rs wake, be watchful, vigilant

-< T13-D4 rs wake

MB-? D21-O34-T13-D7 rs wake

Me -> D21-S29-T13-D6 rs be watchful, vigilant

n>94 U40-D6-D1-Z1 rs tp be watchful, vigilant

( -94! X8-T13-D1-Z1-A1 di rs tp foreman

( -<9 4 X8-T13-D4-D1-Z1 di rs tp foreman

-K< T13-G43-D4 rsw watch / guard of sentries, vigilance

Me.]K D21-S29-T14-F27-G43 rsw vigilance

M B -: ! <5 D21-O34-T13-Z7-X1-D4-Z2 rswt awakening, dream

-:!< T13-Z7-X1-D4 rswt awakening

MeK! -< D21-S29-G43-X1-T13-D4 rswt dream

Me.!-6 D21-S29-T14-X1-A13-Z3 rst sacrificial victims ?

-!g5 T13-X1-A15A-Z2 rst sacrificial victims

M24-G43-O49 rsw the South land
M24-G43-P5 rsw south-wind
87h M24-Z4-N23 rsy southern, south of, South

M24 rsy southern, south of, South

948 D1-Z1-M24 tp rsy the South of

8 lf M24-Z4A-N21 rsy southern, south of, South

8K.!p5 M24-G43-T14-A1-B1-Z2 rsyw Southerners

8f5 M24-N21-Z2 rsyw Southerners

8Kf5 M24-G43-N21-Z2 rsyw Southerners

MBhI5 D21-O34-I9-G41-Z2 rsf catch of fowl, fish, affluence

M4 BhGp5 D21-Z1-O34-I9-G39-K1-Z2 rsf catch fowl, fish

Mee7p D21-S29-S29-Z4-N31 rssy quite, entirely, at all

MBp D21-O34-N31 rssy quite, entirely, at all

M4e7p D21-Z1-S29-Z4-N31 rssy quite, entirely, at all

MvK " D21-N37-D19-A2 rS joyful

MvK! K +5 D21-N37-G43-X1-D19-Y1-Z2 rSwt joy

7]]] E23-H6-H6-H6 rSwt joy

7vK! 5 E23-N37-G43-X1-Z2 rSwt joy

MvK R l D21-N37-D19-O50-Z4A rSrS rejoice

Mv Mv! 8K 5 D21-N37-D21-N37-X1-Z5-D19-Z2 rSrSt joy

Mna D21-N29-D41 rq incline, turn aside from, defy

Mn 1 1:a D21-N29-M17-M17-Z7-D41 rqy fierce ?

Mn Kan D21-N29-G43-D41-D54 rqw tilting of balance, enmity

Mn an D21-N29-D41-D54 rqw tilting of balance

Mn Ka- D21-N29-G43-D41-A13A rqw opponent

Mn5 D21-N29-Z2 rqw opponent

Mn 1 1g5 D21-N29-M17-M17-A15A-Z2 rqw opponent

Mn 1 1 an. D21-N29-M17-M17-D41-D54-A14 rqw opponent

MnK! D21-N29-G43-A1 rqw opponent

Mn\- D21-N29-D36-A13G rqw opponent

Mn aE d 4 D21-N29-D41-G37-F34-Z1 rq ib disaffected man

Mn ! kd 4 D21-N29-X1-D51-F34-Z1 rqt ib ill will

M? D21-V31 rk but, now enclitic particle

M?V M17-D21-V31 irk but, now enclitic particle

M?V D21-V31-N5 rk time of king

M?V h D21-V31-N5-N23 rk time of king, of ancients

M? M?n D21-V31-D21-V31-D54 rkrk creep

M?M?m D21-V31-D21-V31-I14 rkrk snake

M? M?"6 D21-V31-D21-V31-M2-Z3 rkrk a creeping plant

M?< ' D21-V31-V28-Q7 rkH light fire

M?< '$ D21-V31-V28-Q7-X4 rkH festival of Burning

M?<! ' D21-V31-V28-X1-Q7 rkHt heat

M?<K'6 D21-V31-V28-G43-Q7-Z3 rkHw flames

M!!. D21-X1-X1-A14 rtt conspiracy ?

M! < ! 7 e! D21-X1-V28-X1-Z4-U31-A1 rtHty baker

L!7! D20-X1-Z4-A1 rtHty baker

e! 7 \ ! U31-X1-Z4-D36-A1 rtHty baker

M! <e D21-X1-V28-U31 rtH confine, restrain

U31 rtH confine, restrain
M! <e D21-X1-V28-U31 rtH blockhouse

M- D21-V13 rT now, but enclitic particle

1 M! M17-D21-X1 irt now, but enclitic particle

M -t D21-V13-N35 rTn now, but enclitic particle

1 M -t M17-D21-V13-N35 irTn now, but enclitic particle

M -tb Kj D21-V13-N35-W24-G43-N25 rTnw Retenu Syria

M! tb j D21-X1-N35-W24-N25 rTnw Retenu Syria

! tb :.Ij X1-N35-W24-Z7-T14-G41-N25 rTnw Retenu Syria

Mfo D21-D46-D56 rd foot

D56 rd foot
D56-D56 rdwy feet dual
94o4 D1-Z1-D56-Z1 tp rd instructions, regulations

! !!o4 Q1-X1-O1-D56-Z1 st rd rank, station

MfKoooH D21-D46-G43-D56-D56-D56-O40 rdw stairway, steps of throne, tomb-shaft

O40A rdw stairway
Mf@ D21-D46-O32D rdw stairway

Mf,H D21-D46-T12-O40A rdw stairway

Mfooo D21-D46-D56-D56-D56 rdw steps of throne

Mf:7oo D21-D46-Z7-Z4-D56-D56 rdw steps of throne

MfH D21-D46-O40A rdw tomb-shaft

Mf!4 D21-D46-O1-Z1 rdw tomb-shaft

a MfoH N16-D21-D46-D56-O40A tA rdw stairway

Mf@4 D21-D46-M32-Z1 rd shoot of tree

Mf@ D21-D46-M32 rd grow

Mf, D21-D46-T12 rd grow

M] D21-D37 rdi give, put, place, appoint, send letter, cause,

permit, grant

M]1d 4 D21-D37-G17-F34-Z1 rdi m ib determine, place in one's heart, prompt

M]:4\4 D21-D37-D2-Z1-D36-Z1 rdi Hr a put in the charge of

M]1:4 D21-D37-G17-D2-Z1 rdi m Hr command, appoint, call the attention, call

one's attention to
M ] : 4 N4 D21-D37-D2-Z1-Aa13-Z1 rdi Hr gs be partial, be biased, fell an enemy
M]1a h4 D21-D37-G17-N16-N23-Z1 rdi m tA bury

M] Mah4 D21-D37-D21-N16-N23-Z1 rdi r tA land from ship, give birth, neglect, leave
alone, set aside
M]:4ah4 D21-D37-D2-Z1-N16-N23-Z1 rdi Hr tA cast ashore rope, cast forth, expel

M]d 41R4 D21-D37-F34-Z1-G17-Aa17-Z1 rdi ib m be anxious about

X8-S34 di anx given life
M]:4 D21-D37-D2-Z1 rdi Hr give in addition to

M]\4t D21-D37-D36-Z1-N35 rdi awy n give a hand to, help

M]Y7:2 D21-D37-F22-Z4-Z7-F51B rdi pHwy put an end to

M] M4 D21-D37-D21-Z1 rdi r speak

M]:4t D21-D37-D2-Z1-N35 rdi Hr n give commands to

M]R4t D21-D37-Aa17-Z1-N35 rdi sA n turn the back to

M]R4 M D21-D37-Aa17-Z1-D21 rdi sA r put a stop to, annul

M] Bvn D21-D37-O34-N37-D54 rdi sS draw a weapon

\ D36 rdi give, put, place, appoint, cause, permit, grant

^ D38 rdi give, put, place, appoint, cause, permit, grant

X8 rdi give, put, place, appoint, cause, permit, grant

M( D21-X8 rdi give, put, place, appoint, cause, permit, grant

Mf1! "5 D21-D46-G17-X1-M2-Z2 rdmt a type of plant

Mb K`5 D21-U28-G43-D40-Z2 r DAw mellay

MkKC5 D21-N26-G43-Aa2-Z2 rDw efflux of body

MkKR5 D21-N26-G43-D26-Z2 rDw efflux of body

$4 O4-Z1 h courtyard ?

$! O4-O1 h courtyard ?

$l O4-D52 hi husband

$!R O4-X1-N1 ht portal

$!; O4-X1-O27 ht portal

$! O4-G1 hA ho ! , ha ! interjection

$ !n O4-G1-D54 hA Ha ! Ho! interjection

$ !n O4-G1-D54 hAi come down, go down, descend, fall, befall of

age, drip, drop
verb intransitive

$ !n O4-G1-D54 hAi accede to office, grasp the meaning of verb intransitive

$ !n O4-G1-D54 hAi charge down upon enemy, tackle dangerous

verb transitive

! M n$ !n O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54 pr hAi ascend and descend, come and go verb transitive

! M n$ !nh O1-D21-D54-O4-G1-D54-I9 pr hA .f a popular resort, thronging crowds

$ !n M a4 f O4-G1-D54-D21-N16-Z1-N21 hA r tA flag, fail, cease

$n O4-D54 hAi come down, descend tackle etc........

$ !! R O4-G1-X1-N1 hAt ceiling

$ !K! U x O4-G1-G43-X1-N4-Z3A hAwt ceilings plural

$!1 1!! O4-G1-M17-M17-X1-O1 hAyt portal, stable

R N1 hAyt portal

$!R O4-X1-N1 hAyt portal

$!; O4-X1-O27 hAyt portal

$ 11!R O4-M17-M17-X1-N1 hAyt portal

$ !K8 O4-G1-G43-A24 hAw corvee

$ !) O4-G1-A9 hAw corvee

$ !K +5 O4-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 hAw time, life-time, neighbourhood, environment,

belongings, circumstances, affairs
$ !+5 O4-G1-Y1-Z2 hAw time

$ !V 5 O4-G1-N5-Z2 hAw life-time

1$ K5 G17-O4-G43-Z2 m hAw in the neighbourhood of

N35-O4-G43-Z2 n hAw of the enviroment of

M$K5 D21-O4-G43-Z2 r hAw near

$ +5 O4-Y1-Z2 hAw neighbourhood, enviroment

$ !K! p 5 O4-G1-G43-A1-B1-Z2 hAw kindred, relatives

$K!p5 O4-G43-A1-B1-Z2 hAw kindred

$ !! p 5 O4-G1-A1-B1-Z2 hAw kindred

$!1 1!p5 O4-G1-M17-M17-A1-B1-Z2 hAw kindred

$ !: nG 5 O4-G1-Z7-D54-G39-Z2 hAw species of wild fowl

$ !q n O4-G1-D58-D54 hAb send someone, something

$qn O4-D58-D54 hAb send someone, something

$ q nt O4-D58-D54-N35 hAb n send to someone

$qnM O4-D58-D54-D21 hAb r send to a place, send for

$ !q Sn O4-G1-D58-U13-D54 hb tread

$ !q ! S@ n O4-G1-D58-X1-U13-A32-D54 hAbt dance ?

$ !q 1 1 ! Sn O4-G1-D58-M17-M17-X1-U13-D54 hAbyt treading under foot ?

$!M!^ 5 O4-G1-D21-X1-F28-Z2 hArt herds of game

$ !? M M O4-G1-V31-D21-W3 hAkr a religious festival

$?; O4-V31-Z8 hAkr a religious festival

$ !?N O4-G1-V31-W4 hAkr a religious festival

$ !? 1 M M O4-G1-V31-M17-D21-W3 hAkr a religious festival

$ !-e a O4-G1-V13-S29-W23 hATs kind of jar

$ -e X O4-V13-S29-W14 hATs a type of jar

$ 1l! O4-M17-D52-A1 hi husband

$l O4-D52 hi husband

$ 1 1l! O4-M17-M17-D52-A1 hi husband

$ 11" O4-M17-M17-A2 hy hail !, shout interjection

$ 11{ O4-M17-M17-A32A hy Hail !, shout

$ 1 1$ tbK@ O4-M17-M17-O4-N35-W24-G43-A32 hy hnw jubilate

1$ 1 ae n5 G17-O4-M17-F31-S29-D54-Z2 m hims humbly

1$!aen G17-O4-G1-F31-S29-D54 m hims humbly

$ !ta8 ! 5 O4-G1-N35-D41-A24-A1-Z2 hAn rely on

$ 1 1Rl O4-M17-M17-O50-Z4A hyhy make acclamation

$:$:n O4-Z7-O4-Z7-D54 hwhw scurry

$K! ' O4-G43-X1-Q7 hwt be burnt

$qS O4-D58-U13 hb plough noun

U13 hb plough noun
$q Sn O4-D58-U13-D54 hbi tread out grain, tread a place, travel to, enter
into someone

$qn O4-D58-D54 hbi tread a place verb

$ !q Sn O4-G1-D58-U13-D54 hbi travel to verb

$ q Snd 4 O4-D58-U13-D54-F34-Z1 hb ib far-ranging of desire ?

$qS O4-D58-U13 hb humiliate ?

$q7| O4-D58-Z4-G26A hby ibis

$q: O4-D58-G26 hby ibis

$ q t7#5 O4-D58-N35-Z4-M3-Z2 hbny ebony

St7# U13-N35-Z4-M3 hbny ebony

$ q tS# O4-D58-N35-U13-M3 hbny ebony

$ q t! b O4-D58-N35-X1-W24 hbnt a jar, measure of capacity

St! b U13-N35-X1-W24 hbnt a jar

$q$qn O4-D58-O4-D58-D54 hbhb traverse country

$q $ q Sn O4-D58-O4-D58-U13-D54 hbhb traverse county

$q $ q S8 O4-D58-O4-D58-U13-A24 hbhb drive out pain

$qn\ O4-D58-N29-D36 hbq beat up, triturate

$ !q n \ O4-G1-D58-N29-D36 hbq beat up, triturate

$#+ O4-Q3-Y1 hp law, ordinance

<$ # + D4-O4-Q3-Y1 ir hp keep the law, carry out the law

$1' O4-G17-Q7 hm be burning

$ 1! $5 O4-G17-X1-X4-Z2 hmt fare for conveyance

$1:" `5 O4-G17-Z7-X2-W22-Z2 hmw emolument

$1$ 1!" O4-G17-O4-G17-X1-A2 hmhmt war - cry, quacking of wild-fowl

$ 1$ 1! 5`5 O4-G17-O4-G17-X1-E21-D40-Z2 hmhmt war - cry

$1$ 15 O4-G17-O4-G17-Z2 hmhmt war-shout, quacking of wild-fowl

$ t% O4-N35-Q5 hn box, chest

$ t" O4-N35-Q2 hn box, chest

$ t& O4-N35-Q6E hn box, chest

$ t&# O4-N35-Q6E-M3 hn box, chest

$ t2 O4-N35-O18 hn box, chest

$ t+ O4-N35-Y1 hn halt, cease

$ tb Kb O4-N35-W24-G43-W24 hnw jar, measure of about half litre

$be O4-W24-A73 hnw praise of god or king

$t11< O4-N35-M17-M17-A28 hny praise of god or king

$ 1 1$ tb K{ O4-M17-M17-O4-N35-W24-G43-
hy hnw jubilation

$ tb :! p 5 O4-N35-W24-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 hnw associates, family, relatives

(!p5 A8-A1-B1-Z2 hnw associates, family

$ tb:~6 O4-N35-W24-Z7-N35A-Z3 hnw waves

$ ttH O4-N35-N35-F5 hnn deer

$ tt] O4-N35-N35-F27 hnn deer

$ tt9 O4-N35-N35-D1 hnn attend to, consider, trust in, assent to,
approve document, cajole ?
$ tt, O4-N35-N35-Y2 hnn attend to, consider

$ tt9" O4-N35-N35-D1-A2 hnn attend to, consider

$ tta` O4-N35-N35-D41-D40 hnn assent to

$ M` O4-D21-D40 hr milk verb

$ M+ O4-D21-Y1 hrw be pleased, satisfied, content, be quiet, at

verb infinitive

$ M+ O4-D21-Y1 hrw pleasing adjective

$ M" O4-D21-A2 hrw be quiet, at peace

<$ M } D4-O4-D21-Y1V ir hrw take care !

$ M }d 4 O4-D21-Y1V-F34-Z1 hr ib contented

$ M!+ O4-D21-X1-Y1 hrt peace, pleasantness

M$ M!+ D21-O4-D21-X1-Y1 r hrt satisfactorily

$ M!" O4-D21-X1-A2 hrt peace, pleasantness

$ MKV4 O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1 hrw day, daytime

V4 N5-Z1 hrw day, daytime

$ MKV4 ehM O4-D21-G43-N5-Z1-F35-I9-D21 hrw nfr holiday, happy day

$ MK1 1!,4 O4-D21-G43-M17-M17-X1-V12-Z1 hrwyt journal

$ M#~ O4-D21-Q3-N35A hrp sink, be immersed, suppress one's desires,

$ M#+ O4-D21-Q3-Y1 hrp suppress one's desires

$ M~! O4-D21-N35A-O1 hrmw poultry pen

$$' O4-O4-Q7 hh blast of fire, of heat of sun, of disease

$$7' O4-O4-Z4-Q7 hh blast of fire, of heat of sun, of disease

$e]nn O4-S29-D37-N29-D54 hsmq wade

$neE O4-N29-S29-G37 hqs steal, be deficient, scanty

$!" O4-X1-A2 ht call out ?

