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21 Techniques For Solar Plexus Chakra
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Best Practices for Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

The solar plexus chakra otherwise known as the manipura chakra is a commonly blocked
chakra for many people.

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The solar plexus is your power house, it is the seat of your self-esteem and personal power.

Located just below your rib cage, the solar plexus is associated with your confidence,
metabolism, effectiveness, and will power.

It’s easy for the solar plexus to become blocked because of the many overwhelming options
life throws at you.

When you don’t know what you want, when you’re fearful of making wrong decisions, when
you need input and buy-in from others to move forward, this chakra gets blocked.

Sometimes the symptoms of chakra blockage can be subtle, but not so much with the solar
plexus. It’s often easy to see and tune into once you’re aware. If you lack confidence, if you
struggle to make things happen for yourself, if you feel like you’re always being pushed
around by others, if you’re waiting for someone to offer you a leadership role, or if you’re
exhausted from always trying too hard, it’s likely that your solar plexus is blocked.

You can also see when your personal power chakra is blocked if you generally feel unworthy,
you constantly second guess yourself, you carry a strong sense of victimhood, and you feel
powerless against the wants and needs of the people in your life.

An excess of energy in the solar plexus leads to overeating and general overindulgence in
things. Laziness, a need to control, intolerance, and competition are more signs of an excess
of energy in the solar plexus.
An energetic deficiency in the solar plexus manifests as low body weight, lack of focus, and
digestive problems like ulcers or indigestion.

Deficiencies in the solar plexus often mean that you struggle to represent yourself honestly.
You may have difficulties knowing yourself and what you really want.

With a blocked or out of balanced solar plexus you’re not able to define your will or direction
and therefore procrastinate on major life decisions.

What Does A Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Look Like?

A balanced solar plexus is also easy to identify.

When your solar plexus is balanced, you feel rooted in yourself, you have the fire to manifest
what you want, to set healthy boundaries and you have a clear sense of self.

With a balanced solar plexus you are able to control your emotional responses, you feel peace
within yourself, you trust the direction that your life is heading in, and you’re decisive and
effective at reaching goals.

Physically your digestion is sound, your immune system is strong, and your overall health is
vital without frequent illnesses or allergies.

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With your solar plexus balanced, your relationship to power is also balanced. You don’t feel
the need to dominate others and you don’t allow yourself to be dominated. This leads to the
natural phenomena of assuming leadership roles.

Additional traits of a balanced solar plexus include people tending to admire you for your
positive self-esteem and your ability to speak your mind without being aggressive.

What’s great is that your example naturally encourages others to do the same. Others see you
as charismatic and love spending time with you when your chakras, and especially your solar
plexus are clear and balanced.

