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Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

LVashington, D C 20535

FOIPA Request No.: P



This is in response to your Freedom of lnformation/Privacy Acts

(FolPA) request datedlJ
focus is to identify responsive
ln order to respond to our many requests in a timely manner., o-ur
unO manual indices that are indexed as main files A main index record carrles
records in the automat"J to your Freedom of
which may be responsive
the names of subjects oif Siinue.tigations. Records
Acts (FOIPA) request were destroyed April 1 , 2010'..since this material could not be
your request. The retention and disposal of records is
reviewed, it is not Xnown if it was responsive to
qoverned by statute and regulation under the supervision of the National Archives and Records
section 3301 and rifle 36, code of Federal
il;;;;ilt"'ir.rinnl, rnE ++, unit"o States Part
1228. The FBI Records Retention Plan and Disposition
Regulations, Chapter rz, suu-cirapterB,
the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and are
Schedules have been
monitored bY NARA.
Policy (olP)' U's'
You may file an'appeal by writing to the Director, offlce of Information
Washington, D'C' 20530-000'1 ' Your
Department of Justice, t +ZS t tew VorX nie., NW, Suite
1 1 050,

days from the date.of this letter in order to be considered

appeal must be recerved ov OIF *,tnin sixty (60)
"Freedom of lnformation Appeal.'' Please cite
timely. The envetope ano ine letter should be clearly marked identified easily
your requeit so that it may be
the FOIPA Request Number assigned to
Fact Sheet'
Enclosed for your information is a copy of the FBI File

'-.' . j I ..':Ll'
:t -':'-
Very truly yours,

j!'""f I

David M. HardY
Section Chief,
Dissemination Section
Records Management Division