$!!} O4-X1-X1-E51 htt adoration

$!:] O4-X1-Z7-F27 htw ape

$!!] O4-X1-X1-F27 htt female ape

$ -! O4-V13-X1 htt female ape

$ fa` O4-D46-D41-D40 hd attack, punish, dismiss appellant, obstruct

someone, prevail over, excavate stone
$ fa` O4-D46-D41-D40 hd assault noun

$ f\ O4-D46-D36 hd attack noun

$ f~# O4-D46-N35A-M3 hdmw footstool

$ ft" O4-D46-N35-M2 hdn a plant

$ f$ fn O4-D46-O4-D46-D54 hdhd charge of army

$ f" O4-D46-A2 hd bregma front of the head

< !$ V28-G1-X4 AH bread

0 !! $5 M16-G1-X1-X4-Z2 HAt food

0!d M16-X1-F34 HAty heart

V28-G1-A28 HAi mourn, wail, screech of falcon, dance at verb
< !< funeral
V28-A28 HAi screech of falcon verb
V28-G1-G41 screech of falcon verb
< !I HAi
M16-G1-A28 HAi screech of falcon verb
0 !<
V28-G1-M17 HAi wail verb
V28-G1-A73 HAi mourn verb
V28-G1-D81 HAi mourn verb
< !}
0 11!E M16-M17-M17-X1-G37 HAyt mourning

0 !K < 5 M16-G1-G43-A28-Z2 HAw mourners

M16-G1-A2 HA would that !, O! non - enclitic
0 !" particle
V28-G1 HA would that !, O! non enclitic
<! particle
0 !! ! M16-G1-X1-O1 HAt tomb

< !! 2 V28-G1-X1-O18 HAt tomb

N76A-A40 HA the desert god
}i N76A-N24 HA the desert - god divinity

V28-G1-N76A-G7 the desert god

< !} ' HA
M16-G1-D1 HA occiput, back of ear, behind, around
0 !9
M 0 !9 D21-M16-G1-D1 r HA behind

0 !9 ! M16-G1-D1-O1 HA outside

0 !! M16-G1-O1 HA outside
M16-G1 HA in attendance
M16-G1-M17-M17-A40 HAy protector
0!1 1H
M16-M17-M17 HAy protector
0!1! M16-G1-M17-O1 HAi outer parts ? of house

0 K>>> M16-G43-V30-V30-V30 HAw nbw Aegean Islanders, Isles

M16-G1-P1 HA go ashore, run aground of ship
0 !\
V28-G1-M17-M17-S28 HAy be naked
<!1 1d
0 !K! d M16-G1-G43-X1-S28 HAwt nakedness

0 !1 1 ! d6 M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28-Z3 HAwt nakedness

0 !7 Kd! M16-G1-Z4-G43-S28-A1 HAwy naked man

0 !7 d! M16-G1-Z4-S28-A1 HAwy naked man

< 0 !! ! V28-M16-G1-X1-A1 HAwty naked man

0!1 1!d M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-S28 HAyt bandage noun

0!1 1!~ M16-G1-M17-M17-X1-N35A HAyt flood water

M16-G1-M17-M17-G43-T30-G1-Z3 carrion - birds
0 ! 1 1 K >!6 HAyw
0 !K +5 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 HAw wealth, increase, excess, surplus

< 0 K+5 V28-M16-G43-Y1-Z2 HAw wealth, increase

0 !K+5t M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-N35 HAw n most of

10 !K+5 G17-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 m HAw in excess of

0 !K+5: 4 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 HAw Hr more than

0 !K+5: 4 e h M M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1-F35-I9-
HAw Hr surpassing in beauty

t0 !K+5 N35-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2 n HAw excessive

10 !K +5: 4 G17-M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-D2-Z1 m HAw Hr in addition to, except

V28-M16-G1-G43-M43A-Z3 HAw vintage
< 0 !K K 6
0 !K +5u5! p 5 M16-G1-G43-Y1-Z2-N36-Z2-A1-B1-
HAw mr the lower orders

0 !:+5B ! +5 M16-G1-Z7-Y1-Z2-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 HAw xt a special offering

0 K! " ` M16-Aa1-X1-X2-W22 HAw xt a special offering

0 }5B ! + M16-Y1V-Z2-Aa1-X1-Y1 HAw xt a special offering

G!4 F4-X1-Z1 HAt forehead, forepart of animal, prow of ship,

vanguard of army
G!4 F4-X1-Z1 HAt beginning of region, foremost, chief, the best
1G!4 G17-F4-X1-Z1 m HAt in front of, before

MG!4 D21-F4-X1-Z1 r HAt in front of, before, superior to

<G! 4 D4-F4-X1-Z1 ir HAt get in front of

G!4 M F4-X1-Z1-D21 HAt r starting with

M4G! 4u D21-Z1-F4-X1-Z1-N36 r HAt river mouth

G\ F4-D36 HAt a beginning

G\! F4-D36-A1 HAty a local prince, nomarch, mayor

G!\ F4-X1-D36 HAtt a local princess, female nomarch, mayoress

G! ! \ F4-X1-X1-D36 HAtt a local princess, female nomarch, mayoress

G\4 F4-D36-Z1 HAty a the finest of

G!4: 4 F4-X1-Z1-D2-Z1 HAt Hr forehead

G! , F4-X1-M12 HAt xA herdsman

$!R M4-X1-O50 HAt sp regnal year

G!4e i<o F4-X1-Z1-S29-I10-V28-D56 HAt sDH shinbone

G!7d F4-X1-Z4-F34 HAty heart, central chest , thought

0!d M16-X1-F34 HAty heart, central chest, thought

< !! 7 d V28-G1-X1-Z4-F34 HAty heart, central chest, thought

G!! ! F4-X1-X1-V1 HAtt bow-warp of ship

G!73 F4-X1-Z4-V19 HAtt bow-warp of ship

G!! K F4-X1-X1-W1 HAtt unguent

G!} F4-X1-N33A HAtt unguent

0 !\ 1 1 ! 8 M16-G1-D36-M17-M17-X1-A24 HAayt strife

0\7E M16-D36-Z4-G37 HAayt strife

0 !\ 1 1 ! E 5 M16-G1-D36-M17-M17-X1-G37-Z2 HAayt strife

0 !\ \ n M16-G1-D36-D36-D54 HAaa touch of ship on land

< !\ 4 q 8 V28-G1-D36-Z1-D58-A24 HAab a bad quality

GK!7n F4-G43-X1-Z4-D54 HAwty the foremost

G:! on F4-Z7-X1-D56-D54 HAwty the foremost

G4! K! F4-Z1-X1-G43-X1 HAwty the foremost

M16-G1-Q3-S28 secret, mysterious, to hide
0 !# d HAp
< 0 !# + V28-M16-G1-Q3-Y1 HAp secret, mysterious adjective

0 !# d M 4 : 4 M16-G1-Q3-S28-D21-Z1-D2-Z1 HAp r Hr keep silence about

0 !# ! M16-G1-Q3-O1 HAp secret place ?

0 !# f M 4 H M16-G1-Q3-D46-D21-Z1-A40 HApd r open mouthed

0 !1S ` M16-G1-G17-G51-D40 HAm catch fish, fish waters

0 !1Ip 8 M16-G1-G17-G41-K1-A24 HAm catch fish, fish waters

0 !1KT 8 M16-G1-G17-G43-G52-A24 HAmw fishermen

ST G51-W10 HAmw type of wine

<T G28-W10 HAmw type of wine

< !~ T V28-G1-N35A-W10 HAmw type of wine

0 ! M :<G M16-G1-D21-Z7-D4-G39 HArw decoy-duck, bait in general

M16-G1-M16-G1-D54 go astray, stumble
0 !0 !n HAHA
M16-M16-D54 stumble
00n HAHA
0 !R 7 î M16-G1-O50-Z4-D55 HAHA stumble

0 !n \ M16-G1-N29-D36 HAq plunder goods, capture towns, carry off

V28-M16-G1-N29-A24 carry off captives
< 0 !n 8 HAq
1 C0 n ` M17-O35-M16-N29-D40 is HAq easy prey

0 n `5 M16-N29-D40-Z2 HAq plunder noun

0 n ! `5 M16-N29-X1-D40-Z2 HAqt plunder noun

0 n `-6 M16-N29-D40-A13-Z3 HAqw captives

M16-G1-N29-Z7-A24-A1 plunderer
0 !n : 8 ! HAqw
V28-M16-W11-A2 be glad
<0U" HAg
M16-G1-W11-D54 touch of ship on land
0 !U n HAg
0 !U !U + M16-G1-W11-G1-W11-Y1 HAgAg rejoice over

V28-G1-U33-M17-S28 HAti cloak

<!g 1d
< !! d V28-G1-X1-S28 HAti cloak
M16-G1-G4-S28 fine linen
0 !$d HAtyw
M16-G4-G43-S28-Z3 fine linen
0 $Kd6 HAtyw
M16-G1-U33-M17-V6 HAtyw fine linen
0!g 1 &
0!g 1U M16-G1-U33-M17-N4 HAti cloudiness of sky

<0!g 1= V28-M16-G1-U33-M17-D5 HAti bleariness of eyes

0 !! < M16-G1-X1-D4 HAti bleariness of eyes

<0!g 1U V28-M16-G1-U33-M17-N4 HAti bleariness of eyes

< !f ` V28-G1-D46-T89 HAd fish trap, trap fish

< 0 !f# V28-M16-G1-D46-M3 HAd fish-trap

< !fl V28-G1-D46-D52 HAd lust verb

<\s V28-D36-F51 Ha flesh

< \ 25 V28-D36-F51B-Z2 Haw body

< \ 2> V28-D36-F51B-V30 Haw nb all people

< ss s! V28-F51-F51-F51-A1 Ha .i myself

3sss R8-F51-F51-F51 Haw nTr the King in person

<\! V28-D36-O1 Ha palace

<\!! V28-D36-X1-V1 Hat wick of lamp

<\}! V28-D36-D133-X1 Hat wick

<\<" V28-D36-A28-A2 Hai joyful adjective

<\<" V28-D36-A28-A2 Hai rejoice verb

<\K V28-D36-G43 Hai rejoice verb

<\<+ V28-D36-A28-Y1 Hai rejoice verb

<\+ V28-D36-Y1 Hai rejoice verb

<\11<+ V28-D36-M17-M17-A28-Y1 Hai rejoice verb

<\K!<6 V28-D36-G43-X1-A28-Z3 Hawt joy

<\!<n V28-D36-X1-A28-Z2B Hawt joy

< =\ !1 ! 5 V28-O29-D36-G1-A17-A1-Z2 HaAw children

< |!E 5 V28-O29V-G1-G37-Z2 HaAw children

<|\K1! V28-O29V-D36-G43-A17-A1 HaAw children

<\\K<+ V28-D36-D36-G43-A28-Y1 Haaw rejoice

<\\< V28-D36-D36-A28 Haaw rejoice

<\\K!< V28-D36-D36-G43-X1-A28 Haawt joy

<\KK\5 V28-D36-G43-G43-P1-Z2 Haaw ships

<\^5 V28-D36-P3-Z2 Haww ships

<\K^5 V28-D36-G43-P3-Z2 Haww ships

<\#~ V28-D36-Q3-N35A Hapy Nile

<#u V28-Q3-N36 Hapy Nile

<\#7u V28-D36-Q3-Z4-N36 Hapy Nile

<\#7u~H V28-D36-Q3-Z4-N36-N35A-A40 Hapy Hapy Nile god divinity

< \# M~v5 V28-D36-Q3-D21-N35A-N37-Z2 Hapy Nile

D2-Q3 Nile
:# Hapy
< M# vH V28-D21-Q3-N37-A40 Hapy Nile

< \ b !8 V28-D36-U28-G1-A24 HaDA plunder verb

< \ b !8 V28-D36-U28-G1-A24 HaDA robbery noun

< \ b !K! E 8 6 V28-D36-U28-G1-G43-X1-G37-A24-

HadAwt robbery

V28-G43-A40 Hw Authoritative Utterance

< KU+H V28-G43-F18-Y1-A40 Hw Authoritative Utterance
V28-G43-G7 royal ordinance
<K' Hw
V28-G43-G43 Hww proclaim
V28-G43 Hww proclaim
< Kl" V28-G43-Z4A-A2 Hww proclaim

<K;5 V28-G43-D3-Z2 Hww beat of wings

< K;5 V28-G43-Z8-Z2 Hw food

V28-G43-A40 Hw food
<U5 V28-F18-Z2 Hw food

U+;5 F18-Y1-Z8-Z2 Hw food

<KU+ V28-G43-F18-Y1 Hw food

<KU5 V28-G43-F18-Z2 Hw food

V28-A25-A24 Hwi beat, srike, smite, defeat in argument, drive verb
<98 off cattle
V28-A25-A24 Hwi drive in mooring post, flap wings, clap, gather verb
<98 crops
V28-A25-A24 Hwi thresh corn,throw against, tread road etc.., verb
<98 roam the earth
9\ A25-D36 Hwi beat, strike, smite verb
V28-G43-A24 Hwi drive off cattle verb
<" V28-T2 Hwi flap wings verb

<!\ V28-X1-D36 Hwt a extending the arm

<!` V28-X1-D40 Hwt stroke of falcon

<}?8~ V28-A90D-Z12-A24-N35A Hwi surge up, overflow, rain

V28-A24 Hwi surge up, overflow
V28-Z7-A24 Hwi surge up, overflow
<8` V28-A24-D40 Hwi surge up, overflow

<8?8~ V28-A24-Z12-A24-N35A Hwi surge up, overflow, rain

<911!~ V28-A25-M17-M17-X1-N35A Hwyt rain noun

< 8t7 M: 4 ` V28-A24-N35-Z4-D21-D2-Z1-D40 Hw ny r combat

< 8?8t7 M: 4 8 V28-A24-Z12-A24-N35-Z4-D21-D2-
Hw ny r combat

< Kl!5 V28-G43-D52-E1-Z2 Hww a class of bulls, cattle in general

< KK!5 V28-G43-G43-E1-Z2 Hww a class of bulls, cattle in general

V28-G43-M17-M17-G43-E1-Z3 a class of bulls, cattle in general
< K 1 1K!6 Hww
<K7 V28-G43-Z4 Hwy would that ! non - enclitic
V28-G43 Hwy would that ! non enclitic
<K particle
&!! O6-X1-O1 Hwt temple, funerary chapel

&!! O6-X1-O1 Hwt administrative district, estate

}!! O90A-X1-O1 Hwt aAt palace, administrative centre, temple, tomb-

&!! O6F-X1-O1 Hwt anx Mansion of Life Royal living Quarters

& : ! ! 5D M 1 1 ! ! 6 O6-Z7-X1-O1-Z2-G36-D21-M17-
Hwt wryt the Great Mansions Law Courts

&!!#\!!!5 O6-X1-O1-Q3-D36-X1-O1-A1-Z2 Hwt pat Mansion of the Patricians a shrine

O6G Hwt nt Mansion of the Red Crown a Temple
&& & t! L O6-O6-O6-N35-X1-S4 Hwwt nt Mansions of the Red Crown plural

O6E Hwt nbw Mansion of Gold, Goldsmith's workshop

&Tr5 O6-S12-N33-Z2 Hwt nbw Mansion of Gold a temple at Abydos, alabaster
quarries in Hare Nome, sculptor's workshop
O6-S12 Mansion of Gold temple at Abydos
&T Hwt nbw
3&!! R8-O6-X1-O1 Hwt nTr temple
R8-O6 Hwt nTr temple
&: M) O6-D2-D21-C9 Hwt Hr Hathor goddess divinity
O10 Hwt Hr Hathor divinity
&: M) O6-D2-D21-C9 Hwt Hr name of the Fourth month
O7-D28 Hwt kA chapel in tomb, temple
'!T! O7-X1-D28-O1 Hwt kA chapel in tomb, in temple

#!<'T Q3-X1-V28-O7-D28 Hwt kA chapel in tomb, temple

&!!T4#! <H O6-X1-O1-D28-Z1-Q3-X1-V28-A40 Hwt kA Memphis

&!!j O6-X1-X1-N25 Htt a mine noun

< $ !C V28-V4-G1-Aa2 HwA foul, offensive, rot, putrefy, smell offensive,

spoil enjoyment
< $ !!! C 5 V28-V4-G1-G1-X1-Aa2-Z2 HwAAt putrefaction

< $ !K! D V28-V4-G1-G43-X1-Aa3 HwAAt putrefaction

<K\E V28-G43-D36-G37 Hwa short

<\E V28-D36-G37 Hwa short

<K\Ed 4 V28-G43-D36-G37-F34-Z1 Hwa ib apprehensive

< \Ka! 5 V28-D36-G43-D41-A1-Z2 Hwaw short men

< B t1 V28-E34-N35-A17 Hwn child, young man

< J t1 V28-M42-N35-A17D Hwn child, young man

< B tJ 1 V28-E34-N35-M42-A17 Hwn child, young man

< J ! t1 V28-M42-X1-N35-A17 Hwnt maiden

< J tb ! 1 p V28-M42-N35-W24-X1-A17-B1 Hwnt maiden

< J t1 V28-M42-N35-A17 Hwn be rejuvenated, refreshed, youthful vigour

< B t1 V28-E34-N35-A17 Hwn youthful vigour noun

<Bts V28-E34-N35-F51 Hwn rib-roast

< J t! 4 V28-M42-N35-X1-Z1 Hwnt pupil of eye

<D MKE! V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-A1 Hwrw poor, humble man, despicable person

<D MKE5 V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-Z2 Hwrw the meanest of birds

<D MK1! V28-G36-D21-G43-A17-A1 Hwrw poor, humble man, despicable person

<D MK1E! V28-G36-D21-G43-A17-G37-A1 Hwrw poor, humble man, despicable person

q K< MDKE D58-G43-V28-D21-G36-G43-G37 bw Hwrw evil

<D MKEd 4 V28-G36-D21-G43-G37-F34-Z1 Hwrw ib poor of understanding

<D MK" V28-G36-D21-G43-A2 Hwrw speak ill ?, decry ?