21 Techniques For Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

1. Use visualization to energize the solar plexus area of your body. Imagine a vibrant
yellow flower or yellow orb of light sitting just below your rib cage. Close your eyes,
relax, and hold the visualization for five to ten minutes.
2. Flowers like dandelions, daffodils, honeysuckle, chamomile, and black-eyed susans
can help you to balance your solar plexus chakra. Meditate on these flowers, smell
them, or look at pictures of them to tune into their healing properties.
3. Keep stones and crystals either on your person (like jewelry) or in your home and
work space. Those most effective crystals for balancing your third chakra include
amber, citrine, tigers eye, sunstone, yellow calcite, and yellow tourmaline.
4. Make an effort to dress and groom yourself well. Take a shower, get ready, style your
hair and do your best to approach each day as being special by taking the time to
nurture and care for yourself.
5. Eat healing solar plexus foods like sunflower seeds, bananas, organic corn, ginger,
yellow squash, oats, yellow pears, lemons, lentils, sweet potatoes, and yellow peppers.
Incorporate spices and herbs like cumin, mint, turmeric and chamomile into your
6. As with all the blocked chakras, dancing, yoga, and movement are fabulous ways to
get your energy moving. Put on some music you love and dance around your living
room or take a walk around the block to get your energy flowing.
7. Practice affirmations to balance your solar plexus chakra like: “I love and accept
myself just as I am, I respect myself, I believe in myself, I am worthy of love, I can
accomplish anything I desire, I can solve all problems that come up. I am capable. I
am confident. I am assertive”.
8. Be spontaneous and try something new! This doesn't have to be anything big to
start, even little new experiences like trying a new restaurant, going into a new shop,
visiting a park you've never been to or checking out a local art exhibit can shake up
the energy and bring healing to your solar plexus.
9. Citrusy essential oils like grapefruit, orange, or lemon are perfect to use to balance
your solar plexus. Put them in a diffuser or dab them on your skin each day. Other
solar plexus healing essential oils like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, chamomile,
juniper, yarrow, rosemary, palmarosa, and fennel are also effective.
10. Sit in stillness for some time and invite your fear to show itself to you. Love the part
of you that is afraid and allow the fears that arise from within you to simply be. As
you sit, and breathe, strive to tolerate whatever sensations arise, and then
acknowledge them, love them and release them. This allows the fearful part of you to
integrate with the whole.
11. Do a yoga pose aimed at strengthening your core. Poses like warrior I, boat, or yogic
leg lifts are great to balance your solar plexus, as are several rounds of sun salutations
each day.
12. Get some exercise, and push yourself a bit. Whether it’s yoga, gym workouts, or
outdoor adventure activities. Set a goal slightly beyond your comfort-zone and allow
yourself to reach for it. This kind of controlled risk taking is a great way to strengthen
the solar plexus chakra.
13. Invoke the help and presence of Archangel Uriel, the Archangel of the Sun and ask
for angelic help balancing your solar plexus chakra. Relax, breathe, and focus inward
to tune into the presence of Archangel Uriel, who when called upon will come in to
assist you.
14. Spend time outdoors in the sunlight. Whatever the activity, try to do it while getting
some sunshine. Meditation, yoga, reading, writing, or even just laying out….
Spending time outside in the sunshine will help to heal and balance your sacral
15. Set a goal that you’ve been putting off for some time, break it down into small steps,
and give yourself a timeline for each. The idea is not to be rigid, but to get yourself
moving and taking action towards something tangible. When you succeed, reward
16. Drink peppermint, chamomile, dandelion, or ginger tea.
17. Laugh! Choose to laugh out loud for no reason, watch a funny cat video on youtube, a
comedy show, or spend time with people you find to be funny. Not only does laughter
make you feel good while elevating your vibration, it’s fun, and it brings healing and
balance to your solar plexus!
18. When faced with a major life decision, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the big
picture. Break things down into small steps. Go slow. Build up to your final decision
over time, while being gentle with yourself during the process.
19. Enjoy some alone time to relax and just be with yourself. Set aside a few minutes
each day to sit still and tune in to your body and emotions. Alone time can be a great
way to self soothe and balance your solar plexus chakra.
20. Look for opportunities to take on a leadership role. Perhaps at work, within the
family, or in your community, take steps to be more confident and assertive yourself,
and then use these qualities to lead and guide others in a positive way.
21. Listen to your intuition! Ignoring your gut feelings and intuitive nudges can cause all
of your chakras, and especially your solar plexus to become blocked. An easy solution
is to listen to your gut, and start taking actions in accordance with your intuitive

Healing Your Heart Chakra with 21 Easy

Your heart chakra is the spiritual center of your entire chakra system, it’s also the portal
through which you can connect with your soul light, and the love and guidance of the angelic

Th heart chakra is located in the exact middle of the seven major chakras within your psychic
body; three above, three below.

The lower three (root, sacral, and solar plexus) are connected to your physical body and the
material world. The upper three (throat, third eye, and crown) are connected to your
emotional body and the spirit world.

The beautiful function of the heart chakra is to connect upper and lower in balance and

As the spiritual center of the chakra system, its keywords or themes include healing,
compassion, relationships, connection, and love. The heart chakra is connected to healing on
all levels (emotional, mental, physical), your ability to love freely and openly, and your
ability to properly process your emotions.

If you regularly experience problematic or draining relationships, or find you have a difficult
time connecting to people in a meaningful way, then it’s possible that your heart chakra is

If you struggle with forgiveness (of yourself or others), if you have an emotional wound that
never seems to heal, if you’ve gone through a recent break-up or other hardship, or if you
regularly feel lonely despite having caring people in your life, these are signs of a blocked
heart chakra.
Other signs of blockage include shyness, lack of empathy, codependency, needing validation
for fulfillment, jealousy, judgement, low self-esteem, being critical or controlling,
suspiciousness, feeling possessive, being afraid to let go of emotional hurt, defensiveness,
and distrust.

You have a tendency toward insincerity and expecting to be rewarded for giving love. If you
fear a loss of independence if you give love, or a fear of commitment, or a constant guarding
against being hurt in love, these are clear signs that you are leading less with your heart and
more with your mind.

The counter to this is a healthy heart chakra – which is essential for spiritual growth, and
progress on your ascension path.

Not only are your relationships supported on the physical plain, but an open heart chakra
moves you toward the understanding that you are not separate from the parts of you
(physical, emotional, spiritual), or the Divine.

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If you are usually compassionate, feel emotionally fulfilled, and enjoy loving deeply, these
are signs of a healthy heart chakra.

You easily maintain intimate relationships but also have healthy personal boundaries. You
are trusting, forgiving, nonjudgmental, kind, and often radiate a peace and calmness that
others perceive (if only unconsciously!).

You have a strong connection with nature, you get along with most members of your family,
you’re reliable, people find themselves opening up to you, and you feel a sincere gratitude for
everything that enters your life – even the challenging things.

