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nop&ito,isiililiting,'wor}s,;di ;u-i;"'):\vi,'t t' H"iff;,
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modfriqed agleer ,lil";;;*=#'rii'iiliilili"-*iroJ-i#ffil, j
lhis bt'ars rhe approv-ril af Gofi;"8)
Ns. r6641rvr/pwD/r2 r{ated 09.rcJgrz.
Th j s order: shall uc
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efii:ciive fi.;;, ;if;il*I*,' .:

EnrJ:.Special Corrditjqns of Cotrttuct ,nI

%dt'f -''"
CJrief Fngineer Crun Addl.
.,r pWD, Rejasthan
No. CE(Bldg)DLP(trlCg lVorkli),,t):. ^fr n Jaipur,.i..
ipkuruado* anc,scessary l.[J#or*,,
I. p.$, to pr. Se,cre& CM, Co,.t. of fr:r
2. P.S. ro llon'ble tr+ii.i',r*i.l,iVf:..G"rf. #ru:-srf*"
3. p.s, ro Hoa,uie stu" l,liiifu_ilifiil,'.iiil.
4. D.S. ro chief$1geW: ff.&hjas&ai1; raipw
. s: p.s. ro prilrcjrjur Ouw. orifiLiuu,,ro,pu..
:': rr-ue$yJsecretadeg
**;.ll-i:::rf g*1@i#niai;,";,:ii;l;d;:m'd;
toigbR ffrli) f+r circu.lio'smizaticns qnder tlcjr
p.s. tos".'.ii,v,
lwn,iqoi't ;i,,ol;[iil:}:|}i]
eonunissioner. Ralositio,:'xcrlr;;;;;:iilr*,

I0. Cornmissjonerme t*purTjaii Vikrs Srnsi.ha,:, jsipur.

jj ManagingDire"ror, nriCii]*irr
jf. AdntulisbBror, RSAMI3? Jair:uri :,

jj, . CliiefEngineer**-{All). '' I,

, rlretiirecr'on ro rinpre,nenr.DL-p
I0o tl.Tffiffifmnuiuccl,irurrvltft
Addl Chief En&lfie€r plryn r^".. r,,\

ji F,ifrlfl{itrj $$i!#j;,.,ffiffi
jl uuperurtendhgEnginc.ei,, pltrD, ffi
*fixf;n: *,ir;
re-lsc (r:onirs;re-o.rrnv*Md;+# .,
zt. Ixeoutive Eneinegr, plIrx}-
n*.......,.... _.. -.
:. :{atl:.

2:i. president,cOeou*ro.ArioJorin,loirrur.

Chjef Er:g(*ee,r dddl. gspli.,
jiWT); rR^i
n Jaiour
Asqnexu]€- X'

**.fHf*sefect tabllify Period for tsuildi'ng

speciat conditions of, contract -L

Civil Worhs:

works, and
3 years reckoned
^to, from d-t;;;;al cornpletiea of the Building
: ; ;;;; the defectr p*itui"i"q to S3nitary works,l Electrical

for D.L.P

,1. Surface eracks on R'C'C' work'

2. Cracks in masonry, walls, pillars' etc'

a.- -- ^.f ,-.^II tlAr\l.c etc'
3. Darnpness appeared on surface of yall ceitring,.flp.ors,

4. De-laminations a.Id unevenness of surface

in sunk portions'
5. Leakage, cracks in drainag ;e systern, dampness
'1 i.

in paint -work1, disiempering' white'wash' etc' fro exarnPle'

6. Defeqts
i. Cracks, settlement, unevenness, opening ofjoirrts,.in

are not il 't ,:---

Doors, windows and ventilators opening.apd: closing

; fixtures are not functioning srnoothly


Leakage/chocking in pipelines, taps, valy9s, showers,

wash basin, etc'
. Sanitary-ware fltting not functioning smoothly

External sbrv|ces for storrn water, sewerage, rain

water harvesting system
not functioning ProPerlY'
In additions to the above items the engineer-in-charge may add more-items- as per
the nature of work which seeins to be covered under 2 year guarantee from tbeTrta/':e
of commissioning.


t. Inseection of *orBs dfriirys,?efeit LBbgY Fe,l'[g* .

jofia diiailed inspection along witlr
Engineer-in-charge/ AEn, at least once in three molths'-i1t case of all
noactlgridge/C.D. works. lhe Enqineer-in-chutgl-"T r:educe ,Tt
case of emergency. The Contraction agency shall forward to the Engineer-in-
charge the record of inspection and rectification within 15 days after the joint
inspection. The Contracting agency shalt pay particular attenti.on on those road
,r.iiorrs, which are likely to be damaged during rainy season.
Once register be maintained by every AEn for recording the inspection
details of works in his jurisdiction under defect liability period.