< K! h8 V28-G43-X1-I9-A24 Hwtf rob, plunder

< K! h! ` V28-G43-X1-I9-V1-D40 Hwtf rob, plunder

V28-D58-W4 Hb festival
W4 Hb festival
<qM V28-D58-W3 Hb festival

< Mq V28-W3-D58 Hb festival

< VMq V28-N5-W3-D58 Hb festival

M W3 Hb festival

<q, V28-D58-Y2 Hb festival

Ne ff 7 W4-S29-D46-N21-O23 Hb sd jubilee
O23-W4 Hb sd jubilee
e ff7 N S29-D46-N21-O23-W4 Hb sd jubilee

< q e ffMV V28-D58-S29-D46-N21-W3-N5 Hb sd jubilee

< q M` V28-D58-W3-D40 Hb celebrate a triumph

< Mq V28-W3-D58 Hb celebrate a triumph

< q M+ V28-D58-W3-Y1 Hb celebrate a triumph

< q MX ` V28-D58-W3-D32-D40 Hb celebrate a triumph

V28-D58-M17-M17-W4 Hby be festal, make festival
<q 11N
W4-M17-M17 Hby be festal, make festival
N1 1
V28-D58-W4-M17-M17 Hby be festal, make festival
<qN1 1
< q M8 V28-D58-W3-A24 Hb mourn

< q !M, V28-D58-X1-W3-V12 Hbt ritual book

N! + W4-X1-Y1 Hbt ritual book

V28-T28-D58 Xry Hbt lector priest
<q 11!N V28-D58-M17-M17-X1-W4 Hbyt festival offerings

M! 5 W3-X1-Z2 Hbyt festival offerings

N1 1! W4-M17-M17-X1 Hbyt festival offerings

<qN1 1!5 V28-D58-W4-M17-M17-X1-Z2 Hbyt festival offerings

<q 11!@x V28-D58-M17-M17-X1-Y24-Z3A Hbyt festival offerings

< q NGp 5 V28-D58-W4-G39-K1-Z2 Hb catch of fish and fowl

Gp G39-K1 Hb catch of fish and fowl

<q Gp5 V28-D58-G39-K1-Z2 Hb catch of fish and fowl

< Mq G5p 5 V28-W3-D58-G39-Z2-K1-Z2 Hb catch of fish and fowl

V28-D58-G29-G1-D58-G29-G1-D54 waddle
< q = !q = !n HbAbA
<q\..+ V28-D58-D36-T14-T14-Y1 Hba play draughts

<\q` V28-D36-D58-D40 Hba play draughts

V28-D58-G43-Z26 Hbw target
<q Kp
<q KG V28-D58-G43-O39 Hbw target
V28-D58-Z5 target
<q8 Hbw
<qq!~ V28-D58-D58-X1-N35A Hbbt water

<qqf~ V28-D58-D58-N21-N35A Hbbt water

V28-D58-S29-S28 Hbs clothe, be clothed, don garment, furnish
<qed house, hide, cover up
< q e d: 4 V28-D58-S29-S28-D2-Z1 Hbs Hr be inaccessible to pleas cover the face

< q e d9 4 V28-D58-S29-S28-D1-Z1 Hbs Hr cover the head

V28-D58-S29-S28 Hbs garment, clothes, clothing, cloth, covering
d5 S28-Z2 Hbs garment, clothes, clothing

< q e :d45 V28-D58-S29-Z7-S28-Z1-Z2 Hbsw deception ?

<qe!K V28-D58-S29-X1-G43 Hbswt cloth

d! K S28-X1-G43 Hbswt cloth

< q Bd` V28-D58-O34-S28-D40 Hbs bear flabellum

V28-D58-S29-G43-Aa19 Hbsw bundle ?
<q eKT
<#u V28-Q3-N36 Hapy Nile

<qe 11!d V28-D58-S29-M17-M17-X1-S28 Hbsyt wife

<#!e V28-Q3-X1-P10 Hpt oar

q5 Aa5A-Z2 Hpt oar

F!4 Aa5-X1-Z1 Hpt oar

c!4 P8-X1-Z1 Hpt oar

<#!F V28-Q3-X1-Aa5 Hpt oar

<#!c V28-Q3-X1-P8 Hpt oar

F!c Aa5-X1-P8 Hpt oar

/8<#!e V15-A24-V28-Q3-X1-P10 iT Hpt travel by boat

ie MeF! 5 I10-S29-D21-D45-Aa5-X1-Z2 Dsr Hpwt row, steer, ply one's oar

Aa5-Q3-M17-M17-A40 Hapy a son of Horus divinity
F# 1 1H Hpy
Aa5-Q3-A40 Hapy one of the four sons of Horus divinity
F#H Hpy
V28-Q3-Aa5-M17-M17 Hapy one of the four sons of Horus divinity
<#F11 Hpy
V28-Q3-G43-Aa5-E1 Apis Bull
<#KF! Hpw
Aa5A-Q3-E1 Apis Bull
q#! Hpw
V28-Aa5-Q3-G39-E1 Apis Bull
<F#G! Hpw
F#K!7n Aa5-Q3-G43-X1-Z4-D54 Hpwty runner

<#U! V28-Q3-W11-X1 Hpgt a leaping dance

<#!n V28-Q3-X1-D54 Hpt travel

<#!X!n V28-Q3-X1-D32-X1-D54 Hptt course of sun or moon

< # ! )! n V28-Q3-X1-T9-X1-D54 Hptt course of sun and moon

<#!X V28-Q3-X1-D32 Hpt embrace, armful

<#!X\ V28-Q3-X1-D32-D36 Hpt embrace verb and noun

< # ! KX #5 V28-Q3-X1-G43-D32-M3-Z2 Hptw cross-timber of door leaves, ribs ? of boat

< # ! K#5 V28-Q3-X1-G43-M3-Z2 Hptw cross-timbers of door-leaves, ribs of boat

< #fQ V28-Q3-D46-D25 Hpd open mouth

0 !# f M16-G1-Q3-D46 Hpd open mouth

< hn V28-I9-D54 Hf range hills, of lion

< h!Km V28-I9-G1-G43-I14 HfAw snake

< hjKm V28-I9-F40-G43-I14 HfAw snake

< h! m V28-I9-X1-I14 HfAt intestinal worm

< h!! 0 V28-I9-G1-X1-A16A HfAt crawling posture

< h!! n V28-I9-G1-X1-D54 HfAt crawling posture

I8 Hfn 100,000 , a great quantity
< hfn V28-I9-D46-D54 Hfd climb

< hf' V28-I9-D46-A7 Hfd sit

{!p N42-X1-B1 Hmt woman, wife

B! p z ! p O34-X1-B1-N41-X1-B1 st Hmt woman, wife

<z ! p D4-N41-X1-B1 ir Hmt take a wife, to marry

7z! M23-N41-X1 Hmt nsw queen

3z! R8-N41-X1 Hmt nTr god's wife title of queen

7z!p M23-N41-X1-B1 Hmt nsw queen

7 ! t{ ! M23-X1-N35-N42-X1 Hmt nsw Queen

z!o N41-X1-F45 idt womb, uterus

z!! N41-X1-E1 idt womb, uterus

N41-G17 assuredly, indeed enclitic particle
z1 Hm
z1\ N41-G17-D36 Hm assuredly, indeed enclitic particle
N41-G17-A24 assuredly, indeed enclitic particle
z18 Hm
z1m N41-G17-D53 Hm coward

z1!7m N41-G17-X1-Z4-D53 Hmty homosexual

N41-G17-D55 retire, retreat
z1î Hm
z 1î0 !9 ? N41-G17-D55-M16-G1-D1-V31 Hm HA tp turn back !

z 1#B ! î N41-G17-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 Hm xt retreat
N41-G17-P10 steer
z1e Hm
N41-G17-Z7-P10 steering oar
z1:e Hmw
P10 Hmw steering-oar
N41-G17-P10 steering-oar
z1e Hmw
<z1K# V28-N41-G17-G43-M3 Hmw steering-oar

1 M7z1:e M17-D21-Z4-N41-G17-Z7-P10 iry Hmw helmsman

N41-G17-M17-M17-P10-A1 helmsman
z 1 1 1e! Hmy
j!4# U36-X1-Z1-M3 Hmt stand ? for target
U36-A1 Hm servant
j4! U36-Z1-A1 Hm servant
U36-Z7-A1 Hmw servants
j!p U36-X1-B1 Hmt female servant

j!4p U36-X1-Z1-B1 Hmt female servant

R8-U36 Hm nTr prophet
D375-A1 Hm kA soul priest
D31 Hm kA soul priest
} 1 1`! D375-M17-M17-D40-A1 Hm kA soul priest

}+5 D375-Y1-Z2 Hm kA soul - service

j4 U36-Z1 Hm Majesty of king

U36-A40 Hm Majesty
j4' U36-Z1-G7 Hm Majesty

j! U36-X1 Hmt Majesty of Queen

s4} N34-Z1-N33A Hmt copper, minerals, figuratively for Firmness of

s!7` N34-X1-Z4-D40 Hmty coppersmith

^!4 U24-X1-Z1 Hmt skill, craft of sculptor

^!+ U24-X1-Y1 Hmt skill

^K+ U24-G43-Y1 Hmw be skilled, skilful

^K+d 4 U24-G43-Y1-F34-Z1 Hmw ib ingenious

U24-G43-G43-A1 Hmww craftsman, expert, carpenter
U24-G43 Hmww craftsman, expert, carpenter
U24-A1 Hmww craftsman, expert, carpenter
^K!!5 U24-G43-X1-A1-Z2 Hmwt craftsmen collective noun

^!4!6 U24-X1-Z1-A1-Z3 Hmwt craftsmen

G36-S42-U24-A1 wr xrp Master Craftsman

^ KK$`! 5 U24-G43-G43-G4-D40-A1-Z2 Hmwtyw craftsmen

^ lK+ U24-Z4A-G43-Y1 Hmwy work

^! 4+5M4 U24-X1-Z1-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 Hmt r magic - spell

^! 4+5M4 U24-X1-Z1-Y1-Z2-D21-Z1 Hmt r etcetera, and so forth

^! M U24-X1-D21 Hmt r etcetera, and so forth

V28-G17-G1-Y24 ball
< 1!@ HmA
V28-U1-G1-H8 ball
< G!_ HmA
< G!! f r 5 V28-U1-G1-X1-U32-N33-Z2 HmAt salt

<H! r5 V28-U2-X1-N33-Z2 HmAt salt

< G!U ! r 5 V28-U1-G1-W11-X1-N33-Z2 HmAgt carnelian, garnet

<1U!5 V28-G17-W11-X1-Z2 HmAgt carnelian, garnet

U36-G43-G43 Hmww fuller washer of cloth ?
j KK
U36-N35A Hmww fuller washer of cloth?
<zKe!z V28-N41-G43-S29-X1-T62 Hmwst female counterpart of the KA

<11s4 V28-G17-G17-N34-Z1 Hmm surgeon's knife ?

V28-N41-S29-A7 sit, sit down, dwell in, seat someone

<ze' Hmsi
A7 Hmsi sit down
z B' N41-O34-A7 Hmsi sit down

V28-N41-S29-A285 sit down

<ze} Hmsi
N41-G17-S29-B3 dwell in
z1er Hmsi
<ze':4 V28-N41-S29-A7-D2-Z1 Hms Hr besiege town

< 1B' V28-G17-O34-A7 Hmsi occupy a place verb transitive

z B! S N41-O34-X1-A51 Hmst session

ze!# N41-S29-X1-A3 Hmst seat in sense of Rank, Position

z B1 ! 5 N41-O34-A17-A1-Z2 Hmsw sloth

<zel V28-N41-S29-D52 Hms penis

z B1 1' +! N41-O34-M17-M17-A7-Y1-A1 Hmsy guest

z1er!p5 N41-G17-S29-B3-A1-B1-Z2 Hmsyw guests plural

<1U!} V28-G17-W11-X1-N33A HmAgt carnelian

< "tD V28-M2-N35-V36 Hn encumber, obstruct

< "t+ V28-M2-N35-Y1 Hn provide, equip, command, govern, control

< "t+ V28-M2-N35-Y1 Hn charge someone with task, commend someone,
occupy oneself
V36G Hn occupy one's hands with business
< "tD + V28-M2-N35-V36-Y1 Hn control oneself

< "tD E V28-M2-N35-V36-G37 Hn control one's mouth

< "t! D +5 V28-M2-N35-X1-V36-Y1-Z2 Hnt occupation, craft, business, services

< "t! + V28-M2-N35-X1-Y1 Hnt occupation, craft, business, services

D ! +5 V36-X1-Y1-Z2 Hnt occupation, craft, business, services

>! < "t! D +5 V30-A1-V28-M2-N35-X1-V36-Y1-Z2 nb Hnt craftsman

< "tb K`! 6 V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-D40-A1-Z3 Hnw military Commanders

< Ntb :! l! V28-U8-N35-W24-Z7-X1-Z4A-A1 Hnwty servant

< "tn V28-M2-N35-D54 Hn go speedily, an attack

< "t! v V28-M2-N35-X1-N37 Hnt swampy lake, watercourse

< "t! 8u h V28-M2-N35-X1-Z5-N36-N23 Hnt swampy lake, watercourse

< t! T V28-N35-X1-W10 Hnt cup

T! W10-X1 Hnt cup

< "t! + V28-M2-N35-X1-Y1 Hnt space of time, lifetime

< "t! 7D D V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36 Hnty the two sides / ends of a space,

V36-V36 Hnty the two sides, the two ends of space dual
< "t! 7D D pp V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36-N31-
Hnty the two sides, the two ends of space dual

< "t! 7D D V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-V36 Hnty the two sides/ends of time

D!7 V36-X1-Z4 Hnty the two sides of time, the two ends of time,

< "t! 7p V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-N31 Hnty the two sides of time, the two ends of time,
< "t! lD V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4A-V36 Hnty the two sides of time, the two ends of time,

< "t! g 1, V28-M2-N35-X1-U33-M17-Y2 Hnty the two sides of time, the two ends of time,
continually, eternity,

< Nt! 7n V28-U8-N35-X1-Z4-D54 Hnty the two sides of time, the two ends of time,

< "tb:~u h4 V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-N35A-N36-

Hnw canal

<"t1" V28-M2-N35-M17-M2 Hni rush plant noun

< "t" V28-M2-N35-M2 Hni rush noun

< "t 1 1! _ V28-M2-N35-M17-M17-X1-T80A Hnyt spear

<t11! ^ V28-N35-M17-M17-X1-T80 Hnyt spear

< t\ V28-N35-D36 Hna together with, and, therewith, together with

<t V28-N35 Hna together with, and

< t\5 V28-N35-D36-Z2 Hna together with, and, therewith, together with
< "tbK ` V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-W22 Hnw jar, bowl, chattels, possessions, goods

< "tKT V28-M2-N35-G43-W10 Hnw bowl

< Ntb Ka V28-U8-N35-W24-G43-W23 Hnw jar

< "tbK+5 V28-M2-N35-W24-G43-Y1-Z2 Hnw goods, chattels, possessions plural

<b!k V28-W24-X1-I12 Hnwt mistress

T! W10-X1 Hnwt mistress

<b!p V28-W24-X1-B1 Hnwt mistress

< tb ! p V28-N35-W24-X1-B1 Hnwt mistress

< #tb! } V28-M3D-N35-W24-X1-O120 Hnwt horn

< "tS V28-M2-N35-F16 Hnwt horn

< Ntb Kj V28-U8-N35-W24-G43-P60C Hnw barque of Sokar

< "tb : 1 1} V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-M17-M17-

Hnw barque of Sokar

< "tb : s5 V28-M2-N35-W24-Z7-F51-Z2 Hnw ribs

< tq :` V28-N35-D58-Z7-D40 Hnb convey land

< "tq ! h5 V28-M2-N35-D58-X1-N23-Z2 Hnbwt confines of district

< "t11! ! p 5 V28-M2-N35-G17-G17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 Hnmmt the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind

Y!5 N8-X1-Z2 Hnmmt the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind

<11! Y5 V28-G17-G17-X1-N8-Z2 Hnmmt the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind

Y11!!p 5 N8-G17-G17-X1-A1-B1-Z2 Hnmmt the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind

Y!p5 N8-A1-B1-Z2 Hnmmt the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind

<tB1 B1n V28-N35-T34-G17-T34-G17-D54 Hnmnm creep

< ttN4 V28-N35-N35-U8-Z1 Hnn hoe

< "tt# V28-M2-N35-N35-M3 Hnn hoe

< "ttl V28-M2-N35-N35-D52 Hnn penis, circumcised penis

< "ttm2 V28-M2-N35-N35-D53-F51B Hnn phallus, circumsized penis

< "t < "tî V28-M2-N35-V28-M2-N35-D55 HnHn hinder, detain

< "t < î V28-M2-N35-V28-D55 HnHn hinder, detain

< "t"tn V28-M2-N35-M2-N35-D54 HnHn hinder, detain

< "t < "tD n! V28-M2-N35-V28-M2-N35-V36-D54-

HnHn dawdler ?, cripple ?