It is here that your energy begins to shift toward the spirit realm. Opening this chakra not
only helps you to dissolve the myth of separation, but it awakens you to the universal love
surrounding and filling you.

Here are 21 ways to bring heart chakra healing into your life now.

1. Simply put, give love. Find a way to express your love of the people in your life. Whether it’s
with a physical touch, words of gratitude, or some other means that feels good to you.
2. Be open to your emotions. Whether you scream into a pillow, have a long heart to heart
with a friend, or write them in a journal. Be honest and let your emotions out. Holding
them in, or worse, repressing them, leads to more pain than verbalizing them in a safe
3. Practice acceptance. His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama expressed it best, ‘If it can be
remedied, why feel unhappy? If it can't be, why worry at all?’ Acceptance of life as it is, as it
is happening, is a powerful spiritual tool.
4. Work on letting go of those things that no longer serve you. This can be scary and requires
some dedication and focus, but letting go of what you don’t need frees up space for the
Divine to move in.
5. Practice asanas that open your heart. These include eagle, camel, wheel, and any back
6. Use the bija mantra, ‘YAM,’ associated with the heart chakra. Repeat it to yourself any time
you feel you are closing down.
7. The color associated with the fourth chakra is green. Get out in nature, and let the green
vibration fill you and heal you.
8. Visualize a deep green light filling your heart center. You can even visualize the wheel or
sphere of the chakra freely rotating in a sea of green light. Hold the visualization for 5-10
9. Express gratitude whenever you can.
10. Practice loving yourself. Take note of harsh thoughts and feelings that your mind directs at
you. Notice them, acknowledge them, and then let them go. You can build up to replacing
them with kind and loving thoughts and feelings.
11. Practice forgiveness. If you are holding on to past hurts, acknowledge that now is the time to
release them. This may mean that you seek professional counseling or that you go deep
within to touch and hold the wounded parts of you. Whatever approach you use, remember
that letting go paves the way for new growth and opportunities.
12. Use a daily affirmation such as, ‘I am filled with courage,’ or ‘My heart is full,’ or ‘I feel love
all around me.’
13. Make a list of everyone in your life who has loved you.
14. Commit to a random act of kindness every day for one week.
15. Reconnect with an old friend and tell him or her what they meant to you.
16. Journal using some of the following prompts, ‘What does being kind to myself look like?’
‘Can I commit to being aware of when I am unkind to myself?’ ‘Can I see that I am worthy of
love?’ ‘Can I see how many people have these same thoughts and feels and so feel empathy
for all of us?’

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17. Sing, hum, or chant. It doesn’t matter where or what, just be sure to sing with your
authentic self.
18. Practice listening to others. Spend five minutes being completely present for someone
else. Don’t worry about giving advice, just bring your whole self to the experience.
19. Use essential oils like geranium, rose, or bergamot. Use them in an infuser in your home or
work space, or dab some on your pulse points.
20. Meditate on your heart center. Imagine each inhale and exhale as a green color and imagine
the color spreading throughout your entire body as you breathe. Imagine this green breath
removing negativity from your heart as you exhale.
21. Practice self-care on a regular basis. Whether it’s paying attention to and pampering your
physical self or taking a day of rest, focus on you and give yourself love in many different
Balance Your Entire Energy

25 Easy Practices for Throat Chakra





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Healing Your Throat Chakra

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Recently, I've noticed many people are experiencing throat chakra blockages. Whether it's because
we're spending more time on social networks rather than talking in person or that, collectively, our
lives aren't reflecting the fullness and truth of who we really are this increase in blockages in this
vital chakra is alarming, but easily remedied.

It’s not always easy to tell if your throat chakra is blocked, but some signs include dental
pain, frequent headaches, TMJ, sore throats, frequent interrupting during conversations and a
lack of focus on the topic being discussed, lying, shyness, gossiping, manipulation, low self-
esteem, and compulsive eating.

Those people who have a healthy fifth chakra are often leading fulfilling and distinctive
lives. You’ll find that these people are in tune with their thoughts and feelings and know a
great deal about their truth. They also make great listeners, writers, and speakers. It’s
inspiring to be in their company and they can be influential as well as wonderfully creative.

