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pter 6 The Fast Face Lift laying uptempo swing with udity is challenge, since your some relief from right-hand fatigue. {coordination and endurance are taken to their limit. Le’s frst heard the paradidle-didale used at uptempos on the late check out how an underutilized rudiment, the paradiddle-did- 1950s playing of Elvin Jones. Today Adam Nussbaum and Jef? age. «dle—played RLRRLL—can spice up the comping flow and provide Watts use it 10 great adv Examples 1-4 feature various foot combinations under the paradiddle-diddle. ee Track 20 p ARSEE EL Beet ALR ConLaRtL Rone or In example 5 the sixth note ofthe sticking, a lef, is eplaced by the bass drum, > foe iiis itso ee Example 6 drops the hi-hat on 2 and 4 and adds an accent to each first lef ees Track 21 6 REREt wy net npae et 8 Example 7 transforms the phrase into something thicker by moving the pattern between the ride cymbal and the drums. SD Frock 22 RERRLLRL RRLERLRR LERERREL RERREL 7 Ooo 5 5 5 [fiist eel adele or ‘The final example incorporates the drums and foot combinations, RERRE RL RRL RLERR L RLERRL RLRRL CELA Practice these phrases at an easy tempo but work them up, because they sound best at tempos above half note = 130. Feel how each phrase crosses the 4/4 bar lines, and be sure to straighten out your 8th notes as the tempo gets above 140, 16 The Fast Face Lift