< "t"t! _ V28-M2-N35-M2-N35-X1-H8 HnHnt swelling

< "tU U s V28-M2-N35-W11-W11-F51 Hngg tonsils ?, salivary glands ?

< "te E V28-M2-N35-S29-G37 Hns narrow, constricted

< "te pE V28-M2-N35-S29-N31-G37 Hns constricted

< te d 4 V28-N35-S29-F34-Z1 Hns ib meanness

< "te Ed 4 V28-M2-N35-S29-G37-F34-Z1 Hns ib meanness

< "e \4 V28-M2-S29-D36-Z1 Hns a mean, ungenerous

< T tB?! ` V28-W10-N35-O34-V31-V1-D40 Hnsk tie up ?

< "tB?! ; V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-X1-D3 Hnskt braided lock of hair

< "tB?! ? V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-X1-D156 Hnskt braided lock of hair

< " tB? $???5 V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-G4-D156-
Hnsktyw wearers of the side-lock of hair

< "te ? 1 1 $;H6 V28-M2-N35-S29-V31-M17-M17-G4-

Hnsktyw wearers of the side-lock of hair

< "tB? 1 1 ! ; V28-M2-N35-O34-V31-M17-M17-X1-

Hnskyt she who has braided hair

<n!` V28-N29-X1-W22 Hnqt beer

` W22 Hnkt beer

< t?_ V28-N35-V31-D39 Hnk to present someone, offer something, make

offering, be burdened
_ D39 Hnk offer something to

_+ D39-Y1 Hnk offer something to

_bbb D39-W24-W24-W24 Hnk make offering to

< "t?_ V28-M2-N35-V31-D39 Hnk make offering to

_bbb D39-W24-W24-W24 Hnk offerings

< t?! _ bb b V28-N35-V31-X1-D39-W24-W24-

Hnkt offerings

_!G D39-X1-M39 Hnkt offerings

_!5 D39-X1-Z2 Hnkt offerings

< "t?:_ 4 V28-M2-N35-V31-Z7-D39-Z1 Hnkw diplomatic gifts

< "t? 1 1 ! ad V28-M2-N35-V31-M17-M17-X1-D41-

Hnkyt bed, bier

< "t? 1 1! _ !5 V28-M2-N35-V31-M17-M17-X1-D39-

Hnkyt bed

< t?! d V28-N35-V31-X1-S28 Hnkyt bed

_ ! !j tB ! D39-X1-O1-S34-N35-Aa1-O1 Hnkyt bed of life where the sun sets

< "t?K_ V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-D39 Hnkw scale-pan of a balance

< "t?K= V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-V29 Hnkw scale-pan of balance

< "t?K} V28-M2-N35-V31-G43-U91 Hnkw scale-pan of balance

< "t! 7D 8 V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-V36-A24 Hnty be covetous, greedy

<DK!b V28-V36-S3-X1-I3 Hnty be covetous, greedy

< "t! 8 V28-M2-N35-X1-A24 Hnty be covetous, greedy

< "t! b8 V28-M2-N35-X1-I3-A24 Hnty be covetous, greedy

< "t! b V28-M2-N35-X1-I3 Hnt greed

< "! V28-M2-X1 Hnt greed

< "t! d !E V28-M2-N35-X1-U30-G1-G37 HntA be in need

< "t! !] 4 V28-M2-N35-X1-G1-F27-Z1 HntA porcupine ?

< "t! 7] V28-M2-N35-X1-Z4-F27 Hnti porcupine ?

< "t! d !7 K ` V28-M2-N35-X1-U30-G1-M23-G43-

HntAsw lizard

< t! d 1 1` V28-N35-X1-U30-M17-M17-D40 Hnty foreign commander, equerry of foreign prince

< t! K 1 1 V28-N35-X1-G43-M17-M17 Hnty foreign commander

<"tg 1 18 V28-M2-N35-U33-M17-M17-Z5 Hnty equerry of foreign prince

G5-A40 Hr Horus divinity
%! G5-X1 Hrt Horus of Queen divinity

< "t! !s V28-M2-N35-X1-G1-F51 HntA breastbone

f4 D46-Z1 Hnt palm of hand

G8 Falcon of Gold
( Hr nbw
!( X1-G8 Hr nbt Falcon of Gold

:4 D2-Z1 Hr face, sight

: 4 >! p 6 D2-Z1-V30-A1-B1-Z3 Hr nb everyone

: 4 >! 6 D2-Z1-V30-A1-Z3 Hr nb everyone

]:t D37-D2-N35 di Hr n give commands to

]1:t D37-G17-D2-N35 di m Hr n lay a charge upon, command someone

]1:t D37-G17-D2-N35 di m Hr n appoint someone to office, call the attention

< M:4 T28-D21-D2-Z1 Xr Hr under the control of, under the supervision of

:4M D2-Z1-D21 Hr face, sight

:4 D2-Z1 Hr upon, in, at, from, on account of, concerning,
through, and, having on it, because
prepostion with
: M7R D2-D21-Z4-N1 Hry who / which is upon, who is higher, upper,
having authority over, headman
:R D2-N1 Hry upper

:M D2-D21 Hry master

: MR! D2-D21-N1-A1 Hry head man

D2-F34 in the middle, midst of
:d Hr ib
D2-F34 which is in the middle / midst of, who dwell
:d Hry ib
in, middle, inmost parts of, contents of torso
: M7RP! 4 D2-D21-Z4-N1-F13-X1-Z1 Hry wpt summit of head

:d!; D2-F34-X1-O27 Hrt ib central hall of temple

:4\4 D2-Z1-D36-Z1 Hr a in default ?

: 4\4+5 D2-Z1-D36-Z1-Y1-Z2 Hr a arrears, remainder

:\ ME5 D2-D36-D21-G37-Z2 Hr a remainder

: M!\4E5 D2-D21-X1-D36-Z1-G37-Z2 Hrt a arrears

:4\4K7 D2-Z1-D36-Z1-G43-Z4 Hr awy immediately

:4\4 D2-Z1-D36-Z1 Hr awy immediately

: MK $! D2-D21-G43-M4-X1 Hryw epagomenal days

$! 5l: K M4-X1-Z2-Z4A-D2-G43 Hryw the five epagomenal days

: MRb ! h$ D2-D21-N1-F32-X1-I9-X4 Hry Xt .f an offering loaf

: MR4D D2-D21-Aa17-Z1-F1 Hry sA a breed of cattle

:S4 D2-Aa18-Z1 Hry sA a breed of cattle

: MR! D2-D21-Aa17-E1 Hry sA a breed of cattle

: M! Rvf 4 D2-D21-X1-N1-N37-N21-Z1 Hrt S garden

: MRvhh' D2-D21-N1-N37-N23-I9-G7 Hry S .f Arsaphes divinity

: Mvh' D2-D21-N37-I9-G7 Hry S .f Arsaphes divinity

: MKv\ 7 r. ! 5 D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-T14-
Hryw Say Bedouin

: MKv\7 rQ 6 D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-A49-
Hryw Say Bedouin

: MKv\7 r.,5 D2-D21-G43-N37-D36-Z4-N33-T14-

Hryw Say Bedouin

: MRa h4 ! D2-D21-N1-N16-N23-Z1-A1 Hry tA survivor

:494 D2-Z1-D1-Z1 Hr tp on behalf of

: M974 D2-D21-D1-Z4-Z1 Hry tp who is upon, having authority over, chief,

headman, master
D2-D1 who is upon
:9 Hry tp
: MR9 4 D2-D21-N1-D1-Z1 Hry tp master of a servant

: MKR D2-D21-G43-N1 Hrw upper part, top

: M: D2-D21-Z7 Hrw upper part, top

: MR D2-D21-N1 Hrw upper part, top

t: MKR N35-D2-D21-G43-N1 n Hrw upward

M: MKR D21-D2-D21-G43-N1 r Hrw up above

1: M 1 1!R G17-D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-N1 m Hryt above

1: M!R G17-D2-D21-X1-N1 m Hryt above, in advance of

: M!R D2-D21-X1-N1 Hrt sky, heaven

:!R D2-X1-N1 Hrt sky, heaven

: M!j D2-D21-X1-N25 Hrt tomb, necropolis

: M!4 D2-D21-X1-O20 Hrt tomb

: ! MRj D2-X1-D21-N1-N25 Hrt tomb

vh: M!R N37-N23-D2-D21-X1-N1 S Hrt tomb garden

:4! D2-Z1-V1 Hr a rope aboard a ship

<: Mp V28-D2-D21-N31 Hr distant adjective

<: Mp V28-D2-D21-N31 Hr be far from verb

: M:\p M D2-D21-Z7-Aa19-N31-D21 Hrw r apart from, besides, as well as

pM N31-D21 Hrw r apart from, besides, as well as

: MT8 D2-D21-Aa19-A24 Hr terrible, terrify adjective

: MT8 D2-D21-Aa19-A24 Hr terrify someone verb

<: MT8 V28-D2-D21-Aa19-A24 Hr terror, dread

: M 1 1!T`5 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-D40-Z2 Hryt terror, dread, respect

T!5 Aa19-X1-Z2 Hryt terror, dread, respect

T11!5 Aa19-M17-M17-X1-Z2 Hryt terror, dread, respect

: M11!T D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19 Hryt terror, dread, respect

<: M!86 V28-D2-D21-X1-A24-Z3 Hryt terror, dread, respect

<: M!T86 V28-D2-D21-X1-Aa19-A24-Z3 Hryt terror, dread, respect

: M1 1!TE5 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-G37-Z2 Hryt respect

: M 1 1 ! T `5d 4 D2-D21-M17-M17-X1-Aa19-D40-Z2-
Hryt ib terror

: MT` D2-D21-Aa19-D40 Hr prepare, make ready, be ready

1: MT` G17-D2-D21-Aa19-D40 m Hrt in readiness for

< M# vH V28-D21-Q3-N37-A40 Hapy Nile

: h$ D2-I9-X4 Hrf kind of bread

U+7474"6 F18-Y1-E23-Z1-E23-Z1-A2-Z3 Hrr roar of lion

: MM!" D2-D21-D21-X1-M2 Hrrt flower

: Me! r5 D2-D21-S29-X1-N33-Z2 Hrst carnelian ?

:!!D D2-X1-X1-D12 Hrtt lump of lapis lazuli

: M!! D2-D21-X1-X1 Hrtt lump of lapis lazuli

: M!7n D2-D21-X1-Z4-D54 Hrty travel by land

: M!n D2-D21-X1-D54 Hrty travel by land verb

C11 HH Heh god divinity
C11 HH million, a great number
+t C11-N35 HH n many
< <7n V28-V28-Z4-D54 HHy seek, search for, be missing

1 < < 7 ntd 4 G17-V28-V28-Z4-D54-N35-F34-Z1 m HHy n with ingenious mind

V28-V28-D54 seek, search for, be missing from verb
<<n HHy
V28-V28-A21-A24 HH breaking the force ? of a wave in wreck
V28-N5-V28 eternity
<V< nHH
W14 Hsi spin yarn
X!4 W14-X1-Z1 Hst water jar

<Xe!b V28-W14-S29-X1-W24 Hst water jar

< X B" V28-W14-O34-A2 Hsi favour / praise someone

W14 Hsi favour someone, praise someone0 verb
X+ W14-Y1 Hsi favour someone, praise someone verb

< X B! " V28-W14-O34-X1-A2 Hst favour, praise noun

X! W14-X1 Hst favour noun

Xe!" W14-S29-X1-A2 Hst favour noun

< XB! + V28-W14-O34-X1-Y1 Hst praise noun

W14-W14-W14 Hswt favours noun - plural

< XB11"! V28-W14-O34-M17-M17-A2-A1 Hsy favoured one, praised one
A349 Hsy favoured, praised one, spin
X11! W14-M17-M17-X1 Hsyt favoured, praised one feminine

< X B! V28-W14-O34-A1 Hsy favoured, praised one

W14-S29-M17-M17-A1 Hsy favoured, praised one
Xe 11!
< X BK" V28-W14-O34-G43-A2 Hsy favoured, praised one

< X ! l" V28-W14-X1-Z4A-A2 Hsty praise noun

< X11!5 V28-W14-M17-M17-X1-Z2 Hsyt concubines

< XBK g 1 V28-W14-O34-G43-U33-M17 Hswti favourite adjective

W14-W14 Hswti favourite adjective
< X Bn V28-W14-O34-D54 Hsi turn back, turn away
W14-S29-D54 turn back, turn away verb
Xen Hsi
< Xe7n V28-W14-S29-Z4-D54 Hsi turn back, turn away the evil doer verb

1 < X Bnh G17-V28-W14-O34-D54-I9 m Hsi .f coming to meet him

< X Bn: 4 h V28-W14-O34-D54-D2-Z1-I9 Hs Hr .f courageous

< X Bn: 4 1 V28-W14-O34-D54-D2-Z1-G17 Hs Hr m face an enemy

<eC5 V28-S29-Aa2-Z2 Hs excrement

V28-S29-D207 Hsi sing verb
< XB7" V28-W14-O34-Z4-A2 Hsi sing verb
V28-W14-S29-A2 Hsi sing verb
< e aK! V28-S29-D41-G43-A1 Hsw minstrel
W14-G43 Hsw minstrel
<XB V28-W14-O34 Hsw minstrel

< X B! V28-W14-O34-X1 Hst minstrel feminine

< e a! p V28-S29-D41-X1-B1 Hst minstrel feminine

< X11!a V28-W14-M17-M17-X1-D41 Hst minstrel feminine

V28-W14-S29-P5 Hs be cold
< Xe`
V28-S29-A361 Hs be cold
V28-S29-A359 Hs be cold
< BG !~ V28-O34-G39-G1-N35A HsA milk, mucus, dough
V28-S29-Aa17-G1-N35A HsA mucus
< e R !~
< BG V28-O34-G39 HsA dough
V28-G39 dough
<G HsA
<G!} V28-G39-X1-E101a HsAt a cow goddess divinity

<!!} V28-Q1-X1-E101A HsAt a cow goddess divinity

# i! V < BG!! } b 5 T3-I10-X1-N5-V28-O34-G39-G1-X1-
HDt HsAt milk

< X BK\~ V28-W14-O34-G43-P1-N35A Hsw spell for protection against water

< Z9 Hsb one quarter number, one quarter of an aroura

<eq< V28-S29-D58-Z9 Hsb break, smash, fracture

C4 Aa2-Z1 Hsb fracture noun

<eqC V28-S29-D58-Aa2 Hsb breaak, smash

<eqC+ V28-S29-D58-Aa2-Y1 Hsb count, reckon, reckon with offenders

C+ Aa2-Y1 Hsb count, reckon

<eq KC+ V28-S29-D58-G43-Aa2-Y1 Hsbw reckoning, account

C+ Aa2-Y1 Hsb account

CK. Aa2-G43-A14 Hsbw doom

<eqC4$ V28-S29-D58-Aa2-Z1-X4 Hsb a type of bread

L4 ! Aa2-Z1-A1 Hsb workman

< B# i V28-O34-Q3-N24 Hsp garden

<e# h4 V28-S29-Q3-N23-Z1 Hsp garden

< e .tf r 5 V28-S29-Y5-N35-U32-N33-Z2 Hsmn natron, bronze, amethyst

< B.t4 V28-O34-Y5-N35-R9 Hsmn natron

U32-N33AV Hsmn bronze
fs} U32-N34-N33A Hsmn bronze

< e .tf R V28-S29-Y5-N35-U32-D26 Hsmn menstruation

f tR U32-N35-D26 Hsmn menstruation

U32-D26 Hsmn menstruate verb
< B.t$5 V28-O34-Y5-N35-X4-Z2 Hsmn type of food
V28-S29-N29-T30 cut off head etc, cut out heart etc, behead
<en> Hsq
<en!> V28-S29-N29-X1-T30 Hsqt chopper

<n!` V28-N29-X1-W22 Hnqt beer

<n!f V28-N29-X1-I7 Hqt Heqat frog goddess

nn!k S38-N29-X1-I12 Hqt Heqat frog goddess divinity

<n!p V28-N29-X1-B1 Hqt Heqat frog goddess divinity

<n!8' V28-N29-X1-Z5-G7 Hqt Heqat frog goddess divinity

n!4 S38-X1-Z1 HqAt sceptre

nn! S38-N29-X1 HqAt sceptre

<n!n V28-N29-X1-S38 HqAt sceptre

S38-N29-G1-A1 Ruler
n n !! HqA
S38-A1 HqA ruler
S38-N29-G1-G7 ruler
n n !' HqA
S38-N29-G1-A40 ruler
n n !H HqA
S38-N29-G1-A45 ruler
n n !M HqA
n&!Q S38-O6-X1-O49 HqA Hwt district governor

n n !+ S38-N29-G1-Y1 HqA rule over, govern

S38-N29 rule over, govern
nn HqA
nn!+ S38-N29-X1-Y1 HqAt rulership

nn!k S38-N29-X1-I12 Hqt Heqat frog goddess

nn!O S38-N29-X1-U9 HqAt corn-measure of 4.54 litres

U11 HqAt corn-measure of 4.54 litres
O! 4 U9-X1-Z1 HqAt corn-measure of 4.54 litres
U9 HqAt corn-measure of 4.54 litres
T14-U9 HqAt corn-measure of 4.54 litres
U9-U9 HqAti double corn-measure of 4.54 litres each
<n ME V28-N29-D21-G37 Hqr be hungry, hunger

<n ME V28-N29-D21-G37 Hqr hunger noun

<n M" V28-N29-D21-A2 Hqr be hungry verb

<n M"! V28-N29-D21-A2-A1 Hqr hungry man

<n ME! V28-N29-D21-G37-A1 Hqr hungry man

V28-D28-G1-Z7-A2-Z3 HqAw magic, magic spells
< T !: " 6
<T5 V28-D28-Z2 HqAw magic, magic spells
V28-D28-G1-A2-Z3 HqAw magic, magic spells
< T !" 6
< T 1 1+H V28-D28-M17-M17-Y1-A40 HkAy magician

< T +6 H V28-D28-Y1-Z3-A40 HkAw god of Magic

F22-R12 HqAw god of Magic divinity
< ?t+ V28-V31-N35-Y1 Hkn be joyful, acclaim

< ?tbK" V28-V31-N35-W24-G43-A2 Hkn acclaim someone

< ?tbK" V28-V31-N35-W24-G43-A2 Hknw praise to king / god, thanksgiving

<?b+ V28-V31-W24-Y1 Hknw praise to king / god

< ?bK V28-V31-W24-W1 Hknw a sacred oil

< ?tb : r5 V28-V31-N35-W24-Z7-N33-Z2 Hknw a sacred oil

<UUs V28-W11-W11-F51 Hgg saliva ?