Here are 25 ways to bring throat chakra healing into your life now.
1. When you come across something in life that
doesn’t sit well with you, make an effort to speak up or speak out. Maybe you write a letter
to the editor, make a suggestion to a manager, or take a positive action to create change.
2. Keep a journal and regularly review it. Try reading recent passages out loud.
3. Listen to music that makes you want to dance and sing. Both activities will help all your
chakras to flow freely, but especially your throat chakra.
4. Go big and try your hand at public speaking.
5. Trying humming, chanting, or singing. Find a spot and a time where you can have some
solitude and really give yourself over to this spiritual practice. Don’t worry about how you
think you should sound, just focus on your real and true sound and making it as strong as
you can.
6. Regularly do shoulder and neck rotations. Consider yoga asanas that directly impact the
throat chakra – like Lion, Fish, and Plough.
7. Blue gems or jewels in a necklace will have a positive effect on clearing blockages in your
throat chakra.
8. Take time to write down your goals and dreams. Even if you’re just day dreaming. Don’t
censor yourself – these can be incredibly powerful lists.
9. Visualize your throat chakra as a wheel that is spinning smoothly, giving and receiving
energy in a healthy way. You can also visualize the color blue in your throat area. The color
associated with this chakra is blue and the hue will have a positive impact on cleansing and
10. Find someone to listen to. Give yourself over to fully listening to them for five minutes. Do
this without making comments – including non-verbal gestures. Then switch and have them
do the same for you. Talk about whatever is on your mind. When both of you are finished,
neither should comment on what the other said. Just thank each other for sharing.
11. Stay hydrated. Regularly drinking plenty of clean, purified water is essential for throat chakra
health, and really your health in general. Consider investing in a water purification system or
filter if you haven't already.
12. Find an affirmation that you like and use it habitually. You might try, “It is easy for me to
speak my truth to others,” or “I allow my true self to be expressed in every facet of my life,”
or “I love expressing my creativity, truth, and joy.”
13. Develop a practice of regular chakra cleansing. Each of the seven major chakras impacts
each other. If one is blocked, they may all be struggling. Likewise, when one is open and
strong, it will support the others. Doing a daily meditation to cleanse all seven chakras will
benefit the throat chakra.
14. A massage can have so many benefits, one of which is getting stuck energy flowing again.
15. Become more aware of the words you use. Try to speak with compassion and love. If you
find yourself talking about negative things or you tend to be critical, try to consciously
change that.
16. Get in the flow of creation by creating something new. This could be a DIY project, a new
habit or hobby, or even taking the time to creatively write, paint or draw.
17. Use essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, or neroli. Place a drop under your nose to
breathe in and dab some around your neck and ears.
18. Use throat chakra stones or quartz crystals to raise the vibration of the chakra. Place the
stones on the throat or area where you perceive an imbalance, and practice visualization or
mindfulness meditation for 15-20 minutes.
19. Exercise your mouth and voice. Try laughing yoga, big satisfying yawns, screaming at the top
of your voice (great to do with kids!), kiss, roll your tongue, whistle… you name it.
20. Try learning a musical instrument. Not only is it fun and cathartic, but using your voice in this
way is a fast method to get energy flowing to your throat chakra.

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21. Start keeping a dream journal. When you aren’t doing a great job of expressing yourself
during your waking hours, your spirit sometimes tries to express itself in dreams. Writing
them down helps you to pay attention to the messages and hopefully gain some clarity
about how to speak your truth and move in the direction of your Self.
22. Unplug the phone (or, don’t recharge it!) and step away from texting. The most common
ways we communicate today often serve as nothing more than static noise for our spirits.
Emailing and messaging just keep our mind busy but do little for our Selves. Take a break, try
30 minutes. Then an hour, then half a day.
23. Try silence. Though it seems counter intuitive to stop talking in order to relieve a blocked
throat chakra, the time you spend in silence will likely bring you a great deal of calm and
clarity. If you can, spend a half a day or a whole day in silence, opening yourself to the
messages that your angels are sending.
24. Try deep belly breathing. This one is a remedy for so many things in life, but for sure it brings
a sense of peace and relaxation and gets energy flowing again. A regular deep breathing
practice is a good time to check in with each of your chakras and intuitively gage how they
fluctuate from day to day.
25. Ask the angels for help! Archangel Gabriel specifically is wonderful for helping you to clear
your channels of self expression so you can speak Divine love through your clear and open
throat chakra.

As you work on any of these tips or practices, always keep your intention at the front of your
mind. Not only is regularly being aware of your intentions a positive force for a blocked
throat chakra, it’s also an easy way to make these practices more powerful. Being mindful of
why you’re doing what you’re doing will give you more a strong connection to your angels
and to the divine.

21 Easy Practices Third Eye Chakra

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Third Eye Chakra Healing

Most of the people I work with are interested in living a life more closely connected to the
Divine and spiritual light, and of course opening their spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

A perfect first step on this path is to get familiar with the function and workings of your third
eye chakra.

As the sixth of your seven chakras within your physical body, the third eye governs your
potential for spiritual awareness. As the gatekeeper of your spiritual potential, it’s essential
that you give time to clearing and balancing this chakra.

Located on your forehead between your eyes, this energy center is connected to your ability
to trust yourself, your intuition, and your ability to integrate your mental, emotional, spiritual,
and physical bodies to each other and to this world. If your aim is to prepare for the next
level of spiritual evolution, your third eye chakra will be an important player in your process.

The keywords for this chakra include intellect, insight, and intuition. It’s associated with
indigo and the light element.