2. Conditions regardine Securify D"epbs{

Security for DLP

The contraoting agency shaltr have to furnish, sequrity deposit in the form
of Bank Guarantee for DLP, as per requirernents of clause 37 (e) of
Contract Agreement, valid from the date of cornplection, which shall be
assigned by the Engineer'in-charge.

Forfeiture of SD

If case contraction agency fails to rectiS the defects within stipulated

periocl notified to him by the Engineer-in-charge concerned under contact
agreement, the trngineer-in-charge shall serveta final notice for 15 days
time from ieckoned from the date of issue to rectiff the defects. Incase
the contraction agency not responding to notice aqd fails in rectification
of defects the Engineer-in-charge wili get the clefbcts rernoved at the risk
and cost of the conlracting agency. Action such as encashrnent of Bank
Guarantee eind action under elfstment rules etc, shall be taken against the
contraction agency by the competent authority.

Force Ma-ieure \n
adclition to.,,the above, any de!'Ccts by,.the, user andlor Engineer-irt-
charge''shaJl bd"rectified-,b11 the'csntraoting agency within notified"ppriod
aSiigned''by: the Enginiier-inlcharge.

lZ. The defect liability under DLP fqr 2 years shall b-e fro#the date of its
cbmpletion of the works reckoned by the Engineer-in-charye.

13. The defect s}all be in case of non-functioning of the following iterns:

Internal ancl External wiring, panels, cables, LT installation from distribution board
to end use points, MCBslDBs, EI,CBs, earthing, Switches, sockets,
distribution panels, panel switchgears, Fangl instruments,'MCBs, bus bars,
cable trenching, Lugs, connecting wire and any other items specified under
the contract.

14. Repair and Replacement - The items covered under defect liabilify period
stratt Ue replaced and/or repaired as Cireoted by the Engineer-in-charge. I

15. Time period for repair/replacement - The Engineer in charge soon,after

defbct arises shall notify to the contractllg,agency and/ or his authorized
representative on phone and in writing for rectification of thE defect within
the. prescribed^period which rnay be in hours/days depends on the gravif
and severity of defect.

15. Consun:able Articles - Consur:able Articles like tube rods, CFL, tsulo's, HT
fuses, Batteries, Gas filling will be replaced by the client department or user
department at their own cost and an'a.ngement.

t7. Other items:

D.G. Set including fiuing and fixtures. .:
Li{ts and Esca}ators. -
A:-r c,-,oling/Air conditii:r:ing/F{eating System.
Fi:e -lghtltg svslem.
ttr'T-"_ EPAB,\
$suamin,filv${ s3 ext*tpm*nt:.
- - *;"-:^ - :,::,:{ :} i'iiJ:Li15-

l'!: e <1*fect,alises,,due tb, eartllqu ake; cvcionr, and uarural calamities shall not be
t1:* responsibiiity of contraction agency.

Signature Not Verified

Digitally signed by DINESH
Nama Balwant
Date: 2014.12.13
2014.01.06 20:40:17
13:13:21 IST
Location: Rajasthan
.' ,,: fi{RouoH A ELECTrucat
coNrRActon garin*c'A VALID



;= :: ::.: Signature of Contractor



1. The items should be installed only as per recommended makes &

c ategory offered/ approved by Engineer-in- charge.
2. In case of any discrepancies/ clarifications the decision of Engineer-
in-charge willbe final and binding.

3. Contractor should use PVC conduit accessories, which has inspection

facilities wherever conduits are installed on surface.
4. All the wires should be multi-stranded flexible FR cu Wires.
5. The conduits for various individual services should be terminated at
one point in Distribution points as specified in drawings. Care should
be taken not to group the conduits of all the electrical services at one
point only, resulting in interference effects.
6. The wiring should be done as per Latest IS standard.
7. The wiring should be done strictly as per color code specified in
8. The femrling should be done for each light circuits and power circuits
at both Distribution Board End and at the switchboards End without
any extra cost.
9. The contractor should follow the instructions given in drawings, in
case of any discrepancies the contractor should consult Electrical
10.The Horizontal and Vertical distances as specified should be left
. between conduits of various services, as for avoiding the interference

11.The boxes with earthing terminals should be installed and proper
earthing connections should be made.
I2.The contractor should got approved all the material for Quality and
make s before installation from El ectrical Engine er-in- charge.