<!;` V28-X1-D3-D40 Ht become entangled of hair

<!!! V28-X1-X1-O1 Htt mine, quarry

&!! O6-X1-O1 Htt mine, quarry

&!!j O6-X1-X1-N25 Htt mine, quarry

< -! ! V28-V13-X1-O1 Htt mine, quarry

O6-O6-O6 Htwt mines, quarries plural
U+O4 s F18-Y1-G47-Z1-F51 HtA armpit

< ! d !` V28-X1-U30-G1-P5 HtA sail, awning

< ! d !d V28-X1-U30-G1-S28 HtA sail, awning

<!d!& V28-X1-U30-G1-V6 HtA shabby, threadbare, wrinkled

< ! d !KE 5 V28-X1-U30-G1-G43-G37-Z2 HtAw wrinkles ?

<!7' V28-X1-Z4-Q7 Hty smoke

<! 11!Ms V28-X1-M17-M17-X1-F10-F51 Htyt throat

<!!M V28-X1-X1-F10 Htt windpipe, throat

< ! \#4 V28-X1-D36-M3-Z1 Hta bed

<!KT5 V28-X1-G43-W10-Z2 Htw bowls

/4 R4-Z1 Htp altar

/{ R4-R3P Htp altar

/!# R4-X1-Q3 Htp altar

/" ` R4-X2-W22 Htp offerings

/;6 R4-Z8-Z3 Htp offerings

3 /! #:;5 R8-R4-X1-Q3-Z7-Z8-Z2 Htpw nTr god's offerings, divine offerings

!#3" `; -X1-Q3-R8-X2-W22-Z8 Htp nTr god's offerings, divine offerings

/ -. R4-O13D-R3Q Htp wsxt forecourt offerings

/! # ! ;5 R4-X1-Q3-X1-Z8-Z2 Htpt offerings

/ R4 Htp boon, offering

7!/( M23-X1-R4-X8 Htp di an offering the king gives

A57 Htp di an offering the King gives
/!# R4-X1-Q3 Htp be pleased, be happy, be gracious, pardon, be
at peace
verb intransitive

/!# R4-X1-Q3 Htp be peaceful, become calm, go to rest, set verb intransitive

/! # 1j tB R4-X1-Q3-G17-S34-N35-Aa1 Htp m set of sun, go to rest, die of people

/!#d 4:4 R4-X1-Q3-F34-Z1-D2-Z1 Htp ib Hr be well-disposed toward

/!# R4-X1-Q3 Htp satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne,

rest in tomb, assume titulary
verb transitive

/ R4 Htp satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne,

rest in tomb, assume titulary
verb transitive
/!#+ R4-X1-Q3-Y1 Htp satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne,
rest in tomb, assume titulary
verb transitive

</!# V28-R4-X1-Q3 Htp satisfy, make content, pacify, occupy throne,

rest in tomb, assume titulary
verb transitive

/ R4 Htp be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to,

pardon someone, be at peace, peaceful,
verb intransitive

become calm
</!# V28-R4-X1-Q3 Htp be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to,
pardon someone
verb intransitive

</!# V28-R4-X1-Q3 Htp be at peace, peaceful, become calm verb intransitive

/!#+ R4-X1-Q3-Y1 Htp be pleased with, be happy, be gracious to,

pardon someone
verb intransitive

/!#+ R4-X1-Q3-Y1 Htp be at peace, peaceful, become calm verb intransitive

1/! # ehMD M! G17-R4-X1-Q3-F35-I9-D21-G36-

m Htp nfr in very good peace a greeting

/! #K+5 R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 Htpw peace, contentment, good pleasure

/5 R4-Z2 Htpw peace, contentment, good pleasure

/// R4-R4-R4 Htpw peace, contentment, good pleasure

/!#+ R4-X1-Q3-Y1 Htpw peace, contentment, good pleasure

</!# V28-R4-X1-Q3 Htpw peace, contentment, good pleasure

</ ! # K+5 D4-R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2 ir Htpw make peace

M ] /! # K+5t D21-D37-R4-X1-Q3-G43-Y1-Z2-N35 rdi Htpw make submission to

/!#!+ R4-X1-Q3-X1-Y1 Htpt graciousness, peace, mercy

/!#!" R4-X1-Q3-X1-M2 Htpt bundle of herbs

/!#!} R4-X1-Q3-X1-M203 Htpt bundle of herbs

/!#! ` R4-X1-Q3-X1-W22 Htpt bowl for bread offerings

/! # $;H5 R4-X1-Q3-G4-Z8-A40-Z2 Htptyw the peaceful ones the blessed dead

/!# 1 1K$6 R4-X1-Q3-M17-M17-G43-A4-Z3 Htpyw non- combatants

/ 1 1+5 R4-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 Htpyw non-combatants

/!# 1 1!6 R4-X1-Q3-M17-M17-A1-Z3 Htpyw non-combatants

<!!# V28-Q1-X1-M3 Htmt chair

<! !1G+ V28-Q1-X1-G17-G39-Y1 Htm provide

<!U+ V28-X1-U15-Y1 Htm provide with

<U1IE V28-U15-G17-G41-G37 Htm perish, be destroyed verb intransitive

<!! V28-Q1-X1 Htm perish, be destroyed verb intransitive

<!!U V28-Q1-X1-U15 Htm perish, be destroyed verb intransitive

< ! PE V28-Q1-Aa15-G37 Htm perish, be destroyed verb intransitive

<!U1E V28-X1-U15-G17-G37 Htm perish, be destroyed verb intransitive

<U1IE V28-U15-G17-G41-G37 Htm destroy, enemies, quench thirst verb transitive

<U[G V28-U15-D35-G39 Htm destroy enemies, quench thirst verb transitive

<!U[ V28-X1-U15-D35 Htm destroy enemies, quench thirst verb transitive

<!U1G V28-X1-U15-G17-G39 Htm destroy enemies, quench thirst verb transitive

<! M! V28-X1-D21-E1 Htr yoke of oxen

< -M8!6 V28-V13-D21-Z5-E1-Z3 Htr yoke of oxen

<! M& V28-X1-D21-E6 Htr span of horses, chariotry

<! M& V28-X1-D21-E6A Htr span of horses, horses, chariotry

< ! M&&5 V28-X1-D21-M6-E6A-Z2 Htrw span of horses, horses, chariotry

<! M&+ V28-X1-D21-M6-Y1 Htr tax, levy, provide a temple

<! M+ V28-X1-D21-Y1 Htr tax, levy, provide a temple with.......

<! MD" V28-X1-D21-M7A-A2 Htr tax, levy, provide a temple with.......

<-M1 % V28-V13-D21-M17-M5B Htr tax, levy, provide a temple with.......

<! M! V28-X1-D21-V1 Htr bind together, be contracted medical

<& MK! ! ! V28-M6-D21-G43-V1-V1-V1 Htrw lashings

V28-U33-S29-Aa30 Hts bring to an end, complete period of time,
<ge_ celebrate festival
<! _e V28-X1-Aa30-S29 Hts bring to an end, complete period of time,
celebrate festival
< -! 1 V28-V13-X1-E17 HTt hyena

<!!1 V28-X1-X1-E17 HTt hyena

< -! ! V28-V13-X1-O1 Htt mine building noun

<OT V28-G47-W10 HTA type of bread

< --} V28-V13-V13-D210 HTT carry under the arm

< --! a V28-V13-V13-X1-D41 HTT armpit

< --! 2 V28-V13-V13-X1-F51B HTTt armpit

< fq n V28-D46-D58-D54 Hdb sit on, seat oneself

< fq /` V28-D46-D58-A15-D40 Hdb overthrow, be prostrate

V28-I10-D58-A15 overthrow, be prostrate
< iq / HDb
< fq <` V28-D46-D58-Z9-D40 Hdb overthrow, be prostrate

#4 T3-Z1 HD mace

$4 T4-Z1 HD mace
T3-I10-N5 white, bright
# iV HD
T3 HD white, bright
T3-N5 white, bright
T3-I10-N8 HD white, bright
V28-T3-I10-N8 HD white, bright
# iVa h4 T3-I10-N5-N16-N23-Z1 HD tA dawn

# iV: 4 T3-I10-N5-D2-Z1 HD Hr cheerful

T3-I10-N5-D54 set forth at dawn
# iVn HD
T3-I10-D54 set forth at dawn
# in HD
# T} T3-S12-N33A HD silver, money
S14 HD silver, money
!#! O1-T3-O1 pr HD treasury
T3-I10-N5-S28 white clothes
# iVd HD
#!d T3-X1-S28 HDt white linen

$!d T4-X1-S28 HDt white linen

#!8&x T3-X1-Z5-V6-Z3A HDt white linen

#!J T3-X1-S2 HDt the white crown

$!I T4-X1-S1 HDt the White Crown

S2 HDt the White Crown
S1 HDt the White Crown
#!7ii T3-X1-Z4-S33-S33 HDty white sandals

#4! T3-Z1-O1 HD chapel

#4!G5 T3-Z1-O1-G39-Z2 HD Apdw bird - chapel

%! Y T5-X1-N8 HDt white of the eye

#D T3-D12 HD white of the eye

#VV T3-F19-F19 HD jaw

# i:"5 T3-I10-Z7-M2-Z2 HDw onions

# "} T3-M2-N33A HDw onions

T3-G43-M201 HDw onions
# i< T3-I10-Z9 HDi injure, destroy, disobey, annul, waste, eclipse,
verb transitive

# i< T3-I10-Z9 HDi be destroyed, perished, be lacking, fail verb intransitive

# i<d 4 T3-I10-Z9-F34-Z1 HD ib be upset, annoyed verb intransitive

< i< V28-I10-Z9 HDi damage, destruction noun

< i<E V28-I10-Z9-G37 HDi damage, destruction noun

%<E T5-Z9-G37 HDi damage, destruction noun

# i< T3-I10-Z9 HDi damage, destruction noun

# iiK! Y6 T3-I10-I10-G43-X1-N8-Z3 HDDwt brightness

&!K Y5 T6-X1-G43-N8-Z2 HDDwt brightness

B41 Aa1-Z1-A17 x placenta ?, child, be a child

B 111 Aa1-M17-M17-A17 xy child, be a child

B!' Aa1-X1-Q7 xt fire

B!!' Aa1-X1-X1-Q7 xtt fiery feminine

B ! +5 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 xt things, offerings, possessions, property,
matter, affair, something, anything
B ! +51! ! ! Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-G17-Q1-X1-O1 xt m st all well and good

B ! +5 Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 xt things, offerings, possessions, property,

matter, affair, something, anything
1B ! +55 ! 4 G17-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-T21-X1-Z1 m xt wat into, as one thing, altogether

><! B ! V30-D4-X1-Aa1-X1 nb irt xt Lord of Action

><B ! V30-D4-Aa1-X1 nb irt xt Lord of Action

OB ! +5 A47-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 iry xt overseer, administrator

<B ! +5 D4-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 ir xt do things

1B! M17-Aa1-X1 ixt things, offerings, possessions, property,

matter, affair, something, anything
K;5 Aa1-Z8-Z2 xt things, offerings, possessions, property,
matter, affair, something, anything
M12 xA 1000
,45 M12-Z1-Z2 xAw thousands

B , !K 5 Aa1-M12-G1-G43-Z2 xAw thousands

G!4 , F4-X1-Z1-M12 HAt xA herdsman

1M, G17-D21-M12 imy r xAw overseer of herds

,K"5 M12-G43-M2-Z2 xAw plants, flowers

,4"5 M12-Z1-M2-Z2 xAw plants, flowers

, !K"5 M12-G1-G43-M2-Z2 xAw plants, flowers

M12-M12-M12-M2-M2-M2 xAw plants, flowers
, , ,"""
,K#5 M12-G43-M3-Z2 xAw plants

,ah4 M12-N16-N23-Z1 xA tA land measure approx 10 Arouras, type of

Crown land
M12 xA tA land measure of 10 arouras
M12-G1-A17-G37 xA be young, little
, !1 E
, !! M12-G1-O1 xA office, bureau

,! M12-O1 xA office, bureau

O27 xA office, bureau
B; Aa1-O27 xA office, bureau

B! Aa1-O1 xA office, bureau

M12-G1-O27 xA office, bureau
, !;
B !! 4 Aa1-G1-O1-Z1 xA office, bureau

, !! h 4 M12-G1-X1-N23-Z1 xAt marsh

, !! C 5 M12-G1-X1-Aa2-Z2 xAt corpse

,11!/ M12-M17-M17-X1-A15 xAyt slaughter, massacre

,!}5 M12-X1-A98-Z2 xAyt slaughter, massacre

,!1 1!CE5 M12-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-G37-Z2 xAyt disease

, !! C E 5 M12-G1-X1-Aa2-G37-Z2 xAyt disease

B , !! C Aa1-M12-G1-X1-Aa2 xAyt disease

, !` M12-G1-D40 xAi measure, examine patient, patrol

B , !O Aa1-M12-G1-U9 xAi measure, examine patient

, 1 1 k` M12-M17-M17-D51-D40 xAi measure, examine patient,

` D40 xAi measure, examine patient, patrol

,O` M12-U9-D40 xAi measure, examine patient, patrol

,!1 1..+5 M12-G1-M17-M17-T14-T14-Y1-Z2 xAyw measurements

M12-G1-M17-M17-T14-T14-V1 xAy plumb-line, rule of conduct
,!1 1..!
M12-G1-M17-M17-V1 xAy plumb-line, rule of conduct
,!1 1!
B , !K ! , Aa1-M12-G1-G43-X1-R1 xAwt altar
M12-G1-M17-M17-R1 xAy altar
,!1 1,
! !4 X1-R36A-Z1 xAwt altar

}!, L6-X1-R1 xAwt altar

,B!!- M12-Aa1-X1-X1-R2 xAwt altar

,!1 1!, M12-G1-M17-M17-X1-R1E xAwt altar

!! ! 5 R36A-X1-O1-Z2 xAwt altar - chamber

, !\ ` M12-G1-D36-D40 xAa throw, strike down with disease, cast off

bonds, abandon property
, !\ ` M12-G1-D36-D40 xAa despatch messages, thrust, harpoon hippo ,
play ?, drip sweat
, !\ n M12-G1-D36-D54 xAa throw

B , !\ ` Aa1-M12-G1-D36-D40 xAa harpoon hippopotamus

,\n M12-D36-D54 xAa strike down with disease

B } !\ Aa1-L6-G1-D36 xAa cast off bonds

K} \ Aa1-L6-D36 xAa despatch messages

, !\ k M12-G1-D36-D51 xAa drip sweat

, !\ m M12-G1-D36-D53 xAa urination

, !\ Kn5 M12-G1-D36-G43-D54-Z2 xAaw discharges medical

,KT M12-G43-W10 xAw bowl

B , !T 4 Aa1-M12-G1-W10-Z1 xAw bowl

M12-G43-R36 xAw bowl
B , !K ! ] Aa1-M12-G1-G43-X1-F27 xAwt hide of animal

, !K 7 S M12-G1-G43-Z4-N2 xAwy night

B , !KS Aa1-M12-G1-G43-N2 xAwy night

N2 xAwy night
O27 xAwy night
, !:7 S +! M12-G1-Z7-Z4-N2-Y1-A1 xAwy benighted traveller

, !q 9 M12-G1-D58-E25 xAb hippopotamus

B , !q < Aa1-M12-G1-D58-Z9 xAb be bent of arm

M12-G29-S29-N14-N14-N14 xAbAs the starry sky
,q eK_5 M12-D58-S29-G43-N14-Z2 xAbAs the starry sky

, !q q V V M12-G1-D58-D58-F19-F19 xAbb crookedness

, !h\ ` M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 xfa grasp

B , !1a Aa1-M12-G1-G17-D41 xAm bend arm in respect, bow down

,1a M12-G17-D41 xAm bend arm in respect

M12-G1-G17-A24 bend arm in respect
, !18 xAm
M12-G1-G17-D32 bend arm in respect
, !1X xAm
, !1a` M12-G1-G17-D41-D40 xAm bend arm in respect

,tt! F M12-N35-N35-X1-M54 mAmA n variety of date-palm

,!M!Ep M12-G1-D21-X1-G37-B1 xArt widow

,!M!p M12-G1-D21-X1-B1 xArt widow

,!M7; M12-G1-D21-Z4-D3 xAry be wifeless

, Mn M12-D21-D54 xAr bolt of horses ?