What Does An Out of Balance Third Eye Chakra Look Like?

An out-of-balance sixth chakra can lead to a foggy, tired, and indecisive state of being. You
might often feel disoriented and disconnected. If you have too much energy here, it’s likely
that your mind is constantly in overdrive.

If you lack energy here your tendencies may be procrastination, forgetfulness, lack of
concentration, and fearfulness. It’s probably difficult for you to find focus regarding your life
path. Other issues include insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
Generally speaking, a blocked third eye leads to a sense of being spiritually lost and not
having a clear vision of your direction in life.

When The Third Eye Chakra Is In Balance…

Those with an open and balanced third eye chakra have a clear internal vision, deep
imagination, and are easily able to grasp the big picture in any given situation. You feel well-
grounded in your decision making, have strong communication skills, easily remember your
dreams, and your natural inclinations will be toward calmness, honesty, and compassion for
all. Your intellect is well balanced with your intuition – a simple definition of what wisdom

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You find it easy to read people and understand their intentions, you know things without
being able to explain how, your decision making is accurate, and others generally seek you
out for advice.

Those who are particularly attuned to their sixth chakra often have an expanded
consciousness, able to influence non-ordinary planes of existence.

Here are 21 ways to bring third eye chakra healing into your life now.

1. Use a daily affirmation designed to activate your third eye. Try, ‘I am a wise decision
maker,’ ‘I am open to the wisdom within,’ ‘I trust my intuition.’
2. Practice dialoging with the Divine. Ask a question and then relax into waiting for a
response. Remember the Divine speaks to us in messages, signs, and symbols. Be
prepared to wait and be open to receiving information in any form.
3. Keep a dream journal. Write down whatever fragments you remember first thing each
morning, before putting your feet to the floor.
4. Go star gazing.
5. Use essential oils like frankincense, marjoram, clary sage, juniper, vetiver, rosemary,
and sandalwood. Dab some on your skin or use some in an infuser in your home or
work space. These all help to cleanse and balance the third eye.
6. Use healing stones that have the same vibrational frequency as the third eye. Good
examples are purple fluorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, amethyst, and quartz.
7. Naturally dark blue or purple foods will have a positive effect on the third eye. Eat
more plums, eggplant, cabbage, kale, blueberries, and purple peppers. Foods naturally
rich in Omega-3’s (brain food) are also good.
8. Remember to give time to balancing your entire chakra system – particularly the root
chakra. An overall balanced system makes it much easy to work with one or two
chakras that are particularly blocked.
9. Find an art form that you enjoy, or think you might enjoy, and engage in it regularly.
Creating art stimulates both the third eye and crown chakras.
10. Do yoga poses that stimulate the third eye, including all forward bends, child’s pose,
shoulder stand and savasana.
11. Visualize the color indigo between your eyes during meditation. Hold the color there
for 5-10 minutes
12. Use guided meditation specifically aimed at opening your third eye. Check out this
one with Archangel Raziel to awaken your Psychic Senses.
13. Detoxify your pineal gland by eliminating chemicals like fluoride, alcohol, pesticides.
Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water… And eating an abundance of dark
leafy greens like spinach, chard, spirulina, and kale.
14. Consider both acupuncture and acupressure as additions to your physical health
15. Drop down into your body. If you feel that your mind is racing, an indication of an
overactive third eye, do some grounding work and body awareness work to help calm
you down.
16. Use a mantra like ‘Eem,’ the root syllable for the sixth chakra.

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17. Connect with the element of light by finding the broadest expanse of blue sky, lying
down, and then just relaxing.
18. Find a non-competitive exercise to practice regularly.
19. Practice opening up to your intuition by setting an intention each morning to pay
attention and act on intuitive signals.
20. Make time to be in silence and solitude on a regular, if not daily basis. Five to ten
minutes a day are all that are required. Put away all electronic devices and sit or lie in
silence, paying attention to internal sensations and cues.
21. Let go of competition. Take a look at your life and assess for competitive areas or
relationships, then work on releasing that competitive energy and striving for
presence, collaboration, and authentic connections instead.

While bringing balance and healing to your Third Eye Chakra is powerful, all of your chakras
are closely connected and a part of your greater energy body.

Connect with the angels to Balance All of Your Chakras and Restore Your Energy Body, by
clicking here now!

23 ways to bring root chakra healing into your life now.

1. Find some music you love and dance. Set your self-consciousness aside and let
loose. Bonus points if you sing while you dance (a perfect way to heal your throat chakra).

2. Try earthy essential oils like patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, thieves, grounding, and
frankincense to heal and balance your root chakra.

3. Visualize the color red at the base of your spine. After a few minutes, imagine the red light
expanding down your legs, to your feet, and grounding you to Mother Earth.

4. Organize your work life or your home life. Create a filing system if you need to, put up
some extra shelves, clean out a junk drawer. Anything to give you some structure.
5. Plant a garden or do regular yardwork.