13.As far as possible the downs should be given in center of beams

instead on edges of beams so that problem of providing flexible
conduits / joint boxes be avoided while making downs.
14.Downs should be done before plastering and should be firmly fixed to
avoid after cracks in plaster. Also in cases where downs are made
after plaster, chiseling should be avoided and proper grooves should
be cut with the help of cutter of sufficient depth's, after that plastering

should be done by taking proper precautions to avoid cracks.

15.411 6 amp / 16 amp sockets installed should be 5 pin / 6 pin type
universal sockets unless other wise specified.
16.As per IS 4648-1968 Guide for electrical layout in buildings, each sub
circuit should not have more than a total of ten points of lights, fans
and 6 A socket outlets. The load on each sub circuit shall be restricted

to 800 watts. Where as the load on each power sub circuits should
normally be restricted to 2.0 KW. In no case there shall be more then
two outlets on each sub circuit.
17.Following point should be checked during installation of distribution
boards :-
a) The distribution board as per design and specifications should be
installed and it should be checked whether it satisfies the size of
incomer and no of out going circuits.
b) Proper femrling should be done on both power and light circuits
including on their neutrals and earth wires.
c) The wires of same phase and colour should be connected at particular
R, Y, B phase No overlapping of wires should be allowed.
d) The circuits should be neatly bunched with either PVC tape or cable

e) Neutrals of main and out going circuits should be properly connected

at the earth links.

f) Similarly earth of main and out going circuits should be properly

connected at the earth links.

g) Distribution boards should be properly earthed depending on the size

of incomer.
h) Bottle type or fork type lugs be installed on each out going circuits as

i) MCB's of specified rating and protection curves (B, C and D curves)
should be installed depending on the application and load requirement

as indicated in drawing.

j) No wire shorting be done between MCB's of same phase. To avoid

this insulated copper bus bars-fork/ pin type should be used to avoid
short circuits and burning of MCB's due to overloads.
k) Suitable cable end box should be installed if the no and lengths of
outgoing circuits are more.
1) Depending on the direction of incoming / outgoing circuits
top/bottom/1eft/right/back knock outs of that directions be removed
remaining shall be left as intent.

m) The Distribution boards should be installed before plaster works starts

and should be properly protected from cement I water. Before fixing

proper care should be taken for checking its opening during

n) A11 screws, nut bolts should be fixed as supplied with DB's during
installation ad after maintenance.
o) Blanking plates should be provided when no of MCB's installed is
less then no of ways provided.

p) Proper insulation by means of PVC tape should be done on lugs and

q) Load should be properly balanced and should be checked with tong
tester with full load to avoid overloading.
r) All the DB's should be recessed mounted double door type.
18)Earthing should be carried out as per IS 3043-1996. In all cases the
relevant provisions of rule 33, 6l and 67 of Indian Electricity Rules,
1956 should be complied with.

l9)Following points should be checked during earthing.

a) The electrode shall be kept free from paint, enamel and grease.

b) The earthing should be done strictly as per drawing.

c) The final level of man hole covers should be decided well in advance
in consultation with Electrical Engineer-in-charge so that the earthing
do not get buried afterwards.

d) Proper test terminals should be made for testing at a later date.

9) e" earth electrode shall not be situated less than 1.5 meter from any
building. Care should be taken that excavation for earth electrode do
not affect the column footings or foundation of the building, in such

cases electrodes should be located further away from building. As far

as possible the earth electrode should be located where the soil has

reasonable chances of remaining moist.

f) In the case of plate earth electrode the earthing lead shall be securely
bolted to the plate with two bolts, nuts, check nuts, and washers. In
the case of pipe earth electrode, it shall be connected by means of
through bolt, nuts and washers.
g) It should be checked that all materials used for connecting the earth
lead with electrode shall be of GI in case of GI pipe and GI plate

Earthing and of tinned brass in case of copper plate electrode.

h) After execution of earthing work, the proper earth testing should be
carried out. The maximum permissible resistance of earth as measured
by as approved earth testing kit should be 0.5 ohms. The electrodes
having resistance more than this shall b rejected.
20)411 the wiring will be made in recess, except on slab roof where
conduit will be saddled on surface or as directed by Engineer-in-

21)All switch Board for light ckts, 16 Amp Power Plugs, 6 Amp Power
Plugs, Telephone Point, DB, MDF etc should be fixed at same height
as specified.

22)Fixtures on wall should be mounted 6" below fan bottom on walls so

that fan blades do not cut illumination of fixtures.
23)Suitable Hume pipes should be laid for cabling to DB's before
flooring is taken up.
24)The work should be executed as per data sheet and drawings enclosed

changes should be done only after approval of Engineer-in-charge.

25)Wiring from ceiling rose to fixtures / Exhaust fans etc should be
carried out by 3 core 1.0 Sqmm cu white colored FR PVC wires.
26)AIl fan down rods should be painted with 2 coats of white colour
enamel paint.