, !74 . j M12-G1-E23-Z1-T14-N25 xArw Khor locality

,7j M12-E23-N25 xArw Khor locality

,7K- M12-E23-G43-A13 xArw Khorian

,7- M12-E23-A13 xArw Khorian

, !B n M12-G1-Aa1-D54 xAx be speedy, swift, hasten, hurry

M12-Aa1-D54 be speedy, swift
,Kn xAx
B , !B n Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54 xAx hasten, hurry

, !B nd 4 M12-G1-Aa1-D54-F34-Z1 xAx ib impatient

B , !B n M 4 Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54-D21-Z1 xAx r quick of speech

B , !B n: 4 Aa1-M12-G1-Aa1-D54-D2-Z1 xAx Hr impatience

B B , n: 4 Aa1-Aa1-M12-D54-D2-Z1 xAx Hr impatience

, !B \ M12-G1-Aa1-D36 xAx spear fish

, ! , !`\ M12-G1-M12-G1-P5-D36 xAxA winnow

, !Bn M12-G1-O34-D54 xAs scramble ?

, !B< h 4 M12-G1-O34-Z9-N23-Z1 xAs creek ? runnel ?

B Bf4 Aa1-O34-N21-Z1 xAs creek ? runnel ?

M12-G1-S29-V1 xAs curl on front of Red Crown ?
, !e !
j! 4 N25-X1-Z1 xAst hill country, foreign land, desert

B ,e!j Aa1-M12-S29-X1-N25 xAst hill country, foreign land, desert

,e!j M12-S29-X1-N25 xAst hill country, foreign land, desert

, B e -j M12-Aa1-S29-V13-N25 xAst hill country, foreign land, desert

\ 4 j! 4 D36-Z1-N25-X1-Z1 a xAst desert region

n K! ( 5j! 4 S38-G43-X1-E8-Z2-N25-X1-Z1 awt xAst desert game

j! 4 . ! p 5 N25-X1-Z1-T14-A1-B1-Z2 xAstyw foreigners, desert-dwellers

j! $. ! 5 N25-X1-G4-T14-A1-Z2 xAstyw foreigners, desert-dwellers

j$! - 6 N25-G4-X1-A13-Z3 xAstyw foreigners, desert-dwellers

, !e 1 1 ! "5 M12-G1-S29-M17-M17-X1-M2-Z2 xAsyt bryony ?

, !t5e 1 1 ! "6 M12-G1-N35-Z2-S29-M17-M17-X1-

xAsyt bryony ?

B BS!1 1 ! "5 Aa1-O34-Aa18-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2-

xAsyt bryony ?

,!7! M12-X1-Z4-O1 xAty office

B , !! q ` Aa1-M12-G1-X1-D58-D40 xAtb have pity on

, !i r r r M12-G1-I10-N33-N33-N33 xAD dough

B7 Aa1-Z4 xy what ?

B 7] fD+? Aa1-Z4-Aa28-D46-D12-Y1-V31 xy qd .k how are you ?

B7B7 Aa1-Z4-Aa1-Z4 xy .......

B 11!! Aa1-M17-M17-X1-O1 xyt shelter

m4 N28-Z1 xa hill

m\+ N28-D36-Y1 xai rise of sun, appear in glory of god or king, be

shining of kings
B\m Aa1-D36-N28 xai rise of sun, appear in glory of god or king, be
shining of kings
m\K+5 N28-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 xaw appearance in glory

m\5 N28-D36-Z2 xaw appearance in glory

m\+5 N28-D36-Y1-Z2 xaw appearance in glory

m\:O N28-D36-Z7-S7 xaw crown

m\:85 N28-D36-Z7-Z5-Z2 xaw crown

m N28 xaw crown

m\:#5 N28-D36-Z7-M3-Z2 xaw weapons, funeral furniture, tomb-equipment,

tackle of ship, utensils, implements
m5 N28-Z2 xaw weapons, funeral furniture, tomb-equipment,
tackle of ship, utensils, implements
m#5 N28-M3-Z2 xaw weapons, funeral furniture, tomb-equipment,
tackle of ship, utensils, implements
m\s5 N28-D36-N34-Z2 xaw weapons, funeral furniture, tomb-equipment,
tackle of ship, utensils, implements
m\K+5 N28-D36-G43-Y1-Z2 xaw weapons, funeral furniture, tomb-equipment,
tackle of ship, utensils, implements
m\1n N28-D36-G17-D54 Xam approach

B \1:M s Aa1-D36-G17-Z7-F10-F51 xamw throat

B \1M s Aa1-D36-G17-F10-F51 xamw throat

m\ M` N28-D36-D21-D40 Xar rage verb

BBB Aa1-Aa1-Aa1 xw exception, except

B cK+ Aa1-D43-G43-Y1 xwi protect, exclude, exempt, set aside,

Bc Aa1-D43 xwi protect

}+ S167-Y1 xwi protect

BBB` Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-D40 xwi exempt from dues

B c+7K Aa1-D43-Y1-Z4-G43 xwi protect

BK Aa1-G43 xwi prevent

B c K +q = !n ! P Aa1-D43-G43-Y1-D58-G29-G1-N29-
xwi bAq The Bright Protected One the reigning king

B cK+5 Aa1-D43-G43-Y1-Z2 xw protection

B c! +5 Aa1-D43-X1-Y1-Z2 xwt protection

BcKm Aa1-D43-G43-S37 xw fan

S37 xw fan
Bc!! Aa1-D43-X1-O1 xwt sanctuary

B cKKE5 Aa1-D43-G43-G43-G37-Z2 xww baseness, wrongdoing

B \KE Aa1-D36-G43-G37 xww baseness, wrongdoing

B KeB Aa1-G43-S29-A34 xwsi pound, beat up, beat flat, build up, build,
construct, stir
A34 xwsi pound, beat up, beat flat, build up, build,
B construct, stir
BcB Aa1-D43-O34 xwsi pound, beat up

B \B+ Aa1-D36-O34-Y1 xwsi build, construct

B \Ke8 Aa1-D36-G43-S29-A24 xwsi build, construct

BceB` Aa1-D43-S29-A34-D40 xwsi build up of bricks

B KfJ+ Aa1-G43-D46-Aa9-Y1 xwd rich, wealthy

B fF Aa1-D46-O38 xwd rich, wealthy

B KfF + Aa1-G43-D46-O38-Y1 xwd rich, wealthy

B \KfF + Aa1-D36-G43-D46-O38-Y1 xwd rich, wealthy

B :fJ+! Aa1-Z7-D46-Aa9-Y1-A1 xwd richman

B c : fs +5! Aa1-D43-Z7-D46-N34-Y1-Z2-A1 xwd richman

5\4:BBBh T21-D36-Z1-D2-Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-I9 wa Hr xw unique

[tB t: B B B h D35-N35-E34-N35-D2-Aa1-Aa1-
nn wn Hr there is none beside him

xw .f
:BBB! D2-Aa1-Aa1-Aa1-A1 Hr xw .i except me

B cKf! #5 Aa1-D43-G43-D46-X1-M3-Z2 xwdt wealth of timber

B \KfK\! Aa1-D36-G43-D46-G43-D36-A1 xwdw class of fishermen

B KkK Aa1-G43-N26-G43 xwdw class of fishermen

Bq@ Aa1-D58-A32 xbi dance verb

Bq<@ Aa1-D58-Z9-A32 xbi dance verb

Bq!@ Aa1-D58-X1-A32 xbt dance noun

Bqq@ Aa1-D58-D58-A32 xbb dance noun

B q K<!5 Aa1-D58-G43-Z9-A1-Z2 xbw dancers

Bq=!1 1!7p5 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-M17-M17-X1-Z4-

xbwt dancers feminine

Bq< Aa1-D58-Z9 xbi deduct, subtract, reduce, lessen, waste time,

damage tomb, exact dues, be hushed of voice,

Bq< Aa1-D58-Z9 xbi exaction noun

Bq<L Aa1-D58-Z9-U6 xbi reduce, lessen verb

Bq<` Aa1-D58-Z9-D40 xbi reduce, lessen verb

Bq<, Aa1-D58-Z9-Y2 xbi waste time verb

Bq!< Aa1-D58-X1-Z9 xbt deduction, exaction, lessening of moon /

Bq!<! Aa1-D58-X1-Z9-O1 xbt place of execution

B q = !M \ Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-D36 xbA destroy, lay waste, ravage, subvert law

Bq< Aa1-D58-Z9 xbA destroy, lay waste, ravage, subvert law

B q = !M E Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-G37 xbA destroy, lay waste, ravage, subvert law

Bq} Aa1-D58-G225 xbA destroy, lay waste, ravage, subvert law

BqM` Aa1-D58-U7-D40 xbA destroy, lay waste, ravage, subvert law

B q = !M E : 4 Aa1-D58-G29-G1-U7-G37-D2-Z1 xbA Hr downcast

Bq 11!.5 Aa1-D58-M17-M17-X1-A14-Z2 xbyt carnage

Bqq!` Aa1-D58-D58-X1-W22 xbbt jar

B q t< Aa1-D58-N35-Z9 xbn distort speech, be distorted of character /

B q t8 Aa1-D58-N35-A24 xbn be distorted of character

B q t<E Aa1-D58-N35-Z9-G37 xbn distort speech, be distorted of character /

Bq8t Aa1-D58-Z5-N35 xbn be distorted of speech , be found guilty
B q t! <E5 Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z9-G37-Z2 xbnt crime, accusation

B q 8t! Aa1-D58-Z5-N35-X1 xbnt accusation

B q t! 7! Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-A1 xbnty criminal

B q t! 7<E! Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-Z9-G37-A1 xbnty criminal

B q t! 7<E Aa1-D58-N35-X1-Z4-Z9-G37 xbnty criminal

B q B! c Aa1-D58-O34-X1-F33 xbst tail

B q e 1 1 ! c5 Aa1-D58-S29-M17-M17-X1-F33B-Z2 xbst tail

B q BK! ; Aa1-D58-O34-G43-X1-D3 xbswt beard

B q e !;. H 6 Aa1-D58-S29-G1-D3-T14-A40-Z3 xbstyw bearded ones

B q BM ` Aa1-D58-O34-U7-D40 xbs hack up earth

BqeW Aa1-D58-S29-U17 xbs hack up earth

BqeKh5 Aa1-D58-S29-G43-N23-Z2 xbsw ploughlands

<5 Z9-Z2 xbsw ploughlands

<Kf5 Z9-G43-N21-Z2 xbsw ploughlands

B q B<K Aa1-D58-O34-Z9-G43 xbsw ploughlands

Bqi Aa1-D58-I10 xbD be hateful, what is hateful verb intransitive

B q f! E5 Aa1-D58-D46-X1-G37-Z2 xbD be hateful, what is hateful verb intransitive

B q fE Aa1-D58-D46-G37 xbD displeasure, disfavour verb transitive

Bqi Aa1-D58-I10 xbD be displeased with verb transitive

Bqi Aa1-D58-I10 xbD displeasure, disfavour noun

B q i<E Aa1-D58-I10-Z9-G37 xbD displeasure, disfavour noun

B#n Aa1-Q3-D54 xpi travel verb intransitive

B#n Aa1-Q3-D54 xpi encounter someone verb transitive

B#. Aa1-Q3-A14 xpi die

B#11!. Aa1-Q3-M17-M17-X1-A14 xpyt death

B#!W Aa1-Q3-X1-A55 xpyt death

B#!9 Aa1-Q3-X1-Z6 xpyt death

B # Kn5 Aa1-Q3-G43-D54-Z2 xpw journeys

B # K! n5 Aa1-Q3-G43-X1-D54-Z2 xpw journeys

B##+ Aa1-Q3-Q3-Y1 xpp strange

B##11"6 Aa1-Q3-Q3-M17-M17-A2-Z3 xpp strange plural

B##- Aa1-Q3-Q3-A13 xpp stranger

B ##K!5 Aa1-Q3-Q3-G43-X1-Z2 xppwt strange things

xM L1-D21 xpr exist, be, come into being, become, change

into, occur, happen, come to pass
verb intransitive

xM L1-D21 xpr take place, be effective, go by, be past,

continue of action
verb intransitive

B#M Aa1-Q3-D21 xpr exist, be, come into being, become, change
into, occur, happen, come to pass
B#M Aa1-Q3-D21 xpr take place, be effective, go by, be past,
continue of action
B#xM Aa1-Q3-L1-D21 xpr exist, be, come into being, become, change
into, occur, happen, come to pass
B#xM Aa1-Q3-L1-D21 xpr take place, be effective, go by, be past,
continue of action
B# Mx Aa1-Q3-D21-L1 xpr exist, be, come into being, become, change
into, occur, happen, come to pass
B# Mx Aa1-Q3-D21-L1 xpr take place, be effective, go by, be past,
continue of action
xM L1-D21 xpr bring about verb transitive

x Mt L1-D21-N35 xpr n accrue to

<! ] 1 x M D4-X1-W19-M17-L1-D21 irt mi xpr act properly, do as should be done, correct

x M1 L1-D21-G17 xpr m amounts to

xM L1-D21 xpr fully cooked of meat

x Me ih L1-D21-S29-I10-I9 xpr Ds .f who came into being of himself of sun god,

fermentation ?
x M1116 L1-D21-M17-M17-A17-Z3 xpry children

x M!5 L1-D21-A1-Z2 xpry children

x MK U+5 L1-D21-G43-A53-Y1-Z2 xprw form, shape, modes of being

x5 L1-Z2 xprw form, shape, modes of being

x M5 L1-D21-Z2 xprw form, shape, modes of being

L1-L1-L1 xprw form, shape, modes of being
x K+5 L1-G43-Y1-Z2 xprw form, shape, modes of being

UK+5 A53-G43-Y1-Z2 xprw form, shape

x M:U6 L1-D21-Z7-A53-Z3 xprw form, shape

x M1 1 U' L1-D21-M17-M17-A53-G7 xprw form, shape

B # MK+5 Aa1-Q3-D21-G43-Y1-Z2 xprw form, shape

<x M K U +5 D4-L1-D21-G43-A53-Y1-Z2 ir xprw assume a shape

x4 L1-Z1 xprr dung beetle, scarab

B# MMx Aa1-Q3-D21-D21-L1 xprr dung beetle, scarab

x MM' L1-D21-D21-G7 xprr Khopri divinity

x M' L1-D21-G7 xprr Khopri divinity

x M1H L1-D21-M17-A40 xprr Khopri divinity

B#x M11H Aa1-Q3-L1-D21-M17-M17-A40 xprr Khopri divinity

x MvO L1-D21-N37-S7 xprS the Blue Crown

S7 xprS the Blue Crown

B # vZ Aa1-Q3-N37-F23 xpS foreleg, thigh, arm

Z4 F23-Z1 xpS foreleg, thigh, arm

ZD F23-F1 xpS foreleg, thigh, arm

Z_H F23-N14-A40 xpS constellation of the Great Bear

B # vZ _ H Aa1-Q3-N37-F23-N14-A40 xpS constellation of the Great Bear

B # vZ 8 Aa1-Q3-N37-F23-A24 xpS strong arm, strength, power

Ú F24 xpS stromg arm

B # vÚ 2 Aa1-Q3-N37-F24-F51B xpS strength, power

B # v+ Aa1-Q3-N37-Y1 xpS be effective ?

B # v0 Aa1-Q3-N37-T16 xpS schimetar, battle-axe

B # v' Aa1-Q3-N37-T7B xpS battle - axe

B # fK s5 Aa1-Q3-D46-G43-F51-Z2 xpdw buttocks

B h<` Aa1-I9-Z9-D40 xf plunder verb

B h!! $5 Aa1-I9-G1-X1-X4-Z2 xfAt food

B h!!! +5 Aa1-I9-G1-G1-X1-Y1-Z2 xfAAt banks of waterway

B h\i4 Aa1-I9-D36-D49-Z1 xfa fist verb

B h\i Aa1-I9-D36-D49 xfa grasp, make captures in war verb and noun

}` D272-D40 xfa grasp, make captures in war verb and noun

, !h\ ` M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 xfa grasp, make captures in war verb and noun

B h\i Aa1-I9-D36-D49 xfa booty noun

, !h\ ` M12-G1-I9-D36-D40 xfa booty noun

B h\& Aa1-I9-D36-X6 xfa a cake

B hB h8~ Aa1-I9-Aa1-I9-Z5-N35A xfxf flood verb

Bh Aa1-I9 xft in front of, in accordance with, as well as,

corresponding to

B h! Aa1-I9-X1 xft in front of, in accordance with, as well as,

corresponding to

Bh Aa1-I9 xft when, according to, at the time of, when,

speech to someone
B h! Aa1-I9-X1 xft when, according to, at the time of, when,
speech to someone
B!h Aa1-X1-I9 xft in front of, in accordance with, as well as,
corresponding to

B!h Aa1-X1-I9 xft when, according to, at the time of, when,
speech to someone
B ! hK Aa1-X1-I9-G43 xftw accordingly adverb

B!h Aa1-X1-I9 xftw accordingly adverb

B ! h: 4 Aa1-X1-I9-D2-Z1 xft Hr in front of, in the presence of

MB h! : 4 D21-Aa1-I9-X1-D2-Z1 r xft Hr in front of, in the presence of

B h! 79 Aa1-I9-X1-Z4-Z6 xfty enemy

B ! h! Aa1-X1-I9-A1 xfty enemy

B ! h- Aa1-X1-I9-A13 xfty enemy

B ! h} Aa1-X1-I9-A90 xfty enemy

B 1n Aa1-G17-D54 xm wild of animals ?