6. Try the yoga pose legs up the wall. Or any other grounding yoga pose like mountain,
elephant, downward dog, warrior I and II, and standing wide-leg forward bend.

7. Take a warm shower while practicing mindfulness. You can also try the waterfall of light
technique in the shower.

8. Get out in nature and take a walk. Focus on feeling the energy coming to you from Mother
Earth. For bonus points, walk barefoot to really ground your energy.

9. Use a root chakra affirmation like: “I am safe,” “I love and approve of myself”, “I am
secure”, “I am grounded” or “I am enough.”

10. Enjoy a pedicure. When you put the focus on your feet and give them love and attention,
the action helps to ground you and restore balance to your root chakra.

11.Eat mindfully and eat healthy comfort foods like root vegetables.

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12.Make efforts to get involved in your community. Join an organization or simply meet your

13. Try a grounding visualization where you mentally connect your body to the earth or
earth’s core.

14. Move your body. Physical exercise supports root chakra healing – especial movement
that focuses on your lower body.
Identify an area of your life where you lack self-confidence and come up with a few simple
steps you can take to overcome that lack.

15. Place healing stones around your home or work space. Choose red stones like garnet, red
carnelian, bloodstone, red jasper, or others like smoky quartz, hematite, or jet.

16. Journal about the limiting beliefs you have about yourself as well as where those beliefs
come from and how you can begin to change them.

17. Journal about other first chakra concerns. Use the following prompts to help: Do you feel
supported? Are your roots strong enough to support you wherever you are? How resourceful
are you? Do you find yourself in situations that others want for you but don’t feel good to

18. For five minutes take long, slow, deep breathes, breathing into your tailbone area.

19. Wear red clothing.

20. Pay attention to your ‘glass half-empty’ moments and work to change them to ‘glass half-
full’ moments. Remember that abundance thinking attracts abundance to you – this includes
abundant belonging.

21. Add healing foods to your diet, specifically those that support your root chakra. These
include eggs, tofu, soy, beans, root vegetables, rainbow chard, beets.

22. Listen to a chakra cleansing and balancing meditation and set the intention for extra root
chakra healing before hand.

A strong root chakra is the foundation for health and the stability of your other chakras. By
practicing these healing exercises you’ll gain a sense that you truly belong in the universe.
Your energy and confidence will increase. Fear will no longer be a motivating factor in your
life and you’ll live with the knowing that everything will turn out okay and according to plan.

20 Methods For Sacral Chakra Healing!





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Healing Your Sacral Chakra

Have you ever encountered someone who was naturally friendly and open without being
pushy or nosy at the same time? Chances are, you’ve met someone with a balanced sacral

People whose sacral chakras are balanced are normally wonderful to be around. They are
open to life and to everything happening around them and they convey an inner joy and
radiance that is contagious.

Where Is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second of your seven major chakras within your physical
body. Located in the lower abdomen and lower back area of your body (roughly three inches
below your naval), the Sacral Chakra is connected to life energy and vitality. It’s the seat of
your sexuality, emotions, and your creativity.

When open and balanced, the sacral chakra provides the energy needed for recreation,
creation, and procreation.

What Happens If It’s Out of Balance?

The first sign that your Sacral Chakra is out of balance is a general lack of vitality.
Perhaps you find yourself struggling with work, working hard without getting much
accomplished, or just feeling like life is nothing more than a grind?

Your ability to spontaneously feel joy or to be playful has a way of vanishing when the Sacral
Chakra is weakened, closed or imbalanced as well.

Another sure sign of a blocked sacral chakra is when the people in your life complain that
you aren’t expressing yourself, especially your emotional self. If you’ve been the victim of
sexual or emotional abuse in your recent or distance past it’s likely that this chakra is blocked
and needs some attention.

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This isn't the only way the sacral chakra gets blocked though… And not listening to your
intuition or honoring your soul and creative self can cause blockages as well.

Additional symptoms of imbalance include trust issues, reacting in emotionally volatile ways,
guilt surrounding sexual issues, feeling timid or withdrawn, hypersensitivity to your

Typically, a blocked sacral chakra causes you to feel disconnected to other people or even
respond in cold and unfeeling ways.

What Does A Balanced Sacral Chakra Look Like?

As your emotional center, symptoms of a balanced sacral chakra include having an

abundance of energy, strongly perceived intuition, compassion for other beings, an appetite
for life, and emotional stability.

With your sacral chakra in balance you’ll find life changes are easy to navigate, your
creativity is running on full power, and your sexual/erotic life is healthy and fulfilling. Life
flows easily and you are eager for what is coming next, you enjoy all sensory experiences and
find beauty all around you.

I want to remind you that chakras are constantly opening and closely, it’s part of their
nature. If you experience something negative that sticks with you for the afternoon, one or
more of your chakras are likely to close in response.

Normally, as you release the negativity and move on, the chakras open again. But when one
or more of your energy centers is chronically blocked, it can create dis-ease, disease, and
general disruptions in your physical, emotional, or spiritual body.

Chakra healing focuses on restoring balance and freeing blockages in order to allow the
chakras to healthily moderate your energy once again.

One chakra out of balance can impact your entire being… So really, while you can focus on
specific chakras, there is great benefit in balancing them all!
Here are 20 ways to bring sacral chakra healing into your life now.

1. Make room in your schedule for doing something creative and spontaneous.
2. Get as much exposure as you can to bodies of water. Take a salt bath at home,
dangle your feet in a lake, swim in the ocean, or hike along a river. Water is the
element associated with the sacral chakra and exposure to it can help to achieve
3. Turn on the music and dance, dance, dance. Dancing around is a great way to get
energy flowing throughout your entire body. If you’re shy, dance at home, if not
head out with some friends and dance the night away.
4. If you’re able, sit outside at night, either by a body of water or under the light of the
moon. Proximity to both will bring healing healthy energy into your body.
5. Tone up your abs and lower body with a yoga or Pilates practice (or any physical
activity of your choosing). When energy gets blocked within the body, you begin to
store it in your tissue. Taking care of yourself is the perfect way to eliminate tension
pain caused from a blocked chakra.
6. Use an affirmation specifically tailored to your second chakra. Some great examples
are, ‘I am balance,’ ‘Pleasure is sacred to me,’ ‘The universe is full of joy and beauty.’
7. Make art. Find a creative outlet that you’ve neglected or always wanted to try and
take a class or just start on your own. Don’t censor and don’t judge, just let creative
energy flow out of you.
8. Work on being mindful of which emotions arise in specific situations. If this is
difficult, just give yourself permission to observe. Over time you can consider ways
to change negative emotional habits into positive ones.
9. Visualize sending healing orange energy to areas of the body where you feel pain or
blockage. Orange is the color associated with your sacral chakra and using this color
sends high vibration energy and joy to your affected areas.
10. Keep citrine, orange calcite, carnelian, and other orange stones in your home, purse,
or pocket. You can also work with moonstone due to its close connects with both
water and the moon.
11. Balance all of your chakras and restore your energy body. When one chakra is
imbalanced, you can be sure that all the others are being impacted. Working on
them as a system will bring faster and more lasting benefits.
12. Eat foods like melons, oranges, coconuts, and other sweet fruits. Remember to drink
plenty of water for optimal health.
13. Let go of negative emotions and memories that you might be carrying. This can be
through a visualization where you forgive others or yourself, asking your angels for
help, and surrendering challenging past emotions to the Divine.
14. Surround yourself with physical things that bring you a sense of happiness or joy.
Consider art, color, flowers, gifts from others, mementos. Make time to notice
these things and try to connect to the original feeling of joy that they brought to
15. Essential oils that help to heal the sacral chakra include ylang ylang, patchouli,
sandalwood, orange, xaing mao, jasmine, juniper and geranium. Use them on your
body, as fragrance for your home or office, or during healing bodywork like crystal
healing or Reiki.
16. Meditate while using visualization. Picture an orange lotus or orange orb of light in
the area of your second chakra and hold the image there for at least five minutes.
Remember to breathe!

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17. If you find you are unable to trust, particularly a spouse or romantic partner, spend
time communicating openly about how you’re feeling. Start small with someone
who is close to you. Intentionally build up to deeper sharing and connection.
18. Keep a journal using writing prompts aimed at healing your sacral chakra. Start with,
‘What is my self-image?’ ‘Do I over indulge or under indulge in life?’ ‘In what
situations am I ruled by my emotions?”
19. Leave work early one day and don’t do anything to fill that free time. Just relax, be
spontaneous, and follow your bliss.
20. Do hip-opening yoga poses. Your hips are a major spot for storing tension. When this
happens, the sacral chakra is directly impacted. Try holding pigeon, bound angle, or
cow pose for 5-10 minutes each.

The balance point for the second chakra comes from learning to trust your intuition while at
the same time not allowing yourself to be ruled by every emotion you have. It’s so easy to
close yourself off from others and from your life, but that only creates blockages within.

Unblocking energy takes practice, patience, and intention. Use these practices regularly and
you’ll soon notice a difference in how you feel.

You can also get help healing and unblocking your chakras with help from the angels.

Click here to Balance Your Chakras and Restore Your Energy Body now!

With love and light,

19 Practices For Crown Chakra Healing

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Crown Chakra Healing with 19

Simple Practices
Your crown chakra, the highest chakra of the
seven major chakras within your physical body is your crown chakra.

The crown chakra is connected to your higher consciousness, the eternal part of you that is
beyond ego. In other words, your true self. What I like about this chakra is that is represents
true understanding of Oneness – what each of us instinctively seeks.

