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Step-by-Step Unit Elements

Student Name​: Kasey Jacobs Subject Area/Grade Level​: 7/8th grade science

Number of Lessons in Unit​: 8 Title/Topic of Unit​: Plants

Part I: Desired Results
1. Established Goals/Standards 2. Essential Question(s)
How do plants reproduce?
A. MS-LS1-4 Use argument What are the main parts of a plant?
based on empirical evidence How does photosynthesis occur?
and scientific reasoning to
support an explanation for
how characteristic animal
behaviors and specialized
plant structures affect the 3. Understandings
probability of successful Students will understand these big ideas…
reproduction of animals and 1) How plants reproduce
plants respectively. 2) Parts of a plant
3) How seeds are dispersed
4) Photosynthesis

4. Knowledge & Skills

The student will know​… The student will be able to do​…
a) How plants reproduce a) Label parts of a plant
b) How plants grow b) Explain the process of
c) How seeds travel photosynthesis
d) Photosynthesis c) Explain how seeds are
d) Label parts of a seed

Part II: Assessment Evidence

5. Assessing Prior Knowledge​: 6. Formative Assessments:
a) KWL on plants a) Conferencing on their own plants they create
b) Anecdotal noticings

7. Summative Assessments:
a) Quiz on seeds, roots, and stems
b) Test on plants

Part III: Learning Plan

8. Instructional Plan by Lesson:
Lesson 1
KWL all about plants. Watch Bill Nye video on plants. (day 1)
Lesson 2
Create their own seed booklet (day 2)

Lesson 3
Create their own comic strip online of seed dispersal. Students share their comic strips at the end of the hour on
projector. (day 3)
Lesson 4
Go outside and look at plants and the variety of roots that are and complete worksheet (day 4)
Lesson 5
Lima bean lab, fill out google doc worksheet as they are complete their lima bean lab (day 5 & 6)
Lesson 6
Look at variety of stems and complete worksheet (day 7)
Lesson 7
Watch video on photosynthesis with powerpoint. Create their own photosynthesis picture online (through google
slides or other websites) (day 8 & 9)
Lesson 8
Create their own plants/ Test on plants (day 10).