B1' Aa1-G17-Q7 xm warm

B 1` Aa1-G17-P5 xm be dry

B111G Aa1-G17-M17-M17-G39 xmy sand - flea

B 1K`6 Aa1-G17-G43-P5-Z3 xmw dust

B 1[ Aa1-G17-D35 xm know not, be ignorant of, be unconcious of,


B 1[i! 4 Aa1-G17-D35-I10-X1-Z1 xm Dt swoon

B 1E Aa1-G17-G37 xm be unconcious of one's limbs verb

B 11[ Aa1-G17-G17-D35 xm know not, be ignorant of passive participle

1KB 1[ M17-G43-Aa1-G17-D35 iwxm know not, be ignorant of passive participle

B 1[! Aa1-G17-D35-A1 xm ignorant man

B 1[ K! +5! Aa1-G17-D35-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2-A1 xmxt ignoramus

AQ R22-O49 xm Letopolis locality

B B1Q Aa1-O34-G17-O49 xsm Letopolis locality

B A14 Aa1-R22-G17-O20 xm shrine

BA! Aa1-R22-O1 xm shrine

B P[! Aa1-Aa15-D35-O1 xm shrine

B B1! Aa1-O34-G17-O1 xsm shrine

B B1[! Aa1-O34-G17-D35-O1 xsm shrine

AB 1[! R22-Aa1-G17-D35-O1 xm shrine

1B AH G17-Aa1-R22-A40 xm sacred image

B 1E ` Aa1-G17-O37-D40 xm demolish buildings, harm someone, debar

from, exclude
B 18 Aa1-G17-A24 xm exclude

B 1C` Aa1-G17-A35E-D40 xm harm someone

AB !! R22-Aa1-X1-E1 xmt cow

b KBl! ! Aa1-O34-D52-X1-E1 xsmt cow

B H <!!1 Aa1-U2-D4-G1-G1-A17 xmAA shrink

B 1\} Aa1-G17-D36-D272 xma seize, grasp, penetrate water, of staff, collect

of people, drive off
B 1\!# Aa1-G17-D36-X1-M3 xmat butt, grip of oar

44444444bQ Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-W24-
xmnw Hermopolis locality

44444444 1 1KH6 Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-Z1-M17-

xmnyw Ogdoad

llll g \ Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-U33-P1 xmntyw a ship

llllt! $\ Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-Z4A-N35-X1-G4-P1 xmntyw a ship

] xp xp ! \ N12-Z3A-Z1A-Z3A-Z1A-X1-P1 xmntyw a ship

B l!5 Aa1-D52-X1-Z2 xmt three

B l!5 Aa1-D52-X1-Z2 xmt do for third time, treble revenues verb

B l!pk Aa1-D52-X1-Z1A-Z4B xmt treble

B l!~[ Aa1-D52-X1-N35A-D35 xmt treble

B l5b Aa1-D52-Z2-W24 xmt nw third

5b Z2-W24 xmt nw third

D23 three quarters
O xmt rw
Bl Aa1-D52 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l! Aa1-D52-X1 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l!" Aa1-D52-X1-A2 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l!6 Aa1-D52-X1-Z3 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B lP! [ Aa1-D52-Aa15-X1-D35 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l! 5[ Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-D35 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l! 5+ Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-Y1 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
B l!6 " Aa1-D52-X1-Z3-A2 xmt intend, plan, take thought for, expect,
1B l! 5[ G17-Aa1-D52-X1-Z2-D35 m xmt in the absence of, without

1B l!6 " G17-Aa1-D52-X1-Z3-A2 m xmt in the absence of, without

B tb Aa1-N35-I3 xn direct one's hand against, drive cattle

B tI+ Aa1-N35-G41-Y1 xn scowling of face ?

B tI! Aa1-N35-G41-A1 xn rebel noun

9 4 B tb! 4 D1-Z1-Aa1-N35-I3-X1-Z1 tp xnt act of rebellion ?

B ta Aa1-N35-D41 xn clap hands

(! B ta X8-X1-Aa1-N35-D41 dt xn beating time

B to Aa1-N35-B47 xni play music verb

B td Aa1-N35-D44 xni play music verb

B tI" Aa1-N35-G41-A2 xni play music verb

B tIn Aa1-N35-G41-D54 xni play music verb

B tb K}6 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A338-Z3 xnw musicians

B tb K! o Aa1-N35-W24-G43-X1-B47 xnwt female musician

B t! o Aa1-N35-X1-B47 xnwt female musician

B t! I5 Aa1-N35-X1-G41-Z2 xnwwt female musicians

B tb K! p 6 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-X1-B1-Z3 xnwwt female musicians

B t 1 1 ! Inp 5 Aa1-N35-M17-M17-X1-G41-D54-B1-
xnwwt female musicians

B tb Ke E Aa1-N35-W24-G43-S29-G37 xnws midge, gnat

B tI Aa1-N35-G41 xni alight from flight, stop, halt, rest on verb

B tIn Aa1-N35-G41-D54 xni alight from flight, stop, halt, rest on verb

Bt11I Aa1-N35-M17-M17-G41 xni alight from flight, stop, halt, rest on verb
B t7I Aa1-N35-Z4-G41 xni resting herd verb

B tI" Aa1-N35-G41-A2 xn speech, utterance, matter, affair

B t+ eh M Aa1-N35-Y1-F35-I9-D21 xn nfr benefactions

B t! I+5 Aa1-N35-X1-G41-Y1-Z2 xnt festival outlay ?

B t! ! Aa1-N35-X1-O1 xnt household

B tb K! Aa1-N35-W24-G43-O1 xnw resting - place, abode

B tb KI! Aa1-N35-W24-G43-G41-O1 xnw resting - place, abode

B tb K1 Aa1-N35-W24-G43-A17 xnw child

B tb Ke E Aa1-N35-W24-G43-S29-G37 xnws gnat, midge

B t# ` Aa1-N35-Q3-D40 xnp snatch, catch ball, steal, pour water, present

B t# K Aa1-N35-Q3-D19 xnp receive semen

B th!! Aa1-N35-I9-G1-A1 xnfA arrogance

B thK # Aa1-N35-I9-G43-X3 xnfw a cake

B tB1K" Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-A2 xnm breathe air, smell odours, make sweet-

B tB1K" Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-A2 xnm belabour with blows, glad, gladden

B tB1KC Aa1-N35-T34-G17-D19-Aa2 xnm make sweet-smelling

B tB1!Kp Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-D19-B1 xnmt prostitute

B tB1KK5 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-G43-D19-Z2 xnmw smell noun

BtBK5 Aa1-N35-T34-D19-Z2 xnmw smell noun

B tBP725 Aa1-N35-T34-Aa15-Z4-R7-Z2 xnmw smell noun

B tBP725 Aa1-N35-T34-Aa15-Z4-R7-Z2 xnmw smell noun

B tB1e' Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A7 xnms be friendly with, friendship verb and noun

B tB1e5+ Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-Y1 xnms be friendly with verb

B tB1e! Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-X1 xnmst friend

B tB1er! Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-B3-A1 xnms friend, relative

B tB1e5! Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-A1 xnms friend, relative

B t1e b Aa1-N35-G17-S29-W24 xnms type of beer

BtBe Aa1-N35-T34-S29 xnms type of beer

B t B 1e 5 I+5 Aa1-N35-T34-G17-S29-A21-G41-
xnms mosquito

B tB1!!p Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-X1-B1 xnmtt nurse noun

B tB1!t Aa1-N35-T34-G17-X1-B5 xnmtt nurse noun

BtB!!p Aa1-N35-T34-X1-X1-B1 xnmtt nurse noun

B t 1 en Aa1-N35-M17-U31-D54 xnr restrain

Bt1K` Aa1-N35-M17-D19-D40 xnr restrain

BtM1K` Aa1-N35-D21-M17-D19-D40 xnr restrain

e! ! U31-X1-O1 xnrt prison, fortress, council-chamber

K!! D19-X1-O1 xnrt prison

B t! K Aa1-N35-X1-D19 xnrt council-chamber

K!4!4 D19-X1-Z1-O1-Z1 xnrt prison, fortress

B t Me" ! Aa1-N35-D21-U31-A2-A1 xnr criminal, prisoner

B t M 1 eE Aa1-N35-D21-M17-U31-G37 xnr criminal, prisoner

B t M 1 e" ! Aa1-N35-D21-M17-U31-A2-A1 xnr criminal, prisoner

BtMp5 Aa1-N35-D21-B1-Z2 xnr harem

!K! O1-D19-O1 xnr harem

!e! O1-U31-O1 xnr harem

B t M! ep Aa1-N35-D21-X1-U31-B1 xnrt harem

B tMK!!p Aa1-N35-D21-G43-X1-A1-B1 xnrwt women of the harem

B t M 1 1! +5 Aa1-N35-D21-M17-M17-X1-Y1-Z2 xnrwt women of the harem

B t7] Aa1-N35-E23-F27 xnr reins

,t7] M12-N35-E23-F27 xnr reins

, t574 ] M12-N35-Z2-E23-Z1-F27 xnr reins

BKM!!. Aa1-S3-D21-X1-X1-A14 xnrtt conspiracy ?

B tBn Aa1-N35-O34-D54 xns traverse region, travel, spread of illness verb

B t C_ Aa1-N35-O35-P4 xns traverse region, travel, spread of illness verb

B tBB Aa1-N35-O34-E177 xns move in two directions

B te 1 1! C 5 Aa1-N35-S29-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-Z2 xnsyt scurf ?

, !t5e 1 1 ! " M12-G1-N35-Z2-S29-M17-M17-X1-

xAsyt bryony ?

B t7 K' Aa1-N35-M23-G43-G7 xnsw Moon-god Khonsu, tenth month of the year

B t7 KH Aa1-N35-M23-G43-A40 xnsw Moon-god Khonsu

KtvpE Aa1-N35-N37-K1-G37 xnS stink verb

\t! Z W18-N35-X1-Q38 xnt rack for jars, sideboard

\5 W18-Z2 xnt rack for jars, sideboard

\t! K W18-N35-X1-D19 xnt face, brow

\t! W18-N35-X1 xnt in front of, among, from, out of preposition

B t! Aa1-N35-X1 xnt in front of, among, from, out of preposition

1\t! G17-W18-N35-X1 xnt in the face of, within, out of preposition

\t! W18-N35-X1 xnt first in time adverb

B t! Aa1-N35-X1 xnty who is at the head of, foremost

\t! W18-N35-X1 xnty who / which is in front of, southern, south of,
who is at the head of
\t! W18-N35-X1 xnty foremost, pre-eminent in, principal, protruding

\t! 7 W18-N35-X1-Z4 xnty who / which is in front of, southern, south of,
who is at the head of
\t! 7 W18-N35-X1-Z4 xnty foremost, pre-eminent in, principal, protruding
W17 xnty who is at the head of, foremost
\t! 7K! W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 xnty principal of offices

\t! 7! W18-N35-X1-Z4-O1 xnty principal of offices

\t! f4 W18-N35-X1-N21-Z1 xnty foreland, south, southern part

\t! $h W18-N35-X1-G4-N23 xnty foreland, south, southern part

M\t! K h4 D21-W18-N35-X1-G43-N23-Z1 r xntw out

\t! K+ W18-N35-X1-G43-Y1 xntw before, earlier adverb

\t! W18-N35-X1 xntw before, earlier adverb

\t! 7K! W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 xnty outer-chamber

e! ! U31-X1-O1 xnty outer-chamber

B t! ! Aa1-N35-X1-O1 xnty outer-chamber

[!K! W17-X1-D19-O1 xnty outer-chamber

1\t! 7K! G17-W18-N35-X1-Z4-D19-O1 m xnty indoors

\ t! 7 b' W18-N35-X1-Z4-I3-G7 xnty Khenti a crocodile god

\tg 1d W18-N35-U33-M17-F34 xnti ib be glad of heart, outstanding of mind

A7K!G R22-R12-D19-X1-O39 xnt mnw Akhmim locality

\t! D ej W18-N35-X1-V36-F35-N25 xnt Hn Nubia locality

\t! b g 7' W18-N35-X1-F32-U33-Z4-G7 xnty Xty Khenti-Hety god divinity

\t! b g 7' W18-N35-X1-F32-U33-Z4-G7 xnty Xty eleventh month of year

\! v4 f W18-X1-N37-Z1-N21 xnt S garden with trees

\! v4 f j W18-X1-N37-Z1-N21-N25 xnt S Lebanon locality

\$vf 4 W18-G4-N37-N21-Z1 xntyw S tenants ?

\t! a4fj W18-N35-X1-N16-Z1-N21-N25 xnt tA the Southland locality

\! $af 4 W18-X1-G4-N16-N21-Z1 xntyw tA Southerners

[t! ] W17-N35-X1-P2 xnti sail upstream, travel southward verb

B t! ] Aa1-N35-X1-P2 xnti sail upstream, travel southward verb

\t! ] W18-N35-X1-P2 xnti sail upstream, travel southward verb

\t! g 1 1! \ W18-N35-X1-U33-M17-M17-X1-P1 xntyt southward voyage infinitive

B t! vf Aa1-N35-X1-N37-N21 xntS orchard ?

B t! vK u Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-N36 xntS orchard ?

B t! vK + Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-Y1 xntS have enjoyment of, be glad, make glad

B t! vK +d 4 1 Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D19-Y1-F34-Z1-
xntS ib m delight in, delight over

B t! vn Aa1-N35-X1-N37-D54 xntS walk about freely

B tfM Aa1-N35-D46-U7 xnd bend wood, twist together flower-stems

B tfo Aa1-N35-D46-D56 xnd lower part, calf of leg

B tfo s Aa1-N35-D46-D56-F51 xnd lower part, calf of leg

B tfo Aa1-N35-D46-D56 xnd tread ways etc, tread down foes, offend ?

B tfn Aa1-N35-D46-D54 xnd tread ways etc, tread down foes, offend ?

B tfon Aa1-N35-D46-D56-D54 xnd tread ways etc, tread down foes, offend ?

B tfK" Aa1-N35-D46-G43-Q2 xndw throne

B tfH Aa1-N35-D46-O40 xndw throne

B tfKH Aa1-N35-D46-G43-O40 xndw throne

B tin Aa1-N35-I10-F44 xnD shin of beef

B tfn Aa1-N35-D46-F44 xnD shin of beef

BM Aa1-D21 xr with, near, under a king, speak to, by of


BM Aa1-D21 xr so says auxillary verb

B M/ Aa1-D21-A15 xr and, further non-enclitic

BM Aa1-D21 xr and, further non-enclitic
1B M/ M17-Aa1-D21-A15 xr and, further non-enclitic
B M! +5 Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2 xrt state, condition, affairs, concerns,
requirements, products of a place
<! B M ! +5t D4-X1-Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2-N35 irt xrt n look after someone

B M ! +5d 4 Aa1-D21-X1-Y1-Z2-F34-Z1 xrt ib wish, desire, favour

B M/ Aa1-D21-A15 xr fall in military sense

A15 fall in military sense
/ xr
B MK/ Aa1-D21-G43-A15 xrw enemy

B M/ Aa1-D21-A15 xrw enemy

B MK/. Aa1-D21-G43-A15-A14 xrw enemy

A15 enemy
/ xrw
B M! Aa1-D21-O1 xr tomb belonging to reigning King, necropolis ?