27)AlI looping of Earth & neutrals should be done in switch boards and
not in any Junction Boxes.
28)In case of any discrepancy the guideline of PWD Electrical
specifications and IS codes should be followed.
29)Looping should be carried with cage clamp connectors as taken in
30)Wherever tile Dado are taken the bottom of Switch Boards should be
mounted 2" above Dado.

3l)Separate DB and conduits should be laid for emergency supplies

through Generator as per drawing.

32)Only Two module hum free Electronic fan step regulators should be

33)The contractor should provide saddles at every 18" in case of surface

34)411 the dismantled old material including fans, fixture, DB's Power
cable etc should be handed over to facility head and certificate of
handing over be given to Executive Engineer (Elect.). The old
material should be removed within 15 days from the date of
35)Testing of system
After complete installation or the following test should be carried
out in presence of officer in charge or his representative before the

in"taUatfon is put in serllf bY the contraitor and a copy of all the test

resuits shouta bdiubmitteeb&gineer,'jn'c.harge

.i. Insllation, RgsisEnce tests.

* Polarity of switch tests.

* Eart} :cor*inuity tests.
,ti @ electrode resi.stance tosts'

$@ature of Contractor

,jri i

l I

S.No. iName of Item Recommended makes ( Group lst )

1 PVC Conduit pipe AKG, BEC, Precision, Polypack, Shrinath, Polycab, Plaza,
Dauphin, Richa
2 Copper wires each size Rallison, Delton, Eon (lndoasian), KEl, Terexal, Plaza, Anchor, L
& T, Standard, Paramount, Empire, Orient Cab, Orbit, HPL,
Unicab, SPC, Emgee, Polycab, Havell's, Rajsafe, Diatron
3 MCB/DB/lndustrialsocket Schneider (neo break), Siemens, HPL, GE , Standard,
lndoasian(gold), Havell's, C & S, ABB (5270)
4 Switch/Plug/Socketetc. SSK ( topline ), Anchor ( Penta ), Elle, Hi Fi, Vinay ( Clair - 30 ), ,
Leader (euro ), Precision ( prime ), Cona ( Wawa ), Vimal (lnterio
/ Mint ), Kolors ( KubiUKom ), Antex ( LK )
5 Regulator Anchor, Cona, Elle, Kolors, Vimal
6 MCCB ABB, Siemens, GE, L&T, Schneider, Legrand, C&S,
HPL,lndoasian, BCH
7 Changeover Switch HPL ( Socomec ), Gerard ( Elcon ), GE, L&T, C&S, ABB,
lndoasian, Havell's
q L.T Aluminium cables (Group-1) Rallison, Ekta, Delton, Havell's, KEl, Terexal, Plaza, Paramount,
as per rates Grandlay, Gem'scab, MPCAB, Worldcab, Diatron, Unicab,
Unistar, Gemini, Romex, lshwarcab, SPC, Orient cab, Empire,
Orbit, Polycab, Rajsafe, Metro,RR Kable
9 Ceiling fans Almonard, CG, Khaitan, Bajaj, Usha, Orient, Ortem,
11 Exhaust fans Alstom, CG, Almonard, Havell's, Usha, EPC, Orient
12 Fresh air fans Almonard, CG, Alstom, Khaitan, Bajaj, Usha, Remi, EPC,Polar

14 Solar water heater Tata BP, BHEL, REIL, Nilloys, Racold solare, lntersolar, Solar
15 (i) Tube lights (Electronic) 1x36 Watt CG, Wipro, GE, Havell's, HPL, Pierlite, Surya, Lighting Science

16 (i) Street Light CG, Wipro, GE, Havell's, Lighting Science

16 (ii) Sodium Lights CG, Wipro, GE, Havell's, HPL, Lighting Science
17 Motor/Pumps KSB, Kirlosker, Techno, Texmo, Taro, Calama, Pluga, Crompton

greaves, Chetan, Lubi, Varuna, Duke, Ujala,Falcon, Unnati,Oswal

18 Starters L&T, Siemens, ABB, BCH, Jyoti, Schneider, C & S, Millborn

19 Submersible Motor pump sets KSB, Kirlosker, Techno, Texmo, Taro, Calama, Pluga, Crompton

greaves, Chetan, Lubi, Varuna, Duke, Ujala,Falcon, Unnati,Oswal

21 Telephone wire Delton, Finolex, National, RR Kabel, Polycab, Havell's
22 P.V.C. Casing Caping AKG, Prestoplast, Precision, Polycab, Dauphin,Richa
23 Anyother item As per prior approved Engineer in charge

Signature of Gontractor