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Opening A very good morning to all present here today.

We invite all guests to take their seats as the

competition is about to start soon.
You are required to keep all mobile phones and
gadgets on silent mode throughout the
competition to ensure no disruptions. Thank

Once again, good morning. I am Evanna Devi,

your MC for today. Ladies and gentlemen, we
are all gathered here today for the annual
Public Speaking competition of PPD Petaling
Utama. Your presence and participation is
highly appreciated and anticpated! And with
this I would like to invite all of you t take your

On behalf of the organising committee, I would

like to welcome all of you to the 2017 Puclic
Speaking Competition. For your information,
there are a total of _______ schools
participating in this year’s competition.

Introducing judges , time keepers Now, I would like to welcome and invite the
honourable judges and timekeepers of today to
take their seats.

The chief judge for tday’s competition is

Madam Georgina Gan and assisting her are Pn
Bong Lay Teng and Pn Rajeswary a/p
Rajaratnam. All the judges decision are final
and individual marks are confidential and will
not be discussed.
The time keepers on the other hand are Mr
Meor Muhd Afiq bin Meor Shaharuddin and Ms
Nabihah binti Hasnan.


Without further ado, I would like to welcome

our very first contestant fr today,
______________ with her speech entitled

Thank you for such a/an

-eye opening
-well prepared speech.

Dear teachers and audiences present here

today, I would like to remind everyone to
ensure that no guidance or prompts are given
to the participants as this may disrupt the
process of competition and the focus of the
participants. Thank you for your cooperation.

The first section of the competition has now

come to an end. Contestants are required to
get ready for the second section which is the

Impromptu To start of the impromptu, I would like to call

upon ______________ .
Announcing winners With that last speech, all contestants have
successfully presented their speeches. We
would like to give a short break to our judges to
deliberate the scores. The results will be
anmnounced shortly.

The results are already in my hands and now,I

would like to call upon ______________
accompanied by _________________ to
present the prizes to the winners of this year’s
Public Speaking competition.

Before we announce the winner, I would like to

acknowledge te improtanc of the judges who
came here and adjudicate the competition with
wisdom and honesty.Thank you very much for
your commitment.

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for.

The 2d runner up for this year’s competition
goes to ____________ from _____________.
Congratulations Adik _________.

Please give a round of applause to the first

runner up _______________ from
And the winner, of the 2017 PuBLIC Speaking
Competition goes to the charming
___________________ from

Congratuations once again to everyone.

Closure That is all for today, In behalf of the organising
committee I would like to apologise for any
mistakes made throughut the competition.
With this, I end my duty as your MC for today.
Till we meet again, next year.