B MK/ h46 Aa1-D21-G43-A15-N23-Z1-Z3 xrw low - lying land

B M75 Aa1-D21-E23-Z2 xrw low - lying land

B7h5 Aa1-E23-N23-Z2 xrw low - lying land

B M/h4 Aa1-D21-A15-N23-Z1 xrw low - lying land

B M 1 1! !5 Aa1-D21-M17-M17-X1-E1-Z2 xryt butchery

P8-G43-A2 xrw voice, noise

c K"
B Mc 7K" Aa1-D21-P8-E23-G43-A2 xrw voice, noise

c K,e t5 P8-G43-Y2-S29-N35-Z2 xrw .sn so say they

B Mc e t5 Aa1-D21-P8-S29-N35-Z2 xrw .sn so say they

B Mc " e t5 Aa1-D21-P8-A2-S29-N35-Z2 xrw .sn so say they

d7 P9-Z4 xrw .fy says

P9 xrw .fy says

c h7 P8-I9-Z4 xrw .fy says

B Mc h7 Aa1-D21-P8-I9-Z4 xrw .fy says

B Mc 7: 1 18! Aa1-D21-P8-E23-Z7-M17-M17-A24-
xrwy enemy

P8-G43-A14 xrwy enemy

c K.
c K` P8-G43-D40 xrwy enemy
P8-M17-M17-A24-A13 xrwy enemy
c 118-
c:1189 P8-Z7-M17-M17-A24-Z6 xrwy enemy

c K 1 1K`5 P8-G43-M17-M17-G43-D40-Z2 xrwyw war

c:119 P8-Z7-M17-M17-Z6 xrwyw war

c K 1 1!`5 P8-G43-M17-M17-X1-D40-Z2 xrwyt war

B Mc 1 1!8 Aa1-D21-P8-M17-M17-X1-A24 xrwyt war

S42 xrp baton of office
B M#d Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 xrp govern, control, administer, act as controller,
direct someone
B M#d Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 xrp drive cattle, lead, get ahead with work,
undertake works
B M#d Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 xrp bring, provide, make offering of, dedicate

d D44 xrp bring, provide, make offering of, dedicate

S42 xrp undertake works
B M#dd 4 Aa1-D21-Q3-D44-F34-Z1 xrp ib having authority

B M#d Aa1-D21-Q3-D44 xrp controller, administrator

S42 xrp controller, administrator
S42-A1 xrp controller, administrator
B M!#d5 Aa1-D21-X1-Q3-D44-Z2 xrpt dues, taxes

r4 h S42-Z1-N23 xrp district ?, estate ?

rh S42-N23 xrp district, estate

B M#K\ Aa1-D21-Q3-G43-U22 xrpw mallet

B M#K# Aa1-D21-Q3-G43-M3 xrpw mallet

BvM! Aa1-N37-D21-V1 xrS bundle

B Mv} Aa1-D21-N37-M181 xrS bundle

BvM" Aa1-N37-D21-M2 xrS bundle

BBM Aa1-Aa1-F10 xx neck, throat

B Bf4 Aa1-O34-N21-Z1 xs creek

B B7" Aa1-O34-Z4-M2 xsy bribe

B BS7 77 E Aa1-O34-Aa18-Z4-Z4-Z4-G37 xsy bribe

B BS!1 1 ! "5 Aa1-O34-Aa18-G1-M17-M17-X1-M2-
xAsyt bryony

Beqir5 Aa1-S29-D58-I10-N33-Z2 xsbD lapis lazuli

B Bq f} Aa1-O34-D58-D46-N33A xsbD lapis lazuli

B e q iD Aa1-S29-D58-I10-D12 xsbD blue, blue-black of hair

Beqfr5 Aa1-S29-D58-D46-N33-Z2 xsbD blue, blue-black of hair

Beh Aa1-S29-U34 xsf spin yarn

U35-A24 xsf drive away, ward off, oppose, repel, repress verb transitive
i8 crime, redress wrong
U35-A24 xsf reprove words, drive cattle, divert water, verb transitive
i8 avoid anger, prevent
Behh8 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 xsf drive away, ward off, oppose, repel, repress
crime, redress wrong
verb transitive

Behh8 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 xsf reprove words, drive cattle, divert water,

avoid anger, prevent
verb transitive

U35-A24 xsf punish intransitive verb

i8 with following
U35-A24 xsf punishment, disapproval noun
Behh8 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 xsf punish intransitive verb
with following
Behh8 Aa1-S29-I9-U34-A24 xsf punishment, disapproval noun

i8 hthiBh U35-A24-I9-N35-I9-I10-O34-I9 xsf .f n .f that he may confute himself

Ds .f
i8 M U35-A24-D21 xsf r contend against

i8 : 4 U35-A24-D2-Z1 xsf Hr defend

i8 \ 4 U35-A24-D36-Z1 xsf a oppose, opposition

B e h! i Aa1-S29-I9-X1-U35 xsft punishment

i! 8 U35-X1-A24 xsft punishment

Be hh Aa1-S29-U34-I9 xsf opponent

G17-U35-G43-D54 at the approach of in meeting
1iKn m xsfw
iKnh U35-G43-D54-I9 xsfw .f near him
<iKn D4-U35-G43-D54 ir xsfw meet

B e hh_ Aa1-S29-U34-I9-P4 xsfw sail upstream verb

B e hhK! \ Aa1-S29-U34-I9-G43-X1-P1 xsfw sail upstream verb

h!n U34-X1-D54 xsfw sail upstream verb

B e hh! \ Aa1-S29-U34-I9-X1-P1 xsfw sail upstream verb

Bei1 1!\ Aa1-S29-U35-M17-M17-X1-P1 xsfw sail upstream verb

Be M` Aa1-S29-D21-D40 xsr dispel, drive away darkness, evil etc , clear a

road, remove dirt
BBM=` Aa1-O34-D21-V29-D40 xsr dispel, drive away darkness, evil etc , clear a
road, remove dirt
BBM=8 Aa1-O34-D21-V29-A24 xsr dispel, drive away darkness, evil etc , clear a
road, remove dirt
B BM=,` Aa1-O34-D21-V29-V12-D40 xsr dispel, drive away darkness, evil etc , clear a
road, remove dirt
#! 4 M3-X1-Z1 xt wood, timber, tree, woodland, mast, stick,
pole, rod measurement
#! 4 tj tB M3-X1-Z1-N35-S34-N35-Aa1 xt n anx embodiment of food

#B ! tj tB M3-Aa1-X1-N35-S34-N35-Aa1 xt n anx embodiment of food

#! 4 tj "5 M3-X1-Z1-N35-S34-M2-Z2 xt n anxw staff-of-life plants l

\! t! #! 4! D36-X1-N35-X1-M3-X1-Z1-O1 at nt xt orchard

M#! 4 D21-M3-X1-Z1 r xt under the authority of

M#B ! n D21-M3-Aa1-X1-D54 r xt under the authority of

#! 4 ttYb < ! M3-X1-Z1-N35-N35-U19-W24-V28-

xt n nwH rod of cord linear measure of 100 cubits

#! 4 `K#4 M3-X1-Z1-P5-G43-M3-Z1 xt TAw mast

#4t; M3-Z1-N35-D3 xt n Sny a type of tree

#B ! K! ###5 M3-Aa1-X1-G43-X1-M3-M3-M3-Z2 xtwt furniture collective noun

#! 1 1! #5 M3-X1-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 xtwt furniture collective noun

#B ! 1 1 ! #5 M3-Aa1-X1-M17-M17-X1-M3-Z2 xtwt furniture collective noun

#B ! n M3-Aa1-X1-D54 xti retire, retreat verb

#B ! î M3-Aa1-X1-D55 xti retire, retreat verb

{ 1#B ! î N42-G17-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 Hm xt retreat

#B ! n M3-Aa1-X1-D54 xt through, throughout, pervading preposition

#B ! $n5a h 4 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-D54-Z2-N16-N23-Z1 xtyw tA who pervade the land

#B ! Kn5 M3-Aa1-X1-G43-D54-Z2 xtw menials

#B ! ! !4 M3-Aa1-X1-X1-O1-Z1 xtt pr house - servant

#! ! ! M3-X1-X1-O1 xtt pr house - servant

B!!!4 Aa1-X1-X1-O1-Z1 xtt pr house - servant

B ! ! n!4 Aa1-X1-X1-D54-O1-Z1 xtt pr house - servant

#B ! ?` M3-Aa1-X1-T31-D40 xti carve, engrave verb

B ! k` Aa1-X1-D51-D40 xti carve, engrave verb

B ! d !j Aa1-X1-U30-G1-N25 xtA Hatti locality

B ! d !n Aa1-X1-U30-G1-D54 xtA creep up to

#B ! $h4 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-N23-Z1 xtyw threshing - floor

#B ! $C 4 M3-Aa1-X1-G4-M35-Z1 xtyw threshing - floor

#B ! $H M3-Aa1-X1-G4-O40 xtyw platform, dais, terraced hillside

O40 xtyw platform, dais, terraced hillside
#=G M3-O29-G39 xt aA an edible bird, poultry

B !1\ Aa1-X1-G17-S20 xtm seal noun

S20 xtm seal noun
\, S20-Y2 xtm seal noun

\4G S20-Z1-O39 xtm seal noun

B!\ Aa1-X1-S20 xtm seal noun

B !1\ Aa1-X1-G17-S20 xtm seal, put a seal on, contract with someone,
close doors, include, mix ingredients

S20-G17-A24 seal verb

\ 18 xtm
B !1\ ` Aa1-X1-G17-S20-D40 xtm seal verb

B !1\ ! Aa1-X1-G17-S20-O1 xtm chest, storehouse, fort

\ 1! S20-G17-O1 xtm chest

B !1! Aa1-X1-G17-O1 xtm fort

\! S20-O1 xtm fort

B !1\ + Aa1-X1-G17-S20-Y1 xtm contract noun

B !1!\ + Aa1-X1-G17-X1-S20-Y1 xtmt contract noun

\!+ S20-X1-Y1 xtmt contract noun

\B!+ S20-Aa1-X1-Y1 xtmt contract noun

B !1!+ Aa1-X1-G17-X1-Y1 xtmt contract noun

B 1!\ Aa1-G17-X1-S20 xtm valuables ?

\ 4!5 S20-Z1-E1-Z2 xtmw cattle

B!111\! Aa1-X1-G17-M17-M17-S20-A1 xtmy seal - maker

B!111!\! Aa1-X1-G17-M17-M17-X1-S20-O1 xtmyt sealed chamber

#! #! M3-X1-M3-X1 xtxt through preposition

#B ! #K! î M3-Aa1-X1-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 xtxt turn back, nullify, reverse a contract, come

and go of pain
1#B ! #B ! î G17-M3-Aa1-X1-M3-Aa1-X1-D55 m xtxt backwards

B!! Aa1-X1-X1 Xtt pluck plants

B fF Aa1-D46-O38 xwd rich

B f\ Aa1-D46-P1 xdi travel downstream, northwards, flow of water,

1B f\ G17-Aa1-D46-P1 m xd downstream

B f! + Aa1-D46-X1-Y1 xdt land - register

B fk:G5 Aa1-D46-N26-Z7-G39-Z2 xdDw waterfowl

B i1 1+5 Aa1-I10-M17-M17-Y1-Z2 xDy riches

b!4 F32-X1-Z1 Xt belly, womb, body, sole of foot

b F32 Xt belly, womb, body, sole of foot

bbb F32-F32-F32 Xtw bellies, wombs, bodies plural

e B M }b ! 4 S29-Aa1-D21-Y1V-F32-X1-Z1 sxr Xt thought

1 > K5b ! 4 M17-Z11-G43-Z2-F32-X1-Z1 imyw Xt thoughts

b!4!p5 F32-X1-Z1-A1-B1-Z2 Xt body of gods or man, generation, people

b!5 F32-X1-Z2 Xt people

bD! F32-D12-X1 Xt belly of gods or men

s!4t K4-X1-Z1-K5 XAt oxyrhynchus fish mormyrus kannume

s!C K4-X1-Aa2 XAt corpse

A55 XAt corpse
s! !. K4-X1-G1-A14 XAt corpse

s!1 1! C5 K4-G1-M17-M17-X1-Aa2-Z2 XAyt heap of corpses

s!! . 5 K4-G1-X1-A14-Z2 XAyt heap of corpses

s!! C 6 K4-G1-X1-Aa2-Z3 XAt disease

s!! h K4-G1-X1-N23 XAt marsh

s!!# K4-G1-G1-M3 XAA clothes peg ?

s!!+ K4-G1-G1-Y1 XAA resolute

s!1 18 K4-G1-M17-M17-A24 XAy thwart someone

s!1 1" K4-G1-M17-M17-A2 XAy thwart someone

s!q ! ! K4-G1-D58-X1-V1 XAbt curl on Red crown

sq ! K4-D58-V1 XAbt curl on Red crown

s!q G K4-G1-D58-U1 XAb clavicle

s!q 8 s K4-G1-D58-Z5-F51 XAb clavicle

s!q G# K4-G1-D58-U1-M3 XAb sickle

s!q G K4-G1-D58-U1B XAb crooked, crookedness, crookedly adjective and

noun and adverb
s!q Ga K4-G1-D58-U1B-D41 XAb crooked, crookedness, crookedly adjective and
noun and adverb0
s!q Ga K4-G1-D58-U1B-D41 XAb crooked, crookedness, crookedly adjective and
noun and adverb
s!q q V V K4-G1-D58-D58-F19-F19 XAbb crookedness

s!1X K4-G1-G17-D32 XAm bend down arms in respect

s!1! ` 5 K4-G1-G17-X1-W22-Z2 XAmt a type of beer

s!1! X K4-G1-G17-X1-D32 XAmt a type of beer

s1}B ! +5 K4-G17-D200-Aa1-X1-Y1-Z2 XAmt xt type of offerings

sM3 K4-D21-V19 XAr sack, leather bag

V19 XAr sack, leather bag
s!M34 K4-G1-D21-V19-Z1 XAr sack, leather bag

s!M! ;p K4-G1-D21-X1-D3-B1 XArt widow

s!M! p K4-G1-D21-X1-B1 XArt widow

s!M! Ep K4-G1-D21-X1-G37-B1 XArt widow

s!s! g U K4-G1-K4-G1-U33-N4 XAXAti storm

s!?K d 4 - 6 K4-G1-V31-G43-F34-Z1-A13-Z3 XAkw ib disaffected persons

b\\Kr5 F32-D36-D36-G43-N33-Z2 Xaaw measure, allowance of milk

b \1n F32-D36-G17-D54 Xam approach

b 1\n F32-G17-D36-D54 Xam approach

m\1n N28-D36-G17-D54 Xam approach

b\nk F32-D36-N29-U37 Xaq shave

b\n :k8 F32-D36-N29-Z7-U37-A24 Xaqw barber

U37-G43 Xaqw barber

b#KC5 F32-Q3-G43-Aa2-Z2 Xpw figures inlaid in metal

C5 Aa2-Z2 Xpw figures inlaid in metal

b # I !K C s F32-Q3-G41-G1-G43-Aa2-F51 XpAw navel - string, navel

b#C F32-Q3-Aa2 XpAw navel - string, navel

b # !] F32-Q3-G1-F27 XpAw navel - string, navel

b#\" F32-Q3-D36-A2 Xpa chew

b # tD F32-Q3-N35-F1 Xpn fat adjective

b 1\n F32-G17-D36-D54 Xma approach

b 1ea F32-G17-S29-D41 Xms bend the back in respect

b tC F32-N35-Aa2 Xn be blistered

\td F26-N35-S28 Xn tent

\t! ] F26-N35-X1-F27 Xnt hide, skin

\t! ! F26-N35-X1-O1 Xnt burial chamber ? of tomb

\tn F26-N35-D54 Xn approach

Yt\ D33-N35-P1 Xni row, convey by water verb

Yt\8 D33-N35-P1-A24 Xni row verb

Yt` D33-N35-D40 Xni row verb

Yt! \ D33-N35-X1-P1 Xnt water procession

Yt! \+5 D33-N35-X1-P1-Y1-Z2 Xnt water procession

Y!\ D33-X1-P1 Xnt water - procession

Yt11!!5 D33-N35-M17-M17-X1-A1-Z2 Xnyt sailors collective noun

Yt1 1! `!5 D33-N35-M17-M17-X1-D40-A1-Z2 Xnyt sailors collective noun

Ytb K! D33-N35-W24-G43-A1 Xnw sailor

Yb! D33-W24-A1 Xnw sailor

\tbK! F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 Xnw interior, home, abode, Residence noun

\t! F26-N35-O1 Xnw interior, home, abode, Residence noun

\t!Q F26-N35-O1-O49 Xnw Residence noun

\b!4 F26-W24-O1-Z1 Xnw interior, home, abode, Residence noun

b~ W24-N35A Xnw interior, home, abode, Residence noun

1\tb K! G17-F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 m Xnw within, at, in the house of

\tbK! F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 Xnw inside adverb

M\tbK! D21-F26-N35-W24-G43-O1 r Xnw within, into

\b\\ F26-W24-D36-D36 Xnw awy embrace noun

1\b\\ G17-F26-W24-D36-D36 m Xnw within

\tb K~u F26-N35-W24-G43-N35A-N36 Xnw brook

\tb K$] . ! 5 F26-N35-W24-G43-G4-F27-T14-A1-

Xnwtyw skin - clad people

S 1+ W9-G17-Y1 Xnm join, unite with, enclose, enfold, protect,

take, enter, wear, receive, enrich, endue, lie
verb transitive

S 1+ W9-G17-Y1 Xnm be united, associated with, be provided,
endowed with
verb intransitive

W9 Xnm be united, associated with, be provided, verb intransitive

S endowed with
S 1]5 W9-G17-F27-Z2 Xnm herd

>5 E30-Z2 Xnm herd

S :!p5 W9-Z7-A1-B1-Z2 Xnmw citizens, dependants, married couple ?

S!5 W9-A1-Z2 Xnmw citizens, dependants, married couple ?

S t1! 5 W9-N35-G17-A1-Z2 Xnmw citizens, dependants, married couple ?

S tB1!5 W9-N35-T34-G17-A1-Z2 Xnmw citizens, dependants, married couple ?

W9-B1 Xnmt dry - nurse

\tB1~u h4 F26-N35-T34-G17-N35A-N36-N23-
Xnm basin for irrigation ?

S 1!v W9-G17-X1-N37 Xnmt well, cistern noun

S!~ W9-X1-N35A Xnmt well, cistern noun

S!u W9-X1-N36 Xnmt well, cistern noun

S!{~ W9-X1-N42-N35A Xnmt well, cistern noun

W9-G17-Z7-G7 Khnum god divinity
S 1:' Xnmw
W9-G43 Xnmw Khnum god divinity
W9-G17-Z7-C4 Khnum god divinity
S 1:$ Xnmw
W9-G17-Z7-F7 K