Located at the top of the head or just above the head, the crown chakra is often pictured as a
1,000 petaled lotus flower opening to allow full spiritual awakening. Opening this chakra is
believed to be the last step to enlightenment. Keywords associated with it include pure
consciousness and transcendence.

Developing your crown chakra causes you to become more and more aware of consciousness
itself, which in turn brings peace and harmony to your life. What ultimately begins to happen
is that the illusion of separateness, of separateness from God, breaks down. What you are left
with is known as unity-consciousness – a state of being where everything is experienced as

As the center for devotion, trust, happiness, positivity, and inspiration, the more in tune you
are with your seventh chakra, the more harmonious you will experience life.

Identifying A Crown Chakra Blockage

When this chakra is blocked, it can manifest in the form of constant headaches, lack of
purpose, excess worry, nightmares, disconnection from a previously felt higher power, and
depression. You might experience fatigue, mental fog, boredom, and frustration. Greediness
is second nature, as is materialism, elitism, entitlement, and loneliness. You might feel angry
at God and even abandoned.

A person with an open and balanced crown chakra has deep empathy for others as well as a
deep connection to the Divine. You are aware of your Divine purpose, your reason for
incarnating here in this body in the first place. You live with great clarity and meaning and
you feel unconditional love for life – which you easily share and express. Prayer and
mindfulness are second nature, spiritual insight comes easily, and you always have a sense
that you are being watched over. You are grateful for this universal love and the gratitude
radiates from within.

It can be difficult for many to balance the crown because it means releasing attachment to the
ego. It’s not that you are ego-less, it’s that you no longer identify with it. And because it’s
the egos nature to stay in control, this can be a very difficult step for people. Those who are
able to do it are spiritual masters and enlightened beings.

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Though the crown chakra is at the top of your head and is focused toward light and spirit, you
are still an incarnate body who must keep its roots connected to Mother Earth. This is the
reason that all seven of the major chakras are connected, from the root to the crown, creating
one energetic system that connects us to both the material and spiritual realms.

Here are 19 ways to bring crown chakra healing into your life now.

1. Meditate by imagining a golden light surrounding the crown of your head and a little
above. Feel this light recharge your physical and spiritual bodies. Open yourself to the
experience of connection.
2. Listen to inspiring music that causes you to feel uplifted and positive.
3. Look for ways to practice selfless service. Helping others is a perfect way to feel
compassion and Oneness with humanity. Remember that all the great spiritual masters
practiced serving others.
4. Learn to be aware of ego flare-ups. Try to identify, in the moment its happening,
when you are reacting from a place of ego, versus a place of understanding and unity.
5. Watch the sunset regularly… Outdoors if you can, while stepping back in awe and
reverence in the moment.
6. Use the mantra ‘Om,’ during meditations.
7. Sit in silence for 5-10 minutes each day. It does not need to be part of your formal
meditation practice, just put away your devices and sit, observing what comes up and
any discomfort you might feel.
8. Practice prayer. It doesn’t have to be a formal or unnatural process. Feel free to find a
form of prayer that speaks to you. Casual conversation with the Divine, daily
intentions in the morning, reciting well known prayers or mantras are all valid. This
is a way to let your inner voice guide you.
9. Pay attention to what inspires you and try to incorporate something inspiring into each
10. Offer up a current problem to the universe. Trust that help will come.
11. Use an affirmation specifically designed to balance the crown chakra. Examples
include, ‘I am an open and expanded being.’ ‘I am connected to the Divine Source,’ ‘I
let go and trust.’
12. If you live near mountains, hike or drive to a spot where you can look out over a
grand vista. Feel the largeness and beauty of that which is a part of you.

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13. Find an object in nature that you feel a connection with. Practice sitting with it and
connecting your two energies.
14. Find an outlet like painting or drawing, that stimulates your visualization process.
15. Use essential oils like lotus, rose, jasmine, lavender, myrrh, frankincense, and
sandalwood. Use them in an infuser in your home or office space.
16. Spend time in light, open spaces, both inside and outside.
17. Keep a dream journal beside your bed and record your dreams, even just fragments,
each morning before you put your feet to the floor. Find a dream analysis tool or
resource to help you identify your personal symbols and meanings within your
18. Practice deep breathing by visualizing your breath going directly to your crown.
Imagine both violet light there as well as healing energy sweeping out blockages and
bringing in Divine healing.
19. Use crystals like celestite, obsidian, clear quartz, moldavite, amethyst, or blue
sapphire. You can wear them as jewelry, use them in your home or work space, or
keep them near you during meditation.

A healthy, open crown chakra allows you to directly connect with Source, the Divine and
Spiritual Realms. But as is the case with all your chakras, it's not just about bringing one or a
couple of your chakras into balance…

To really progress on your spiritual or ascension path it's essential to unite your chakras in
Divine light and balance your entire energy body.