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PSL I & PSL II Early Childhood Education Lesson Plan

Name: Sam Hamalak Period: 4th

Theme: Earth Week Presentation Date:

Learning Center:KEY LEARNING AREA: Developmental Area:

Scientific Thinking and Technology – Circle the
Exploring, Scientific Inquiry, developmental area(s)
and Discovery this activity focuses
PA Early Learning Standard: ( Cognitive, Physical,
3.2 PK.A.3 Communication,
Notice change in matter. Creative )

Name of Activity: Shaving Cream Earth

Concept(s): (What specific concepts/ideas will the children learn from

completing this activity? Concepts learned may be directly related to
the theme, as well as indirectly teaching something else.)

The learner will point out when a change in matter

occurs, observe differences in water. (e.g., ice
cube or snow melting and freezing), and notice changes in food
substances during cooking.

Objective(s): (Remember to include all three parts for each objective:

what the children will be given, what they will do with what they’re
given, and to what level they’ll be able to complete the activity.)

The children will be given one plate with shaving cream on it, one
plane plate, and blue and green food dye. They will drip blue and green
food dye onto the shaving cream and then swirl it around. This will
make the shaving cream start to look like the earth. Then with the help
of their big jag the children will place the plane plate on top of the
shaving cream and transfer their earth onto the new plate.
Materials Needed to Complete This Activity

Paper Plates
Shaving cream

Student Will Supply:

An example

Teacher Will Supply:

Blue and Green food dye

Preparation: (What do you need to do to prepare for this activity

BEFORE the children arrive?)
I will need to make an example and then in class I will need to put the
shaving cream and other supplies out for the children’s use.

Procedures: (In great detail, explain how to complete the activity.

Your instructions should be good enough for someone else to teach
the activity if you are not here.)
The children will write their name on the paper plate. Add blue
and green food dye to the shaving cream and transfer it onto the
plate. They will then be done their lesson.

Closure/Transition: (How will you end this activity?)

Have the children pose for a picture with their earth and tell them
they have the whole world in their hands.
Sample Attached, if sample needed: ( Yes / No )
Total Planning Points: /25

Grading Rubric for ECE Lesson Plan

Lesso 0 1–5 6–10 11–15 16–20 21–25

n Lesso Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Innovative,
Plans n plans are plans are plans plans are interesting
0–25 plans incompl somewha are complete and creative
points are ete and t somewha and show lesson plans
missi develop complete t multiple show a
ng mentally and complete evidence depth of
inapprop indicate and of the understandi
riate minimal indicate ng of
understa basic understan lesson
nding of knowled ding of planning
lesson ge of lesson and
planning lesson planning developmen
and planning and tally
develop and developm appropriate
mentally develop entally practice
appropria mentally appropria
te appropri te
practice ate practice

Lesson Plan Implementation Evaluation

Student Evaluation (3 points)

1. Did you fulfill your objective(s)? Yes No


2. What went well during the activity?

3. In what way could you improve the activity?

Student/Teacher Evaluation

Evaluation of Performance in the Lab Student Teacher

A. The lesson plan was turned in on time. /1 /1

B. The activity was ready to go and set /2 /2
up on time.

C. The activity followed the lesson plan. /1 /1

D. The student actively interacted/talked /2 /2

with the preschoolers.

E. The student followed appropriate /2 /2

guidance techniques.

F. The student exhibited a professional /2 /2

attitude and appearance.

G. The student cleaned the area after use. /2 /2

Performance Evaluation Points /12 /12

Average of student/teacher performance evaluation points /12

Total Evaluation Points: /15

Teacher Comments: